Chat Archive 12/12/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for December 12, 2022

The Sky Dragon

The Douglas DC-3: The First (Successful) Commercial Plane

John in SF
Louise as always
Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush, Mike and Rachel!

Rush: Hi, Mike/Rachel!

Rush: ening to you both!

Rush: Matt!

Rush: good evening to you as well!


Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re going to be in and out for a bit…Chef Mike is baking a pie and will be getting a pizza in the oven. 🙂

Rush: How are you (all) doing tonight?

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Rush: Sounds GREAT, Mike!

Matt1: Yum!

Matt1: Hello John!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re doing well…classes ended for Mike today. (hooray). Rachel has a week to go. (boo)

Rush: John…WELCOME!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello John!

John in SF: Hello Matt1 and Rush.

John in SF: Hello Mike.

Rush: John, just to make sure, you are not JohnR?

John in SF: Rush, thanks for the welcome.

Rush: If not, we welcome you as a new member!

John in SF: No, I’m not. I’m John in San Francisco.

Rush: The Seat of Honor will be yours, then as this is your first time!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Rush: We can do introductions as more arrive!

John in SF: Yes, this is my first time. The honor is mine.

John in SF: Believe it or not, this is my first time in a chatroom!

Rush: We start off tonight with an online “extra” in about 10 minutes…

Rush: Really!

John in SF: Great!

Rush: Well, our job tonight will be to “spoil” you with a good time!

John in SF: Yes, reallty! :-)

Rush: Vwery good!

Rush: You can see my forst of many typos!

John in SF: Looking for a good time, but not being spoiled!

Rush: Our movie tonight is supposed to be centered in your city, john.

Rush: “The Sky Dragon.”

Rush: This is the final Charlie Chan film from the series tonight.

John in SF: Yes, it is. Happy to shed any light while watching film.

Rush: We will have two other evenings with OTHER Charlie Chan material to round out our year!

John in SF: Isn’t the finale usually the best?

Rush: I hope that you will enjoy tonight’s experience enough to return next week!

Rush: Well…we hope so, john!

John in SF: Hope so too.

Rush: We have been doing this for twenty years, so far!

Rush: Actually the ball started rolling in 2000.

John in SF: Congratulations on your dedication!

Rush: Truly a labor of love, John!

Rush: More of our members will be arriving as we reach the top of the hour…

John in SF: The impressive details of website show that dedication.

Rush: Speaking of the site, I am busy preparing the “move” to a new site in January!

Rush: Hopefully “new and improved.”

Matt1: We’re all excited to see the new site!

Rush: Do you have a personal copy of tonight’s movie, john?

Rush: If not, we have a link to an online copy.

John in SF: Look forward to meeting members with a shared interest in CC (and mysteries in general).

Rush: The extra for tonight runs about 15 minutes if we skip the infomercial at the beginning!

John in SF: No, I do not. I was planning to look at film on your website.

Rush: We will start at the 1:30 mark.

John in SF: I’m not sure how to access the extra.

Rush: No problem, John!

Rush: here is the link to the extra…


John in SF: Got it, thanks.

Rush: I need to get it again!


Rush: THERE!

Rush: That is the one!!!

Matt1: I’m cued at the 1:30 mark

Rush: It is about the DC-3 airliner which figure in tonight’s movie!

John in SF: Got the YouTube version, but it overlaid the firsst.

Rush: You can skip the first ad at 5 seconds.

Rush: then, please skip ahead to the 1:30 mark.

John in SF: Issue for me is how to view and chat at same time; I have to change screens.

Rush: I also needed to get the “free trial” out of the way first!

John in SF: OK, will skip.

Rush: Dont worry…same here!

Rush: it will open in another window and you can flip back and forth!

Rush: Or…just watch the video!

John in SF: OK, pause while I view extra.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Everyone ready?

Rush: 30 second countdown…

Matt1: Ready here

Rush: 20 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: one sec!

Rush: 15

Rush: 10

Rush: 5

Rush: GO!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 🙂

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: MDA!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey MDA

mda19083: the party can get started – i am here now

Rush: We are watching the extra.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Duly noted, MDA 🙂


Rush: We are nearing 5 minutes.

mda19083: got it – thanks

Matt1: 6:15

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: this guy speaks almost as fast as the guy last week

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: the british accent is great

Matt1: R2D2?

Rush: True.

Rush: I was thinkng the same, Matt!

Rush: 🙂

Louise as always has joined this room

Louise as always: Howdy Chan Clan!

Rush: Louise!


mda19083: hello louise and everyone

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: We are about 10 minutes into the extra.


Rush: How are you tonight?

Louise as always: I’ll wait for the feature: eating dinner

Rush: okay!

Rush: Enjoy!

mda19083: what’s for dinner?

Mike n Rachel in DC: pizza here 🙂

Louise as always: Chicken with cranberyy sauce in a grilled sandwich

mda19083: cold here in Phila – soup and salad night

Rush: Gourmet dinner!

mda19083: sounds good louise

mda19083: the spooky dragon and the sky dragon

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: always thought puff the magic dragon was about reefer

mda19083: urban legend perhaps

Rush: I believe you were correct.

Rush: And, as our extra comes to its conclusion…

Matt1: Very informative. Thnx Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I learned it as a children’s song. 🙂

Rush: TYSM.

mda19083: the Mamas and the Papas were before my time – but their music is great

Rush: Peter, Paul, and Mary did that sone in 1963, I believe.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed…fascinating piece of aviation history. Thx, Rush!

Rush: (song)

Rush: Thank you.

Rush: As a kid our family flew on one.

mda19083: good stuff – thanks for the extra rush

Rush: From Philadelphia to lancaster, i believe.

mda19083: 160 still in use – amazing

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Approaching 90 years of service!

Rush: Similar to the B-52, actually!

mda19083: i still have my “wings” from my first plane flight when i was 6

Rush: They will make it closr to a century of service.

Rush: yes?

Louise as always: Me, too mda

Rich Maine has joined this room

Rush: I might have some in a box somewhere!

Rich Maine: good evening all….staying warm!

mda19083: just last week louise

Rush: Rich!

Rush: Welcome!

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich

mda19083: hello rich

Louise as always: Hah mda

Rich Maine: first snow of season here

Rush: 6 minutes to showtine!

Rush: Please ready your movies.

Rich Maine: Hi MikenR, Rush Louise, MDA

Matt1: Cued to the opening title here!

mda19083: you our “maine” man rich

Rush: Are you there, John?

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Louise as always: ready here. Last movie on the last DVD: where did the year go?

Rush: I know, louise!!!

mda19083: another fun year in the chat room

John in SF: Back on chat after viewing extra.

hounder has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: whew. made it in time. hi all.

mda19083: welcome hounder

Rich Maine: hey hounder

Nothere has joined this room

Rich Maine: NT!

Matt1: Hello NT!

Rush: Hello, Hounder!!!

hounder: hi nt

Rush: Welcome


Nothere: Look up in the sky. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Charlie Chan and the Sky Dragon!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello hounder and NT!

hounder: Mom wanted out so we went out to look at Christmas lights.

mda19083: nt – no time long see

mda19083: welcome

Nothere: What can I say MD sadly Nothere was not here.

Rush: 3 minutes to go!

Rich Maine: our town just emailed a lights map of best homes to see

mda19083: 🙂


Rush: John in SF?

Rush: are you with us?

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

John in SF: Yes. Extra was informative.

Rush: Very good!

John in SF: Missed what countdown is for.

Rich Maine: Lt Mike reappears tonite

Rush: Here is the link to the movie…


Rush: Less than two minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds…

John in SF: Got it, thanks. Ready!

Matt1: John, pause tonights film to the opening title. We all start from there

Rush: We can “hold” if you are not ready, John!

The TETRAGENE Twinz! has joined this room

Rush: Good!

John in SF: OK, thanks Matt1.

Rush: 60 seconds….

mda19083: hey rush – is the December 26th movie the one with ross martin?

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Pause at the title, John…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tetragene!

Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Twins?

mda19083: did someone say tetragene?

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rich Maine: Gas masks on alert i smell tetragene

John in SF: Confirmed, Rush.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Nothere: Yes MDA someone is up to no good.

Rush: 20…

mda19083: hello twinz

Mike n Rachel in DC: *dons gas mask*

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

Rush: Credits….

Rush: WELCOME Tet Twins!

Rich Maine: A bird, a plane….

Rush: The still image will go into mothion soon….

Matt1: Plane looks familar, hmmmmm

Rush: Motion

Nothere: Anyone look at the list of other movies at the bottom? I don’t know what you got, but it’;s listing a Karloff I never heard of called Juggernaut.

Rush: There.

Rush: We are off and flying..

Rush: The DC-3…

Rush: Yes, NT!

mda19083: Nothere – also a couple of old Sherlock Holmes features

Rich Maine: Captain Tim!

Rush: As we are into our movie, we can introduce ourselves to our newest member…John in SF!

Matt1: Lois?

Rush: I am Rush from Iowa.

mda19083: lois lane

Louise as always: The captain needs to fly and stop looking at the babes

Matt1: Matt here from Florida

Rich Maine: yes……Lois appears

Rush: Noell neil and Elena Verdugo.

Louise as always: Hi John, Louise in New Jersey

mda19083: take your hats off gentlemen

Nothere: And the biggest most unbelivable thing in all Chan films. Look at that planes leg room.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi John, Mike and Rachel co-watching in…wait for it…DC

John in SF: Hi Louise.

Rich Maine: Yes plenty of room in those seats

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah, but the wi-fi sucks

Louise as always: room except for this big guy

Rush: $60,000 then would be more than a half-million today!

Rich Maine: and no movie to watch

Rush: Yes, Rich!

Matt1: I’d pass on the coffee….just say’in

mda19083: coffee, tea or me?

Nothere: In Chan film coffee no come to you, you go to covvee.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: MnR experiencing same thing as we are. Commie comms, probably. QWhat’s our “time”?

Rush: 5:00

Rich Maine: Wanda LaFerne

Rush: wanda LaFern.

Nothere: Sorry MDa I can’t answer that because of HR

Rich Maine: ex follies star

Rush: 5:20…

Rush: 5:30…

Rush: Charlie chan and Lee….

mda19083: wanda’s on board?

Rush: 5:45

Rich Maine: no tray tables

Rush: 6:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: no tray tables…

Nothere: Altemiter settings? In my day we just flew the plane.

Louise as always: no seat belts?

Rush: Seems not to be, Mike.

Rich Maine: no arm rests

Rush: They must have had seat belts for take-offs and landings.

Rich Maine: a cute little trick plus Wanda

Rush: Today we use them a LOT more!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The pilots seem focused on things other than flying the plane…

Rush: Autopilot!

Nothere: Into the air its pilot Horndog.

mda19083: these pilots are a bunch of skirt chasers

Rush: Those of us who don’t drink coffee would still be awake…like Lee!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Chan obviously in happy anticipation of air chauffeur son & land yacht cap’n BB for balance of career/

mda19083: agreed NT

Mike n Rachel in DC: zzzz

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Don’t suppose they have a spare mortal coil in the E-box?

Rush: SPLASH!!!

hounder: …

PaulM has joined this room

Nothere: Right now I’d settle for spare pilot.

Mike n Rachel in DC: NOW you notice, Charlie

Rush: Paul!

Rich Maine: drugged!

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Nothere: Hi Paul

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Nothere: Tincan

Rush: How are you this evening?

PaulM: hello

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Paul

Matt1: <tin can>

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: CC not-so small flower

mda19083: can anyone fly this thing?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: NOT ME, Notty!

Rush: Is the death official?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Scare me outta my pants, & Foxx outta that furr!


Rush: There!

mda19083: lee to the rescue!

Nothere: No TT not you clearly the plane is the culprit. It knocked out the pilots then stabbed the victim. Its motive is currently up in the air.;

Rush: John, when someone dies, instead of kicking the bucket, we use the tin can!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: NOTTY! :-* :-* :-*

Matt1: Is there a pilot on board?

mda19083: i speak jive

Matt1: Not what you want to hear

Louise as always: never seen CC with a messy suit

Rush: Yes, Louise!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: So no cans yet, for souls aboard?

Rush: The first time in the last movie!

mda19083: touch nothing!

Rich Maine: Great Ceasars Ghost !

Rush: This may have influence D.B. Cooper!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A Chan copy-cat crime, Rush!

mda19083: chan finds the guilty man – DB Cooper was never caught

Rush: Similar to the possible Dr. Zodiac/Zodiac killer connection.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Rush, you got something there!

Rich Maine: he is a Cannon impersonator

hounder: lol. Chan copycat before the original.

Matt1: BB!

Rush: Possibly, TT.

Rush: Enter Birmingham Brown!

hounder: might snazzy necklace on that ladies maid

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: And AUDIENCE! We HOPE we’re all suspects, anyway, right??

Rush: Always the ladies’ man!

mda19083: bb making time

Nothere: Plane of death ow arriving at gate B. Plane of death arriving at gate B.

Rush: 🙂

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: *foxx whistle**

John in SF: Hi Mike n Rachel. Sorry, I was watching the film & have to switch to chat screen.

Rich Maine: Lt Mike sounds drunk here too =)

Mike n Rachel in DC: tersichorian art!

Louise as always: call me anytime!

Rush: What you can do, John, is listen while typing, and then switch back to seeing the film.

Mike n Rachel in DC: day or night

Rush: do that sometimes!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: All these years BB been waiting for CC to exit from the wrong side or wrong end of a police car.

Rush: I do that sometimes…

hounder: tersichorian was also mentioned in a sinatra song

Rush: Lt. Mike Ruark.

Rush: Yes, Hounder?

Rich Maine: did they have oxygen masks in planes then?

mda19083: today is Frank’s 107th birthday

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Let’s all be Frank!

mda19083: come dance with me was the song – bonus points to hounder

Nothere: Happy birthday. And don’t call me Shirley.

Rush: terpsechoean – Relating to dance.
Lena Franklin: “I’ll have you know that Miss La fern is an expert exponent of the terpsichorean art and a premier danseuse.

Louise as always: Theole sweeten my coffer alibi

hounder: can’t remember which as i’ve usually got my ears turned off. lol

mda19083: let’s call in superman

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: If I can pin the tail on the donkey, I can pin something on you.

Rush: Hounder: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lt. Mike needs to wise up. All the famous detectives do the “confront all the suspects” scene at the END of the movie…

mda19083: he is really worked up tonight

Nothere: But Chief we don’t havve Superman’s number.

Rush: How’s your mother tonight, Hounder?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: I;ll try that line next time i try to get into or out of someplace.

Rush: Yes, TT!

hounder: 24/7 frank gets ears off after a while. nothing against him,

Rush: Frank?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: MEtropolis XXXX, one would think, huh?

Rich Maine: Isnt Wanda a bit too old for stripping?

hounder: mom had a lousy night last night awake all night. but a great day today. alert, chatty, wanted to go out so we went for ice cream and looking at lights.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: All scream for ice cream, on these flights!

Rush: That sounds good, Hounder, actually!

Nothere: Fools the money was grabbed by carrier pidgeon.

Rush: 🙂

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Trouble in air could force higher-ups lower down.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She only strips down to her terpsichore, Rich..

Nothere: Sorry to hear about last night. Glad to heard today is better Hounder.

Rich Maine: yes she just doesnt care any more Mike

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: And Hounder, glad that today was a change for the better!

mda19083: oh my!


Rich Maine: Very gay Rush !

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: We should ALL get close to our terpsichore.

Mike n Rachel in DC: danseuse extrodinare!

Rush: Outside of Monogram studios here?

Mike n Rachel in DC: nice Chan suit & tie

Nothere: Ah nobley volunteering to loook into the stripper’s dressing room. The sacrifices these two make for justice.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Foxx and i say Oo La La.

mda19083: my terpsichore is under lock and key

Rush: yes, Mike!

Rush: (Applause…)

Rich Maine: a terpsichore chastity belt?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: We like the double-breasted suits!

Rush: With vest.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Music sounds like a take off on Pennsylvania 65000

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Original line: “I didn’t know Wanda had any friends”.

Rush: Wanda has a sharp voice.

Rush: Where would se get $60,000?

Nothere: Back off son my mustache will handle this.

hounder: trying to take advantage of good days. just hope we both get to sleep tonight.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: PLAY-anzzzzz!

Nothere: Fingers crossed Hounder.

Rush: A house could be purchased for about $10,000 then!

mda19083: BTW – the Pennsylvania 6 – 5000 phone number is still in service – give it a call and see

Rush: Yes, Hounder…

Rich Maine: Shooting wildly in a theater !

Rush: Monogram studios outside again.

Nothere: So who wants to drink unlabeled booze?

mda19083: 212-736-5000 Hotel Pennsylvania

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: My mom worked for TWA before she married. She woulda jammed a wedge between that impressionable young stewardess and that burlesquy hussy.

Rush: Yes, MDA?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: PENNSYLVANIA six-five thousand??

John in SF: Hi Rich Maine. Hmm, Gayety Theater is=n San Francisco. How prescient!

Rush: BB has some great lines!

mda19083: would I lie rush?

Rich Maine: Yes it is John !!!!!!!

Nothere: Nobody answer that

mda19083: bend the truth matbe!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: My prissy aunt was prescient.

mda19083: maybe

Nothere: This dummy is no dummy

Rush: This gentleman was in “The Jade Mask”

Rush: Shooting during the performance: “The show must go on!”

Matt1: <tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: “It must be part of the act”

Rush: Injured…not dead…

Louise as always: lots of gunfire in this one

Nothere: I admire their dedication, if not their intellegence.

Rush: This was the fight music last week, I think!

Rush: In the tomb.

Mike n Rachel in DC: theater orchestra quickly changes to appropriate music

Rush: Yes, Mike!!!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: sounds like a poor man’s Rossini overture

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: They’re on top of ALL the charts.

Rush: Ah!

Louise as always: General; Hospital: one of my mom’s favorite soap operas

Rush: yes!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: This was for when they couldn’t afford two coats of Rossini.

Rush: Marie’s too!

Rich Maine: And GH is still in production

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: They’re doing “General Hospital” on Stage 6.

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: rossini and marty – love their asti spumante

Rush: “Smith…Andrew J. Smith.”

Nothere: So if the killer dosen’t kill, but the victim dies later do we give it a tincup or paper cup ?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Anybody else agree the Golden Age Showgirl always had a Mae West vocal tone?

Rich Maine: Lee comes out of the closet :-D

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Lee IS totally hot.

Louise as always: take your hat off and put that gun away

Rush: CC in a black suit.

Rush: Very rare.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: That hat DOES seem to be getting bigger.

Mike n Rachel in DC: looks good, Rush

Rush: Agreed.

Rush: Lee assists…

Nothere: Just put it in the cold. There will be shrinkage.

Matt1: Lee with a gat

hounder: charlie in a dark suit that isn’t evening ear

Rush: Yes, Matt.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: For many reasons this film ranks way high up on the Foxx&Frend chart.

mda19083: oh no – not the shrinkage factor!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Like to see Bill Frawley & Vivian Vance do that scene.

Rich Maine: Top of my chart is Castle in the Desert, just love it

Rush: Actually, Keye Luke had some good things to say about this film.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was this actress in other Chan films? She looks familiar

Rush: After this movie, Monogram was planning to shoot a few films in Europe,but we have gone over that before!

mda19083: must have had a large hat budget for these films

Rush: sadly, it never happened.

Louise as always: How did they trace calls back then?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Rich, another fine one. Maybe sometime we could have a poll of personal favorites.

Rush: her hat has a slight conquistador influence…

mda19083: tracing paper?

Rich Maine: Yes a top ten of 2022 list


The TETRAGENE Twinz!: The gray-templed Chan is imposing & definitive, but so unique i kinda wish i could “digitally” Grecian/Chinese Formula our hero.

Rush: Ah! You noticed the addition of the grey to add a few years to Chan!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Wish i could Grecian/Chinese Formula MYSelf.

Rush: In rality, Roland Winters was slightly younger than keye Luke!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Rush, i ALWAYS notice a good-looking guy.

mda19083: can

Rich Maine: Roland was younger than Keye!!!!!!! OMG


Rush: Purpose-driven music!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: THAT was a canner.

Rush: Yes.

mda19083: state of confusion?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: The default state for all criminals.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Maybe in his own private Idaho?

Nothere: Is there a justice of disorder?

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: Louise, do you know if there is a way to mass-publish pages at WP?

Rush: “Hold hands you love birds…”

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: King Kaos, Notty?


The TETRAGENE Twinz!: We ARE the bride!

Rich Maine: Poor my Tibetts

Rush: (Sound the cuckoo clock…)

Nothere: This isn’t one of those marrying yourself type deals? I know you Hollywood types.

Rush: The shadowy figure approaches…

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh no

Rush: Lights off!

Rich Maine: The LaFerne sisters, sounds like Roxy Hart from Chicago

hounder: the old famous lights out

Rush: Good aim with the match!

Nothere: Oh sure now you destroy the photo evidence. Eight years late. Some criminal mastermind.

Rush: Right into the negatives!

mda19083: fire!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hard to be positive when your negatives are burning

Rush: YES!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: orange blossom manor?

Nothere: Burning negatives lead to negative outcomes?

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Was it Warner Brothers’ whose lot & archives burned with half their history, back then?


The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Indeed, he had that Orange Blossom Manner, and WAS Special.

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: So much for married couples coming back for photos!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: The manor mighta been more major if he’d moved more prints.

Rush: The LaFern sisters.


Rich Maine: Wanda trying to sound like Ethel Merman

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Imagine the LaFernes in oil.

Rush: Yes, Rich!

mda19083: there’s no business like show business …



Rich Maine: everything’s coming up ROSE

Rich Maine: er WANDA

Rush: It just MIGHT happen!

mda19083: ethel could really belt out a song

mda19083: smack

hounder: bb gets himself in a bind

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Anybody ever hear Ethel Merman’s appearance on SUSPENSE??

Rush: A victim of coicumstances!

mda19083: again

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: FOUR-bit flirt. And, yes, ROUE and PHILANDERER!

Rush: By now, Charlie Chan is headquartered in san Francisco.

Nothere: As long as he isn’t a masher

mda19083: coffee anyone?


Rush: “No thanks, I slept though my last cup.”

Rich Maine: Cannon rolls down the aisle

mda19083: decaf this time please!

Matt1: Coffee anyone?

Rush: Birmingham was NOT on the plan, and neither was Lena!

Rush: (plane)

Rich Maine: yes rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: check for glass globes of tetragene

Rush: Maybe they are replacing two absent suspects?

Rush: yes, mike!

Louise as always: we are back on the plane…

mda19083: back on the plane gang

Rush: Actually there are more empty seats.

Nothere: Aha I knew the mummy was being kept under wraps.

Rush: MDA!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: NT, also!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: In my Fantasy Chan WORLD, an all-star / plus some bums permanent ensemble play in each & all the films of the Canon. By now some membersof this august troupe are being escorted to “take same positions” for the 10th, 12th times.

Rush: AH!

Rush: Well, we DO have the gathering of suspects…a favorite of CC!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: An essential, beloved part!!


Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Not too concerned for the victim!


Rush: For the co-pilot.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: You got a lotta SPLEEN, too, LADY!

Rush: 🙂

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Of course every case CC ever bagged would be thrown out of any modern court.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Ah-HA!

Rush: These days…anything goes, TT, yes.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Not INFERRING, you rube! IMPLYING! And YEAH: hanzupp!

Nothere: Even a glimpse of stocking Rush?

Rush: Hm…

DanVenture has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Off we go! Into the wild blue yonder…

mda19083: simply shocking

Rich Maine: Yay!!!!

Louise as always: Can’t trust anyone on this flight

Nothere: Hey Dan

Rush: true, Louise!

Matt1: Hello Dan!

mda19083: dv is in the house!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dan, fasten your seatbelt

Rich Maine: Have a great week everyone

Rush: Unauthorize take-off!

Nothere: As for court. It’s O.k. Chan is so far out of his jurisdiction he dosen’t need to worry about police procedure.

Rush: take care, Rich!

DanVenture: Evening, all! Dan dropping in for a minute or two to hi. Still on this shift work so not being able to view the full feature.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Oh! Gnite Rich!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: air traffic control is losing their minds at this moment

Nothere: Night Rich

Matt1: Take care Rich

mda19083: thanks rich – you too!

Rush: Next week: TWO episodes of “The NEW Adventures of Charlie Chan.”

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Dan, we’re taking off again. Fasten seat belts!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ciao Rich!

Nothere: See told you guys you didn’t need that fancy altimeter stuff. You just fly the plane.

Rich Maine has left this room

mda19083: jump!

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Watch out for that TREE!

Rush: Didn’t take into account the wind factor at the door!

Nothere: And shortly afterwards the stweardess used her ability to get an exclusive to arrange a job at the Daily Planet.

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Nottyy: :lol: :lol: :lol:

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: Is this the end of Little Fatty?

Rush: Hurry!

Rush: The fuel is running out!

Louise as always: My fuel is running out too

Rush: Understood!

Rush: nearing the finale…


Rush: Lee has the last words of the series…

Mike n Rachel in DC: appropriate, Rush!

Rush: Actually, Noel Neill did!

Rush: “Wonderful”



Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: (Applause)

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

hounder: yea a.

Rush: Well!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably the best of the Monograms

PaulM: woo hoo

Mike n Rachel in DC: Saved the best for last!

mda19083: horay we did it!

Rush: thank you ALL so much for another GREAT evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can hardly wait until we start again. 🙂

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: While the rest of the world was dancing into the night!

mda19083: always a fun time here in the chat room!

Rush: The end of the series, but not quite the end of our journey.

Rush: Two weeks more.

hounder: thanks for the fun. hope to see everyone next week.

Rush: Next week…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Alternative Chan explorations…


Rush: TWO of the “NEW Adventires of Charlie Chan.”

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: When we next awake, it is 1957!

Rush: THEN…

Rush: to wrap the year…”The Return of Charlie Chan.”

The TETRAGENE Twinz!: See you all then!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A very good year, TT

Louise as always: Bye all

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

mda19083: thanks all!

Nothere: And so ends one of the biggest franchises in film history. Time for Tv

Rush: Have a GREAT week, everyone!

Nothere: Night Matt

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night everyone…have a wonderful week! Prepare for Santa!

John in SF: Very good plot, with hidden villains. For me, a bit unclear why the insurance owner Frank would partner with Anderson and then try to steal his own company’s money — perhaps to get money from both the theft and then proceed with a casualty insurance claim, thereby doubling his loot.

Rush: Thank yo for joining us, John in SF!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to see everyone!

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Louise as always has left this room

Nothere: Because John the more money the better.

mda19083: does that mean we have to be good?

Rush: Well, john…

hounder has left this room

Nothere: Night all

DanVenture: Thanks all (especially for this fun-looking classic film website!)

John in SF: You’re welcome.

Mike n Rachel in DC: John…hope to see you again! Think you nailed the motive.

Rush: Always it seems, it is the motive of getting rich quick.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And a love of parachute jumping perhaps

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Nothere has left this room

John in SF: I’ll try to attend more films. Thanks for welcoming me. Good night.

Rush: Stealing from one’s company is not that unusual of a motive.

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DanVenture has left this room

Rush: Again, Thank YOU, John!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: I hope that you had a good time and that you will consider joining us again!

Rush: have a good night!

Rush: take care…

Rush: Good night!

Rush: 🙂

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