Chat Archive 2/28/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 28, 2022

Charlie Chan’s Secret

The trailer for Charlie Chan Carries On

angel noodle w/peking fox
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hi, Matt!

Rush: Good evening. I was just making a repair at the site!

Matt1: Hope you are well

Matt1: Nothing major, I hope?

Rush: Doing well, thank you.

Rush: No, nothing major. i guess i forgot to make an update. Yhought I had, but maybe it didn’t publish!

Rush: (Thought)

Rush: Looks like it “took.”

Matt1: Ah, I did notice in the Calander, I can’t scroll month to month?

Rush: Right. I did that just in case things change for whatever reason!

Matt1: Got it

Rush: March will come up tonight!

Rush: New poll, too.

Rush: I hope that you and yiours are doing well.

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Rush: Dave!


Matt1: Pretty good, thnx

Dave: Howdy!

Matt1: Hello Dave!

Dave: hey, Matt

Rush: Just pretty good?

Rush: How are you tonight, Dave?

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Matt1: Getting ready for a 10K this coming weekend….over the SkyWay bridge. Pretty cool

Rush: DV!

DanVenture: Evening!

Rush: Good evening!

Matt1: Hello Dan!

DanVenture: Hope no one keels over because Dan V is here on time!

Rush: AH! Very good, Matt!

Dave: Doing well this evening

Dave: Greetings, DanV

Rush: Good to hear, dave!

Rush: No, DV! Jumping for joy!

Rush: 🙂

Dave: Any worms for the early boids?

Rush: Figuratively speking only, Dave!

Rush: We could dig up something, perhaps!

Dave: Nice line…

Rush: How about THIS “woim”!

Rush: The trailer for “Charlie Chan Carries On!


Rush: Take a look!

Rush: A lost film trailer!

Matt1: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat…..brb!

Rush: Lasts a bout 3 1/2 minutes…

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Dave has joined this room

Rush: Well?

Dave: Got kicked out, briefly

Rush: How was it?

Rush: OH!

DanVenture: WOW! Have trailers changed since then!

Rush: I thought that you were watching the trailer!

Dave: Appreciate the clips.

Matt1: Awesome……Now I want MORE!

Rush: 🙂

DanVenture: And a rare bit of 30’s humor–BVD: Before Very Dead

Rush: All we can offer beyond the trailer is our illustrated script.

Dave: I really wish someone would locate our famous lost films….

Matt1: Spinning globe was funny

Rush: YES, DV!

Rush: Nice line, huh!

Dave: I liked the bvd line, too

Dave: Though these were not necessarily the finished film, it gives a nice idea of the look of the film.

Rush: I had heard about the existance of that trailer a long time ago.

Rush: Someone said it was in the collection of the Smithsonial film library.

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mda19083: Hello folks

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Dave: Hello, mda…

Rush: I was hoping to be able to see it then. Finally, it came out as a part of an “Asians in Movies” DVD.

Rush: Hello, MDA!


Rush: It’s great fortune for us that we even have that trailer for “CC Carries On”!

Rush: And, as for “trailers sure have changed,” well, EVERYTHING has chanced since then (1931)!

Matt1: I think I remember seeing that before….I just can’t remember where/when

Dave: Amazing, when you consider that age, and fact that several films were lost in time…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I agree.

mda19083: someone once said the only constant in life is change

Rush: Yes.

Dave: A few old theaters in Washington, DC played older films, but the quality of the films was sometimes questionable…

DanVenture: And who knows? Maybe there is a surviving copy somewhere in a dusty closet.

mda19083: its a good thing that Charlie Chan remains a constant

Rush: DV…that is always a hope!

mda19083: DV – – I have a dusty closet

mda19083: I will look for it

Rush: And, the quote from MDA was from the Greek philosopher, Heroclitus (yes, i looked it up!).

mda19083: what is it i am looking for?

Dave: I thought the advent of videos and cable channels might help with renewed interest in older films as well

mda19083: I knew it was someone famous

Rush: 🙂

Rush: BRB….

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Jack: Hi all

Matt1: Hello Jack!

Dave: I got a bad case of herclitus on my right foot once…

Jack: Hi Matt

mda19083: greetings jack

Dave: evening, Jack…

Jack: Sorry I missed last week

Jack: It was a nutty one

Jack: Glad I’m here tonight

mda19083: so are we

Jack: Hi Dave

Jack: Thanks mda

Dave: You are here for a nice film tonight…

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Matt1: Hello Louise!

Louise: Hey Chan Clan!

mda19083: one of my faves

mda19083: hello louise

Dave: Louise!

Jack: Glad to be able to watch it with all of yiou

Jack: you

mda19083: I like the “atmosphere” of tonight’s film

Louise: Can’t stay because I have to read/edit my son’s Masters thesis tonight but wanted to say Hi!

Rush: Back.

Dave: Just don’t write it…

Rush: Agreed, MDA.

Louise: Rush, we are on for 7pm tomorrow night?

Jack: Hi Rush

Matt1: We are watching CC Secret tonight?

Rush: It really does have the “feel” for the atmosphere at San francisco to me.

Rush: Yes.

Dave: Indeed

Jack: This one has a commentary on the DVD- I may watch it with the commentary

Matt1: Link above is for Shanghai

Rush: Jack…welcome, by the way…and Louise!

mda19083: spoiler alert – tonight’s film is “Secret”

Dave: Did you ever visit the Winchester House, Rush?

Jack: Thanks Rush

Rush: And, we can see who knows just what Charlie Chan’s secret is!

Dave: mda, spoilt again…

mda19083: the Chan Chat will be my “commentary”

Jack: I dont remember

Louise: RUSH, I need a confirmation because my email was wacky today

Jack: Good choice mda

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Rush: No, actually, i never visited Winchester House! I did drive by it I think!

Matt1: Hello SB!

sarabell2: Hello everybody!

Rush: :I haven’t seen “The Mystery Spot” either! 🙂

Rush: Hello, SB!

Rush: Good evening!

Dave: My grandmother and other family loved it…Kind of go-to places for those in SF area….

sarabell2: I a trying to scroll up to see what you are talking about

Dave: howdy, sb…

Rush: I have heard LOTS about the Winchester House.

Jack: I’d love to is it SF some day. Hello sarabell

Rush: Maybe someday….

Dave: I think the character in tonight’s program was somewhat based on the Winchester matriarch

sarabell2: Howdy Dave, Jack. Did anyone go to the Winchester House? I totally understand that woman and Imelda Marcos

mda19083: I think Jack’s “v” key is acting up

Rush: 12 minutes…

Dave: I didn’t go, but my family did, before I was born…

Rush: There was a show on TV called “You Asked For It” when I was a kid, and I believe that they showed the Winchester House once.

mda19083: my family went places before i was born too – not so much after I was born

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Jack: Yes- it sticks- I have to keep going back and correcting. Sorry

Dave: No v’s for Jack…

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Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Dona!

Dave: hey, Dona….

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Welcome to our SoCal rep!

sarabell2: Hello Dona

mda19083: hello dona

Rush: How are you tonight?

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Dave: Let’s ask, Dona!

Dona: I am good thank you. Glad to be here

Matt1: Hello NT!

Rush: NT!

Dona: Hi NT

Nothere: Shush thats a secret. A Chan Secret:)

Rush: Happy to have you here, Dona!

Nothere: Hey all

Rush: and, NT…welcome!

Dave: NT is on the premises…

Rush: Hello!

Rush: 🙂

Dona: We are having some beautiful weather almost 85 today.

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Jack: This title really is a fun movie

Dona: Hi Rich

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Evening all!

Jack: Hi Rich

Dave: howdy, Rich…

sarabell2: Hi Rich and NT

Rich Maine: Good to be here tonite

Nothere: Hey Rich

Rush: A few of us watched the trailer for “Charlie Chan Carries On” earlier. if anyone is interested, here is the address:

Dave: jack, this is one of my own memorable faves from childhood…

Rush: Maybe save for later…

mda19083: hello NT/NH

Rush: Rich!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Rich Maine: Hey Rush, we need to slip in a BB week, I am missing him!

Rush: 5 1/2 minutes to go….

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE…

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Getting there…

Dona: Ready here Rush

Rush: Actuaally…if you want to pause as soon as the music starts, that is good!

Nothere: WEll I know what I’d do if I was dining with a group of people one of whom is a multiple murderer. Assure the killer I had no problem with them, and apologize if I offended them.

Rush: That happens at the 20th/Fox logo tonight!

mda19083: another spoiler alert – in tonight’s film – the Colby family is loaded – they made a lotta money in cheese

mda19083: cued

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: Exactly NT

Rush: “Ouch!”

Rush: THREE minutes…

Nothere: Well thats gouda to knowMDA

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Rush: We can start at the start of the intro music tonight.


Rush: Hounder!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Nothere: Hey Hounder.

hounder: hi everyone

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

mda19083: NT – you can’t offend me

sarabell2: Glad you made it Hounder

mda19083: hello hounder

Jack: Do you mean start with the Fox logo Rush?

Rush: Started…and Ladies, too!

Dona: Hello Hounder

Rush: TWO minutes…

hounder: ready

sarabell2: I was wondering the same thing, Jack,

Dave: wait, more cheesy jokes…jaxck, you got any?

Rush: 90 seconds…

mda19083: someone usually says “start you engines”

Jack: lol

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Rush: 75 seconds…

Dona: That is where I put it SB/Jack

hounder: hi gs

Rush: GS!

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: Welcome!

Dona: Hi GS

Dona: Hi Angel and fox

sarabell2: Hey GW2

Rush: 60 seconds…

Dave: howdy, folks…

Rush: Starting at the music at the logo….

Godwinshelley2: Hi – I am cued to JUST AFTER the Fox Searchlights at the title of the film

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Nothere: Hi Angel Fox

Rush: 15…

angel noodle w/peking fox: HI all!!!!!!!!!

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


angel noodle w/peking fox: GO GONG!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: And here we go!

mda19083: angel!

Rush: “Burlap” title card tonight.

Jack: Rosina Lawrence- great little actrress

Dave: a bit rough…

Nothere: To a point somewhere between Honolulu and San Fransico.

Rush: Angel…and Fox…

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: Headlines!

sarabell2: Hi Angel and fox

Rush: Salvage vessel.

Rush: Cue bubbles…

angel noodle w/peking fox: “SECRET” MEETING!

Nothere: Extra Extra read all about it. Modern audiences wonder why I’m not showing a phone app.

Jack: Tiny bubbles….

Rich Maine: CC on board

angel noodle w/peking fox: THE WINCH, WENCH!

mda19083: Do Ho – Tiny Bubbles

Jack: yep

angel noodle w/peking fox: Jack: I’m reaching for my Don Ho thanks to yo’!!

Dave: quit wacking my head!

Godwinshelley2: Did I see someone’s name was COLBY – I had neighbors in Columbia, MD with that same last name

hounder: what kind of underwater light would they have used then?

Nothere: Distant cousins God

Jack: Stock footage

angel noodle w/peking fox: GS, we think you have an early clue. Wrap in formaldehyde and cable immediately.

mda19083: the Colby family is loaded – they made their money in cheese

Rush: Indeed!

angel noodle w/peking fox: mda, your last line stinks

Rush: Possible can?

Jack: Surprise he recognizes him

angel noodle w/peking fox: Thoomas E. Dewey?

angel noodle w/peking fox: Thomas

mda19083: angel/fox – thanks

angel noodle w/peking fox: Actually, Thoomas sounds better. Beats Truman.

Dave: Al Cowlings!

Rush: 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: He hasn’t had a bathyscaphe all week.

Matt1: Art carney?

Rich Maine: Alan Cummings?

mda19083: if it weren’t for bad jokes I’d have no jokes at all

Rush: 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: ANOTHER attempt? Nothing but complaints from this bird.

Rush: I’ll take ANY joke!

angel noodle w/peking fox: TYSM


angel noodle w/peking fox: What i want to say, you can’t transmit.

Nothere: So if someone was trying to kill Colby on the ship, did the murderer hire an assisn? Or are they an aspiring canal swimmer?

Jack: Ouija

Rush: Ouija activity…

Matt1: Baxter!

Jack: The butler

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, you’re badgering us.

Dona: I like Baxter

Jack: Nice wig

Rush: Baxter fudged it!

Dave: Old Baxter!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Lady Colby gets uglier each year, can we all agree?

Jack: yes

Rich Maine: It’s that hair

angel noodle w/peking fox: “MAKES” you “quite creepy”? You are too modest, chum.

mda19083: she’s a tough old bird

Nothere: Hey when you own two mansions you can get as ugly as you want.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Her hairstyle is on a roll.

Dave: She knows how she likes her toast….

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, you can say that again. You need to, for it to be posted in both mansions.

Rich Maine: Cotton candy anyone?

angel noodle w/peking fox: Whaddaya mean, “we”?


angel noodle w/peking fox: Whaddaya mean, “seance”?

Dona: lol

Jack: Haha Rush

mda19083: rush – 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: Shanghai Dick? Hmmmmmmmmm.

sarabell2: Separated at birth

Nothere: Hey when you own two mansions you can get as ugly as you want. PPPLLLBBBTTTT

Rich Maine: Daphne!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Or however you react.

Dave: Not gonna Dither, that guy is VERY familiar!

Rush: Tonight’s fur….

Jack: How long has Chan been away from Honolulu at this point?

angel noodle w/peking fox: These people need Quaaludes.

Dona: is it fox?

Nothere: How can I look so smarmy and not play a lawyer in this movie. Does mmy mustache mean nothing.

Dona: lol

angel noodle w/peking fox: Jack, not long enough AND too long.

Rush: Clipper flies over the not yet completed Oakland-SF Bay Bridge.

Jack: love this house

mda19083: Avon calling

angel noodle w/peking fox: Too long is a variety of tea that comes from the eastern part of Dollar Tree.

Jack: creepy trees

Rush: We will see it in the background when CC arrived again on a Clipper…to Treasure Island.

Nothere: Good to know that wall has the house so secure.

angel noodle w/peking fox: COWABUNGA!

hounder: lol

Dave: nt, righto!

Matt1: AC?

Rush: A killer who hates inaccurate clocks!

Jack: Set design is great

Rush: Yes…AC.

Rich Maine: Poor alan

angel noodle w/peking fox: Daylight Shaving Time.

Rush: 🙂

Jack: As a doornail

Dave: Liked his watch…

angel noodle w/peking fox: I wanna be a dumbwaiter.

Rush: Tough to aim a knife through that!

Nothere: Ah Alan if only you had been more concerned with telling your family you weren’t dead instteas of wrong clocks youd be not dead.

Rush: True, NT!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, your words should be bound in leather. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

angel noodle w/peking fox: The top of her head is inside the top of her hat, stage left.

mda19083: his time fetish was deadly

Jack: He doesn’t want to work for a living

Nothere: Well you can’t bind me in leather just my words for I am not here:)

angel noodle w/peking fox: mda :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dave: not a ghost, it’s Lucifer!

angel noodle w/peking fox: HELLO KITTY!

Rush: THAT would have been a huge story of survival and the press would be all over Allen Colby’s appearance!

sarabell2: Now that Colby is dead the estate has to be sliced up.

angel noodle w/peking fox: SQVIRRELS? Did someone mention SQVIRRELS?

hounder: meow

Rush: Yes, SB.

mda19083: sb – 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: Or chairful.

angel noodle w/peking fox: FUTURE INTERSTATE RAMP

Rush: Baxter is sort of a precursor of Birmingham!

Dona: He does it well Rush

mda19083: Baxter is the best

Jack: He is

Rush: 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: Baxter has a Mr.Bean sort of proboscis. Prosthetic?

Rush: 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Weird house angles like in Son of Frankenstein

Nothere: Quick everyone into the spooky house with secret panels and a cat named Lucifer. It’s the only ssafe place.

Rush: Yes, GS!

mda19083: he does remind me of bean

Rush: That “expressionistic look.

Dave: haha, nt!

Jack: Yes Rush

Jack: Very much so

Rush: Yes to the above, NT!

angel noodle w/peking fox: The Bean scene arrived early and stayed.

Godwinshelley2: Would that be a Flying Buttress outside where the 3 beams meet in that entrance?


Jack: Wish Keye Luke was in this

Nothere: Naughty kitty Baxter spank.

hounder: foreign legion

angel noodle w/peking fox: I love the Flying Buttresses. I have their EP, which is medium rare.

mda19083: The Flying Butresses appear in Charlie Chan at the Circus

angel noodle w/peking fox: Luckier than we.

Nothere: Dude this isn’t an act creepy contest. Make a noise when you enter.

mda19083: angel – 🙂

Rush: Rifs – Berber people of Morocco with whom the French had fought.
Charlie Chan: “Was taken prisoner by Rifs.”

Jack: Nice close ups

Rush: Yes.

Dave: Like Charlie’s reaction shots…

Jack: Yes Dave

Nothere: Did someone mention fur?

mda19083: FUR!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Only time since 1771 the words “carlotta” and “seance” had been used. The combination appeared 100 times in the following hour, then no more. Nevermore.

Rush: 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: “Dick Williams”. Hmmmmmmm.

Rich Maine: Funny angel

Rush: “Best place for skeleton is in family closet.”

Jack: Spooky people

angel noodle w/peking fox: “Quoth” is an odd name for a raven.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Quoth The Raven.

Rich Maine: Medium rare

Dave: Carloota was an extra small in high school…

Nothere: Bah. Sshes o.k. but shes no Eve Cario.

Dona: lol Angel

Rush: Hounder, I hope that your mother has been doing well lately.

angel noodle w/peking fox: I wanna fling an ashtray Colbyward right now. Prevent her later blastation by whamming her now.

Rush: There is a BIG question that needs a solution….

Nothere: I as well Hounder.

Rush: We will see…

Godwinshelley2: The collar on that dress looks like it belongs on the lizard that spits poison in Jurassic park.

angel noodle w/peking fox: They’re meditating.

hounder: we hanging in there. have had a few nights of limited sleep this eek.

Rush: GS: 🙂

mda19083: Carlotta escapes capture – the newspaper headline reads “Small Medium at Large”

hounder: thanks for asking

angel noodle w/peking fox: I never turn down lights.

Jack: Nice lighting

Rich Maine: Key lighting

Jack: faces glow

angel noodle w/peking fox: mda: :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

angel noodle w/peking fox: GONG

Rush: That must be relatively good, Hounder.

Nothere: Can I have a well done? How about a happy medium?

Matt1: <tin can>

mda19083: a screamer!

angel noodle w/peking fox: I want a picture just like that, of Fox.

Rush: QUESTION: WHO took Allen’s body there and held it up until the right moment?

angel noodle w/peking fox: The untouchables.

Rush: That is never answered.

Nothere: Way to mess up the seanace Alan. Always having to be the center of attention.

Rush: Suspects?

angel noodle w/peking fox: Rush, would these be plot-holes?

Rush: Ulrich?

angel noodle w/peking fox: I always sign my fingerprints.

Nothere: Whoever tried to kill him on the ship Rush.

Rush: Nt, possibly!

Rush: An unseen accomplice!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty: Coulda been anybody. Motives abounded on the main on the Maine.

mda19083: autopsy not necessary – the knife did it

angel noodle w/peking fox: *the bounding Maine*.

Jack: The seance guy was in Phantom of the Opera

Rush: Yes?

Nothere: But did the Maine sail for Spain during the rain Angel?

Godwinshelley2: Silent Phantom?

Jack: yes

Dave: Lon Chaney version?

Jack: yes

Nothere: Round up every man named Eric in San Fransico.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, to reply on that would disclose confidential sources and methods. We are classified for 75 years.

Rush: Spain blew up the Maine, plainly, it was thought.

Rich Maine: Left to take care of his cold?

angel noodle w/peking fox: He shoplifts roadsign standards for the war effort.

mda19083: took a dose of quinine for his cold

angel noodle w/peking fox: The great reset.

Rush: Yes, and there was plenty of time to have that happen before CC arrived.

Jack: Chan is so smart

Rush: (Setting the time)

mda19083: the dumbwaiter did it

angel noodle w/peking fox: Including extra time & duplicate time, and coupons for spare time.

Rich Maine: Don’t leave town

Dave: I like CC’s approach here…

angel noodle w/peking fox: Without aspirin.

Rush: And he ain’t talking, MDA.

Jack: yes Dave

Rush: Yes, Dave.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Yes, Dave.

mda19083: these detective films always use the “time” angle

Dave: Famous toast line…

hounder: charlie wants to stay in the haunted house

Rich Maine: Margaret Dumont costume

angel noodle w/peking fox: YAY Margaret Dumont!

Rush: 🙂

angel noodle w/peking fox: “Toast”? Hmmmmmmm.

mda19083: Margaret D is the best

Nothere: Remember your fighting for this woman’s honor which is more than she ever did.

hounder: toast. not i’m hungry

Nothere: Hold me closer. Closer. Any closer and I’d be behind you.

angel noodle w/peking fox: I admired Bob and Ray for founding the House of Toast.

Dave: Did you hear the butler trying to butter her up?

Rush: Sounds s if CC it toying with Baxter a bit!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, that’s faster than anyone’s been gone before!

hounder: was that a circular stair?

Rush: Transition.

Jack: Forensics

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: The Pentagon is a mile from Circular Square, on a good day.

mda19083: portable lab

angel noodle w/peking fox: Potable lab.

Dave: The New Detectives, the early years…

Nothere: Now you want to nitpick. Charlie is a homicide detective looking into a drowning. Where did he get a chemistry set?

angel noodle w/peking fox: Observe.

Rush: I would not recommend that, Angel!

angel noodle w/peking fox: REMCO

A Boy Scout- always prepared

Rush: Chlorine water…not too refreshing!

Dave: By Kenner!,

angel noodle w/peking fox: Rush, as always you are correct. We don our shades.

mda19083: like his Amex card – don’t leave home without it

Rush: A la ZZ Topp.

Rush: Good line here!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Those are the Bill Gates. Locked—no bills. The secret of her wealth.

Nothere: Every viewers crazy bout a sharp dressed cast.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, you get the Cup!!

Rush: “You THINK you think. “

Dave: When we were young, she might have been called an old biddy…

Dave: Like that line, Rush

Rush: Yes, Dave.

Nothere: Crothcety. Get off my lawn.

angel noodle w/peking fox: She’s a Helen Streep / Merle Mirren type, with blasted wig.

hounder: good eyes to see scratches from so far away

Rich Maine: Bluetooth speakers!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Boy Scout knife.

Dave: rm, haha

Nothere: The think libe. one of the best in the movie.

angel noodle w/peking fox: SCREWHEAD? That was my uncle!

mda19083: swiss army knife

mda19083: angel – 🙂

Rush: The light goes on for her…

Dave: nt: you think?

angel noodle w/peking fox: Zappa?

angel noodle w/peking fox: This is how they consolidated Edison. Watch out.

Rush: The light brightens for her….to “Duh” level!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Birth of the Blues.

Matt1: Trickery!

mda19083: a phony seance?

mda19083: hard to believe

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: Never!

Rich Maine: I am shocked!

Dave: I’m shocked, shocked!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Rush: she had a choice between Dawn and Joy, and picked Mr.Sparkle (Homer’s Japanese dishwashing affiliate)

Rush: I think we have two “real” psychics in the series: Madame Saturnia and Eve Cairo.

mda19083: yes mrs lowell

Nothere: A phony seance? No just a few bells and whistles. No one is gonna pay me just to go Uncle Joe you o.k. He says yeah. Hundred bucks.

mda19083: eve cairo was hot

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: She was unique for sure!

Dave: more Eve Cairo fans

angel noodle w/peking fox: Quinine Sulfate and Tetragene, what a pair!

mda19083: TETRAGENE!

Nothere: Hey I already said this lady was no Eve Cario. I try not to think of Madam Saturna.

Rush: UV light.

Nothere: Monocane

mda19083: more trickery

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Ray Lamp? Didn’t he star in Lassie Goes For Anything?

Rush: Better change your will…quick!

hounder: bang

angel noodle w/peking fox: Eliminate pennies.

angel noodle w/peking fox: NEARLY LAST WORDS

Rush: Fast thinking and reacting by CC!

Dave: Thanks for breaking the hip, Charlie!

Jack: Charlie is packing heat!

Rush: Dave: 🙂

mda19083: almost got mrs lowell

Rush: Yes, Jack.

Rush: And MDA!

Rich Maine: Anytime you mention changing your will, it’s a death sentence

Nothere: Amazing how many expert knife throwers are in this series. I almost never get the knife to stick from that sdistance.

Rush: Mice.

hounder: lol@rich

Rush: Hmmmm….

Rush: True, Rich!

angel noodle w/peking fox: His father’s mustache.

Rush: And, YES NT!

Nothere: Just tell everyone their getting the money till its obver.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Is that anything about a man about a dog?

Rush: His father’s mustache was probably a handlebar style.

Rich Maine: Winchester House!

angel noodle w/peking fox: The Maxwell House campus is a coffee grounds.

Dave: ouch!

Nothere: Give it up dude. Your mustache is competing against a man who played FU Manchu.

angel noodle w/peking fox: FU?

Rush: Yes, Rich! I would think that the Winchester House was at least a bit of an influence for the Colby House!

angel noodle w/peking fox: To the Brown Derby!

Rush: Allen probably broke up with Ulrich’s daughter because of ULRICH!

angel noodle w/peking fox: To the Batmobile!

mda19083: queer old bird – there’s one in every movie

Rush: He’d be a “great” father-in-law!

angel noodle w/peking fox:'( :'( :'(

hounder: good possibility rush

Nothere: What that charming old man? Perish the thought. And perish Alan,.

Rush: 🙂

Dave: cur the music…

Rich Maine: Tysm

Rush: Yep.

angel noodle w/peking fox: A ready answer to too much, too fast. Book ‘im, Danno.

Jack: yes- musical interlude

angel noodle w/peking fox: Probably a lotta orbs in this spread.

Rush: The Boy Scout knife again…

mda19083: i hope he brought a gun

Rush: Very useful.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Swiss Boy Scouts.

mda19083: there it is

mda19083: and his waterproof torch

angel noodle w/peking fox: Darkness is revealed!

Rush: Looked like an opening to me!

angel noodle w/peking fox: CC was a Mason?

mda19083: 25th degree mason

Rush: Chateau d’Ulrich.

Dona: He left the door open

Dave: Not the third degree?

Nothere: Don’t you just hate secret tunnels without a light? Thats just bad planning.

mda19083: peeping charlie

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, that’s what St. Elmo’s fire was for.

mda19083: ear buds

angel noodle w/peking fox: He should be made to wear earphones.

Rush: “Naw…I use those to listen to Hitler’s speeches…”

angel noodle w/peking fox: Something is broadcasting, but you don’t know what it is

angel noodle w/peking fox: Do you, mister Phones?

angel noodle w/peking fox: TYSM

Rush: (Phhhtttt!)

mda19083: nice throw

Dave: Knife throw?

Rush: Pretty good with a knife.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Not ANOTHER astrolabe.

Rush: Bowan enters…

mda19083: he “looks” guilty

angel noodle w/peking fox: Vested in her by the Grand Mufti in one of his mufti moments.

Dave: Hairdo….

hounder: watch out carlie

mda19083: “mood” music


angel noodle w/peking fox: Repeating repeating device device?

Dave: No, not Charlie!

angel noodle w/peking fox: SHOCKING!

Rich Maine: Shocking!

Rush: If she’s not also a fake, why does she use that “spirit music”?

angel noodle w/peking fox: That was some coil.

mda19083: let’s make a run for it

angel noodle w/peking fox: Chalie Chair.

angel noodle w/peking fox: “Sister”?

Rich Maine: Let’s go sista!

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: So sorry.

Rush: “Wheel of fate has many spokes.”

angel noodle w/peking fox: Don’t go out, blowout!

Rush: I think that “spoke” was used in Wordle recently!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Spokespersons riding in the Sky

angel noodle w/peking fox: E-sign could use this here for one fine ad.

mda19083: mr congeniality

angel noodle w/peking fox: GEEZ, man, GET A GRIP!

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Nothere: Heres a sack. Cause your sacked.

Rush: Maybe the grumpiest character in the entire CC series!

angel noodle w/peking fox: He does take the cake.

mda19083: horsefeathers

Dona: I want cake

Nothere: Everyone scatter and look suspicious.

angel noodle w/peking fox: She needs a movie of her own.

Nothere: What flavor Dona?

angel noodle w/peking fox: Notty, :-) =) :lol:

Dave: Grumpy fellow in London is second…

Godwinshelley2 has left this room


sarabell2: Sorry, got called away, nite everybody, enjoyed you all.

Rich Maine: Hahaha!

Dave: see you next time

hounder: nite sb

Matt1: Take care, SB

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room

angel noodle w/peking fox: GOOD BYE!

mda19083: I usually sit in front of the window like a sitting duck for an hour or two

mda19083: later sb

Rush: Uh oh!

Godwinshelley2: Ouija boards were made by the W J Fuld company in Baltimore for decades

sarabell2 has left this room

mda19083: there she goes

Dave: sb went to go sit in front of a window…

Nothere: So on the subject of nitpicks. If they have the grounds surrounded to catch the killer, why set up the secret?

Rich Maine: U don’t wanna see this!

mda19083: she won’t need that new will

angel noodle w/peking fox: We cab’t unsee it.

hounder: charlie unfairly accused again

Rush: Charlie Chan’s secret will pay off later!

Rich Maine: Avert your eyes

Nothere: If only she had listened to Rich.

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: I wanna be Rich. And Famous.

angel noodle w/peking fox: CC oughta slap his face.

mda19083: angel 🙂

Nothere: Hey I’ll take rich and anonomus. Less people asking for money.

Rush: Not the right time to say, “I’m sorry I lost my head.”

mda19083: angel – you are famous in our book

mda19083: rush 🙂

Rush: Baxter isn’t acting like his boss just got killed.

Dave: Right, rush!

Nothere: He’s a butler. Crazzed lkillers running around is no excusee for a loss of decorum.

Rush: AH!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Don’t let that leg lag, Bean.

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. Remember to feed Lucifer on your way out.

angel noodle w/peking fox: TYSM

mda19083: pocket scope

Dave: so long, nt!

hounder: nite nt

mda19083: to the tower!

Nothere has left this room

mda19083: later NT

Rich Maine: I’ve got my eye on you!

Rush: In the credits, but not credited onscreen: Sid Jordan: Expert Marksman

Rush: We will see his work soon!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Rush, thanks to you, Sid’s mark remains.

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Okie Doke.

hounder: lots of faith put in the marksman

Rush: And the castmembers neaby get soaked!

Rush: (nearby)

angel noodle w/peking fox: Case of a Careless Criminal.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Did Rube Goldberg get any credit for this?

Rush: Actual rifle shot coming soon….watch closely!!!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Would this be what the ancient ordinances (with an “i” mean by “infernal device”?

Rush: That was an ACTAUL shot!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Atrocious Libel. Title of our next albu,m.

Rush: (actual)

mda19083: they almost got mr bean

Rush: Yes!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Long Pier nearby?

Dave: Nice closeup

Rush: Again…ask him who held the body!

angel noodle w/peking fox: “i tell you!”

angel noodle w/peking fox: Not a cough outta Carlot’.

angel noodle w/peking fox: He’s stumped. Let’s stomp.

Rush: I suspect Ulrich was his helper with the body.

Rush: He did hate Allen.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Did Archimedes get a credit here?

mda19083: another seance?

Rush: Yes!

Rush: And this one will be very eventful!

Rush: Even more than the first!

angel noodle w/peking fox: They gotta fill Harris.

mda19083: i hope the lights don’t go out

Dave: 100,000!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Whenever I’M asked to take same seat as previously, i ALWAYS make my little “mstakes”,

Rush: Many strings….

mda19083: a tangled skein

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: Gimme that Old Time Grugigion!

mda19083: music please

angel noodle w/peking fox: I want a skein.

angel noodle w/peking fox: *screams*

Rush: A knife can quickly untangle this string!

angel noodle w/peking fox: The pause that refreshes.

Rush: “Hello, everyone…”

angel noodle w/peking fox: Christmas presence.

angel noodle w/peking fox: LET ‘EM EAT CATS!

Rush: !!!

angel noodle w/peking fox: WOW!!

Rush: This was “Charlie Chan’s Secret.”

Jack: nice secret

Rush: Yes.

angel noodle w/peking fox: She can get her hair fixed at the undertaker’s, maybe.

mda19083: angel 🙂

Rush: 🙂

Dave: angel fox: ooohh

Rush: Graphite.

mda19083: you are murder

Rush: Baxter!

mda19083: murderer

angel noodle w/peking fox: Hideous interior decoration. Looks like my place.

Rush: Very Birminghamesque!

mda19083: lucifer!

Rush: Yes!

Rich Maine: Lucifer!

angel noodle w/peking fox: Rube Goldberg fingerprints ALL OVER this film!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: be on that train

Rush: The photo!

Dave: Another view of the family…

Rush: Yes!

angel noodle w/peking fox: So NO CRIME?

hounder: thanks all. goodnight.

Rush: THE END….

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rich Maine: Tysm

Rush: Closing credits and music….

Dave: hooray!

Jack: Yay!!

Rush: Next week….

Rich Maine: Nite all!

angel noodle w/peking fox: This IS the city haul.

mda19083: great fun guys and gals!

angel noodle w/peking fox: TYSM!!!!!!!

Rush: “Charlkie Chan at the Circus”

Jack: Thanks all

angel noodle w/peking fox: YAY!!

Rush: (Charlie)

Jack: Night

Matt1: Circus?….Yeah!

Dona: That is always a great one.

Rich Maine: Another family outing

mda19083: be well all!

hounder has left this room

Rush: Tired fingers make tiring errors!

Jack has left this room

angel noodle w/peking fox: I hope they were all arrested. Gnit!!

Dave: Looking forward to it

angel noodle w/peking fox: Gnite!!

Dona: <WAHOO>

Matt1: Good night folks and have a wonderful week!

Rush: Thank you ALL!

angel noodle w/peking fox: wahoo indeed!

Dave: thanks again to everyone

Rush: You are the ones who make our evenings all that they have been!

Dona: Thank you all. I am always happier after our movies together

Rush: Have a GREAT week!

mda19083 has left this room

Dona: You too Rush!

Rush: Be happy.

Dave: dona, me three

angel noodle w/peking fox has left this room

Rush: Be well….

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: Be SAFE.

Matt1 has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Night everyone – stay safe

Dave has left this room

Rush: Thank you Matt, DV, Dave, Dona, and GS!

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: Good night, DV and Dona!

Rush: Good night!

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