Chat Archive 2/1/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 1, 2021

Charlie Chan in London

Steamship Laconia Mystery – Murder in Cabin 15

Len Freeman
Mike n Rach in DC
Phil & Mrs Phil

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Matt1: Hello Rush and Mat

Rush: Good evening, Mat…amd…Matt!


mat: thanks

Rush: Mat, how are you this evening?

Rush: I believe that this is your first time here with us, Mat?

Matt1: Hope everyone is well

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mat: ok not much on line here to watch

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: Doing well, TYSM, Matt! And you?

Rush: Hello, GS!


Godwinshelley3: Hello from snowy Indiana

Matt1: All good, but a bit chilly here in FL

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Rush: Well, Mat, we have a film you can share with us in a little while, through the link above.

Matt1: Hello MC!

marcycloud: Hiya All!

Rush: MC!

Godwinshelley3: Just a quick drop in – can’t stay

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: GS, how are your parents doing?

Rush: Understood, GS!

Godwinshelley3: Probably going to be missing for a few weeks to a couple months

Godwinshelley3: Dad passed on last week – Funeral was today

Rush: Well, just do the best you can. I understand how things can be.

Rush: Oh…I am so sorry, GS…

Matt1: So very sorry, GS

Rush: Were you there in time to be with him and family?

marcycloud: So sorry for your loss,GS.

Godwinshelley3: And Mom is having medical issues – we are starting hospice

Rush: I see…

Matt1: I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, GS

Rush: Hospice is a great help, I found, for my father years ago.

Rush: As will I, GS.

marcycloud: and for my mom

Godwinshelley3: My sisters and I will take turns being here for her

Rush: I suspect that we ALL will be praying for you and your family.

Rush: How old was your dad, GS?

Godwinshelley3: Dad was 91 almost 92. Mom is 87

Rush: It is never easy, but we can be comforted in that he had a nice long life.

Godwinshelley3: Anyways the year is starting out rocky for us – and our focus is Moms comfort

marcycloud: take care GS you’ll be in my prayers.

Rush: Yes, GS.

Rush: Now is the time to care for your mom, and for family to come closer together to that end.

Godwinshelley3: Night all – I’ll drop in as I can over the next weeks

Rush: Good night, GS…God bless you and your family…

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Matt1: Take care, GS

Rush: Sad news…

Matt1: Very

Rush: As we have done in similar moments throught our history, we will dedicate tonight’s Chat to the memory of GS’s father.

Rush: (throughout)

Rush: As for our radio drama, we can begin that in 8 minutes…

Matt1: I’m cued

Rush: I just cued mine, too.

marcycloud: i get covid test tomorrow..third time..i’ve had flu twice now even after flu shot. called for my vaccine but they’re out,on list.

marcycloud: yes cued.

Rush: If you are still with us, Mat, you may access the radio drama at the link above our Chat Room board that reads “Steamship Laconia Mystery – Murder in Cabin 15.”

Rush: Or…here is the link:

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Rush: Matt has left the room…

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: Len!

Matt1: One “t”

Len Freeman: Hello…in time for the radio?


Len Freeman: Smile

Rush: How are you this evening?

Len Freeman: pretty good.

Rush: I like the smile! That’s always welcomed!

Len Freeman: Got my first vaccine shot last week

Rush: Well…hopefully in short order you can be REALLY good!

marcycloud: good for you!

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Great, Len!

Rush: That’s GOOD, Len!

Len Freeman: Thanks… and how are you all?

marcycloud: waiting on mine.

Rush: Well, thank you.

marcycloud: getting better.

Len Freeman: having you been feeling sick Marcy?

Rush: MC…pardon my weak memory, but you were ill?

marcycloud: had stomach flu.i think..

Rush: AH!

marcycloud: even after flu shot

Rush: Yes…there is still the flu!

Rush: That happens, yes.

Len Freeman: yes.. the flu flu

Rush: 2 minutes…

Rush: Till our radio drama.

marcycloud: going to get tested for 3rd time tomorrow. neg. so far.

Rush: If you need it, it is located above as a link!

Len Freeman: I don’t recall hearing this radio show before…a new find?

Rush: Or, here’s the link:

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

marcycloud: i have all the new adventures,but this is new to me also.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Len Freeman: going

Rush: The radio show intro…

Rush: Annoucer…

marcycloud: weeeeee.

Rush: Now this is where commercial announcements wer placed at local stations…

marcycloud: ahhhhh

Rush: That’s why it lasts so long.

Len Freeman: a good amount of music to allow time

marcycloud: lol

Rush: Yes.

Len Freeman: 7 murders!

Rush: Busy killer!

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: “Malolo” was a real ship, I believe.

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

Rush: Just started the radio drama!


hounder: hi everyone

Rush: How are you this evening?

Rush: How’s you mother?

Rush: Complaining passenger.

Rush: This one seems to have been influenced by “Charlie Chan Carries On”!

Rush: The tour leader.

Len Freeman: hi hounder

Rush: Captain threatens to throw him into the brig!

Rush: Cabin numbers changed…resulting in the murder…of the wrong man?

Rush: “The haunted cabin”

Rush: Mr. Seward protests a bit too much…

Len Freeman: Aha …

Len Freeman: the sweet young thing tells all

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Broke the engagement to Seward.

hounder: sorry phone call. Mom’s hanging in there. had a couple good days.

Rush: Seward has a harsh tone to his voice.

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Matt1: Hello SB!

Rush: Good to hear, Hounder.

Rush: Hello, Sarabell!


marcycloud: Hi Sara

sarabell2: Hey, sorry to be late. Had company. How are you all?

Len Freeman: glad to hear hounder

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Rush: FM!

Matt1: Hello FM!

Fredsmom: Hello all!

Rush: Good evening to YOU…and WELCOME!

hounder: hi fm and sb

Rush: Welcome back!

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Fredsmom: Missed yall!

hounder: hi dan

Matt1: Hello DV!

sarabell2: Hello Fredsmom, I do not believe we have met.

DanVenture: Okay, I did remember!

Rush: DV!


sarabell2: So, I am not the only late one here.

Rush: FM and DV, how are you both tonight?

Rush: Not at all, SB!

Fredsmom: Hi Sarabell2! Im an oldie to the group but unable to attend for a while

DanVenture: Nothing like the Chan Clan to open a new month and a new week!

sarabell2: Where are we in the movie?

DanVenture: Rush: MY doctor says I am looking good.

Rush: This one is now using a part from “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Fredsmom: Doing fine Rush, hope you and yours and everyone here is safe and well

DanVenture: Like Sara, where are we?

Len Freeman: were in radio

Rush: The “winch shoe,” in this case, a wrench.

sarabell2: So, you are Fred’s mother?

Matt1: 3 minutes left in radio

Rush: We are presently lictening to the radio drama.

DanVenture: Len: What time count on radio?

Rush: Commercial break….

Matt1: 2 minute commercial break, lol

Rush: 12:20

Rush: Out of 15 minutes.

Fredsmom: Well, yes and no; Fred was my schnauzer mix I had for 17 years- he passed away in 2013 so you see Ive been with the group long before 2013! now Im Daisys mom-but I keep the same name for the group

Rush: Yes, Matt! remember how a long time ago, TV commercials were typically 60 seconds long?

DanVenture: I wondered what all the music was about…

Rush: And there were two at a time.

Rush: Yes, DV.

Rush: That gave local stations the time to run their commercial sppots.

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Louise: Hey Chan Clan!

Fredsmom: Hi Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

sarabell2: Aw. Fred is a great dog’s name. I had two basset hounds come after me in the dark but I figured out they were not wild animals, their names were Fred and Ethel.

Rush: Hello, Louise!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Fredsmom: I love that SB!

Rush: The end…

Louise: Fredsmom: I always thought Fred was your son!

Len Freeman: hi louise

Rush: Closing music…

Louise: Good to be going to London with all of you.

DanVenture: Got a taste of the radio Chan voice

DanVenture: At least

Rush: I am not tsure that the next radio drama next week continues this story. The other parts might not exist….

sarabell2: So what kind of dog do you have now?

Fredsmom: He was my furbaby I loved with all my heart. I do have 2 daughters, however! so Im REALLY Lindseysmom and Kourtneysmom! 🙂

Rush: I’ll check into that.

Louise: Not much snow here in NJ at the shore

sarabell2: As you can see I have gotten completely off topic

Len Freeman: Rush, who plays Chan in this? sounds different from some others

Fredsmom: We have a rescue senior shih tzu mix. She has 4 teeth

Louise: here is no off topic in Chan Chats!

sarabell2: Thank you for getting that dog.

Fredsmom: Where do you live SB?

Rush: Not sure, Len.

Fredsmom: It was my blessed honor to rescue her

hounder: hi louise.

sarabell2: Lawrenceville outside of Atlanta. I can assure you it is no warmer than NJ.

Fredsmom: I am in Alabama!

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Fredsmom: Hi Angel!

angel & phox: Hello dear!! Hello all!!

sarabell2: Aw my sister state. I love Alabama. It is a state requirement that you plant azaleas there.

Rush: If you have not yet voted on our JANUARY POLL, located at our ENTRANCE page, please do so, as I will be installing the FEBRUARY POLL perhaps tonight.

Fredsmom: Hi Phox!

hounder: hi a &ph

angel & phox: Lotta DUFFERS here tonight, eh wot?

Fredsmom: haha! yes it is! have had many azaleas

Rush: was unable to install the last poll on January 1, as I was out of town, until I returned hme…about a week later!

Rush: AH!

Rush: Angel…and Phox!


Louise: Well angel, can’t go anywhere else with 50mph winds tonight!

sarabell2: OK I was wondering if you were going to show up. I will now shut up so I can enjoy your one liners. Talking to you A & P

Fredsmom: Rush, have yall moved yet?

Rush: Duffers…as in Inspector Duff?

Rush: Not until mid-June, FM.

Rush: We did arrange the moving company this weekend.

hounder: us too i think louise. the temp is plummeting here

Fredsmom: I see. Will you continue to teach when you move?

Louise: Hunker down, hounder

Rush: I will be going back to our new home again in late March to do more work.

angel & phox: Louise, i am staying inside with a can of crushed tomatoes in each pocket for ballast!

Rush: 9 minutes until “Charlie Chan in London.”

angel & phox: Rush, YES! Duff! Duff! Duff!

Rush: If needed, we have a link to it above!

hounder: that’s the plan. 75 to 39 temp

marcycloud: all cued here.

sarabell2: It is 33 here. Awful cold

Rush: Earlier, Godwinshelley gave us the sad news of the passing of her father…

Louise: Dang, A&P, we ate our canned tomoatoes for dinner

Fredsmom: oh no….deepest sympathies

Louise: Sorry to hear that, Rush

hounder: oh my. thanks for repeating that rush. is there a way we can help her?

Rush: So, as we have done for years, we will dedicate this evening’s film viewing to the memory of her father…

sarabell2: Oh that is so sad. I just went to a viewing yesterday. Was he sick?

Louise: I hope she looks at this chat and can see our condolences.

Rush: He seemed to have taken a turn for the worse, and that’s why GS drove again back to Indiana to see him and her mother.

Rush: 6 1/2 minutes to go…

Louise: GS has been doing so much travelling to see them.

hounder: the change will be hard for her mom

sarabell2: Where does GS stay?

Louise: CUED here

Rush: With family.

Rush: She’s with her mother and sisters.

Len Freeman: Cued here

Rush: Getting cued myself!

Matt1: Cued

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

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Fredsmom: cued

Rush: 4 minutes…

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: Paul!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Fredsmom: Hi Paul

sarabell2: I mean where does she live? Sorry, that is a term for where the person lives here

Louise: We got our first vaccination dose last week!

hounder: hi paul

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

angel & phox: paul, hi! hi paul!

PaulM: hello

Rush: Very good, Louise!

Louise: Hi Paul

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Rush: DONA!

Louise: hey dona

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Len Freeman: Yeah Louise.. got mine too, and happy

angel & phox: DONA! Oh Dona!

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Louise: Len: was it like a weight lifted off your shoulders?

Dona: One of my favorites tonigt

sarabell2: Hello Dona and Paul

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go…

Len Freeman: Yes!

Rush: Agreed, Dona!

Len Freeman: Yours too?

Fredsmom: Wish we could get our vaccine here-none to be found

angel & phox: Rush, the BOBBIES may soon have to turn blokes away at the virtual door, eh wot?

Louise: Yes Len. Amazing feeling.

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marcycloud: i’m on the list too.

Rush: I like it a lot, and, it starts us off on three CONNECTED adventures!

Matt1: Hello M/M Phil!

Len Freeman: Had to drive 45 miles for it… but a lovely ride home

Louise: Getting crowded in here…

Rush: 90 seconds to go…

Phil & Mrs Phil: HAHA! I’ve RETURNED!

Fredsmom: Hi Phil & Mrs!

Louise: Len: we had to drive one hour also

Rush: WELCOME Phil and Mrs Phil!

Rush: 75 seconds…

angel & phox: Mr&MRS p!! That makes 15 ALREADY, with you two & me & Fox swelling the gatekeeper’s count!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends. I’ve missed you all.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

hounder: hi phil and mrs

sarabell2: Aloha

Len Freeman: I think things are looking up vaccine wise.. at least that’s our hope here

Rush: 40 seconds…

Louise: aloha

Rush: 30 seconds…

angel & phox: Hello, Phils, & we want YOU to know too the Chancellor of the Exchequer may be passing by.

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Phil & Mrs Phil: WOW!

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

angel & phox: Only the best for the Club!!

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title….

Rush: Music….

angel & phox: FOX Film!!

Louise: Old fashioned music

Rush: London scene….

Phil & Mrs Phil: GONE BABY!

Rush: TYSM. ..Matt…

angel & phox: Royer makes all my gowns.

Rush: Headlines!

Louise: Me too angel and phox

angel & phox: If you’re gonna have a murder, make it a stable murder.

Rush: Yes, Angel…and PHOX…a FOX Film!

angel & phox: They’re playing exchequers! See??!

angel & phox: You’ve got us now.

Phil & Mrs Phil: At the rate he’s sucking in that cig, he’s gonna’ die of cancer before they hang him.

angel & phox: She got her hat in a pie contest.

Rush: The Prison Matron, whom we will catch a glimpse along the way, was Mrs. McMasters in “The Black camel.”

Dona: lol

angel & phox: Future Eddie Haskell.

Louise: Pie? Did someone say pie?

sarabell2: He is!

Rush: Looks like him, doesn’t he?

Phil & Mrs Phil: He does look like him, doesn’t he?

angel & phox: Everyone should have a Home Secretary.

Dona: yes a & p

Rush: There in the background.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Rush, you’ve got to stop reading my mind.

angel & phox: Doesn’t he? We need to get Broderick Crawford to put out a BOLO.

Louise: The thoroughly horrible coat

Rush: Yes, Phil?

Rush: 🙂

sarabell2: Looks like roadkill

angel & phox: “Merely the mouthpiece of the state”. A bit unsanitary, eh wot?

Dona: i think it’s a dress Angel

Louise: Yes sarabell!

Rush: Agreed!

Dona: you were right Angel

Rush: Fainted.

angel & phox: Dona, you usually hit the nails on the beans. I defer to your expert tease.

sarabell2: She is devastated but her hair looks nice

angel & phox: Leon Trotsky woulda been good here.

Rush: Tasteful hat.

angel & phox: I mean Leon Ames. Actually, Trotsky too.

Dona: When she stood up i could see that it was a coat

Phil & Mrs Phil: Give her another coat, if you want to help

angel & phox: She just had her chin repointed.

Louise: She’s gruesome

Dona: yes

Rush: “They say the head was almost severed from the body…”

sarabell2: You all are so funny

Rush: Just a touch of “silent” acting earlier.

angel & phox: Sarabell, it’s all because of you. You step away, poof!

angel & phox: I want to see the Away Secretary.

Rush: This is our first look at Chan since “The Black camel.”

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sarabell2: I am a fan of your humor. you cannot tell that I am laughing here

Rush: We can see how far Oland has developed the character!

hounder: hi m n r

Rush: Mike and Rachel!

angel & phox: British Lion owes CC L168 and counting.

Mike n Rach in DC: Wafting in via phone…

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Sarabell, I haven’t been here in months. When did you arrive at this forum?

Rush: Happy you were able to make it tonight!

Mike n Rach in DC: We too!

Dona: Hi Mike n Rach

angel & phox: M & R!!! Sit on our ottoman, or ottomen!

Fredsmom: Hi Mike n Rach!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Wash your hands Charlie.

Rush: One of our biggest gatherings in a while, tonight!

hounder: charlie shows off his deduction skills

angel & phox: Are you snow-dusted, M/R?

Len Freeman: How many film between Black Camel and London?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hi M&R

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

angel & phox: Goodbye.

sarabell2: Because I get whatever that sad thing is in the winter, and CC cheered me up. And I really enjoyed Rush’s site. He makes CC very real.

Mike n Rach in DC: We are movieless at the moment but that can’t deter the Chan clan.

angel & phox: “immediately she returns”. Infuriating manners of speech.

Rush: Len, “The Black Camel ” from 1931…this one, 1934…

Rush: Between “Camel” and “London” there were three films that are now lost.

Mike n Rach in DC: We are slightly ensnowed Angel.

angel & phox: M & R, you shall be on the Queen’s List. When she gets it she’ll send you the Queen’s Movies.

Phil & Mrs Phil: So are we Angel

Len Freeman: So some good time for Oland’s development of CC

Mike n Rach in DC: We bow and curtsy appropriately.

Len Freeman: Can feel the difference between this and Camel

Phil & Mrs Phil: Not for long, Neal

Mike n Rach in DC: Hi FM!

Rush: “Charlie Chan’s Chance” (1932), “Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case” (1933), and “Charlie Chan’s Courage” (1934).

Louise: Camel seems so raw to me, like the beginning of a cake that is not yet baked

Len Freeman: Ray Milland was also making a Bulldog Drummond film about this time

Rush: “Begin at beast place – beginning.”

Rush: (best)

Rush: Oh, those typos!

Mike n Rach in DC: Agreed Len. “London” feels much more like the series is established.

Rush: Nice dragon-patterned silk robe on Chan.

angel & phox: Phil & Mrs.Phil, this seems to be a wide one. I am in Boston & we are a few inches deep in partly cloudy.

Rush: Note the ring Oland wears.

Rush: The jade “Buddha” ring.

angel & phox: Accord here too. The Chan style seems defined here.

Phil & Mrs Phil: We’ve only got a couple of inches. It’s snowing now, making the roads tricky.

angel & phox: Where are you, Phils?

Rush: Note the door sticks soon…

Rush: As it is thrust open.

Phil & Mrs Phil: East of Pittsburgh by about 40 miles.

Louise: No? You bum!

Fredsmom: good eye Rush

angel & phox: Rush, was the sticky door an oversight?

hounder: drama queen much?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Latrobe, PA, actually.

Rush: Yes, always try to stick up for your future in-laws!

sarabell2: A & P we had a weatherman here, he got a call from a woman telling him to come shovel the 6 inches of partly cloudy off her driveway.

Rush: Meanwhile…at the manor…

Dona: lol

angel & phox: I love this kinda music.

hounder: where phill? i grew up outside pgh

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Mike n Rach in DC: It would be so much better if she didn’t snoop on the conversation…

hounder: lol2SB

Rush: Agreed, Mike!

Fredsmom: lol

Louise: Swell and keen are words we don’t use enough

Mike n Rach in DC: I miss “cool.”

Phil & Mrs Phil: Latrobe’s the closest “big” town hounder.

angel & phox: Latrobe!! They still have glass-lined tanks? Before i straightened out, i slipped the Rolling Rockers enough do-re-mi to pay for more than a few of those tanks.

Dona: I like them all

Rush: nappy – (Mainly British) Of a horse that is jumpy or irritable; nervy.

sarabell2: I say Oh swell all the time. It beats 4 letter words

Rush: Boar’s head above the fireplace…

angel & phox: And bully spelt backwards is yllub. In case you try to welsh.

Rush: YESm SB!

Mike n Rach in DC: Unless you spell it swel

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’ve got a moosehead in the basement.

Rush: I usually go for “DRAT” a la WC Fields!

angel & phox: Those buttons came from the Santa suit in Seasonal.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Sideboob there. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

angel & phox: DRAT is good.

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Dona: lol

Dona: better coat than before

Rush: Note the butler?

angel & phox: Punch her ticket. Cancel her. Give her the cracked claw.

Rush: “Mr. Smith” from “The Black Camel.”

sarabell2: Love WC Fields. He hated Philly, grew up there. Learned to juggle so he would not starve to death, he was 9.

Rush: Murray Kinnell.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah Rush, he had a brother who was a beachcomber. Got shot.

angel & phox: TYSM!

Rush: Yes, SB!

Phil & Mrs Phil: They were identical twins.

hounder: i know where latrobe is. i grew up in plum and worked with several guys who lived in latrobe

Louise: The butler!

sarabell2: Yes, I have noticed MK, his brother was the cutest thing. Had a wild Hawaiian sweetheart

angel & phox: SB, i was just talking Fields with a Young Person today! Described The Bank Dick, extolled its ending (“A hearty handshake”)!

Phil & Mrs Phil: I thought your accent sounded familiar hounder.

angel & phox: How much do you require, Mum, 500? A thousand?

Mike n Rach in DC: The butler did it! (Sort of)

Rush: Very tragically, the child of an actress who is in “Charlie Chan at the Olympics” drown in a pond at WC Fields’ home. Katherine Demille.

Louise: nice entrance, Charlie

sarabell2: WC was fascinating. Handsome when young.

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Fredsmom: did not know that Rush

hounder: pifflesnort is also a good substitute

angel & phox: Rush, i never knew the name, or perhaps forgot it. Was she any “relation”—?

angel & phox: All over the ‘ouse!

Mike n Rach in DC: Does Hounder say yin’s?

Rush: I think that I saw it when looking at information for Kathering Demille.

hounder: used to say youse guys

angel & phox: “Richmond” gives him The Look.

hounder: lol then i graduated to y’all

Phil & Mrs Phil: I really mangled it – used to say “younz guys.”

Louise: Bunny

sarabell2: We even say youse down here. But we do not say PEOPLE!

Mike n Rach in DC: My family is from Hazleton…more east but still many fun expressions.

Rush: “DeMille married actor Anthony Quinn on October 2, 1937 at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills.[15] They had five children: Christopher (1939-1941), Christina (born December 1, 1941), Catalina (born November 21, 1942), Duncan (born August 4, 1945), and Valentina (born December 26, 1952).[16] Their first child, Christopher, was found drowned in the lily pond of W.C. Fields at age two.” (From Wikipedia)

Louise: Back in the days when people knew how to dance

Rush: forgot that her husband was Anthony Quinn!

Fredsmom: Very interesting Rush

angel & phox: How many English manors had how many antlers per manor?

Rush: 57 hours…

sarabell2: Thank you Rush

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Angel, probably as many as the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin…

Mike n Rach in DC: However many, Angel, it was tough on the antlered population…

Rush: Yes!

Rush: The movie “Godford Park” (from around the year 2000), has a connection with this movie!

sarabell2: We had a neighbor who was anti gun. I asked her how that deer head got up there above their mantle. I was not asked back.


Rush: Another typo…

angel & phox: M & R, i don’t doubt Rudolph himself kept an Airborne Sombrero (J.Peterman, $95 in grey or buff).

Rush: 🙂

hounder: lol@sb

Mike n Rach in DC: Oh dear. A mouse appeared from under our stove.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Some people just can’t handle the truth sarabell.

Dona: I love that movie Rush. What is the connection?

Rush: Understood, Mike.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I know I know!!

Mike n Rach in DC: SB…sometimes they die of old age on our very doorstep.

Rush: We have some of the same uninvited guests appearing in our new home, as well…

angel & phox: Sarabell, i would ask your hand if my boyfriend was not jealous & licensed.

angel & phox: It

Mike n Rach in DC: Rachel. Broom… Mouse flees.

angel & phox: (sings) It’s a long way, to Tucumcari…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Did you move Rush?

Rush: Butler not too pleased wuth Chan.

sarabell2: I own guns but do not care if you do not want one, but her lack of logic got me

hounder: lol@angel

Rush: Not yet, Phil…we move in mid-June…after school is done.

Mike n Rach in DC: A d logic is useful when operating firearms…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Illonois right?

Louise: To the stables!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Illinois…or however you spell it.

angel & phox: Thank you both, H and SB. I value good humor & bonhomie above all, liberty next, & i despise self-serving inconsistency.

Mike n Rach in DC: Time to ‘op in me loose box.

Rush: Iowa.

angel & phox: M n R, i’m going to REPORT that remark!!

Rush: Actually Illinois is just across the river from us.

angel & phox: I BEG YOUR PARDON!

angel & phox: “Head Lad”—this is just getting WORSE!

Rush: “What the DEUCE!!!”

hounder: laughter is good medicine

Louise: Tonight our conversation is like a swirling tornado!

Mike n Rach in DC: That sounds like a Rodgers and Hammerstein song, Rush

angel & phox: Ummmmmm…

Rush: Yes and yes!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yes Louise, as usual I’m paying more attention to what we’re writing than the movie.

angel & phox: Gotta love The DEUCE! Hate The Drake.

angel & phox: AVALANCHE!!

hounder: normal when there are so many of us louise

Rush: Here comes Lake.

Louise: Sounds like gunshots

Phil & Mrs Phil: IT’S A HORSE NOT A COW!

Rush: An “old friend” of ours.

Rush: We saw him in “Behind That Curtain.”

Louise: Crazy guy in several movies?

Rush: We will see him in “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

angel & phox: “He can do anything with her”—Does this film have a SUBTEXT we should have a script for?

Mike n Rach in DC: But it’s an ‘orse

Rush: As the Ship’s Steward.

Fredsmom: tomfoolery akin to “shenanagans”?

Rush: Bunny’s turn to spak up!

Rush: Speak.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah but that guy’s head is still mostly attached.

Rush: Mostly, yes!

Mike n Rach in DC: There is vast potential there Angel.

Louise: I talk like that all the time

Rush: Don’t light a cigarette next to Bunny!

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’m sure we don’t want to get into all the possible scenarios M&R

angel & phox: M n R: That’s what we prudes are afraid of.

Fredsmom: Ha!

Mike n Rach in DC: Woosh

Rush: Tonight we have a “Number One Horse Boy.”

Rush: Next week, we have a “Number One Son.”

Fredsmom: I just realized no Chan son in this movie…..

Mike n Rach in DC: I “Wicked” a la Chan

Phil & Mrs Phil: Nice, isn’t it.

Rush: Mike: 🙂

angel & phox: I don’t wonder that #1 Horse Boy did not continue as ensemble cast member.

angel & phox: ‘orse is rahthah quiet, even for a noble animal.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I wonder if they realize the horse is listening to everything they say.

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rach in DC: How about the story for all of the characters that DIDNT make the grade?

Fredsmom: Haha Phil n Mrs!

Rush: Lake is nervous…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Mrs Phil wants to know “where’s the knife?”

angel & phox: Wonder if she chops her own firewood.

angel & phox: THIRD ref to “noble animal”!

Rush: The knife was probably returned to its original location.

Mike n Rach in DC: Clue!

Louise: Noble animla 5

Rush: Yes!

angel & phox: FOUR! —“Cat of hell”. ANOTHER DUPLICATE HORSE DEAL??

Rush: “Noble Animal” count!

Louise: noble animal 6

angel & phox: No. I am really the—

Mike n Rach in DC: Horses are noble?

Rush: I would be mostly in agreement with CC in that regard….

Louise: Ya think she has a thing against men???

Rush: Noble: possessing outstanding qualities. I think it fits!

Mike n Rach in DC: The maid, Louise?

angel & phox: But FOUR TIMES, Rush??

Fredsmom: love the shape of the doors in this movie

Mike n Rach in DC: Or CB perhaps the King always was on a horse?

angel & phox: FDR was a noble animal. I think the 4x bit should be reserved for him. Cap at three.

Rush: Would he have thought he’d be in a movie called “Hot Rods to Hell” in about 30 years?

Rush: Thacker.

Phil & Mrs Phil: CUE THE CAN!

angel & phox: MORE antlers!

sarabell2: I notice doors too, Fredsmom

Rush: Matt?

Rush: I think we can say it’s official.

angel & phox: Players Club card.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Matt must be living WAAAYY in the past.

Mike n Rach in DC: stealth can perhaps

Rush: “Mr. Chang…”

Rush: “Money talks.”

Mike n Rach in DC: Doesn’t show up on radar either.

angel & phox: “Conclusions jump at me”

angel & phox: Let’s try anyway. Let me get my boyfriend’s piece.

hounder: ..

Rush: Or…he could’ve held the gun upside-down to shoot himself!

angel & phox: Do you polish your shoes with that mouth, Constable?

angel & phox: Up to now.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hey Charlie, you’re a little late not letting the murderer know.

angel & phox: TYSM!

Rush: “Thank you so much.”

angel & phox: No salt on his tails.

sarabell2: How bad was the countryside that this guy is the Constable?

angel & phox: I gotta hire her.

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rach in DC: I wonder what the search process is like to hire a constable.

Fredsmom: ha to Angel n Phox!

Rush: Yes, SB. We can see Thacker’s lack of experience.

angel & phox: Sarabell, they’d had a crime wave so bad they got Ethel Merman to sing its theme. The Constable was persuaded to leave Miss Merman’s employ. By Miss Merman.

Rush: Probably not too much happens in the countryside beyond an occasional poacher.

angel & phox: RAD plaid!

angel & phox: Poached or fried, them rabbits is delish!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rach in DC: It ain’t over until Ethel sings.

Rush: Hush money.

angel & phox: I want some hush money.

Louise: HUSH money? He was too noisy for that.

Rush: Exactly, Mike!

Rush: In the case of the Flyers, it didn’t START until she would sing!

Phil & Mrs Phil: DanVenture you haven’t said anything all night.

angel & phox: You could burn a manor down tossing those things.

Rush: Or…was that someone else!

Dona: Angel my grandmother used to make rabbit. I wouldn’t touch it. No way I was eating a bunny.

Rush: Dona…I would agree.

angel & phox: What the deuce—?

Rush: We have a pet bunny.

angel & phox: TYSM!

angel & phox: THEY have a pet Bunny!

Rush: She gave us a big health scare a week ago.

Rush: Better now.

sarabell2: Did it have any more seizures?

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Rush: They do.

angel & phox: Al Cowlings?

Louise: She is being eaten by that fur

Mike n Rach in DC: I have a great recip for Hasenpfepper…if both my e era becomes annoying.

Rush: No more seizures.

Rush: Thankfully.

angel & phox: Louise, it DOES seem to grow on her. A fuzzy goiter.

Phil & Mrs Phil: That’s the BIGGEST caterpillar I’ve ever seen.

angel & phox: Remember Fuzzy Zoeller?

Mike n Rach in DC: Oh yes

Rush: “Do you really think I should go?”

Phil & Mrs Phil: Being high strung seems to run in that family.

hounder: that’s a monster fur collar

Louise: P&MP: yep

Fredsmom: Poor bunny…sorry to hear it was sick

Dona: YES

angel & phox: TWO Drama Queens where NONE are needed!!

Rush: TYSM, FM.

angel & phox: How much would you like? 500? A thousand?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Get lost Neal

Rush: She’s doing very well now. back to her old self!

Rush: Hopefully that will continue!

angel & phox: You could roast a radio in that fireplace.

Fredsmom: yes!

Rush: “Frequent state of mind for detective.”

Mike n Rach in DC: Fingers crossed Rush.

Rush: TYSM, Mike!

angel & phox: He’s wearing that collare turned-up just to show off that his bowtie isn’t a clip-on.

Rush: Definitely a member of the family!

Dona: More fur

angel & phox: (Chan sings) “Tutti-fruti! Oh, rootie…”

Rush: She talks a lot of sense.

Louise: Yes, we have started the season of the furs

sarabell2: A & P you made me cry laughing with that one

Mike n Rach in DC: You can make Hasenpfeffer with chicken instead of rabbit. No one will know. (Except for bunny). 🙂

Rush: True, louise.

angel & phox: I would have piled empty cans at the door.

Rush: Right between CC’s thumb and forefinger!

Mike n Rach in DC: White phlox phur?

Rush: Looked like a top-hatted attacker!

angel & phox: EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE please!!

Rush: VERY cureous missile, indeed!

angel & phox: An early Tetragene-delivery system.

Rush: The “Buck Rogers” design!

angel & phox: Maybe ’twas Noble Animal.

Phil & Mrs Phil: How could he have shot at Charlie then have enough time to get into his smoking jacket?

angel & phox: Rush: Buck was showing up everywhere then, huh?

Rush: At least Thacker didn’t ruin the fingerprints.

Louise: I have been reading old Buck Rogers comics!

Mike n Rach in DC: Is there a tactful way to say, “Wow. You have a big missile?”

Rush: Yes, Angel, he was known to “pass” from place to place…

angel & phox: ‘e can’t write a-tall.

Dona: lol

angel & phox: Wilma D-ring anywhere around?

angel & phox: Constable got a wit like a steel trap.

Rush: A bit rusty, perhaps…

angel & phox: Wild bird, you make my heart—what’s a rhyme for “bird”—?

Rush: He favors that notebook.

Mike n Rach in DC: Once it snaps shut it won’t reopen…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Not the last time we’ll hear that.

angel & phox: Fox turns head in this part.

angel & phox: I’da gone away in The Rolls-Royce meself.

Mike n Rach in DC: Bird …nerd

Rush: Someone’s listening…

Phil & Mrs Phil: It’s the horse.

angel & phox: Picture the manure.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: There is an intersting scene change coming.

Mike n Rach in DC: Manicure?

Fredsmom: 🙂

angel & phox: And good in the sack.

Rush: The two scenes are connected by the sound of a plane flying over.

angel & phox: Manicure most delicate when noble animal in chair!

angel & phox: NOoooooooo!

Louise: Hamilton? Those tickets were so expensive…

angel & phox: Louise:     

angel & phox: “a queer chap”?

Mike n Rach in DC: It was a device to make horses fly silently.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Don’t go there Angel

Rush: Yes, Angel…in the original meaning…

angel & phox: I don’t know we want to hear, here, how far he went with it.

angel & phox: I’m there already.

angel & phox: Drift caught me.

Phil & Mrs Phil: The stupidest explanation I’ve ever heard.

Rush: Intersting faces sitting on the mantel.

angel & phox: Two heavy bookends could simplify matters wonderfully here.

Rush: The one looks a bit Rondoesque.

hounder: are those initials on her sweater?

angel & phox: Ain’t got time to take a fast train.

Rush: Okay, Angel…the FOX CHASE!

angel & phox: I watch alone!

Mike n Rach in DC: Go fox, go!

Rush: They never learn…if you have information…give it QUICKLY!!!!

angel & phox: Those could be initials of ALL her beaux.

Rush: 120…coming up!

Rush: Shot in Thousand Oaks area, Dona?

Louise: Is fox hunting now banned?

Rush: I think it is, Louise.

Dona: Oh, I know that area

sarabell2: They need to switch to coyote hunting here

Mike n Rach in DC: Mr. Chan I have the most vital information to communicate. Unfortunately I must allow the villain enough time to assassinate me…

Rush: Didn’t it look like it could be that area?

hounder: lol@m n r

angel & phox: Somebody call the fox! Tell him we turned around!

Rush: Exactly, Mike!

Rush: Bed pan.

angel & phox: Good job Gloomy Gwendolyn wasn’t Attending this time.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Where did the studio get all the actors with British accents I wonder.

Dona: Yes, now that you say it, it defenitly does.

Mike n Rach in DC: Is that the kind of camera technique used here Rush?

Rush: Sadly, probably an actual dead horse was used here.

Phil & Mrs Phil: It could have been hypnotized.

Dona: We used to ride motorcyles out there.

angel & phox: Phil, Mrs. Phil, let’s ask Rush: was Hwood not rife with expatriate Brit actors in the ’30s?

Rush: Yes, Dona?

angel & phox: Hamilton had a Burr under his saddle.

Mike n Rach in DC: This scene and Race Track are the low points.

Rush: Tricky proposition, Mike!

Rush: 🙂

angel & phox: UH-OH.

Louise: All you guys…

Rush: Each suspect glances at the next one!

Louise: in this room are guilty

angel & phox: Softly softly catchee Aristocratic monkey!

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angel & phox: Hit him again.

Rush: They must be on suicide watch.

angel & phox: Mr/Mrs Phil phall away?

Rush: Dropped I think.

angel & phox: (enter left, BEAVER): Hey, Eddie!

Mike n Rach in DC: Suspense!

Rush: 5 AM….

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Phil & Mrs Phil: If I was the murderer and I knew Chan was so close to discovering me, I think I’d split.

hounder: makes sense rush

Rush: WB, Phil.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hey, where’d I go?

Dona: I agree phil

angel & phox: Smoke smoke smoke that zigarette.

Rush: MC will likewise return, I believe!

angel & phox: Phils! We missed youse!

Rush: Chan enters quietly…

angel & phox: Marcy yet missing!

Phil & Mrs Phil: yinz

angel & phox: That he

angel & phox: That he’s wearing a bad toupee?

Mike n Rach in DC: Recalling his silent appearance at the beginning…

DanVenture: Phil: We could add to the list to quit when they start detecting: Chan, Wolfe, Holmes, etc.

angel & phox: FIVE—SIX—“noble animal”!!

Rush: Are we up to 10 “Noble Animal” statements?

angel & phox: PEPPAH!

angel & phox: Rush, it’s at LEAST 6. Will send print to Forensics.

Phil & Mrs Phil: It’s 7 noble animals.

angel & phox: Go jump on the Lake.

angel & phox: Yes, Phils? 7? Excellent.

Rush: Did the butler do it…?

angel & phox: aHA!

angel & phox: aHO!

Louise: My last NA count was 7

angel & phox: WHY YOU LITTLE—!

Rush: Chan “recovers”!

Rush: Paul Frank.

angel & phox: Louise, you & the Phils both show 7. I believe you survey well.

Louise: Real name: Not a butler

Rush: Right!

angel & phox: The jig is up. Get my Jag.

Mike n Rach in DC: Chan. Too smart for you…

Rush: Indeed!

Phil & Mrs Phil: The same scenario showed up in a Holmes story.

hounder: call the govener

Rush: Now, we move toward a happy ending…

Rush: And the full conclusion of the case.

hounder: there’s that bat on her shirt

Dona: I would drink to that

angel & phox: Suppose Eddie sneaked some of that great prison food out on his release?

Rush: A blackbird!

Dona: yes houder

Phil & Mrs Phil: She’s bat shirt crazy!

Louise: Awwwww

Rush: “Case now complete.”

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Mike n Rach in DC: Bat shirt?

hounder: lol@phill

Rush: WB, MC!

marcycloud: yayyyy!

Fredsmom: clapclapclapclap!

Rush: in time for….

hounder: wb mary.

angel & phox: hounder, good gawd, you’re right! How did i never notice that before??

Rush: THE END….

Rush: Closing credits…

Rush: And…

angel & phox: MARCY!! You made it back!! Have some prison food!!

Mike n Rach in DC: Kids Yeah

Rush: if you are watching the DVD….

Rush: EXIT MUSIC here!

Rush: (applause…)

Dona: (YAY)

angel & phox: This was CAPITAL! I say!! See us all in ‘alf a fortnight, eh wot?

DanVenture: Yea!

Louise: Good to be back to the Chan timeline

Fredsmom: Goodnite all! Have a great week! Stay safe and well!

hounder: thanks for the fun. see you next week

Dona: still one of my favorites

angel & phox: Gnite FM!!

DanVenture: Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Rush: How about just ONE week, Angel?

Louise: Nite all, Stay warm.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Mike n Rach in DC: Good to see everyone again!

Rush: GREAT gathering tonight!

marcycloud: see you all next time.have a good one!

DanVenture: Rush: It is just one week, right?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Alooohhaaa from the Phils.

Rush: TYSM…everyone!

sarabell2: Thank you all for the great commentary. You are all so funny.

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Rush: The time flew by!

Dona: it did Rush

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Rush: Have a wonderful week, everyone!

hounder has left this room

Rush: Take care….

Rush: Be HAPPY…

Rush: Be SAFE!

sarabell2: thank you once again, rush. You are very good at this.

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DanVenture: Nite, Chan Clan!

Rush: Next weeek…

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Mike n Rach in DC: Cheers!

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Paris”

Rush: as we cross the Channel.

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Mike n Rach in DC: Hope to see you in Paree!

Dona: we will see bunny again

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Rush: Not this one.

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Dona: Another great evening Rush. Thank you!

Rush: Paul Englan was Bunny.

Rush: His only Chan movie.

Mike n Rach in DC has left this room

Rush: (England)

Rush: Take care, again…

Dona: mmmmmmm

Dona: See everyone next week.

Rush: Good night, Dona and Paul….

Dona: night all!

Rush: And you!

Rush: Good night…

Rush: Enjoy the good weather, Dona!

Rush: Good night….

Rush: 🙂

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