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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for December 6, 2021

The Feathered Serpent

The Romantic Engineer

angelsnake+feathered foxx
Geno Cuddy
Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

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Matt1: hello Rush!

Rush03: Hi, MATT!


Matt1: Ok

Rush03: Never mind! I guess I am now Rush03

Rush03: How are you tonight?

Matt1: There are three of you?

Matt1: Very good, thnx…..yourself?

Rush03: I had to use that late last Chat to re-enter.

Matt1: Ah

Rush03: So, it seems to have “stuck.”

Rush03: Oh well!

Matt1: I can’t even log in under Matt anymore, because its taken… me

Rush03: wee had a pretty good week, thank you.

Rush03: Getting cold now!

Matt1: Any snow yet?

Rush03: Wind chill brings things down to about 15 degrees.

Matt1: Brrr

Rush03: Not really yet.

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Rush03: Coming soon!

Rush03: hello, Geno!

Matt1: Hello Geno!

Rush03: Welcome!

Matt1: Do we know why Victor wasn’t cast in the last Chan?

Rush03: No, but it might have been another screen commitment?

Geno Cuddy: Humble self thanks all for warm greetings

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Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!

Geno Cuddy: Aloha

Rush03: If we look at IMDB, we could see if he was involved in something else around the same time “The Sky Dragon” was made.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha, Geno

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt1, Rush03…we need a number !

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey MDA

mda19083: hello folks – is it monday already?

Rush03: Also, it could have been that Monogram wanted keye Luke to continue as Number One Son, Lee as the series had planned to move to shooting in Europe.

Rush03: That’s righjt, geno…monday ALREADY!!!

Rush03: You got it!

Rush03: 🙂

Matt1: and DECEMBER too!


Rush03: mike and rachel!

Rush03: Good evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Chan Clan make Monday the best day of the week!

Rush03: You both made it~!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rush…we’re here!

Rush03: Yes…December 6th, in fact!

Rush03: Tomorrow is Pearl harbor Day.

Geno Cuddy: This may explain the situation, an interview with Victor Sen Yung, from 1971:

Rush03: MDA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Rush.

mda19083: hello rush

Rush03: hello and WELCOME!

Matt1: Thnx, Geno!

mda19083: rush – is rush03 you new alias

mda19083: your

Mike n Rachel in DC: Geno…this seems interesting. Thank you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush03 is still #1 in our hearts. :-D

mda19083: 🙂

Rush03: Geno! TYSM! I will need to listen to this!

Rush03: M/R: 🙂

Geno Cuddy: Found interviews with Winters and Luke in similar fashion

Geno Cuddy

Mike n Rachel in DC: Geno, are you a film historian…or a Chan fan…or?

Rush03: As our radio drama runs 26 minutes tonight, we should start rolling in TWO minutes…

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Rush03: Please use the link above!

mda19083: i will cue it up

Rush03: SB!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Check.

mda19083: hello sb

Matt1: Ready here!

Rush03: Good evening to YOU!

Rush03: Welcome!

Matt1: Hello SB!

sarabell2: Hi Ya’ll

Rush03: We are just about to run our radio drama!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Sarabell

Rush03: 75 seconds

Rush03: 60 seconds…

Rush03: 50 seconds…

Rush03: 40 seconds…

sarabell2: Geo, I will check up on your link, thank you. Hi M and R

Rush03: 30 seconds…

Rush03: 25…

Rush03: 20…

Rush03: 15…

Rush03: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *dials in old time radio*

Rush03: 5…

Rush03: GO!!!

Rush03: Music…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong. With a vengance.

Rush03: Announcer with the title…

Rush03: Yes, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *vengeance

Rush03: “The Adventures of Charlie Chan”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always nice to be personally welcomed by Charlie

Rush03: So far, chan seems to be speaking more slowly!

Rush03: yes, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and he sounds somewhat less Australian…

Rush03: The Polo Cafe

Rush03: Sounds like a nice place!

Rush03: 🙂

Geno Cuddy: unable to send link to Roland Winters interview

Rush03: More distinct Aussie accents tonight!\

Rush03: Yes, Geno?

Mike n Rachel in DC: The cafe must be in Sydney

Rush03: Please share the link when you can!

Rush03: Yes, Mike!

Rush03: (Please give kind regards to rachel!)

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Rush03: “OK. Doc!”

Geno Cuddy: Message I get when I attempt to attach link: Your message hasn’t been sent. It’s like a flood. Wait for 20 seconds and change the message text or activate VIP status.

Rush03: AH!

Matt1: Happens to me all the time with the <tin can>

Rush03: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is Mrs. Chan Australian????

mda19083: matt – don’t you have VIP status?

Matt1: lol, no

Geno Cuddy: By the way Rush, I’d like to discuss the podcast idea with you further

mda19083: matt – youre ok in my book

Matt1: TYSM, lol

Rush03: Okay.

Rush03: My post was slow…hopefully that won’t continue.

Rush03: Counterfeit bills.

Mike n Rachel in DC: $20 is a popular bill to counterfeit

Rush03: Must be poorly made counterfeits.

Rush03: Yes.

Rush03: Counterfeit COINS, too?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Loving cups into counterfeit coins…a dastardly plot!

Rush03: The best a coun counterfeiter could make with metal would be fake silver dollars!

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Rush03: Would the effort be woth it?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not nowadays. Better to make some meth in the kitchen. 

Rush03: That’s right, Mike!

mda19083: mike 🙂

Rush03: Back to “The Incomparable Charlie Chan”

Rush03: Risky job for Chan’s son!

Matt1: Rush, no Christmas decorating this year on the home page? :-)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t call me Shirley!

Rush03: Right, Matt! Your mention earlier that December sneaked up on us is very appropriate!

Rush03: I will need to do that asap!

Rush03: Hopefully it will still work!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re putting up our tree…can hang a few ornaments, Rush

Matt1: I just noticed it today…..It’s always very festive!

Rush03: TYSM, Mike…and rachel!

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Matt1: wb SB!

Rush03: WB…SB!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey SB…

sarabell2: Sorry, Internet died

Rush03: Matt?

Matt1: <tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sudden thought: are there any holiday-themed Chans? Can’t recall any offhand.

mda19083: 🙂

Rush03: AH!

Rush03: I can’t send images with my “new” name!

Rush03Rush03: I’ll just type tonight!

sarabell2: Was the tin can for my internet or did someone die on the program? Funny either way.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Chan Who Knew Too Much. Hitchcock flick.

Rush03: M/R: 🙂

Rush03: A death in the program.

mda19083: Fiery Santa Claus – 1936 radio broadcast

sarabell2: OK, thanks!

Rush03: WFAN

Rush03: That is an error.

Rush03: In San Francisco, radio station call letters would start with a “K”

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Rush03: WB, Geno!

Mike n Rachel in DC: WB Geno!

Matt1: wb, Geno!

Geno Cuddy: My computer was giving me a mess of trouble so I had to reboot

sarabell2: Hi again, Geno, your computer and mine are having issues

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cool music!

Rush03: Yes, Geno?

mda19083: IT Department cure all – reboot

Geno Cuddy: let me know when to start the film

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan is solving the radio drama…still a few mins for movie time Geno.

Rush03: WSAN

Rush03: The “error” is planned, of course!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Foiled by Chan

Rush03: yes!

Rush03: “Foolishness can sometimes be wisdom.”

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Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise: Hello Chan Clan!

Rush03: “Sometimes fear is great wisdom.”

Rush03: Hello, Louise!

mda19083: hello louise

Rush03: Good evening and WELCOME BACK!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Louise

Louise: Nice to be here tonight as we explore archaeology again.

Rush03: Yes!

sarabell2: Hi Louise, how are you?

Louise: Fine here sarabell

Mike n Rachel in DC: “There’s only one Charlie Chan!”

Louise: I was in New York last week for some museum visits

Rush03: Louise, as I have heard nothing back from the site migration people, I would happily accept any thoughts.

Geno Cuddy: Lets try this again, a Roland Winters interview from 1971:

Rush03: I am thinking on just going ahead and see what happens?

Louise: Really, Rush? They don’t want to do it?

Matt1: Thnx, Geno!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Geno Cuddy: Aloha

Rich Maine: Greetings all! It’s a very special evening for me!

Rush03: (Applause…)

Rush03: Got it, geno.

Louise: Why Rich?

Rush03: TYSM.

Rush03: Hello, Rich!

Rich Maine: I never knew about this film, so it’s my first viewing!

Rush03: WELCOME to you!

Rush03: Yes?

Rich Maine: Sooooo excited

Rush03: It’s a unique one!

sarabell2: Hi Rich, I do not think I know about this film either.

Louise: Unique is definitely the word for it

Rush03: BOTH sons Numbers One and Two are in it.

Rush03: Yes, louise!

Rich Maine: I had to download after getting the email

Rush03: and there is an interesting fight scene later in the film!

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Rush03: 6 1/2 minutes to go…

Geno Cuddy: Admittedly, as a pure mystery, FEATHERED SERPENT is quite weak, it was from an old western script after all, but as a film with both Keye Luke and Sen Yung it is more than a worthy viewing

Rush03: Yes, Geno!

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Rush03: GS!

Godwinshelley2: Greetings all

Rich Maine: Hi GS

Rush03: WELCOME!

Rush03: Great to see you again!

Louise: Hi GS

mda19083: hello rich and gs

Matt1: Hello GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS!

Godwinshelley2: This week I watched the final (unaired) episode of “Coronet Blue” with Keye Luke and he does some brush painting in it

Rush03: “Riders of the Whistling Skull”

Rush03: Where did you find it, GS?

Rush03: 4 minutes…

Godwinshelley2: Kino Lober put out the boxset WITH the final episode

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Geno Cuddy: interestingly, not only does FEATHERED SERPENT share a script with RIDERS OF THE WHISTLING SKULL, but also a star, Robert Livingston.

Rush03: Please ready your films at the opening title…

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush03: Pause there. please.

Rush03: Paul!

Rush03: WELCOME!

Louise: CUED here

Godwinshelley2: Cued

Matt1: Ready!

PaulM: hiya

Godwinshelley2: Hello Pual

Godwinshelley2: Paul

Rush03: If you are using the online link, you may see a number of films that come up. just click on the first one, which is the fukll film.

PaulM: hi

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready to whistle in DC

hounder: hi all

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush03: 2 1/2 minutes…

Geno Cuddy: Hounder!

Rush03: Hounder!

Rush03: Good evening!

Rush03: I hope tghat you and your mom are well tonight.

Rush03: 2 minutes…

hounder: hope everyone is well

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening Paul and Hounder!

Rush03: yes, TYSM.

hounder: we are. just got her to bed

Rush03: 90 seconds…

Rush03: Very good, hounder!

Rush03: 75 seconds to go…

Rush03: 60 seconds…

mda19083: hello hounder and paul

Rush03: 50 seconds…

Rush03: 40 seconds…

Louise: Trowel in hand…

Rush03: 30 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wonder what a feathered serpent looks like…

Rush03: 25…

Dona has joined this room

Rush03: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: is it like a boa?

Rush03: 15

Dona: Hi Everyone!

mda19083: hello dona

Rush03: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona!

Rush03: 5…

Rush03: GO!!!


Rush03: Title…

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush03: Music….

Rush03: Hello, DONA!

Rush03: Good evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks very Aztec

Rich Maine: No fog!

Rush03: yes.

Dona: The music is familar

Rush03: And yes…no fog!

Matt1: Nice BIG font for Keye!

Rush03: Indeed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good point, Rich. Must be a low-budget Monogram picture!

Geno Cuddy: I just saw Keye Luke in a Monogram film called LET’S GO COLLEGIATE, one of those Frankie Darro films. It features Darros regular sidekick MANTAN MORELAND. If you also recall, Darro played the crooked jockey in CHARLIE CHAN AT THE RACE TRACK. An interesting film for Chan fans

Mike n Rachel in DC: If I were Sen Young I’d be pissed about the font thing

Rush03: Posada de San pablo.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sielito Lindo

Rush03: Maybe THT’S why he was not in “The Sky Dragon”!

Rush03: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: (sp)

Rush03: Yes, Mike.

Matt1: Was thinking the same thing Rush, lol

Rush03: 🙂

Louise: Everybody in a village know wevrything

Rush03: Yes, Louise!

Louise: everything

Geno Cuddy: I just saw Keye Luke in a Monogram film called LET’S GO COLLEGIATE, one of those Frankie Darro films. It features Darros regular sidekick MANTAN MORELAND. If you also recall, Darro played the crooked jockey in CHARLIE CHAN AT THE RACE TRACK. An interesting film for Chan fans

Rush03: yes!

Louise: Cool info Gene

Rush03: It’s fun to see Chan cast in other films!

mda19083: road trip

Rush03: Looks like they are driving through the stretts of Tijuana circa 1949.

Dona: I will have to look that movie up.

Rush03: Avenida Revolucion?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Tommy/Jimmy’s Spanish needs a little work…

hounder: he not only can’t play, he can’t sing either.

Rush03: A Little work…yes…

Rush03: OUCH!

Matt1: <dog whine>

Rich Maine: Silence

Rush03: Back country near L.A…

Geno Cuddy: I love that about Winters, he retains the warmth of Oland but the acidity of Toler

hounder: could he sing inral life?

Rush03: Palm Springs here?

Rush03: Chattsworh area here?

Rush03: Dona, have you ever see the west San Fernando Valley, near Chatsworth?

Dona: Yes Rush. I have a cousin who lived out there.

Rush03: I think that that’s where the outdoor scenes of this one were shot.

Dona: It looks like it could be that area back then

Louise: #1 son and #2 or #3

Rush03: AND, we can see in some scenes that there was a Santa Ana going on.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie loses track of those early kids…it’s been a while

Rush03: Yes, Mike.

Louise: Santa Ana winds? Brutal.

Rush03: Jimmy (Number Two) became Tommy (also Number two) when the Winters era started.

Dona: I work in Santa Ana. It looks nothing like any of this now. LOL

Mike n Rachel in DC: Never heard of Santa Ana winds…have to google

Rush03: 🙂

Louise: M&R: hold on to your hats

Rush03: Yes, Mike.

Geno Cuddy: cant send

Geno Cuddy: message again

Dona: I lose my voice every time they start blowing. It’s the winds off the dessert.

Mike n Rachel in DC>_<

Rush03: Dry, desert winds come in and that’s the worst time for fires.

Dona: yes this year is very dry

Rush03: BB is “psychic”!

Louise: The Santa Anas are also thought to be earthquake weather or the time all the crazies come out

Dona: there are crazies out here all of the time

Rush03: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Just looked them up. Wow.

mda19083: in the chat room?

Rush03: Yes, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s a given, MDAA

Geno Cuddy: Doesn’t it bother anyone else that once Winters assumed the role of Chan that Sen Yung’s character was renamed Tommy which was the name of Benson Fong’s character in the earlier Monogram Tolers

mda19083: yikes

Rush03: “Heebie-jeebies”

Dona: But next week I will be driving from Fayetteville, NC to Peekskill, NY

mda19083: keep an eye on the harmless ones

Louise: Geno:it always confuses me

Rush03: Are you in the region now, Dona?

Dona: I have never been to those places it should be interesting.

Dona: no i’m at home

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Tommy/Jimmy thing bugs me, Geno. One of the Chan foibles that has become a charming idiosyncrasy.

Geno Cuddy: Its like, okay, Tommy is number two son, but number two son is Jimmy, number three son is Tommy. UGGGH!

Dona: I leave next week on wednesday. My grandson is getting out of the Army, Ft. Bragg, moving to Peekskill, I’m going to help with the move.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fayettevile? What brings you there Dona? (Mike lived in Durham for many years)

Rush03: Very good, dona!

Rush03: Lights out!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. Just remember it’s pronounced “FED-vul”

Rush03: Question: WHO turned out the lights???

mda19083: who turned out the lights?

Louise: Well that’s inconvenient

Louise: Can?

mda19083: that’s gotta hurt

Matt1: <tin can>

hounder: ..

Rush03: Chan should suggest that an accomplice is inside that room!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 30 years of detecting, and Charlie still gets fooled by the “lights out” trick.

Geno Cuddy: but who in the room has a motive to do so, Rush?

angelsnake+feathered foxx has joined this room

Rich Maine: Yes who killed the lights!

mda19083: angel!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Peekskill!

Dona: Hello Angel

Dona: and Foxx

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Angelsnake & FF

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Peekskill??!!!

Rush03: That “lights out” event is in the majority of our films, I believe!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Peekskill?

Rush03: Angel!

Geno Cuddy: its a Chan staple

Dona: I’m going there next week

Rush03: Missed your arrival!

Rush03: WELCOME!

Louise: “I’m not thinking about the money” they all claim

angelsnake+feathered foxx: We JUST arrived! Almost SEVENTY degrees in Boston, out frolicking with friends!

Rush03: Yes, Louise!

Geno Cuddy: Dang, Winters has swag! Love him!

Rich Maine: Yes very warm here today

Louise: Rush: Lights Out my favorite repeated trick

Dona: That warmer than it is here. WoW

mda19083: no frolicking in the chat room

Rush03: louise: 🙂

angelsnake+feathered foxx: What’s the “time”?

Rush03: Too dangerous, MDA, yes.

Godwinshelley2: So what’s our viewing for the rest of the month?

Godwinshelley2: 17:00

Rush03: 17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: 17:10

hounder: ..

Geno Cuddy: logical to see SKY DRAGON next

Godwinshelley2: 17:15

Rush03: 17:20

Rush03: 17:30

Godwinshelley2: 17:30

angelsnake+feathered foxx: “My name not Phooey, it’s Phoo”, said Chairman Mao?

Rush03: 17:40

Dona: I will bring our movie while i’m back east and hope to be able to drop in.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: You pray games?

Rush03: Very good, dona!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: The Water Pitcher!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: EVELYBODY CLAZY

Rush03: Next week: “The Sky Dragon”

mda19083: close the windows

angelsnake+feathered foxx: I LOVE The Sky Dragon! Tetragene!!

Geno Cuddy: While I love having Keye Luke back it is awkward when you realize he is older than the man playing his father

Rush03: Bad shot!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not to be outdone by Jimmy’s toss in Panama…

mda19083: yes – tetragene

Rush03: Geno: “Willing suspension of disbelief>”

Louise: Ah, the dart from blowgun is also a familiar weapon

Geno Cuddy: indeed

Rush03: 🙂

mda19083: we got a pigmy arrah

Geno Cuddy: Keye Luke never aged a day after leaving in 1938

Godwinshelley2: Don’t tell the TSA about blow-guns or they will take away all our straws

Rush03: Chan is the most well-dress of the exploration team!

Rush03: Yes, GS!

Rich Maine: As always…dressed to kill

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Pardon, i’m reminded it was Murder Over New Jork that featured T-gene.

Rush03: Yes, Angel!

Geno Cuddy: Is Keye Luke wearing eye makeup?

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Hi Geno!! You get my message on Fbook?

Geno Cuddy: No I did not

Louise: My archaeologist husband’s words of wisdom: everything is underground.

Rush03: Didn’t see, Geno.

mda19083: what’s wrong with eye makeup

Rush03: “La Cucuracha.”

Geno Cuddy: Its just odd as he never wore it at Fox

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Geez, Geno, i’ll check to see if it sent.

Rush03: Listen CLOSELY to the words as Tommy sings ALL the lyrics!

Geno Cuddy: you may have sent it to the wrong account

Rush03: “Mar-i-JUANA que fumar…”

Louise: “DOLPHINS”

Rush03: Cue dolphin.

Rush03: YES!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: In Firesign Theater’s “Police Street”, Harold Hump asks Peggy (Mrs. Officer Random) Koolzip if a local delinquent doesn’t “wear [swallowing a snicker] eye [snicker] makeup”?

Geno Cuddy: Mantan Moreland is effing amazing, uggh, why wasnt he bigger, he should have been a Stooge, I would have watched the Stooges if Moreland was involved

Rush03: The only song Tommy knows!

Rush03: He would have been a lot better than Joe Besser, IMHO!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Black Stooges would have swept the chips from the table!

Geno Cuddy: or curly joe

Godwinshelley2: He starred in films – even in the title – like “Mantan for Mayor”

Geno Cuddy: Angel, thats disgusting

Mike n Rachel in DC: There’s a “spooky” movie with him too.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Have a taxicab picked up. Bring a forklift.

Rush03: 🙂

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Hold da phone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is intrigued by Black Stooges

Rush03: BB and CC are the two most wrongly attired of the party!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: They put the bricks in luBRICation.\

angelsnake+feathered foxx: They coulda had a V-16.

Rush03: MM would have been PERFECT, IMHO. Right height, included!

Geno Cuddy: Winters is so good, why oh why do people hate him, its the nose isnt it

Rush03: Unfortunately, Columbia Pictures would probably not have been willing to take any risks with a black stooge, sadly.

Rush03: But, I admit, I think of the possibility often!

Rush03: Opportunity missed.

Rush03: Santa Ana winds in this scene.

Rush03: To me, this looks like the terrain near to Chatsworth Park.

Geno Cuddy: yes, its also a shame that aside from the two appearances in the Toler Chans, that Moreland and his partner Ben Carter never made movies together

Mike n Rachel in DC: Winters is good, Geno. I think he got stuck with a few less-than-stellar scripts in these later films.

Rush03: Ben carter died too young, also.

Geno Cuddy: Mostly Mr. Wong remakes, hence why Charlkie is based in San Fransisco now

angelsnake+feathered foxx: All the Ben Carter movies were B.C.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: What are chats worth?

Rush03: Also, SF played a part in the Biggers Chan stories at times.

Geno Cuddy: whats that supposed to mean

angelsnake+feathered foxx: A FRASHRIGHT!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: rEAL BUMPERS!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Real bumpers!!

Rush03: They missed the tomb-opener stone.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: FRASIER?

Geno Cuddy: By the way, speaking opf Mr. Wong, has anyone seen the last in the series with Keye Luke, is it any good?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Phantom of Chinatown? It’s ok…but he’s not a great leading man in our opinion.

Rush03: Yes, it’s good, and it is also Keye Luke’s ONLY starring role in a film!

Geno Cuddy: The Wong films are dull, sadly.

Rush03: Sort of a Wong “prequil.”

Godwinshelley2: Karloff is always great to watch

Rush03: he plays a young Mr. Wong.

Geno Cuddy: i think the first movie prequel

Rush03: Yes, GS!

Louise: It takes years to translate hieroglyphs

mda19083: but we only have 25 minutes left

Rush03: Especially if they have never been deciphered before!

Rush03: YESm MDA!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: mda; Louise: Translate faster.

Rush03: Translate fast!

Geno Cuddy: tin can?

Matt1: <tin can>

hounder: lol@angel

Rush03: But if he does, they will kill him! “Take your time!”

angelsnake+feathered foxx: We’ll need at least a kernel CLINK.

mda19083: i can’t go any faster

Rush03: TYSM, Matt…

angelsnake+feathered foxx: mda: are there loweroglyphics?

mda19083: i can’t go any lower

Dona: lol

Louise: Ah Hah! secret police of course

angelsnake+feathered foxx: mda: We’ll get a short order cook.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: These wide-open spaces are all drugs now.

mda19083: good – i am hungry

Geno Cuddy: is this the only Chan movie where the police are competent?

Rush03: Robert LIVINGSTON as Professor STANLEY.

mda19083: i presume

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Oooooof!!

Rich Maine: The eyes!

Rush03: Yes!

Geno Cuddy: he is in the original version of this story RIDERS OF THE WHISTLIONG SKULL.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: The greenscreen or whatever is particularly low-qual here.

Rush03: Yes!

Louise: Sleep is dangerous

Rush03: And that film was made ten years earlier, i believe.

Rush03: Can be, Louise!

Geno Cuddy: I think 1936

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Big feat? Lowell George had Little Feat, and i miss him teddibly.

Rush03: 13 years prior.

Rush03: Angel: 🙂

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Teaphoo. Isn’t that a French brand?

Rush03: HM…

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Those eyebrows!!

mda19083: more blow darts

angelsnake+feathered foxx: But we got a case of ointment.

Rush03: Interesting shot there. didn’t see a string or thread.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: NOT the SONS!!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: As little as possible.

Rush03: The “high sign” there.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A real can-fest tonight

angelsnake+feathered foxx: A little lunge at colonial digs, huh?

Rush03: Matt?

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Who has George Washington’s snow shovel, anyway?

Geno Cuddy: <tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: backup can

Rush03: TYSM, Geno…

mda19083: we are all out of cans

Rush03: 🙂

Louise: hard to find tin cans in the jungle

Rush03: A “pinch-kick.”

angelsnake+feathered foxx: She looks like a buzzsaw did a reverse Mohawk on her hairpile.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel: lol

Rush03: Just look outside the camp after dinner!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Ah, the undying column of fire. They always pull that.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Kwahom

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Ah, buck up, James Lee. A cat and a laser pointer could sew this up from here.

Rush03: Took me a while, but I got it, Mike!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: The TELEPHONE COMPANY. Let’s write that down.

Mike n Rachel in DC: (new hairstyle, Rush)

angelsnake+feathered foxx: If Captain Street marries Perry Mason’s secretary, she’ll be Della Street Street.

hounder: bb has great quips.

Rush03: The only one wearing “sneaking up on someone” colors is BB!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: TYSM

Rush03: Everyone else wears bright clothes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: True, Angel. But maybe they’re related…

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Female subscribers. Hmmm.

Rush03: Or a coyote.

mda19083: it was a hound

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Brainwaves were big, huh, Rush?

Mike n Rachel in DC: This sounds like Dr. Zodiac’s music

Rush03: of some type, yes!

Geno Cuddy: It was Hounder

Rush03: Kukutan (Kulkulcan) – (Aztec: Quetzalcoatl – “Feathered Snake”) One of the major deities of the Aztec, Toltecs, and other Middle American peoples.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Dr.Z had great music. He was what is hip. Or was hip. Is hip, but he’s, well, you know. Donkey overloaded, then, kaput.

Rush03: 🙂

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Wifi coulda prevented this.

Geno Cuddy: yeah, but Heddy Lamarr didnt invent it yet, Angel

Rush03: Too many years in the future, Angel!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: That door is gonna think twice now.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Nor Hedley Lamarr!

mda19083: yes angel

Geno Cuddy: or Footley Lamarr

Rush03: Funny line there!

hounder: i feel like a liar

Louise: There are still wonderful images of the feathered serpent in Mexico

angelsnake+feathered foxx: I didn’t get a harrumph.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Damn. And I thought they were old Chan movie posters…

Geno Cuddy: Hey Louise, how’s George?

Rush03: I always mention this, whenever we see this one, but I believe that the honking birds we hear are flamingos.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: I’m at (50:00). Yes? No?

Mike n Rachel in DC: hieroglyphics? that looks like a kid’s art project

mda19083: it says get the heck out of there

Rush03: Gang graphiti!

Rush03: The oper stone!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Graphiti is sopistipated.

hounder: very prominent hieroglyphs. no wear at all

Rush03: Yes!

Geno Cuddy: I love the concerned parent that Birmingham becomes sometimes, he isn’t just the “scared darkie” that is a vast misjudgement, he is a hilariousw, sometimes fearless, fatherly presence, especially when Charlie is off doing other things for the case

Rich Maine: Poor BB

Rush03: That figure in the background proves that there WAS a Polynesian connection with North America!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: (51:00)?

Mike n Rachel in DC: They only captured him for the entertainment…didn’t want Charlie to have all of the fun

Rush03: yes, Angel.

Rush03: 51:25

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Eggzellent. We were scrambled.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: “Noplace fast”: try loweroglyphics.

Rush03: Over easy.

hounder: thing like this just can’t happen. sounds a bit like a line from plympics

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Over New Jork.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: MI Desperate? MI 5?

angelsnake+feathered foxx: JAMES MASON? PERRY MASON? MASON REESE?

Rush03: Mason Dixon?

Dona: I just love BB

Mike n Rachel in DC: Former Mexican Secret Police

Geno Cuddy: he deserved his own movie, GOSH Moreland is a comic geniusd

Rush03: 🙂

mda19083: yes mike

Rush03: Yes he was!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: If my name was Mason i’d be adopting just to make puns.

Mike n Rachel in DC: We owe him a can

Rush03: There’s a good book on MM: “Mantan the Funny Man”

Geno Cuddy: <tin can>

Matt1: They tied him up though

Rush03: TYSM, Geno…

Rush03: BUT…

Dona: I have to look for that.

Dona: is it a bio Rush?

Mike n Rachel in DC: oh…hold the can

Rush03: Yes.

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Station WONG signing AUTOGRAPHS

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Whatever happened to Postal Telegraph?

PaulM: i have that book Rush

angelsnake+feathered foxx: They run out of time?

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Just checked my own question: PT clocks sell for HUNDREDS. Geez!

hounder: let’s just walk into an unknown door with no precautions.

Geno Cuddy: I wish that after Lee said “Well, I’ll bwe a monkey’s uncle” that Chan said “please to keep honorable family out of this”

Dona: It’s not on Amazon Rush

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Geno, a warrant could be outstanding on your joke!

hounder: great comeback line geno

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Defenestration could loom.

Rush03: Here we go!!! The BIG FIGHT!!! Monday Nitro, revisited!

Mike n Rachel in DC: WWCF

Rush03: Watch for the Brain Buster!

Geno Cuddy: RUSH!!! You’re a wrestling fan?!!!!

Rich Maine: Action!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Biff!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pow!!!

Rush03: Like Batman!

mda19083: tag team competition

Rush03: THERE!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Ah, the old Wandering Tribe doing he Nurse Back To Health deal.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is just like old-time wrestling

Rush03: Fractured skull!


Rush03: YES!

Rush03: 🙂

Dona: lol

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Too much monkey business!

Rush03: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice tie on Charlie

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Ah, the old You’ll Never Get It line.

Rush03: Yes, Mike!

Rush03: Three piece suit.

Rush03: On to Mexico City.

Geno Cuddy: Hmmmm, Lee just called Winters “pop” I thought he only reserved that for Warner Oland

Rush03: THE END

Rush03: (Applause…)

Louise: Pop is always pop!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush03: Well!

Rich Maine: What an ending!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: MATCHMAKER!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Dona: <WAHOOO!>

hounder: pick up our vacation where we dropped it.

Rush03: Another one back into the case until next December!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Monogram, Monogram, Monogram!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Delightful.

Rush03: YES!

Rich Maine: Thanks Rush, see everyone next week

Rush03: I do love them!

Dona: Another great evening.

Rush03: Very good!

Geno Cuddy: Rush, did you get mky previous email containing my phone number, I never did get a response to my last email

Rush03: next week: “The Sky Dragon”

Rush03: Lee Chan returns.

hounder: lots of fun. thanks. see you next week.

Rush03: take care, hounder…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Onward and upward! Have a great week, everyone!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Holelotta fun!!

Rush03: have a GREAT week, all!

mda19083: when in mexico – don’t drink the water

Dona: I will see you all next week before I leave.

Rush03: TYSM. Angel!

Dona: You too Rush

Dona: I agree angel

Rush03: have a safe trip, Dona!

mda19083: thanks all for another fun evening

Rush03: Our best to yous son!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: If anything crashes, i’m calling Onward & Upward. They git ;er done!!

PaulM has left this room

Rush03: (your)

mda19083: be well until next week

Geno Cuddy: I guess not. well, another project down the tubes.

Rich Maine has left this room

Dona: I don’t leave until Wednesday of next week so I will be here Monday.

Godwinshelley2Rush03: Rush would you email your mailing address so i can update my Holiday card list?

Rush03: Will do, GS!

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angelsnake+feathered foxx: Tubes must be jammed. Calling plumbers, calling all plumbers!

angelsnake+feathered foxx: Till next week!

Godwinshelley2: Everyone – have a safe week

Louise: Bye all!

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Geno Cuddy: I’m moving on from this ….

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Rush03Rush03: Back!

Rush03: Sorry!

Rush03: Locked myself out!

Rush03: take care Mike and rachel…and Angel!

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