Chat Archive 2/22/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 22, 2021

Charlie Chan in Shanghai

The Man Who Moved Mountains

Mike n Rachel in DC/Mike in DC/MnR
Monsieur Angel avec Ze Fox
Phil & Mrs Phil

Rush has joined this room


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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: hello, Matt!

Rush: Thank you again for noting the link error!

Matt1: Hope all is well

Rush: It is, and I hope thae same is true for you.

Matt1: I was setting things up earlier and picked up on it

Rush: I think that when i was setting the links, I didn’t “save” the link for the radio program, and the movie link was still pasted.

Matt1: I won’t be staying tonight….have photographer coming tomorrow to take pics of our place. Busy time here

Rush: AH! Will you be selling?

Matt1: Yes, we bought another place in Dec and contractor is near completion, so we need to get ours on the market

Rush: Sounds very familiar!

Matt1: Not even a mile away, lol

Rush: only ours is nearly 2,000 miles away!

Matt1: lol, yes

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: and colder

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Rush: I think I mentioned that I will be flying out to Iowa on March 26 for a two week stay there.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

Rush: How are you and your mom this evening?

Matt1: Thats great!

hounder: hi matt and rush

Rush: Yes, Matt…and colder!

Rush: So, I will need that help again in about a month!

Matt1: I can get us rolling, if needed

hounder: we’re doing ok. Mom had a great day a couple of days ago and we did a wheelchair ride through the neighborhood. she seemed to enjoy it.

Rush: That’s GREAT, hounder!

Matt1: Very nice Hounder!

hounder: a rare day to savor for sure

Rush: I know that you are savoring those good times.

Matt1: You are back in FL?

hounder: have been since nov. we’ll see in may if we get to go back to nc for the summer

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: greetings all


hounder: hi mda

Rush: How are you doing this everning?

mda19083: cold and snow bound here in Philadelphia

Rush: YES!

Matt1: I heard it was snowing again

Rush: This will pass…!

Rush: Weather “weathers.”

hounder: hope you’re safe and warm

mda19083: 2-3 inches this morning

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: It’s a weekly event up there this year!

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mda19083: Rush – I am looking to puchase a

Matt1: Hello SB!

Rush: Sarabell!


hounder: hi sb

Rush: I hope you and yours are well and happy, SB!

sarabell2: Hi Rush. I can’t believe how fast these weeks go by

Rush: Tell me about it, SB!

sarabell2: Thank you and I hope you all are doing well. I do think about you guys

Rush: Before I know it we will be on the road to our new home!

hounder: we’re glad you both found us

Rush: Things are good, SB…TYSM.

sarabell2: Hounder how is your mother?

hounder: any idea when that will happen rush? after school lets out?

Rush: The plan is to leave by June 15.

hounder: doing the best she can, thanks sb. she did have a great day this last week

Rush: yes, after school ends.

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Rush: 6 minutes until our radio drama…

Matt1: Hello Mike!

Rush: MIKE!

hounder: hi mike

mda19083: Rush – I am looking to purchase a CC film book. The Hanke and Niebaur books are in the same price rage – do you have a favorite of the two?


Mike in DC: Greetings all! Very much a cameo appearance (perhaps appearances) this evening, but wanted to at least say hello to everyone!

Rush: Hanke is considered a “classic.”

sarabell2: I looked up the Hanks book, used about $600

Matt1: $600?

Rush: Neibaur book contains some good tidbits on Mantan moreland.


Rush: You can find it a LOT cheaper!

hounder: wow. that’s an expensive book!!

mda19083: Thrift Books – used 25.00

sarabell2: That was what it said the only place I found it. I hope to find it cheaper

hounder: whew. that’s a much better price

Matt1: You could buy all the CC DVD sets for cheaper

Mike in DC

Rush: $20 here:

Mike in DC: Looks like they’re around $25 on Amazon…

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: thanks

Mike in DC: Cha-ching, Rush!

Rush: MUCH more like it!

mda19083: sound effects

Rush: Indeed, Mike!

hounder: guess the other was just fishing to see if someone would bite

Matt1: <tin can>

mda19083: hook line and sinker

Rush: I notice that smoetimes some sellers stick a HUGE price on items, perhaps hoping someone will actually go for it!

Rush: YES, Matt!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Charlie would say “Please spend hard-earned dollars on family, not on book about humble self.” πŸ™‚

Rush: two minutes….

Rush: Everyone ready ?

mda19083: great Mike

Rush: “The Man Who Moved Mountains”

Mike in DC: Are we moving mountiains?

Rush: We will at least TRY, Mike!

Matt1: A Man is apparently

Mike in DC: Ooof

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike in DC: *flexes bicep*

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike in DC: *ponders mountain*

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Mike in DC: *sighs*

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: The Incomperable Charlie Chan…

Mike in DC: The Wisdom of the East!

Rush: Organ accompaniment…

Rush: I think that Chan is played here by Santos Ortega.

Rush: Chan seems to be based in San Francisco.

mda19083: Honolulu in off season

Rush: Yes!

Matt1: <cuckoo>

Rush: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: A cranky professor. Hang up Charlie

Rush: I was thinking the same!

Mike in DC: Pop!

Mike in DC: This Chan seems a little more connected to the “movie” Chans…

Rush: “Man who jumps to conclusions lands in confusion.”

Rush: The car sounds like a “flivver.”

Rush: Souns like a pretty good actor reading these lines!

Rush: “Will do.”

Mike in DC: “It is written…” sounds like a line from Lawrence of Arabia…

sarabell2: Thanks for telling us where we should be, Rush. I am a couple seconds behind

Rush: No problem, SB!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Mike in DC: *sidebar* I’ve really missed Charlie Chan the past weeks. *sigh*

Rush: The professor sounds like a huckster!

Mike in DC: Yes, Rush. Sort of like an auctioneer…

Rush: I understand, Mike…

Rush: I wonder what’s beneath the “sand and glue”!!!

sarabell2: There is something peaceful about the movies, like Charlie will fix everything, Mike, at least to me.

Mike in DC: Charlie is like a compass who always points toward “Due Truth”. There’s something about that these days that’s very nostalgic and comforting at the same time.

Rush: Yes, SB…very comforting, I agree.

Mike in DC: Sarabell: YES!!!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

hounder: ..

Rush: I like that term: “Due truth.”

Mike in DC: Could it be that we all find the same “truth” in these things? Isn’t that one characteristic of great art? (cf. Beethoven, etc.)

mda19083: dead men tell no tales

sarabell2: Things were in order, and the right person goes to jail. Plus, everyone is so civilized, mannered and dressed well. I say this as I sit in my Walmart attire

Rush: This commercial points to the late summer of 1945.

sarabell2: A little too late to hear this commrcial

mda19083: CC always gets his man

Rush: YES! πŸ™‚

Louise has joined this room

Rush: Louise!

Louise: Hello Chan Clan!

Matt1: Hello Louise!


Rush: THE END…

sarabell2: Hi Louise

Rush: (Applause…)

Louise: Nice to see the gang is here for a trip to Shanghai

Rush: YEP!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike in DC: (kids-yeah)

Louise: I’ve never been to Shanghai. Anyone?

Rush: Ready to join Chan on the liner as we enter Shanghai Harbor…or HARBOUR….?

Matt1: No!

Rush: No, also!

Rush: 15 minutes till showtime…!

Mike in DC: I have…it’s very crowded. πŸ™‚

Rush: How are you this evening, Louise?

Louise: What did you do therre, Mike?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox has joined this room

Rush: When were you there, Mike?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: At last!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Louise: I’m good Rush. Just ate dinner and ready to settle in for a good mystery.

mda19083: I have been shanghied in the past

Rush: Welcome, Angel!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: “Access denied

Mike in DC: I was conducting the Beijing Wind Orchestra on a tour…got to see some cool “insider” parts of some of China.

Louise: So cool, Mike!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: ” for 10 -15 mins

Rush: Wonderful, Mike!!!

Mike in DC: Ze Angel et Ze Fox: Eeet ees so good to see you!

mda19083: CC sings in this installment

Rush: Great to see you…and Fox…Angel!

sarabell2: A and F I await your witty remarks

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: neat mike

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: We are, btw, Angel Chan & Shang-fox. Boy wouldn’t let us chs

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: change nickna e

Louise: How are peoples’ vaccinations going?

Rush: I get my second dose on March 2.

Louise: Yay, Rush!

Rush: I trust you are feeling no lingering effects, Louise?

Mike in DC: Music has taken me to some really interesting places…both emotionally and geographically. πŸ™‚

Louise: No effects at all, Rush.

Rush: Very good!

Matt1: I’m a while off…..65+ only here in FL

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mda19083: this summer – I am in phase 2

Louise: Matt: you are so young!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

Matt1: lol

Matt1: NO

hounder: haven’t tried to get one for Mom as not sure I could get her to an appt.

Rush: Mike…and Rachel!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: We are in Shanghai now.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s baaaack!

hounder: hi m n r

Louise: Hey Rachel

Nothere has joined this room

hounder: and anyone else i missed greeting

Rush: Hello, Rachel!

Nothere: Peek a boo

Matt1: Hello NT!

hounder: hi nt

Rush: NT!

Louise: So happy to see old and new faces

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel sez hi to everyone! She’s recuperating from her second vaccine dose


Matt1: M AND R!

Louise: Hi NT

Fredsmom has joined this room

Nothere: Hi Racheal

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: M & R ! Hiya from A & F!!

Matt1: Hello FM!

Nothere: Hi Fred type mom

Fredsmom: Good evening!


Mike n Rachel in DC: NT! So glad you’re NotHere!

Louise: Great, Rachel, it took me two days to get over it then I felt fine.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi FM…long time no see.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: FM!!! Saludos!!

sarabell2: Hi Mike, Rachel Nothere Fredsmom

Fredsmom: good crowd tonite!

Louise: Fredsmom: HI!!!!!!

Rush: Including YOU, FM!

Fredsmom: hello to all!

Rush: Happy you could be here.

Louise: SIGH: this crowd makes me happy!

Fredsmom: Thank you!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: fm, we’re not ALL good!

Fredsmom: Oh no!

Louise: Okay, Angel, besides you…

hounder: we have certainly grown since the early days, haven’t we rush?

Rush: Yes, Louise, a happier crowd one would have a hard time finding!

Fredsmom: Someone ill?

Fredsmom: or just being bad?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel: “MnR? So we’re an acronym now?”

Louise: They be bad!

Fredsmom: Ha!

Rush: SEVEN minutes to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Breaking Bad, Louise?

Louise: Maybe, M&R

Louise: OKay, CUED here

Rush: Getting my DVD ready…

Rush: 6 minutes…

Fredsmom: love the font on the title here

Mike n Rachel in DC: Curiosity: MnR have been around for several years…but who of our current crew go back to the “early days” of the Chan clan? Surely Rush does…but who else?

Rush: YES!

Matt1: Cued!

Nothere: Now were heading to Shanghi in the 20’s, but I expect you all tostay away from the red light district.

Fredsmom: I go back MandR

mda19083: age is a state of mind

Rush: In fact that’s what I used to create this link at our website…


Nothere: Matt and Hounder were here when I got here.

hounder: me mike. i was here when it was usually rush, myself, and virginia

Fredsmom: Compliments Rush!

mda19083: nice

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: So good to hear, FM. This group is about so many things…

Louise: I go back about 10 years

Mike n Rachel in DC: & Hounder

Nothere: Hounder AARRROOOOOO!!!!!!

hounder: lol

Nothere: Twip

Nothere: Drip

Fredsmom: Im 10 yrs+

Nothere: Bong

Rush: 4 minutes…

Louise: Yes, hounder was here before me

Nothere: YEAH!

Rush: Hounder goes way back!

Mike n Rachel in DC: When Rush (we assume) decided to call this “the family” he was on to something.

Nothere: O,.k. who remembers other sound effects we used to have?

hounder: i think it was 2000 or 2001 right rush?

Rush: Right!

Rush: Right at the beginning!

hounder: we used to have dolphin sound effects

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is a really, really special thing…this “Charlie Chan family”

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Our Tablet is down to 3% & falling, tho it says it is charging. If we disappear, will try to return!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Louise: Don’t start with the sound effects: you will make me cry. I miss them a lot. I liked the bubbling things and the electrocity.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Please do, ZA et ZF

Rush: All of YOU make it so, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: But Rush…it

Rush: Everyone ready?


Rush: Please pause at the opening title…

Fredsmom: Cued

hounder: ready here

Mike n Rachel in DC: *rats*. It’s YOU who made this work.

Louise: itchy trigger finger here

Rush: TWO minutes…

DanVenture has joined this room

Nothere: Bloop bloop. BBBUUUUZZZZZ. Thoom

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox has left this room

Louise: Hi Dan

Rush: DV!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And we’re all set. *wipes tears from eye, readies movie*

hounder: hi dan

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Nothere: Hey Dan

Rush: 90 seconds…

DanVenture: Evening, All!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey DV!

DanVenture: And just in the nick of time!!

sarabell2: Evening Dan

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Louise: oh my gosh, yes, the dolphin sound for BB laughing

Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *readies Chinese phrase book*

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: 40 seconds…

Nothere: AACCCKKKAA? For Dolphin?

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *adjusts ascot*

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Nothere: Wheres Scoob Mike?

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *”gentlemen start your engines*

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music…

Louise: NT: I like that dolphin sound

Phil & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re on it, NT! πŸ™‚

Rush: Credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Russel Hicks

Rush: Phil and Mrs. Phil!

Nothere: Hey Phil people.

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Louise: Da Phils

sarabell2: Hello the Phils

Nothere: Barney Mcgill

Phil & Mrs Phil: AloooHA! to all my Chan friends!

Rush: Ship at sea…

Rush: Leap frog…

Matt1: Cute scene

Louise: all the kids

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ming Lo Fu? Can we have a song?

Rush: “….sicty winters old….”

Nothere: Mama Chan didn’t want to head for home.

Rush: (sixty)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Venerable Mike also 60 winters old…Rachel smirk

hounder: whoops wrong button. i’m a little behind

Louise: nice strong voice

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike say: Be patient

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah, what is the time please?

Rush: “In” reference here….

Nothere: But what about falls?

Nothere: 240

Rush: “Mighty Emperor Fu Manchu”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel loves this song…”OOOOH…THIS one?”

Louise: clap clap

Rush: Yes, Mike?

Rush: Unique moment in the series.

Nothere: Well Warner doeshave a relationship with Fu.

Nothere: And werewolves. Weir career.


hounder: nice little waver in his voice in that last line

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice to reference Fu Manchu…but Charlie was really the ANTI Fu Manchu. Asian man as GOOD guy!!!

DanVenture: Ah ha! A notable occasion!

Rush: Yes!

Louise: Same dock?

Nothere: ame lock

Louise: She accessorizes well

Fredsmom: nice gloves

Mike n Rachel in DC: POLKA DOTS

Nothere: Her gloves, shit, and hat match.

sarabell2: Yes, love her dress, her gloves match the blouse

Phil & Mrs Phil: Matches HIS tie.

Rush: “Hi, POP!”

Rush: Another “in” reference!

sarabell2: I can’t even find matching socks

Rush: “Selling oil for Lamps of China.”

Rush: Keye Luke had just worked on a film by that title.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee obviously has pilfered “oil for the lamps of China” for his hair. Dude, try a comb.

Louise: slick hair

Rush: “Oil For the Lamps of China.”

Rush: The dinner…

Louise: Charlie so famous

Phil & Mrs Phil: Betcha’ it ain’t superglue!

Nothere: Better not be red Rush

Nothere: Odd fog. It’s in the background but not the foreground.

Rush: No.

Rush: Col. Watkins

Rush: Nice, short, speech.

Rush: Mr. Sun Wong.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I count myself lucky. I will only be in this film briefly.”

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: We just saw a pair of those ears!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sun Wong…[Cantonese greeting]

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie: [Cantonese reply]

Nothere: So I’m a non speaking extra, but can’t I at least eat this fake food?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Northern Chinese group: [WTF?]

Rush: Note the box is described as “jade.”

mda19083: What’s in the box

Rush: Rather it looks to be leather.

Louise: Not Jade

Mike n Rachel in DC: DONT OPEN THE BOX

Rush: NOT a jade box.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can

Matt1: <tin can>

hounder: bang

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Rush: “Only one enemy necessary to commit murder.”

Nothere: My coat has more medals than yours. Nayh Nayh.

Fredsmom: haha

Rush: If he HAD looked, we wouldn’t be able to ask him that question!

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Rush: “Silence best answer when uncertain.”

Nothere: Charlie has subdued pajaymas. But Lee’s proves the wardroe person on this was obsessed with polka dots.

hounder: that’s a loud robe.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Instincts of detective father transmitted in Y chromosome.”

Louise: love the robe

Rush: ChanFamily photo.

Louise: and pjs

mat has joined this room

Rush: Mat!


hounder: do not forget your prayers. may need them

Nothere: Hi Mat

mda19083: welcome mat

hounder: hi mat

Rush: Nice to have you again with us!

mat: Hi everyone.late.

Rush: Never a problem, mat!

Nothere: Dude shining a flashlight on peoples faces sort of ruins the whol sneaking around in the dark.

Rush: We can get you “up to date”!


Phil & Mrs Phil: Meanwhile the police operator is asking “what the heck was he talking about?”

Rush: 15:45

Phil & Mrs Phil: Where are the slugs?

Nothere: The old pillow trick. Next Charlie uses the look over there trick.

DanVenture: Good question.

mat has left this room

Phil & Mrs Phil: When do the lights go out?

Rush: Maybe somewhere past the pillow that was hit!

Louise: How often did he use the pillow trick?

DanVenture: Glad to see he asked for firm pillows to be stiff enough.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gangsta Asian Gal

Rush: 17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: How do you say “ride or die” in Chinese?

mat has joined this room

Rush: “Omit song in bathroom.”

Rush: The perfect invitation to sing.

Rush: 17:45

hounder: pop’s one request gets ignored

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: η†ŠηΏ»ε±±θΆŠεΆΊ

Mike n Rachel in DC: XiΓ³ng fān shānyuΓ¨ lǐng


Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah so

Nothere: So how often does she step on that skirt?

DanVenture: Chan’s white bowler is a pip!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Her scarf has sort of a Cub Scout look

Rush: Agreed, DV.

Rush: Warm climate attire.

Nothere: Polka dot tie. Hey wardrobe department. Are you alright?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Lee’s girlfriend here is Bo Ling.

Nothere: Another fmale telephone call.

Nothere: female even

Rush: She was the Chan’s eldest daughter in “The Black camel.”

Rush: She also was the daughter of E.L. Park…Charlie Chan in “Behind That Curtain.”

Nothere: Lee is dating his sister? Well with 13 Chan kids it was bound to happen.

Rush: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: Very funny Nothere.

Rush: “Only one, pop.”

Phil & Mrs Phil: I think this chan film has one of the most convoluted plots of any.

Fredsmom: Lee “I tried to shake her but I couldnt”

Rush: 15380

hounder: only 1 girls, but foe a long time

Mike n Rachel in DC: δΊ‚倫

Mike n Rachel in DC: Shake it Lee, shake it, baby

Rush: Translation, please?

Mike n Rachel in DC: LuΓ nlΓΊn

Louise: nice white suit

Nothere: Oh getting fancy

Mike n Rachel in DC: Refer to dating sister. Not need graphic translation, Rush. Chan Family remain G-rated, with occasional Chinese characters. πŸ˜‰

mda19083: uh oh

Rush: Chan’s kindness to this flower girl will prove beneficial!

Rush: AH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan Family urge brother Lee not to date sister

Rush: Back seat driver….

Louise: sorry Lee

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie performs significant ritual

Phil & Mrs Phil: I think Mrs Phil often feels like doing that to me when I backseat drive.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Move along beggar this I an upscale crimal neighborhood.

Rush: “Medicine very bitter.”


Mike n Rachel in DC: Virtue of Silence

Phil & Mrs Phil: Wasn’t this guy the German police chief in CC at the Olympics?


Nothere: Rush is ready with the pics tonight.

Rush: Sharing the “wealth.”

Louise: Nice “ace in hole” trick

mda19083: ace in hole is bogus

Nothere: Lee action hero.


Fredsmom: scram

Phil & Mrs Phil: Be careful to fully shut the door behind you.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Russell Hicks.

Nothere: Hey Phil type people just vbecause the building is full of murderous crooks is no reason to be rude.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I wonder if it’s diarheaa.

Phil & Mrs Phil: No, never mind, I don’t wonder that.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Su Lo Gao

hounder: the old i see you in the mirror trick

Nothere: It’s 1935 there is no such thing. Just ask Montazuma.

Rush: Russell Hicks will be in two more Chan films.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Psuedo Gao

Rush: “Dark Alibi” and “The Shanghai Chest.”

Rush: Phil: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gao: high

Rush: I am not certain, but the name of that shop might mean, I think, “Fat Su Lo.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or “high Su Lo” Can we get some of the stuff she’s on? I mean, it’s 4:20 somewhere, right?

Rush: The clock says so twice each day.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Right, Rush. And in DC, it’s all legal. Would you like some “edibles?”

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah well I’ve tried drinking at 4:20am and believe me, it’s counterproductive.

mda19083: opium ring

Rush: No thank you…happy as I am!

Louise: M&R: our new dealers!

Nothere: I like brownies…uhm not those.

Rush: Rifling through Andrews’ things!

Louise: NJ just passed pot approval but there are no shops or things yet

Nothere: Depends on what you drink on or the other Phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: Also available gluten free (for a small upcharge):

Mike n Rachel in DC: Louise…DC can hook(ah) you up!

Nothere: Remember to open all doors as suspiciously as possible.


Rush:  [/url]

Rush: Oh, well…

Nothere: It works Rush.


Rush: There.

Rush: There are a “plug” for our Gallery at this site!

Rush: Impromptu fingerprint gathering!

mda19083: he’s left handed

Rush: AH!

mda19083: who has an alibi

Rush: Even a dark one…

Nothere: Oh Rush has gallery’s on other sites, his own Imdb page,we get it your famous:)


Louise: Great photos, Rush

Fredsmom: Like this sketch

mda19083: tysm

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I would guess that Keye Luke actually drew it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee. Think about this. Your father has 13 kids. You know NOTHING about girls that he hasn’t figured out. Just sayin’

Rush: AH!

Nothere: I’m the kid I know more than any adult.

mda19083: secret writing

Rush: Yes! Invisible ink!

Nothere: Shush Mda it’s a secret.

Phil & Mrs Phil: HOW in the world does Andrews think of the secret writing trick?

Rush: Chan probes a bit here…

Nothere: He’s in Shanghai. Maybe it was on his fortune cookie?

Rush: Hospitality with a PURPOSE!

mda19083: standard b movie plot device

mda19083: anyone have a good gin rickey recipe

hounder: back. mom wanted a sandwich

Nothere: Sorry I don’t even have a bad one. Rickey?

Rush: Gin Rickey – An alcoholic beverage consisting of a mixture of gin, lime, and carbonated water.

mda19083: tysm Rush

hounder: that almosr sounds good rush

Rush: From our GLOSSARY. Yet another “plug.”

mda19083: always a good idea to check the fireplace

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Meow…”

mda19083: i am learning a lot from the wealth of info on the website

Fredsmom: awwww


Rush: Pretty good…even folled Pop!

Rush: (fooled)

sarabell2: Are they going to let Lee back in the hotel looking like that?

Rush: Good question!

hounder: back again. mom needed reassured

Rush: Maybe he had to sneak in through the service entrance!

Rush: yes, Hounder.

sarabell2: They would not let the Duck Dynasty guy in the posh hotel he was staying in

Rush: I hope she’s well.

Nothere: Well folks I’m afraid this I where I leave you. Be sure you have your passports when attempting to lave Shanghi.

hounder: that darned scar

Rush: Okay, NT!

Rush: See you next week for…”Charlie Chan’s Secret.”

sarabell2: Good night NT

Fredsmom: bye NT

mda19083: another secret

hounder: nite nt

Rush: (I had the wrong film listed on this week’s email newsletter!)

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Louise: in and out of windows

Rush: The getaway!

mda19083: nice getaway

Rush: And she’s an accessory…

mda19083: round up the usual suspects

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: AH! They caught Lee sneaking in!

Rush: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: If they didn’t would check out.

mda19083: waterfront dive

Rush: (Smack!)

Phil & Mrs Phil: Ah those were the good old days.

mda19083: good cop bad cop routine

Rush: Commented on “moving a mountain.”

Rush: A “connection” to our radio drama tonight!

Louise: another sexy dance

Rush: Sort of like “Le Singe Bleu”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: The VER-sigh Cafe

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: versailles – we’re not in france anymore

Rush: Yes.

Phil & Mrs Phil: That guy’s a little to enthusiastic about the dancer

Mike n Rachel in DC: No Apache danse…thankfully

Phil & Mrs Phil: too enthusiastic

Rush: No such dance tonight.

Rush: (Punch!)

Fredsmom: another punch

Mike n Rachel in DC: It was just a…TWICK! And I will get you…you KWAZY WABBIT!

mda19083: could this be a setup?

Rush: Elmer Fudd Meets Charlie Chan

Rush: “Sarsapirilla”

Phil & Mrs Phil: HOW did he know his escape was just a trick? In this movie, too many people know things.

mda19083: CC is a wise man

Rush: Yes, the gang has infiltrated just about everything!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Perhaps the Mystery of the Orient, Phil?

Rush: Chan has already made some important discoveries…as to true identities.

mda19083: CC smokes dope

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan’s finest moment

Rush: Maybe “smokes it out.”

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Phil & Mrs Phil: It’s waterproof.

mda19083: you go first

Mike n Rachel in DC: Classic Chan line

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: trust me

Phil & Mrs Phil: Charlie says “I…don’t feel comfortable going first.”

mda19083: shootout

Mike n Rachel in DC: Insignificant offspring of searchlight…is there a better line in all of Chan-dom?

mda19083: put your hands up

Rush: Another use of fake fingerprints.

mda19083: these guys are not too smart

Rush: Too “smart” for their own good!

Rush: Nice work here by Chan.

Louise: reach for ceiling!

Louise: Dope indeed

Rush: Yes!

Louise: pun

Rush: “NG” Man.

mda19083: lee to the rescue

hounder: ng man

Phil & Mrs Phil: ng man?

Rush: We see how Chan was testing “Andrews back at the hotel.

Rush: “No Good” man.

hounder: no good man

mda19083: he also wanted a gin rickey

Rush: “Thank you so much.”


sarabell2: Cute ending

Rush: Closing credits….

mda19083: tysm love it

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: Yes.

Rush: (Applause…)

DanVenture: A great Chan.

Rush: Well…this was one of my favorires.

hounder: so much fun with friends. thanks . safe week to all see you next week.

Rush: Pretty atmospheric, IMHO…

Fredsmom: clapclapclapclap

Rush: Next week…

DanVenture: Indeed! Stay happy and healthy!

Matt1: Take care and have a great week

mda19083: does this group ever rate the movies

Rush: “Charlie Chan’s Secret”

Louise: fun ending

Fredsmom: a good week to all! stay safe! see you next time!

sarabell2: Thank you Rush, another successful chat. I agree, one of the better Chans bye all and see you next week,

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Rush: Anyone is very welcome to rate these movies!

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mda19083: thanks all

Louise: See ypu all next week!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha all.

DanVenture: I am curious too, MDA.

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MnR: Ack…back…great to see everyone!

Rush: MnR…welcome!

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DanVenture: Ever done that, Rush?

DanVenture: Ratings that is?

Rush: It would be interesting to see what one thinks of the films!

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mda19083: like siskel and ebert did

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MnR: Always love the “Olands” so much tradition and history in them!

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MnR: MnR give this one “Three” thumbs up.

MnR: πŸ™‚

mda19083 has left this room

MnR: Rush, we may not make it next week…but great to see everyone!

Rush: As a father with many children, such as Chan, might not venture to suggest which ones are best or less, I just take them as one big happy family!

MnR: Well said!

MnR: And..are you and the Glick chan in IA now?

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: I find even the “least” films have something to offer!

Rush: I remain your humble servant…:)

MnR: Like Beethoven Symphonies, Rush…all good…some more favorite than others πŸ™‚

Rush: You set a record tonight, Mike!

Rush: THREE Chat Names!

MnR: ?


MnR: Mobile crew here

Rush: Well…I thank you both…Mike and mat!

MnR: All best…see you soon!

Rush: Thank you for another fun evening!

Rush: take care, and my best to rachel!

MnR: Cheers! and our best to CA/IA Rachel!

Rush: Sing to her the Princess Ming Lo Fu song!

MnR: πŸ™‚ Till next week!

Rush: Will do, Mike!

Rush: Good night…!

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