Chat Archive 2/15/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 15, 2021

Charlie Chan in Egypt

The Case of the Marching Ants

Monsieur Angel avec Ze Fox
Phil & Mrs Phil

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Matt and MDA!

mda19083: Happy to be back

Rush: Happy to have you back!

Matt1: Yes, welcome back!

Rush: How are you doing tonight, MDA and Matt?

mda19083: Had so much fun last week

mda19083: It is cold here in the Philadelphia area

Matt1: Great bunch of people here, MDA

Rush: I have been hearing of the cold!

Rush: The area where we will be moving is in the frigid zone!

mda19083: I hear it is warm in Egypt

Matt1: Looks like we’re skipping this cold front….80 here in FL today

mda19083: Sorry to hear

Rush: Yes! We warm up a bit tonight with Chan in Egypt!

Matt1: And?…..I’m coming down with a cold…..go figure

Rush: Colds happen….I have not had one for a while.

mda19083: How long has the Monday Chan chat been around

Matt1: I haven’t had one in about a year

Rush: Just don’t sneeze within sight of anyone…they will think you have the ‘vid!

Matt1: I was just saying that!

Rush: This is our 21st year, MDA.

Matt1: Popping cold med, so hoping I beat it early

Rush: Good idea!

Matt1: 21 years….amazing run

Rush: Stated in early 2000.

Rush: (started)

mda19083: Everyone seems to enjoy it

Matt1: I’ve been here 15+?

Rush: Well, we have had a lot of fun…and a little sorrow…together over the years!

Rush: Yes, Matt!

mda19083: It appears that you can cover the entire Chan Canon during the year

Rush: Tonight’s radio drama is “The Case of the Marching Ants”!

Rush: Not a good thing to have at the next picnic.

Rush: Yes, we do, MDA!

Rush: Plus some “other” films, etc.

Matt1: Rush times it perfectly for the year

mda19083: Is the Chan annual picnic virtual this year

Rush: Each year we cycle through the entire Charlie Chan series…and more.

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Matt1: Look for our Halloween party, MDA!

Matt1: FUN!

Rush: Well, i was making a joke above relating to our radio drama…but…your idea is a worthy one!

Matt1: Hello SB & Hounder!

Rush: Sarabell and Hounder!


hounder: hi everyone. if i should disappear it’s probably the weather. tornado watches and severe t storm warnings tonight.

sarabell2: Hi Rush, mda, Matt and hounder

Matt1: Where at Hounder?

Rush: Hello to YOU!

mda19083: Greetings

hounder: palm coast fl

Rush: Please ready out radio drama..

hounder: hi mda

Rush: Link is available above.

Rush: “The Case of the Marching Ants.”

Matt1: Wasn’t aware of the bad weather over there….be careful!

sarabell2: You can’t head for the basement in Florida

hounder: ready here

Matt1: Ready!

Rush: 2 minutes…

hounder: nope. we do have an interior room though

Rush: 90 seconds…

hounder: promise matt

Rush: How’s your mother tonight, hounder?

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: And I hope everyone had a happy valentine’s day!

hounder: it’s been an odd day. she’s sleeping ing the livinroom right now,

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Matt1: Yes! Happy belated Valentines!

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Matt1: Started right away

Rush: The Incomperable Charlie Chan.

Rush: Yes, matt!

Rush: Organ music this time!

Rush: Love it!

Rush: So, this is probably 1945.

Rush: From this message we can tell.

sarabell2: I think it must have been so much fun to do a live radio program, back then. Terrifying, but fun.

Matt1: Buy war bonds

Rush: Agreed, SB!

Rush: And, YES, Matt!

mda19083: 10/01/1945

Rush: You found the date, MDA?

sarabell2: thank you mda

mda19083: on the download file

Rush: Then, this aired just AFTER the Japanese surrender!

hounder: it would have been hard no to be distracted by the folley guys

Matt1: <frogs>

Rush: “Student of occult matters.”

Rush: “House of death!”

Rush: Lee is blunt here!

Matt1: And, don’t call me Shirley!

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: you’l find out what we believe when we’ve made up our minds

Rush: Nice voicing of Chan, IMHO.

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Rush: .22 caliber gun.

Rush: “Apply further bit of knowledge to nostrils.”

sarabell2: i listened to one driving today, the voice actor was awful. This one is pretty good, I agree.

Rush: There are also AUSTRALIAN versions that we will ne hearing at some point!

sarabell2: Oh that is funny.

Rush: They attempt to use American accents!

sarabell2: So do we!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: I sense a “bump-off” coming before morning!

Rush: Another accuser!

Rush: AH! They accuse each other!

mda19083: Everybody has Charlie’s phone number

Rush: Seems so!

Rush: maybe the paper published it!

sarabell2: Its written above the pay phone

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Brighton, Brighton, and Corpse.

Rush: Killer!

hounder: let’s add breaking and entering to our poice detective

Matt1: Yikes!

mda19083: sounds like a law firm

Rush: Yes, but the killer exited before they could break and enter!

Rush: And shot at them!

Rush: I think that the date of this one has to be earlier than October of 1945.

Rush: I think that the people putting it online made a mistake, there.

Rush: A small gap there.

mda19083: perhaps 01/10/1945

Rush: Good bye…thank you…”

hounder: good start to case

Rush: That would be much more likely, MDA.

Rush: Ed Begley!

sarabell2: I do like these short programs

Rush: Me too!

sarabell2: I do not understand how Ed Begley had such a handsome son

Rush: I have a signed photo of Ed Begley as Chan.

Rush: You can see it at our Gallery.

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: Yes, matt…TYSM!

sarabell2: Really I was just going to ask is it on your site

Rush: 14 minutes until CC in Egypt.

hounder: do we get to hear more of the marching ants or is this an orphan episoda?

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Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: You can see it at this address:

Louise: Hi Chan Clan. Off to Egypt!

Rush: Good evening, Louise!


hounder: hi louise

Louise: One of my favorite Chan adventures.

Rush: I hope it isn’t too chilly in your area, Louise!

hounder: mine as well

Rush: Mine as well!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: A mirror post!

Louise: No it is actually pretty warm here, in the 40s

Rush: That’s good, Louise!

Rush: 12 minutes…

sarabell2: Hi Louise. Where are you that the 40s are warm?

Louise: So I had my second COVID vaccination yesterday. A Valentine’s day present!

Louise: I am in New Jersey

Rush: Nice gift!

Matt1: Congrats, Louise!

Rush: I get my secone on March 2.

Rush: (second)

Louise: I am having minor reactions to it like feeling tired but I use that to just be lazy.

sarabell2: That is right, you told me where you are before.

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Dona: Hello everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: I heard that they pass quickly, and that is actually a GOOD sign that your body is building antibodies!

hounder: hi dona

sarabell2: Hi Dona

Rush: Hellooooo….DONA!


Louise: Yes Rush, I am 36 past and feeling better.

Louise: 36 hours

Rush: How are you tonight, Dona?

Louise: Hi Dona

Louise: CUED up here

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Rush: I need to get there, too…

Rush: NT!

Nothere: In the name of Anubis BOO!’

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Dona: I didn’t want to miss our trip to Paris last week but it was my Grandaughters 14th birthday. I’m glad to be back on our trip to Egypt.

hounder: hi nt

Louise: Nothere, are you here?

Dona: Hi NT

Louise: Egypt is one of several archaeology Chan movies: I find that interesting.

Rush: Your name can be read two ways! I have always used the NT way!

sarabell2: Happy B day to your granddaughter.

Nothere: Good eveing. happy birthday to her Donna. Nope sory louise Nothere is not here.

Rush: I guess I could say…NH!

Dona: Thank you, sarabell2

Rush: Yes, to the archeology movies, Louise!

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Dona: Hello Mat

Matt1: Hello Mat …..and NT!

hounder: lol. louise, you know enough to pick apart what the archeologists are doing wrong.

Matt1: Cued!

hounder: hi mat

mat: just getting here! hi

Rush: Well…a happy 14th to your honorable granddaughter, Dona!

Rush: And…HELLO…mat!

Dona: Thank you Rush.

sarabell2: Hello Mat and and NT.

mat: hope every one is doing well.

Nothere: Hi Matt. Is the key under the mat?

sarabell2: That was cute

Rush: Cannot complain, mat~! How about you?

Louise: mat is miniMatt?

mat: I hope so!

Matt1: You are not seeing double, NT

Nothere: Oh there a Matt and Mat. My joke doesn’t work. Curses foiled again.

sarabell2: It worked for me

Nothere: Is it cat with a c or k

Louise: Mybe we all change our names (like we do at Halloween) and start again!

mat: I am king of bad jokes

Rush: Tonight we will see the third of what amounts to a Chan TRILOGY!

Louise: Yes Rush?

Rush: The adventures are linked from London to Egypt!

Nothere: We just need to determine how many t’s we get.

Rush: From London, CC goes to Paris to help a London bank concerning the fake bonds.

Louise: I need to get some tea but that is not what you are talking about…

Nothere: T to tea conversation conversion.

mda19083: he sure does get around

Rush: Then, tonight, CC comes representing a French archeological organization regarding unscrupulous artifat selling!

Rush: And, next week, we travel to Shanghai with Chan!

Louise: We are getting linguistically sophisticated tonight

Nothere: If you man me I have a very big lexicon.

Rush: I like to think he’s on the homeward leg of his journey at that point!

Rush: 2 minutes!

Rush: Ready?

Louise: As we speak my hubby is on the phone talking about unscrupulous artifact selling!!!

Rush: 90 seconds…


Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: Yes!

sarabell2: I wonder if Mrs. Chan signs her husband and son up for these foreign jobs.

Nothere: Hopefully not being accused of it Louise.

Rush: And ladies, too!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: Listen to the opening “music.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Nothere: Sorry Honey. You tak care of the 12 kids I’m off to

Louise: No, Nothere, he identifies them

Rush: We will heare it again at the 51 minute mark!

Nothere: paris. Purely for work.

Rush: 25…

Rush: 0…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10\5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Sorry about the messy countdown!

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Matt1: Keeping us on our toes Rush

Dona: it worked

Rush: Paul!

Nothere: Hi Paul

Louise: It woke us up Rush

Rush: Just started!

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: Hear the water sound just then?

Nothere: If anyon has any Tanna leaves. Get rid of them now.

sarabell2: This is the first time I have right on cue

hounder: what messy countdown?

Dona: Hi Paul

Rush: You will hear it againat the 51 minute mark!

Rush: TYSM, Hounder!

Nothere: Yes Rush why?

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Louise: Lets use metal tools to damage that thing

hounder: hi phil and mrs

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Dona: Hi M/M Phil

PaulM: evening

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha to all our Chan friends!

Rush: Seems that they used it to replace a ‘lost” title card and opening music sequence.

Rush: I have always thought that it looked a little “off.”

Nothere: Hey Phil type people.

Rush: The same with the closing…very abrupt!

Louise: Pry it, pry it!

Rush: hello, Phil and Mrs. phil!

Rush: Don’t ever breathhe tomb air!!!

Louise: Sorry, this household always reacts loudly to archaeology movies

Rush: See?

Matt1: <tin can>

Nothere: Ah the ancient tomb death curse. Never be the first in.

Rush: Ali didn’t take caution.

Rush: Yes, NT!

Louise: Looks like the reconstruction of Tut’s tomb in Las Vegas

Matt1: Great scene

Rush: Chan arrives vis biplane.

Rush: From Italy, perhaps?

Louise: Steampunk Charlie

Nothere: Ah Eat at Joes in hieroglyphics.

PaulM: hang on to your hat charlie

Rush: it would be a LONG flight from Paris.

Nothere: What I spelled that right?

Rush: Yes, LOUISE!

hounder: especially in a puddle jumper

Rush: Dragoman.

Nothere: Behold the shoe of Snowshoes.

Rush: dragoman – A near eastern interpreter, agent, or guide for travelers. Dragoman: “I best dragoman in Luxor!”

Matt1: Snowshoes!

Rush: Enter Snowshoes…

mda19083: there goes the hat

Rush: Yes!

sarabell2: Chan did not lose it on a biplane but lost it on the ground?

Rush: No…came loose as he toppled from that donkey!

hounder: id there no place where you ain’t

Rush: Nice line!

Phil & Mrs Phil: The best line in the movie.

Phil & Mrs Phil: IMHO

Nothere: He was worried about losing it on the plane. Sort of why 90% of accients happen at home.

Rush: Perhaps an “in-joke” there?

Louise: So that fortune teller in Mississippi was correct

Rush: Seems so…

Rush: Stepin Fetchit…Lincoln Perry, was the first black actor to become a millionaire.

Rush: And, in the ’30s, a MILLION was SOMETHING!

Louise: Was he accepted in Hollywood society, Rush?

Dona: i bet so

Rush: Nice “flivver.”

Rush: Not sure about that, Louise.

Louise: Barry, if I remember, is wacky

Nothere: Now those are doorways.

Louise: Another ghoul butler

Rush: I see that Perry was good friends with Will Rogers…

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Louise: Archaeology does not pay

Dona: Hi GS

Louise: Hi GS

Godwinshelley3: Hello from weather warning Indiana

Nothere: Theres a reason they keep the Secret butler a secret. They don’t want people trying to replace their creepy Bbutler with him.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hi GS

PaulM: hi gs

Nothere: Hey GS

Rush: Hello, GS!

Godwinshelley3: No one on road except emergency vehicle

sarabell2: Greetings GS

Rush: How is your mother and family?

Godwinshelley3: Mom is failing – I’m here to help and it’s hard to see

Louise: Somebody is selling artifacts

Rush: Sorry to hear, GS….

Godwinshelley3: I just dropped in to say hello

Louise: Sorry to hear that, GS. I remember when my mom went through that.

sarabell2: So sorry, GS. That’s tough.

Nothere: Sorry to hear theat GS

Rush: I know how hard it all is.

Godwinshelley3: You guys stay safe – I’ll check in next week

Dona: I’m so sorry GS. I’m glad you are able to drop in.

hounder: i’m so sorry gs. my prayers for you.

Godwinshelley3: Night all

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Rush: Just be thare for your mom and let her feel your love.

Louise: It is interestin how comforting dropping in here can be for many of us.

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Nothere: I always say this an shall again Rita Heyworth.

sarabell2: That is because you all are nice.

mda19083: you are a nice group of people

Rush: I mentioned earlier to MDA about the ups and downs we have experienced together over the years.

Louise: Just wait, sarabeth, we turn viscious at the full moon…

hounder: dropping in with friends is always a comfort louise

Dona: I always look forward to Monday nights. I hate missing.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Me too Dona

Louise: Just joking. I have been coming here for 10 years through all sorts of crises

hounder: not xray macine as don’t have to develop plates

Rush: And it is great to see you, Dona, and everyone else each week!

sarabell2: I did not recognize Rita Hayworth, but I did wonder why that man was hanging around that anemic blonde when that bodacious native girl was there.

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Rush: That would be, I believe, a floroscope?

Louise: open it!

Rush: Chan could probably also smell the fresh varnish!

hounder: yes rush. they used to use flouroscopes ti size shoes

Rush: YES!

Louise: I remember the shoe size thing

Rush: It wasn’t a great idea!

Nothere: I think he mummy’s insurance might have run out.

Rush: Arabic with a Southern U.S. accent there!

Rush: “Smile”

Rush: THIN neck!

hounder: somehow i doubt 3 men could have shifted that heavy wood sarcauphagus

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Louise: a bullet

Rush: Especially if they wanted to preserve an ancient artifact!

Louise: gotta call the FBI back

Nothere: It’s Ameti Bowler hat, zoot suit, bullet. Totally ancient Egyptain.

Rush: Risked damage.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can!

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Louise: duct tape?

Rush: CC looks for reactions, there.

Nothere: Ancient Egyptian duct tape.

Louise: GASP!

Rush: GASP!

Phil & Mrs Phil: EXHALE!

Louise: confound it the lights again

Rush: Skhmet!

Nothere: Graon!

Nothere: Groan even

Rush: Nice sets!

Louise: Lots of casual drug use

Nothere: You gotta wonder about those doorways though.

Rush: Dr. Arnold never knew he’d become a mummy someday!

Rush: One of the “New Adventures of Charlie Chan” episodes has a similar situation of a mummified victim!

Nothere: So does this guy know Reinfield?

Rush: Cousin, perhaps!

Louise: Yes, Renfield’s other brother

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise: So many odd brothers in these movies

Rush: Pathetic person.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I could swear he shows up in a movie called “When Worlds Collide” in a brief scene.

Dona: I have never understood the door situation in this movie

Dona: why even have a door with holes in ti

Rush: This actor?

Dona: it

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah, the brother.

Rush: CC gathers clues.

Rush: HM!

Rush: I can check…

Louise: When Worlds Collide: good movie

sarabell2: Dona, they always shut those doors to have a private conversation

Dona: lol

Phil & Mrs Phil: The actor who plays Dr. Racine in this movie also played a Dr. in “The Invisible Man.”

Rush: James Eagles. His last movie was in 1950. Not in “When Worlds Collide.” he was in a Flsah Gordon series.

Phil & Mrs Phil: TYSM Rush

Rush: It’s always ibnteresting to check up on Chan actiors!

Rush: I love seeing them in other movies!

mda19083β†’PaulM: imdb says he was in CC at the Racetrack

Phil & Mrs Phil: But Frank Conway showed up in “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Rush: Checking…

Nothere: But was he a Dr. at the racetrack?

Rush: Yes, he was…

hounder: so o we ever learn where ameti’s mummy is?

Rush: James Eagles…

Rush: Charlie Chan in Egypt: Barry Arnold
Charlie Chan at the Race Track: Chick Patton

mda19083: uncredited role

Rush: yes, MDA.

Nothere: With his dady?

Nothere: Daddy even

mda19083: never ignore a warning

Rush: Barry Arnold, perhaps the weakest character in a Chan film!

Louise: Charlie has a thing about pajamas

mda19083: TYSM

Rush: BANG! BANG!!!

Rush: Size 52.

Rush: XXXL?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Which brings to mind..where is Charlie’s luggage?

Rush: Good question!

mda19083: he travels light

sarabell2: Still on the donkey

Nothere: Sent on ahead by train?

Rush: Maybe a small suitcase was carried abord the plane?

Louise: Dead before letter written: hard to do

Rush: Also, we didn’t really see him with baggage upon arrival in paris!

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: An argument about the Ahmeti heirglyphics!

hounder: brb mom bed

Rush: That’s a cause for murder!

Rush: Okay, Hounder!

Rush: Water pipe.

Louise: hookah action

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: Let sleeping murderers lie. Yeah I’m with Snowshoes on that.

Rush: I love Snowshoes’ asides!

Rush: Something like WC Fields.

Nothere: Charlie Chan teams with EC Fields…I’ll go with scary.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise: Snowshoes is wise in his own way

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox has joined this room

Nothere: Hey animal sorts.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Hey hey!

Louise: Lights Lights

Rush: I think that there is a golf video with several actors including Warner Oland and WC Fields.

Rush: That would scare me, too, Snowshows!

sarabell2: There is a video of Oland and his Chinese fans

Dona: Hello M Angel/zeFox

Rush: YES!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Hrllo hello!

Rush: Hello, Angel and Ze Fox!

mda19083: watch out

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: again on thr tiny tablet so our contris will be few

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: what is out

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: What is our Time

Rush: 38:00

Dona: 38:20

Rush: 38:20

Nothere: A riude camel just interrupted a couple of gals chilling in the street.

Rush: mapuchari – (Egyptian) Egyptian colloquial term for confection containing hashish.

Nothere: A street scene with people? This is no Monogram.

Louise: drugy stuff

Rush: Yes!

Rush: 39:25

Dona: 40

Rush: Are you there, yet, Angel?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Those CAMELS! Surgeon General should go after THOSE Camels!

Nothere: Please recall this is Egypt. U.S> drug laws don’t apply. At least that’s my story.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: yes we see a man with fez

Rush: But, at least one would get some walking in…around a mile.

Nothere: Beware my mustache. The Fez of Powr commands it.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: is he a ShrinerΒΏ

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: I love the mutual bowing!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: All Mousaphas should have moustache.

DanVenture has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Dan

Louise: These gfuys are so skinny

Rush: We see Birmingham and tommy do that once, with a resulting head-to-head collision!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: dv!

Nothere: With guests w are 15 even if it says 13

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hey Dan!

Dona: Hi Dan

DanVenture: Yup, ol’late but not never Dan. At least I get to say hi to everyone on this holiday.

PaulM has left this room

Rush: CC feigns a bad memory…

Nothere: Or make that 14 12

hounder: back

Nothere: front

Rush: WB, Hounder!

Nothere: side

Phil & Mrs Phil: Charlie’s doing his own autopsy

Rush: at, are you still with us?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: 2 here, FoxFez from Fez News, & me in studio

Rush: mat?

Nothere: Beginning?

Rush: moonlight sonata…of DEATH!

Louise: Violins always remind me of Young Frankenstein

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Phils: Self autopsy? Sounds like a coming thing!

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Dona: Yes Louise

Dona: lol

Nothere: He was your Boyfiriend. But only during Opera.

mda19083: it’s still warm

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah Angel that didn’t come out quite the way I meant it.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: phils: but we LIKED IT anyway!

Louise: What? Drugs? Shocking, shocking.

Rush: Better ask Barry QUICKLY!

Nothere: Again Epgyoptian drug laws people.

Rush: Too late!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can!

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: <tin can>

Nothere: Barry plays the Bye Bye Blues.

DanVenture: Arggh! Violence by violin!

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Rush: AH! DV! I missed your arrival! Sorry!

Rush: WELCOME to you!

mda19083: death count 3

Nothere: And alas I as well depart. Remember to not take any wooden pyramids until I am Not here again.

Rush: “This household is marked for…DEATH!”

hounder: nite safe week nt

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha NT

sarabell2: See you in a week, NT

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Take caere.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Welll, at least it’s marked. My house is missing the middle digit on the number sign.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Snowshoes! Get her snowshoes!

Rush: Secret passage!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Crocodiles!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Phil & Mrs Phil: Good to have a waterproof flashlight when you’re in the desert.

Rush: CC hints about swimming to other sice!

Rush: First test the depth!

Rush: Now…

mda19083: nice diving Tom

Rush: Listen for the opening music and splash soud!

Rush: here it is!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah it would have been a real short swim if the water was only 2 feet deep.

Rush: And the water sound.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Phils: please pack my Old Kit Bag when thr time comes?

Rush: This is what they used to create the opening music for this movie.

hounder: i missed my favorite line in this movie…..from life to death the reach of man

Rush: yes, hounder.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Sure Angel

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I don’t hear a peep but I see one

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: beware Tom

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Pith off!

Rush: The Sekhmey mask.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Ouch.

Rush: Opens the door…

Louise: Bang!

Rush: Reveling…

Rush: The killer!

Rush: So. that door descends into the water?

mda19083: another secret switch

Phil & Mrs Phil: 3 shots and 1 bullet recovered.

hounder: amazing technology to have that kind of moving door in an ancient pyramid

Rush: Yes! Another switch!

DanVenture: And works about 3 thousand years…

Rush: Yes, hounder!

DanVenture: I can’t get my garage door to open after just 10 years without help.

Phil & Mrs Phil: They just don’t build pyramids like that anymore.

Rush: Sort of like the traps seen in the Indiana Jones films!

Rush: Ancient, but work perfectly!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Bullet wounds & ballet wounds, our speciality!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Dona: nosy little thing

Rush: Nayda watches…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Matchbook from the Pyramid Club would be handy right now.

Rush: Chan acts out the killing of barry.

Louise: hope that wasn’t an expensive violin

Rush: Yes!

hounder: you’d think brry would notice a patched hole in his violin

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: That cat had guts.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Indeed, Angel!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: tys, rush!

Rush: Nayda’s job is very vague!

Louise: SIZZLE

Rush: Interesting flame.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Charlie Chan’s Glass Blowing shop.

DanVenture: I enjoy seeing Chan demonstrate his skills.

Dona: i don’t like it when they kick Chan out

mda19083: CC does it all

Rush: Maybe her job description is: deliver messages.

Louise: Blame Chan

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Rush: just a year earlier her job was VOGUE. Cover girl Feb ’37, in the trash heap per Miss Vreeland September!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Ah..Charlie just said “..two bullets in chest..”

Rush: AH! Explains everything, Angel!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I’m ordering a FEZ DISPENSER.

Rush: “His Excellency” is not all that excellent.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Is it Tetragene yetΒΏ

Rush: This method of killing appears in another Chan film.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I use Texaco Fire Chief.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Actually, the glass resonates to the violin string’s vibration.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Which murderer ?

Rush: As seen in “Docks of New Orleans.”

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: would have loved for Jack Benny to have skirted this.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Egg Fu Omlett

Louise: motive: steal artifacts

Rush: Also, gas on a glass container was seen in “Charlie Chan’s Chance” and “Murder Over New York.”

Rush: Phil: πŸ™‚

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Louise, let’s meet at the BACK of the Artifacts aisle!

Rush: Chan has the “last laugh” as always.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Gas was expanding everywhere then.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I don’t think he’s wearing underwear.

mda19083: dead or alive – oh no

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Calm DOWN! This isn’t even an election year!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Medical bag.

Rush: Missing something!

Phil & Mrs Phil: “See through” doors.

Rush: A good sister.

Rush: Yes, phil.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Sister?

Rush: Good for letting air pass through in this hotter climate!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: He thinks of her only as a fan.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah Carol, MORE DRUGS!

Rush: “Phew.”

Louise: What’s he looking at?

Louise: Under that sheet?

Rush: The wound.

Louise: And why do they keep trying to drug her?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: phils: YEAH!!

Rush: To keep her calm.

Dona: Women were whimps

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: The underwear

Rush: maybe calmer than she needs to be!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Can I have some drugs to keep me calm?

Louise: Oh Rush, …

Rush: An ulterior motive for that.

Louise: crazy music for what comes next

Rush: His expression changes!

Rush: EVIL intent!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: phils: we’ll give you BOTH drugs, to keep ME calm!

Rush: The missing lanset.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’ll take em any way I can get em.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I want a LICENSED ulterior decorator.

Louise: wrinkled tie

Rush: CC holds him at gunpoint.

Rush: Snowshoes got the police.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: why didn’t he just STAB STAB STAB?

Rush: He was about to…

Rush: But only in the bullet wound!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Whoa, doing time in an Egyptian jail.

Dona: helpful?

Dona: he did alone

Rush: Yes, Phil.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: WOW! Next time we’ll ALL stab that way!

Rush: Better than he deserves.

hounder: you have been very helpful. yeh he just solved your case for you

mda19083: tysm

Rush: Note Snowshoes’ final words tonight.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: tYsm!!!!

Rush: Seems like he could’ve followed CC into the next adventure!

mda19083: CC is the best

Louise: sudden end

Rush: Abrupt ending here!

Dona: Ageed MDa


Dona: MDA

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: CC rules!!!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: (Applause…)

DanVenture: Indeed, Rush! Abrupt.

Rush: Next week…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: APPLESAUCE

DanVenture: One of CC’s best.

hounder: thanks for the fun

Dona: (Wahoooo)

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai”

Rush: We will also be celebrating…

DanVenture: Everyone have a great rest of the holiday.

hounder: see you next week. stay safe

Rush: the birthday of james Hong…

Dona: off to Shanghai.

Dona: Thank you Rush!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: we’ll wear our few! Gnite!!!!!

Rush: Number One Son in “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan”

Louise: we’ll be there, Rush

Louise: see you then

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha to all and to all a good night.

Dona: Good to see everyone!

mda19083: thanks and goodnight all

Rush: Thank you ALL!

Phil & Mrs Phil has left this room

Dona: See you all next week.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: *FEZ. not “few”

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week

Louise has left this room

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: Another great eveing…because of YOU!

sarabell2: Thank you again, Rush. And thank you all I enjoyed your humor very much. You cannot see me laughing but I do.

Rush: Take care…

Rush: have a hsppy and SAFE week!

Rush: Especially id you have to drive on icy roads!

Dona has left this room

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: saraB, Matt, dona, notty, mda, see you in shanghai in 7!

Matt1 has left this room

hounder: nite all

Rush: Thank you all…again!

Rush: Good night…

sarabell2: Thank you Angel you are the funniest

Rush: Another GOOD one nextr week!

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: Yes!

Rush: The official WIT of our Charlie Chan family!

hounder has left this room

Rush: Good night, Angel, mat, and SB!

sarabell2 has left this room

Rush: See you next week!

Rush: Good night!

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Rush has left this room

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