Chat Archive 2/4/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 4, 2019

Charlie Chan in London

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 5)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rach in DC
Paul M

Mike n Rach in DC has joined this room16:26

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Mike n Rach in DC: Good evening!16:27

Rush: Good evening, MC and Mike/Rach!16:27

marcycloud: Hi y’all…16:27

Rush: How are you doing this evening?16:28

marcycloud: snowy! lol16:28

Mike n Rach in DC: Very well, snow is melting here16:28

Rush: MC…Brrrr….M/R….Warmer…16:28

Rush: Lots of rain where I am lately! But we NEED it!16:29

Mike n Rach in DC: Yes…we’re supposed to have spring-like weather tomorrow…very strange16:29

Mike n Rach in DC: That’s good Rush…get those crops blooming!16:29

Rush: Congratulations!16:29

Matt has joined this room16:29

Rush: Yes, M/R!16:29

Rush: Hello, Matt!16:29

Mike n Rach in DC: Hello Matt!16:29

Rush: WELCOME!16:29

hounder has joined this room16:29

Matt: Hello Rush, MC, M & !16:29

Rush: Hounder!16:30

Matt: Hello Hounder!16:30

Mike n Rach in DC: Hi hounder16:30

Rush: Good evening and welcome to YOU!16:30

hounder: hi everybody. hope all is well16:30

Rush: Doing well, thank you….and how about you?16:30

hounder: pretty well. stilll doing yard work.16:30

Rush: So, the weather has been cooperative, hounder?16:31

Mike n Rach in DC: If you can do yard work, congratulations on the weather!16:31

hounder: so far. low 60s today, but not raining16:31

Rush: Okay!16:31

Rush: Very good!16:31

hounder: I’ve been doing yardwork for months.16:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Big yard?16:32

hounder: i think it’s supposed to b warmer next week16:32

Rush: So, it sounds as if you have been spared the weather extremes, Hounder!16:32

hounder: double lot, but the weeds took over last summer while i was gone16:32

Rush: AH!16:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Ah. Time to take back control. :)16:33

hounder: no we’ve had wide temp swings. 20 degrees in 24bhours.16:33

Rush: Yes!16:33

Rush: As I mentioned earlier…rain in my region lately.16:33

hounder: spanish needle gives up control with the utmost of reluctance. and cast a kajillion seeds16:33

Mike n Rach in DC: On Friday the high was 13, today it was 48, tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s16:33

Rush: Our gauge shows that this storm has provided over three inches…a LOT for us!16:34

Mike n Rach in DC: I have a vine in my yard that I do battle with yearly…16:34

Mike n Rach in DC: Three inches…in how long, Rush?16:34

Rush: Over the last four days.16:34

Mike n Rach in DC: OK. Time to get out the Ark.16:35

Rush: We had a break in the rain for a day.16:35

Rush: Yes, M/R! 16:35

Mike n Rach in DC: Remember: Two by two…16:35

Rush: For SoCal that might be so!16:35

Rush: Please ready your “Smilin’ Jack” episode, everyone…16:36

Rush: Pause, please, at the very start.16:36

marcycloud: yup!16:36

Matt: Ready to go here!16:36

Mike n Rach in DC: Flight plan filed, ready for take-off16:36

Rush: Let’s say…2 minutes…?16:37

Matt: <flyby>16:37

Mike n Rach in DC: *dons aviator hat, black leather jacket*16:37

Rush: 90 seconds…16:37

Rush: My post froze for about 15 seconds….16:37

Mike n Rach in DC: Matt: Damn flyboys…always buzzing us civilians16:37

Rush: Indeed!16:37

Matt: 16:38

Rush: 60 seconds…16:38

Mike n Rach in DC: *shakes fist*16:38

Rush: 50….16:38

Rush: 40….16:38

Mike n Rach in DC: Contact!16:38

Rush: 30…16:38

Len Freeman has joined this room16:38

Mike n Rach in DC: *spins propeller*16:38

Rush: 20…16:38

Matt: Hello Len!16:38

Rush: 15…16:38

Mike n Rach in DC: Hey Len, hop in…we’re taking off!16:38

Rush: 10…16:38

Rush: 5…16:38

marcycloud: hi Len…16:38

Rush: GO!!!16:38

hounder: hi len16:39

Rush: Title…music….and…credits….16:39

Rush: Hello, Len!16:39

Rush: WELCOME!16:39

Mike n Rach in DC: Graduation music as usual16:39

Mike n Rach in DC: Plus bomb16:39

Rush: We just started the serial!16:39

Rush: About a minute in.16:39

Mike n Rach in DC: Wu Tan16:39

Len Freeman: Hello from the frozen north16:39

Mike n Rach in DC: I think they make good gongs16:40

Rush: M/R: 16:40

Rush: Yes, Len!16:40

Mike n Rach in DC: Hey Len…hope you’re staying warm!16:40

Len Freeman: I managed to start SMilin Jack onetime16:40

Rush: You are still in the freeze zone!16:40

Mike n Rach in DC: Sweet16:40

Len Freeman: Thanks MnR…. it takes a little doing16:40

Mike n Rach in DC: Trip wire!16:40

Mike n Rach in DC: Oops16:40

Rush: He would be safe, actually.16:41

Rush: The knife points are so evenly placed that he would not be harmed.16:41

Rush: Nice deadly concept, though!16:42

Len Freeman: This is why you are the master RUSH16:42

Rush: Moot point, now!16:42

Rush: Aw, shucks, Len….16:42

Matt: Pop!16:44

Rush: TOLER!16:44

Len Freeman: Great Should Patch16:44

Len Freeman: Soul 16:44

Rush: Yes!16:45

Mike n Rach in DC: Ahead of his time, Len16:45

Rush: n….16:45

Rush: And…16:45

Rush: Phillip Ahn.16:45

Len Freeman: another scene with Toler and Luke and Philip Ahn…16:45

Rush: Yes!16:45

Rush: Pop, Number One Son, and Honorable Son-in law…16:46

Len Freeman: They all had to be doing something between Chan films….16:46

Rush: Agreed, Len.16:46

Rush: I really DO enjoy these serials…16:47

Rush: FUN stuff!16:47

marcycloud: me too…16:47

Rush: And well-done, too, I feel.16:47

Len Freeman: They’re a nice appetizer16:47

hounder: agreed len16:48

Len Freeman: By the 40s the studios had really figured out how to do these well16:48

Len Freeman: as well as touching the issues of the day…16:48

Rush: Again…TYSM, Len, for the suggestion of watching these!16:48

Mike n Rach in DC: And probably very cost effectively too…16:48

Len Freeman: My pleasure… all around16:49

Rush: 16:49

Mike n Rach in DC: I really like Smilin Jack…it’s a great story16:49

Rush: Fraulein.16:49

Mike n Rach in DC: Relay to submarine? Did they have the SOSUS net in place in the 40s?16:50

Rush: Sorry..SOSUS?16:51

Mike n Rach in DC: It’s the way we communicate with submerged submarines nowadays. Communciation with subs was a big problem in WW216:52

marcycloud: lol, that’s what i was wonderin…16:52

Rush: AH!16:52

Mike n Rach in DC: *communication16:52

marcycloud: ahhh…16:53

Rush: Thank you, M/R.16:53

Mike n Rach in DC: I mean, there’s a war on…a bit difficult for an enemy sub to just roll up, surface and start sending messages don’t you think?16:53

marcycloud: yeah,thanks!16:53

Len Freeman: switcheroo16:53

marcycloud: lol16:53

Rush: Yes, communication could be risky by a submarine in 1943 that was near to China.16:54

marcycloud: yup!16:55

Rush: That ship’s captain looks/sounds familiar to me.16:56

Mike n Rach in DC: Lots of phone sleight of hand in this one!16:57

Rush: He might have been CC’s Chief in “CC in Honolulu.”16:57

Rush: His voice sounds the same to me.16:57

marcycloud: cool kick!16:58

Rush: “Biff!”16:58

Rush: “SOCK!”16:58

Rush: “POW!”16:58

Mike n Rach in DC: <fight2>16:58

Rush: 16:58

Len Freeman: Key Luke to the rescue….16:59

hounder: splash16:59

Mike n Rach in DC: *glug glug*16:59

marcycloud: oh NO!16:59

Rush: THAT looks BAD!16:59

Mike n Rach in DC: Will he escape????

Matt: Until next week! 16:59

marcycloud: haha…16:59

Rush: Continued next week…!16:59

Mike n Rach in DC: <kids-yeah>16:59

Rush: Applause….17:00

Len Freeman: Hmmm… Keye Luke may have to become the hero next week… this guy looks DOOMED17:00

Rush: Okay.17:00

Rush: Yes, Len!17:00

Louise has joined this room17:00

Rush: His turn, perhaps!17:00

Louise: Hi gang17:00

LibraryJim has joined this room17:00

Mike n Rach in DC: But he saw Harry Houdini’s act once and remembers how to get out of a locked submerged chest…17:00

Matt: Hello Louise!17:00

Rush: Hello, LOUISE!17:01

Rush: WELCOME!17:01

Matt: Hello Jim!17:01

marcycloud: Hi Louise!17:01

Mike n Rach in DC: Hey Everyone17:01

Rush: How are you tonight?17:01

hounder: hi louise17:01

Louise: Thanks. Good to be here17:01

Louise: Ready for London17:01

Rush: Love the huge typeface!17:01

marcycloud: Hi Jim!17:01

LibraryJim: good evening, boys and girls and all the ships at sea..17:01

Mike n Rach in DC: *removes glasses*17:01

Mike n Rach in DC: Good “over 50” font, Louise . :)17:01

marcycloud: lol17:01

Nothere has joined this room17:01

Rush: Yes…please prep your copies of “CC in London”…17:01

Len Freeman: Welcome folks17:01

Mike n Rach in DC: Hey NT17:01

Rush: Good evening, NT!17:02

Nothere: I say old boy. Nice crowd eh wot?17:02

Rush: Welcome to YOU!17:02

LibraryJim: cued to title screen17:02

marcycloud: allll ready17:02

Louise: I liked how we could color our messages during the entire talk with Parachat buty we must move on.17:02

Rush: Yes, NT, especially since your arrival has made it even nicer!17:02

Mike n Rach in DC: Green with envy about hat, Louise17:02

Mike n Rach in DC: *that17:02

Louise: Ha Ha17:02


hounder: colors were nice, but not worth limiting participation for them.17:03

Rush: Yes. I have not tried color yet.17:03

Louise: Orange you funny17:03

Mike n Rach in DC: *Rachel grimaces*17:03

Nothere: Do 17:03

Len Freeman: orange you glad i didn’t say banana…17:03

Nothere: d17:03

Rush: Sadly, color nad size of type dies not translate whebn I archive the text of our chat sessions….17:03

Nothere: How’d you do that Louise? I found the colors, but I keep typing black.17:04

Rush: Do you need to color EACH post, or can you keep it active for every post one makes?17:04

Louise: Pick the color fist, type where the cursor is17:04

Louise: first17:04

LibraryJim: you have to put the text betweeb the brackets17:04

Nothere: Hold it. You’ve been making a record of our chats? It’s not me that was my evil twin brother.17:04

LibraryJim: between17:04

Louise: You have to color each pot17:04

Mike n Rach in DC: In here you have to color each post and the typing has to go between the stuff in brackets [stuff] typing you want colored [/stuff]17:04

Louise: post17:04

Rush: TEN minutes until showtime…17:05

Matt: Cued here!17:05

Louise: Got to cut my nails or it will be typos all night17:05

LibraryJim: ten minutes! that’s like an eternity17:05

Rush: Nearly there, too…17:05

Louise: CUED here17:05

Rush: AH! LJ! WELCOME!17:05

Mike n Rach in DC: Gong-ready in DC17:05

Nothere: Ten minutes? GENTELMEN STOP YOUR ENGINES!17:05

Rush: I think I missed your arrival!17:05

Rush: Sorry!17:05

Mike n Rach in DC: Good thinking, NT. Save gas.17:05

Nothere: [color=#9900ff][I /color]17:05

Mike n Rach in DC: Hello LJ…sorry. We were too busy playing with our fonts.17:06

Rush: “Gentleman…and Ladies….IDLE your engines….”17:06

Nothere: i17:06

Mike n Rach in DC: *brrm, brrrm*17:06

Paul M has joined this room17:06

Nothere: Ah there we go the color of Royalty.17:06

hounder: hi lj and nt17:06

Matt: Hello Paul!17:06

Rush: Good evening, PAUL!17:06

Nothere: Hey Hound.17:06

Rush: Welcome to YOU, sir!17:06

Mike n Rach in DC: Hello Paul!17:07

Rush: I will take time to figure out the color sometime!17:07

Paul M: good evening17:07

Rush: How are you tonight, paul?17:07

Nothere: R17:07

Nothere: r17:07

Nothere: r17:08

Rush: Here I go…17:08

Paul M: doing well. this time next week i’ll be back home. 17:08

Rush: My old green.17:08

Godwinshelley1 has joined this room17:08

Matt: Hello GS!17:08

Louise: click click click. Don’t you hate it when people clip their nails during a meeting?17:08

Mike n Rach in DC: Good evening GS17:08

Godwinshelley1: Hello – I still need to dig out my dvd17:08

Rush: I’ll try again…17:08

Mike n Rach in DC: Especially when it gets in my popcorn, Louise. :)17:08

hounder: hi gs17:08

Nothere: Well done Rush. Now we just have to fiddle with the insert image function. Were all doomed.17:08

Nothere: Hey Gs17:09

hounder: hi paul17:09

Paul M: hello17:09

Godwinshelley1: I’m here next week then I will be missing maybe 3 weeks17:09

LibraryJim: THREE weeks? That’s like an eternity!17:09

Rush: I guess if one wishes to use the same color throughout, you will need to copy and past the color formatting info each time first then type between them.17:09

Rush: Yes, LJ!17:10

Rush: And…WELCOME, GS!17:10

hounder: wow. hope your absense is for fun gs17:10

Rush: Where are you going, GS?17:10

Len Freeman: HI Paul, Hi GS17:10

Louise: No, Rush, you would just have to pick the color each time before typing17:10

Mike n Rach in DC: Hopefully somewhere fun, GS17:10

Rush: THREE minutes to go, everyone!17:10

Godwinshelley1: San Fran for Valentines day then on to hawaii17:10

Rush: Pause at the opening title, please…17:11

hounder: very cool gs17:11

marcycloud: wow! cool!17:11

Len Freeman: Where on Hawaii?17:11

Mike n Rach in DC: A Chan-inspired trip?17:11

Matt: Cruise?17:11

Godwinshelley1: Cruise around the islands than days on Honolulu17:11

Matt: Fun!17:11

LibraryJim: cool17:11

Len Freeman: Sounds great17:11

Godwinshelley1: Yes – some Chan related touring too17:11

Louise: Good for you, GS17:11

Phil has joined this room17:11

Matt: Hello Phil!17:11

Len Freeman: HI Phi17:11

Phil: ALOHAAAAA!17:11

Rush: AH! you are going there SOON!17:11

Godwinshelley1: Had to pack for 3 types of weather17:11

Rush: 2 minutes….17:12

Godwinshelley1: winter, fall and tropic17:12

Rush: Envious!17:12

hounder: hola phil17:12

Phil: Hey Matt, Hi Len. Good to see everyone!17:12

LibraryJim: paused at opening title, 0:04 on the timer17:12

Matt: Tell Steve I said Alohaaaaaaaaaa!17:12

Rush: From me too!17:12

Rush: 90 seconds….17:12

LibraryJim: From all of us!17:12

Godwinshelley1: w ill do17:12

cdirus has joined this room17:12

Rush: 60 seconds…17:12

Matt: Hello CD!17:12

Rush: Hello, CD!17:13

Rush: 50 seconds…17:13

cdirus: Hi everyone!17:13

Mike n Rach in DC: Good evening, CD17:13

Rush: 40 seconds….17:13

hounder: hi cd17:13

LibraryJim: ooo, Ray Milland17:13

Rush: 30 seconds….17:13

Mike n Rach in DC: *dons houndstooth jacket*17:13

Rush: 25…17:13

Mike n Rach in DC: *pipe*17:13

Rush: 20…17:13


Rush: 15….17:13

Mike n Rach in DC: *lights fuse*17:13

Rush: 10…17:13

Louise: Man with 2 Brains is in this?17:13

Rush: 5….17:13

Rush: GO!!!17:13

Matt: <GONG!>17:13

Rush: Title….17:14

Rush: Music….17:14

Rush: Credits….17:14

Phil: Yes Louise. And he had x-ray vision at one time as well.17:14

Rush: Backdrop of foggy London….17:14

Godwinshelley1: I must say I find this one a little bit of a let down after Black Camel – it just seems slower to me17:14

Rush: And…here we go!17:14

Mike n Rach in DC: Hm. No more Hamilton McFaden directing?17:14

Rush: HEADLINES!17:14

Phil: GONE BABY!17:14

Rush: “Paul Gray Guilty!”17:14

Len Freeman: He was also one of the early Bulldog Drummond’s17:14

Mike n Rach in DC: GUILTY!17:14

Louise: Oh no, not that whiny Paul Gray17:14

Phil: Funny, he doesn’t look guilty.17:14

Mike n Rach in DC: Lame newspaper there…17:14

Louise: Cough Cough17:15

Paul M: of course Louise is referring to the movie Ray did with Rosie Greer17:15

Phil: At the rate he’s smoking I’d say the hangman’s coming in a distant second.17:15

Mike n Rach in DC: “Well, I’ll be hanged…” Oh. Sorry.17:15

Rush: Well, I might weep a bit were I in his shoes…! 17:15

Matt: Smoking…..never mind17:15

Louise: Yes Phil!17:15

LibraryJim: that’s not his girl Friday17:15

Rush: Saturday?17:15

Nothere: With that hat? Sunday17:16

Louise: That coat is mesmerizing17:16

Phil: Hi NT.17:16

Rush: The prison matron was also in “The Black Camel.”17:16

Mike n Rach in DC: I think that’s how the Frisbee was invented, NT17:16

Mike n Rach in DC: Nice desk.17:16

Rush: M/R: 17:16

Phil: Hi MC, LJ, GS, Hounder, Louise, M&R, NT, LF Paul and finally…ZERO G!17:17

Rush: Phil…a belated WELCOME!17:17

Phil: She’s looking a bit..lightheaded.17:17

Godwinshelley1: Do you think those are wool panels holding the fur on the coat?17:17

hounder: funky coat17:17

Mike n Rach in DC: *faints into chair*17:17

Rush: I think I was locked in countdown mode when you arrived!17:17

Nothere: 13 for movie? Beware the Scarlet Hand. Espically with these mureeros men crawling about the house. 17:18

Godwinshelley1: I can’t imagine what it looks like in color17:18

Phil: I think too Rush. 17:18

Rush: 17:18

Mike n Rach in DC: Is it ermine?17:18

Godwinshelley1: Are there any color Lobby Cards of that coat Rush?17:18

Nothere: So does this guy have an ascot or a cravat?17:18

Len Freeman: 3 years after this Ray Milland succeeded Ronald Colman in the Bulldog Drummond film..another great series17:18

cdirus: Hi Phil!17:18

Louise: Ermine? I hope not. They are so cute.17:18

Rush: GS, I cannot recall seeing any.17:18

Phil: Hi CD, good to see you.17:19

Mike n Rach in DC: I think all coat animals are cute, furry little things….17:19

Mike n Rach in DC: *cue Chan*17:19

Phil: They WERE cute furry little things. hehehe17:19

Len Freeman: enter someone who can help17:19

Rush: I think that the scenes illustrated were fur-less.17:19

Nothere: Don’t worry Louise if it is, it was made by ermine who died of old age, and willed their bodies to science. 17:19

Rush: CC arrives!17:19

Mike n Rach in DC: True, Phil. Pardon my tense . :)17:19

Mike n Rach in DC: Don’t ermine shed their skin…like snakes?17:20

Phil: Is that an urn of his deceased ashes on his desk?17:20

Rush: We hear mention of a “undocumented case” here.17:20

Louise: Oh Nothere, you are such a liar17:20

hounder: charlie sneaks in17:20

Phil: deceased wife’s ashes.17:20

Rush: “The Barstow Case.”17:20

cdirus: I look at that fur coat and want to get my scissors and cut some off for fly tying. 17:20

Paul M: Ray Milland was making some weird movies in ’72. both FROGS and THING WITH 2 HEADS came out that year17:20

Mike n Rach in DC: Just a little snip from the hem CD17:20

Nothere: Now how can I be lying Louise? I’m not here:)17:20

Mike n Rach in DC: Every front have back . :)17:20

Godwinshelley1: Frogs is weird – the Frogs are the one creature that doesn’t kill anyone17:20

Phil: And in the 40s he made “The Uninvited” one of the great ghost movies.17:20

Louise: True Not Here, not there, not anywhere17:21

Godwinshelley1: He is good in X-Man with the x-ray eyes17:21

Rush: “Tearing hands suggest torn heart.”17:21

Mike n Rach in DC: Not here or No there17:21

Louise: I LOVE the Univited although the brother-sister thing is a bit odd17:21

Phil: After picking up that hanky, he probably has sticky fingers too.17:21

Paul M: FROGS is one of my faves. great poster17:21

Mike n Rach in DC: LOL Phile17:21

Mike n Rach in DC: *Phil17:21

cdirus: Yuck phil17:21

Godwinshelley1: Ah – it is a good poster – I sold tickets at the theater to it when it first came out17:21

Phil: Yes Louise,I always try to figure out who’s going to get the house?17:21

Phil: I mean..does he pay his sister back for her share?17:22

Louise: Aww, the family…17:22

Nothere: You can’t trust frogs. THey have shifty eyes.17:22

Godwinshelley1: That is one large travelling photo17:22

Mike n Rach in DC: Charlie is working up to the Dragon robe17:22

Mike n Rach in DC: He has a separate photo suitcase, GS17:22

Paul M: come to think of it, i’d LOVE to have a copy of that poster. a reproduction would be acceptable, but i’d love to have a REAL one17:23

Rush: CC wears his silk dragon-patterned robe.17:23

Mike n Rach in DC: Charlie. Always gracious.17:23

Godwinshelley1: always check out for their auctions – you can get some good ones for inexpensive17:23

Mike n Rach in DC: Rush, there’s a later one with a more flamboyant dragon on it17:23

hounder: she’s laying the truth on thick for charlie17:24

hounder: like his dragon robe17:24

Rush: Yes, M/R? Thinking of one seen in “Shanghai”…or “Circus”?17:25

Phil: I’m at 11:1017:25

Rush: 11:2517:25

Nothere: Close enough for me PHil and Rush17:25

Phil: That’s one of the larger tank style watches Charlie’s wearing.17:25

Mike n Rach in DC: say yes. say yes. say yes. say yes…17:25

Rush: Uh-oh! She’s listening….17:25

Louise: Well, uh…is not the right answer17:25

Phil: Watch out for that…DOOR!17:26

Mike n Rach in DC: Fail.17:26

Mike n Rach in DC: We tried to tell you, dimwit.17:26

Rush: Note how the door “stuck” as it was thrown open there.17:26

Phil: I love that part Rush.17:26

Mike n Rach in DC: Nice Chan blooper . :)17:26

Nothere: WEll at least they had the sense to close the door. IT always surprises me how many people in these things have17:26

Rush: I note it every time, Phil!17:26

Phil: It’s 9:23 in Refordshire.17:26

Louise: Nice house17:26

Mike n Rach in DC: And yes, Rush…I think it appears in Shanghai17:27

Nothere: top secret conversations next to wide open doorways, or windows.17:27

Mike n Rach in DC: When he gets shot at with pillows on bed17:27

Rush: We will look for that when we see iy in a few weeks!17:27

hounder: charlie rescues the ring and speculates.17:27

Rush: When do you leave for your Hawaii trip, GS?17:27

Mike n Rach in DC: Hellcat is nappy.17:27

Nothere: And a hundred years later they’ll outlaw fox hunting entirely. Bad show old boy.17:27

Phil: That’s a really nice set.17:28

Mike n Rach in DC: Now they only use synthetic foxes.17:28

Godwinshelley1: Next week – Thursday Maryland to San fran – then Sat San Fran to Hawaii17:28

Rush: And, have you arranged any touring with Hawaii Steve?17:28

Mike n Rach in DC: That sounds very fun, GS17:28

hounder: brb dog walk17:28

Godwinshelley1: Yes have arranged to spend some time with Steve and see some sights17:28

Rush: Okay, Hounder!17:28

Nothere: Hounder will now walk the hound.17:28

Phil: Finger wave gone mad.17:28

Rush: Perfect, GS!17:28

Mike n Rach in DC: Phillips. Glad you survived that beach shooting!17:28

Rush: Ask to see ALL the Chan spots!17:28

Godwinshelley1: I’m trying to pull some screen shots off Black Camel to take with me to find the locations17:29

Rush: Including the “secrets” of The Royal Hawaiian!17:29

Rush: He’s GREAT!17:29

Mike n Rach in DC: Is it still possible to stay at the Royal Hawaiian?17:29

Nothere: Sorry it’s a secret.17:29

Godwinshelley1: Are there any places in CC in Honolulu that I should capture shots from?17:29

Rush: And, please do say “aloha” from the Glick family!17:29

Godwinshelley1: I will greet him for our whole family here17:29

Rush: Hmmm…17:29

Len Freeman: And do go to the Chinese cemetery in Manoa… where Chang Apana is buried17:30

Nothere: And from me as well. Ah good show young girl:)17:30

Godwinshelley1: We are at the Hale Koa – military hotel in Honolulu17:30

Rush: If you want to capture any Royal Hawaiian locations regarding “The Black Camel.” that would be nice!17:30

Godwinshelley1: Yes hope to do some Chang Apana sight seeing too17:30

Phil: Apparently, reincarnation does occur. He used to be the beachbum.17:30

Len Freeman: AH— We’ve stayed there… a BRILLIANT place17:30

Mike n Rach in DC: Came up in the world after surviving that shooting, Phil17:30

Rush: Things including the Hawaiian Islands map at the entrance which can be seen in the movie, as well as the brass mailbox.17:31

Len Freeman: You’ll love it. We had dinner with Hawaii Steve there, and then walked down the beach to the Royal Hawaiian.17:31

Mike n Rach in DC: Maybe he brought the Hawaiian girl back with him?17:31

Godwinshelley1: And the fountain in the background?17:31

Len Freeman: great placement17:31

Rush: I hope that you can see Kailus Beach, too.17:31

Rush: Kailua.17:31

Rush: “SAINTS ALIVE!!!”17:31

Louise: SCREAM17:31

Mike n Rach in DC: Nice picture17:31

Mike n Rach in DC: Shoo.17:31

Godwinshelley1: Big fireplace and she still has to wear velvet to keep warm17:32

Phil: My wife just pointed out that Charlie managed to lose his overcoat.17:32

Nothere: Just remember Pele likes virgin sacrifices. When id that volcano stop anyway?17:32

Rush: Good “catch” for her, Phil!17:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Probably couldn’t climb with it.17:32

Godwinshelley1: Might avoid the volcanos – don’t want to get near anything that might blow17:32

Phil: I don’t think any of us ever caught that one.17:32

Rush: Murray Kinnell: Phillips17:33

Phil: Man, I HATE it when that happens. 17:33

Nothere: The maid took it to prove he was evil.17:33

Rush: We saw him as “Smith” in “The Black Camel.”17:33

Mike n Rach in DC: Chan giggles at butler. “Owned you, buddy.”17:33

Len Freeman: Volcano is on the other island… no-one near Honoluu17:33

hounder: i imagine in those drafty old castles a wrap and a fire both were needed.17:33

Rush: Yes, M/R!17:33

Mike n Rach in DC: Pleeeeze Jerry17:33

Rush: Hounder, I suspect that you are right!17:33

Louise: Beat me to it Mike and Rach17:33

LibraryJim: sorry, had to take a phone call, my son is working on a conservation project with Oklahoma state u and wanted to call to say he’s arrived and settled in17:34

Mike n Rach in DC: Great minds think alike Louise :)17:34

Len Freeman: Punchbowl Hill & Cemetery is where Oahu island’s volcano used to be… before it went dormant17:34

Rush: Sounds like his nose is plugged.17:34

Godwinshelley1: Nice LJ – 17:34

Nothere: Ah the God should be fine. If I’m not here next week. Allow me to wish you a hearty Bon Voage.17:34

Mike n Rach in DC: Every deploys to designated spots.17:34

Godwinshelley1: Packing is making me crazy17:34

Rush: Have Steve take you to the location of where the Chan home would have been, GS. It would be on Prospect Street.17:35

Nothere: Wait till you have airport waits. Hopefully it won’t be like that Air Hawaii flight that had to fly back to the same airport twice, before they canceled the flight.17:35

Godwinshelley1: So it is gone now/17:35

Louise: Bunny, SIT17:35

Rush: Also, if you are there, please take a picture of that distinctive roof that can be seen during the drive along Prospect St. in the film.17:35

Len Freeman: Well it’ll be warm, so you can skip the winter togs….17:35

Rush: Still there today!17:35

Rush: Steve will know what you mean!17:36

Nothere: Bunny Hop!17:36

Godwinshelley1: I have knitting to entertain and maybe I’ll bring my tarot cards to entertain other folks17:36

LibraryJim: amazing that they kept a building there that long with all the new construction on the Islands17:36

Len Freeman: have to go… family phone call[/b]17:36

Rush: Looks like CC’s coat tail is on fire!17:36

Phil: bye lf17:36

Nothere: Tarot cards? Didn’t know you could give Madame Saturna a run for her money.17:36

Godwinshelley1: I’ll have to check on the roof prospect street photo17:36

Godwinshelley1: Entertainment purposes ONLY17:37

LibraryJim: seems to be an epidemic of family phone calls 17:37

Rush: Yes, GS.17:37

Rush: ALL fun stuff!17:37

Len Freeman has left this room17:37

Nothere: What I always wanted was a crystal ball. Probably would have broken it years ago, but it would be nice to have17:38

Rush: Lost Len….17:38

LibraryJim: I want one to use in photography, NH, for those upside down reflected shots17:38

Louise: A passion for gloves, perhaps17:39

Rush: NT, just do what it seems they did for “The Black Camel”: get a spherical class bowl, fill with water, seal the top, turn upside-down!17:39

Godwinshelley1: Marshalls had a crystal ball around Halloween I picked up – 17:39

Phil: I think that’s called a fetish. But what do I know?17:40

Godwinshelley1: It’s not as big as the one in Black Camel17:40

Nothere: Ah now theres an idea Rush.17:40

Rush: That would be HEAVY, GS!17:40

Godwinshelley1: Man there is another ugly coat17:40

Rush: And, just imagine Tarneverro carrying one that big with him to Honolulu!17:40

Mike n Rach in DC: She looks like a Druid17:40

Godwinshelley1: the dark coat with the HUGH fur collar17:41

Rush: Lake.17:41

hounder: must be a cold fall. charlie has a heavier doat on17:41

Mike n Rach in DC: Pardon me, I have to groom my stud.17:41

Rush: “What the deuce!”17:41

Nothere: Not a bad spooky place, but Secret has it beat.17:41

Louise: What the deuce!17:41

Rush: Louise: 17:41

Rush: Someone once told us what type of knife that one is.17:42

Nothere: Mike is Rach said that you might want to stop watching the movie a bit. :)17:42

Godwinshelley1: Is it a skinning knife?17:42

Rush: It had a specific name….17:42

Phil: DAMNIT MAN IT’S A HORSE! A HORSE! More species confusion. 17:42

Rush: We have seen Lake before.17:43

Nothere: A horse? Call Mr. Ed. We’ll crack this case quick.17:43

Godwinshelley1: Behind that curtain17:43

Phil: I’d be kicking at my stall if everybody was yelling at me like that.17:43

Rush: In our fist Monday of the year.17:43

Rush: Yes, GS!17:43

Mike n Rach in DC: A kukuri, Rush?17:43

Godwinshelley1: He was smoking and standing by a doorway17:43

Rush: Might have been, M/R!17:43

Nothere: Black and white coats in a black and white movie.17:43

Rush: I will note that name and look it up!17:43

Godwinshelley1: Ugh – what a coat17:44

Louise: Iy’s a fur coat convention17:44

Rush: TYSM….17:44

Phil: It’s carried by Ghurkas in the British army.17:44

Mike n Rach in DC: …or Khukuri… 



Rush: Bunny….PLEASE!!!17:44

Phil: Is that horse manure on your coat?17:44

Nothere: Where are the riding crops though. It’s fox season, they hang out in stables, and no one has a riding crop.17:44

Rush: Bunny kicks back!17:45

Mike n Rach in DC: White Fox Fur!17:45

Phil: No, it’s a WFF false alarm.17:45

Mike n Rach in DC: Ah. Many of those, Phil.17:45

Phil: Indeed.17:45

Nothere: Was that a false flag furring?17:45

Phil: We can only dream about seeing the WFF.17:46

Rush: I looked, M/R…looks like you are correct!17:46

Mike n Rach in DC: It’s a metaphysical thing, Phil…17:46

Rush: “Englishmen mind own business, not always Chinamen.”17:46

Mike n Rach in DC: Rach gets credit for “It’s looks Asian…”17:46

Rush: Loose Box.17:46

Nothere: Just so long as this guy isn’t wearing the white fox fur.]17:47

Mike n Rach in DC: ‘Ellcat is a mare.17:47

Rush: LOOSE BOX – (British) A separate compartment of a building in which livestock are free to move about; especially a form of stable for horses.17:47

Nothere: Hounder is your hounds walk winding down?17:47

Mike n Rach in DC: Damn. What a robe.17:48

Phil: Well, he might not know the difference between a cow and horse but he’s doing ok otherwise.17:48

hounder: yes. we’re back17:48

Rush: Looks like a black velvet robe.17:48

Nothere: Ah that’s what a loose box is. TYSM Rush.17:48

Godwinshelley1: Looks like something stylish you would wear to a black mass17:48

Rush: Just looked it up.17:48

Rush: I might add that to our GLOSSARY.17:49

Mike n Rach in DC: Yes, GS. Has some kind of quasi-ritualistic look.17:49

Godwinshelley1: Rush – do you have any reference to Mr Woo – the Chan-like character in Get Smart17:49

hounder: cat of hell17:49

Rush: “Thoughts are like noble animal – unchecked, they run away causing painful smash-up.”17:49

Rush: Yes, Hounder!17:50

Louise: More fear, more talk. A good life philosophy17:50

Rush: Skittish maid.17:50

Louise: Skittish? Annoying is more like it.17:51

Rush: Cue: “cough”17:51

Mike n Rach in DC: Was Valium available in the 30s?17:51

Phil: I’ve heard of a burning bush but never a smoking bush.17:51

Rush: Louise: 17:51

Godwinshelley1: No I think back then they relied on Alcohol17:51

Rush: M/R, I doubt it!17:51

Nothere: If she thinks Chan is bad she should meet him in Werewolf of London.j17:51

Rush: I think in the ’30s a slug of whiskey was used!17:52

Phil: In our next scene, Charlie gets it wrong.17:52

Mike n Rach in DC: Charlie WOULD understand. Remember, he has 13 children…17:52

Rush: YES!17:52

hounder: true m n r17:52


Nothere: Tincan17:52

Matt: <tin can>17:53

Rush: He can talk to him, but the conversation will be one-sided.17:53

Phil: Somewhere there’s the sound of a tincan.17:53

Godwinshelley1: Wasn’t there lithium in 7-up back then17:53

Nothere: Can I talk to your mustache?17:53

Rush: TYSM…NT and Matt…17:53

Rush: Must have been a small caliber weapon.17:53

LibraryJim: GS, yes it was sold as an upset stomache remedy17:53

Mike n Rach in DC: Fortunately the wound is bloodless…17:54

Nothere: Well the credit is all Matt. His canwas much fancier,17:54

Rush: Yes, NT…experience!17:54

Phil: Matt did do a nice job.17:54

Rush: “Money talks.”17:54

Matt: 17:54

Rush: Perhaps the shortest of Chan’s aphorisms.17:54

LibraryJim: mine usually says “bye bye”17:54

Phil: I didn’t know how we were going to handle the whole can thing.17:55

hounder: blood wasn’t shown as often back then17:55

Rush: Yes, Hounder.17:55

Mike n Rach in DC: There’s a new Sheriff in town…17:55

Rush: Today…there would be LOTS of it!17:55

Rush: Thacker.17:55

Phil: Brains too.17:55

Nothere: But where are the bobbies?17:55

Rush: yes, phil…17:55

Rush: That too!17:55

Phil: Oh, they never showed bobbies back then.17:55

Rush: In London, probably.17:56

hounder: wonder if he ever reads his notes?17:56

Mike n Rach in DC: That would make it R-rated at least…17:56

Phil: Bobbies? Boo..?17:56

Phil: Never mind.17:56

Rush: Thacker is a country police officer.17:56

Mike n Rach in DC: OH. You said BOBBIES. Silly me.17:56

LibraryJim: I remarked last time how Julian Fellows wove this movie into Gosford Park, as writers were sent to England to research Manor house life for this movie.17:56

Nothere: The invisible man was r rated? I had no idea bobbies were so risqué.17:56

Rush: Yes, LJ!17:57

Phil: I think they made the chair out of spare belvet robe.17:57

LibraryJim: I think Stephen Frye got the inspector down pretty well17:57

Rush: Maybe someday we could see that film in connection with this one.17:57

Phil: velvet robe17:57

Godwinshelley1: I thought no one was to be told17:58

Rush: “We must start again.”17:58

Phil: Gosford’s a good movie.17:58

Rush: Agreed, Phil.17:58

Nothere: I like it17:58

Rush: I saw it years ago.17:58

Mike n Rach in DC: Keep yer shirt on, sister. This is Charlie Chan.17:58

LibraryJim: one of my favorites, too17:58

Rush: Time, perhaps, for a “refresher.”17:58

Godwinshelley1: I like “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” – really like that film17:58

Nothere: Never saw it. No vcomment.17:59

Rush: I still suggest that CC could call the Home Secretary to let him delay the execution as new evidence has turned up!17:59

Mike n Rach in DC: Translation: “Your work is to go away and stay out of my hair.”17:59

Rush: But, then, the clock would not be the enemy!17:59

LibraryJim: yep17:59

Louise: She has to keep her shirt on. She hasn’t taken that coat off yet.17:59

Mike n Rach in DC: Agreed, Rush. But it would dim the drama a bit.18:00

Nothere: Oh Charlie holding hands with an unmarried woman? The things he gets up to when his wife is in another country.18:00

Rush: Yes, NT. We see that come up in “The Red Dragon”18:00

hounder: assuming she has a shirt under that coat18:00

Nothere: Or even an undershirt.18:01

Phil: bobbies? bobbies?18:01

Rush: He tells Tommy: “Perhaps best that mother NOT know.”18:01

LibraryJim: bobbies got him pinned down.18:01

Mike n Rach in DC: Hunt business. One fox, £2. 18:01

Rush: Whatta fur!18:01

Nothere: Nope Prision guard I think that’s different. But we are in sold 1940’s pg13 territory.18:01

Rush: “Tik-toc….”18:02

Phil: That’s the BIGGEST wooly worm I’ve ever seen.18:02

Rush: Phil: :)18:02

Phil: Now that dude REALLY needs some valium18:02

Mike n Rach in DC: dead18:02

Phil: What condition M&R?18:03

Nothere: Nonsense. Stiff upper lip. Just needs a good shot of brandy.18:03

Mike n Rach in DC: dead as the proverbial doornail18:03

Rush: “Case like inside of radio – many connections, not all related.”18:04

Phil: Not mostly dead. ALL dead.18:04

Godwinshelley1: How do you clean that shirt with the fur collar18:04

Phil: According to Max the Magician, there’a a big difference.18:04

hounder: very carefully gs18:05

Louise: Yes, your lives are useless18:05

Phil: Gees, she sounds like a Communist.18:05

Rush: Very idle set.18:05

Phil: sympathizer.18:05

Rush: YOW!18:06

Rush: Right between the thumb and index finger!18:06

Godwinshelley1: You think he would have noticed that wire leading to the desk18:06

Nothere: Romeo romeo is not out that window lady.18:07

Mike n Rach in DC: That is one serious dart18:07

Phil: So he goes outside, shoots at Charlie, comes back in in a smoking jacket.18:07

Rush: YES!18:07

LibraryJim: looks like Flash Gordon’s rocket ship18:07

Phil: Indeed LJ.18:07

Rush: Yes, LJ!18:08

Nothere: The serated edge is the part that gets me. It’s a dart. If the giant pike dosen;t work the edges don’t matter.18:08

hounder: take a whooping air push to throw that dirigible18:08

Mike n Rach in DC: It doesn’t seem to be a very stealthy weapon.18:08

Rush: Here’s your Bobbie…two…constables.18:08

Nothere: Ming? Of course you’ve cracked the case Jim. To Mongo everyone.18:08

Rush: W DO have “Ming” in “Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise.”18:09

Nothere: Two bobbies? Gasp. All right everyone avert your childrens eyes. Were in r rated territory.18:09

Mike n Rach in DC: They usually come in pairs, NT . 18:09

Phil: They look like rather large bobbies too.18:09

Rush: A-hem!18:10

Phil: Just sayin’18:10

Rush: “Regulations.”18:10

Nothere: And they have such huge…eyes.18:10

Mike n Rach in DC: Look at Charlies ring18:11

Rush: Chan schools Thacker.18:11

Nothere: So Len never came back.I warned you about having 13 people here.18:11

Rush: He notes that saying!18:11

Mike n Rach in DC: wild bird…sing…cage18:11

Mike n Rach in DC: I would love to see those notes.18:12

Rush: With Rachel we actually har 14 for a while.18:12

Phil: If I took notes like that I’d never know what I’d been talking about!18:12

Paul M: love how he refers to Charlie as “Mr Cheng”18:12

Nothere: Never mind that it’s hunt day. Does everyone have their ridding pants?18:12

Mike n Rach in DC: Yes, we can be 1 or 2 as need to avert sinister numbers.18:12

Rush: NT, yes they do!18:12

LibraryJim: I wonder if the Inspector calling Charlie “Chang” is an off-hand tribute to Chang Apana (SP)?18:12

Rush: Perfect, M/R!18:13

Nothere: Ah she has her riding crop. Now we get serious.18:13

Mike n Rach in DC: Look out…someone’s listening at the door!18:13

Rush: Off to the hunt…18:13

Mike n Rach in DC: Tally-ho!18:13

Mike n Rach in DC: Do they use guns in a fox hunt?18:14

Rush: Spears!18:14

Nothere: So for an hour no one has said anything about anything military. Now the case hinges on the ilitary.18:14

cdirus: I would think the dogs would be enough to take care of the fox. :(18:14

Nothere: Tree it yes. But whos going to take the fox back to the hall and feed it milk?18:15

Louise: One friend?18:15

Phil: Yeah, they both wore baggy pants together.18:15

Rush: Commander King….18:16

Rush: Commander K….18:16

Mike n Rach in DC: Silencing warplanes? The Stealth Bomber!18:16

Rush: Captain K….18:16

Godwinshelley1: ,Wasn’t King the name of 18:16

Godwinshelley1: Sgt Preston’s dog18:16

Rush: An early version, M/R!18:16

Rush: GS, I think you are right.18:16

Nothere: I don’t care if you are in the army. Stop carrying that riding crop unless your joining the hunt.18:16

Phil: This is the most non-sensical explanation I’ve ever heard.18:16

Rush: Haven’t thought of that for 60 years, perhaps!18:16

Godwinshelley1: Yukon King!18:17

LibraryJim: NH, it’s for later in the game room18:17

hounder: drift catch me18:17

Rush: All is forgiven!18:17

Mike n Rach in DC: Yes, Phil, but he says “I love you,” so it’s ok. 18:17

Mike n Rach in DC: Gentleman, start your engine.18:17

Nothere: VRRRRmmm18:18

LibraryJim: To a NASCAR fan, those are the final words of the national anthem18:18

Phil: LOOK! Red fox fur18:18

Mike n Rach in DC: 12018:18

Rush: Release the hounds!18:18

Mike n Rach in DC: fox is faster than the car18:18

Nothere: Well sadly folks this is where I leave you. Again God if I miss you next week safe travels. And good night to all until I am Nothere again.18:18

Mike n Rach in DC: Good night, NT . Take care!18:19

Godwinshelley1: Thank you 18:19

Rush: Take care, NT.18:19

Phil: GN NT18:19

Rush: Good night…18:19

Rush: See you next week.18:19

LibraryJim: Lady Mary is back at downton abby18:19

Nothere has left this room18:19

hounder: nite nt18:20

Mike n Rach in DC: There might be a good Game of Thrones reference in here, but I don’t know that show.18:20

Phil: Did the nurse play the good witch in Oz?18:20

Rush: Actual deceased horse here, I believe.18:21

Mike n Rach in DC: Those were the days. Fractured neck? Bed rest, care and luck and we’ll pull here through.18:21

Godwinshelley1: She did sound like Billie Burke but I don’t think it was her18:21

Rush: Yes, M/R.18:21

Mike n Rach in DC: Horse does look a little weather-beaten18:21

hounder: you do what you can with what you’ve got.18:21

Rush: And we cannot detect any breathing.18:22

Phil: Maybe it’s holding its breath.18:22

Rush: Even if sedated, the chest would rise/fall.18:22

LibraryJim: Nurse was played by Phyllis Coghlan (uncredited) –IMDB18:22

Phil: It’s a stunt horse – they can do that.18:22

Mike n Rach in DC: *gasp*18:23

Louise: Wait, onlu guys left?18:23

Rush: Yes, LJ.18:23

Louise: only18:23

Mike n Rach in DC: Butler watches carefully…18:23

hounder: notice the women are missing18:24

Godwinshelley1: Do those guards sit in his cell all the time?18:24

Phil: I think if I knew I was going to die in a few hours I’d have a really bad case of gas.18:24

Rush: The fatal countdown…18:24

hounder: might be on suicide watch18:24

Rush: Yes, hounder.18:24

Godwinshelley1: *They don’t want him to kill himself before they can kill him?18:24

Mike n Rach in DC: They actually had the death cells set up with the door to the gallows hidden behind a chest.18:25

Phil: We’ll never know what he was reaching for.18:25

hounder: really m n r. trivia i never knew18:25

Phil: those are white tail deer on the wall. I wonder if they have white tailed deer in England? I know they have red deer.18:26

Mike n Rach in DC: They would enter the cell, tie his hands, move the chest, put him on the trap, noose, etc. and *boom*. The prisoner would usually be dead in less than 30 seconds from the time they entered. As humane as they could do it.18:26

Rush: Maybe, Phil.18:27

Phil: Very interesting M&R18:27

Rush: M/R, tough but true.18:27

Mike n Rach in DC

Mike n Rach in DC: …for anyone with a morbid curiosity . :)18:27

Godwinshelley1: That’s better than the long walk Cagney took in Angels with Dirty Faces18:28

Rush: 18:28

Mike n Rach in DC: Yikes! Charlie..don’t give him the gun!18:28

Rush: Yes….18:28

Rush: On the surface…not smart…18:28

Rush: But…18:28

Mike n Rach in DC: Could Charlie be making a fatal mistake?18:28

LibraryJim: Chan is a man with a plan18:29

hounder: never18:29

Rush: All a part of the plan!18:29

Louise: The fake shooting18:29

Mike n Rach in DC: The bobbies are back. 18:29

Louise: soon to be seen in other Chan movies18:29

Rush: Constables!18:29

Rush: 18:29

Mike n Rach in DC: Ah. Good turn of phrase, Rush. hehe18:29

Rush: Now HE can have that date with the gallows!18:30

Mike n Rach in DC: Capt. Seton. Followed him for years, once posing as a starving artist in Hawaii18:30

Rush: Nice ending here.18:30

Mike n Rach in DC: Is she Batwoman?18:30

Rush: Looks like a blackbird.18:31

Mike n Rach in DC: “Just lucky old Chinaman.” Modest as always.18:31

Rush: “Case now complete.”18:31

Rush: And…18:31

Phil: How did they get that bird to stay so still?18:31

Godwinshelley1: Excuse me Miss – you have some chicken on your dress18:31

Louise: Awwwww18:31

Rush: EXIT MUSIC….18:31

Matt: <yee-haw>18:31

Mike n Rach in DC: <kids-yeah>18:31

Rush: if you have the Fox DVD.18:31

hounder: nice movie for right before valentines day. charlie plays cupid18:31

Phil: Nice seeing eneryone. See yinz next week.18:31

Rush: (Applause…”18:31

hounder: hate that bat collar18:31

Mike n Rach in DC: Very good movie.18:31

Phil has left this room18:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Cya Phil18:32

LibraryJim: another great entry18:32

Godwinshelley1: ending music18:32

Rush: This was the first non-Biggers story in the series.18:32

Rush: Yes, GS.18:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Nice story18:32

Louise: Fun exit movie still playing18:32

Matt: Good night folks and hope you all have a great week ahead18:32

Rush: The “exit music”18:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Good night Matt18:32

Rush: Screen goes black…18:32

Godwinshelley1: good night all – have a great week18:32

Rush: house light come up…18:32

Paul M: seeya next week18:32

LibraryJim: 1nite all, stay healthy18:32

Mike n Rach in DC: Exit music is nice touch18:32

Louise: Bye all18:32

Rush: Audience walks out…18:32

hounder: thanks for the un. see you next week,18:32

Rush: Good night, louise!18:33

Godwinshelley1: I’ll be dropping Chan postcards across the US while I travel18:33

Rush: have a GREAT trip, GS!18:33

Mike n Rach in DC: Good night everyone, enjoy the week and we’ll see you again 18:33

Matt has left this room18:33

Mike n Rach in DC: GS. Bon voyage and safe travels!18:33

Rush: maybe you can drop in while away.18:33

LibraryJim has left this room18:33

Godwinshelley1: I’ll stop by next week18:33

Rush: Okay!18:33

Rush: Good!18:33

Mike n Rach in DC: Goodnight all!18:33

Godwinshelley1 has left this room18:33

Paul M has left this room18:33

cdirus: See everyone next week! Stay safe.18:33

Rush: you too, CD!18:33

Louise has left this room18:33

Rush: Thank you ALL!18:33

cdirus has left this room18:33

Rush: have a great rest of the evening…18:33

Rush: And, have a happy and SAFE week!18:34

hounder has left this room18:34

Mike n Rach in DC has left this room18:34

Rush: If you are in cold areas, KEEP WARM!18:34

Rush: Good night MC!18:34

Rush: See you next week!18:34

Rush has left this room18:35

marcycloud: see next week!18:39

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