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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for December 21, 2020

The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (The Patient in Room; An Exhibit in Wax)

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 12)

Len Freeman

Rush2 has joined this room

Rush2: Hello! We just arrived at our hotel in Denver. Dinner starts at in two minutes…I’ll stop by in a short while!

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Rush2: Hi, I’m back. I just wanted to give everyone my very best wishes for a very MERRY CHRISTMAS in case I cannot attend tomorrow! Take care, and have a great evening together!

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Godwinshelley2: Hello – o – o (echos)

Godwinshelley2: It’s Chan on TV night – get your dvds ready

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Matt1: Hello GS!

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Godwinshelley2: Hi

Matt1: There you are!

Godwinshelley2: I’m here

Godwinshelley2: Trying to get organized

Matt1: Sadly I won’t be staying tonight or next week either. Just had dental workand I’m exhausted.

Godwinshelley2: Very slow postings

Matt1: I told Rush I’d copy the chat text and email it to him though

Godwinshelley2: Yikes – dental not fun

Godwinshelley2: So resting up is important

Matt1: A LOT of pain and loss of sleep, so we’ll see how the medsw work

Godwinshelley2: I’m pulling the dvds now

Matt1: Ok

Godwinshelley2: Looks like discs 3&4 tonight of tv series set

Matt1: I’m really under the weather, so I’m going to run….Please send me best to everyone for a Merry Christmas!

Godwinshelley2: What time should we start the short subject

Godwinshelley2: Ok Matt – rest up – merry Christmas

Matt1: It’s usually 20 minutes, so I’d say 7:40-45 at latest

Godwinshelley2: Got it – thanks

Matt1: Take care and thnx


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Godwinshelley2: Rest well

Rush2 has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Hi Rush

Godwinshelley2: Just missed Matt

Godwinshelley2: He is wiped out by dental fun today – needed to rest

Rush2: Hello!

Godwinshelley2: Hello

Rush2: I am usingR hel’s phone

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Rush2: Sorry

Godwinshelley3: And I just moved from my phone to my laptop

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Godwinshelley3: So – safe travelling so far?

Rush3: Now I am using my phone!

Godwinshelley3: We seem to be cloning at an amazing rate

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Rush3: We arrived this afternoon!

Godwinshelley3: Ah – there – I’m down to one “me” now

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Godwinshelley3: Good

Godwinshelley3: Was there much snow?

Rush3: We left San Diego yesterday at midnight. Made it in two days!

Godwinshelley3: Sounds tiring

Rush3: Not much at all! Maybe a slicer trace in the Rockies.

Godwinshelley3: I guess I should be starting the short feature soon

Rush3: 16 hours and 12 hours

Godwinshelley3: LONGGG drive

Rush3: And not a lot of sleep!

Rush3: Yes!

Godwinshelley3: Yes – and it gets dark so quickly

Rush3: Yes, and the sun rises at 730.

Godwinshelley3: So the Extra will start in a minute unless you think I should hold for 5 more for more folks

Rush3: Just us two it seems!

Godwinshelley3: Matt sounded like the dentalwork was not fun today – really wiped him out

Rush3: Happens with Matt and me sometimes!

Godwinshelley3: OK – will I will start my short

Rush3: Ouch!

Godwinshelley3: in 45 sec

Godwinshelley3: 30 sec

Rush3: I don’t know what will happen if I try watching on my phone!

Godwinshelley3: 15 sec

Godwinshelley3: 10

Godwinshelley3: 5

Godwinshelley3: go

Rush3: You can describe the action!

Godwinshelley3: Now i;m like a sports announcer

Godwinshelley3: credits

Godwinshelley3: and an explosion in the background

Rush3: Title…music…credits!

Godwinshelley3: Woh Sidney & Keye & Philip & Turhan

Rush3: Very good!

Godwinshelley3: two directors

Godwinshelley3: Midnight in Honnolulu

Godwinshelley3: Internal Affairs

Rush3: I love how we have three prominent Chan actors in this one !

Godwinshelley3: I had to turn on my audio – I usually run my laptop with it off

Godwinshelley3: phone call and exposition about previous

Godwinshelley3: now guys sneaking around while one climbs outside house

Rush3: By the way, your article you made for Lou looks great!

Godwinshelley3: Lady with bad hat talking to sneaky guy with glasses

Godwinshelley3: NICE to hear Rush

Rush3: This chapter is the second to last one!

Godwinshelley3: Claim check and jewlery discussed then lady shoots glasses guy

Godwinshelley3: Jack (?) talking in window saying Trudy shot the guy

Rush3: Great job… and fascinating!

Godwinshelley3: He climbs in after missing getting shot

Godwinshelley3: Bad tie btw

Godwinshelley3: We all love Marlene?

Rush3: You may steal the show this year!

Godwinshelley3: Janet knows?

Godwinshelley3: The Black Samuari??

Godwinshelley3: Checking body – finds watch and claim ticket

Rush3: Janet knows the identity of the killer?

Godwinshelley3: knock on door – -police at door

Godwinshelley3: Honolulu Police!

Rush3: Ah! Working to the finale!

Godwinshelley3: They get in through room next door

Godwinshelley3: Trudy says they guy went out window

Godwinshelley3: shooting at running Jack

Godwinshelley3: He jumps into police car & drives off

Rush3: And, in a way, “Charlie Chan” is involved!

Godwinshelley3: 2 cops jump in other car – but keys missing

Rush3: 🙂

Godwinshelley3: Trudy is telling cops he said he was living island tonight

Len Freeman has joined this room

Godwinshelley3: Keye reading paper

Godwinshelley3: Hello LEN

Rush3: Hello, Len!

Len Freeman: Hi GWS

Godwinshelley3: Jack on phone to cadre of people reading paper

Len Freeman: Rush

Rush3: GS is in charge tonight!

Godwinshelley3: He says bring police to boat where Mollie was murdered

Len Freeman: Can’t miss the Christmas gathering

Godwinshelley3: Ha – trouble for everyone then (as GS)

Len Freeman: Excellent

Godwinshelley3: Cops on boat with the suspects I guess

Godwinshelley3: Jack proving innocence – playing record

Godwinshelley3: someone is talking on recording

Rush3: I am at our home in Iowa tonight either my younger daughter Rachel.

Len Freeman: well welcome to the great Midwest

Godwinshelley3: Puts on other recording

Len Freeman: Are you narrating Ch 12 GWS?

Rush3: We drove out from San Diego. I brought a bunch of things with us and I plan to do a LOT of painting here inside!

Godwinshelley3: I guess so

Rush3: Yes she is. I am using my phone tonight and cannot access the film!

Godwinshelley3: So recording proves Jack didnt kill Marley – bullet was meant for Jack – showing a special recording device to sound like other folks speaking

Rush3: I can follow this way.

Len Freeman: Good. I have this DVD somewhere but I’m buried in Christmas wrapping paper

Godwinshelley3: Has to demonstrate this to chief to get out of trouble

Godwinshelley3: Trudy – will stay since Jack wants her to – I guess she is a paperwoman

Rush3: YesGS! The bad guys tried to frame Jack!

Godwinshelley3: Now in ChungKing

Rush3: Events are moving quit!

Godwinshelley3: Chinese goes down secret stairs in bamboo house to see Turhan Bety

Godwinshelley3: Bey

Rush3: Quickly!

Godwinshelley3: Discussing the prisoniers

Len Freeman: I’m trying a different browser tonight so somehow just went off and on

Godwinshelley3: Honolulu Gazzett discusses signing of documents

Rush3: Auto-correct can be a pain!

Godwinshelley3: Philip Ahn signs

Godwinshelley3: To give the secret of ?Van Dun?

Godwinshelley3: Keye gets message – from general Kilee

Godwinshelley3: WuTan ordered to return – told not to reveal secret

Rush3: The links to all films and extras are available above!

Godwinshelley3: Jack must go back with WuTan to defend his actions –

Rush3: Great job, GS!!!

Godwinshelley3: Going to ManDun

Godwinshelley3: TurhanBey – another message

Rush3: I’M as good as watching!

Godwinshelley3: Jack is on his way – message

Godwinshelley3: Contacting Mandun – Turhan Bey calling

Godwinshelley3: ManDu receiving – Treaty signed on plane – Martin on plane – make sure he does not land

Godwinshelley3: Plane flying by – circling to land

Rush3: We are all waiting for the Fraulein to get her just deserts!

Godwinshelley3: If they believe Martin’s story, kill him

Godwinshelley3: Which Fraulein?

Godwinshelley3: Philip Ahn and Jack get out of plane and go to fancy shrine

Godwinshelley3: Welcome coming of new Govenor to his people (Philip Ahn)

Rush3: The leader of the ring.

Godwinshelley3: Philip says Jack didn’t kill Marlan – and Philip will defend him

Godwinshelley3: Black Samuari killed Marley – and record given as defence

Godwinshelley3: Recording record

Rush3: This has been a wild, action-packed serial!

Godwinshelley3: Oh – oh – record was substituted for another

Godwinshelley3: NOW it has proof the Jack DID do it

Rush3: Ah! That’s what the ring used to frame Jack.

Godwinshelley3: Jack protests it was manufactured to make him look guilty

Godwinshelley3: the high lama asked to hear it all

Len Freeman: what ‘s your time GS?

Rush3: Yes! That’s exactly what they did!

Godwinshelley3: Jack says Japanese did it

Rush3: They did a masterful jun of editing!

Rush3: (Job)

Godwinshelley3: 18:10

Godwinshelley3: Had to figure out how to find the time

Rush3: Nearly over…

Godwinshelley3: He has to do the “ordeal” to prove his innocence

Len Freeman: Think I’m at the right place

Rush3: Final cliffhanger coming!

Godwinshelley3: philip, Jack & Highness are lined up talking before the “ordeal” begins

Godwinshelley3: GONG

Godwinshelley3: Drums

Len Freeman: spot on

Rush3: The Ordeal!

Godwinshelley3: Lots of guys winding something – and Jack is pulled backwards

Rush3: I liken serials to the old pulp magazine stories!

Godwinshelley3: as he nears the wall – there are flames in front of him

Len Freeman: over the fiery pit

Godwinshelley3: He is walking on the flames

Godwinshelley3: barefooted of course

Len Freeman: walks on coals

Rush3: Oh, yes!

Godwinshelley3: He keeps saying I did not kill Marlene

Godwinshelley3: Next adventure

Godwinshelley3: I think that feature is over – right

Rush3: The final instructions next week!

Len Freeman: Last Chapter… Yes

Rush3: Chapter 13

Godwinshelley3: So now we need to cue up our television episodes – it’s Patient first

Godwinshelley3: I will be right back

Len Freeman: So how’s your move been?

Rush3: Whichever one is listed first above.

Len Freeman: It’s The Patient in Room 21

Len Freeman: I have the disks but will follow the youtube…

Godwinshelley3: OK – I’m cued to Ottawa – Canada – 1947

Rush3: Well, Len, I rented a minivan, packed it to the gills, and drove it out here with my younger daughter.

Len Freeman: Quite the trip

Godwinshelley3: Are you Painting the walls – is it a new construct?

Len Freeman: GS — Ottowa?

Godwinshelley3: Yes I’m at Ottowa

Rush3: We made it out in two driving days. I can actually say we left San Diego YESTERDAY!

Godwinshelley3: It’s supposed to be the first image on Patient in Room 21

Len Freeman: IS that where Patient Room is?

Rush3: Sounds right, GS.

Godwinshelley3: WOW – and you still manage to keep your eyes open – how is the neck and back – mine don’t like long drives

hounder has joined this room

Rush3: Well, that’s wher the story starts!

Len Freeman: Ah — I hadn’t cued it far enough in

Godwinshelley3: Hello Hounder

hounder: hi everyone.

Len Freeman: Hi Hounder

Rush3: Ten yours in the past!

Godwinshelley3: We are cued up on Ottawa – first image of Patient in Room 21

Rush3: Good evening, Hounder!

Rush3: I am just. Visi

Len Freeman: BRB

Rush3: visitor tonight

Godwinshelley3: It’s BRB – a quick comfort break for me –

Rush3: Understood, GS!

hounder: nice you made it to visir rush. hope you’re travels are good so far

Rush3: So far…”textbook” Hounder!

Godwinshelley3: I’m back

Rush3: 🙂

Godwinshelley3: 5 minute

Rush3: I will probably take Rachel out to Taco Bell for dinner.

Godwinshelley3: Yum!

Godwinshelley3: Are you crunchy or soft with tacos?

Dona has joined this room

Godwinshelley3: Hello Dona

Dona: Hello everyone!

Godwinshelley3: We are 4 minutes from start

hounder: hi dona

Rush3: Crunchy, and beans substituted for meat.

Godwinshelley3: Patient in room 21 – is first

Dona: It took me a while to find my copy of these.

Rush3: Yes

Godwinshelley3: Yes I get the beans myself

Dona: i’m ready to go now

Rush3: Hi Dona!

Godwinshelley3: There is a link if the dvds go missing – this time

Godwinshelley3: Good

Rush3: I am visiting from Iowa tonight.

Len Freeman: OK, cued here

Dona: I found them.

hounder: some of my dvds for this no longer play

hounder: 🙁

Godwinshelley3: 3 minutes

Dona: Is it cold there Rush?

Godwinshelley3: Hounder I have a set like that

Rush3: Really, Hounder?

Godwinshelley3: 2:30

Rush3: You can get the series on eBay very reasonably!

Godwinshelley3: I purchased a set of TV Chan awhile back and was missing a disc and also had one not work

Godwinshelley3: Got a new set

Godwinshelley3: 2:00

hounder: i may have to purchase them again.

Rush3: Yes. Look on the Internet.

Godwinshelley3: 1:30

Godwinshelley3: Nostalgia Merchant does a good set

Len Freeman: My set has one story in a different place from the listing, but other than that runs well.

Godwinshelley3: 1:00

Len Freeman: Yes, Nostalgia Merchant is the one I have and like

hounder: i think that’s who i got them from last time

Godwinshelley3: 30

Len Freeman: Rush, do you have any snow there?

Godwinshelley3: 15

Godwinshelley3: 10

Rush3: If more don’t show tonight, Hounder can tell you of the early days with maybe three of us!

Godwinshelley3: 5

Len Freeman: Oddly Iowa tends to get more

Godwinshelley3: Don’t know where GO whent

Rush3: I assume we started!

Len Freeman: Are we going?

Godwinshelley3: so I’m 1 minute in

hounder: yes. it was frequently rush, va , and I

Godwinshelley3: yes –

Godwinshelley3: sorry my go didbnt get sent

Godwinshelley3: credits now

Godwinshelley3: man sentenced in canada

Rush3: Maybe a quick redo?

Rush3: No problem

Godwinshelley3: Now London –

Godwinshelley3: Son in hospital

Rush3: Just cue people in if needed!

Godwinshelley3: Dr just walked in

Len Freeman: titel

Godwinshelley3: 2:30

Godwinshelley3: calls doctor a “sawbones”

Godwinshelley3: Charlie is leaving son

Godwinshelley3: to see man in office

Godwinshelley3: 3:00

Rush3: Yes!

PaulM has joined this room

Godwinshelley3: Hello Paul

Godwinshelley3: How is your arm healing?

Godwinshelley3: Son is up and around

Rush3: Sorry, my posts are really lagging!

Godwinshelley3: Yes

hounder: hi paul

Rush3: Hi, Paul!

PaulM: arm is fine. a little work helps.

Dona: Hi Paul

Rush3: GS is mc tonight!

Godwinshelley3: Newspaper clipping

Rush3: I am from afar on my phone.

Godwinshelley3: And he is resting up after a 2 day drive

Godwinshelley3: Retired Policeman

Godwinshelley3: Charlie is retired in this series?

Godwinshelley3: Glad to hear you are on the mend, Paul

Len Freeman: It’s why he can travel so

hounder: wonder how he affords the travel on a retired officers salary

Godwinshelley3: Maybe he gets paid by the murder?

Len Freeman: Good benefits package

Rush3: Yes, Chan is retired at this point.

Godwinshelley3: Not like the police could comp him the hotel rooms

Godwinshelley3: Poor son – needs medical attention AGAIN

Rush3: I see this series as something of a final burst of cases for him!

Godwinshelley3: Before he becomes a pineapple farmer?

Godwinshelley3: Like Sherlock became a BeeKeeper?

Rush3: Barry has tough luck at times, but he does come through with a worthy assist at times!

Rush3: Yes,GS! “Or soy like that”!


Rush3: How autocorrect thought I was typing SOYis beyond me!

Godwinshelley3: autocorrect is mysterious indeed

Godwinshelley3: How is Co

DanVenture has joined this room

Godwinshelley3: Hello Dan

Rush3: Barry does some serious “leg work” in this one!

DanVenture: Evening all!

Rush3: Hi, Dan!

Godwinshelley3: do you have the DVDs or are you using the link this evening, Dan

Godwinshelley3: Do you need the time

hounder: hi dan

DanVenture: I’m using the link.

Godwinshelley3: 12:30

DanVenture: Thanks!

Godwinshelley3: 12:45

Godwinshelley3: 13:00

Rush3: Well, I should be going… I need to get Rachel …and me..some dinner!

DanVenture: I am not at 13:15 so AOK

Godwinshelley3: 13:30

Godwinshelley3: OK Rush – travel safely

Len Freeman: Enjoy Dinner Rush

Godwinshelley3: Crunchy tacos

Godwinshelley3: 14:00

Rush3 has left this room

Rush3 has joined this room

Godwinshelley3: Howdy Rush

Godwinshelley3: Forget something?

Rush3: Sorry! I accidentally left!

Godwinshelley3: I thought you were stepping out for Tacos

Rush3: My thumb hit some key!

Rush3: I just want to say good bye first!

Godwinshelley3: She obviously knew the right guy

Godwinshelley3: Yes Rush – gets some good rest this evening – long drives can be tiring

Rush3: Take care, and a very Merry Christmas to all!

Len Freeman: Have a wonderful Christmas

Rush3: Good night! Tysm, GS!

Godwinshelley3: Yes – have a great Christmas –

Godwinshelley3: Will do – you stay safe

Godwinshelley3: she is still breathing – scaple on the floor

Rush3 has left this room

Godwinshelley3: Now Scotland Yard is involved

Godwinshelley3: wow lots of people out of commission in this show

Godwinshelley3: nurse stabbed – and the surgeon might be capable of killing the guy needing surgery

Godwinshelley3: Sir Edward – the culpruit

Godwinshelley3: Now the surgeon will save his life – for the hangman

Godwinshelley3: Charlie “cupid”

Godwinshelley3: THE END

Dona: I”m a little behind

Godwinshelley3: I need to take a couple minutes to cue up the next episode – Exhibit in Way

Godwinshelley3: OH – sorry for the spoiler

Godwinshelley3: cuing

hounder: Charlie Cupid

hounder: ready here

Godwinshelley3: I’m cued – in London on some road –

Godwinshelley3: How is everyone – do you want a couple minutes or should we start it soon?

Dona: I’m ready GS

Godwinshelley3: That’s one – how are you others?

Len Freeman: ready

hounder: ready

Dona: took me a bit to figure out how to get to the next movie. i took the cd out and put it back in.

Godwinshelley3: Dan, Paul – are you cued?

PaulM: yup

Len Freeman: That front car on the opening shot looks like a Studebaker!

Godwinshelley3: Should we have a 2 minute warning to get rolling?

Godwinshelley3: I think Dan is on a break

Dona: Sounds good gs

Godwinshelley3: 2 minutes from now

Dona: ok

Len Freeman: Sounds good

Godwinshelley3: 1:30

hounder: k

Len Freeman: Anyone have any interesting plans for thie Covid Christmas?

Godwinshelley3: 1:00

Godwinshelley3: 30

Godwinshelley3: 15

Godwinshelley3: 10

Dona: lol @lf

Godwinshelley3: 5

Godwinshelley3: go

Godwinshelley3: My copy is a bit fuzzy

Godwinshelley3: waxworks

Dona: Mine is too GS

Godwinshelley3: No plans besides staying safe, Hounder

Godwinshelley3: Yikes attacking a wax figure

Len Freeman: A little exited there,,,,

Godwinshelley3: credits

hounder: good call gs

hounder: we’re planning the same

Len Freeman: I thought Edward Simpson wasa part of the royal family

Godwinshelley3: Wallace Simpson’s husband?

Len Freeman: ahhh… a different simpson

Godwinshelley3: But then those are common names

Len Freeman: A low key CHristmas here, but with a number of Zoom calls with family

Godwinshelley3: weird holiday for sure

Godwinshelley3: Do you think people might be weirded out with folks going caroling on the sidewalks in front of houses?

Godwinshelley3: I guess everyone should still be masked

Len Freeman: As a treat we’re all going to watch the Guthrie theater’s Dickens Christmas Carol from our various cross country homes (six households) at the same time. One of the benefits of Zoom.

hounder: nice len

Dona: I think mine will be pretty much the same as normal. My grandkids and families. I work with my son so we are around each other all the time

Godwinshelley3: Where is that theater?

Dona: That sound great Len.

Godwinshelley3: Dona you are fortunate to have things staying normal-ish

hounder: no. we had carolers tonight. our neighbors got together to carol and made sure mom heard, then they sttod in the street to see the Christmas Star

Godwinshelley3: I thought that might be a policy

Len Freeman: Minneapolis. You can buy a Zoom ticket and watch anytime between Dec 19 and 31st as often as you want

Godwinshelley3: proper way to do it

Godwinshelley3: Edward Simpson’s son

Dona: Yes, I feel very fortunate.

Len Freeman: If we have work or retired and can stay home safely we are all fortunate indeed.

Godwinshelley3: I’m just happy to be back in Delaware for a few weeks at a time – spent WAYYY too much in Indiana this year

Godwinshelley3: Being retired – I got to help out my folks in Indiana this year with their various health issues

hounder: it’s been a challenging year for you and yours gs.

Godwinshelley3: Hope all things are stable for a few months

Len Freeman: If we have work or are retired and can stay home safely, we are all fortunate indeed.

Godwinshelley3: yes

hounder: hopefully next year will be better for all

Dona: The business I work for is considered essential although i think all jobs are. So I have been able to work through all of this. We are a small business and I have my own office. I work with family.

Godwinshelley3: Oh no – a murder

Godwinshelley3: Nice Dona

Godwinshelley3: Though family businesses can be challenging

Dona: That is true GS

Godwinshelley3: You all have to get along and have the same playbook

Godwinshelley3: I can’t imagine working with my parents or sisters

Godwinshelley3: You are fortunate is works so well for you

Len Freeman: A pretty good cast in this one

Dona: So far. I plan to be there until I retire.

Godwinshelley3: nice it is working out

Len Freeman: Glad for you

hounder: glad it works for you dona. for others working with family is a challenge

Dona: It can be but it seems to work out. I’m hoping to retire in the next 5 years or so.

Godwinshelley3: Eye glasses – a major clue

Len Freeman: This is one of the better episodes in the TV series

hounder: it was. this was the first time i saw this one.

Godwinshelley3: Putting glasses back on wax figure

Godwinshelley3: The END

Len Freeman: of the murderer

hounder: a very merry Christmas to you and your families.

Godwinshelley3: Well folks – looks like we are at an end this evening

Godwinshelley3: And everyone have a safe holiday between now and our next meeting

Dona: Yes, Merry Christmas everyone.

Len Freeman: And to you Hounder.

Dona: Thank you GS. Fun evening.

PaulM: ^_^

Godwinshelley3: I think they said Frank Turtle for sound – wasn’t it Tuttle in the last episode?

Len Freeman: Merry Christmas to all… and to all.. a good night.

hounder: nite all.

Godwinshelley3: I’ll have to check that later.

Godwinshelley3: Everyone stay safe – glad Rush was able to check in on us

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Godwinshelley3: happy holidays

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