Chat Archive: 2003

Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2003

Welcome to our collected Chat Room text record from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2003. Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for any of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/6/2003: The Black Camel
1/13/2003: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
1/20/2003: Charlie Chan on Broadway
1/27/2003: Charlie Chan at the Circus
2/3/2003: Castle in the Desert
2/10/2003: Dead Men Tell
2/17/2003: The Shanghai Cobra
2/24/2003: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen)
3/3/2003: Murder Over New York
3/10/2003: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
3/17/2003: The Scarlet Clue
3/24/2003: Murder Over New York
3/31/2003: (Unknown)
4/7/2003: Charlie Chan’s Secret
4/14/2003: Charlie Chan at the Opera
4/21/2003: The Sky Dragon
4/28/2003: Charlie Chan in Reno
5/5/2003: The Black Camel
5/12/2003: Charlie Chan in London
5/19/2003: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
5/26/2003: (Unknown)
6/2/2003: Murder Over New York
6/9/2003: Dead Men Tell
6/16/2003: Charlie Chan in Rio
6/23/2003: Charlie Chan at the Race Track or Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Shared via broadcast by Fox Movie Channel)
6/30/2003: (Unknown; by this time our Monday Evening Chats included participants viewing a particular Charlie Chan film simultaneously)
7/7/2003: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
7/14/2003: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
7/21/2003: Charlie Chan on Broadway
7/28/2003: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
8/4/2003: Charlie Chan in Panama
8/11/2003: Charlie Chan in London
8/18/2003: Charlie Chan’s Secret
8/25/2003: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
9/1/2003: The Chinese Cat
9/8/2003: The Black Camel
9/15/2003: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
9/22/2003: (Unknown)
9/29/2003: (Unknown)
10/6/2003: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
10/13/2003: Dead Men Tell
10/20/2003: Charlie Chan’s Secret
10/27/2003: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (The second annual Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party.)
11/3/2003: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (For the fourth annual Melbourne Cup Night, Steve Rhodes continued the practice of drawing horses in the competition at random and issuing them to chat participants, with the holder of the winning horse receiving a new, 2003 Australian 50-cent coin.)
11/10/2003: The Jade Mask (?)
11/17/2003: Black Magic
11/25/2003: Dangerous Money
12/1/2003: Charlie Chan in Egypt
12/8/2003: Charlie Chan in Reno
12/15/2003: The Scarlet Clue
12/22/2003: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
12/30/2003: Charlie Chan on Broadway

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