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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for October 7, 2019

Charlie Chan in London

Secret Agent X-1 (Chapter 12)

angel & fox
Dona (Dona2)
Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush has joined this room

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: ow are you this evening?

Rush: (How)

Matt1: Good, thnx….yourself?

Rush: Doing well, thank you!

Rush: Pretty warm today…but not too bad.

Matt1: It’s been hot/humid here for months…..Looking forward to a break in weather

Rush: Do you have the “New Adventures of Charlie Chan” DVDs?

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: I hear you about that, Matt!

Rush: Very good!

Rush: Next week, we watch two.

Matt1: I’ll be set for next week, I believe?

Matt1: Yes

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: X9 tonight isn’t via YouTube?

Rush: Online, but NOT youtube!

Rush: They pulled what they had.

Rush: I found one at Vimeo.

Matt1: Interesting….hoping for no unextected commercials

Rush: I scrambled a little last night when I discovered it missing!

Rush: Hopefully NOT!

Matt1: Yikes

Matt1: Hope there is the finale!?

Rush: That could make 20 minutes into 30!

Matt1: lol, yes

Rush: If not, I will see what I can find.

Rush: We will see….

Rush: So, tonight’s adventure could be an….adventure!

Matt1: and the finale?


Rush: I still need to check.

Rush: last night I didn’t have a lot of time.

Matt1: It would be our luck

Rush: Maybe I will check later tonight….

Rush: Well, I can take a quick look….

Matt1: It is what it is, don’t worry about it

Rush: BRB…

Rush: Yes…it’s gone from Youtube.

Rush: I will find a replacement.

Matt1: Rut-Row

Rush: 🙁

Rush: We can roll our serial in 4 minutes….

Matt1: Ready to go

Rush: Ready, too.

Rush: One nice thing…no commercial at the start!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Rush: Maybe the volume will be better with this copy!

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: 60 seconds (for any late arrivals!)

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 20….

Rush: 10….

Rush: 5….

Rush: GO!!!!

Matt1: We’re off!

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Volume about the same…

Matt1: Not too bad

Rush: I saw a part of a movie on TCM yesterday morning…an early appearance of Lloyd Bridges.

Matt1: Pretty cool to see, huh?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: He played a bad guy in a noir film.

Matt1: Younger than in this film?

Rush: She’s still looking downward while speaking!

Rush: A little older, actually.

Rush: I think the film was 1947.

Matt1: Toler era?

Rush: Yes…

Rush: The old hiding under the bed trick!

Rush: Those grenades must have exploded UP!

Matt1: lol, yes

Rush: Cy Kendall….

Rush: Handwriting check….

Rush: My volume is just as weak as with the Youtube versions!

Matt1: Mine seems a bit better, I think

Rush: I have my computer’s up all the way.

Matt1: My wireless bus are close to max

Matt1: buds

Rush: It’s nice when I see people in these films that make me feel okay about my own wasteline!

Matt1: Steve “liked” a post/picture I did this weekend….Good to see he’s around

Matt1: lol….Yes!

Rush: Yes! I suspect he’s busy.

Rush: In Hawaii it’s only 2;00 p.m., I believe.

Matt1: I always thought how awkward it must be on west coast with time zones….HI is another story

Rush: YES!

Rush: I wonder how the props people felt about making that Nazi symbol for this film?

Matt1: Yes

Matt1: What a way to go! Ouch

Rush: Someone put a lot of work into it!

Rush: OUCH!

Rush: A smashed skull!

Rush: Pretty good English for the ememy…

Matt1: Yes

Rush: Cliffhanger coming!

Matt1: Yikes

Matt1: His gun is bigger than hers

Rush: Yes!

Rush: FINAL chapter next week!

Matt1: How will it end?

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Rush: The good guys win!

Rush: GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!


Godwinshelley2: Howdy – I need to find and setup my DVD

Rush: How are things for you tonight, GS?

Godwinshelley2: It’s London tonight – didin’t get the email

Rush: Okay!

Rush: You have 21 minutes!

Dona has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: I copied the Message Board and put it on our facebook page

Matt1: Time to cross the pond for some Oland!

Rush: Didn’t?

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Godwinshelley2: No group email this week for me

Dona: Hello Rush, Matt and GS!

Rush: Greetings, Dona!

Dona: I have missed you all.

Rush: And you have been missed, too!

Godwinshelley2: We are glad you are back

Rush: How are you?

Dona: I lost my Dad a few weeks ago. I finally made it back here.

Rush: GS, please sens your email address to

Matt1: So very sorry for your loss, Dona

Rush: I will make sure that it is re-added to our list.

Rush: Is this the first one you have missed?

Louise has joined this room

Louise: Hello CXhan Clan!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise: Chan

Dona: Hi Louise

Rush: I am sorry to hear about your dad, Dona….

Rush: You truly have my sympathy.

Dona: Thank you Rush. It was a shock but things are slowly getting back to normal

Louise has left this room

Rush: Good evening, louise!

Rush: Connection troubles?

Louise has joined this room

Louise: Back again!

Rush: WB, Louise….

Dona: WB Louise

Rush: I hope you are able to remain this time!

Louise: Just one of those nights…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Next week we will be watching two of the “New Adventures of Charlie Chan.”

Louise: I just came back from 4 days at New York Comic Con. What a zoo!

Dona: Did you have fun Louise?

Rush: Do all of us have the DVDs of that series?

Matt1: NYC or Comic Con?


Nothere has joined this room

Matt1: Hello NT!

Louise: I went to a few sessions on Asian representations and thankfully no one mentioned any negative Chan things. Interesting shift in the conversation.

Nothere: Hey gang

Rush: My posts are delayed…sorry….

Godwinshelley2: I sent you a couple emails Rush at that email – I mistyped one and sent it again – you will see that misspell when I forwarded it to the corrected address

Dona: I have them Rush

Dona: Hi NT


Rush: TYSM, GS….

Louise: CUED here…

Matt1: Cued too!

Rush: I need to ready mine, too….

Nothere: EEp Vincent Price’ wife is granted a divorce.

Dona: I’m ready for a trip to London

Rush: Isn’t she a bit late, NT?

Louise: So is everyone getting ready for our Halloween party?

Cdirus has joined this room

Rush: CD!

Matt1: Hello CD!

Nothere: The foggy streets or a nightclub Donna?

Rush: Good evening!

Cdirus: Hi everyone!

Nothere: Hey Cd

Dona: Hi CD

Rush: Welcome!

Matt1: Need to do a Pub crawl

Nothere: Well she better not ask for Alimony Rush.

Rush: Yes!

Louise: Halloween anyone?

Rush: We are heading toward it, Louise….

Rush: Our Virtual Party approaches….

Louise: I have my character picked out already.

Nothere: I must object to the continued lack of bobbing for apples, at the Halloween party. It’s the only traditional Halloween party game I know.

Rush: Very good, Louise….

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes….

Mike n Rach in DC has joined this room

Mike n Rach in DC: sprint in, panting


Louise: Nothere, you never noticed we bobbed for apples? Maybe because you are nothere…

Rush: Started and REVVING!

Dona: Hi MnR

Nothere: Hi Mike.

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rach in DC: Woo hoo!

Nothere: No wonder I missed it Louie.

Rush: 2:45 to go

Cdirus: Hi M&R!

Mike n Rach in DC: Hi everyone! Glad we made it.

Rush: Pause at the OPENING TITLE please….

Rush: Hey, M and R!

Dona: Ready to go here Rush


Rush: TWO MINUTES to go!

Mike n Rach in DC: We’re on for “London” correct?

Rush: 90 seconds to go…

Rush: Yes!

Rush: London.

Nothere: Time to reco recostr Redo the crime? No and shit up bunny

Rush: 75 seconds….

Nothere: shut even

Rush: (Ah-HEM!)

Mike n Rach in DC: Great! “Eeek. An ‘orrible man just popped in the window!”

Rush: 50 seconds…

Louise: Yeah, you did not mean shut up…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: AH!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 30 seconds!

Mike n Rach in DC: readies fox hunt costume

Rush: Happens…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15….

Mike n Rach in DC: Rach blows hunting horn

Rush: 10….

Rush: 5….

Mike n Rach in DC: sips smoothie

Rush: GO!!!!


Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

Godwinshelley2: Bobbie on watch

Louise: Weird old fashioed music

Nothere: In London you hunt fox. In Russia fox hunts you.

Rush: “Live action” title card….

Rush: NT: 🙂

Rush: The headlines!

Nothere: Start the presses.

Louise: As opposed to Unstable murder?

Rush: “Paul Grey Guilty!”

Mike n Rach in DC: Paul Grey must hang!

Nothere: Sale at Sax

Louise: Cough!

Rush: Louise: 🙂

Mike n Rach in DC: Hey Paul, smoking will shorten your life.

Phil has joined this room

Mike n Rach in DC: Oh..never mind

Rush: Ah, let him smoke…not much to lose at this point….

Louise: A bear ate her!

Dona: Hi Phil

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Cdirus: Hi Phil!

Phil: ALLOOHHHAAAA to all my Chan friends!

Rush: Phil!

Nothere: That is one screwy method of execution in England.


Cdirus: Fur!

Nothere: Aloha to you.

Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends. Good to see you all

Rush: Indeed…FUR!

Mike n Rach in DC: Aloha Phil!

angel & fox has joined this room

Mike n Rach in DC: not white fox FUR!

Nothere: But is it fox fur?

Mike n Rach in DC: Hey! Angel & Fox. Just in time for the fur coat!

Rush: ANGEL!

Matt1: Not WFF

Rush: (and Fox!)

Nothere: Hey angel. Careful Fox. Were getting ready to hunt you.

Cdirus: Is there any chan movie that doesn’t have fur in it?

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Good evening!

Dona: Hi Angel & Fox

Nothere: Wax Museum>

Nothere: Rio?

angel & fox: ‘allo! ‘ow are you blokes & loiiiiiidies? Bloiiiiimey!

Nothere: Castle in the Desert?

Rush: CD….that is the “rule of thumb” it seems!

Mike n Rach in DC: I bet the “Hawaiian” Chans don’t have furs.

Nothere: Cor Govenor. Just got back from the pub eh?

angel & fox: Consider the Fox hunt fini!!

Cdirus: The Trap (too many swimsuits)

Mike n Rach in DC: ‘eelo, Charmin’

Rush: I would say that the “hot weather” films lack the furs.

Godwinshelley2: These “half-furred” outfits make me shake my head

angel & fox: I say, what’s the Big Ben on our running time?

Mike n Rach in DC: 4:15

Rush: 4:15

Rush: 4:30

angel & fox: Roight you ahhhhhh!

Cdirus: I was thinkin there was fur in Rio somewhere.

Nothere: But have we enough ascots?

Rush: 4:45

Rush: 5:00

angel & fox: She looks hot. Probably wood & coal heat, & animal skins.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: 5:20

angel & fox: BODY was severed from HEAD. That’s why SHE’LL never be on TV.

Mike n Rach in DC: This is one of the least stylish dresses in the whole Canon.

Rush: This man seems to ne new to talkies!

Nothere: Enter the lead.

angel & fox: Oughta be shot out of the Canon.

angel & fox: Who IS this guy?

Rush: He sounds like some of the actors in “Behind That Curtain”

Nothere: Just beware of his collar. I’m not so sure that thing doesn’t bite.

Mike n Rach in DC: boom

Rush: And…CC has arrived as I was blathering….

angel & fox: Silence only by contrast. All quiet on ALL fronts till 1927, eh wot?

Mike n Rach in DC: Nice tie-pin

Rush: “Barstow Case” mentioned.

Rush: Front seldom tell truth. To know occupants of house, always look in back yard.

Every front has back.

Little things tell big story.

Godwinshelley2: Was Barstow Case in any of the films

angel & fox: CC: Get them to pay indebtedness NOW, while pound sterling is still high. Pound will get pounded before long, Charlie.

Mike n Rach in DC: Charlie has a funky bow-tie

Rush: No.

Nothere: Cor Govner I know me duty. But I do ave a bit of the gout.

Phil: Careful the way you pick up that used hanky Charlie

Rush: it is one of the non-documented cases!

Mike n Rach in DC: Rush–sounds like a fertile field for a creative mind.

Rush: Yes.

angel & fox: Notty: the gout was crumbling from my Water Closet walls, cor blimey.

Dona: A helper

angel & fox: Where’d they GET that picture, REALLY?

Rush: And, if any of our fertile minds would like to do so, we could consider the revival of the writing of a Chan script as was last done back in 2002!

angel & fox: HIGH TIME to get the Monkees to the typewriters, then!

Rush: “Charlie chan at College”:

Louise: Rush, why does this movie seem stylistically so much older than our films from the last several weeks?

Rush: “LaFong…Carl LaFong….”

Phil: Bond. James Bond

Rush: Louise, good point.

Nothere: But how are you gonna feed ten thousand monkees. And I’m not cleaning up after wards despite my ealier typo.

Rush: It may be because this was the first Chan movie that was NOT based on a Biggers story?

Louise: I’d join into a group script writing!

Godwinshelley2: Capital L – small A – Capital Fong – small o, small n, small g

Rush: GS: 🙂

angel & fox: CC2College was MORE worthy than the EXECRABLE 1970s entry which name i mercifully forget.

Rush: One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies!

angel & fox: GS—i detect a Fields Fan!

Rush: Non-Chan films, that is…

Rush: Watch the door!

Rush: It will “stick”

Rush: See that?

Dona: I don’t like this part

Nothere: There were only 6 actual Chan novels and there were 50 movies. I think most weren’t based on the book.

Rush: Dona, he should have known better.

Phil: That’s one BIG rock

angel & fox: Louise, you ARE Essential Personnel. Even in gloom of night WITH rain IN snow, your presence at script room is required.

Godwinshelley2: Some were based on Mr Wong stories

Nothere: Not to be confused with the Rdford house in Sussex.

Rush: He could have at least given the benefit of the doubt.

Godwinshelley2: moving camera – in 1933!

Rush: I like to pick up on the “small talk” in these party scenes.

Mike n Rach in DC: I’m with Dona. It feels like he’s betraying his beloved. Not cool.

angel & fox: Notty—i’m trying to do the math. I live not far from MIT. I may put them on the task. Six books, 50 films—no, they DON’T come out even.

angel & fox: “NAPPY!”

Rush: nappy – (Mainly British) Of a horse that is jumpy or irritable; nervy.

Louise: Bunny is a pain

Nothere: Course the first problem is after we get our pitch for the script, the Hollywood people would call us all racists.

Phil: I was going to point that out NT

angel & fox: And the rain (and snow) in Spain falls gently on the…the…gimme another…mmm…i wanna kish you…CLUNK.

Nothere: Bunny needs a hot toddy.

Dona: I agree NT

Rush: NT…that’s always a possibility these days!

Mike n Rach in DC: Each film is 12% of a book.

angel & fox: Notty: They won’t WAIT for the pitch.

Nothere: But as for the script itself. I have about 12 ideas or so:) How many have you thought f over the years?

angel & fox: And each book is 12% of a film. Do that way they come out even?

Rush: If “they”want to find something offensive…they will “find” it!

Rush: yes, Angel!

Dona: They always do.

Louise: Nothere, look at my earlier comment on what happened at Comic Con this week. I went to Asian character development and representation sessions and there is an interesting shift in ideas about how to write Asian characters.

Rush: That’s the way they were done.

angel & fox: 12 ideas at 12% makes 144% of a film. You’ll be Marketing Director, Notty!

Godwinshelley2: So Chan solves a murder that happens on the set of “Crazy Rich Asians”

Rush: Actually, it was often done in “serial” fashion before we put things together as a full-blown script.

Nothere: I saw that, but I wasn’t going to make you type out the hour or so of the panel. Anything really goo come out of the panel?

angel & fox: I always write Asian characters with a brush. Funny, they write back with typewriters. Monkees fans, i guess.

angel & fox: TYSM!

Louise: A serial! Yes! What will our Chan look like?

Rush: We see that Oland has “found” his take on Charlie Chan by this movie.

angel & fox: I’ll bet that’s just a dickey on the butler. Under his jacket, bare as Christmas.

Rush: That probably happened sooner, but, sadly, we have nothing to go by!

Nothere: Chan. of course Louise. Course they’ll want a young Jet Li to play Chan.

Louise: How dare you insult his dickey!

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: “Saints ALIVE!”

Nothere: Look murdering men creeping about the house.

angel & fox: “Please leave me a loan…” How much would you like, ma’am? Five hundred? A thousand?

Mike n Rach in DC: creepin’ about the ‘ouse, even.

Rush: That’s the BEST way to get someone to say something: “Don’t say anything to anyone!”

Nothere: Now we know where Charlie’s kids get their breaking and entering habits. Somehow I didn’t think it was from Ma’ side of the family.

Rush: Murray Kinnel.

Dona: Agreed Rush.

angel & fox: Mmmm. Jet Li with Louise. Would NEVER insult THEM!

Rush: We see him in some varied roles in several chan movies.

Mike n Rach in DC: Is the the artist in “Camel?”

Rush: recall him as “Mr. Smith” the beach comber in “The Black Camel”?

Louise: I wish there were a sound effect for Bunny.

Mike n Rach in DC: Never mind. 🙂

angel & fox: Rush: Maybe a Mama Chan’s P.O.V. would mollify the molls of feminist fur.

Rush: Yes, M/R!

Nothere: BOING!

Rush: True, Angel!

angel & fox: He wants to BEE with her, she won’t BEAR with him. Let’s call the whole thing arf, Fido.

angel & fox: No starch in sheets!

Mike n Rach in DC: Interesting couple in background

Rush: Murrey Kunnel:

Rush: The Black Camel: Smith
Charlie Chan’s Courage: Martin Thorne
Charlie Chan in London: Philips (alias Captain Seton)
Charlie Chan in Paris: Henri Latouche

angel & fox: MnR, you READ my mind!!

angel & fox: I was thinking they could use some LSD.

Rush: (Kinnel)

angel & fox: The WEAK end?

Louise: This Charlie’s language has taken a step back to early immigrant, not the looser language he adopted in Toler’s recent films.

Mike n Rach in DC: Ha. Angel and Mike must be from the same generation…

Rush: Angel…you are ON tonight!

Rush: Bunny….PLEASE!

angel & fox: They were just domestic partners. Split at the continent, every April.

angel & fox: Rush, TYSM! I must say, i AM feeling the oats!

angel & fox: So happy to be back!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: You were missed!

Nothere: But how’s your side Angel?

angel & fox: Was there some LAW said you had to USE the arms on armchairs?

Nothere: And we hope we miss during the fox hunt.

Rush: Our weekly meals benefit fro a bit of spice!

Rush: )

angel & fox: Notty, i am PINE. How ard Hughes?

Rush: NT, I am always please that this little fox gets away!

angel & fox: Oughta call a plumber.

angel & fox: Stable geniuses.

Rush: Imagine…a little fox chased by an army of hunters!

Nothere: Oh I’m bright and snide arake.

Louise: “where the deuce” is a phrase I want to adopt

angel & fox: A horse is a horse of course.

Rush: Yes, Louise!

angel & fox: But a cigar is sometimes a smoke.

Rush: Chan searches….

Nothere: But not a Cuban. That’s a felony and your all under arrest. I’ll take those as evidence.

Phil: Sometimes a horse is a cow.

Rush: And a bloke is usually a bloke….

angel & fox: I like the brickwork: genuine imitation 16th Century styrofoam.

Rush: Missine knife…

Mike n Rach in DC: That’s Sherlock Holmes, Phil. 😉

Rush: (Missing)

angel & fox: (redacted)

Nothere: Sure take the knife. Doubleheaed axe right there, but noo you have to be traditional.

Dona: ROTFLOL@Angel

Mike n Rach in DC: And the 17-minute gap on the tapes, Angel.

angel & fox: The BODY was lying beside the (redacted). This guy’ll never be on TV.

angel & fox: Calling Rose Mary Woods!!

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: French Police. Another contradiction in terms.

Phil: Now we’re going to see the horse that’s a cow.

angel & fox: The WEAK end box.

Mike n Rach in DC: The Loose Box, Angel.

Rush: Two things come to mind:

angel & fox: I thought Rutherford B. Hayes completed Reconstruction.

Rush: 1> “He doth protest too much.”

Nothere: Don’t mind us we just a bunch of wealth fancy dressed british people wandering the woods at night. Nothing to see here.

angel & fox: Gar-day loo!

Rush: 2. “He doth assist too much.”

Nothere: Oh did I mention were drunk?

Rush: Be right back…

angel & fox: Notty, you are SO right. Let’s have NOTHING to do with them.

Mike n Rach in DC: Seems like a clumsy knife.

angel & fox: REAL Hamilton was SHOT, & all the $10 bills couldn’t stanch the flood.

Mike n Rach in DC: NOW is the time for the “stable” genius.

angel & fox: AVALANCHE!

Louise: I have the subtitles on for this one. Do you still do that, GS?

Rush: (Bang…Bang….Bang….)

Rush: Yes, Angel.

angel & fox: HAY!

Phil: Behold..the horse who is a cow.

Nothere: Well he may be in a stable, but is he really that stable?

angel & fox: I BEG your pardon!

Rush: Hellcat is not named Hellcat for nothing….

Mike n Rach in DC: Could have been Hellcow maybe?

Nothere: Well if you were a horse named cat, you would be upset too.

Louise: Hey Rush, did you ever post the Chan comic books (not the daily comic strips but the books)?

Rush: GASP….

Phil: We’re looking at a clear case of transspecies animal.

Mike n Rach in DC: I would at least be very testy, NT

angel & fox: NT:

Rush: Of course, we have seen Lake before….

Mike n Rach in DC: Transspecies? Pronouns: they/them

Louise: or pronouns: IT

angel & fox: There are Keye Luke-shaped holes in this film.

Nothere: Bunny knows what he’s taking about. Not so much what hes’s saying.

angel & fox: MnR:

angel & fox: Bunny funny. Want money. Option not renewed.

angel & fox: HOUSEboy? Or HORSEboy?

Rush: Yes, Angel…good observation!

angel & fox: I have GOOD TEACHERS.

angel & fox: Your LUCE box?

Dona: what is a Luce box?

Nothere: So guys ever feel your being watched. Lik say by a horse?

angel & fox: “Noble animal”: Where will we heard that before again?

Rush: Lake is rattled.

angel & fox: TYSM!

Phil: Charlie, I’d ask him now if I were you.

Nothere: At a racetrack maybe?

angel & fox: Or CUTTING UP a HORSE.

Rush: Yow!

Rush: “Cat of Hell”

Mike n Rach in DC: You have to take that up with McDonalds, Angel.

angel & fox: It’s a riddle wrapped inside an enigma inside a Cortina.

Rush: YES, Mike!

Rush: Angel…gou are making my night!

Rush: I cannot keep up with the “Angelisms”!

angel & fox: MnR, if i even come NEAR they know i’ve been at BK, their Arch-enemy.

Louise: Doesn’t she know Chan has a watch?

angel & fox: Rush: I’m doing a reverse-Costanza: trying to come in on a high note!

Mike n Rach in DC: All over the ‘ouse!

Godwinshelley2: Louise yes this has subtitles but I was rushing to get it started and didn’t get that selected before the GO

Godwinshelley2: My one moment to save the day – and I blew it

Phil: Right. We’ve got hedges 6 feet high and 3 feet thick and Ray Milland throws his cigarette butts OVER them.

angel & fox: She sounds like a BLUUUUUUDY DICTATOR!

Mike n Rach in DC: Dude, Charlie has 13 children. He’d understand, believe me.

Rush: Indeed!

Phil: Wait for it

Rush: Thacker.

angel & fox: Phil: He (Ray Milland) probably drunk. It’s his Lost Weak End.


Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes.


angel & fox: YES WE CAN!

Rush: No-doubter!

Rush: TYSM, Matt….

Phil: TY SO M

Nothere: I know who did it. That is obviously a mustache of evil.

Dona: Thank you Matt

Rush: Must have been a small caliber bullet.

angel & fox: He looks JUST like Mr. Potatohead!

Mike n Rach in DC: Mr. Chang.

Rush: “Mr. Chang”

Phil: Small calibers work pretty much just as well as large caliber bullets

Louise: Quite unfunny.

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Phil: This is a low body count movie tonight.

Rush: Murder not very good joke – quite unfunny.

Little things tell story.

Money talks.

Phil: Aside from Lake, just the horse.

angel & fox: Royal Ballet—or BULLET?

Rush: Oland looks GREAT hear as Chan, I feel.

Rush: (here.

angel & fox: Phil:

angel & fox: This guy is headed for the TOP of the scrap heap.

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rach in DC: Poor Lake

Rush: Yes.

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Be sure to light you lanterns and dust off the fingerprint power. The nights are about to get dark. But fear not. I’m always not here:)

Louise: Mr. Cheng!

Godwinshelley2: night nt

angel & fox: TYSM!

Rush: Thacker is well-suited to be a country cop.

angel & fox: If only he had a country.

Phil: Aloha NT

Dona: goodnight NT

Rush: Good night, NT!

Mike n Rach in DC: Good evening, NT. It’s a comfort to have you not here. 😉

Matt1: Take care NT

angel & fox: Gnite NT! We’ll think of you & lock all doors! Hmmm.

Rush: Next week: TWO episodes from “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan”

Nothere has left this room

angel & fox: Saints ALIVE? Or…

Mike n Rach in DC: Surely cocaine was involved in acting the part of the housemaid.

Rush: I hope that most of us have DVDs of the series….?

Rush: Maybe there are some online to watch….

Louise: Agreed Mike/Rach

Mike n Rach in DC: most of us, Rush.

Rush: I see the sets selling throughout the Internet….not expensive.

angel & fox: I was wondering if fentanyl had been developed at this point.

Rush: If ordered tonight, should arrive on time!

Mike n Rach in DC: nudges Rachel, points at Christmas list

Rush: 🙂

angel & fox: AARON BURR is HERE?

Louise: Unfortunately I must depart for the evening. I had a shingles vaccination this morning and my arm feels like it is going to fall off!

Rush: Not here….

Mike n Rach in DC: Hope you (your arm…) feels better soon!

Rush: Louise….I have had that one too.

Mike n Rach in DC: NT already left, Rush

Rush: I understand.

angel & fox: Louise, if we find your arm we’ll unlock the doors & put it outside with the horse.

Louise: How long did the reaction last, Rush?

Rush: That’s right, mike!

Rush: It lessens by the next day.

angel & fox: BUSINESS of chasing fox?

Rush: Still “there” for a couple or few days.

Louise: Cool. See you all next week. I have the DVD.

Rush: A “reminder.”

Phil: Aloha Louise

Rush: Take care, Louise!

angel & fox: I BEG your pardon!

angel & fox: I BEG your pardon!

Mike n Rach in DC: Cheers, Louise

Dona: Goodnight Louise

angel & fox: Jeez, Louise!

Dona: lol

Godwinshelley2: Night L

Mike n Rach in DC: He was probably awesome in a bi-plane

angel & fox: What have you GOT?

Phil: That’s the biggest caterpillar I’ve ever seen!

angel & fox: He looks like Eddie Haskell.

Louise has left this room

Rush: Of some interest…I care for a 96-year-old gentleman every-other weekend. This weekend, while we talked, he mentioned living in Roswell, NM after the War.

Rush: ll….

Dona: He does Angel

angel & fox: The Award for Overacting goes, and goes, and GOES, to…

Rush: to make a long story short, he was there for the “Roswell Incident.”

Godwinshelley2: Roswell – was he there for the “incident”

Rush: Now, I was never a real “believer,” but….

Godwinshelley2: Ah ha – did he see it himself

Godwinshelley2: Was it the metal bits or the substituted “balloon” he saw

Mike n Rach in DC: Did he get beamed up to the alien ship or anything cool?

Rush: He told me that his wife’s father knew the rancher on whose land thw incident happened!

angel & fox: There’s no picture of the Sovereign on the walls. Hmmm.

Godwinshelley2: Interesting – you should record his talking about this

Rush: he mentioned him telling about what he saw.

angel & fox: I’D buy land if i could be sure an incident would happen.

Rush: That included “little people” who were dead.

Mike n Rach in DC: Any fun photos, Rush?

Rush: Interesting!

Rush: Anyway, that’s it.

Godwinshelley2: Wow – that is interesting

Rush: No photos.

Dona: Sounds interesting

angel & fox: You can’t get good aerodromes anymore.

Godwinshelley2: And did he discuss the MIBs later

Godwinshelley2: Another partial “furry” outfit

Dona: I hope he has written it down.

angel & fox: Rush (& Writers Team): How about JUSTIN TRUDEAU as CC in the 2020 version?

Mike n Rach in DC: We need the UFO guys to take some pix of the aliens…just a selfie or something

Rush: He wrote a little in a small book he wrote some years ago about his life.

Godwinshelley2: Nice

Rush: next time I see him, I’ll ask him more.

angel & fox: Alien selfies. Better than what’s on now.

Godwinshelley2: Ask if you can record his talking about it

Rush: He and his wife had two “sightings” of their own.

Mike n Rach in DC: Is he like the guy in “Independence Day” Rush?

Rush: Interesting stuff.

Godwinshelley2: in New Mexico

Rush: He has no reason to make it up.

angel & fox: You can’t get good credenzas anymore.

angel & fox: Or good lamps.

angel & fox: Your name RAPUNZEL?

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “Space Age” dart.

Dona: That

angel & fox: Probably filled with Tetragene!

Dona: is what it looks like Rush

Rush: Maybe!

Phil: So how did he get from outside to inside and dressed in a smoking jacket so fast?

angel & fox: That was ACTING?

Rush: Yes, Dona.

Rush: Flash Gordon comes to mind.

angel & fox: Phil: i’ll bet the jacket is STILL smoking, they just happen to be upwind.

Rush: Remember on the “Addams Family” TV show when Morticia “smoked”?

angel & fox: Rush: YESSSSSS!

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Yes Rush!

Rush: Thacker has one of the unusual hats seen in the series.

angel & fox: Down the chimney up? Or up the chimney down?

Rush: It’s helpful that Thacker id so gullible.

Rush: (is)

angel & fox: ‘ALT, in the nyme of the lor!

Rush: “If you want wild bird to sing, do not put him in cage.”

angel & fox: Like the Great Big Lakes in Michigan.

angel & fox: What if you want wild bird to answer phone?

Rush: (And, Thacker takes down Chan’s aphorism.

Mike n Rach in DC: His id makes him gullible, Rush.

angel & fox: An heir gun.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: PUNishing us, Angel!

Dona: I can’t imagine letting someone intoxicated hunt especially on a horse with a gun

Rush: Yes, Dona!

angel & fox: If I “went away in the Rolls Royce”, i wouldn’t be fox-gone, i’d be long gone.

Phil: None of them appear to have guns.

angel & fox: I am SO sick of every horse having a gun.’

Mike n Rach in DC: Farnwell?

Dona: lol


Mike n Rach in DC: Nowadays, they’d all be armed with AK-47’s

angel & fox: Get me a ticket on an aerodrome, ain’t got time to take a fast high-speed monorail.


angel & fox: Scary. The horses, i mean.

Mike n Rach in DC: Rush…you seem to be writing in invisible ink.

Rush: Oh, well….I guess the picture feature is not working…

Phil: Horses are so irresponsible.

angel & fox: Everything that could be invented, had been invented.

Matt1: I thought you were a man of few words, Rush

Rush: Yes, Phil!

angel & fox: Leave his private life out of this.

Mike n Rach in DC: “He took up fox hunting and got involved with that girl…”

Rush: The transition beteen scenes to the sound of a psssing plane.

angel & fox: Once you try fox, the whole world becomes furry.

Mike n Rach in DC: Obviously not benefiting from the new invention Rush

Rush: “Cherchez la femme.”

Mike n Rach in DC: Cherchez la fox

angel & fox: Cherchez! Cherchez!

Rush: Indeed!

angel & fox: THAT is one HELL of a sweater.

angel & fox: The tears on her cheeks are from laughter.

angel & fox: How about fast train?

Rush: Fast ride coming up!

danventure has joined this room

Mike n Rach in DC: utmost.

angel & fox: I LIKE the calligraphy! Arrest her!

Rush: DV!

Matt1: Hello Dan!


Phil: Aloha Dan!

Dona: Hello Dan

Mike n Rach in DC: WB DV!

danventure: Wow–two weeks in a row, and with a great CC

Rush: 120!

Dona: he grabs his hat

Rush: Yes, DV!

angel & fox: A hundred and twenty WHAT? Foxes?

danventure: Indeed.

angel & fox: I can’t watch this.

Rush: Hunt scene and Chan speeds to save a life….

Mike n Rach in DC: arf arf arf arf

danventure: Speaking of numbers, what is our time count?

Dona: nearly find ancestors

Godwinshelley2: 1:05

Mike n Rach in DC: 1 fox 17,000 dogs, 87 hunters and they still can’t catch him.

Godwinshelley2: 1 hour 5 minutes

Phil: 140:05:

Rush: 106:00

angel & fox: An effete corps of impudent snobs.

Phil: 1:06:00

Rush: 106:15

Rush: 106:30

Mike n Rach in DC: Tough to imagine this lot running the greatest empire in the world…

Godwinshelley2: My timer doesn’t show seconds once I am at the hour mark – just hour and minutes

Rush: 106:45

Mike n Rach in DC: 1:06:55

Rush: Good evough, GS!

Rush: 107:00

Matt1: Tough scene

Dona2 has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: yes

Mike n Rach in DC: R.I.P. Hellcat

Rush: Sadly, I think we have an actual deceased horse, here…

Dona2: On my ipad, I wanted to see if it would work

Matt1: D21

angel & fox: They SHOOT horses ALSO, don’t they?

Dona2: That was a horrible movie

Rush: Agreed, Dona.

danventure: Rush: I was wondering the same–looked very real

Mike n Rach in DC: It was pretty dark…very 70s

angel & fox: See what happens when you give a horse a gun?

Rush: Yes, DV.

Phil: lol

Rush: Looking closely, we saw no breathing.

Dona2: Yes MnR

Rush: Also, when originally shown from above, the horse looked pretty skinny.

angel & fox: CC wrecks everything, for persons who identify as murderers.

Phil: maybe it was holding its breath. remember, it is an acting horse

Mike n Rach in DC: Rush…maybe a hypo of some tranquilizer?

Rush: Timely, Angel…

angel & fox: Those are HIS antlers on the wall.

Dona2: That is true Phil

Mike n Rach in DC: True, Phil. They didn’t use a real human corpse for the Lake suicide…

angel & fox: Rush, my old candy-addled granny always said, Timely Is As Timely Does.

Rush: Chan sets his trap.

Rush: Yes, sir!

Mike n Rach in DC: Paul Grey must hang!

angel & fox: A cup of fentanyl?

Rush: Grandmother was wise, indeed…

Rush: All participands shown…

Rush: (participants)


Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rach in DC: cough

Rush: We need a “what the deuce” count.

angel & fox: Granny was a hophead, & auntie was a go-go girl.

Mike n Rach in DC: …and the housemaid is a crack head.

angel & fox: Rush, you are SO right. What the deuce, indeed!

Rush: Interesting, Angel….

angel & fox: Peppah!

Rush: Was anyone a rolling stone?

Rush: Peppa (Pig).

Mike n Rach in DC: Peppa

Phil: Fingerprints on the peppah?

angel & fox: Wherever he laid his hat somebody said HANG YOUR DAMN HAT ON THE ANTLERS! WAS YOU BORN IN A BARN?

Rush: (My daughters used to watch that…

danventure: Defunked noble steed…

Rush: Yes, DV!

Mike n Rach in DC: Funky is as funky does, DV

angel & fox: And when he died all he left us was a loan.

angel & fox: danv:

Rush: Now, where have I heard that before…?

angel & fox:

Rush: (!)

Mike n Rach in DC: Don’t do it

Rush: Trap set fully….

angel & fox: Rush, i think it was on a Mexican radio.

Mike n Rach in DC: Honesty is the best policy…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: “…eating barbequed iguana…”

Rush: (BANG!)

Matt1: Pop!

Mike n Rach in DC: Charlie!

Dona2: Drama

angel & fox: iNTRODUCING kevlar!

danventure: Egads!

Mike n Rach in DC: Angel, Kevlar and I are old friends…

Rush: And we the audience saw how the gun shot blanks then….

angel & fox: Friends of mine have a Volkswagen Tiguana.

Phil: “The police are in charge” – frightening words.

Mike n Rach in DC: Paul Frank..what?

Rush: And…attempted murder, too.

angel & fox: Everything is tickety-boo.

Rush: “Front”

Rush: recall Cc’s earlier saying…

angel & fox: The Home Secretary is gonna have a LOT of sweeping up to do.

Mike n Rach in DC: May have to consume some humble pie, Angel

Rush: “Every front has back.”

angel & fox: Chainchainchain, chain of fools.

Rush: Happy ending…

Phil: There’s that dead barn swallow on her dress.

Mike n Rach in DC: Is that a bat on her dress?

Dona2: isthat an. Upside down bird on her shirt?

Rush: Looks so!

Mike n Rach in DC: Don’t marry a vampire

Rush: “Case now complete.”

angel & fox: The Case of the Case Complete!

angel & fox: YAY!

Rush: Now….

Rush: “Exit Music”

Mike n Rach in DC: Eat LOTS of garlic before the wedding!

Dona2: YAY!!!!!


Mike n Rach in DC:

Rush: Following closing credits….

Dona2: Clap Clap Clap

Rush: If you have the Fox set)

angel & fox: And look for Hellcat at your NEIGHborhood dog food store!

Dona2: i have music and a black screen

Rush: (Applause….)

Mike n Rach in DC: woof

Dona2: weird

Rush: Don’t forget you hats and coats…

danventure: Yes. Was this like Exit music?

Rush: Yes!

angel & fox: Dona, i got the same thing. Somebody killed the lights!

Phil: It’ll be awhile before I’m back. You kids behave yourself while I’m gone. Aloha.

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a great week.

angel & fox: Dancing in the dark!

Dona2: it looks like it

angel & fox: Till we MEAT again!

Phil has left this room

Mike n Rach in DC: Aloha, Phil…hope to see you again soon.

Rush: This is also supposed to happen with “The Black Camel,” but they cut it in the Fox DVD sets.

danventure: Glad to have shared a moment with y’all!

Rush: Sadly

Rush: It was “Aloha ‘Oe”

Dona2: Thank you Rush! This was a great time. I”m glad to be back

Rush: well!

Mike n Rach in DC: What’s next week’s offering?

angel & fox: danv, dona, mcd, m&r, matt, donadona, GS, rush, GNITE!!!!

Rush: See you next week for a slight change of pace….

danventure: C U all next week

Rush: “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan”

Matt1 has left this room

Mike n Rach in DC: See ya, Angel

Mike n Rach in DC: Ah!

Rush: Tonight…”Happy Birthday, Mr. Oland.”

Dona2: next week I will be on Folly Island in SC. I am hoping to be here next week.

Dona2: Yes. HB Mr. Orland.

angel & fox has left this room

Mike n Rach in DC: Good night all…hope to see the clan next week!

Rush: Folly Island! Sounds like fun!

danventure has left this room

Rush: Have a good and safe trip, Dona!

Rush: Take care, everyone….

Mike n Rach in DC has left this room

Dona has left this room

Dona2: I’m hoping to do a lot of nothing. Catch up on my reading and walking by the water

Rush: TYSM….EVERYONE for an very entertaining night!

Dona2: Thank you!

Dona2: Night all!

Dona2 has left this room

Rush: “Doing nothing” is the best part of a getaway…

Rush: Thank you, CD and GS!

Rush: have a happy and SAFE week!

Rush: Good night…

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