Chat Archive 10/28/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 28, 2019

Dead Men Tell (Annual Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party)

The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby (Part 2)

angel & fox
“Col. Beetham” (Matt)
“Count Chocula” Howaii Steve)
“Dr. Boney and Patient” (Mike)
“Edwin” (Godwinshelley)
Lucy Manderley (Nothere)
“Mary” (?)
“Mrs. Weebles” – The Trap (Louise)
“Patience” (Len)
“Rita Hayworth” (Rachel)
“Sheriff Mack” (Rush)
“Snowshoe” (Phil?)
“Tarneverro” (Nothere)
“The Turk” (Cdirus)

Sheriff Mack has joined this room

Col Beetham has joined this room

Col Beetham: Hello SM!

Sheriff Mack: Good evening, Colonel!

Col Beetham: I think I guessed who you are already!

Sheriff Mack: How’s life for you this evening?

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Col Beetham: The crown was a dead give a way

Sheriff Mack: Yes, and the can is yours, Colonel!

Sheriff Mack: AH!

Col Beetham: lol

Sheriff Mack: Oh, well, things will be obvious, anyway, in my case at least!

Col Beetham: This year should be interesting, with no font colors

Sheriff Mack: I want to make sure that I have the correct side of my disc playing…

Sheriff Mack: YES!

Sheriff Mack: I wish the colors would last more than one post at a time.

Col Beetham: Agreed

Sheriff Mack: Next Thursday I am flying out to Iowa to take a look at things.

Col Beetham: Area or colleges?

Sheriff Mack: I will be back for the Monday Chat on Veterans day.

Sheriff Mack: Area, first.

Sheriff Mack: I have a realtor who will be showing some homes, etc.

Col Beetham: Wish you the best with the trip

Sheriff Mack: I will also be looking at a high school for my younger daughter.

Sheriff Mack: TYSM….

Sheriff Mack: LOTS to consider.

Col Beetham: I would imagine the home prices will be much more welcoming

Sheriff Mack: BUT, we do know we cannot afford to remain in california,.

Sheriff Mack: Oh, to be sure!

Sheriff Mack: Property taxes a little higher, but other things make up for that.

Col Beetham: FL is 10% change than Philly w/ no State income tax….We love it

Col Beetham: Cost of living

Sheriff Mack: That is a HUGE plus!

Col Beetham: Yep

Sheriff Mack: We have the WORST state income tax in CA.

Dr. Bonney and Patient has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: PLUS lots of other ‘hidden” taxes.

Col Beetham: Hello Doc!

Sheriff Mack: Dr. Bonney…and Patient!

Col Beetham: & Patient

Sheriff Mack: Hello…and I hope that the Patient is well tonight as well as the Doctor.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening. Please forgive my companion. He is a bit nervous.

Sheriff Mack: We will be happy to help you keep your Patient content!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: This is our favorite Chan movie…

Sheriff Mack: This is a nice, spooky one for the evening!

Col Beetham: Really doesn’t feel like Halloween….This year flew by

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: Oh dear, this sounds very sinister.

Sheriff Mack: Make sure that you have your umbrellas ready for the onscreen downpour.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Agreed, Col.

Sheriff Mack: We are here for you, patient!

Sheriff Mack: Just watch those wax figures!

Sheriff Mack: One never knows….

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Oh dear

Sheriff Mack: Of course, we have a case to follow first on our radios!

Col Beetham: Ready here!

Sheriff Mack: ANOTHER Colonel…Colonel Willoughby!

Sheriff Mack: THEN…the screams begin!

Sheriff Mack: I happen to have Virginia on the phone….

Col Beetham: Really?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Please give her our regards!

Col Beetham: Helloooooooo VA!

Sheriff Mack: She has created some distinctive hot dog treats for this tricky time!

Col Beetham: Always the hostess with the mostess

Sheriff Mack: Virginia says, “Happy Halloweenie!”

Dr. Bonney and Patient:

Col Beetham: My other two choices tonight were Tom Holt and Sgt Kelly

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Our wireless is set for Col. Willoughby.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Col. Beetham…from a real oldie, isn’t he?

Sheriff Mack: Virginia says that if you come over to her house for Trick or Treat, the will give you LOTS of candy!

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Col Beetham: Yes….Love the “Beeeeeeetham”

Sheriff Mack: Hopefully, she will be able to get on the Internet again someday.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: peers ‘behind curtain’

Col Beetham: We will be here waiting for her with a stocked virtual beverage cart!

Sheriff Mack: I was told by Rush that I should get us started on our radio drama at 15 before the hour.

Sheriff Mack: I am to ask: “Are you ready?”

Col Beetham: Ready!

Sheriff Mack: Yes, Colonel!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Just let me give my patient a sedative. Then we are ready.

Sheriff Mack: Doc…and Patient…?

Sheriff Mack: Okay!

Dr. Bonney and Patient:

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Hm. I may have given too large a dose…

The Turk has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: Let me look at my watch….

Col Beetham: Hello Turk!

Sheriff Mack: Getting it out of my pocket…

Sheriff Mack: Well…the famous TURK!

The Turk: Greetings!

Sheriff Mack: How is your boss doing?

The Turk: I think he is up to something

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening, Turk.

The Turk: Good evening Dr.

Sheriff Mack: Hopefully not “no good!”

Dr. Bonney and Patient: We are in Scorpio, after all.

Sheriff Mack: Ominous!

The Turk:

Sheriff Mack: Well….

Sheriff Mack: please get the radio drama ready, Mr. Turk!

The Turk: Ready.

Sheriff Mack: And, I am told to count down…

Sheriff Mack: 30 seconds…

Sheriff Mack: 20 seconds….

Sheriff Mack: 10 seconds…

Sheriff Mack: GO!!!

Sheriff Mack: Plenty of music…

The Turk: Is this the same music from the Landini serial?

Sheriff Mack: I think it is!

Col Beetham: Hmmmmm

Dr. Bonney and Patient: It sounds familiar

The Turk: that was my thought

Sheriff Mack: This is where the commercials were placed.

Sheriff Mack: Irish accented officer…imagine that!

Sheriff Mack: Actually…the fog will be a factor tonight more thatn the rain I expected!

Sheriff Mack: Dress warmly…

Sheriff Mack: I just saw the weather report…

Rita Hayworth has joined this room

Rita Hayworth: Hello did I mss the movie

Sheriff Mack: “Thick fog expected…a pirate’s delight…”

The Turk: Hello Rita!

Sheriff Mack: Ah…Miss Cansin….I mean…Hayworth!

Rita Hayworth: so where is the movie

Col Beetham: Hello Pita!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening Ms. Hayworth!

Sheriff Mack: We wish you a “bad” evening!

The Turk: We are listening to the audio serial now

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

Rita Hayworth: Oh the one that is Part 2 like in the intro

Sheriff Mack: This is our warm-up before we board ship!

The Turk: we are about 7:30 in

Sheriff Mack: “The last words of Simmons.”

angel & fox has joined this room

Col Beetham: Hello A & F?

Sheriff Mack: Angel and Fox….

Sheriff Mack: Horrific Greetings!

Col Beetham: Or is this someone else tonight? Hmmmm

Sheriff Mack: You might be right!

The Turk: I think they just forgot their costume

Col Beetham: The “obvious”

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

angel & fox has left this room

Col Beetham: lol

Sheriff Mack: I think that a costume was just delivered!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: a fiendishly clever disguise

Col Beetham: Peer pressure

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Col Beetham:

Sheriff Mack: Happens on these eerie evenings…

angel & fox has joined this room

Rita Hayworth: And where do we find the movie

Col Beetham: wb A & F!

Sheriff Mack: Welcome back…

Sheriff Mack: The link above us: “Dead men Tell”

Sheriff Mack: OR, if you have a DVD copy….it is side one of the Fox DVD.

Rita Hayworth: Yikes – yes I found it

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Not to be confused with Angel’s fox, Sheriff

angel & fox: I’ve been OUT IN THE VIRTUAL ANTEROOM (“anti-room”? “auntieroom”?) 15 minutes trying to get my COSTUME ON. HOW do i change my/our NICKNAME? HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP! ooooooooooooo!!

angel & fox: hELLO TOO from Fox’s Angel.

Sheriff Mack: If you exit, there is a button to click to “change nick”

Col Beetham:

angel & fox: I did that, Sheriff! Will try again. COLONEL BEETHAM, I SEE YOU THERE! Sheriff, ARREST that colonel! He’s CORN!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: 15 minutes until we walk that gangway that might lead to doom….

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Drink is the root of all evil!

Sheriff Mack: Mrs. Weebles!

Col Beetham: Hello MrsW!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Liquor is the root, crime the stem and branches.

Sheriff Mack: Did you bring “refreshments” with you tonight?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I’m a lousy caretaker, what’s your excuse???

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening, Mrs. W.

Sheriff Mack: Yes, well, besides that….

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I do windows.

Rita Hayworth: OK I am back to the start of the link – it just started and I had to go back

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: What is Rita Hayworth doing here? I hate Hollywood types.

Tarneverro has joined this room

Tarneverro: Good EVening

Sheriff Mack: Mrs. Weebles, in all the years this party has happened, I believe that this is your first appearance!

Rita Hayworth: Now darling – I am taking time off from my Egypt trip

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening. Lovely turban.

Col Beetham: Hello Tarneverro!

Sheriff Mack: Hello, Mr. Tarneverro!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Tarneverro, I see your dark aura.

Sheriff Mack: Is that a bowling ball in that bag you brought in?

The Turk: Hello Tarneverro

Rita Hayworth: I’m back from filming in Egypt

Sheriff Mack: How was it?

Rita Hayworth: hot

Col Beetham: Rita wearing WFF?

Sheriff Mack: Did you say hello to my Mummy?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Rita is always hot

Col Beetham: or Daddy, Sherrif?

Tarneverro: Thank you Dr. Beware what you look at Mrs. Weebles. Something might look back. I reserve the right to remain silent Sherriff.

Count Chocula has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: I guess a poppa mummy would be a….DUMMY?

Col Beetham: Hello CC!

Tarneverro: Good EVening Count

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I look at your evil self, Tarneverro

Count Chocula: Good Evening, children of the night.

Patience has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: Count Chocula!

Col Beetham: Hello Patience!

Tarneverro: Good Evening Patience

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening, CC & Patience

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Count Chocula, what movie were you in???

The Turk: Hello Patience

Patience: Hello…

The Turk: I was going to say that Mrs Weebles

Lucy Manderley has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: Although I never saw you in a Chan movie, i believe you were a part of one of the commercial interruptions of same!

Col Beetham: Hello Luce!

Tarneverro: I can count on one hand how many of the films the Count was in.

Lucy Manderley: Good evening to all!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I have no Patience for liquor. Drink is the root of all evil!

Tarneverro: Good EVening Lucy. AHhh Lucy.

Sheriff Mack: Welcome to you…and please give regards to Cap’n. Crunch!

Count Chocula: I am third cousin, once removed, from Tarneverro.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: sniffs drink. Good evening, Mrs. Manderley

The Turk: Hello Lucy!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Lucy Lucy Lucy!

Lucy Manderley: Happy Halloween!

Patience: Patience, says Patience… for liquor

Sheriff Mack: Please get your films ready…

Sheriff Mack: “DEAD MEN TELL”

Col Beetham: Ready to go!

Sheriff Mack: My pocket watch says we have about 8 minutes to go…

The Turk: Ready!

Patience: I am patiently, and ancestrally, ready

Sheriff Mack: Hello, Patience!

Tarneverro: And the things they tell might be quite chilling.

Patience: Hello my good man

Sheriff Mack: Nodbury, I believe….

Count Chocula: Mr. Weebles, may I have a Bloody Mary?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I have to dust off my player machine and then I will turn it on. So much dust. So little time.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: We are ready to join the treasure hunt.

Patience: Noddingly, yes

Sheriff Mack: I think you might have a sister named…Prudence?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: I want my map.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Mr.s Weebles does not serve liquor without lecturing you on the value of Prohibition

Patience: ahhh,,, family secrets

angel & fox: hello?

The Turk: Mrs Weebles, you need a DustBuster instead of a feather duster

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patience surely is virtuous.

Sheriff Mack: Mrs. Manderley!

Sheriff Mack: Out to be with us from the wilds of the Mojave Desert!

Lucy Manderley: Sheriff…

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Turk, I will bust your dust if you tell me how to clean my establishment

Tarneverro: A dark voyage on a cursed ship for tresre. Apparently someone forgot to mention gree is a sin.

Sheriff Mack: Did you lock up thew castle?

angel & fox: STILL DOESN’T WORK! I changed my identity on the screen of some Russian or Filipino or both site, but CAN’T do so HERE!!

The Turk: Trust me I know about dust

Edwin has joined this room

Lucy Manderley: Of course! safe and sound

Count Chocula: Ms. Weebles, would you care to go for a walk in the dark shadows of the garden? perhaps, I can change your mind. He-he.

Col Beetham: Hello Edwin!

Sheriff Mack: Well. A/F…”come as you are!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: A&F: whenyou sign in you can change your screen name

Phil has joined this room

Tarneverro: Good Evening Edwin. Relax fox. You have simpy come as a fox fur.

Edwin: I am ready for the cinema

Sheriff Mack: You can MC and bring mirth to our evening!

Patience: Thou needest Patience dear Angel

Col Beetham: Hello Phil……or is it?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Hello Edwin and Phil

Tarneverro: Good EVening Phil

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: If an old biddy like me can do it, anyone can master the identity switch

Sheriff Mack: Less than five minutes….

The Turk: Hello Edwin

Sheriff Mack: (Or so says my watch…

Lucy Manderley: Hi to Edwin and Phil

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Phil came naked

Col Beetham: Yikes!

The Turk: Hello Phil

Col Beetham: That’s scary!

Lucy Manderley: Ha!

Tarneverro: So a we have no idea who is who. To whom shall fall the tincan duties?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Not me. I don’t clean up fallen cans

Phil: I’m signing out and coming back as somebody else.

Phil has left this room

Rita Hayworth: What are we doing now?

The Turk: Waiting

Tarneverro: Remember whoever shows up next is definitely not Phil.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Yes T

Col Beetham: If Phil can do it, A&F we have faith

Count Chocula: Ha ha, Phil.

Lucy Manderley: Ha!

Sheriff Mack: I thought it was Phil LYDIG!

Col Beetham: lol

Sheriff Mack: 2 1/2 minutes…

Mary has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: Hello, Mary!

Col Beetham: Hello Mary!

Tarneverro: Good EVening Mary.

Mary: Hello all

angel & fox: Now the screen says i’m temporarily banned.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good evening, Mary

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Don’t rush me, I have to finish my drink. Ooops, Drink is the root of all evil!

The Turk: Hello Mary

Sheriff Mack: TWO minutes until sinister showtime!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: We love ypu as you are angel

Edwin: I’ll read- let me know when you want me to help solve this

Sheriff Mack: 90 seconds…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: A&F: How exciting!

Count Chocula: Good Evening, my dear Mary. You look tasty tonight. Ah, I mean lovely.

Sheriff Mack: Are all of you ready?

Tarneverro: Well maybe not the Angel part, but the fox is fine.

angel & fox: Banned from “registration”, i guess. Looks like i’m still here, but my (our) costume(s) are in the anteroom.

Sheriff Mack: IF YOU DARE>>>>!

Lucy Manderley: Yes

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Fox fur tonight

Sheriff Mack: 60 seconds…

angel & fox: Lucy, Sheriff, i hardly know ye!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient quivers

Sheriff Mack: 50 seconds to untold times of terror…

Sheriff Mack: 40 seconds….

Tarneverro: You may have to give your patient a sedative Dr.

Sheriff Mack: 30 seconds….

Count Chocula: What is happening in 50? Radio or movie?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: It’s a Trap! It’s always a trap.

Sheriff Mack: 25…

Tarneverro: Movie.

Sheriff Mack: 20…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Movie, Count

Sheriff Mack: 15…

Sheriff Mack: 10…

Snowshoe has joined this room

Sheriff Mack: 5…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: I fear we shall sink

Sheriff Mack: GO!!!!

Col Beetham: <Boooooooooo!

The Turk: Hello Snowshoe

Rita Hayworth: Skylights please!!


Sheriff Mack: The title and the music….

Col Beetham: Hello SnowShoe!

Tarneverro: Good Evening Snowshoes. And definitely not Phil.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Snowshoe!

Sheriff Mack: There is the map of Cocos Island.

Sheriff Mack: A real place.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Snowshoe, don’t you dare track snow in here. I keep a tidy establishment.

Sheriff Mack: Snowshoe(s)!

Mary: Hi Snowshoe

Sheriff Mack: Good…I mean…BAD….evening to you!

Snowshoe: Greetings all!

Count Chocula: 60 million bucks!

angel & fox: Hi Snowshoe!!

angel & fox: Are we PAST THE CREDITS?

Sheriff Mack: The ship’s bell rings certain doom for unwary visitors abord the “Suva Star”!

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

Count Chocula: One of the finest set in the entire series.

Col Beetham: btw, GREAT turnout!

Patience: they always pick on me

Sheriff Mack: 2:30

Tarneverro: Ah if this was a Monogram just imagine the low lying fog in this cene.

Sheriff Mack: The ship’s captain.

angel & fox: Gracias! 60 million!

Col Beetham: Not a people person

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: “I don’t like people.’ I love you Captain!

angel & fox: I don’t like people. Obviously a bureaucrat.

Sheriff Mack: That would make some BIG dough in 2019…

Edwin: Jimmy chan

Lucy Manderley: No kidding!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Parrot.

angel & fox: HELP!

Sheriff Mack: Gertie the parrot.

Tarneverro: Nearly 5 million for each of us. We’d just have to risk our lives.

Count Chocula: Copper’s kids.

angel & fox: She’s just parroting.

Sheriff Mack: Jimmy lurks…

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I do not clean up bird poop.

Sheriff Mack: Angel…you are off to a good start!

Count Chocula: Voice of parrot by Mel Blanc?

Edwin: Is Patience a cat?

Col Beetham: Foo!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: LTF

angel & fox: When the VOICE ACTOR for Gertie “passed”, anybody suppose the obit headlines read “EX-PARROT”?

Patience: Ah….. my beauty appears

Tarneverro: That parrot is no stool pidgeon. He’s on a chair.

Sheriff Mack: No, Edwin…a “wild goose,’ actually!

Lucy Manderley: CC

angel & fox: That parrot will cease to bee.

Edwin: Father

Sheriff Mack: Yes…Pop!

angel & fox: One thousand pardons / 60 million buckaroos = $6000 a pardon.

angel & fox: Give him pajamas, not blessing.

Sheriff Mack: I promise not to call you “Eddie” tonight!

Lucy Manderley: ….return young seahawk…..

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Patience Mulberry? Are you a bush?

Edwin: That is appreciated

Mary: When i go anywhere I need at least 2 suitcases. 1 pair of pajamas and a toothbrush would not cut it.

Tarneverro: That remainds me Patience. Thank you for organizing this little jaunt for us.

Sheriff Mack: I satand corrected, Patience, you are NOT a wild goose!

angel & fox: She is the ONLY ONE in the whole wide sweet world who knows.

Patience: uyou are very welcome

Sheriff Mack: Ooooo…an “appropriate typo from me!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Clean that up!!!

angel & fox: Irrrrrrrrrrrrron maiden. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Sheriff Mack: There’s a broom in the corner, Miss Weebles.

Count Chocula: Cameo by Blackie.

angel & fox: Nice to have an escort.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Sheriff Mack, I will not lower myself to the task

Tarneverro: Granddaughter of piraites. Ah I knew I liked you Patience.

Count Chocula: On my honeymoon, my wife was an iron maiden.
So it seemed.

Sheriff Mack: I may have learned, but I am not in a hurry!

angel & fox: Maybe Miz Mulberry will find “stowaway” when she “goes” to “bed”!!

Patience: good ancestors …

Sheriff Mack: Count…how romantic!

angel & fox: Count Choc, did she call you Rusty?

Col Beetham: Clark?

Tarneverro: Well if she does the Chan family tee is really going to get complicated.

Rita Hayworth: That actor is familiar

Sheriff Mack: Yes…

Sheriff Mack: I vaguely recall….

Sheriff Mack: 🙂


Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Rita, does tbhat mean “familiar” as in very familiar???

Sheriff Mack: Hide the Kryptonite.

angel & fox: The SKULL has a rather MERRY expression! Gonna have to screenshot that.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: “Treasure Map. Do not lose.”

Sheriff Mack: Right!

Rita Hayworth: Ah I see – superman – it was the voice that told me

Col Beetham: Because nobdy hides things under the matterss

Sheriff Mack: Thump…thump…thump….

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Treasure Map: only 50 cents at the 5 and dime

Lucy Manderley: Not Avon at door

Sheriff Mack: Scraaatttch…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: AIEEEEE

Tarneverro: Of course not. You hide it in the mattress.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Stop messing up my wall. Who is going to clean that up???

Sheriff Mack: She’s ready…

Snowshoe: In the picture on the wall, blackhook’s left hand was the hook.

Count Chocula: Look up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s a smoky George Reeves.

angel & fox: Do you suppose hook styles change every few years? I can’t imagine i could wear a 1960s hook today, & not be conspicuous.

Sheriff Mack: Good night…

Tarneverro: Quick remind him you related.

Sheriff Mack: True, Angel!

Patience: Ah well… nitely night for me.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Yes, Angel. Nowadays they’re mostly graphite composites–much lighter and stronger than in the 60s.

Sheriff Mack: You can remain as a ghost…

angel & fox: Anytime, Sheriff. Always glad to help the law—so i can get on with my grifts in peace.

Tarneverro: Before you go. Would you mind tincaning yourself?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Patience now here in spirit only

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Sheriff Mack: Be careful! Miss Weebles in here!

Rita Hayworth: Wait – the old lady is dead now?

angel & fox: Guy looks like he oughta wear a necktie with that pajama top.

Sheriff Mack: No “spirit” talk allowed!

Tarneverro: Poor guy doesn’t feel super.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good night, Mr. Liar–er, Mr. Lydig

Patience: But in spirit is best

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Keep up, Rita

Sheriff Mack: Yes, Rita.

Sheriff Mack: She succombed to Black Hook.

Edwin: Seems to be a night of pipe smokers

angel & fox: Now he’s a comedian.

Sheriff Mack: 13:10

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Drop that can on my floor and I will sweep you overboard

angel & fox: THEY’VE got Prince Albert on a BOAT.

Sheriff Mack: First scream of the evening!

Sheriff Mack: And the second…

Sheriff Mack: And now a moan.

Sheriff Mack: Jimmy!

Count Chocula: Adventures in the South Seas. Hmm.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: She has a bird on her head

angel & fox: I ALWAYS feel safer when i hear screams from ELSEWHERE.

Edwin: Brother is always in trouble

Sheriff Mack: “Adventures in Paradise”

Tarneverro: Five people. Four hats. Try pulling that off today.

Sheriff Mack: Yes, Edwin.

The Turk: We need more hats.

Patience: JimmyStewart sound alike

Sheriff Mack: You gotta set that brother of yours straight!

Count Chocula: Could somebody get Jimmy out of my sleeping quarters?

angel & fox: Nobody ever has a wooden thigh. Always full legs. What if a pirate’s on a budget?

Rita Hayworth: That is a stunning hat on the actress

Lucy Manderley: Ha!

Sheriff Mack: Snowshoe(s), are you still with us?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Rita? Drinking much?

angel & fox: I’ll gladly accept any sleeping quarters. Four makes a buck, 59,999,999 to go.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Not much use for snowshoes on a boat

Snowshoe: I’m just standin’ back watchin the action

Sheriff Mack: Ask lucy Manderley abour drinks!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Mrs. Nodbury. R.I.P.

angel & fox: She’s an ex-something.

Col Beetham:

Sheriff Mack: maybe she can serve some tonight…specially of the castle.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: what was that??

The Turk: She screams at a moaning coffin, but not at a dead body?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Okay, she now has a purpose. She introduces ghosts into the story.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Calm yourself. It was just a tin can.

angel & fox: Call Northside 777.

Sheriff Mack: Patient…that was the body of the late Miss Nodbury…

angel & fox: Pennsylvania 6-5000.

Count Chocula: Ghost! Geeze.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Area 51

Lucy Manderley: Yes! I def can pass some drinks around!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Drink is the root of all evil!

Liquor is the root, crime the stem and branches.

Sheriff Mack: Or…867-5309…

Tarneverro: Theres only so many times in a few hours you can panic. This whole thing takes place over one night. Probably longer than the hour run time.

Patience: the ghost of black hook… came to get me

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Footsteps on my floor!

angel & fox: I’d LOVE a Boodly Mary, Miz Lucy. I’ll be seated in Area 51, at the table. With wooden legs.

Rita Hayworth: theatrical makeup I know it well

Tarneverro: Ah Lucy. I will happily take a drink from you. Have any wine?

Sheriff Mack: Perfect location, Angel.

angel & fox: Sheriff: i had that number TOO!

angel & fox: fOR A good time call…

Lucy Manderley: Sure! and will serve in crystal glass

Sheriff Mack: Are we all caught up?

Sheriff Mack: 19:00

Tarneverro: Look pal. Either point with the pipe, and leave the can. Or smoke the pipe and point with the cane.

Mary: Martini please

Tarneverro: 1920

Sheriff Mack: “Johnny…where are you…DAH….ling…?”

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Drink is the root of all evil! Oh, I give up with you drunks…

Lucy Manderley: My family has passed down some interesting drink recipes

Dr. Bonney and Patient: The Thursdays are busy

angel & fox: Mr. LaFarge, alias…Pierre Delecto!

Sheriff Mack: Then see me on Friday.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Mrs. Manderley, I bet they are to die for…

Count Chocula: Charlie’s girlfriend. LOL.

Edwin: Mr Chan and SonS

Snowshoe: No, the Thursdays are GETTING busy.

angel & fox: Tuesday Weld called. See you Monday. She’s running ahead.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Murder is so messy.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Excellent point, Snowshoe

Sheriff Mack: Hm…this IS Monday!

angel & fox: He’s SHEDDING! Ick!

Tarneverro: So you don’t think it’ money Mrs. Weebles? YThat explains yourprecence here.

Lucy Manderley: Haha Dr and Patient

Sheriff Mack: A “lace piece.”

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Money? I don’t work for money but for the honor of keeping the establishment clean.

Sheriff Mack: Angel: “Arsenic and lace piece…”?

Tarneverro: WEll I can see Tusedy on Monday, but I have to be at the Addaams come Wensday.

angel & fox: I was a LITTLE apprehensive as the “rug” routine unpeeled.

Count Chocula: I’d love you if you had a wooden leg.

Sheriff Mack: Well, she already likes the toupee.

Sheriff Mack: Why not?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: They’re a little tough on the fangs, Count…

Lucy Manderley: Swallow much but digest little……

Sheriff Mack: Gertie has a tummy ache.

The Turk: Get that parrot some Pepto

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

angel & fox: Tameverro: Wednesday Addams is excused Thursday. She’ll be at the Tuesday Weld Fan Club meeting with her Man Friday.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I do not clean up bird poop.

Tarneverro: Well killers have gone after the birds before. Just ask Ming Toy.

The Turk: It’s good fertilizer

Rita Hayworth: Is that a diving bell?

Sheriff Mack: Poor Gertie…

angel & fox: I can’t remember the difference between a bathyscaphe & a bathysphere. I’m headed for a Home, sure.

Sheriff Mack: I guess all days are now covered, Angel!

Lucy Manderley: Poor Ming Toy!

angel & fox: Somebody X that parrot!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Yes angel, we know

Sheriff Mack: Gertie’s Mae West impression!

The Turk: Hmm, now daylight?

Edwin: Looks like Daytime up top

Tarneverro: Just so long as you recognize the diving bell.

angel & fox: Every ship has its basement.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: He has a Jimmy Stewart voice

Tarneverro: Hopefully curiosity won’t kill cat.

Sheriff Mack: Mrs. weebles…you are right!

angel & fox: The Police? Those 3 guys with guitars? I’ve got them in my Rolodex!

Tarneverro: That’s below decks to ye. Ye landlubbing bilgerat.

Sheriff Mack: Warn your brother, Edwin!

Sheriff Mack: “You almost did.”

Tarneverro: Careful Angel those three guys Sting.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Where is Superman when you need him?

Edwin: He is always in trouble

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Who is that sinister character?

angel & fox: NEVER go out barepeg. Attach matching shoe even if you gotta screw it on.

Sheriff Mack: Meanwhile, at the bar….

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Jim and Eddie’s Place

angel & fox: FRIGGING MATILDA!!

Sheriff Mack: (Sorry, Mrs. Weebles….)

Mary: Jimmy is going to spend a lot of time in the water tonight

Tarneverro: Now a pegleg is something you can really spruce up.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: We find Rita and Mrs. Manderley?

angel & fox: Ma Hogany!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Spittoon

Sheriff Mack: Mahogany!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Paw!

Tarneverro: Those legs aren’t peg. But their no match for yours Rita.

Patience: oh yeah, looking for wosden legs in a bars…. nice way to get nicked

Rita Hayworth: Thank you kind sir

Sheriff Mack: The thread to that dart was very visible in this clear print!

angel & fox: Gertie looks trashed.

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

Sheriff Mack: That bird is a little mangy.

angel & fox: Sheriff, your sharp eye is well-placed in the constabulary. You’ll find my weekly payoff envelope in the usual spot.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: That door is a really bad idea.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap:

Lucy Manderley: Haha Angel and Fox

The Turk: Who wears fur to a bar?

Patience: love this guy

Tarneverro: I’d fire my archetict.

Sheriff Mack: Tim Ryan, whom we will see much more of with roland Winters.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: I hate when she says things like that.

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

angel & fox: Is this a gay bar, or just an inordinately happy one?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Keep that shedding fur off my furniture.

Edwin: That is a building without a basement

Tarneverro: Well in the Dr.’s defence she wasn’t planning to be at a bar.

Sheriff Mack: Milton Parsons.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: She’s very bossy, too.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: It is definitely a cross-gendered bar

Sheriff Mack: Sounds like Shemp Howard.

Sheriff Mack: (SPLASH!)

Col Beetham: That 1st step…..

angel & fox: I’d be cross if i was any gender at all.

Tarneverro: Well nuck nuck nuck

Sheriff Mack: Yes, too late to tell him to watch that first one!

Edwin: Sigh, yes that is my brother

angel & fox: CHAIRMAN MAO AGAIN??!!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: And who is the lunatic Chinese boy?

Sheriff Mack: Oh, the burdens of siblinghood!

Tarneverro: Pipe pointing 101

Sheriff Mack: No lunatic…just our jimmy!

angel & fox: Unscrambling poorly-spoken statements—that’s way above my pay grade.

angel & fox: Jimmy almost had a date, & didn’t realize it!

The Turk: Is the chinese guy in the back the one who played Mr Wong’s butler

Sheriff Mack: Just the thing…bring him aboard a haunted schooner!

Sheriff Mack: Yes, Turk!

Sheriff Mack: Lee Tung Foo.

The Turk: I like the sound of that – haunted schooner

Sheriff Mack: He gets around!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Yes, Sheriff. I told her it was a terrible idea.

The Turk: Ok thanks Sherrif. Thought he look familiar

angel & fox: How many belaying pins have never belayed anybody?

Tarneverro: Well one may question the Dr.s mthods. But you have to admit she sticks with her patients.

Sheriff Mack: Too late, Doctor…

Rita Hayworth: delaying pin?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Nice ship model, hard to dust.

angel & fox: She sticks with her patients cuz her patients are stuck.

Sheriff Mack: Close…

Sheriff Mack: BElaying pin.

Rita Hayworth: It would “delay” someone if used that way

The Turk: Ohh dramatic closeups

angel & fox: “Steve” DOES sound like Jimmy Stewart. Gosh!

Tarneverro: I don’t know. This guy’s denials don’t seem very super.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Well, if you put it that way, perhaps I do have a piece of the map.

angel & fox: Rita:

angel & fox: There will be a slight belay while—OOF!

Sheriff Mack: Well, a corpse COULD have SOME place on a honeymoon….

Sheriff Mack: Pirate music.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Ocarina?

Tarneverro: It’ one way to use th passenger lane.

angel & fox: scream

Dr. Bonney and Patient: That is an alto flute, not an ocarina

The Turk: That patient is creepy

angel & fox: smaller scream

Edwin: Alto flute?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: This time Chan shut the ligt off. Why?

Sheriff Mack: That telltale thump…

angel & fox: Explain Halloween joke!

Tarneverro: See she does just sream at mumbling coffins.

The Turk: Like Jimmy’s earrings

angel & fox: Jimmy DOES look like Johnny Depp. Better, even.

Sheriff Mack has left this room

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: No ocarina

The Turk: Uh oh, what happened to the Sherrif?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Ocarina virtuoso

Tarneverro: We lost the Sherriff. O.k. who turned off the lights?

angel & fox: I’m reminded of Fred Allen’s Wun Long Pan.

Count Chocula: Oh, that jimmy. Always dressing up.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: I shot the Sheriff

Sheriff Mack has joined this room

Col Beetham: but not the Deputy?

Sheriff Mack: Sorry…I stepped out for a minute!

Tarneverro: You being who? There’s two of you.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Bob Marley

Tarneverro: Careful Sheriff. Aparently you just missed getting shot.

Sheriff Mack: Thought I heard something suspicious coming from the fo’c’sle!

Sheriff Mack: “Fort Knox” was just robbed!

Patience has left this room

Sheriff Mack: Patient…

Tarneverro: I was here. I have 13…12 witnesses.

Sheriff Mack: Calm down…

Rita Hayworth: why are people leaving?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: My map… sniff

Sheriff Mack: Might be “timing out.”


Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Tarneverro: So you can be timed out of the room?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Who left? A ghost?

Tarneverro: Patience.

Sheriff Mack: Ghosts come and go…

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: She had no patience!!!

Rita Hayworth: How long are we allowed to be in

Sheriff Mack: The iron maiden…

Mrs Weebles, The Trap:

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Or the rubber maiden?

Tarneverro: Well she’s a maiden, but not iron.

Sheriff Mack: No limit if we continue to post.

Sheriff Mack: That might be it.

Count Chocula: A thousand pardon, but I have to fly. I’m preparing for ghost program in Honolulu. Aloha.

Sheriff Mack: it could also indicate connection troubles.

Tarneverro: Before you go. REmove your mask

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Aloha, Count!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Happy Halloween!

Sheriff Mack: Aloha!

Col Beetham: Take care Count!

Sheriff Mack: Mask fell from tanned face!

Lucy Manderley: awww…glad you were here chocula!

Edwin: In Honolulu- Steve?

Count Chocula: So many clue from …. Hawaii_Steve

Patience has joined this room

Tarneverro: Happy Halloween Hawaii.

Col Beetham: Alohaaaaaaaaaaa Steve!

Sheriff Mack: Welcome back…Patience!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: P.S. Your cereal is delicious

Tarneverro: Well done Edwin.

Edwin: Aloha

Count Chocula: Aloha gang. Have a great Halloween.


Sheriff Mack: Aloha…and good afternoon.

Lucy Manderley: ALoha to you!

Patience: Steve has clearly studied Jimmy Stewarts voice and nuance

angel & fox: See ya, Count!!!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: This is my FAVORITE part!

Tarneverro: Good EVening Patience.

Sheriff Mack: Jimmy….

angel & fox: The ORIGINAL Pirate Plank. Wow!

Count Chocula has left this room

Patience: Hello… from the other side…

Sheriff Mack: Take a long walk on a short…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: A plank, he says…

Tarneverro: Funny yes. But I fear your patient reflects poorly on your work here Dr.

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

Lucy Manderley: haha Sheriff!

Mary: Jimmy looks like he has high heels on

angel & fox: TWO!

Sheriff Mack: (SPLASH!!!)

angel & fox: Mary: “HAD”.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: SPLASH!

Sheriff Mack: Yes…that’s two!

The Turk: Man Overboard!@@

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient giggles

angel & fox: If only he had BOAT shoes.

The Turk: !!

Sheriff Mack: And…there’s Black Hook!

Edwin: Ah , yes my brother is often all wet

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

angel & fox: Throw him the PARROT!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Yes, the parrot!

angel & fox: WHO’S gonna go rescue that LIFE PRESERVER you dropped, Jimmy?

Tarneverro: Uhm Edwin. Your brother does know the plan was to take the boat to the islands. Not swin there.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: I did not. He said he wanted to.

angel & fox: MISSING: BLACK CAT.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Cats poop. I don’t clean up cat poop.

Sheriff Mack: Checking out the bilge.

Tarneverro: The cat has been missing most of the movie.

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

Col Beetham:

Sheriff Mack: The deadly diving bell.

Sheriff Mack: “Dead men tell no tales…”

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: That was a quiet tin can

Col Beetham: Spooky one

Sheriff Mack: Thank you, Col. Beetham…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: To whom are you referring, Mr. Chan? Hmmm?

Sheriff Mack: Murders equal splashes so far.

Sheriff Mack: Fog horn.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Don’t walk under ladder

angel & fox: Splash/Murder ratio is a critical metric.

Sheriff Mack: Yes.

Tarneverro: Ah there is the low lying fog. Who snuck the Monogram guys over here.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Advanced statistics, A&F

Sheriff Mack: And Gertie says: “Shut up…shut up…”

Edwin has left this room

angel & fox: I want one of those big FUNNELS.

The Turk: Bye Edwin

Sheriff Mack: We lost Number Four.

The Turk: I wonder how much one of those sails actually weighs?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Chan doesn’t need all thos kids

Tarneverro: 20 pounds

Edwin has joined this room

angel & fox: And CAPTAIN thought he was ahead to the $$$ he saved by using Gertie instead of a Dictaphone.

Edwin: What happened

Dr. Bonney and Patient: WB, Edwin. Your father was worried.

Tarneverro: Good EVening Edward. We thought you might have followed your brothers lead.

Sheriff Mack: Well, Mrs. Weebles…they can, as we see, come in handy!

angel & fox: OH, the Treasure of Peru. COMPLETELY different from the Treasure of Paraguay.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Kids: messy!!!~

angel & fox: A WAILER picked him up? BOB MARLEY? PETER TOSH?

Sheriff Mack: They CAN be…yes!

angel & fox: SOMEBODY’S had TOO MUCH GROG.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Oops.

Lucy Manderley: LOL

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Tarneverro: But similar to the treasure of Palau.

Mary: People everywhere

Sheriff Mack: Nice old phone.

Sheriff Mack: This man we saw before.

angel & fox: Reading The Daily Police Bulletin. Suppose he’s a paid subscriber, or he lifts from the Lieutenant’s wastecan?

Sheriff Mack: He was McBirney’s henchmen.

Tarneverro: Why have fingerprints on the wall. Famous crooks yes, but fingerpeints?

angel & fox: POL POT was a reform character.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: “We just came in?” That’s quick work…

Sheriff Mack: Yes, Angel.

angel & fox: I LIKE Jimmy’s Puffy Shirt!!

Tarneverro: All right you two. Thi is a 1940’s film. You have to be on separate crates to do that.

angel & fox: Kid needs an URBAN SOMBRERO on that head on those shoulders.

Sheriff Mack: Pirate-style shirt?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: What a parade

angel & fox: Tameverro: If i were myself, we’d resemble that remark.

angel & fox: This guy is cruisin’ for the bruisin’ just on general principles.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: My patient doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Sheriff Mack: Agreed!

angel & fox: GANGWAY!

Sheriff Mack: I think a nice sea cruise is in order.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: I’m just a little confused.

Edwin: Check them for what?

angel & fox: They’ve been sailing in the Why Latitudes.

Tarneverro: Ectoplasm? Pirate Gold?

Patience: patience has patience….

angel & fox: Edwin—check them for SOMETHING! Can’t they see i’m OVERWROUGHT??!!

Patience: Black Hook is on the way

Edwin: Father often is the bait

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Whistle!

angel & fox: Bullet from…hmmm…

angel & fox: We LIKE her FUR.

Sheriff Mack: Wise words…

Tarneverro: Tell your grandfather I had nothing to do with it.

Sheriff Mack: Yes….add another fur to the Chan collection.

angel & fox: Cue the fog machine. Fog the cue machine.

angel & fox: Even the PICTURE is fuzzy.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: He stares at Chan likes he loves him

Edwin: So Dr Bonney – are these billable hours on the boat?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: Mrs. Weebles, really.

Tarneverro: Mrs. Chan thinks many women look at him like that..

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: True T; We do

Tarneverro: I’mmore worried how Patient is looking at him.

Sheriff Mack: Just think of the bill for a doctor on a full cruise!

angel & fox: Murders 2, Splashes 3?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Patient: There are always billable hours, unfortunately.

Lucy Manderley: Poor Jimmy stays wet half the movie

Sheriff Mack: HAT will drive your Patient off the deep end for sure!

angel & fox: Calling Captain Morgan!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Chan is brilliant!

Edwin: Ugh I get to share a room with his wet wardrobe

Sheriff Mack: I think Jimmy’s whistle made just enough sound to be heard.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Who me?

angel & fox: Self-congratulation ALWAYS precedes Big Splash.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: What dead men tell:

Tarneverro: Well you had the hook. You had the gun. But you didn’t have the sword, so Chan has you.

Sheriff Mack: His leg is not very hidden atop the peg!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: …that Chan always gets his man

Sheriff Mack: That SHOULD suit him.

Tarneverro: There are an odd nuber of Chan’s were people out for revenge are completely unrecognizable by the people their after.

Sheriff Mack: Being marooned in a death cell at San Quentin.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I love that man cleaning the floor. Thank you.

Sheriff Mack: We have had three splashes….

Mary: flying fish

angel & fox: NOT THAT—-

Sheriff Mack: Prepare for the FINAL plunge!

Tarneverro: See Mrs. Weebls. Your not the only one cleaning up.

Sheriff Mack: (SPLASH!!!!)

Col Beetham: Oh my

angel & fox: FOUR splashes!!

Edwin: Ah that’s Jimmy

Dr. Bonney and Patient:

Lucy Manderley: clapclapclap

Col Beetham:

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Let’s clean up this movie. I need a drink!

Sheriff Mack: “Honolulu directly west…”

Patience: all right

Mary: clap clap clap


Mary: Yeah

Sheriff Mack: Or….directly wet.

angel & fox: Splash!

Patience: One of the very best,… my personal favorite

Sheriff Mack: Scarey….spooky….and…a GOOD one!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Great fun!

Rita Hayworth: Well that was a good movie

Mary: A very good one!

Tarneverro: And so ends the party. No who will tand revealed a who?

Sheriff Mack: I am obviously “me”….

Edwin: Dr Bonney – Mike

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Huh?

Col Beetham: —–>is Matt

angel & fox: Patience has GOOD TASTE. And tunas what TASTES GOOD. Like a cigarette should.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: 🙂 Edwin is a genius

Tarneverro: Me nothing. Rush

Mary: LOL

Rita Hayworth: alto flute

Sheriff Mack: mike…you gave us a clue earlier with the musical knowledge!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: …BUT Dr. Bonney is NOT Mike

Patience: Patience is Len,,,, who got here after all

angel & fox: Two thumbs up, above teeming waves!

Rita Hayworth: Rachel

Dr. Bonney and Patient: hehe…

Sheriff Mack: AH…Rachel!

Edwin: Yes

Sheriff Mack: Fully participating tonight!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: No one knows me

angel & fox: Rita, i’ll ALWAYS think of you when a flute walks by.

Sheriff Mack: NICE!

Sheriff Mack: You fooled me!

Rita Hayworth: How nice of you

Tarneverro: You’ve probably all guessed who I am.

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Rach had the lead tonight until she got a phone call. 🙂

Lucy Manderley: And I, Lucy M am…..Fredsmom!

angel & fox: Mrs. Weebles, you wouldn’t be GS, would you?

Sheriff Mack: “Spill the beans,” Tarneverro!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: No angel, nice try

Dr. Bonney and Patient: FM, great disguise!

Patience: Mattt?

Edwin: Edwin is?

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Len = Tanneverro?

angel & fox: Why, LUCY! I thought you were—well, no, she’s an EX-parrot.

Lucy Manderley: Thank you!

Tarneverro: You mean all those typos didn’t give it away? I might as well be Nothere:)

Col Beetham: The Col is Matt!

Sheriff Mack: 🙂

Sheriff Mack: I thought I was the typo person!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I shall go to sleep anonymous

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Hence the tincans

Rita Hayworth: Sherrif is Rush?

Patience: Patience is Len

Sheriff Mack: Yes!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: OH.

Edwin: Yes

Tarneverro: Snowshoes is definity not Phil.

Sheriff Mack: Well!

angel & fox: WE, here, WOULD have entered as STREAMLINE (from CC At The Racetrack) and His Monkey! EVERYBODY had SOME WAY TO HIDE ‘cept for ME and MY MONKEY!

Sheriff Mack: While we are here….

Col Beetham: A& F is?

Sheriff Mack: Next week is Melbourne Cup Night!

Sheriff Mack: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track”

angel & fox: Get me fingerprints on Snowshoes.

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Why does no one care who this old lady is???

Edwin: Nice

Col Beetham: Fun, next week too!

Rita Hayworth: Louise?

angel & fox: SPEAKING OF WHICH…

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Mrs. W–GS?

Sheriff Mack: Snowshoes was pretty quiet tonight!

Rita Hayworth: no

Patience: Louse>

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: GS always gets credit for me

angel & fox: Mrs. Weebles, i guessed a few mins back! Are your glaucomas acting up?

Tarneverro: And now the moon rises, and I must away. REmember w to have lots of candy no matter how many times the door rings. And Happy Halloween.

Lucy Manderley: Great party! enjoyed being with the “gang”! A good week and Happy and safe Halloween to all!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: I am not a louse but I am Louise

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Happy Halloween!

Rita Hayworth: I’m guessing Edwin was GS

angel & fox: Tarneverro, we’ll give you THREE STEPS!

Sheriff Mack: And a very happy Halloween to you and everyone!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Aha.

Sheriff Mack: Be generous with the candy!

angel & fox: WE bid you all a VERY PLEASANT good night…Happy HAUNTING!!!!!

Edwin: Yes – GS here

Col Beetham: Good night folks and have a great week……Wonderful night!

The Turk: I am Cdirus

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Good night all!

Patience: Happy Haloween … and All Hallows Eve to boot.

Sheriff Mack: The little ones deserve it…and their parents like to have a sample or two!

Rita Hayworth: AND Rita was played by ……..

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: Good one, GS I did not guess

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Great costume CD!

Patience: CD!

Tarneverro has left this room

Sheriff Mack: GS?

angel & fox: Cd, i WONDERED! See YOU next as YOU!

Rita Hayworth: GS – in a double role

Sheriff Mack: AH!

Patience: !!

Mary: lol

Lucy Manderley has left this room

Snowshoe has left this room

Patience: Snowshoes?

Rita Hayworth: Snowshoe – not Phil?

angel & fox: This “lady” VARNISHES, sez Fox, & i go where she go.

Sheriff Mack: This has been one of our BEST Halloween parties!

Mrs Weebles, The Trap: This will be great to have in the archives, Rush

Rita Hayworth: Or Angel?

Col Beetham has left this room

Sheriff Mack: i thank you ALL!

Sheriff Mack: GREAT gathering….

Rita Hayworth: Yes a fun time every year

Sheriff Mack: And GREAT costumes!

Dr. Bonney and Patient: Was Nothere nothere?

Mary: Goodnight all! See you next week. Great one Rush! Thank you!

Patience: Nite all… a great party.

Sheriff Mack: Good night….

The Turk: Yes, see you all next week

Dr. Bonney and Patient: See everyone next week!

Sheriff Mack: Take care….

Sheriff Mack: Be safe…

Rita Hayworth: OK – and I hope to WIN this year

Edwin has left this room

Sheriff Mack: And….happy!

Rita Hayworth has left this room

The Turk: Dr bonny, othere was Tavernerro

angel & fox has left this room

Patience has left this room

Dr. Bonney and Patient has left this room

Sheriff Mack: Yes, Turk!

Mary has left this room

Sheriff Mack: I will need to “review the tape” to see who was whom!

Sheriff Mack: This will be an interesting one to post.

The Turk: Who was Mary?

Mrs Weebles, The Trap has left this room

Sheriff Mack: I admit, i missed that one.

Sheriff Mack: Again, if you look at our archive later tonight or tomorrow, you can find out!

Sheriff Mack: They are saved and on display!

The Turk: Snuck out without telling us who she was.

The Turk: OK will do.

Sheriff Mack: Will remain an enticing mystery!

Sheriff Mack: Take care….

Sheriff Mack: and good night!

Sheriff Mack: See you at the races!

The Turk: Yep, have a good one and stay safe with the fires.

The Turk has left this room

Sheriff Mack has left this room

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