Chat Archive 2/8/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for February 8, 2021

Charlie Chan in Paris

The Murder of Deacon Jessup

Len Freeman
Mike in DC
Monsieur Angel avec Ze Fox
Phil & Mrs Phil

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Rush: Good evening Monsieur!

Rush: Et…adieu…

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MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Along,

Rush: AH! You returned with the “”X”!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Alors!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Well…again…welcome!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Having Temps merge, with zero equippements!

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Rush: Matt!

Rush: Welcome to YOU!

Matt1: Hello Rush and F&F!

Matt1: A&F….sorry

Rush: Yes, Angel!

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Rush: How are you both tonight?

Matt1: Hello Mat!

Rush: And…Mat…

Rush: Welcome back!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: SO you noticed our missing x! You ARE a detective! We shall recommend you to the Deiuxeme when we learn how to spell it!

mat: Glad to be here!

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: hello Matt and Rush!

Rush: I hope that you and yours are well this evening, Mat!

Rush: Do you have a copy of tonight’s movie, “Charlie Chan in paris”?

Matt1: What was the earlier postings/rant?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Matt—dont take this the wrong way— are you alone?

Rush: If not, we have a link to a Youtube copy.

Matt1: Y

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Which rant?

Matt1: Above the pic

Rush: I saw that as I arrived, matt.\

Rush: Someone indeed did rant!

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mat: Thank you. Very slow in response

Matt1: I often worry when I see stuff like that…..if all is Ok

Rush: I guess, she, and I assume it is a she, is sour on ALL Charlies!

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Rush: Hello, MC!

marcycloud: Howdy All!


Matt1: Hello MC!

Rush: How are you this evening, MC?

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Rush: Sarabell…


Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Missed your arrival!

Rush: And, MDA…welcome!

Matt1: Hello SB….Missed you, sorry

mda19083: First time here!

Rush: YES!

sarabell2: Hello Rush, sorry I was queing up the radio program. Hello Monsieur Matt Mat Marcycloud and MDA

Rush: So happy you felt welcomed to join with us!

Matt1: Welcome…Pennsylvania, I assume?

mda19083: Philadelphia area

Rush: How did you find out about us MDA?

Matt1: Originally from Bucks County

Rush: I am in the San Diego area.

mda19083: Otto Penzler’s newsletter

Matt1: Florida now

Rush: CA, of course!

Rush: AH!

Matt1: Wonderful!

sarabell2: Hey Rush. Ever think of doing the Mr. Moto’s? He is Charlie Chan’s son’s teacher.

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Rush: An honor to have been included in the newsletter!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

sarabell2: Hi Louise

Rush: Louise!


mda19083: Enjoyed the films back in the 70’s when they were broadcast on the weekends on UHF

Rush: Ah, yes!

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mda19083: Reliving my second childhood

Matt1: Yep, plating with rabbit ears!

Rush: Warner/7Arts started showing them from around 1968.

Matt1: playing

mda19083: or a continuation of my first

Rush: Happy for you to join with all of us “second childhooders,” MDA!

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Rush: Yes!

Rush: Hounder!

hounder: hi everyone.

Matt1: Mondays are a wonderful escape watching Chan together

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: pleased to meet you mda

Rush: We can do intros at some point, mat and MDA!

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sarabell2: Hey Hounder!

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Matt1: Hello L2!

Rush: WB..Louise!

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Louise2: Hah! I was not able to write anything eventhough I had enetered the chat! Silenced!

Godwinshelley3: Hello from snowy Indiana

sarabell2: I have to write on my laptop, watch on my phone

Rush: And, mat, we have found that if we don’t post something for a while, we can get “dropped” for non-activity!

Louise2: Saw there were new people” Hi mat and MD. Welcome.

Matt1: My wife wishes that for me at times, Louise 

Rush: Just so you know!

Louise2: And lots of moldy oldies, too!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise2: Yes, Matt, same in this hgousehold

marcycloud: lol

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sarabell2: Well, we like you here.

Matt1: wb A/F

Rush: Angel, you are confusing tonight!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Hello again! Oooo la la!

Louise2: Hi GS: sorry to hear about your loss.

Rush: Well…5 minutes till the radio drama!

hounder: my condolences gs

Matt1: Hello GS, sorry I missed you

Godwinshelley3: Yes thank you

Louise2: I’ll be back after the radio program: have to take dinner out of oven…

sarabell2: Sorry Godwinshell.

Rush: It is accessed through the link above: “The Murder of Deacon Jessup.”

Rush: Please access and pause at the very start…

Matt1: Cued

marcycloud: cued..

Rush: I am as well.

hounder: ready here

Rush: 4 minutes to go…

Godwinshelley3: I’ll be out here for awhile

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Permit us to explain: we are in our new house, as moving nears finish, & typing on ze Tiny Tablet.

hounder: ready here.

Matt1: How are you making out GS?

Rush: MAD and mat…we will count down to “zero” and then we start the radio drama together!

Godwinshelley3: Congrats Angel

hounder: glad you’re nearly settled angel

Rush: That way we are listening to it at the same time!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Ze typing is difficult, like Elba with psoriasis.

Rush: Sorry…MDA

Godwinshelley3: Yes TS been hard and necessary

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go…

Rush: Agreed, Angel!

Godwinshelley3: I just popped in to say hello.

Rush: 2 minutes…

sarabell2: Is Monsieur really Angel and Phox? there can’t be two of them.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Thank YOU, Hounder! We have a lovely house, soon to be both home AND Foxhole.

Rush: How are things with your family, GS?

Matt1: Glad you did GS

Rush: And…welcome…

Godwinshelley3: Might drop in next week.

marcycloud: Hi GS..take care

Godwinshelley3: Night

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Matt1: Take care, GS

Rush: Ok!

Rush: Take care, GS!

Rush: OIUr best to everyone!

Rush: 60 seconds…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: gnite gs!

Rush: (our)

Rush: 50 seconds..

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Sorry…

Rush: Hit the wrong key there!

Rush: Annoincer…

Rush: “The Adventures of Charlie Cghan”

Rush: (Chan)

Rush: Jessop murdered!

Rush: AH~! Lee is in this one.

Matt1: Lee Chan!

Rush: YES!

Rush: Lee has a date!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: computer stopped already! Time?

Rush: A more “subdued” Chan here.

Matt1: Don’t forget your wallet, Lee!

Rush: 2;30

Rush: 2:45

Rush: (Tweet…tweet…)

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Sounds like charlie got slipped a ‘lude

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hounder: hi hs

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaaaaa, Steve!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: HS!! Aloha!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha from the land of Chan! Charlie, that is.

Rush: MDA and mat…a couple years ago, our Chat Room was equipped with sound effects! Thus, we now rely on imaginary sound effects, as you might note from time to time tonight!


Rush: GREAT to see you again!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Hi Rush and the Channets.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: THIS time we hope CC gets a conviction on that rat Jessup

mda19083: Does anyone have the airdate for this episode?

Matt1: Royal Hawaiian!

Rush: Here’s the link to the radio program, Steve:

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: The Royal Havaiiyan, with a V and a Y and a rooty-toot-toot.

Rush: We are about 5:50 in…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Muff One, coming up!

Rush: How are you tonight, Steve?

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Rush.

Rush: How’s Kailua this afternoon?

Hawaii_Steve: I had a hell of a time signing into the Chat Room.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Flour in pool make limp biscuits.

Rush: Ah…sorry…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: HOTCHA.

Rush: It’s a bit different from the past, yes.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Tapping without a warrant,even.

Rush: “Hotcha”!

Hawaii_Steve: It kept saying that cookies are blocking entrance for HS.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Tiffany not important.

Rush: Sometimes I have a tough time, too, Steve!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Hs: Dan.

Hawaii_Steve: This afternoon, the weather is beautiful***ilua. Just beautiful.

Rush: I can imagine, Steve!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Damn the cookies, full speed ahead.

Rush: Yes…

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, are you and your family still located in California?

Louise2: I like cookies…

Rush: Yes, until around mid-June.

sarabell2: We had pecan sandies this afternooon

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Time to dry fish. Got a towel? Okay, a TROWEL then.

Rush: I went out during Christmas to work on the inside of the house.

marcycloud: where at?? i’m in Wrightwood.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Never assume.

Rush: I will be flying back again for easter break.

Rush: Drove out last time with rachel!

Rush: Took a load of our things!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: MC: Is there a wrong way to Wrightwood?

hounder: more work to do rush?

Rush: Two days drive to get there, three to return.

Hawaii_Steve: Louise, not that kind of cookies.

marcycloud: lol

Rush: Always, Hounder!

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: πŸ™‚

Louise2: Just found out Fat Tuesday (Mrdi Gras) is tomorrow! Have to make gumbo!

sarabell2: Louise was kidding

Hawaii_Steve: Lots of Honolulu references in the radio episode.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Rush: Gee, will your arms be tired!

Rush: Sounds great, Louise!

Rush: Yes, Steve! I am catching those!

sarabell2: What did you cook tonight, Louise?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Okey dokes of hazard.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Hawaii_Steve: A cloud of dust and highty “Hi Ho Silver.” Oh, that Number 1 Son.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Oh, the Sinister Hotel! Downtown, righg

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: ?

Rush: Unfortunately, scant episodes of these shows are available…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: We love these polka tunes.

Louise2: sarabell: i threw into a casserole dish misc stuff in fridge: chicken, cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, spaghetti squash (because I was too lazy to tghink)…

Rush: Next week, we enjoy some “Marching Ants.”

Louise2: Came out good!

Rush: The music here would give space for local commercials…

sarabell2: Sounds good, I need ideas

Rush: Me too!

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: these would be great if we had all these episodes

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, hounder.

Rush: Yes! We have the Landinii murder” series coming soon! A lot of those we do have!

sarabell2: Thanks Rush for finding these

Hawaii_Steve: There is a couple that will put together CD of Chan episodes.

Louise2: Spaghetti squash instead of pasta is so good

Rush: They are out there on the Internet.

Rush: If anyone ever comes across anything, please let me know!

sarabell2: Did you bake the spaghetti squash then put it with the other stuff?

Rush: You can see the entire year through our “Calendar.”

Rush: Okay…

Rush: 15 minutes until “Charlie Chan in Paris.”

Hawaii_Steve: Who is the voice of Charlie Chan on this radio show?

Hawaii_Steve: He’s very good.

Louise2: Yes sarabell, in oven pan with water

Rush: I agree!

Matt1: He was

Rush: I admit I don’t know.

mda19083: is there a place to post recipes in the chat?

Rush: Actually, YES!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: CC in Paree cued up at 20thC-FOX logo, oui?

Rush: Please use our Message Board!

sarabell2: Sorry, MDA, I am easily distracted

marcycloud: !!!!!

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

mda19083: I am always interested in good food

marcycloud: cued

Rush: Sometimes copies lack the Fox intro!

Hawaii_Steve: The YouTube has omitted the opening credits for tonight’s film.

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, there are no opening titles.

Rush: The Fox intros were placed there when these DVD sets were produced. The earliest Chan movies would not have had the famour 20th Chentury-Fox intro, at they were then simply “Fox Film.

Rush: (famous)

Louise2: mda: that would be a fun addition to Rush’s site: recipes from Chan movies!

Rush: Sorry about the plague of typos!!!

Louise2: CUED here

Hawaii_Steve: Cueless here.

mda19083: cued and on the edge of my seat

Matt1: Ditto!

Louise2: plague of typoise here too, Rush

marcycloud: well i thought i was cued…went away.i thought i saw title..

Louise2: see, see, see what I mean about typos!

mda19083: big fingers small keyboard

hounder: ready here

marcycloud: yeah,there it is…title with the link you provided.

Rush: Nearly ready here…

Louise2: small brain excuse here for typos

marcycloud: lol

Rush: Smaller brain here with feeble excuse!

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: Smallet brain not here.

Rush: NT!

DanVenture has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Dan

hounder: cat making typing difficult tonight.

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!!!

hounder: hi dan

DanVenture: Evening, All!

Nothere: Cat wants to order catip?

Rush: DV!

Rush: Welcome to YOU, too!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, went back to email that you sent us. Clicked on link to YouTube. Video starts with “Screenplay by …” Is this correct?

hounder: is laying on arm

Rush: You should get the Youtube video, Steve.

Rush: If needed, there is a link just above our Chat Board here!

Hawaii_Steve: Lately, I have been re-reding Ken Hanke’s book “Charlie Chan at the Movies.” Most interesting what he says about this film.

Nothere: But is their a couissant?

Rush: Or…here it is also:

Louise2: Do tell HS

Rush: Great book, Steve!

Rush: One of the Chan “must have” books!

Rush: 6 minutes…

Nothere: So hpw many must have books ar ethere?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox has left this room

marcycloud: 47?

Rush: I say there are three…

Rush: The one Steve noted…

Rush: And….

Hawaii_Steve: Mr. Hanke states that Roland Winter’s interruptation of CC was closed to what author Biggers had in mind.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: “A Guide to Charlie Chan Films” by Charles Mitchell…

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: And…

Nothere: Hey Len

hounder: hi len

Len Freeman: Hi all

Rush: “The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia” by Howard Berlin.

Rush: Hello, LEN!

Rush: WELCOME@!!!

Len Freeman: Hi Rush

Len Freeman: Lindsay is with me to watch tonight

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

Len Freeman: the pull of Paris

Rush: Very good, Len! Hello, Lindsay!

Hawaii_Steve: Oland’s interrupation of CC in The Black Camel is what Biggers had in mind. But Oland changed his interruptation of CC thereafter. A reflection of the times.

Nothere: James J neibar objexts to that list Rush

Rush: Yes, Steve.

Rush: We now see Oland’s “take” on Chan.


Rush: Biggers really was pleased with Oland’s Chan in “Charlie Chan Carries On.”

Hawaii_Steve: Hanke states that this film was “lost” for several years. I did not know that.

Louise2: people are coming and going…

Len Freeman: cued

Rush: TWO minutes to go…

Matt1: Thank goodness they found it!

Rush: Yes, Steve!

Fredsmom has joined this room

Rush: Found in the ’70s.

Matt1: Hello FM!

hounder: wish they’d fnd the others

Fredsmom: Good evening!

Rush: 90 seconds…

hounder: hi fm

Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

Hawaii_Steve: Hanke states that footage shot at the time of filming The Black Camel was included in the next Chan film, which is lost. So sad.

Fredsmom: Hi Matt and the gang

Rush: 75 seconds…

Matt1: There is always hope, Rush!

Rush: Hello, FM!

Nothere: Hey Phil type peopl

Rush: Welcome!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Fredsmom: Hi Rush!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: ALOOOOHHAAAA to all my Chan friends! Two weeks in a row.

Rush: 50 seconds…

Matt1: Hello M/M Phil!

Len Freeman: Hi Phil & Mrs

Fredsmom: For me too Phil and Mrs!

Rush: And Phil and Mrs!

Rush: 40 seconds…

hounder: hi phil n mrs

Louise2: No one can resist the allure of Paris

Len Freeman: a nice group tonight

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: ..

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15 seconds…

Nothere: A thousand and one apologies for missing your momentous arrival Mother of Fred.

Rush: 10 seconds…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox has joined this room

Rush: Title….

Phil & Mrs. Phil: GONE BABY!

Rush: Music….

Louise2: Hi to all I missed as you entered…

Rush: The obelisk near the Louvre…

Nothere: But I don’t want to go. I like it here with you guys.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: We i mean Oui keep falling out

Rush: TheRiver Seine…

Nothere: Hey A&F

Rush: Eifel tour…

Rush: Chan arrives….

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: is an obelisk a sibling of the monolith? The meetronome?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Man that must have been loud.

Len Freeman: try going across the Atlantic in that!

Louise2: And, right on cue, a bad fur

Nothere: Obivously this film is Charlie Chan inBurbank:)

Rush: AH!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: metronome? The aerodrome?

Nothere: So what is wrong with the fur?

Rush: You are probably correct, NT!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Beautiful downtown Burbank, we hope

Rush: Hollywood-Burbank Airport back then.

Hawaii_Steve: Not neccessary Burbank.

Fredsmom: cool telephone booth

Rush: CC calls Nardi.

Louise2: There is never anything wrong with the furs… oh, except this one

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: you’ll always rise again at the Hotel Lazarus

Rush: Yes, FM.

Nothere: So is this the first film with this gag, or is this condisered the remake?

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: oui oui oui all the way home

Nothere: Don’t tell me the key info now wait till your murdered.

Rush: (Crash…!)

marcycloud: lol

Louise2: Weird writing

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: emergenzee?

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: A correct “:N” followed by a reversed one!

DanVenture: Curious. A rock wouldn’t have gone too far thrown.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I have’nt seen you since Egypt.

Len Freeman: Thomas Beck a good guy

Rush: Yes, DV.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: If it was my ONLY warning I’d thank you to write NEATLY, Monsieur Miscreant!

Len Freeman: Jimmy Stewart type

Rush: Probably tossed quickly by someone who ran off!

DanVenture: Wouldn’t a bystander have yelled or something? Driver dive out to assault the bozo?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: The papers have ALWAYS been full of it.

Rush: As it is raining, maybe not too many people around.

Nothere: Hey th thrower was lucky it wasn’t a 2000 car. The rock would have bounced off.

Louise2: He doesn’t drink

Rush: Often full of FISH, perhaps…

mda19083: does anyone keep a running count of the number of Charlie’s aphorisms for each film?

DanVenture: Indeed, Nothere.

Rush: The obnoxious artist arrives.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Cher Shay, la Femme?

Louise2: oh yes, mda check out Rush’s site

Rush: We have them listed at the “Charlie Chan in Paris” section, MDA…

Nothere: O.k. who wantee drinkee?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Doesn’t that guy ever sober up

mda19083: thanks – will do

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: DLUNK!

Louise2: this scene is so mebarassing

Louise2: embarassing

Phil & Mrs. Phil: mebarassing?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: genital in heels

Louise2: yeah, yeah, typo city

Rush: The count of aphorisms for this one should be 25, MDA.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Mebarrassing! I like that, Phils! I stea,,

Nothere: Forget it Louise. I am the King of typos, and I’ll defend my crown against anyone.

Fredsmom: good sketch

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I steal, all lighty?

Louise2: Nothere: Rush will battle you

Nothere: Monsieur Angel is a Footpad

Rush: The drawings for this film….Eddie Vitch: Sketch Artist

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Notty! I also will defend your clown!

Rush: I also suspect that Keye Luke had a hand in this area as well!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Footpad spelt Valver

Rush: We just saw a clue.

Louise2: l’ange and la renarde are clever tonite

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: spelt volver, by the way, is daptoof.

Rush: danse apache – (French) “Ruffian dance.” Apache dance is a very dramatic dance associated with popular Parisian street culture in the early 20th century. The name of the dance is taken from Parisian street gangs, which were named for the American Indian tribe because of the savagery of the thugs. The dance is sometimes said to portray a violent confrontation between a pimp and a prostitute. It includes mocking slaps and punches, the man picking up and throwing the woman off the ground, or lifting and carrying her while she struggles or appears unconscious. In some instances, the woman may fight back.

Louise2: But Charlie dances beautifully

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: APPLESAUCE

Rush: I agree, burt I would doubt he’s do THIS dance!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Not HER again

Louise2: okay, this is wild every year: differing opinions abound

Rush: (He’d)

hounder: really dislike this style of dance

Phil & Mrs. Phil: This dance is nearly as violent as the horse crash in CC at the Race Track.

Fredsmom: Thanks Rush for interesting info!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Drunk & Sailor!

Rush: From our “Glossary,” FM.

Rush: LOTS there.

Nothere: I just always called it the fight dance.

Louise2: In any case, hard dance to do!

Louise2: TWACK!

Rush: Louise, please note that: “In some instances, the woman may fight back.”

sarabell2: I like apache dancing. You have to be good to do it. I liked it when Buster Keaton did it too.

Nothere: Must get expensive replacing that glass after every dance.

Rush: And, when Popeye and Bluto did it!

Nothere: O.k. your murdered now tell me the important info you learned.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Thank gawd that’s done for another year

Fredsmom: Ha!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Louise2: I love watching that dance. In fact dancing shows up in many Chan films.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: TYSM, Matt….

Phil & Mrs. Phil: She has a picture of..herself?

Rush: For mat and MDA, When someone died when we had sound effects in the past, Matt would use the tincan sound, as there was no “bucket” sound!

Rush: We now do it through words!

Rush: πŸ™‚

mda19083: TYSM – love it!

Rush: πŸ˜‰

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: We must find a way to bring sound to our motion pictures

Rush: CC holds back a sneeze….

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And since it’s a movie, I always feel compelled to type “Cue the can.”

Louise2: a recipe!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: In this town, every door is a Fren h

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: French door

Nothere: Aha a reipe for apple pie. Now if we could just find the meraunge.

Rush: “Recipe for apple pie”…a candidate for the Message Board recipes!

Rush: Yes!

Louise2: Yes Rush!

Rush: I love this part…where Cc thanks the clock…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: *G-sundheight*

Louise2: Rush, is there an easy way to make a list of the foods mentioned in Chan?


Len Freeman: TYSM

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Nice touch.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Rush, is ten thousand francs comparable to 10,000 francs?

Louise2: Watch out!

Rush: Close one!

mda19083: look up Charle

Rush: CC has a gun.

Nothere: Well with inflation 10k frances just isn’t 10k francs

Rush: Right, NT!

Rush: In fact…only EUROS today!

Nothere: Of course CC has a gun. He’s a cop. The wrters could never remember that.

Matt1: Hellooooooooo, Pop!

Rush: LEE!

Louise2: Pop!

mda19083: Keye Luke is the best!

Fredsmom: POP!

Len Freeman: First time

Matt1: They make a great pair

Rush: Approprately, his first on screen words were, “Hello, POP!”

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: A youthful franc!

Nothere: Well you said Lee was around. You just didn’t mention the bathroom.

Louise2: Business?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Done

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Rush: We see Lee on business again in “Charlie Chan in Shanghai.”

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Don’t ask what Lee was doing in the—well, just don ask.

Rush: “Joy in heart more desirable than bullet.”

Rush: Paris opera.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Gay city? Where’s my passport?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Ze banque!

Nothere: Uhm dude your a banker an those were the bet glasses you could buy?

Rush: I do hope to see Paris again on day.

Rush: (one)

Fredsmom: Pince nez glasses

Nothere: Well sadly Paris just isn’t the ciy it was, but it’s still there.

Rush: Yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Author Hanke says this film is perhaps the best examaple of a Chan mystery. It definately holds my attention.

Nothere: So what do we think of her collar?

Rush: Agreed, Steve.

hounder: yuk

Rush: Very fashionable.

Louise2: Her collar: can’t decide what it wants to be

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Uh-oh.

Rush: A BAD idea.

Rush: “okay, Pop.”

Rush: Great to go to Paris where everyone speaks perfect English!

Rush: Another clue…

Nothere: Cower before my Mustache of Power!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: He needs Courage

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And we saw him last week as the butler.

Rush: Or a slug of absinthe…

Rush: Yes, Phil.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Can’t remember his name.

Fredsmom: good eye Phil

Nothere: You take that back. As a banker I resent it.

Rush: And, please say hello to Mrs. Phil, Phil!

Louise2: Absinthe indeed

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I’ll deposit some kindness of heart, then.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Nice of you Rush.

Rush: Better than gold, Angel!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Typically.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: BUY WAR BONDS. Not French ones, though.

Nothere: And the writers again forget Chan is not a P.I.

Rush: Is she watching with us, Phil?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Indeed Rush.

Nothere: But do buy French fries.

Rush: Very good!

Rush: πŸ™‚

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: One is Helvetica, the other Times Roman.

Nothere: Bye Phils

Louise2: Let’s panic

Rush: Altogether we have 17 here tonight…18 with the departed GS.

Nothere: And one cat

Rush: AH!

Rush: Lest we ignore!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Notty, let’s LIVE! Garson, two orders of CURLY Franch Fries!

Louise2: 19 I think: someone said they had a companion with them

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Another CC in London actor right there.

Len Freeman: interruption

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: FOX HEARD THAT!

Rush: Yes, Phil.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: He was the Home Secretary’s secretary.

Rush: Arc d’Triomphe in the background.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: He’s totally guilty, right?

Nothere: Ah but does the Home Secretary’s secretary have a secretary?

Rush: “Home, James…”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Something like that NT.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: AAHOOGAH

Rush: Home, James! – (Catchphrase) The original saying, dating from the mid-1800s and spoken to a coach driver, was supposedly “Home, James, and don’t spare the horses!” There was a 1934 song by Fred Hillebrand (1893-1963) with the same phrase as a title: Home, James, and Don’t Spare the Horses is the modern origin of the catchphrase; it was in general usage by the early 1930s.

Rush: Nice car.

Len Freeman: step-in out!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Have the horses EVER been

Rush: And…she wanders of toward a dubious fate…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: spared?

Rush: Clue here.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Ce

mda19083: There’s that creepy guy again!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: CLUE!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Cecil B. DeGaulle was a GRATE director!

Rush: Where did you find that book, Steve?

Rush: I forgot to ask.

Rush: On the Internet or in a store?

Nothere: Don’t you hate when your sneaking around, and someone starts copying you.

Rush: Yes, NT! Annoying!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Whenever I walk around in a dark room I bump into things.

Rush: I move along VERY carefully, Phil.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: What a router.

Louise2: Easy come, easy go.

Nothere: Your gonna need to work on theat before becoming a cat burglar. Phil…or Mrs Phill…Both maybe?

Rush: BIG ERROR!!!

Louise2: Yikes, what a dummy

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: ROTTER! Geez, Spellcheck is a beach!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Who would burgle a cat?

Len Freeman: el creepo

Rush: Lee at work!

Nothere: I’m not trying to get away. I’m just holding a room full of people at gunpoint because I’m innocent.

Rush: We will see a flashback later.

Rush: Look out the window.

Rush: We will see the Moulin Rouge.

Louise2: Blame the women

Rush: “Cherchez la femme…”

Nothere: Well he has a 50% chance that the killer is a wpoman.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes Rush. Lots of wonderful atmosphere of Paris.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Notty, you exhibit profound criminal tendencies. You WILL join us next week again, won’t you?

Rush: See the windmill?

Rush: Moulin Rouge.

Nothere: I can;’t join again. I’m not here now:)

Rush: This cafe is on the Rue Pigalle.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I like regular rouge.

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, I see the windmill.

Rush: Nice pun, NT!

Rush: I am starting to crave doughnuts…

Fredsmom: haha!

Nothere: Glazed or chocolate?

Rush: Glazed!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can!

Rush: Yes, Matt?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Did they have donuts in prewar Paree? I know they ended up with PLENTY of HOLES.

mda19083: I have a good recipe for doughnuts

sarabell2: Do you have Krispy Kreme in San Diego?

Rush: NICE!

Rush: Please post!

Rush: “Doughnuts a la Charlie Chan in Paris”

Nothere: Alright I did it I stabbed him. But he was shot. Well inspector one of us is confused.

Fredsmom: πŸ™‚

Rush: Including, of course, doughnut holes!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Mda, will you snare your recipe?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: *share*

Louise2: snare it she must

mda19083: she was pretty adamant about not killing him

Rush: Message passed here…and a clue to us!

Nothere: No Louise we only snare those who won’t share. so there.

mda19083: secret family recipe – let me think about it

DanVenture: Do drunks always act this way, or is this just for the movie’s drama??

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: He is an exploration.

Rush: Only obnoxious drunks, DV!

Nothere: Hic I wou;l….would Hic….wouldn’t know. Now stop shaking the room.

mda19083: I’ll have what he’s having

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: ExPARROT! DAMN Sl

hounder: he sobered up pretty quickly

Nothere: As exparrot? Did he become a stool pidgeon?

Rush: Chan does her a great favor.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I hate this tablet!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Well, as it always does with this movie my DVD has malfunctioned. I guess I’ll never learn you dunnit.

Rush: Message passed there.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: ..who dunnit.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: I never promised you a ri

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: rose—you know.

Nothere: Wrong. As always Rush has us covered. Click the link quick Phills.

Nothere: I’m o.k. without a rose Angel. But did you have to give me a dandielion?

hounder: that small sar gets them every time

Rush: “Hasty conclusion like gunpowder – easy to explode.”

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Ho ho!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: What’s our time, please?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Romeo, wherefore art thou? You bring flowers?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: 4750

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk

Nothere: Spreafd out

Rush: Lee gets to give Pop his information.

Rush: Flashback.

Len Freeman: was that real chinese?

Rush: I would say yes, Len.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Softly watchee, catchee Monkees!

mda19083: he didn’t limp

Nothere: It’s all grek to me.

Rush: They probably had Keye Luke improvise there.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: My next band will be called Ten Day Kitten

Rush: [][/img]

Rush: OOps.

Nothere: Ha you call that a robe. You should see Chan’s pajaymas.


Rush: There.

Nothere: Is that an ascot? Where’s Scooby Doo?

Rush: Chan puts the pieces together.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Uh-oh.

Fredsmom: smoking jacket!

Rush: Yes.

Fredsmom: to keep your clothes from smelling of smoke-

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Fred’s mom: only when on fire.

Fredsmom: lol

Nothere: Oh come on. Who dosent love the smell of a good pipe?


MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Uh-oh.

Rush: Separated at birth?

mda19083: nice alibi

Rush: Ron Mael of “Sparks”

hounder: ..

Fredsmom: cool vintage wall safe

mda19083: time to get out of town

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Uh oh!

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. May the trade winds blow you to safe harbors until I am not here again.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: SPARKS! I was JUST extolling them TODAY!


Fredsmom: Bye NT! Take care!

hounder: nite nt

sarabell2: Goodnight

Rush: Anyway…they got him!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Notty. You are always not here to us!

Rush: More to come!

Nothere has left this room


MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: One man’s tragedy isJo

Mike in DC has joined this room

Rush: Mike!

Len Freeman: the boyfriend returns

Rush: WELCOME!!!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: JoeStalin’s statistics

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: GUILT must. D

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: GUILT must be proven.

Mike in DC: Very quick hello to all!!!

Rush: Who cares about his nerves!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Oh you shouldn’t tempt me like that.

Louise2: what did you say?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Stones? In the street? With Mick?

sarabell2: Hi Mike

Rush: Happy to see you, Mike!

Rush: If even but a moment!

Rush: Thanjk you!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi Mike]

Fredsmom: Hi Mike!

Rush: Please give our best to rachel!

Louise2: Hi Mike

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Gnite Mike!

Len Freeman: Mike

Louise2: nice lighting

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Mike in DC: Good to see y’all… Le Sange Bleu?

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Billions in overcoats back then, back there

Rush: And, we will now see part of the paris sewers!

Rush: I took the tour once.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I wonder if that’s the same “waterproof” flashlight that shows up in Egypt?

Rush: Imagine humid air…

Rush: A musty odor…

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Pawprints.

sarabell2: Did you like the tour, Rush?

Mike in DC: Many strange crimes committed in the sweets of Paris!

Rush: You GOT it, Mike!

Mike in DC: Or sewers..

Louise2: Sewers, great. Always sewers.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Must order sand. Can’t move mountain.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Whatever you do..keep your mouth shut!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Flush twice, it’s a long way to Berlin

Mike in DC has left this room

Rush: Here comes XAVIER…

mda19083: There is always a secret switch

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Uh-oh.

Rush: yES, mda!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: It’s not easy being greasygreen.

Rush: Got me there, Angel!

Rush: “Oui, mon sewer…”

Len Freeman: the booty

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Rush:) πŸ™‚ !

Rush: Interesting that in about five years these sewers would be used by the French Underground.

mda19083: he’s back!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Why—!

Rush: Quick thinking here by CC!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Always carry a dedicated

Louise2: awwwww

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: sketchpad.

Rush: Similar to our last movie!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: NEAT groans!

Rush: Yes!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: DAD!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Let’s try the MASK!

Rush: Now thew clues we saw earlier will add up.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: NO?!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: BANKER!

Rush: YES!

Rush: Next week…”Charlie Chan in Egypt.”

Rush: Another flashback.

hounder: see you next week. mom’s ready for bed

Rush: Okay, Hounder!

Louise2: Too complex…

Rush: Thinking of you and your mom.

sarabell2: Nite hounder

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: What afang,Ed

hounder: thanks all

Fredsmom: nite Hounder

marcycloud: see you all next time! Have a Good one.

Rush: That’s why it was working, louise! Complicated!

Rush: You too, MC!!!

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: What a fangled web he weave!

Rush: Still a few minutes left in the movie…

hounder has left this room


Rush: THE END.

Fredsmom: doughnuts!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: <yee-haw>

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Krispy!

Fredsmom: clapclapclapclap

Rush: Closing credits…

Louise2: Yay!

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Well…

Hawaii_Steve: Just wonderful.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: APPLESAUCE!

Rush: another GOOD one?

Len Freeman: clap cla[ clap

DanVenture: Quite good.

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: Till next wee

Len Freeman: excellent

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox: WEEK!

DanVenture: Nice bit of mystery right to the last moment.

Rush: Next week…we fly with Chan to Egypt!

mda19083: as good as I remembered

Rush: Yes, DV!

Hawaii_Steve: Haven’t seen this one in years. Excellent in all aspects.

Matt1: Love Egypt!

Fredsmom: Thanks for a good evening-have a great week and stay safe!

sarabell2: Good movie, you had a lot of people tonight Rush…good job as usual

Rush: I agree!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Well, that was a good one. My favorite Chan next week…Egypt! Good night all.

mda19083: thanks to all

DanVenture: Good saga in Egypt.

Fredsmom: Goodnite all!

Rush: Next week…tombs…curses…MURDER!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

Rush: Goodnight, FM!

Len Freeman: nite all

Hawaii_Steve: G.Night Matt.

Rush: I thank you ALL so much!

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

DanVenture: Yes, next week–Chan faces doom in the tomb!

sarabell2: Good night everybody, see you in a week.

Rush: And I do mean…ALL!

Rush: great turnout tonight!

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, one of the best turnouts.

Rush: I hope everyone had as good a time as I did!

Fredsmom has left this room

Rush: You are all great.

sarabell2 has left this room

mda19083: see you all next week

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Have a happy, safe week!

DanVenture has left this room

mat has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Great seeing you Steve!

Rush: Enjoy the subnset!

marcycloud has left this room


Hawaii_Steve: Thank you. Great being with the old gang again.

Rush: I hope you can make it next week, too!

Rush: Thank YOU, MDA!

Rush: I hope that you, too, will come again next week!

Rush: Nice meeting you.

Hawaii_Steve: We’ll see. I was impressed by the fine details of this film. And the use of camera movement. Wonderful direction.

Rush: Yes!

Louise2 has left this room

Rush: Where did you get the book, steve?

Rush: Just curious.

Hawaii_Steve: I’ve had it for years. Just pulled it out for an afternoon read.

Rush: AH!

Rush: Nice!

Hawaii_Steve: Directed by Lewis Seiler. He replaced Hamilton Mc.

Rush: I remember when I bought mine. i got it from someone in L.A. years ago.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: hamilton MacFadden seemed to have been a bit “scattered” at that time!

Hawaii_Steve: Me too. Probably at one of those film conversations in North Hollywood.

Rush: I think he wanted to work on the OTHERE side of the camera!

Rush: (other)

Hawaii_Steve: I was never impressed with the direction of the Black Camel. Its straight forward direction.

Hawaii_Steve: As hanke states, Mr. Seiler moves the camera.

Rush: Yes. But the Honolulu scenery…and your side of the island..make up for that for me!

Hawaii_Steve: The shot of of starting a scene down low, then titling to street level, then panning up to the roof with begger is most creative for 1935.

Rush: I thought that just the fact that they were on location on Oahu for “The Black camel” was impressive!

Rush: especially with that early gear!

Hawaii_Steve: This is the same year that James Whale did such a wonderful job directing the Bride of Frankenstein. Also, a good use of camera movement.

Rush: And they DID make use of the locale!

Rush: Even down to the use of Prospect Street…accurately, and the Pali road, etc.

Rush: And the drive in Waikiki.

Hawaii_Steve: Because “paris” was shot at the studio, money could be spent of set design, lighting, etc. creating mood and atmospher. “Paris” is a much better production than “Camel.” in my opinion.

Rush: I thought that “The Bride of Frankenstein” was superior to the first film!

Rush: “Frankenstein.”

MonsieurAngel avec Ze Fox has left this room

mda19083 has left this room

Rush: I do agree, steve, yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Also, Oland seems more relaxed as Chan. With Camel, he is still finding the character.

Rush: And, you are right, being in a studio helped a lot.

Hawaii_Steve: Question: Did Biggers and Oland ever meet?

Rush: There were some great sets, though!

Rush: Including the sewer scenes!

Rush: I would imagine those were leftover fro anoother movie.

Hawaii_Steve: The sewer scenes reminded me of 1925 Phantom.

Rush: I am not sure about their meeting face-to-face. Interestingly, I have an ivory page-turner that Biggers had evidently given to oland for a gift!

Rush: he DID like his portrayal of Charlie Chan for sure!

Rush: And, I think Biggers was very happy when chan was finally the mnain character in the films!

Hawaii_Steve: The scenery of Hawaii is always beautiful, even shot by an 8mm home movie. Hawaii is a plus. But Camel drags a bit, again due to Hamilton’s standard direction.

Rush: Also, what is sort of funny in “Thje Black camel” are how the mobs of locals can be seen in some of the shots!

Hawaii_Steve: I believe there is quote somewhere … that upon seeing Oland as CC, Biggers said, “they finally got it right.”

Rush: Yes!

Hawaii_Steve: It most have been quite a projecct to hall over those big 35mm cameras to Honolulu.

Hawaii_Steve: In 1931, there were no steady-cams like today.

Rush: Right!

Rush: There was a good tracking shot on the beach at kailua.

Hawaii_Steve: When Hanke wrote his book, Keye Luke was still alive. The chapter about “Paris” includes Luke’s recallexations.

Rush: And, that’s another one where we see the crowd watching!

Rush: Yes! I think he dedicated the book to him.

Rush: Something like “to our eternal Number One Son.”

Rush: I thought I reacalled that somewhere.

Hawaii_Steve: After living in Hawaii for 26 years, I can pick apart “Camel” in detail. The studio lights at Kailua Beach make the scene unnatural for me. Going into Shela’s tent at the beach is an ackward moment too. Just for me.

Rush: Just looked…not on the dedication page.

Rush: Yes, on those lights!

Hawaii_Steve: Book (c) 1989 by Ken Hanke.

Rush: We can tell how the weather changed and the clouds came in and they went to the lights!

Hawaii_Steve: Luke died in the 1990s, I believe.

Rush: yes…1991, I believe.

Hawaii_Steve: You are correct.

Rush: I took a picture of his star on Hollywood blvd. once, when we stayed at the hollywood roosevelt.

Hawaii_Steve: The intro scene between Luke and Oland is wonderful. I feel a warmth in that scene.

Rush: In fact, it is right near there.

Rush: YES!

Rush: I love that!

Rush: The PERFECT intro!

Rush: “Hello, Pop!”

Hawaii_Steve: This film is the first time we see the father – son relationship. It hasn’t become a clique (sp?) yet.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Sons appeared in a couple of the “lost” films…

Hawaii_Steve: Hanke says Luke played his part as real. Young went over the top as #2 Son.

Rush: but this was the first inclusion in a very meaningful way!

Rush: Yes!

Hawaii_Steve: Interesting that Luke drew newspaper ads for the Chan films before he became N1S.

Rush: And Keye Luke and Warner Oland seemed to have actually had something of an off screen father son relationship at times!

Hawaii_Steve: The drawings that we see in Paris, did Luke draw them? Do you know?

Rush: In fact, in the 1985 interview I transcribed, Keye luke calls Oland Poppa.

Hawaii_Steve: I recall reading that Oland and Luke went for drive up into the Hollywood Hills for some reason.

Rush: The sketch artist was someone else, BUT…I think that the “finished” drawing we saw was by Luke!

Rush: it really looks like his style!

Rush: I mean, he was an accomplished artist.

Rush: Yes!

Hawaii_Steve: I wonderful where Luke’s drawings are today? Do you know?

Rush: They were up at a japanese pagoda that overlooks Hollywood!

Rush: Then Luke tells of a bus of tourists being dropped off…

Rush: That is a part of his 1985 interview.

Rush: it was recorded for canadian TV.


Rush: That’s the page of the interview.

Hawaii_Steve: Luke didn’t have any children. I wonder what happened to his personal scrapbooks, etc.

Rush: I have it on a privately made DVD.

Rush: Yes. Good question!

Rush: Maybe his things went to a relative that I worked for at one point…Martha longenecker.

Hawaii_Steve: Wikipedia says his wife died in 1979. Also, there is a copy of his signature.

Rush: She ran the Mingei Gallery in San Diego.

Rush: Of course, i never new of her Keye Luke connection till fairly recently.

Rush: She was difficult to work with!

Hawaii_Steve: Before you leave the area, you should track her down.

Rush: Also, there were members of the keye Luke family living in San Diego.

Rush: I met them once at the Old town Music Hall.

Rush: maybe they got his things.

Rush: I believe she’s with her ancestors now.

Hawaii_Steve: You know, there’s the Luke Museum in Oregon, or some place up north. There is a website.

Rush: She was not young when I worked for her…nearly 30 years ago.

Rush: Must be Washington state.

Rush: perhaps Seattle…his home town.

Hawaii_Steve: Just read that Steven Spielberg donated the Citizen Kane sled to a Hollywood Museum.

Rush: WOW!

Rush: What a pice of history!!!

Hawaii_Steve: Somebody needs to a family tree for the Chan actors. Find out where there belonings went.

Rush: Which museum?

Rush: I would agree!

Rush: I have a couple of Oland’s things.

Rush: Including, I firmly feel, his scrapbook for his early films up to about 1932.

Hawaii_Steve: BTW, I read a section of Lou’s newsletter. It looks great, but its filled with typos. Lou is not writer.

Rush: Yeah.

Hawaii_Steve: That’s right, you have the Oland scrapbook.

Rush: I proofed it, but he might have erred when retyping it.

Rush: It is possible I missed one or two, I guess!

Rush: Yes, I have that.

Rush: the whole thing is available at the site.

Hawaii_Steve: Do you have original autographs of the Chan actors?

Rush: You mean besides stills?

Hawaii_Steve: Yes.

Rush: Personal photos?

Rush: I do have one with oland and his wife.

Hawaii_Steve: Do you have Luke or Yung’s autographs?

Rush: it was from their trip through Honolulu to China.

Rush: It was origianally in a scrapbook, I could tell., maybe one of the Olands’?

Rush: yes on the autographs.

Hawaii_Steve: I remember seeing Luke’s autograph on eBay.

Rush: Oland’s too.

Rush: Yes, he was apparently pretty prolific in that regard!

Hawaii_Steve: I think you told me that you have an autographed cookbook of Yung’s. Correct?

Rush: I have a few.

Rush: YES!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Hawaii_Steve: Nice. It’s a shame that we didn’t creat a CC Museum somewhere.

Rush: I agree.

Rush: till a pipe dream of mine!

Hawaii_Steve: I need to contact he man who operates the Stooge Museum and see how its doing?

Rush: Even if some place in Honolulu would like to set aside a section!

Rush: Maybe a themed restaurant.

Rush: That’s an idea, steve.

Hawaii_Steve: Downtown Honolulu has become very dangerous these days. The security officers for the radio station got beat up last weekend. During the daytime.

Rush: Sad.

Rush: Be careful.

Rush: But I am sure you are.

Hawaii_Steve: Today I heard a radio report that the pandemic is not going to go away during our lifetime. It will always be here. But we will have new drugs.

Rush: Life MUST go on.

Rush: Fear is the biggest problem.

Rush: Everyone I know who got it had mild symptoms.

Hawaii_Steve: O’Toole’s Bar, where we start the Chan tour has closed up. Most of the shops in the area are closed too.

Rush: Hopefully they will be able to open again!

Hawaii_Steve: All the real estate sites that Lou and I looked at for a Chan Bookstore, club, etc. are closed up.

Rush: brb.

Hawaii_Steve: Well … it’s may be time to go.

Hawaii_Steve: Are you working?

Hawaii_Steve: How’s the wife and kids?

Rush: sorry.

Rush: was on the phone.

Rush: Our neighbor is a firemaN, AND HE SAID HE CAN GET ME VACCINATED.

Hawaii_Steve: I really enjoyed this film tonight.

Rush: Cap lock!

Rush: Marie and the girls are fine, thank you!

Hawaii_Steve: Three weeks ago, I got my first shot. At Walgreens.

Rush: Sarah goes off to college next year!

Rush: can you believe it>?>??

Hawaii_Steve: The kids are growing up.

Rush: Ah, good on the shot.

Rush: FAST!

Rush: Rachel starts high school in Iowa.

Hawaii_Steve: Oahu numbers in the three digits now.

Rush: We met some girls who will be friends when we were there during Christmas.

Hawaii_Steve: Will you have a job when you move to Iowa?

Rush: Things will get better…if allowed to get there!

Rush: I am optimistic about getting a job.

Rush: I tghink with my teaching experience I can at least get sub work or classroom aide.

Hawaii_Steve: That is good.

Rush: I heard one district is pretty desperate for teachers.

Rush: Marie wants to take a different road.

Rush: Tired of full time teaching!

Hawaii_Steve: No harm trying something new.

Rush: She’s definetely earned that option!!!

Rush: Agreed!

Rush: Well…

Rush: I should be going….

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, its time to go.

Rush: 7:20 here.

Rush: Take care…

Hawaii_Steve: I enjoyed talking to you tonight. Thank you.

Hawaii_Steve: And you too.

Rush: Please keep in touch!

Rush: see you next week, hopefully!

Hawaii_Steve: Will do. Have a good evening.

Rush: Okay!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha.

Rush: You too!

Rush: Good night…and ALOHA!

Rush: πŸ™‚

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