Chat Archive 11/4/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for November 4, 2019

Charlie Chan at the Race Track (Annual Melbourne Cup Night)

The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby (Part 3)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
streamline & marsupial

streamline & marsupial has joined this room15:16

streamline & marsupial: Oh! We’re just having a BAG O’ OATS while we wait for the dart, uh, START! Don’t mind us! Colonel Willoughby will be waddling in at a quarter till the hour, but don’t horse around—seating starts at half-past! Field glasses recommended!15:20

Rush has joined this room16:24

Rush: Good evening, Streamline and Marsupial!16:24

Rush: A late costume?16:25

streamline & marsupial: You GOT it, Rush!!16:31

Rush: :)16:31

Rush: Is it okay to call you Angel?16:31

Rush: :)16:32

streamline & marsupial: YES, THIS was my costume—try as i might (you may recall i rassled a goat, i mean ghost, in the auntie-chamber last week—i COULD NOT get our nick as my name! So what happened tonite? “Welcome, Messrs Streamline & Marsupial”!!16:32

Rush: Well, you made it!16:33

Rush: Great costume, I must say!16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:34

streamline & marsupial: I figured that as i’d taken our characterizations from CC Goes, well, you know where he goes this week—we might as well leave them on. Thanks for the compliments!16:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: OOOOH. What a fascinating marsupial!16:34

Rush: Yes!16:34

Rush: mike/Rachel….good evening!16:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Looks sort of like a fox, though)16:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening!16:34

Rush: Yes, M/R!16:34

streamline & marsupial: BTW—since we’re alone—you’re in Californy, si? (Yeah, the Fox Network is where we shop)16:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is all a-twitter16:35

Rush: I am in CA, yes…and me too.16:35

Rush: Very good! It should be a fun night, M/R!16:35

streamline & marsupial: —Apropos things Cali—and things Racy—what’s all this with Santa Anita in the CURRENT news?16:35

streamline & marsupial: M&R, good eeeeeeeeevening!16:36

Rush: The Chan hat…a felt one, is filled with 24 numbers for our racing field tonight.16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey S&M!16:36

Rush: Ready to go…16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Hm. That doesn’t sound good…)16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cued for Part 3 of Col. W here16:37

Rush: Now, THAT sounds good!16:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ha. Gotta watch these abbreviations. G-rated chat…right?16:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel swats Mike16:37

Rush: We strive for that, yes, M/R…16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: And with our new chat room…there’s no telling who’s “eavesdropping”16:38

Rush: Well, that might be so…16:38

Rush: But, I think they need to logon to see the dialogue.16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aha. OK. Let ‘er rip, guys!16:39

Rush: We can start the radio drama in five minutes….16:39

Rush: M/R: :)16:40

Rush: I hope that no one is on daylight time, still.16:40

Rush: I forgot to remind people in the newsletter.16:41

Rush: 3 minutes to the radio drama…16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well it’s 11:41 in Melbourne…that’s important16:42

Rush: True!16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: (11:41 AM)16:42

Rush: I believe that the Cup is run about 90 minutes after we finish our evening.16:42

Rush: 2 minutes…16:42

streamline & marsupial: READY!16:43

Rush: Very good.16:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would be nice to be able to watch it live online…may have to hunt for a link16:43

Rush: by the way, if anyone needs to use the online copy of our movie tonight, there is a lengthy trailer for another film to get through first.16:44

streamline & marsupial: Not to beat a dead horse—but THIRTY-SEVEN dead horses?16:44

Rush: Yes. terrible.16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: 37?16:44

streamline & marsupial: My congresscreature voted for lengthy trailers.16:44

Rush: let’s give it one minutes…16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Santa Ana?16:44

Rush: Santa Anita.16:45

Rush: 40 seconds…16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wow. Close them down!16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: dons cape16:45

Rush: 30 seconds…16:45

streamline & marsupial: M&R: Yeah, the SANTA ANITA racetrack—a scene in tonight’s flick, yes, Rush? has seen 37 HORSES keel over since last December or sumpin!16:45

Rush: 25…16:45

Rush: 20…16:45

Rush: 15…16:45

streamline & marsupial: chomping at bits16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: checks horse16:45

Rush: 10…16:45

streamline & marsupial: Whinny16:45

Rush: 5…16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: horse is ok16:45

Rush: GO!!!16:45

streamline & marsupial: WE’RE OFF!16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Intro music16:46

streamline & marsupial: Even the ORCHESTRA is horse.16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: Most delightful character16:46

streamline & marsupial: MOST!16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: …in the history of mystery16:46

Rush: :)16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: (I’m rhyming!)16:46

streamline & marsupial: Marsupial is writing that down16:46

Rush: This is where commercials could be placed.16:46

streamline & marsupial: YOUR AD HERE16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: (or diminished chords)16:46

Rush: Yes.16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: EAT AT JOE’S16:47

streamline & marsupial: EIGHTY YEARS & they STILL haven’t diminished SUFFICIENTLY.16:47

streamline & marsupial: EAT16:47

Rush: The announcer….16:47

streamline & marsupial: AT16:47

Rush: A recap…16:47

streamline & marsupial: JOE’S16:47

streamline & marsupial: EAT16:47

streamline & marsupial: bzzzzz16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: 16:47

streamline & marsupial: AT16:47

streamline & marsupial: BZZZZZZZZ*16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: 16:47

streamline & marsupial: joe’s16:47

streamline & marsupial: BZZZZZZZZZZ*16:47

Rush: Yes, M/R…16:48

Rush: The can from the start….16:48

streamline & marsupial: Hoh-nolulu.16:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lame sounding Chan…16:48

Rush: That is the corrrect pronunciation, yes.16:48

streamline & marsupial: Sounds EXACTLY like Mike Axford from The Green Something.16:48

Rush: Walter Connolly as Charlie Chan.16:49

streamline & marsupial: Rush, i spoke of HOH-nolulu to a sweet someone & got SLAPPED.16:49

Rush: Aw….16:49

streamline & marsupial: Walter Connolly IS Charlie Chan!!16:49

streamline & marsupial: Action!16:49

streamline & marsupial: Adventure!16:49

Rush: Murder!16:49

streamline & marsupial: Yeah, murder too.16:50

Rush: :)16:50

streamline & marsupial: Well, who ELSE gonna provide alibi?16:50

streamline & marsupial: Guy gotta look after himself—i ADMIRE that more than a little.16:50

streamline & marsupial: Scuse me, WE admire that. Marsoop too.16:51

Rush: Angel…you are hot tonight!16:51

streamline & marsupial: Angel, i am WIRED!16:51

Rush: :)16:51

streamline & marsupial: Telexed, too.16:51

Rush: As BB would, and HAS said: “(Angel), you GONE!”16:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Could you fax us an Angel, please? :)16:52

streamline & marsupial: Jeez, the excitement gots me forgetting who’s who: RUSH, i am wired! (From Los Angeles.)16:52

Cdirus has joined this room16:52

Rush: CD!16:52

Rush: WELCOME!16:52

streamline & marsupial: MnR, WHAT HATH DOG WROUGHT? And do i have a small shovel?16:52

streamline & marsupial: C! D!16:52

Cdirus: Hi guys!16:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening CD!16:53

streamline & marsupial: Rolling Stones records…16:53

Rush: :)16:53

Rush: How are you tonight, CD?16:53

streamline & marsupial: Maybe he’d like to stay IN jail.16:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: Brown Sugar16:53

Rush: That can be arranged, Angel…16:53

streamline & marsupial: Where can i get a pretext? I got two alibis by mistake, i have a receipt. Can i just exchange?16:54

Cdirus: Good Rush, almost forgot about tonight16:54

streamline & marsupial: That’s a SCARF OF COLOR, Charlie!16:54

Rush: AH!16:54

streamline & marsupial: CD, glad you rememembered!16:54

Rush: I thought that the time change might have SOME sort of effect tonight!16:54

streamline & marsupial: Maybe you can help belay Col. Willoughby.16:54

Cdirus: Streamline, I thought you said pretzel (not pretext) 16:55

Rush: :)16:55

streamline & marsupial: If the byes on the farce ever hear, they’ll just have another long long longlonglong wee bite o’ the creature.16:55

Cdirus: It made it depressing when it was almost dark when I left work this evening16:55

Rush: Yes.16:56

streamline & marsupial: I’m going to the party as a statuette.16:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Case is almost ended” Charlie…it’s only part 3 of 71!!!!16:56

Rush: We had a staff meeting this afternoon, and I left a little later as the sun was sinking in the west…16:56

streamline & marsupial: Thanks for keeping the sun coralled there for us, Rush!16:57

Rush: :)16:57

Rush: My pleasure.16:57

Rush: I just set here.16:57

Rush: IT just set!16:57

Rush: Not me….yet!16:57

Rush: The end….16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Inspector Chan? We always thought he was a Lt.?16:58

Rush: Part 4 next week….16:58

streamline & marsupial: MnR—Charlie gave the SALES/MARKETING team a HEART ATTACK—almost foregoing 68 weeks of RESIDUALS!!!16:58

Rush: Inspector works…..16:59

streamline & marsupial: marsupial & me currycombing our manes for the Big Feature16:59

Rush: Chan’s final words tonight….16:59

streamline & marsupial: Or, “i shoulda stood in bed”.16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night, Lt/Insp. Chan!16:59

streamline & marsupial: YOUR AD HERE. Joe’s payments delinquent.16:59

Rush: “Man can tie knot with his tongue, which his hands cannot untie.”16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: many diminished chords accompany you to your rest16:59

Rush: Good one.17:00

Rush: And…17:00

Nothere has joined this room17:00

streamline & marsupial: My tongue was in a knot.17:00

Rush: the FINAL end….17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi NT!17:00

Rush: Nothere!17:00

Nothere: Nobody move this isn’t a tickup.17:00

Rush: Good evening!17:00

Cdirus: Hi Nothere!17:00

streamline & marsupial: Speaking of (K)NOTs!!!!17:00

Nothere: stickup even17:00

Rush: YES!17:00

streamline & marsupial: Have a seat in our luxurious grandstand!17:00

Rush: 13 minutes till the races!17:01

Rush: Actually 14.17:01

Nothere: Grandstand? You’ve been renovating since the party Rush,17:01

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:01

streamline & marsupial: Field glasses provided for all by Bell &/or Howell!17:01

Rush: GS!17:01

Godwinshelley2: Hello all – 17:01

Nothere: Hey Gs17:01

Rush: WELCOME!17:01

streamline & marsupial: GS! GS! GS!17:01

Louise has joined this room17:01

streamline & marsupial: LOUISE!17:01

Louise: Greetings Chan Clan!17:01

streamline & marsupial: This is getting to be like a Johnny Carson classic!!17:01

Godwinshelley2: Hello Louise17:01

Rush: And…LOUISE!17:01

Rush: Good evening!17:01

Nothere: Hey Louise17:01

streamline & marsupial: You look MAHvellous, Ladies!!17:01

Louise: Hey GS, thinking of you this week…17:01

Godwinshelley2: Thank you so much17:02

Godwinshelley2: Why Louise?17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: GS..Louise…hello17:02

Louise: I am designing an oracle deck of cards for an art exhibit17:02

Godwinshelley2: Hi Mike17:02

Nothere: The answer is17:02

streamline & marsupial: Nobody’s got nothing to hide ‘cept for me & my monkey.17:02

Rush: I hope that the time change as not caused “time lag” for anyone?17:02

Godwinshelley2: Ah – so not the traditional 78 card deck like Tarot?17:02

Nothere: Oh you can draw Louise?17:02

Rush: White Album, 1968.17:02

Rush: Give me a pencil, and I will try, NT!17:03

streamline & marsupial: Time lag? TIME LAG? This is NINETEEN THIRTY-NINE, Rush! Somebody been spikin’ your bathtub?17:03

Godwinshelley2: It seems like midnight when it’s only 7pm17:03

Louise: GS: no, I don’t know Tarot well enough and apparently oracle/divination cards are very popular and easy to understand17:03

PaulM has joined this room17:03

Godwinshelley2: Hello Paul17:03

PaulM: hiya17:03

streamline & marsupial: Tarot. Didn’t he run for Prexy in ’92?17:03

Rush: Paul! Good evening!17:03

Rush: Welcome.17:03

Louise: Hi Paul17:03

Nothere: I know we changed our clocks but not that much.17:03

Rush: As we head toward the starting gate.17:03

Nothere: Hi Paul.17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Paul17:04

Louise: I like that I did not have to look up which movie we are watching tonight17:04

Godwinshelley2: Well – if you decide it’s fun and want to take a crack at the 78 deck (4 suits of 13 cards and one set of 22 cards) – I could give you a couple books that would ehelp17:04

Rush: I would not having that hour of sun in the evening back!17:04

Louise: Let me know the titles, GS17:04

PaulM: being a mailman, delivering in the dark is a drag17:05

Rush: 9 1/2 minutes to go….17:05

Rush: I can imagine, Paul.17:05

Dona has joined this room17:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona17:05

Godwinshelley2: I’ll look them up and send you a couple – each suit has a purpose and the number has how far you have moved in that direction mostly17:05

Dona: Hello Everyone!17:05

Cdirus: Hi Dona!17:05

Rush: Good evening, DONA!17:05

streamline & marsupial: Hiya, P and D!!17:05

Louise: This darkness is so dark and makes me dark and so there…17:05

Godwinshelley2: Hi Dona17:05

Louise: Hi Dona17:06

Nothere: Hey Dona17:06

Godwinshelley2: How was everyone’s Halloween?17:06

Louise: I usually go for a walk around 7pm but not now17:06

Rush: Again, if anyone needs to use the link above for the movie tonight, please know that you need to get through a promo for another film at the beginning.17:07

Rush: GS, it was nice and fairly restful.17:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pretty quiet in DC, GS. Storms, so not many trick-or-treaters17:07

Nothere: Not bad. A lot fewer trick or treaters, but I still pulled a trick or two.17:07

Rush: The daughters went out with their respective friends.17:07

Louise: Oooh Halloween! I walked in the New York City Halloween parade with my son. Great fun. Tons of people.17:07

Godwinshelley2: Mine was pathetic – maybe 8 kids in total – I did learn to play the Halloween theme on my Ukulele17:07

Rush: NICE, Louise!17:07

Nothere: Did the spider drop?17:08

Godwinshelley2: Wow Louise – sounds good17:08

Rush: GS: :)17:08

Louise: Well we went because there is no trick-or-treating in my neighborhood17:08

Rush: 6 1/2 minutes….17:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: We watched “The Horror of Dracula” and snuggled.17:08

Godwinshelley2: I need to cue up17:08

Louise: We were Harry Potter characters17:08

Louise: CUED here17:08

streamline & marsupial: The more “publicity” Hween gets, the less anybody duzzit. Just sayin’. WE’RE still in our costumes from last week (or FOR last week; they only “arrived” with tonite’s log-in).17:08

Nothere: Good evening Racheal.17:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC17:09

Dona: I was at a high school football game. My niece is a cheerleader17:09

Nothere: Bwahahah17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good for you, Dona.17:09

Rush: Good, Dona!17:09

Louise: Last week’s Halloween party with the Chan Clan was awesome17:09

Rush: THAT sounds like the fun I know it is!17:09

Phil has joined this room17:09

Nothere: Did your nieces team win?17:09

Nothere: HiPhil17:10

Dona: It was fun Louise17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Phil17:10

Louise: Hi Phil17:10

Rush: Glad you liked it, Louise.17:10

Cdirus: Hi Phil!17:10

Rush: I have to agree!17:10

Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends!17:10

Louise: Aloha17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha.17:10

Rush: Please pause at the opening title…17:10

Dona: Yes they did. It was the last season game and they are going to the CIF playoffs on Friday17:10

Rush: “CC at the Race Track”17:10

Dona: Hi Phil17:10

Phil: If you were wondering why “Snowshoe” got so quiet last week, he feel asleep at the laptop!17:10

Louise: I like tonight’s movie because of the technology in it17:10

Rush: Hello, PHIL!17:10

Rush: Good evening!17:11

Louise: Oh Phil, how funny17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very true to the character, Phil!17:11

Godwinshelley2: OK I’m cued this evening – and the dvd player seems to behaving!17:11

Rush: Phil: :)17:11

Godwinshelley2: BTW – saw the film “The Current Wars” and enjoyed it 17:11

Louise: Looking forward to that one GS17:11

Godwinshelley2: It could have had a little more Tesla in it17:11

Rush: THREE minutes to go…17:11

Phil: He was awake one second and watching the credits the next!17:11

Rush: Yes, GS? I have heard a little about it.17:11

Godwinshelley2: AND there are scenes about the Chicago Worlds Fair – just your You Louise, I am sure17:12

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…17:12

Louise: Great, maybe next week17:12


Rush: 1892.17:12

Rush: (Neigh!)17:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: whinny17:12

Louise: Giddyup!17:12

Rush: TWO minutes…17:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: looks for ignition switch17:13

Rush: 90 minutes…17:13

Rush: SECONDS!!!!17:13

Rush: OOPS!17:13

Rush: 75 seconds…17:13

Cdirus: 17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: checks watch17:13

Rush: 60 seconds…17:13

streamline & marsupial: WHOOPS!17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: Daylight savings time, Rush?17:13

Rush: 50 seconds…17:13

Nothere: I second that we have seconds17:14

Rush: INDEED!17:14

streamline & marsupial: bugle17:14

Rush: :)17:14

Rush: 40 seconds…17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: pats noble steed17:14

Rush: 30 seconds…17:14

streamline & marsupial: Let the Minutes include seconds.17:14

Rush: 25…17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: lights tail17:14

Len Freeman has joined this room17:14

Rush: 20…17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops.17:14

Nothere: Hey KLen17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

Cdirus: Hi Len!17:14

Len Freeman: Right on time…..17:14

Rush: 10…17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Len!17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Dona: Hi Len17:14

streamline & marsupial: marsupial lights tail. Streamline lights tail.17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:14

streamline & marsupial: THEY’RE OFF!17:14

Phil: GONE BABY!17:14

Rush: Title….17:14

Rush: Music…17:14

Phil: Hi Len17:14

Len Freeman: HI all17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: SWOOSH!17:15

Louise: Circus music?17:15

Rush: Credits…17:15

Godwinshelley2: Fast Band – is what the opening subtitles say17:15

Rush: Hello, Len!17:15

Rush: Welcome!17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Circus band…17:15

Len Freeman: Had the film cued up… so right on time17:15

Len Freeman: Hi Rush et al17:15

streamline & marsupial: keye!17:15

Rush: Very good, sir!17:15

Louise: et al says Hi Len17:15

Godwinshelley2: Honolulu17:15

Rush: “Honolulu”17:15

Rush: “Please Knock”17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: [Hawaiian]17:15

Len Freeman: Lindsay and I are both stopping in tonight… it’s our 30th wedding anniversary.17:15

Louise: Forgot that Amos and Andy reference!17:16

Len Freeman: So what better that to “reconstruct crime”17:16

Rush: The ink spatter test.17:16

Dona: Congratulations Len17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rosarch17:16

Louise: Congrats Len17:16

Godwinshelley2: Congrats to you young ones Len17:16

Rush: GREAT, Len!17:16

Len Freeman: LOL.. thanks GWS17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: splat17:16

Rush: Happy Anniversary!17:16

Len Freeman: TYSM17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: sploosh17:16

streamline & marsupial: “Amos/Andy” reference would be INSCRUTABLE to today’s police cadets.17:16

Hounder has joined this room17:17

Nothere: Ah science. What sorcery I this Charlie demonstraits17:17

Nothere: Hey Honder17:17

Rush: HOUNDER!!!17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice hat, Jimmy17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: er…Leee17:17

Rush: You made it!17:17

Rush: WELCOME!17:17

Len Freeman: and Lindsay says TYSM as well17:17

Godwinshelley2: Yes Keye does look quite dapper17:17

streamline & marsupial: WHAT could be more important than MURDER?17:17

Rush: Lee takes bets!17:17

Dona: Hi Hounder!17:17

Hounder: Hi b.c. all. Just dropping in to say hi and hope to be back with y’all next week.17:17

Nothere: The classic pork pie hat if I’m not mistaken.17:17

Len Freeman: 50 CENTS17:17

streamline & marsupial: “Kid”. The kid’s 104 years old come next calendar.17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Hounder!17:18

Louise: I better win this year!17:18

Godwinshelley2: are those actual scenes from Melbourne17:18

Len Freeman: Hounder!!17:18

Nothere: You mad gamblers. 50 cents?17:18

Rush: Hounder, you will be in the running for the coin, even if you need to run off.17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: bets on Avalanche17:18

Dona: No Louise, I plan to win. Sorry!17:18

Godwinshelley2: What would 50 cents be today?17:18

streamline & marsupial: I STILL keep the Half Dollar i won in 2016 in place of family honor! Nobel Prize i keep in debasement.17:18

Louise: For the horse of course17:18

Nothere: Well keeo the light on for you Hounder. And some kibble in the doghouse.17:18

PaulM: and in the 10th spot is Baba Booey!17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: A horse is a horse of course of course17:18

Godwinshelley2: My big winnings are in my safe deposit box!17:19

Rush: Oh, Around $7.50.17:19

streamline & marsupial: Another ingenue in a snappy hat.17:19

Rush: That’s a winner, Paul…17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: I keep my $0.50 piece in my briefcase as a lucky charm. :)17:19

Nothere: It’s the duel of the top hat.17:19

Hounder: Thank you. Not the reason I joined, but a welcome incentive. Any minute connection will drop.17:19

Rush: Avalanche…”cutting up.”17:19

Hounder: Nice m n r17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: whinny17:19

Louise: Nice to see you here Hounder17:19

Rush: They’re OFF!17:19

streamline & marsupial: He’s full of it. No, really. He really is.17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: growl17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: Go Avalanche!17:20

streamline & marsupial: AVALANCHE not the ONLY one living up to rep as bad actor.17:20

Godwinshelley2: The subtitles have the overhead announcements which are hard for me to hear17:20

streamline & marsupial: Buncha steampunks.17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Scotsman = toast17:20

Rush: “Fouled him!”17:20

PaulM: Avalanche is showing his heels to the field17:20

Hounder: Thanks Louise nice to be here however temp it might be.17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Avalanche! What are you doing, son?17:20

Rush: “Shirt tail now bobtail.”17:20

Godwinshelley2: Yes we are happy to have you here Hounder17:20

Godwinshelley2: There is Frankie Darro17:21

streamline & marsupial: Uh-oh.17:21

Rush: Two-year suspension.17:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s what happens when you breed your horse with a Kamakaze.17:21

Godwinshelley2: Where is the evidence that he threw the race17:21

Nothere: Why don’t you pick on someone your own size. Because your all bigger than me.17:21

Rush: WE hear the evidence.17:21

Len Freeman: Have to run off… hopefully back soon….17:21

Godwinshelley2: You’ll be “taken care of”17:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: See you Len!17:22

Nothere: Bye Len17:22

Rush: Okay, Len!17:22

streamline & marsupial: Oof wiedersehen, Len!!17:22

Louise: bye17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: Taken care of? We may need a tin can for that.17:22

Rush: “Cable Charlie Chan!”17:22

Len Freeman has left this room17:22

PaulM: Cable Charlie Chan was the “better call Saul” of it’s day17:23


Mike n Rachel in DC: We want to be in A-mer-i-ca; Everything free in A-mer-i-ca!17:23

Rush: Major Kent kicked to death!17:23

Phil: Cue the can17:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: readies can17:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is there a body? Any body?17:24

streamline & marsupial: Paul: too-shay, too-shay! Who among CC’s clients you think’17:24

Rush: Inferred body.17:24

streamline & marsupial: you think’d be Walter White?17:24

Nothere: Well at least this fit into Charlie’s job. I think were out of his jurisdiction, but a suspicious death is in his perview.17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: (inferred tincan>17:24

Hounder: Traveling tomorrow so I’ll say good might til next week.17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Safe travels, Hounder!17:24

Rush: Smoking may stunt his growth.17:24

Louise: bye17:24

streamline & marsupial: My cats have a purrview.17:24

Nothere: Bye Hounder17:24

Rush: okay, Hounder!17:24

Rush: You will still be in the running!17:24

streamline & marsupial: Stunts might smoke MY growth.17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hoof…printS? Plural?17:25

Louise: That ship model has shown up in several movies17:25

Nothere: I;m more worried about his lack of a reflection,. All we see is his hand.17:25

Hounder has left this room17:25

streamline & marsupial: I noticed that TOO, MnR!17:25

streamline & marsupial: That is, WE—WE noticed!17:25

Rush: It was blown up in “Secret Service”!17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Marsupial is on it, Streamline17:25

streamline & marsupial: Mister Chester of Hollywood, i’m sure.17:26

Rush: Picture of a boat launch behind the Captain.17:26

streamline & marsupial: TYSM!17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Let us inspect the…Death Stall…17:26

Nothere: What? They blew up my toy boat? Filty Nazi’s. What will I do in the bath now?17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: whinny17:26

Rush: Lollipop.17:26

streamline & marsupial: MnR 17:26

Rush: Played by Josephine the Monkey.17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s right here…oh…17:26

Louise: Hey Rush, has there ever been a real horse in the real race in Melbourne called “Avalanche”?17:26

streamline & marsupial: Picture of a boxed lunch behind Marsupial here.17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ga-LANT Lad…17:27

Rush: Interesting question, Louise!17:27

Rush: I suppose we could research that!17:27

streamline & marsupial: acknowledging bow to audience17:27

Louise: It would be a weird coincidence!17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: 17:27

streamline & marsupial: Position of body? Yeah, i was laying down. Not LYING, Mr. Chan!17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Streamline?17:28

Rush: I always amazes me to hear the many names of horses and to know that thos names have never been used before!17:28

streamline & marsupial: That’s MISTER Streamline to YOU, Marsoop!17:28

Nothere: Speaking of. Hey Charlie weren’t you just demonstraiting blood splatter a few hours ago?17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: You couldn’t pay me enough to lay down in a horse stall…PHEW17:28

streamline & marsupial: TYSM!17:28

Rush: Hopefully it was cleaned recently!17:28

Rush: I would suspect so.17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Blech.17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Horse-doo.17:29

streamline & marsupial: AUGEAN STABLE CLEANERS were just here, oh, 400 years ago!17:29

Rush: The ink spatter test.17:29

Nothere: So your o.k. with lying where the dead man was, just not in a horse stall.17:29

streamline & marsupial: Well, lemme try AGAIN.17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think I’d go for dirty sheets on our bed over a freshly cleaned horse stable.17:29

Rush: Chan goes to work.17:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, NT. Put the body somewhere sanitary.17:30

Louise: TMI Mike n Rachel17:30

Rush: Lollipop!17:30

Rush: Well…17:30

streamline & marsupial: Marsupial ESCHEWED fox fur for tonite’s film. Sailor suit handstitched by Mr. Chester of Hollywood.17:30

Rush: I think we should go through our first round of horse choices….17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would love to see what Herschel could whip up for Marsupial17:31

streamline & marsupial: My Horse Lollipop…17:31

Rush: There were 12, and that is a perfect number as we have 24 horses.17:31

Nothere: So the monkey is the murderer. I knew those beady eyes were suspicious.17:31

Dona: Sounds good Rush17:31

Louise: never trust the mokey, nothere17:32

Rush: Since I am number 12…I will choose for myself, hoping for a 13th person to give them to.17:32

Rush: Would Rachel like to participate, if necessary, Mike?17:32

streamline & marsupial: Hey hey it’s The Monkey!17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Absolutly!17:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Absolutely, even.17:33

Nothere: Something wrong here. Charlie has many leis and he hasn’t left port yet.17:33

streamline & marsupial: Rush—the Matson Line pay a prod/place fee for their sign?17:33

Rush: Angel, costumed as Streamline and Monkey…gets MER DE GLACE.17:33

Nothere: Oh Mike did a me. I might cry:)17:33

Godwinshelley2: Sea of Ice!17:34

Rush: Angel, I think that Matson welcomed the FREE publicity!17:34

Rush: My hand returns to the Chan felt hat….17:34

streamline & marsupial: You got THAT right, i’m sure. A whole different world.17:34

Nothere: But who won th top hat war?17:34

Rush: CD gets….THE CHOSEN ONE17:34

streamline & marsupial: “Avalanche”, in split-screen outtake, says “oh, PLEASE “punish” me with a year at your BREEDING FARM!!”\17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Naughty Avalanche!17:35

Cdirus: I hope he’s the right one!17:35

streamline & marsupial: ICONIC hat!17:35

Rush: Mike (and Rachel) gets….CONSTANTINOPLE17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s not what you think, Big Guy.17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Istanbul, not Constantinople…17:36

streamline & marsupial: MnR, Avalanche (AND “Avalanche”) had quite a thing for the FILLIES!17:36

Rush: NT….you get….IL PARADISO17:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah S&M, but the method is usually, um, …er…”artificial.” 17:37

Nothere: Well I hop Il Paradio doesn’t get ill :)17:37

Rush: GS gets….MAGIC WAND….17:37

Rush: Apprpriately!17:37

Godwinshelley2→Louise: Magic Wand – how wonderful17:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh lord. “Magic Wand???”17:37

streamline & marsupial: Lee hopes for some BIG TIPS whilst cabin-boying.17:37


streamline & marsupial: PROZAC. Made for moments like this.17:38

Rush: Louise…you now have….MUSTAJEER17:38

Nothere: Gs is a sorcerer. Burn her at the stake. 17:38

streamline & marsupial: Softly, softly, catchee MONKEY?17:38

Godwinshelley2: Not until AFTER the race please!!17:38

Louise: Mustajeer? I must jeer? okay17:38

streamline & marsupial: Louise: 17:39

Rush: Paul has….17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Roses red…I thought he went to college?17:39

Rush: NEUFBOSC17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Italian immigrant. Musta jeer.17:39

Godwinshelley2: Is that even a word?17:39

streamline & marsupial: MnR: gladuate summa cum raude!17:40

Rush: Dona….gets….ROSTROPOVICH17:40

Dona: Russian17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s an anagram for BONE FUSC maybe?17:40

Nothere: Sounds Russian17:40

Godwinshelley2: Wow – some odd names this year17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rostropovich? He was a great Russian cellist and conductor. Mike now has the same doctor he had.17:40

streamline & marsupial: BONE FUSC—isn’t he the guy who runs Tesla?17:41

Rush: Phil….has….FINCHE17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, that’s the G-rated version S&M17:41

streamline & marsupial: Throw her over.17:41

Rush: Len…in absentia…gets PRINCE OF ARRAN17:42

streamline & marsupial: I don’t know what the girls in the chaises say. She’s MORE beautiful than Eleanor Roosevelt.17:42

Nothere: Charlie plays third wheel.17:42

streamline & marsupial: A big strong guy named Atlas.17:42

Rush: Hounder…also away….gets….MIRAGE DANCER17:42

streamline & marsupial: Better a THIRD WHEEL than a TURD WEASEL.17:43

Nothere: Oh ho. we have Royalty now.17:43

Rush: And…I get…SOUTHERN FRANCE17:43

streamline & marsupial: Rush, did i get my “pick” yet?17:43

Rush: Yes….17:43

Louise: Nice destination, Rush17:43

Rush: You got….MER DE GLACE17:43

streamline & marsupial: Somehow i missed it. So that’17:43

streamline & marsupial: So that’s MER DE GLACE for us?17:44

Rush: Anyone not get a horse?17:44

Nothere: Hold it. Does LE President know your claiming half the country?17:44

Rush: I count 12 given.17:44

Louise: Yes, definitely weird names this year17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: We have Istanbul…er…Constantinople17:44

streamline & marsupial: Notty, THIS is 1935. In FIVE YEARS his country ain’t gonna be worth FIVE FRANCS.17:44

Nothere: WEll I’m not horseing around when I say, I agree with you Rush.17:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice specs, dude17:45

Godwinshelley2→Louise: And it’s not just the cards but where they land that says something. You might want to consider if you want the cards to have 2 meanings – right side up AND opposite up-sidedown

Rush: no…it will be valued in Marks….17:45

streamline & marsupial: Anybody know the old comic-novelty poem/skit “Constantinople”?17:45

streamline & marsupial: SEND LISTERINE.17:45

Louise: Thanks, GS. I had not thought about making the card flippable17:46

streamline & marsupial: Hot breath could wither cabin boy.17:46

Rush: That horse is not in the race, Angel!17:46

Godwinshelley2: Those two pdfs might be interesting17:46

streamline & marsupial: Flippability is a definite selling point.17:46

Nothere: Nope. I know the song you can’t go back to Constantinople, but not a poem.17:46

Rush: Fire in the hold!!!!17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: 17:46

Godwinshelley2: Is it like Niagra Falls?17:46

streamline & marsupial: Notty, i THINK you reference what i’m thinking of.17:46

Louise: Great website GS. Thanks for the link17:47

streamline & marsupial: Under CONTROL?17:47

Louise: a squeaking boom17:47

streamline & marsupial: That “noble animal” bit rears its head. Charlie’s MAD now.17:47

Godwinshelley2→Louise: I like the standard Rider Wait set and usually the Celtic Cross spread.17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: What’s the best way to kill a horse? Of course it’s to set a ship on fire.17:47

Nothere: Aboard ship the most important thing is not to be under wter.17:48

Nothere: watr even 17:48

Nothere: water third times the charm17:48

Louise: GS: I will look at it closely when we are done here17:48

Rush: yes, Mike!17:48

streamline & marsupial: “SMITHERS”—COULDN’T be—could it?17:48

Rush: An ancestor of the Simpson’s model!17:49

streamline & marsupial: You CAN’T discharge him. He’s a Mister.17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mister, I met a man…17:49

Nothere: I say old boy. Just because you put out a fire is no reason to be unkempt. At leat straighten your tie.17:49

Louise: BANG!17:49

streamline & marsupial: Meet George Jetsam!17:49

Rush: Chan is shot!17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie!17:49

Louise: gun excellent bedfellow17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need the Dragon Robe, Charlie17:50

streamline & marsupial: Bullet ran into ME.17:50

Rush: “Maybe YOU…have answer…”17:51

Rush: That “pause” trick was used by Chan in another film.17:51

Rush: Any takers?17:51

streamline & marsupial: TYSM!17:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: Drinks in “Rio”, Rush?17:52

streamline & marsupial: Fenton NIL!17:52

Rush: You mean “Reno,” perhaps?17:52

Louise: to the brig17:52

streamline & marsupial: Hmm. Rooster..lawnmower…17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops…yes…The Biggest Little City..17:52

Rush: :)17:53

Rush: You make a good suggestion there, Mike…17:53

Rush: But I was thinking of another….17:53

streamline & marsupial: Chan ditches an offspring in EACH movie, yes, Rush?17:53

Rush: It happened on a train…17:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: “…and YOU, Dr. Ainsley?”17:53

Rush: Yes.17:54

Rush: That’s a good one, Mike.17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Perhaps YOU… (in Berlin)?17:54

Rush: I give it to you!17:54

streamline & marsupial: He’ll run in a handicap, all right.17:54

Nothere: And the horse says I do all the running, and no one ever interviews me.17:54

Rush: mike…good again…17:54

Rush: “Olympics.”17:54

Louise: I’ve been reading how lots of horses have died this year at (I think) the Santa Ana racetrack.17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just before gunshot…17:54

Rush: Santa Anita.17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Now we are even, Mr. Chan”17:54

Rush: Actually, Santa Anita is the track that we see tonight.17:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: Santa Ana was the Mexican general at the Alamo, right?17:55

streamline & marsupial: MONKEY seems REMARKABLY clueless to switch any ANIMAL oughta sense. Hmmmm.17:55

Rush: it is called “Santa Juanita” in our film.17:55

streamline & marsupial: MnR: Yeah, Santa Ana 1, Davy Crockett 0.17:56

Louise: It was at Santa Anita: 60 horse dead in a year. How sad.17:56

Nothere: Santa Anita? I wanna go to the arcade while were here.17:56

Rush: I have to say, I was shocked to hear how many horses have died at that track in just one year.17:56

danventure has joined this room17:56

Rush: terrible.17:56

Nothere: Ugh. That’s unfortunate Louise.17:56

Nothere: Hey Dan17:56

danventure: Late, but at least not “late”17:56

Rush: I will definitely think three times before ever going to a race.17:57

streamline & marsupial: Oh danny boy! Bet a nag!17:57

Rush: “Good-bye, Collins…”17:57

Louise: Performance enhancing drugs might be the cause17:57

Rush: Our second round drawing will start….17:57

Rush: I suspect so, Louise.17:57

Rush: All about money, sadly.17:58

Rush: Streamline…Angel….17:58

Louise: Ready for the name of my second loser, Rush17:58

Rush: You get…HUNTING HORN17:59

Rush: (We heard one of those in “CC in London”!)17:59

Nothere: Oh come on Louise you haven’t lost yet. The name of your probably loser pleae.17:59

Louise: HUNTING HORN??? Who names a horse that? Maybe they are dying from shame!17:59

Rush: CD…you now have….17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, Louise, “Harp” and “Viola” were taken…17:59

Rush: DOWNDRAFT18:00

Nothere: Oh don’ blow it till I get my fox hunting gear on Louise.18:00

streamline & marsupial: Yeah, Louise, till the horses come in it’s anybody’s to lose. Everybody’s. Mine. Yours. Be a sport!18:00

Rush: (In honor of the fire set by Lee.)18:00

Cdirus: Not a bad name18:00

danventure: Where are we at this moment?18:00

Louise: I’m waiting for mine to be KITTY LITTER or something like that18:00

Rush: Mike/Rachel…18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: oooh18:00

Rush: You get….YOUNGSTAR18:01

Nothere: Oh sorry Streamline don’t blow the horn till I get dressed.18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Our “youngster”18:01

Rush: NT gets….18:01

streamline & marsupial: VERY elaborate setup! Probably BANKRUPTED owners.18:01


Godwinshelley2: WOW – not that sounds almost legal18:01

Godwinshelley2: now18:02

Rush: GS….you now hold….18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Could just nickname him “affirm”18:02

Nothere: I do Vow and Declare my intention of winning.18:02

Rush: LATROBE18:02

Godwinshelley2: drum roll18:02

Godwinshelley2: LATROBE – my MAGIC WAND18:02

Rush: (rim-shot)18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Arnold Palmer’s hometown!18:02

streamline & marsupial: NO SWEARING!18:02

Louise: Huh? What does that mean GS?18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: Home of Rolling Rock beer!18:02

Rush: Louise….gets….18:02

Godwinshelley2: Just a way to help me remember the names18:02


Mike n Rachel in DC: Latrobe is a town in Pennsylvania18:03

Godwinshelley2: WOW – great name18:03

streamline & marsupial: “I ride an old paint..”18:03

Rush: (TWILIGHT)18:03

Dona: I write them down GS LOL18:03

Godwinshelley2: You are a smart one18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: It seems more Scottish with the extra gh, Rush “_18:03

Rush: Paul gets….18:03


Louise: Okay, now I have a good spooky name: TWILIGHT PAYMENT…wait, what is the payment part? SIGH!18:03

Godwinshelley2: Paul – GREAT NAME18:04

Louise: Uh Paul, maybe that is an omen?18:04

Rush: Dona gets…18:04

Rush: SOUND18:04

streamline & marsupial: I LIKE these names!!18:04

Dona: interesting names18:04

Rush: Phil, you have….18:04


Phil: I like ti18:05

Phil: it18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cross counter? Is that an angry inventory-taker?18:05

Rush: Len gets….STEEL PRINCE18:05

Nothere: Well folk I’m afraid I must vow and declare this is where I leave you. Let the race commence. Tallyho.18:05

Rush: Hounder has….MASTER OF REALITY18:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good luck, NT. Don’t wager all your money.18:06

streamline & marsupial: MASTER of REALITY??!! You’re MAKING THESE UP, Rush!!18:06

Godwinshelley2→Louise: If you want a look at different decks, this website has a lot of decks and displays some cards from each. Good place for inspiration: 18:06

Rush: And the final one, RAYMOND TUSK, goes to me….18:06

Rush: That’s it.18:06

Nothere has left this room18:06

Godwinshelley2: Is that the name of a Dapper Walrus?18:06

streamline & marsupial: One oughta be HEADING for the exit ALREADY when one finds oneself around anybody named Lefty.18:07

Rush: Mike, one more chance if rachel would like my horse tickets!18:07

Rush: I will post the winner later tonight at our Message Board, here.18:07

Louise: GS: beautiful images18:07

Godwinshelley2: What time is the race – Eastern Standard time?18:07

streamline & marsupial: Lee looks like time-warp Unexplainable Precedent for later Guy With Secret Kung-Fu.18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s happy with our noble steeds, Rush. :)18:07

Rush: I will check on the time of the race….18:08

streamline & marsupial: NEWS FLASH!!!18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh. DC Rachel sez that CA Rachel should get your tickets. Rachels gotta stick together.18:08

Godwinshelley2: Ha! I agree18:08

streamline & marsupial: Hey! Avalanche! Put up yer DUKES!18:08

streamline & marsupial: They ALL wear Jockey underwear.18:09

Godwinshelley2: He needs a specialist! And he’s fit to ride??18:09

streamline & marsupial: “Specialist”: an odd nom de amour for Marlene Dietrich.18:09

Rush: Escape!18:09

Cdirus: Ouch!18:09

streamline & marsupial: SHRAPNEL follows EVERYBODY.18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Done in by the tobacco blow-gun trick18:10

streamline & marsupial: Turf upset. Sounds dirty.18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: $50 on Pico18:10

Godwinshelley2: Wow what a stop 18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Security is tight.18:10

Len Freeman has joined this room18:11

streamline & marsupial: Lee ready for California roads STILL.18:11

Rush: Okay, the race starts in 1 hour, 50 minutes from now.18:11

streamline & marsupial: Welcome back, Len! You just missed getting hit by Lee Chan!18:11

Rush: Here we go!18:11

Len Freeman: Back in for the close….18:11

Louise: Bang Bang18:11

Len Freeman: Listenign to the firewords now18:11

Rush: FIREWORKS before the race!18:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: lights fuse18:11

Rush: Welcome back, Len!18:12

streamline & marsupial: “The favorite”. Odd nickname for Marlene Dietrich.18:12

Godwinshelley2: No deposit when he returns truck18:12

Len Freeman: knd of a Keystone Kops moment18:12

Rush: I picked two horses for you from today’s Melbourne Cup race.18:12

Dona: i don’t remember Charlie hitting anyone before18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: He bought the extra insurance, GS. :)18:12

streamline & marsupial: I love what you do for me, Toyota.18:12

Len Freeman: Excellent… which ones?18:12

Godwinshelley2: Very smart18:12

Rush: haey are: STEEL PRINCE and PRINCE OF ARRAN18:12

Rush: (They)18:13

Godwinshelley2: Wow – Len those sound like great names18:13

Dona: wow two princes18:13

streamline & marsupial: STEAL, Prince!18:13

Rush: The race is run at 11:00 Eastern Time.18:13

Rush: Tonight.18:13

streamline & marsupial: A lot of that damage’ll buff right out.18:13

Len Freeman: lboth Princes…. my wife thinks that’s appropriate18:13

Rush: If anyone is interested, I am sure that the race can be heard over the internet live.18:14

Godwinshelley2: So why did the jockey need a specialist?18:14

streamline & marsupial: Bumblebee in pants. Hmm. How many legs?18:14

Rush: Good omen, Len!18:14

streamline & marsupial: GS, i’m AFRAID to ASK: WHY did the jockey need a specialist?18:14

Godwinshelley2: Whoops – no Chan!!18:14

Len Freeman: Someone’s probably mentioned it,… this jockey was BIlly Batson in the original Captail Marvel movie18:14

Rush: And…an squad of police!18:14

Len Freeman: Captain18:14

streamline & marsupial: I still like The Blue Beetle.18:14

Rush: Nice bit of trivia, len!18:15

Godwinshelley2: Not sure – but when he offered to ride the horse the owner said he would have the money for that specialist he wanted18:15

streamline & marsupial: Louis Armstrong, not excactly.18:15

Rush: Yes, GS.18:15

Rush: To work on his leg.18:15

Godwinshelley2: Ah 18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that a dart? Or a harpoon?18:15

Rush: They’re off!18:15

Louise: and..they’re off18:16

streamline & marsupial: DON’T LOOK!!!18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: 18:16

Rush: Warning about the finish!18:16

Godwinshelley2: Subtitle says Announcer – indistinct18:16

Rush: Trip line used…not good!18:16

streamline & marsupial: Marsupial here all quiet.18:16

Dona: ohhh18:16

streamline & marsupial: MOnkeyshines gone from monkey friend18:16

Rush: That is my “cringingest” moment in a Chan movie.18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: “No animals were harmed during the filming of…” OH. Never mind…18:16

Godwinshelley2: Yes – everyone look away for a moment please18:16

Rush: Yes, Streamline!18:17

streamline & marsupial: I think that i shall never see…18:17

Rush: This was filmed at Santa Anita.18:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have to give him credit for a good shot with that thing.18:17

streamline & marsupial: MEL BLANC should have Announced here.18:17

Rush: YES!18:17

streamline & marsupial: Anaheim,18:17

streamline & marsupial: Azusa,18:17

Godwinshelley2: Cookamonga18:17

streamline & marsupial: and18:17

Len Freeman: Junior Coughlin really was a considerable horseman18:17

streamline & marsupial: Cuc—amonga!18:17

Dona: i would like to hear that Angel18:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: And he’s wunning wild18:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oof18:18

streamline & marsupial: Wunning on empty.18:18

streamline & marsupial: OH NO!18:18

Len Freeman: amazing that that horse was able to get up18:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, at least the horse got up…18:18

Rush: Yes.18:18

Len Freeman: though it might’ve been a different horse in the second shot18:18

Rush: Stunned.18:18

Godwinshelley2: Love that plaid cape18:18

Louise: Why does my husband, for 10 years, still call me during this Chan caht (when he is away from home)? Dude, stop it!18:18

Rush: true, Len.18:18

streamline & marsupial: THE POLICE! With Sting, promoting his new solo work!18:19

Rush: Hopefully, the horse was “hunky-dory” as Chan alluded.18:19

Dona: True Love Louise18:19

Godwinshelley2: What a tie18:19

Louise: Thatnks, Dona! He’s lucky I don’t hang up on him.18:19

Rush: Louise, I was in the midst of a great family exodus as the race neared its end!18:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would you really need a magnifying glass to see that thing?18:20

Rush: That always seems to happen.18:20

Dona: I understand that too Louise18:20

Rush: Or. everyone arrives home just as our start countdown nears zero!18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: The dart!18:20

Rush: Yes!18:21

Rush: Planted!18:21

Louise: Seriously, our relatives need to get their priorities straight!!!18:21

Rush: I agree!18:21

Rush: :)18:21

Louise: SLAP!18:21

Rush: AH! The winch shoe stupidly mentioned!18:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: The ever-widening Chan Circle…18:21

Len Freeman: ooops18:22

Rush: “You convict self….TYSM…”18:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: “You convict self.” Doncha hate when that happens.18:22

Rush: Yes.18:22

Rush: Not a good day.18:22

Rush: Chan had already noticed other clues….18:22

streamline & marsupial: Crewel knife. He’s giving her the needle.18:23

Rush: Or….the dart.18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Idiotic story!18:23

streamline & marsupial: Man without conviction often end up with several.18:23

Godwinshelley2: Fox stole not white18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Who stole the fox?18:23

Rush: :)18:24

Len Freeman: Great line Streamline18:24

Rush: Got it, Mike.18:24

Godwinshelley2: nice cape18:24

streamline & marsupial: Avalanche mutely testifies against murderer, in horse voice.18:24

Godwinshelley2: Yikes – not favorite saying18:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Doubles as a tablecloth, GS. Very practical.18:24

Louise: hoarse voice!18:24

Rush: By that, Chan meant that a wonderful wife graces any home!18:24

Len Freeman: Next case please…18:24

Godwinshelley2: OK – looking forward to my winnings!!18:24

Rush: Next week….18:24

Dona: lol18:24

Rush: “Docks of New Orleans.”18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: 18:25

streamline & marsupial: Good wife improvement over dead horse.18:25

streamline & marsupial: YAY!18:25

Rush: GS…you could be right!18:25

Louise: WooHoo! Fun one.18:25

Rush: DV!18:25

Rush: AH!18:25

Dona: 18:25

Rush: Good!18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: On to Winters!18:25

Rush: You have two horses waiting …18:25

Rush: Here they are.18:25

Rush: Ready?18:25

Len Freeman: ready18:26

PaulM has left this room18:26

Louise: Okay, looking forward to both of my horses winning!18:26


Godwinshelley2: Louise you are welcome to email any questions – I’m not an expert but I have some knowledge18:26

streamline & marsupial: What a pleasure to attend my fourth At The Race Track! I/we will await results as all, but pledge WIN OR LOSE to be BACK HERE NEXT WEEK!18:26

Rush: If eother of them wins tonight, you get the coin!18:26

streamline & marsupial: Outfoxed again! Drat!18:26

Louise: Thanks, GS. I will spend some time looking at those sites, first.18:26

Rush: I all the excitement, I missed your arrival!18:26

Rush: Sorry!18:27

Godwinshelley2: What is next week?18:27

Louise: Nite all. Until New Orleans!18:27

Rush: “Docks of New Orleans.”18:27

Rush: Good night!18:27

Rush: Best of luck to everyone!18:27

Godwinshelley2: See you all in New Orleans next week18:27

Phil: Good seeing you all. Have a good week.18:27

streamline & marsupial: OOOlala! If the creek don’t rise! Gnite!!18:27

Godwinshelley2: night all18:27

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great evening. I’m looking forward to my win tonight. Goodnight everyone!18:27

Phil has left this room18:27

Rush: Take care….18:27

Len Freeman: Lindsay says Nite all…18:27

Rush: Be happy…and SAFE!18:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: good night all!18:28

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:28

Rush: Have a wonderful week!18:28

Rush: Check the Message Board for the winner!18:28

Louise has left this room18:28

streamline & marsupial has left this room18:28

danventure: Well worth it to catch the thrilling conclusion18:28

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:28

Len Freeman has left this room18:28

Dona has left this room18:29

danventure has left this room18:32

Cdirus has left this room18:33

Rush has left this room18:33

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