Chat Archive 2/25/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 25, 2019

Charlie Chan in Shanghai

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 8)

GodwinShelley – Hawaii
Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC
Mrs. Pendleton

Rush has joined this room16:27

Matt has joined this room16:29

Matt: Hello Rush!16:29

Rush: Good evening, Matt!16:29

Rush: Great to see you.16:29

Rush: How is everything?16:29

Matt: You too….Hope you had a good week?16:29

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: *knock knock*16:30

Matt: Weather here in FL is perfect, thnx16:30

Rush: Yes, thank you, as always, how can I complain?16:30

Matt: Hello M & R!16:30

Rush: Hello, Mike/Rachel!16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Matt & Rush16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: (another M & R)16:30

hounder has joined this room16:30

Matt: Hello Hounder!16:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: hi hounder!16:31

Rush: Hello, Hounder!16:31

hounder: hi rush, mike mnr16:31

Rush: How are you this evening, M/R and Hounder?16:31

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room16:31

Rush: Mrs. Pendleton!16:31

Matt: Hello MrsP!16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’re well. 16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Mrs.P16:31

Rush: WELCOME!16:31

hounder: hi mrs p16:32

Rush: I hope that everyone had a good week as well as a nice Monday.16:32

Mrs Pendleton: This is amazing to me. Both last week and today I totally forgot it was Monday until just a few minutes before, I happen to look at the time and remember.16:33

hounder: i’m going good. nice and warm here this weerk16:33

Mrs Pendleton: Mrs P takes that as a sign she is meant to be here!16:33

Rush: I am so happy you remembered, Mrs. P!16:33

Mrs Pendleton: Good Evening Everyone!16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening!16:33

Mrs Pendleton: As I wasn’t prepared, I do need to step away for a little bit. We start in about 40 minutes, right?16:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think the slow boat to China departs at 8:15. :)16:35

Rush: The feature begins at 15 after the hour.16:35

Matt: Smil’in Jack starts in about 1016:35

Mrs Pendleton: LOL!16:35

Rush: Yes.16:35

Rush: :)16:35

Mrs Pendleton: Then like a bad penny, I shall turn up.16:35

Rush: Just don’t come back “spent”!16:36

Matt: 16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush, sometime might you consider adding “Oil for the Lamps of China” to the “Chan year” calendar?16:37

Rush: I am getting my “Smilin’ Jack” episode ready…16:37

Matt: I’m cued16:37

hounder: That would be cook mnr. is it available?16:37

Rush: M/R…THAT is a GREAT idea!16:37

Rush: If it is available online, maybe we can indeed do that for a Keye Luke birthday celebration!16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: I (Mike) don’t know…I just always remember it when “Shanghai” shows up16:38

Rush: Yes!16:38

Rush: I “wonder” why, M/R!16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ooooh. That would be fun. I remember watching it for the first time and eating Chinese take out when I was a kid. Loved it!16:38

Rush: :)16:38

Rush: Then, we will begin to plan on it, if everyone is agreed!16:39

hounder: that would be cool. I’ve not seen it.16:39

Rush: And, I suspect everyone WILL be in favor!16:39

Rush: I have not seen that one, either.16:39

Matt: I’m in!16:40

Rush: It would be a first for me. too.16:40

Rush: Okay…is everyone ready to start our sereal episode?16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay! It’s a fun movie…a little corny, fairly dramatic 16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready for take-off, Captain!16:41

hounder: ready here16:41

Rush: I have never shied away from “corn.”16:41

Rush: Okay…16:41

Rush: 30 seconds…16:41

Rush: 20 seconds…16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clear propellers!16:41

Rush: 15…16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Contact16:42

Rush: 10…16:42

Rush: 5…16:42

Matt: <Gong>16:42

Rush: GO!!!16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: <flyby>16:42

Rush: Props revving…16:42

Rush: Take-off!16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Graduation music16:42

Rush: Yes!16:42

Rush: :)16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take cover! Air raid!16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: <boom>16:42

Rush: With BOMBS, too!16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sort of “pomp and circumstance” meets “1812 Overture”?16:43

Rush: 🙂 !!!16:43

Rush: Remember, this is something of a “prequil” to Pearl Harbor.16:44

Rush: Made in 1943.16:45

hounder: you tube crashed browser starting over16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: I thought Jack was a pilot…now he’s a sub skipper. Multi-talented!16:45

Rush: Yes!16:46

Rush: Seems the ship got the worst of that collision!16:46

Rush: Stiopping the leak with towels!16:46

hounder: multitalented16:47

Rush: Are they in for a surprise!16:47

hounder: yeah. towels will stop that leak…..not16:48

Rush: The Black Samurai.16:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: Weren’t they ninja?16:50

Rush: Hopefully there is no gunpowder in the hold!16:50

Rush: Possible, M/R…16:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: True Rush. Maybe there’s a raft or rowboat stored down there…need a getaway16:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: …OR…they could make a boat out of some towels??16:51

hounder: as dark as it is there’s no porthole.16:51

Rush: M/R: :)16:52

Rush: They better escape at night.16:52

Rush: Sort of a backhanded comment just then.16:53

Rush: “I’ll be glad to do that for ANY German.”16:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: It really helps when your adversaries are on the short list of “World’s Dumbest Criminals”16:54

Rush: Yes!16:54

hounder: lol@mnr16:54

Rush: They need to account for the ship’s speed!16:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ideal prison cell: Door to the outside and a boat…16:54

Rush: AH! Good idea!16:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: <flyby>16:56

Rush: Fly the flag in the “distress” position.16:56

Mrs Pendleton has left this room16:57

Rush: So, in our sereal, the date is now December 7, 1941…16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: (or Dec. 8 if you’re Japanese )16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: I would be putting up a white flag…16:59

Rush: Yes.16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Time for the “1812 Graduation Overture” again. 17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: My dad was in the coast artillery during WW2. :)17:00

Matt: Nice shot17:01

Rush: Yes, M/R?17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yep. He actually finished his basic training on Pearl Harbor day.17:01

Rush: And, yes, Matt. That was one BIG gun!17:01

Matt: <yeah>17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wound up on the beach near LA in a foxhole waiting for a Jap invasion.17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: <applause>17:02

Rush: We still have gun emplacements from WW@ on Point Loma in San Diego.17:02

Rush: (WW2)17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: He was stationed near La Jolla (sp?)17:02

Rush: They were to protect the harbor.17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: …near LA17:02

Rush: Correct spelling!17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: :)17:03

Rush: Pronounced “La Hoya.”17:03

hounder has left this room17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Right…didn’t know if they had stuck with the Spanish version17:03

LibraryJim has joined this room17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi LJ17:03

Rush: We have lost our Hounder!17:03

Matt: Hello Jim!17:03

Rush: Hello, LJ!17:03

Louise has joined this room17:03

LibraryJim: Hello, all, ready to be shanhai’d?17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: After Midway he wound up in the combat engineers and went to Yerp17:03

Rush: WELCOME!17:04

Louise: Hi Gang17:04

Matt: Hello Louise!17:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looking forward to it, Jim!17:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Louise17:04

Rush: And, Louise!17:04

Rush: Good evening to YOU!17:04

Louise: I’m just stopping in for a quick visit because I am being shanghaied by an art project that has to be done by tomorrow.17:04

Rush: louise, TYSM (!!!) for the additional screen captures of past chat sessions!17:04

Rush: I just barey started formatting them.17:05

Louise: You are welcome, Rush. I hope I find more.17:05

Rush: If you do…wonderful!17:05

Rush: 9 minutes until showtime…17:06

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai.”17:06

Louise: My hands are full of paint and I can barely touch the keyboard!17:06

Rush: Another good one…but then…aren’t they ALL?17:06

Rush: House painting, Louise?17:06

Matt: Cued to Opening Title here!17:06

Rush: I need to readt my copy…17:07

Rush: (ready)17:07

fredsmom has joined this room17:07

Louise: No, I am Art Director for an exhibit on ancient goddesses for our local art center. I am painting my entry.17:07

fredsmom: Good evening all!17:07

Dona has joined this room17:07

Louise: Hi fredsmom17:07

Dona: Hello everyone!17:07

Louise: Hi Dona17:07

Matt: Hello FM & Dona!17:07

fredsmom: Do I need to register on this chatroom?17:07

Louise: I haven’t registered yet17:08

Dona: I haven’t either I have been meaning to ask17:08

cdirus has joined this room17:08

LibraryJim: I haven’t17:08

Matt: I did last week after it wouldn’t let me post17:08

Dona: Hello cdirus17:08

Louise: we are all unregistered!17:08

fredsmom: OK. Thank you! First time on the “new” site!17:08

Matt: Hello CD!17:08

cdirus: Hi guys!17:08

Rush: Hello, cdirus!17:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Fredsmom and Dona17:08

Rush: WELCOME!17:08

Rush: And, FM!17:08

cdirus: Hi Rush!17:08

fredsmom: haha we can all be “unregistered” together!17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey CD!17:09

Rush: Welcome to YOU, too!17:09

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room17:09

Matt: wb Mrs P!17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…WB17:09

Dona: Hello Mrs Pendleton17:09

Rush: AH! Welcome back!17:09

cdirus: Hi Mrs P!17:09

Mrs Pendleton: H8i!17:10

Rush: Please pause you films at the OPENING TITLE…17:10

LibraryJim: there and waiting17:10

Dona: Ready to go here Rush17:10

Louise: Cued here. 17:10

Rush: 4 minutes to go…17:10

LibraryJim: cute here.17:10

LibraryJim: I mean, cued here17:10

cdirus: 17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: 17:11

Matt: 17:11

cdirus: Ready to go!17:11

LibraryJim: 17:11

Matt: You still got it, Jim17:11

Rush: Hello, Dona!17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Adorable here…17:11

Rush: issed your arrival…sorry!17:11

Dona: I’m very glad to be here Rush.17:12

cdirus: Messy here17:12

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go…17:12

Louise: Don’t “iss” anyone, Rush!17:12

Rush: VERY glad to have you here, Dona!17:12

LibraryJim: i’ve been taping a few of the CC films for my dad, so we can watch them together when I go down this week, since he doesn’t have internet, he can’t watch on YouTube.17:12

Rush: OOPS! An errant “M.”17:12

Louise: Nice, LJ17:12

fredsmom: what a nice thing to do…17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: Taping, LJ? Like on VHS?17:13

Rush: 90 seconds…17:13

LibraryJim: Trying to get a variety of Chans in the mix so we have at least one of each.17:13

Rush: 75 seconds…Ready?17:13

Rush: 60 seconds…17:13

Matt: <tic-toc>17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: *coolie hat*17:13

LibraryJim: MnR, yes. I hooked my Roku into the VCR.17:13

Rush: 50 seconds…17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: <gentlemen, start your engines>17:13

Rush: And…”5 solti!”17:14

Rush: 40…17:14

Rush: 30….17:14

Rush: 25…17:14

Rush: 20…17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: *dons dragon robe*17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

Rush: 10…17:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: *lights fuse*17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:14

Matt: <GONG>17:14

Rush: Music…title….17:14

LibraryJim: GOING17:14

Rush: Credits…17:14

Louise: That is one mighty GONG17:14

Rush: NICE gong, Matt!17:15

Matt: That’s all I got17:15

Dona: I could hear the Gomg Matt thank you17:15

LibraryJim: You might say it’s a King Gong.17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Check the gong player for steroids…17:15

cdirus: Speaking of dragons, did anyone see the picture of the Dragon Aurora in Iceland? 17:15

Mrs Pendleton: lol17:15

Louise: Okay, I will be back a little later…17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ouch LJ17:15

Rush: No, cdirus!17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy painting, Louise!17:15

Matt: My favorite Chan scene ever17:15

Rush: Sounds intriguing!17:15

danventure has joined this room17:15

Mrs Pendleton: I forgot this one starts aboard ship17:15

Rush: Leap frog with Mr. Chan….17:16

Matt: Hello Dan!17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ming Lo Fu…17:16

LibraryJim: I forgot about this openin17:16

Louise: Thanks, I will be a different color when I return.17:16

Rush: “60 summers young….sixty winters old…Brrrr….”17:16

danventure: Wow! Three weeks in a row I remembered. What’s the time stamp we are at?17:16

Rush: The song of Princess Ming Lo Fu.”17:16

cdirus: It looked like a giant green dragon in the sky17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie sings17:16

Dona: I have a new sister-in-law that lives in Shanghai. She will be moving to the US in the next year. I am hoping to get her to work on our translations for us. she is an English teacher in Shanghai.17:16

Rush: Note the “in-mention” of “Fu Manchu” here.17:16

Rush: This would actually be Oland singing.17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice voice17:17

Rush: Cute little girl.17:17

Matt: <claps>17:17

fredsmom: how interesting Dona17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice, Dona!17:17

Rush: TYSM, in advance, Dona!17:17

Rush: Note passed…17:18

Rush: Similar to CC’s experience upon arrival in paris!17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Evil note. His singing wasn’t THAT bad!17:18

Rush: “Play fair.”17:18

Rush: M/R: :)17:18

Phil has joined this room17:18

Phil: Allloooohhhhaaaa!17:19

cdirus: Hi Phil!17:19

Dona: Much Better than that maid17:19

Matt: Hello Phil!17:19

Dona: Hi Phil17:19

Phil: Hi to all my Chan friends. Good to see you all.17:19

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Phil!17:19

Rush: Note that CC said that China is the land of his ancestors…not of himself. pointing to his having been born in Hawaii.17:19

Dona: Hi Dan I didn’t see you arrive17:19

Rush: Hello, Danventure!17:19

Rush: WELCOME!17:19

Matt: Hi, Pop!17:19

Rush: And another welcome to LEE!17:19

Matt: The “Firm”17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Dan!17:20

Rush: Note the “steamy” atmosphere!17:20

Phil: Mrs. Pendleton – I don’t believe I’ve ever met you before!17:20

Mrs Pendleton: He said reacquainted which sounds like he’s been here before17:20

Rush: Effective!17:20

danventure: What time are we at Rush?17:20

Rush: “Wui soti!”17:20

Matt: Lee’s short, once again17:20

Rush: 6:1017:20

Mrs Pendleton: Pleased to meet you Phil!17:20

Rush: Yes…17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good thing Charlie had changed some money!17:20

Rush: Five coins of the realm were due.17:20

Rush: The dinner.17:21

Phil: Likewise I’m sure Mrs Pendleton.17:21

Rush: 6:4517:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Phil!17:21

Phil: Oh my, I’m so late.17:21

Mrs Pendleton: I used to frequent the chat many summers/winters ago!17:21

Rush: Hello, PHIL!17:21

Rush: A welcome to YOU, too!17:21

Rush: :)17:21

Rush: Note the mention soon of the “jade” box.17:21

Phil: Hi M&R, DA, Matt, louise, Dona, CD, Fredsmom, LJ and finally…THE GLICKSTER.17:21

Rush: Mr. Sun Wong.17:22

Rush: I was told that he is speaking Vietnamese!17:22

Dona has left this room17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: The brother of Sun Dial, perhaps?17:22

Rush: :)17:22

fredsmom: really Rush?17:22

Rush: CC’s turn to speak.17:22

LibraryJim: Hi Phil17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: This sounds like made up Chinese17:23

Rush: In fact, he DID…at the ending of his small speach.17:23

danventure: How many times does Charlie speak chinese in the series?17:23

hounder has joined this room17:23

Phil: Greetings esteemed colleague.17:23

Rush: “Thank you so much x 3″17:23

n has joined this room17:23

cdirus: Hi Hounder!17:23

n: Hi Hounder17:23

Mrs Pendleton: ouch17:23

Rush: BANG!17:23

hounder: sorry. computer crashed17:23

Phil: Hounder! good to see you.17:23

Rush: Hello, N!17:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: <gunfight>17:23

hounder: hi phil17:23

Matt: <tin can>17:24

Rush: Nice to have you back!17:24

Rush: TYSM, Matt!17:24

Matt: Hello N!17:24

Rush: Please do stay longer this time.17:24

Phil: What’s our time please?17:24

cdirus: Hi N!17:24

Rush: 10:25…17:24

Mrs Pendleton: 10:2517:24

n: 10:3017:25

Rush: 10:45…17:25

Phil: TYSM17:25

Rush: How are you this evening, N?17:25

hounder: time check please17:25

Rush: 11:2517:25

Phil: I guess I could have asked CC since he just did a time check.17:25

Rush: 11:4017:26

Mrs Pendleton: lol17:26

nn: Hi Rush, it’s Dona was knocked out and I didn’t realize it didn’t say my name17:26

hounder: thanks.17:26

cdirus: Ouch, that’s a bad combo, squares and pokka dots17:26

Rush: Lee’s telephone girlfriend, whom we shall see soon, is Bo Ling.17:26

Phil: I was just about to write that cd.17:26

Rush: She is the daughter of E.L. Park…CC in “Behind That Curtain.”17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Epic dragon robe, Charlie17:27

Mrs Pendleton: really?!!17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: This one is the gold standard17:27

Rush: She was also the Chans’ number One Daughter in the breakfast scene in “The Black camel.”17:27

cdirus: Love Charlies robe17:27

LibraryJim: I’m looking for a good Roland Winters to add to my dad’s tape, what is your impression of Feathered Serpent (since it has Lee AND Tommy)?17:27

Mrs Pendleton: oh oh17:27

Rush: Nice touch there with CC and the family portrait.17:27

Phil: Why does Charlie’s pj bottoms not match his top?17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sinister shadows17:27

Rush: Luckily the assassin didn’t want to get Lee!17:28

cdirus: Maybe he packed in the dark?17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Silencer!17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop?17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: <pop>17:28

Rush: I think pop should have alerted Lee about this possibility…for HIS sake!17:28

Louise: You know when he says “Dad” it is ttrouble!17:28

Mrs Pendleton: He changed fron pop to dad17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: More sinister shadows17:28

Rush: N…are you watching the film along with us?17:28

Phil: Takes about as long to get the cops then as it does now.17:29

Rush: You seemed to give the correct running time earlier!17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: N = Dona17:29

Mrs Pendleton: cuff andcollar of pj topmatch bottoms17:29

Rush: AH!17:29

Rush: I missed that!17:29

Rush: (blushing)17:29

Phil: Thanks for pointing that out M&R17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s in disguise tonight. :)17:29

n: now that i’m here i don’t know how to fix it17:29

Rush: One eye on the keyboard….one on the TV…17:30

LibraryJim: “wake up, Charlie!”17:30

Phil: Wife wants to know where are the bullet holes in the pillow?17:30

Rush: And…occasional glance at the computer screen!17:30

Mrs Pendleton: I thought the same thing Mrs Phil17:30

hounder: hi nt17:30

Rush: HM…tell her she might have made a good catch, Phil….and say “hello,” too!17:30

Louise: Very large omlette17:31

Rush: Please…17:31

Phil: It’s the “These things cannot happen in Berlin!” guy.17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fu Yong17:31

Rush: Yes, Louise….”Fu Yung…”17:31

Rush: you beat me to it, M/R!17:31

hounder: sorry i disappeared, computer crashed then had phone call. brb dog walk17:31

LibraryJim: I like Lee’s PJs17:31

Rush: Yes.17:31

Mrs Pendleton: Charlie and son sing in this film17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice white suits17:32

Phil: Yes, you’ll recall Mrs. Phil made another keen observation last time we were here.17:32

Rush: Yes, M/R.17:32

Rush: Agreed.17:32

LibraryJim: Charlie Chan: the musical.17:32

Rush: Those suits also speak to the warm climate.17:32

Mrs Pendleton: lol17:32

Louise: Lovely robe17:32

Phil: Good one LJ17:32

Rush: Interesting Buddha figure in the background.17:33

Phil: Somebody say something.17:33

LibraryJim: Something17:34

Phil: Oh..ok, thought I’d lost the connection.17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great lamp on desk17:34

Phil: Man, that guy’s desk looks way worse than mine.17:34

Rush: Glad you didn’t, Phil.17:34

Louise: Matchmaker again17:34

Rush: Phil, if you could see my desk right now…17:35

Rush: Here we are.17:35

Rush: Bo Ling.17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maybe he can take her bowling?17:35

Phil: At least it’s not Ming Toy.17:35

Rush: (Click!)17:35

hounder: female phone call17:35

Mrs Pendleton: Can’t slam the phone these days, lost art17:35

Rush: Seems Lee had been “busy” before the arrival in Shanghai of CC!17:36

fredsmom: so true Mrs. P!17:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t want to waste a perfectly good voyage, Rush. :)17:36

Phil: Oh I beg to differ Mrs. P.17:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: SMP17:36

Rush: Almost sounded like he said “Mr. CHANG.”17:36

Rush: “Shanghai Mission Police,” I think.17:36

Phil: No, that was the London detective Rush. 17:37

Rush: YES, Phil! :)17:37

Mrs Pendleton: Tricksy!17:38

Louise: B17:38

LibraryJim: He sounded more like Bela Lugosi than a Chinese policeman17:38

Louise: “By my son” just to make sure he knows Charliesis not fooling around17:38

hounder: what note? i didn’t send him a note. charlie’s been hijacked17:39

Rush: CC’s pause with the flower girl actually saves his life!17:39

Rush: Lee would have missed him leaving otherwise.17:40

Rush: How to handle back seat drivers!17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie–always generous to beggars.17:40

fredsmom: hahahaha Rush17:40

Rush: “Don’t mind if I do…”17:40

Rush: Yes, M/R.17:41

Rush: Wise words here.17:41

PaulM has joined this room17:41

Rush: Hello, Paul!17:41

Phil: Yeah Lee just tell everything.17:41

Rush: Good evening!17:41

Matt: Hello Paul!17:41

cdirus: Hi Paul!17:41

Phil: Hi Paul17:41

PaulM: hi gang. been here since the movie started. just doing stuff17:41

hounder: hi paul17:41

Rush: AH!17:42

Rush: Well…please join us, then!17:42

hounder: if answer known question seems unneccessary17:42

Rush: Yes, Hounder…good one.17:42

n: hi paul17:42

Rush: Or: ONES!17:42

Rush: Nice moves by Lee!17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Once again, Charlie outwits the bad guys17:42

Rush: Watch!17:43

Phil: Man that is a great flying leap.17:43

Rush: “Scram!”17:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee must be on the judo team as well as the swim team!17:43

Rush: Or, perhaps: “Amscray!”17:43

Rush: Cue: cough.17:43

Rush: Good point, M/R!17:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: There are a lot of cigarettes in the box!17:44

Rush: “Su Lo Gau.”17:44

hounder: stiff collars must have been torture17:45

Phil: Not to be confused with Lee Ho Fouks of Werewolf fame.17:45

n has left this room17:45

Rush: We lost “N.”17:45

Matt: N wasn’t too chatty17:45

Rush: About the stiff collars..YES, Hounder!17:46

Louise: How ca we type aythig if we do’t have n?17:46

Dona has joined this room17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s back!17:46

Dona: Oh brother!17:46

Matt: wb Dona!17:46

Rush: Great looking suit and hat on Chan.17:46

cdirus: Hi again Dona!17:46

Rush: Hello, again, Dona! Now I am less confused!17:47

Phil: And his hair was perfect.17:47

Dona: i keep getting kicked out17:47

Rush: League of Nations Opium Committee.17:47

Dona: last time i didn’t realize i just typed n17:47

Mrs Pendleton: lol Louise!17:47

Rush: Phil: :)17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like a good committee17:47

Rush: M/R: :)17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sort of like being on the UN Ecstasy Committee today?17:49

Rush: Perhaps!17:50

Louise: What phone call? What message? 17:51

Matt: Rut Row Reorge17:51

Rush: I have been looking for an online copy of “Oil for the Lamps of China.”17:51

hounder: and??17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie’s nose is shiny17:52

Rush: No luck, yet.17:52

hounder: :(17:52

fredsmom: monocle-looks uncomfortable17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looking pretty grim for ol’ Phillip…17:52

Rush: if we can find a copy before june, we can watch it on keye Luke’s birthday.17:53

LibraryJim: Guess it’s one of those things you had to get used to.17:53

hounder: the scars the conclusive evidence17:53

Rush: Yes.17:53

fredsmom: agreed LJ17:53

danventure: I assume Rush you mean the movie “oil”17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Owner of face cannot always see nose17:54

Rush: CC shows them…17:55

danventure: Or do you mean the book “oil for the lamps…”17:55

Rush: No, the film.17:55

danventure: It’s here:

hounder: cool dan. good job finding17:56

Rush: TYSM, DV! A possibility.17:56

hounder: shot in dark sometime find eye of bull17:56

Rush: I see this message when accessing that address: “This website requires the Flash 11.1 (or higher) player.
You may upgrade your Flash plug-in by visiting the Flash Download Center.
Please note you may need to reboot your system.”17:57

LibraryJim: dan, you beat me to it, I just found it as well at the same site.17:57

Rush: That one might work.17:58

fredsmom: how was that***ctivated? heat from the light?17:58

Rush: I was not aware that TCM had such viewing options!17:58

Rush: (Clue)17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie–always sleuthing17:58

Rush: (Another clue)17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great look on Charlie’s face–sees something!17:59

Rush: “Very bad habit of collecting clues!”17:59

fredsmom: sorry typo-how was that writing activated-by heat?17:59

Rush: Like invisible ink.17:59

Rush: Or, lemon juice.17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…that line has a double meaning!17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes Fredsmom…can write in lemon juice and it’s invisible until you heat the paper18:00

Rush: AH!18:00

fredsmom: but CC didn’t put lemon juice on it did he?18:00

Rush: No.18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: No…the murdered man had written the letter. 18:00

Rush: Maybe someone in Washington, DC did.18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Innocent looking on one side, invisible message on the other18:01

Mrs Pendleton: It is written in lemon juice18:01

Mrs Pendleton: dries clear18:01

fredsmom: thank you 18:01

Mrs Pendleton: YW18:01

Rush: Or some more sophisticated heat activated substance.18:01

LibraryJim: there’s that beggar again18:02

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: TYSM, M/R!18:02

Rush: A bit of mood music from “Egypt” a little earlier…18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: 3rd grade science class!18:03

Phil: Yes Rush.18:03

Rush: “Meow…”18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sekhmet!18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh.18:03


Rush: Well, after all, they ARE bad guys!18:04

hounder: shame on them18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: They were the bad guys, LJ. They always do evil things.18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: “It’s a pip!”18:04

LibraryJim: I wonder if Lee got the idea of beggar in disguise from Paris?18:04

fredsmom: a CAT-tastophe18:04

Rush: :)18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: :)18:04

Mrs Pendleton: good one fredsmom!18:05

LibraryJim: ^^ yep18:05

fredsmom: :)18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie likes the brunette. :)18:05

Rush: “Hope not.”18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Police = smart.18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nash = smarter.18:07

Rush: Yes.18:07

Rush: An accomplice!18:08

Mrs Pendleton: the get away 18:08

Mrs Pendleton: car18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good partner!18:08

Phil: Two license plates?18:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie aids the escape.18:08

Rush: maybe one for the colony, the other for outside>18:09

hounder: foolish dog persues flying bird18:09

Rush: Lee’s drawing.18:09

Mrs Pendleton: cute drawing18:09

Mrs Pendleton: very talented!18:09

Rush: I think that Keye Luke actually drew it.18:09

Mrs Pendleton: I think he did18:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Perhaps Lee went Bo Ling?18:09

Rush: “OUCH!”18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: He’s destined for art school for sure!18:10

Rush: :)18:10

Rush: Yes.18:10

Rush: “Ah…PHOOEY!”

LibraryJim: Chan’s version of the Baker street irregulars?18:10

Rush: “Versailles Cafe.”18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: LJ :)18:10

Phil: For once Lee does it right.18:10

Mrs Pendleton: pop is proud18:11

Rush: Yes!18:11

LibraryJim: Charlie Chan the man with a plan18:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Two steps ahead of the bad guys, LJ18:11

Rush: Literally “tied” up!18:11

Mrs Pendleton: strong arm tactics18:12

Rush: Yes!18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: Folds like a low pair…18:12

Rush: we saw something similar in another Chan film.18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: …some tough guy18:12

Rush: Any takers?18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dead…18:12

Mike n Rachel in DC: …Men…18:12

Mrs Pendleton: hmmm race track?18:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: …Wear Plaid18:13

Rush: The same tactic was used by a fake investigator in….18:13

Phil: Is EVERYBODY in on the plot?18:13

Rush: Exotic dancer….18:13

Dona: looks like it Phil18:13

Rush: Laurel and Hardy????18:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: Low-grade entertainment at its finest18:13

Rush: “Charlie Chan in Honolulu”18:14

Dona has left this room18:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops…thought it was Dead Men Tell. Wrong ship.18:14

Mrs Pendleton: yes!18:14

Rush: The two sailors having a good time at the table recalled Laurel and Hardy to me!18:14

Mrs Pendleton: Dona!18:14

Rush: Mrs. P: :)18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!18:15

Rush: :)18:15

Rush: Ominous comment…18:16

Dona has joined this room18:16

Mrs Pendleton: Yay Dona!18:16

Rush: WB….Dona!18:16

Dona: one punch18:16

Rush: Yes.18:16

Dona: hi again18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ja. Ve vill take you to…Amerika!18:17

Rush: “Sarsapirilla.”18:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: chop-chop18:17

Rush: Yes.18:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is it cheaper by the bottle?18:17

Rush: That phrase still has meaning even today!18:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Never tried ordering a bottle of booze in a bar18:18

Rush: Maybe that’s regularly done at a dive in Shanghai such as this one!18:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: I don’t drink. But opium, that’s a different story…18:19

Rush: I have never heard of it, but perhaps Shanghai wine is a popular export!18:19

Mrs Pendleton: You go first Charlie!!!18:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: True, Rush. And it’s probably not Johnny Walker Blue Label…18:19

hounder: i don’t think modern bars sell by the bottle 18:19

Phil: Yeah, ever since they started saying alcohol and cocaine don’t mix, I’ve stopped drinking.18:19

Rush: I know some restaurants do that, Hounder.18:20

Louise has left this room18:20

Rush: CC delays…18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah, Phil. But what do they know, anyway? :)18:20

Phil: Really!18:20

Mrs Pendleton: insignificant offspring of searchlight18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Insignificant offspring of searchlight…” one of my favorite lines18:20

Rush: Now we see why CC delayed!18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: :). Mrs. P18:20

Mrs Pendleton: M/R!18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dropping like flies on the wharf18:21

Rush: Phil: :)…i hope!18:21

Phil: Any of those guys who just surrendered would probably face the death sentence in China.18:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: True Phil. A popular punishment…18:22

Rush: Oh, yes.18:22

fredsmom: oh wow18:22

Mrs Pendleton: one more18:22

Rush: WEhen I went to Taiwan years ago, such a drug-related penalty was posted at the airport.18:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: US Governmnet owe you about 25 years…18:22

Rush: They don’t fool around!18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good deterent18:23

Rush: Lee!18:23

Phil: Whoa, Charlie’s a bit harsh.18:23

Rush: CC is definitely NOT fooling!18:23

Phil: Really Rush. Death penalty?18:23

Rush: Yes.18:23

Rush: “NG” man.18:24

Mrs Pendleton: The scotch gave you away18:24

Rush: That was back in 1998.18:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Drinking causes more problems…18:24

fredsmom: but still in effect today?18:24

Rush: Cute ending.18:24

Rush: Lee: “Thank you so much!”18:25

PaulM: nice18:25

Dona: TYSM18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>18:25

Phil: Indeed M&R18:25

Rush: Closing credits….18:25

Matt: <yee-haw>18:25

hounder: charlie always plays match maker.18:25

Dona: <YAY>18:25

danventure: Well done.18:25

Rush: (Applause)18:25

Rush: Agreed!18:25

fredsmom: clapclapclap18:25

Rush: Next week….18:25

LibraryJim: yAY. I definitely like his rapport with #1 son better than Roland Winters18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another good Chan!18:25

Dona: I agree LJ18:26

Rush: “Charlie Chan’s Secret.”18:26

Matt: Shhhhh18:26

danventure: Everyone have a great week!18:26

Phil: Nice seeing everyone. Have a good week.18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: All of these early ones are solid.18:26

hounder: wonderful fun with you guys. thanks18:26

fredsmom: hope everyone has a great week! good to be back with everyone!18:26

Phil has left this room18:26

Rush: And to you, Phil!18:26

Matt: Good night folks and have a wonderful week18:26

hounder: nite all. have a great week18:26

Dona: Great fun as always Rush! Thank you! 18:26

Rush: TYSM, everyone!18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same to y’all! See you next week! Take care.18:26

danventure has left this room18:26

LibraryJim: I’ll be missing next week, but will be watching with my dad (just not that one)18:26

Dona: Goodnight All!18:26

Mrs Pendleton: G’nite!18:26

LibraryJim: Good night all!18:26

Rush: A wonderful Monday evening to add to the huge list!18:26

PaulM has left this room18:26

Rush: Take care, all…18:27

LibraryJim has left this room18:27

Rush: Have a GREAT week!18:27

Matt has left this room18:27

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:27

Rush: may your dreams tonight be Chan-filled!18:27

fredsmom has left this room18:27

Mrs Pendleton has left this room18:27

hounder has left this room18:27

Dona has left this room18:27

Rush: Thank you, again!18:27

Rush: Good night, CD!18:27

Rush: Take care…have a wonderful week…18:28

Rush: Good night…18:28

GodwinShelley-Hawaii has joined this room18:28

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Hello18:29

Rush2 has joined this room18:29

Rush has left this room18:29

Rush2: HI, GS!18:29

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Saw Steve yesterday 18:29

Rush2: I had just left and saw you enter!18:29

Rush2: Yes?18:29

Rush2: How was he?18:29

Rush2: And, how was the day?18:29

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Sorry I’m late18:29

Rush2: No problem!18:29

Rush2: Did Steve show you around?18:30

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: He gave a great Black Camel tour18:30

Rush2: NICE!18:30

Rush2: Kailua Beach, then?18:30

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Ate at Dukes18:30

Rush2: Very good!18:30

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Roads got washed out – waiting to hear if it’s drivable 18:31

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Tried to send you a tree video18:31

Rush2: To Kailua?18:31

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Did you get it18:31

Rush2: You can hold onto it till your return, GS!18:31

Rush2: No hurry!18:31

Rush2: I will check email for it if you did send it, though!18:32

Rush2: I have not checked yet.18:32

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: I’ll – Steve will let us know if tomorrow is ok for another tour -18:32

Rush2: Yes?18:32

Rush2: How has the weather been?18:32

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: His car needs work18:33

Rush2: Oh.18:33

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Did HPD today18:33

Rush2: nice!18:34

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: This is too hard to type on my phone18:34

Rush2: So, you bussed around with Steve?18:34

Rush2: I understand, GS!18:34

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Will email you this week18:34

Rush2: I figured that is what you are doing!18:34

Rush2: okay!18:34

Rush2: Have you seen the Royal Hawaiian with Steve?18:34

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Chat in 2 weeks – will miss Next Monday18:35

Rush2: Okay.18:35

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Yes did Royal with Steven 18:35

Rush2: we will all be awaiting your return as well as your stories!18:35

Rush2: I am sure that was FUN, GS!18:35

GodwinShelley-Hawaii: Cool – bye 18:35

Rush2: Take care…18:35

GodwinShelley-Hawaii has left this room18:35

Rush2: Good night!18:35

Rush2: And, good night, again, CD, if you are still here!18:36

Rush2 has left this room18:37

cdirus has left this room19:42

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