Chat Archive 2/14/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 14, 2022

Charlie Chan in Egypt

l’angel et napoleon fox/the pyramid schemers A&F
Len Freeman
Mrs Phil & Phil
Rich Maine

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Rush: Hello, Louise!

Louise: Hi Rush trhought I would come early to talk

Rush: How are you tonight?

Rush: happy to talk!

Louise: Good. Busy week since I was curator for an ar show that had to be hung and then opened yesterday.

Louise: So where are we on the website

Rush: Very good! brings back fond memories for me.

Rush: I would like to try to go ahead with the migration.

Rush: I think I am happy with the text styles and the colors we had.

Louise: Let’s do it. I am around this week anf free from distractions

Louise: What can I do

Rush: I downloaded the mirgation thing from tripod.

Louise: Oh ggod, you got the files

Louise: good

Rush: I guess just be there to answer a question or two as things start off.

Louise: I’m tying to type and eat pizza at the same time!

Rush: I need to download the files I guess then trans fer them over to WP.

Rush: I am not too sure how that happens.

Louise: Okay, set the day and time and we can have a chat going

Rush: i drag all of them, i guess.

Rush: And, i imagine that there will be a TION to bring over.

Rush: (TON)

Louise: So can you send me the thing you downloaded from Tripod so I can see what it is?

Rush: Yes.

Louise: ok

Rush: It’s called FileZilla.

Louise: okay, I will look at it

Rush: TYSM!

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Jack: Hi al

Jack: all

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Elron: Morning All!!

Rush: Hello, Jack and Elron!

Rush: ood evening!

Rush: (Good)

Jack: Hi Rush

Rush: 🙂

Louise: I’ll be back for Egypt…

Jack: Hi Elron

Rush: Okay, Louise!

Rush: TYSM!

Jack: See you in a bit Louise

Rush: So, tonight we venture over to Egypt with Charlie Chan!

Rush: Lee is not assisting this time.

Rush: This is the third of the “connected” adventures.

Jack: Next up is Shanghai correct?

Rush: “Shanghai,” next week could probably be considered a “fourth” one.

Elron: Rush no Radio Chan tonight?

Rush: yes.

Elron: Don’t see the link for it.

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai” is next week!

Rush: The link for tonight’s movie is located above.

Jack: A favorite for me

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Egypt”

Rush: Mine too!

Elron: I got that. Talking about the radio broadcast. Not doing those anymore?

Rush: I never did one of those, sorry!

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Rush: SB!


sarabell2: Hello Everybody

Rush: Hello!

Elron: My favorite is Charlie Chan Meeting at Midnight!

Rush: AH!

Rush: That’s a great Monogram picture!

Rush: I love how chan has a daughter helping him.

Rush: Frances.

Elron: yep.

Rush: interestingly: Frances Chan is portrayed by…Frances Chan!

sarabell2: Hello Jack and Elron, Are you new or is this another incognito name thingy?

Rush: Returnees.

Louise: sarabell you are so funny

Elron: When I make it I drop in from time to time.

Elron: can

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sarabell2: I got to confess my confusion on this site sometimes. Hello Louise

mda19083: hello folks

sarabell2: Hello MDA

Louise: I am off to eat my pizza so I don’t gum up my keyboard. Back soon…

Rush: MDA!

mda19083: hello sb

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Elron: Rush do you think we might be able to do The House without a Key? It was the only Chan movie that didn’t have his name in it. from 1926.

mda19083: greetings rush

sarabell2: OK, I just took a wet paintbrush to mine with soapy water. Worked great

sarabell2: Elron, it that a silent?

Rush: If only we had it available to us, Elron!

Rush: It was made into a silent serial and is now lost.

Rush: Yes, SB.

mda19083: brush on the soapy water – on the pizza or the keyboard

Elron: Well Rush I will search heaven and earth to find a copy. I thought I seen one somewhere.

Rush: Be careful with water and keyboards!

Rush: 🙂

sarabell2: I was sloppy and got it on both. I used air cleaners, q tips, nothing worked, but this did. Just my redneck ways.

sarabell2: Oh it was damp, not wet.

Elron: Rush keyboards love water. You get interesting typing at that point. lol

Rush: It was the basis for “Charlie Chan’s Greatest case,” which is also lost.

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Rush: However, we DO have an illustrated script-reconstruction available here to read thru!

sarabell2: Hi Dave.

Rush: Dave!


Dave: Greetings, Chan fans!

Rush: Greeting to YOU as well!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: dave!

Dave: how are you doing this evening?

Jack: Hi Dave

Dave: Hello, rush, sb and mda, jack, and elron.Is Louise back yet?

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DanVenture: Ta-Dah! I remembered! Hopefully before the show starts…

Jack: Has everyone had a good week?

Dave: Good so far…more adventures coming….

Jack: Same here

Rush: Hello, DV!

mda19083: jack – since it is only Monday, my week has been great – and you?


Rush: W

Elron: Hi Dave!

Jack: Going to a little film gathering this weekend. Last year one of the movies we watched was Castle in the Desert.

Dave: Monday evening is a refresher for the coming days…

Rush: Happy Valentine’s Day, by the way!

Jack: Hoping for another Chan on the big screen

Dave: Hello, again Elron

Rush: FiYes, jack, that could be something.

Dave: Castle is one of my sleeper faves.

Rush: However, i doubt it would bear any resemblance to the Chan movies that we know and love!

mda19083: since we are in Egypt this evening, I have brought my baksheesh

mda19083: greetings dv

Dave: Gazunheit

sarabell2: Howdy DV

sarabell2: Funny, Dave

Dave: I try for moderate chuckles.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: You got mine!

Dave: Not outright prolonged laughter

Rush: 15 minutes till showtime!

Dave: Looking forward to the beautiful Rita Cansino…

Rush: Yes!

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: NT!

Rush: Good evening!

sarabell2: Hi NT

Nothere: Greetings shaibs. Were do we tier up our camels?

Dave: hello, nt…


Dave: One hump or two…

Nothere: One

Rush: No camels tonight…just a donkey.

Nothere: The ship of the desert has sailed. But I have no standard comments about donkeys in the dessert.

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mda19083: no camel or donkey for me – i have brought my a__ along though

Dave: Dessert? uh oh…

Rich Maine: Evening all, happy v day!

Nothere: Hi rich

Rush: if the camel is the ship of the desert, perhaps the donkey is the rowboat?

mda19083: hello rich

Dave: evening, rich…

Rush: Good evening, Rich!

Nothere: Careful grabbing the oars Rush.

Rich Maine: Hi nt, mda, Rush, Dave

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: A very cold night here, Egypt sounds good

Rush: 9 minutes to go..

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Yes, Rich!

Jack: Rush- I appreciated your write up regarding the credits of tonights feature

Dave: hello, dona

Rush: Hello, DONA!

mda19083: greetings dona

Jack: Hi Dona

Jack: And anyone I may havve missed

Rush: WELCOME to our SoCal representative!

Dona: Good to see everyone.

Dona: Looking forward to a trip to Egypt

Rush: Likewise, Dona!

sarabell2: Hi Dona

hounder has joined this room

Rush: Hounder!

sarabell2: Hi hounder

Rush: Good evening!

hounder: hi everyone.

Dona: Hi Hounder

mda19083: hello hounder

Dave: the return of hounder

Rush: I hope that tonight finds you and your mom well.

hounder: quite a crowd tonight!

Nothere: Hey Hound

Rush: We broke 20 last week!

hounder: pretty well. thanks

Jack: I had such a good time last week I returned

Dona: Was that our best Rush?

Nothere: 12 one more and we are accursed. 2 more and we have Valentines Day.

Rush: Good to hear.

hounder: yay jack

mda19083: still a few empty seats down in front

Dona: We are glad to have you back Jack

Rush: I think we had around 25 one time.

Jack: Thanks- much appreciated TYSM

hounder: always empty seats in the front. lol

Nothere: Roll up Roll up. Plenty of room.

Rush: 🙂

Louise: Getting crowded in this theatre,,,

Dave: Need a spot next to the aisle…

Nothere: Center seat middle of the theatre.

Rich Maine: Close to men’s room, please

Dona: lol

Rush: 11 minutes…

Louise: I need to be near the snack stands

Rush: Please pause your copies at the OPENING TITLE….

sarabell2: No crying babies either, thank you

mda19083: i found gum under my seat

Elron: Will there be an intermission for snacks? lol

Dave: how does it taste?

Jack: Pass the popcorn please

mda19083: and silence your cell phones/devices please

Rich Maine: No recording devices of any kind

Elron: mda no cell phones in the 1930’s. lol

Dona: I’d like the bar seating please

Mrs Phil & Phil has joined this room

Nothere: Peanuts, Popcorn, OVerpriced Candy and Soda.

Rush: 4 1/2 minutes…

Nothere: Hey Phils.

Dona: Hi M&M Phil

Mrs Phil & Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends!

Nothere: We have Valentines Day

Rush: Hello, Mrs and Mr Phil!

mda19083: the phils are here!

Rush: Welcome back!

Dave: mrs phil and phil have arrived

Elron: Just one more Nothere. lol

Rush: Great to have you with us again!

Len Freeman has joined this room

Mrs Phil & Phil: Ah it’s great to see you all.

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

mda19083: the phils count as 2

Rush: Is everyone ready?

Dona: Hi Lwn

Rush: pause at the TITLE!

Dona: Len

Len Freeman: Hi all…

Elron: then we are at 15 then. lol

hounder: thanks for the reminder ny. happy valentines day everyone.

Rush: Hello, LEN!

Rush: Good evening!

hounder: hi len

Rush: THREE minutes…

mda19083: hello len – we now have 15

Nothere: Hey Len

Mrs Phil & Phil: How many did we have last week? Seems like it was a record?

mda19083: cued here

Len Freeman: Hi Rush & Dona, Hounder MD

Dave: If someone is schizophrenic, does that count for more?

Dona: lol

Len Freeman: MRS LEN is here tonight too… Lindsay, so add us both into the numbers

Rush: Note the opening music. It was taken from the tomb scene at the 55 minute mark.

mda19083: 2 heads are better than 1

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

Dave: maybe our friend Sybill could join?


hounder: hi gs

Rush: Ready everyone?

Nothere: Hey God

Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Mrs Phil & Phil: Hi gs


Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Rush: GS!

Rush: WELCOME!!!!

hounder: ready

Dona: Hi GS!

Elron: cued!

Jack: Me too

Len Freeman: Hello GS

mda19083: full house and 2 minutes to go

Dave: welcome!

Len Freeman: A good film brings a good crowd

Godwinshelley2: Happy Valentine’s Day all

Rush: 90 seconds…

Nothere: HA HA Today I have a computer where the W key works. What Words Would I Wish

Rush: 75 seconds…

Dave: Wonderful

Dona: Yes Happy Valentines day to all.

Louise: CUED

Rush: 60 seconds…

Mrs Phil & Phil: qd

Jack: HVD to all!

Rush: 50 seconds…

Nothere: No kissing till the lights go down.

Elron: lol

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Godwinshelley2: the suspense

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Nothere: The drama

mda19083: is killing me

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: GONG!!!

Rush: Title….

Godwinshelley2: Very basic font

Rush: Music….

Rush: You will here water here…

Nothere: The basic font

Jack: Rough cut

Godwinshelley2: Do you think they had to piece together this film from fragments

Mrs Phil & Phil: I don’t see Matt here tonight

Rush: That will be explained as we see the scene in the tomb later.

Rush: He’s away tonight.

Godwinshelley2: Ah – excuse me while I get my phez

Nothere: Weird those glyphs read burgers 14 sheckles.

mda19083: use the big hammer

Jack: lol

l’angel et napoleon fox has joined this room

Dave: Not gonna do it without the fez on…

Nothere: Hey Angel.

l’angel et napoleon fox has left this room

l’angel et napoleon fox has joined this room

l’angel et napoleon fox has left this room

hounder: lol. butt shot framing

Jack: J Carrol Naish?

Dave: Jack Webb production

Rush: Angel….and Fox!

Nothere: See what not wearing your fez has done Dave?


hounder: come back angel and fox

Dona: Hi Angel and Fox i think

mda19083: a and f!

Jack: No- its not him

the pyramid schemers A&F has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: That did look like Naish

Elron: interesting how they got it out and the back of the stone was smooth.

Dona: You made it back A&F

the pyramid schemers A&F: It’s us! Hi JACK (hehehe) and ALL!!

Dona: Yay

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cue the can

Jack: I hate it when that happens


the pyramid schemers A&F: We’re at (2:45). Yes? No?

Louise: A can already?

Rich Maine: Woops

Nothere: So 16 with at least 2 pairs makes 18

the pyramid schemers A&F: Louise, i was gonna say the same!!

Nothere: 320\

Rush: 3:30

Dona: 3:30

Godwinshelley2: 3:30

Jack: I at 3:37

the pyramid schemers A&F: Thanks, GS / Dona / Rush / Jack!!!!

Jack: Airplane shadow

Rush: Reminds one of the finding of King Tut’s tomb.

mda19083: I am not revealing my age

Dona: I love the way Charlie is holding onto his hat

Nothere: Uh oh adas. Prepare to be all over the place time wise.

Jack: Id love to visit the pyramids

Rush: Chan probably flew across from somewhere in Italy.

the pyramid schemers A&F: We had to rrrrrrrrrrush to make it—-shoulda had Charlie’s biplane (or some kinda plane)!!

DanVenture: Yes I get the feeling that the discovery of King Tut’s tomb was kind of like the Moon Landing in our time. Everyone fascinated by it.

Dona: Me too Jack

Louise: Beautiful aerial views

the pyramid schemers A&F: Not that there’s anything wrong with us.

the pyramid schemers A&F: I like the Moon.

Rush: 4:50

Dona: Yes A&F sure beats the freeways

Dave: love the views, too

the pyramid schemers A&F: Rush, we are EXACTLY on Egyptian Time. Thanks!!

Dave: No donkey comment

the pyramid schemers A&F: Nice legs!

mda19083: FYI – the moon landing was a hoax

Jack: Stepin

hounder: bad location to sit when riding donkey

Rush: dragoman – A near eastern interpreter, agent, or guide for travelers. Dragoman: “I best dragoman in Luxor!”

the pyramid schemers A&F: mda: you & we must convene sometime.

Louise: Charlie treats Snowshoes quite nicely but he is still and unfortunate character

Rush: Lincoln Perry.

Dona: My dad worked on the moon landing

Rush: Yes, Louise.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Was there ever a Luxor Radio Theater?

Louise: Done: the fke one???

Louise: fake

Jack: Good question pyramid

Godwinshelley2: Dona wheat did he do

mda19083: the moon landing – it was filmed in Hollywood

Mrs Phil & Phil: “Mister ain’t there no place where you ain’t” What a line.

Rush: At the very end of the movie, the door was left open for him to continue on with Chan.

hounder: cool dona. my husband worked on apollo 11

Godwinshelley2: what

Louise: oh, forget it, I just ruined the joke

the pyramid schemers A&F: REALLY nice legs!

Len Freeman has left this room

Dona: No the real one.

Rush: Really, Hounder?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Did Len go to get his fez?

Rush: Never knew that!

Dona: Nice Hounder

Rush: baksheesh – (Egyptian) (1) Almsgiving. (2) For services rendered. (3) For the granting of favors.

Nothere: Hey I’m the one whos Not here Phils

Dona: Growing up at Vandenberg I have a love for space

Louise: That fortune teller in Mississippi was correct

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: I take up space

Dave: mda, haha

Nothere: But was i8t a Madame Saturna or Eve Cario relative?

Rush: effendi – (Turkish) Master; sir; a title of a Turkish state official and man of learning, especially one learned in the law.

Dona: lol mda

the pyramid schemers A&F: Did anybody check to see if the doors on the “lunar” landers was locked? Be terrible if “we” went back to find LL gone. Have to call CC for LL.

Jack: Thomas Beck- enjoy his acting

the pyramid schemers A&F: mda, i call my attic the Space Center.

mda19083: forgot my fez

Dave: which films was Beck in?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Those sugar cubes could contain LSD.

Jack: Another Chan I believe

mda19083: A&F – priceless!

Dave: familiar face…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Mapocheri is the drug of the day

hounder: yes rush. he worked on gyros of guidance systems and electronic systems

the pyramid schemers A&F: CC in a THREE-PIECE suit in the Big E?

Rush has left this room

Rush has joined this room

the pyramid schemers A&F: I like gyros. Delicious.

Rush: Beck was in…

Jack: Ah- Barry the violinist

Rush: Charlie Chan in Paris: Victor Descartes
Charlie Chan in Egypt: Tom Evans
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Bruce Rogers
Charlie Chan at the Opera: Phil Childers

Rich Maine: Drinking hot tea

Dave: wow…

mda19083: there is a bill pending to legalize recreational mapuchari

Jack: I thought so

Jack: A regular

Rush: Just what we need, MDA….

Elron: pyramid there was a lux radio theater. Here is the picture to show you. Location unknown at the moment.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Back Jenny! With Larry Mivingston, Hill Pharris and Dennis Day!

the pyramid schemers A&F: BTW, TODAY is Jack Benny’s birthday!!

Rush: 39?

Dona: yes

Dave: Again

Dona: always

the pyramid schemers A&F: They could use a Great Seal of California someplace in this place.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Frank Conway. Who, strangely enough is not listed in the credits.

Rush: Nefertiti head in the background.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: (Cough…)

Rush: WB, Len!

mda19083: spoiler alert – Dad is far away

Nothere: Sure are a lot of electric lights in the desert.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Rush, Jack is 128 today!

Nothere: Hey again Len

Len Freeman: somehow I keep going in and out

Rush: Sorry, len…

Dave: revolving door

Nothere: Did you offend Set Len?

Len Freeman: it’s Ok… I’ll just tumble along

Rush: Proof given for stolen relics.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Dang those Frenchies!

Len Freeman: very undisturbed

Dave: These are also available in Times Square….

Rush: Napata – An ancient city of Nubia near the Fourth Cataract of the Nile River in modern-day Sudan. It flourished during the eighth century BC.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Actually, the 88th anniversary of his first 39th birthday.

the pyramid schemers A&F: In Times Square AND Times Roman.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Jack: Rita

Rush: Nayda….Rita Cansino.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Bette Davis woulda been great there.

Rush: 🙂

Dave: yay!,

Rush: She was already established by this time, though!

Nothere: No one tell Eve about my discussion with Rita later.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Just think of Bette Davis thighs; we mean, eyes.

Rush: Or…ayes.

mda19083: time to fire up the flouroscope

Rush: Yes.

the pyramid schemers A&F: This is his stereo room.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Think he has an interocitor?

Nothere: That is one tall mummy.

Nothere: Not put together A&F

the pyramid schemers A&F: Looks like Vengeance.

mda19083: the daddy of all mummies

Len Freeman: old mummy === maybe

Rush: Maybe….NOT!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty, they’re SUPPOSED to have received a catalog by now, an unexplained catalog from Nobody Ordered This.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Looks like the Partridge Family logo!

Nothere: No it was just a varnish worker who didn’t finish his work 3 thousand years ago.

Len Freeman: alechem salaam?

Dave: Lands End catalog?

Nothere: Choo choo larue?

Rush: Sounded like that, Len.

Louise: Okay, let’s open the mummy case very carefully…or not

the pyramid schemers A&F: Lotta secondary characters found romance in the CC series.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty: so WE’RE supposed to finish it for them?

mda19083: kitten

Nothere: No archeaologists were harmed in the making of this movie.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

hounder: wow! only 3 men to lift the sarcauphagud!

Dave: haha, nt

Nothere: Yep A$F

the pyramid schemers A&F: Can they fluoroscope flour? Or do they need a flourscope?

Len Freeman: I think the phrase for real sounds just the opposite salaam allechem

Rush: Look for fillings in the teeth.

Elron: FYI.. Ancient Egyptian tallest person was 5ft 6in.

the pyramid schemers A&F: It’s DENTIST DAY!

Rush: That would also prove it to ne a modern body.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Swallowed their credit card?

hounder: flouroscope

Dave: There’s a cellphone there!


Rich Maine: Wow

Rush: GASP!!!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cue the can

the pyramid schemers A&F: Dave, that’s what i was thinking! I figured it for a credit card cuz i didn’t know if Egypt had good wifi in 1935.

Jack: Yikes



Louise: Carol is noisy

Len Freeman: OK — feels don’t fail me now

Mrs Phil & Phil: TYSM Rush

Dave: Bad signal, though

Len Freeman: feets

the pyramid schemers A&F: Them too.

the pyramid schemers A&F: *scream*

Rush: My feets too!

mda19083: lights

mda19083: a screamer

Dave: aiiiaaaaaayyy

mda19083: dig the mood music

Nothere: Dude when the statue has glowing eyes come back in the morning. Thats the rule.

Dona: don’t do it

the pyramid schemers A&F: Have an Arab Scarab, i been whippin’ ’em off all afternoon!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Barry….

Jack: Creepy Barry

the pyramid schemers A&F: Feets didn’t fail her.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: In her case: pleats.

Nothere: Barry is totally sane the jackels out his window told him.

Rush: 🙂

Elron: They always blame the father. What about the mother? lol

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty :P :P :P

Len Freeman: A touch ov overacting was dwight’s style

Dave: More gauze on the camera!,,

the pyramid schemers A&F: Len, the “o” word i very nearly used. Geez, he gets the award.

Rush: Yes, dave.

Dave: Get Barry a setadid….

Elron: They never say a father is coming. they always say a mummy is coming.

Rush: Nice sets in this film.

Nothere: Have you noticed how many rooms have no door?

the pyramid schemers A&F: We’re at (24:20). yES?

Mrs Phil & Phil: Corinthian style pedestals holing up the Egyptian arch.

Rush: 25

Mrs Phil & Phil: holding

Rush: 25:10

Rush: 25:20

the pyramid schemers A&F: Noty, i’d been just about to mention the prevalence of round portals here.

Nothere: Hey I’m pretty close despite 2 ads. Wonder how I got 9 minutes behind last time.

Rush: Sorry about the ads!

Nothere: Portals. Of course. The house was built my a frustrated sub maker.

the pyramid schemers A&F: The ads screw us up here horrible.

Rush: That’s getting to be a problem with YouTube.

Nothere: Why Rush you didn’t do it.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Portals for mortals.

Louise: It has been 10 years since I started Chan Chats on Monday nights and once again both my husband and son call me just now. GUYS! It’s Chan Chat night! SIGH.

Elron: hmm. I didn’t get an ad.

Rush: But, still sorry.

the pyramid schemers A&F: If Wendell Willkie had played this smart guy, he’da won in 1940.

Elron: Time so I can sync with the rest please.

hounder: lol louise. the world just doesn’t undestand

Jack: Im watching the DVD- grainy transfer however

Louise: True, hounder

Nothere: Their jealous of you Louise.

Mrs Phil & Phil: 27:34

Dave: louise, new relatives might be expensive

Louise: Nothere: maybe, it proves I have contact with the outside world

Len Freeman has left this room

Mrs Phil & Phil: 28:00

Louise: Dave…but I am considering it

Rush: Lost Len again…

mda19083: time to take a powder

the pyramid schemers A&F: Grainy Transfer: isn’t she the scantily-clad terpsichorean from the hush-classic Blue Brown Derby?

Nothere: Outside world? What is this outsiude world you speak of?

Jack: lol

Elron: Thanks Mrs Phil & Phil

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty: :-D :-D :-D

Mrs Phil & Phil: Glad to help

Louise: Oh Barry, you are pathetic

Len Freeman has joined this room

Nothere: Quick Barry say something weird and creepy.

Rush: Barry breaks down…

Len Freeman: Barry goes mystic

Rush: WB, Len….

the pyramid schemers A&F: Trouble WITH natives, trouble WITHOUT natives. Decide if you’re going to do more exporting or less importing, & THEN call us back.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Barry, see what opioids can do to you?

Jack: Poor Barry

Rush: Yes, Mrs and Mr Phil!

Dave: An advert from a drub company

Dave: drug

Nothere: Oh you have it there. Eh Mister I carry everything wwith me?

Nothere: Soft like asprin or hard like advil Dave?

Rich Maine: Charlie arrived with no luggage?

Rush: A real flivver!

the pyramid schemers A&F: In the never-aired 1975 series, Mayberry Sheriff Andy Taylor’s son started a band. OF COURSE they were called The Opie-oids!

Mrs Phil & Phil: I don’t see how the pajamas for that guy could fit CC.

Dave: Would you give this guy the keys?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Dave, i’d give him the TITLE.

Rush: No luggage! Needed to borrow pajamas!

Nothere: Sure Dave give em to Barry instead. You take what you got.

Mrs Phil & Phil: What about underwear?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Sounded like a Chinese laundry truck fulla tetragene drove up.

Rush: The ever-present ring on CC’s finger.

mda19083: did someone say tetragene

the pyramid schemers A&F: And on his collar.

Dave: exploded outside the stadium

Nothere: No Tana leaves.

Rush: 🙂

the pyramid schemers A&F: mda, you KNOW it’s always on our minds here.

Rush: Important clue here.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Lyrics to The Hokey Pokey.

Len Freeman: jHmmm

Mrs Phil & Phil: Tetragene and the lights going out.

mda19083: a&f – we have one track minds

the pyramid schemers A&F: The Phils: =) :lol: :-D

Rush: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Which is going to happen fairly soon.

the pyramid schemers A&F: If you didn’t hire no glyphics you wouldn’t be having no problems.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Professor Arnold Ziffel.

Dave: fire those glyphics…

mda19083: egg foo who?

Rich Maine: No battery

the pyramid schemers A&F: Dave: :-D :-D :-D

Rush: hants – (Slang – Southern U.S.) Ghosts or other supernatural beings.

the pyramid schemers A&F: And he was just becoming a Rastaman!

mda19083: vaping

the pyramid schemers A&F: At our North Carolina palace, i worry that hants will steal my pants.

Rush: Yes, MDA.

the pyramid schemers A&F: I want an equal number of rooms and anti-rooms in my house.

mda19083: lights – ON

Mrs Phil & Phil: Smokin’ that whacky tobaccy

Rush: YOW!

Dave: uh oh!,

Rich Maine: Lights!

Jack: Alexa- turn out lights

Rush: That would freak me out too!

the pyramid schemers A&F: You can get nice alabaster jars at Alabaster City. It gleams.

Elron: now that was a close shave.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Told you about those lights.

Rush: Elron: 🙂

Nothere: Snowshoes may talk slow but he’ll cut ya.

Elron: I know bad joke. lol

Rush: Shadow of the killer!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Holy Gillette, Elron!!

Dave: elron, just what I thought

sarabell2: Sorry, have t leave early but thank you all and happy Valentines day

mda19083: later SB

Dave: so long, sb

Godwinshelley2: night sb

Dona: good to see you sarabell

Rush: Luxor – The Luxor area of Upper Egypt was the Thebes of the ancient Egyptians – the capital of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms. Today it is famous for its temples and the nearby Valley of the Kings.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Sarabell, good night!!

Elron: great minds think alike Dave.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Once again we have a conveniently placed heavy object just ready to be dropped on CC

sarabell2 has left this room

the pyramid schemers A&F: Could you have ordered one Thebe in those days?

Louise: I went to Luxor years ago

the pyramid schemers A&F: Hot babes.

Len Freeman has left this room

the pyramid schemers A&F: LOUISE IN LUXOR!!

Rush: Yes, Louise?


the pyramid schemers A&F: Len fell out?

Dona: WoW Louise

Godwinshelley2: They wouldn’t let us go to Egypt in the 80s because of my husband’s clearance

Rush: Interesting!

Dave: Low clearance…?

Elron: Louise, if you find gold let me know. I dropped some coins almost lost my shirt.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Was he too high or too low?

mda19083: baksheesh

the pyramid schemers A&F: He got a broken jaw or sumpin?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Frontsheesh.

Rush: Let the bowing begin!

mda19083: crazy neck tie

Louise: It was cool…probably can never go back

Dave: rush: yes

the pyramid schemers A&F: mda, i’ve worn neckties with collar turned up, a few times. I felt GREAT.

Rush: I would love to see it.

Rush: Who knows?

Dave: louise: sounds great, did you get pictures?

the pyramid schemers A&F: How many fezzes you think are in this movie?

Nothere: My Mustache is bigger than yours. Hail Eygpt

Mrs Phil & Phil: I say…4 fezzes.

mda19083: shriners convention in town

Rush: 🙂

the pyramid schemers A&F: She only takes what don’t belong to her, see? Slide in, see, have an Oyle Beer, see?

Nothere: But who has the top fez?

Louise: It’s a 4 Fez movie” Shocking.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Harpo & Lucy needed there.

Rush: Fez Fest.

Godwinshelley2: Sons of the Desert convention

Dave: Fez-taval

the pyramid schemers A&F: Louise, i’ve heard Fez Flicks are all the rage in Amsterdam.

Rush: Dave: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Good one Dave

hounder: sorry. pinball in the universe here tonight.

Louise: I would watch more Fez Flicks

Rush: 🙂

the pyramid schemers A&F: Louise, i’ll fire up my VHS player.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Charlie’s going to work

Rich Maine: Anyone see my fex dispenser?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Rich, PLEASE!!

Rush: Rich…you beat me to it!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Four Fez films werefilmed in Finnland.

mda19083: hats sold using automated machine – fez dispenser

Rich Maine: 🙂

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty, :-O :-O :-O

Dave: rich, credit where. credit is due

the pyramid schemers A&F: You can’t force forceps even if a woodchuck chucks your wood.

Nothere: What hat does a racehorse wear? Derby.

Dave: mda, hooray

mda19083: NT/NH 🙂

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty, you are sparkling tonight!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Bury Barry/

Rush: Pretty soon…

mda19083: creepy violin music

Mrs Phil & Phil: Damn..I must be on mapochari!

the pyramid schemers A&F: MAPOCHARI!

mda19083: we may need some more cans

the pyramid schemers A&F: Reality? Or REALTY?

the pyramid schemers A&F: Drugged all the way from Peach Street.

Rush: Comin’ up.

Louise: Choke Choke

Mrs Phil & Phil: Cue the can

the pyramid schemers A&F: We do, doodley do, what we must, muddley must.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Jack: Dropping like flies

Len Freeman: Gnight Bary


the pyramid schemers A&F: Dropping, but popping back up!

Mrs Phil & Phil: TYSM Rush

Nothere: KI also know the symptoms of BErri Berri but that dosen’;t mean I know it at once.

Dave: I thought it was Too much ramen noodles…

the pyramid schemers A&F: He had a GREAT fall!!

Rush: You are welcome…

Rich Maine: Dead!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Food poisoning

Nothere: Eh I’ve seen better falls.

the pyramid schemers A&F: No smoking gun, but a smoking jacket in 36 Medium.

Rush: 🙂

Mrs Phil & Phil: Death in the key of E

Dave: A/f: great!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Notty, next summer i’m going to Greece, then leaving for a fall of Rome.

mda19083: it was that awful music he was playing


the pyramid schemers A&F: mda =) =) :lol: :-D :-D :w00t: :P

the pyramid schemers A&F: You need an extension cord.

Mrs Phil & Phil: “Seein’ if anything’s behind us before it gets there ahead of us.”

the pyramid schemers A&F: THAT’S a Birmingham Brown line, like!

Rush: At the 51-minute mark, we will hear the music that was “added” to the title sequence of the movie.

hounder: like this line from life to death is reach of man

Rush: Complete with stirring water sound heard in that tomb scene.

Rush: Yes, hounder.

Rush: And so true.

Rush: There’s the water.

Rich Maine: Oasis

Dave: Ad for Little Cleopatras Pizza

Rush: HM!

Nothere: Cleopatras? That a joke or one I’ve never heard of?

Mrs Phil & Phil: I hope that water is more than 3 feet deep or we’re going to have a nasty lawsuit on our hands.

Rush: Check the depth!!!

Rush: Oh well!

Dona: he left his shoes on

Rush: Listen here….

Len Freeman has left this room

mda19083: all new material in the chat room tonight

Louise: Cough

Dave: I love Charlie practical thoughts

Rush: Sound like the beginning of the film?

Dona: I saw them when he dove then they were gone

Rush: Water sound.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Charlie always carries a waterproof flashlight when he’s in the desert.

mda19083: death on the nile

Rush: In the opening music too.

Nothere: The crocidiles in the river are quite surprised to see these strange things.

Rush: I believe it was added to “reconstruct” the title sequence of this movie.

mda19083: a 10 from the judges

mda19083: for the dive

Rush: The original was probably lost.

the pyramid schemers A&F: These pyramids are making me thirsty.

Godwinshelley2: So the opening was lost?

Louise: and the Alligators in the sewers agree

the pyramid schemers A&F: Louise, that’s why they’re in the sewers.

Godwinshelley2: Do you think there may have been more scenes before the airplane

Nothere: A reconstruction? Someone call Bunny.

Dave: Russian judge scored lower…

Rush: The white shoes are the giveaway.

mda19083: the booty

Mrs Phil & Phil: I count 3 shots

the pyramid schemers A&F: (53:00)?

Nothere: Ah yes the easy open Egyptian tomb.

Rush: 53:50

Mrs Phil & Phil: 54

the pyramid schemers A&F: SHEIK the booty!

Rush: 54

Rush: 54:10

Dave: Easy Open Tomb, by Kenner!

Rush: 54:20

Mrs Phil & Phil: Ah we’re in synch tonight Rush

mda19083: open sesame

Rush: 54:30

mda19083: thats gotta hurt

Dave: Sez a You

Nothere: Thats not very Pharoh of you A&F

mda19083: saz a me

mda19083: sez

Mrs Phil & Phil: She’s thinking “What the heck is he saying?”

Rush: Nayda acts a bit suspiciously….

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Chan “re-enacts” the death.

Rush: WB, again, Len.

Rush: Sorry about the revolving door for you tonight.

Rich Maine: Sherlock Holmes violin

Nothere: Bout time. I’ll take her to a room and probe her. Pointless, but she is the least obvious suspect.

Rush: Broken capsule.

Len Freeman: Great shot of CC

Rush: Yes.

Dave: Love that shot

Godwinshelley2: Yes that was a great closeup – you could see the wheels turning

mda19083: hey – that was a rare stradavarius

the pyramid schemers A&F: f/stop Fitzgerald advised the cinematographer on that last close-up.

Nothere: What can I tell you Mda? Killers don’t respect art.

Rush: Interesting flame.

Jack: So smart

Rush: Yes.

Mrs Phil & Phil: I find it very interesting that they show him actually heating the glass.

mda19083: plenty of guilty looking people here tonight

Jack: Yes

Nothere: The old glass broken by a particular note releasing the posion gas. Seen it three times last week.

Len Freeman: Rita really has a pretty significant part in this film

the pyramid schemers A&F: Crack pipes weren’t free then.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Lovely Rita!

Dave: a/f: true

mda19083: fez alert

the pyramid schemers A&F: Cheese greater.

Nothere: But you have to admit shes the least likely suspect from what the …oh wait. No Snowshoes least likely followed by Narda.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Wait…I revise my fez count to 6

Dona: i hate that scene

the pyramid schemers A&F: Phils, i was just thinking the fezzes are quite outta control.

Godwinshelley2: are they fez-tooned


Mrs Phil & Phil: It’s a veritable fez explosion.

Dave: gs: indeed

the pyramid schemers A&F: And dragged down by dregs of bitter tea.

Len Freeman: Problem… that CC get the right thinness

Rush: POP!!!

Rush: Yes, Len.

Nothere has left this room

the pyramid schemers A&F: InGEEEEEEEEENyus!!

Rush: Indeed!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Uh-oh.

mda19083: very ingenious

Mrs Phil & Phil: Egg FU Omlet again.

PaulM has joined this room

the pyramid schemers A&F: Join us in the Tomb Room, Paul!

Rush: This one is pretty unique as the identity of the killer was reveled to US earlier.

Dave: right, rush…

Len Freeman: Oland did CC so well…

the pyramid schemers A&F: Fox & i are flattered to have been let into confidence.

Jack: He react dud

Rush: Agreed, Len.

Dona: agreed Len

Jack: did

the pyramid schemers A&F: TYSM

hounder: back

the pyramid schemers A&F: What a weasel.

the pyramid schemers A&F: TYSM

Dona: He looked happy about waiting

Rush: Yes.

Rush: He can enjoy the ciger.

Rush: Cigar

Mrs Phil & Phil: After watching this movie I’m going to start smoking and wearing a fez around the house.

Dave: Time for more eye makeup, lads!,,

Rush: Will Mrs. Phil be happy about that?

PaulM: hi gang. sorry i havent been around much lately. im currently in Arizona to take care of my mom

Rush: devoted sister.

Jack: This movie has such a different feel to it. It seems older than it is somehow

Rich Maine: I just ordered a set of fez on amazon

mda19083: phil – you will be smokin’ hot in that fez

Dona: Hi Paul

Len Freeman: hmmmmm

Mrs Phil & Phil: She’ll be smoking the cigars.

Dave: Big fan of hers?

Dona: Nice to see you

hounder: hi paul. hope your mom is doing ok.


  • Phil: 🙂

Len Freeman: Hi Paul

the pyramid schemers A&F: Rich, we knew we could depend on you! Sam The Sham is getting back with the Pharaohs, & your fezzes could get them and us ALL on Ed Sullivan.

Mrs Phil & Phil: WHY would you want to open the window?

Rush: Just happy to have you with us, Paul!

the pyramid schemers A&F: That’s a rather intimate exam.

Dona: She knows

Mrs Phil & Phil: Doc’s going to hit her with a little mapochari.

PaulM: she was in hospital for 2 weeks with Colitis. now shes in rehab and doing better

Dave: she figured it out

mda19083: the old missing lancet line

Rush: Note the change of his expression….

Dona: Good to hear Paul.

the pyramid schemers A&F: I hate the lancet line. Love the Drake.


mda19083: A&F 🙂

Jack: un oh

the pyramid schemers A&F: Exactly.


Rich Maine: I’ll cut you sucka

hounder: aught in the act

Dave: lookout!,,

the pyramid schemers A&F: WHAT A LOOK!

Mrs Phil & Phil: Now if only the lights would go out.

Rush: Snowshoes came through.

Len Freeman: Snowshoes to the rescue

Rich Maine: Double fez

the pyramid schemers A&F: YAY!!

Rush: Yet another shock for her.

the pyramid schemers A&F: What a weasewwy wascal.

Dave: A fez-tastic turn to the case…

Mrs Phil & Phil: Those look like 32 caliber bullets.

Rush: Could be.

Rush: Yes.

Mrs Phil & Phil: Just a guess on my part

the pyramid schemers A&F: Dave, our estimate the same.

Len Freeman: Ah… she knew?

Rush: About the right size.

Rush: Sounds like Snowshoes would like to go with CC.

Jack: Yay

Rush: Abrupt end here.

Jack: Good job Chan

Len Freeman: Snowshoes… I’ll going along with you


mda19083: TYSM

Rush: (Applause…)

Dave: great ending…

hounder: odd how it just ends.

Rush: Well!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Do they get to keep the fezzes?

Dona: <WAHOO>

Rich Maine: Good job! Tysm

Rush: next week…

Len Freeman: Did they ever discuss Stepin continuing in the role?

Jack: Very well

the pyramid schemers A&F: What a wrap!

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai”

Dona: another good on wrapped

mda19083: great film – one of my faves

Mrs Phil & Phil: My favorite I think

Rush: Yes, as in mummy….

Dona: from Egypt to Shanghai

the pyramid schemers A&F: Book ’em, Danube.

hounder: i think this is one of my favs

Rich Maine: Good choice rush..see u next week

Dona: trip around the world

Rush: Thank you ALL for another GREAT evening!

Godwinshelley2: And what is next week?

Jack: Bye everyone- next week!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Wish Snowshoes had continued.

Dave: see everyone next week

hounder: have a great week.

the pyramid schemers A&F: Good night!

Louise: The crowd always makes it more fun

Rush: Please join us next week, as Charlie Chan meets up with son Lee in Shanghai!

Godwinshelley2: Ah I see – I was changing out the DVD when you announced before

Jack has left this room

Dona: Shanghai GS

Mrs Phil & Phil: As all the ancient Hungarians used to say when departing – “Aloha”

the pyramid schemers A&F: We’ll be there, Pop—i mean, Rush!!

mda19083: be well folks

Rush: Take care, all…

Rush: have a GREAT week!

the pyramid schemers A&F: Goodnight to all the ships at sea!

Godwinshelley2: Thank you all

Mrs Phil & Phil has left this room

hounder has left this room

DanVenture: Was your commment Dona that it was a “good one wrapped” or “good unwerapped” like a mummy?

Godwinshelley2: have a safe week everyone

Rush: Stay warm, those in colder climes…

Len Freeman: Rush, do you know if there ever were discussions with Stepin to continue?

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: Be happy and safe…

Dona: lol DV

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Rush: And…happy Valentine’s night to all…

Louise has left this room

the pyramid schemers A&F has left this room

Len Freeman: Nite all

Dona: Goodnight all! See you next week in Shanghai!

Rush: Next monday…Presidents day….

DanVenture: Indeed! My heartfelt appreciate for you all on Valentines!

Rush: Good night, and thank you all again!

Dave has left this room

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: Elron, great to see you again!

Len Freeman has left this room

PaulM has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: Thank you, Len, Dona, And DV also!

Rush: Good night!

Rush: See you next week!

Rush: 🙂

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