Chat Archive 11/15/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for November 15, 2021

Mr. Wong, Detective

The Eye of Buddha (Part 2)

LongshoreAngel & Foxx
Louise on the road
Mike & Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello Rush!


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Rush: Hi Matt!

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Good evening, gentlemen!

Matt1: And to you all!

Rush: M n R!


Rush: How are you tonight, Matt and Mike…and Rachel?

Matt1: Hope everyone had a good week?

Matt1: All is well here in the sunshine state!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Doing well. We are getting ready for a trip to Spain. Excited for it, but it’s a lot of “stuff.”

Rush: Mine was, thank you, and I hope the same for you!

Matt1: Very nice….when are you traveling?

Rush: Spain! Music-related?

Mike & Rachel in DC: Yes…some guest conducting and teaching at conservatories (and eating and sight-seeing!)

Rush: Sounds GREAT, mike!

Mike & Rachel in DC: We leave Thursday…away until the end of the month. We may be scarce in Chan-world…5 hr time difference…

Rush: Madrid?

Mike & Rachel in DC: Valencia and Barcelona

Matt1: That would be cool!

Rush: NICE!

Rush: Dinner hour is LATE in Spain!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Looking forward to having the “original” paella

Matt1: Yes!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Yes. I walked the Camino de Santiago. 9 or 10 PM dinners…one of the groups rehearses 10PM-midnight. Jeez…

Rush: I was there many years ago, And it seemed to start around 10:00!

Rush: Yes!

Mike & Rachel in DC: My beauty rest is going to suffer, I fear.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Spain is a beautiful country.

Matt1: Yes….I did a bicycle tour there one year…..Very nice

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Matt1: wb, Rush!

Rush: Back!

Mike & Rachel in DC: We’re looking forward to seeing the scenic part…Valencia is supposed to be a beautiful city.

Rush: If I get dropped during one of the countdowns, Matt…could you complete it please?

Rush: Nearly happened last week!

Matt1: No worries

Rush: It’s my Internet connection.

Rush: Not always reliable!

Rush: TYSM!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Need the fail-safe countdown procedure. πŸ™‚

Rush: YES!

Rush: The radio drama is 15 minutes long, so we will start it at 15 before the hour….

Matt1: Already cued!

Rush: Me too!

Mike & Rachel in DC: We three

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike & Rachel in DC: Multiple player options. Decisions, decisions…

Rush: Nice “problem”!

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mda19083: greetings all

Rush: hello, MDA!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Good evening MDA!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Rush: Did you receive the coin?

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Matt1: Hello MC!

Rush: Marcycloud!

marcycloud: HI EveryOne!!!

Rush: LCOME!!!

Rush: Great to see you here again!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Hey Marcycloud

mda19083: currently out of town on business – returning late this week – will let you know if i do not – many thanks in advance

Rush: TYSM, MDA!

Rush: I am always happy to know it arrived safely!

Rush: 3 minutes to go for our radio drama!

Rush: “Eye of Buddha” (Part 2)

Rush: Link is above…

Rush: 90 seconds…

mda19083: looking forward to part 2 of the radio drama

Rush: 75 seconds…

Mike & Rachel in DC: The suspense builds…

Rush: Yes…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike & Rachel in DC: (*wipes hands nervously on pants*)

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Happy Chan music

Rush: Announcer…

Rush: Yes!

marcycloud: got it..

Mike & Rachel in DC: Ooooh…HARP!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Big budget for this one

Matt1: Soooooooooo relaxing 

marcycloud: lol

Rush: Seems so!

Mike & Rachel in DC: Can squeeze in a little yoga

Rush: Commercial space here…

Mike & Rachel in DC: …om….om…

marcycloud: ahhhh

Rush: yes. A commercial or two would be inserted here.

Mike & Rachel in DC: At the first sign of a cold, take Groves Bromo-Quinine tablets!

Rush: And…here we go!

Rush: M/R: πŸ™‚

Rush: Chan used that disguise in “Charlie Chan’s Courage,” one of the lost films.

Rush: Chan is very polite to this suspect.

Rush: “Sterner methods”

Rush: They will need to take a boat to Honolulu.

Mike & Rachel in DC: Little faith in Charlie

mda19083: Charlie Chan as Ah Kim is from The Chinese Parrot

Rush: Yes!

Mike & Rachel in DC: That’s the only one of the books I’ve read so far (Mike).

Rush: And that story became “Charlie Chan’s Courage” on the big screen!

mda19083: CA desert not Hawaii

Rush:  [/img]

Rush: Yes, MDA!


Rush: Chan as Ah Kim with “The Chinese Parrot.

Matt1: One day!

mda19083: love the still Rush

Rush: Thank you.

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Rush: WB, M/R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: But is it a CHINESE parrot?

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Matt1: I see double

mda19083: quick work Lee Chan

Rush: Seems Mike/Rachel are having Internet issues, too!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Got some mumbo-jumbo about cookies not working…

Rush: “The antelope’s adenoids”!

mda19083: all the m’s are here tonight – and rush

Matt1: I’m eating a cookie!

Mike n Rachel in DC: …clearly false. Rach has cookies and milk right here.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chocolate-chip in DC, Matt

Rush: YES! The “Ms” are the majority for sure!

Matt1: Kitche Sink in FL 

Rush: Sorry, Mike.

Rush: Unfortunately, we have no Part 3 available!

Rush: So, we can only know that Chan finds the jewel and the case is solved!

mda19083: Charlie always gets his man/woman

Matt1: Another “lost” Chan 

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yoga music again

Rush: I hope that this was fun, even though incomplete!

Rush: Yes, matt!

Rush: Another one to chalk up as “lost”!

marcycloud: yes!

Rush: πŸ™‚

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Rush: GONG…

Rush: Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise on the road: Hello Chan Clan

Rush: Louise on the road!

marcycloud: Hi Louise!

Rush: But…Louise is also “in the house!”

mda19083: BRB – off to the kitchen

Rush: Welcome!

Louise on the road: Can’t stay for the movie because I am traveling but just anted to say Hi!

mda19083: louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Louise!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Safe travels!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Safe travels to you, Louise!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Where are you as we speak?

Dona: I’m back in So Cal

Rush: Dona! WELCOME!

Rush: Back home then, Dona?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona…glad you’re back in CA

marcycloud: where at Dona? i’m in Wrightwood….

Louise on the road: I am in Philadelphia

Rush: And, Louise, where are you?

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Rush: Okay!

Rush: NT!

Dona: I am in Ontario

Matt1: Hello NT/NH!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

marcycloud: Hi Nothere!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Nothere is here!

Dona: Hello NT

marcycloud: I started out in Ontario in 1977!

Rush: 13 minutes till showtime!

Rush: “:Mr. Wong, Detevtive”

marcycloud: I’m originally from Cleveland.

Rush: We have had a few from Cleveland.

Dona: MC You aren’t too far from Ontario.

Nothere: That’s weird. I’m not listed, but I’m here.

Rush: I see you listed, NT!

Rush: Right below Dona.

Dona: I see you NT

Mike n Rachel in DC: We do too

Nothere: Anyway a I am. Bang the gong cause unless I’m wrong it’s time for Wong.

Rush: Tonight we see the movie that inspired last week’s film, “Docks of New Orleans.”

Rush: This one stars Boris Karloff as detective James Lee Wong.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wong is never wrong

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Right!

Matt1: And Foo!

Nothere: You all see me. So much for stealth mode 

marcycloud: i see you listed NT

Rush: Yes! our old friend, Lee Tung Foo!

Mike n Rachel in DC: LTF rocks

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Rush: RICH!

Rich Maine: Good evening everyone


Dona: Hi Rich

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Nothere: Hey Rich

marcycloud: Hi Rich!

Rush: 8 minutes to go…

Matt1: Cued!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich

Rush: Are you on a hotel computer, Louise?

Rich Maine: BTW, this is on Amazon Prime if anyone n3eds it. Thanks for the welcome!

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marcycloud: cued here…

Nothere: Hey God

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: GS!

Rich Maine: Hiya GS

Rush: Good evening to you!

Dona: Hello GS

Godwinshelley2: In for my evening of Karloff

marcycloud: Hi GS!

Rush: YES, GS!

Godwinshelley2: TCM ran a short about John Ford and it had some nice clips of Karloff in “Lost Patrol” by Ford

Rush: We get Mr. Karloff at least three times each year…FOUR times this year, as “Opera” was our Halloween movie!

Rush: NICE, GS!

Matt1: Always a nice detour

Nothere: The Lost patrol shuld have dropped breadcrumbs.

Godwinshelley2: AND today I managed to “crank” (knitted on a Circular Sock Knitting Machine from 1918) my very first SOCK

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Rush: Interesting, GS!

Rush: Really!

Dona: Fun GS

Nothere: Well I would congradulate you God, but sadly you chose socks. One is no good.

Rush: It would be fun to watch that make a sock!

Godwinshelley2: It was made in my mothers home town – in the year of the (Spanish Flu) plague – and I bought it in 2020 (Covid)

Rush: 4 minutes to go…

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Rush: So, it’s come full-circle, GS!

Godwinshelley2: Yes indeed

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Angel…and Foxx!

Nothere: Hey Angel and Fox

Rush: Good evening!

Dona: Hello Angel and Foxx

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey AF!

mda19083: starting to fill up

marcycloud: ready

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Call for Philip Wongggggggg! Calllllllll forrrrrrrrr Phillllip Wonnnnnng!!

mda19083: hello all

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here

Rush: THREE minutes to Mr. Wong…

Rich Maine: So Perry White is in this film! Great Cesar ghost!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Are we holding at the “opening gong?”

Rush: Longshore? A new profession, Angel?

Godwinshelley2: I

Nothere: Don’t call him chief.

Godwinshelley2: I’m at the crossfade from gong to title


Godwinshelley2: Usually it’s where the titles first come up

marcycloud: yup…paused at gong…

Rush: That works, MC!

Nothere: Bang a gong get it on.

Rush: 90 seconds…

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Rush: 25…

Nothere: Louise ha hit the roa.

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music…

Nothere: Wil Grant Williams grant us anything?

Rush: This one is from 1938….

Rush: 10 years before “Docks of New Orleans.”

Godwinshelley2: My folks used to get Colliers magazine and our encyclopedias were Colliers editions

Rush: Maybe a land grant?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: “Longshoreman” left overt from The Docks of New Orleans. No time to change it—i’ve been racing around bringing plants inside, with sudden frost anticipated tonight!

Rush: Or…a General Grant?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Karloff gets a bit of a break–Wong is an Oxford graduate, so the “Chinese” aspect of the character can be more subtle than Chan

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Fox is up to his Withers.

Rush: I get it, now, Angel!

Nothere: Encyclopedias?Theres an ancient artifact.

Rush: The “dock”.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: The NEW NEW NEW GoldGateBr, yes, Rush?

Godwinshelley2: If you want to see him in “full Chinese” – check out Mask of Fu Manchu or West of Shanghai

Dona: Yes nt, but used them as a kid

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: I order all my crap from Dayton.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes GS. His Fu Manchu is a hoot.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Bela woulda been great in this role. Or Chico Marx.

Nothere: HeyI’m not knocking Donna. In som ways their beter than Wikipedia.

Rush: VAST difference, Angel! πŸ™‚

Godwinshelley2: Mike – I wanted to ask if you had seen/heard the “Dead South” song “In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company”

Dona: In lots of ways they are better just not as up to date.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: She could build up SOME biceps with that phone.

Rush: Perry White!

Rush: I forgot he is in this one!

Matt1: Foo!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: A New York minute?

Rich Maine: The chief!

Nothere: Don’t call me chef.

Rush: And, yees…Lee Tung Foo!

Nothere: or Chief even:)

Rich Maine: Where’s BB?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Sherlock Holmes lived in this same building in another movie.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I have not, GS.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Every parrot is a future ex-parrot.

Godwinshelley2: Check it out – there was a video of a music professor watching it – it was fun

Rush: True, Angel.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Chairman Mao!!

Nothere: Now theres a series Detectiv apartments. 10 famous detectives live in the same building and their wacky adventure.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Perry White, right?

Godwinshelley2: yes

Rush: Wong holds the cigarette European style.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Notty, INGENIOUS! Simply INGENIOUS! Why, Moriarty might not have thought of it! Call our lawyers!

Rush: Mr. White always seems to look the same to me….all the way to the Superman TV shiow!

Dona: Agreed Rush

Rich Maine: Yes rush…no aging

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rush: but for cigarette burns, Flash Gordon might have used the same tunic.

Nothere: So who has the superior robe. Chan or Wong?

Rush: John Hamilton

Rush: Good question!

Godwinshelley2: the loungewear in Chan films seem to have more design in them

Rush: Similarity here!

Rich Maine: Gowns by Edith head

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: If you’re gonna smother a duck, you’re gonna get double-billed here.

Rush: The near-abduction!

Rush: Built-in bib for lunch at Italian restaurants.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rich, did you as a kid snicker as i did at Edith Head’s name?

mda19083: the driver switch

Nothere: Don’t mind us. we totally aren’t trying tolook suspicious for the late murder. Uhm mudding. I meant mudding.

Rush: The partnership agreement.

Rich Maine: Oh yes Angel, along with Dick Tracy

Rush: Another similarity!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: She can smuggle out plenty of inventory in that bodice.

Mike n Rachel in DC: So, when…I mean “if”…you die we the all the money, right?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rich, you ARE a delinquent!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Additional claws!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Preverts will revert.

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: we had that clause last week

Rich Maine: I’ve gotten nicer in old age

Rush: Yes, MDA.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: mda:     

Rush: I like to think I have, too….!

Nothere: “Your a crook” :Says you poopyhead.”

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: He’s early cuz he took the grain elevator.

Mike n Rachel in DC: No problem. Just call Superman

Rush: “And don’t call me CHIEF!!!!”

Dona: Street

Nothere: Kent get the story.

Rich Maine: Lock the door

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Your not CLark Kent, he wears glases.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: What a perfect Fascist pose!! Mr.Dayton is ready to take Saskatchewan!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That is one fierce ruffle on her dress

mda19083: Mike and Angel – I think Hugh Jass is in tonight’s movie

Rush: There is one big difference in this film as to how the death device is activated.

Rich Maine: Dayton or Lafontaine?

Matt1: Catches crumbs, Mike

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. For women who can’t grow a beard, perhaps? πŸ™‚

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Did Chuck Barris host The Dayton Game?

Nothere: Firt we take Walla Wlla then the world.

Rush: In the Chan version, they baid $500 for the formula.

Rush: paid

Nothere: Ready Matt

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: All brakes were bad in the ’30s.

Matt1: <tin can>

Rich Maine: Yes the can!


Nothere: Why did you kill Bates? I figured it would make m rate.

Rush: The tin can of death.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: (14:00)??????

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice to see a black can, Rush. Appropriately ominous.

Rich Maine: Did ur can grow rush?

Nothere: 1430 here

Rush: 14:15…

Matt1: Upgrade?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Wong brought his own tin can.

Rush: 14:30

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: An actual Appointment With Death.

Nothere: Made in China?

Rush: What ISN’T?

Nothere: Tetrigine?

Rush: Perhaps!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: He had different pockets when he was outside.

Rush: Yes?

Mike n Rachel in DC: So why is Wong in the Physics department? Chemistry folks on strike, perhaps?

Nothere: Uhm guys would you stop pointing the fre at people.

Rich Maine: One of the best blowers in SF

Mike n Rachel in DC: The glass-blowing scene is one of the highlights of this movie

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Hmmmmmmm.

Rush: When Wong works with glass?

mda19083: was he listening to the radio?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rich: 

Nothere: Oh please Rich I can see right through their glass blowing rethoric.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: The guy could totally wing this. In fact, Wong could wing it. Nobody knows the original glass, right?

Rush: Chemical analysis.

Rich Maine: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: By Physicists…multi-talented

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: OH, that potash stuff AGAIN. They started throwing that potash jive at me when i was 8i.

Rush: 65 mm?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: when i was 8.

Rush: That would be BIG.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: If anything happens to this glass, it’ll be BREAKING BAD.

Nothere: Give it up your still not Clark Kent.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 3-4 inches I think, Rush

Rush: Mr. Wong figured it out faster than Chan did, it seems.

Rush: he’s already made some glass globe mock-ups.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Buncha tough mugs. Get ’em coffee.

Rush: πŸ™‚

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: No, the gun was a Colt.

Nothere: Careful. Cross me and my ruffles will attack.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ruffles is up next

mda19083: tetragene?

Rich Maine: Mrs Swenson!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Mopping the hall outside?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Street is very agitato

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Speaking of PLANTS, Fox & me gotta run out to the porch & bring in all the plants from there. Please throw a can for each of us in event of any casualties, or formalities.

Rich Maine: Of course, she cleans up bodies

Rush: OH1 I was thinking of the lady in “The Scarlet Clue”!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Me answr your questions intelligently? Place your bets.

Rush: If he rolled the glass globe, it would have broken.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t miss a thing? Mr Wong is a detective…

Nothere: Actually that’s not a bad idea Rush. Good carpet. Just place it near the desk, and wait for someone to step on it. Sure you might get ne or two you aren’t aiming for, but thems the drawback of poiion ga.

Dona: Those two are slimmy

Mike n Rachel in DC: Meisel of Bavaria

Rich Maine: I like the Colonel Marsh series s on amazon with Karloff, good mystery

Rush: True, NT.

Rush: But, we will see how these things are set off later.

Rich Maine: Scrubbing floors!

Nothere has left this room

Dona: Sounds interesting Rich. I’ll look for it.

Rich Maine: They are Dona, he plays a good role in each case

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: It kickd me out big meany.

Rich Maine: And wears an eye patch!

PaulM has joined this room

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Hello Paul!

Dona: very interesting, Rich.


LongshoreAngel & Foxx: We at (27:00)?

PaulM: good evening gang

Dona: Hi Paul

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Paul

Godwinshelley2: 28:30

Rush: The inspiration for her hat….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks delicious, Rush

Rich Maine: Hahaha

Rush: 28:45

Rush: 28:55

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Paul, we’re technically not a gang, we’re a tong.

Nothere has left this room

Rush: 29:00

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Paul.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Ting Tong

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: MnR: Yes!!


Nothere: My boy is innocent. He only kills stry cats and dogs.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rush: YESSSS!!

mda19083: rush has everything at his fingertips

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sand…used to make glass. Now all we need to do is find the kiln that heats to 3000 degrees…

Rush: A whiner…

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: She’s missing Arthur Godfrey. That’s why she’s upset.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wong’s globes are bigger than Chan’s

Nothere: Of course Wong solves the case faster than Chan. He cheats and uses Mickey th ystery solving parrot.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: You mean “worked”.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Sand.

PaulM: when you use those tongs, dont you always click them together to see if they work?

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Erhu

Rich Maine: Snake charmer

Dona: Yes Paul

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Paul: ALWAYS! Who doesn’t, is not of this earth. Or its sand.

Rush: Paul…I missed your arrival!

Rush: WELCOME….belatedly.

Mike n Rachel in DC: LTF arrives

Rush: Try YELLING at it!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rush:     

Rush: He’s on the right track, though.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Eric Clapton he ain’t.

Rush: πŸ™‚

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: He could neck that bird’s ring.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: “Europa!”, he thinks.

Nothere: A Baron in a 1930′ movie. Arest him. We’ll find out what he id later.

Rush: You got me, Angel!

Rush: I can’t even come up with a comment!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: How about in your Christmas presence?

Rich Maine: Argentina ball, not Hawaii

Dona: how long is a fortnight?

Rich Maine: 14 days

Dona: thank you Rich

mda19083: 2 weeks

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rush, i always release what i catch. We need you at our helm!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: You ARE, indeed, OUR Great Helmsman.

Dona: any particular reason they don’t just say 2 weeks or 14 days?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fortnight sounds cooler, Dona

Dona: Thank you MnR

Dona: that works

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: The Argentine Ball is after the Clementine and before the Tangerine. Easy to remember by the acronym: C A T

Rush: I try, Angel…I try…!

Rich Maine: Very british problems

Nothere has left this room

Dona: agreed A&F

Rush: The cochina (coquina) bark.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Fox is upset by her coat.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Anyone ever hearda cat bark?

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully not relatives, AF

mda19083: i’m here to plant the exploding glass ball

Rush: Non-speaking role!

Rush: Les pay!

Rush: (less)

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: A Smokers’ Paradise. Plenty of sand in the ashtrays, i wager.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear, I thought our exploding glass ball installation wasn’t until 4:30

Rich Maine: It popped early Mike


LongshoreAngel & Foxx: The Police? I’d call the Rolling Stones, myself.

Rush: πŸ™‚

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Puff that magic dragon!!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Don’t fret, they’re Greek,

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s 4:20 somewhere, AF

Mike n Rachel in DC: *cough*

Rush: There you go!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: MnR: On that, so many potheads depend!

Rush: The old “cough” effect!

mda19083: raid

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Those striped pants don’t fool me at all. He didn’t have the scratch for a full suit.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He just stepped into the library for a breath of fresh air…

Matt1: <tin can>

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: A baby?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: The cops?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Baby cops?

Rich Maine: The can!


mda19083: oh no!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: These guys can’t take the stares.

Rush: Another one…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ask not for whom the can tolls

Mike n Rachel in DC: No AF, they always use the elevator

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: (42:00)?

Rush: A Hershey’s Kiss hat.

Rich Maine: Two vanilla cones please

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Anybody else know of REID FLEMING, World’s Toughest Milkman?

Nothere has joined this room

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: This IS San Francisco!!

Nothere: Dang it. I didn’t even notice it kick me out.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Welcome back, Notty. Hole in floor?

Nothere: But t least I’m listed now.

Mike n Rachel in DC: WB NT

PaulM: yes, Angel and Foxx. i was way into alternative comic in the 80s

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Carl is signing his own warrant with a Sharpie.

Nothere: No Angel evil conspiracy. An omeone in ths oom is responsible.

mda19083: i’ll have a gallon of 2%

Rush: More small glass….

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Paul: Yes!! Reid is still a hero of mine!!

PaulM: you know about Bobby London?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Outer door reads BUREAU of INVESTIGATION — inner door says FABRICATION

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: I’d like to see Ronald Colman as Roemer.

Rush: Of course, there are LOTS of similarities to the Chan version.

Rush: There IS one BIG difference, though.

Rich Maine: Same day mail!

Rush: The method by which trhe glass globes are made to shatter.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Tommy Dorsey could liven up this glum crowd.

Rush: You are probably correct, Angel.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rush, i study under the best.

Nothere: 30% the required amount of difference for you to be considered something different.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Dialing caused the butler to flinch!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Bosss cop has just set up everybody (including us) for the Getting Them All Back Together in One Room bit.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Who actually decided to patent leather?

Nothere: The butler was frightened by a bellcord ringer as a baby.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: He wouldn’t have done well at the Addams house, no ma’am.

Nothere: test

Nothere: You rang Angel?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Querida!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I need a cop. Some lug stole my ruffle.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Picture her sitting on a piano, 20 years younger. Her, not the piano.

Rich Maine: Hahaha

Mike n Rachel in DC: I can see it now, Angel. Starring Myra “Ruffles” Rosenblatt…

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Why? You got a thing for matrons, sweetie?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: MnR: Ruffles had ridges, i betcha.


LongshoreAngel & Foxx: “What, are we supposed to be impressed?”

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: When that guy retires, they’re gonna name a street after him. Street Street.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Held her for WHAT? Cantcha see, sailor?

Rich Maine: Della Street?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: HE’S pretty hot too.

Rush: Back at the dock…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Caught red-handed!

Nothere: Pier 12

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Ah, Della Street: YES, let’s match them up! When SHE retires, they can name a CROSS road Della Street Street Street, and—well, imagine the traffic helicopters speaking of a tieup at its intersection with Street Street!


LongshoreAngel & Foxx: PANT PANT PANT

Rush: Nice lighting here.

Nothere: Sorry if it isn’t silk it isn’t a tuxedo.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Tomorrow may be too late . . . it’s now, or never, my gloves won’t wait.

Rush: Venetian blind shadows at night.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: I know you know i know you know, bub.

Rush: “Go home and STAY home…”

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Doctor SEUSS?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Chills are usually cold, punk.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Stealthily closing in on the suspect…


LongshoreAngel & Foxx: A radio and a free dinner! I’LL confess!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: That sunlamp ain’t for tanning innocents, creep.

Matt1: <tc>

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: These cars seem to get longer as the story rolls on.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: (57:20)?

Nothere: Done. But you idn’t specify what for dinner. Bring the bread and water.

Rich Maine: Another one down

Rush: “In that case, I’d like filet mignon, glace de creme, and a bottle of champagne…”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Apparently Street didn’t want to deal with Roeming charges?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Shouldn’t they take off their hats? One of them might have a tin can under.

Rush: Mike: πŸ™‚

mda19083: cue the can

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Now that you’ve cracked the case, case the crack, coppah.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: “Ruffles”!

Rush: Matt?

Matt1: Already cued….above


Rush: TYSM…missed the cue!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: He DOES want it gummed up, but with HIS gum.

Mike n Rachel in DC: We got the abbreviated can for this one, Rush πŸ™‚

Rich Maine: Wongs for Chinese food!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: What a fool he was. What a fool he’d been.

Mike n Rachel in DC: They have good wings too, Rich

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Got any opprobrium?

Nothere: Wong’s secret shame. Heloves Italian food.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wong wings are wonderful

Rich Maine: General TSO chock

Rich Maine: Chicken

mda19083: peking duck

mda19083: peeking

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: If this bird’s screen name is H.Ross Parrot i’ll withdraw from the presidential race.

Rush: The parrot squawks…

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: How do you do WHAT?

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Try not to ste on glass while a parrot sqawks until next time.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: The Heart of Darkness set aglow by the Dart of Harkness.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care NT!

Rush: Okay, NT!

Rush: Take care…

mda19083: NT!

Rush: Next week….

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: “Ruffles” is no pip in private.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or the Darkness of Harkness

Rush: “The Shanghai Chest”

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Gnite NT!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wong gets 4 minutes. Chan only had 2.

Rush: Will Wong use the power of suggestion?

Nothere has left this room

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: If you can patent leather i guess you can own gas.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Gratified is ratified.

Rush: And ratified is satisfied.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Uh-oh. Her cover is blown. Like the Lindenburg.

Rush: (AKA: “The Spirit of Berlin”?)

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Wong is such a beautiful loser. All are hypnotized.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Oh!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: No!

Rush: Did Wong wear the squirting carnation?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: What a ham!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wong: April fool

Mike n Rachel in DC: Did they forget today is April 1?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Rush, you read my mind! That close-up BEGGED for a jet!

Rush: We shall see…

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: I picture Peter Lorre & Eleanor Roosevelt in this scene.

Rush: Then don’t talk, Wong!!!

Rush: NO exertion!!!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Did nobody pay the Edison?

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Imagine all the cashiers in all the armies.

Rich Maine: Pickup order at Wongs

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: All right, you lugs. I mean, mugs. Bring coffee.

Rush: Make that TEA.

Rush: Similar lines here to the Chan version.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Good vibrations. Not for evil.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: I’d be leery of Christmas ornaments after this.

Rush: YES!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Uh-oh.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very nice ending

Rush: POP!!!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

marcycloud: Haha…Love Birds!!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Sirens” is one of my favorite boogie ditties.

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah<

Rich Maine: Tea pl9

Rush: I think I am a little behind!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: DeFECtive, ya mean! Ya big lug!!


Rush: (Applause…)

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Chairman Mao says GOOOOOOOOOD night!!

Rush: Next week…

Godwinshelley2: Have a great week everyone and stay safe

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always enjoy the Wongs

Rush: “The Shanghai Chest”

Godwinshelley2: night

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Tea for We!!

Rich Maine: Funny watching after last week! Good night to all!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Matt1: Good night folks and have a wonderful week ahead!

mda19083: great film

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always a pleasure. Have a great week everyone!

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Magniferent!! Until next time!!!!

marcycloud: Good Show! see y’all next time..not too often i watch Twitch at this time on Mondays now..but I’ll stop in Soon for the Holidays! Everyone have a Good one!

Rich Maine: A good one rush! Thanks!

mda19083: be well all til next time


PaulM: bye

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great evening as always.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx: Indeed, always a pleasure!! Meeting all in Shanghai!!

Dona: Night all. See you next week.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye.

Rush: Thank you ALL for a very FUN night!

Rush: So, which version was better?

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: The Chan version, or the Wong version?

PaulM has left this room

mda19083: always fun here in the chan chat

Matt1 has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: This could become a poll question!

mda19083 has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: Good night, MC and Angel!

Rush: have a great week…

Rush: Be happy and safe!

Hounder has joined this room


Rush: You just made it!

Rush: I was about to turn off the lights.

Rush: !

Hounder: Hi. Soory I missd the chat. A neighbor from NC came to visit!

Rush: Yes?

Rush: I hope that you had a very nive visit!

Rush: That’s nice.

Rush: How’s your mother tonight?

Hounder: I may notmake it next week either. It’s so nice to have a real live person who talk back.

marcycloud has left this room

Hounder: Momxs doing ok.

Rush: Yes, I can understand.

Rush: I take it it has not been too godd with your mother.

Rush: (good)

Hounder: More tired than usual, but seems to like listening to Kenny’s stories.

Rush: That’s a plus sign, then.

Rush: kenny being the friend from NC?

Hounder: Nothing’s really changing for mom.

Rush: As long as she’s remaining stable, I suppose that’s pretty good?

Hounder: Yes. Kenny’s a 70 yr old neighbor who is chock full of funny entertaining stories.

Rush: Does your mom know him?

Rush: from earlier times?

Hounder: Stable isbetter than the alternative. I’llcall it a win.

LongshoreAngel & Foxx has left this room

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I would too.

Rush: It’s good that she enjoyed the stories!

Hounder: No mom doesn’t remember him….. of course she doesn’t remember me usually and is forgetting her own name now

Rush: I am sorry to hear that.

Rush: It must be really tough on you.

Rush: i can only imagine if my Mom had lived longer.

Hounder: I won’t keep you rush I just wanted to check in and let you know things were ok.

Rush: She would have gone in that direction.

Hounder: Hard on both of us but it is what it is.

Rush: Well, my pleasure to continue with you.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Again, my mom was gheading that same way, but she passed before it got very bad.

Hounder: Have a great night and remember me to the gang next week

Rush: I will certainly do that.

Rush: may God bless you and your mom.

Rush: Praying for you both.

Rush: take care…

Hounder: I think your mom was the lucky one. I can’t imagine how scary the world must be for my mom

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Perhaps.

Hounder: Thanks. See you in 2 weeks

Rush: However, we never know how she might be feeling deep inside.

Rush: She may be at more peace than we can tell.

Rush: Okay…

Hounder has left this room

Rush: See you in two weeks…

Rush: In the meantime…

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