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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2005

Welcome to our collected Chat Room text record from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2005. Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for any of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/3/2005: Charlie Chan in Egypt
1/10/2005: Castle in the Desert
1/17/2005: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
1/24/2005: Charlie Chan on Broadway
1/31/2005: Shanghai Chest
2/7/2005: Charlie Chan in London (“Please check Chris M’s blog site, “Charlie Chan in Cyberspace,” as well as Virginia J’s site, “The Charlie Chan Annex,” for more information and fun facts about our movie, ‘CHARLIE CHAN IN LONDON’.”)
2/14/2005: Shadows Over Chinatown
2/21/2005: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
2/28/2005: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
3/7/2005: Charlie Chan at the Opera
3/14/2005: The Chinese Ring
3/21/2005: Charlie Chan in Paris
3/28/2005: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
4/4/2005: The Black Camel
4/11/2005: Charlie Chan’s Secret (“Our movie for tonight’s Chat/Viewing is “Charlie Chan’s Secret,” starring Warner Oland. This was the favorite Chan film of our dear, departed Charlie Chan Family member, Becky Truesdale, whom we came to think of as our own “Mrs. Chan” because of her lifelong devotion to the Great Detective and due in equal measure to the great kindness that she showed to so many of us and to others along her life’s journey. So, please join us this evening as we watch a fine film together and celebrate the life of a fine lady, Virginia Johnson’s mother, Becky…”)
4/18/2005: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
4/25/2005: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen) (The first sharing of this film during a chat.)
5/2/2005: Charlie Chan at Shanghai
5/9/2005: The Feathered Serpent
5/16/2005: Dead Men Tell
5/23/2005: The Trap
5/30/2005: Murder Over New York
6/7/2006: The Shanghai Cobra (“SCHEDULE CHANGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to a scheduling conflict regarding Yours Truly for the month of June, our Chat/Film viewings will, for that month, be moved to TUESDAY evenings.”)
6/14/2005: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
6/21/2005: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
6/28/2005: Charlie Chan in Reno (“Next month, July, we will return to our traditional Monday evening Chat/Viewings.”)
7/4/2005: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
7/11/2005: Charlie Chan in Panama
7/18/2005: The Chinese Cat
7/25/2005: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
8/1/2005: Castle in the Desert
8/8/2005: Charlie Chan in London
8/15/2005: Docks of New Orleans
8/22/2005: Charlie Chan in Rio
8/29/2005: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight
9/5/2005: Charlie Chan in Egypt
9/12/2005: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
9/19/2005: The Red Dragon
9/26/2005: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
10/3/2005: Charlie Chan at the Circus
10/10/2005: The Scarlet Clue
10/17/2005: Charlie Chan at the Opera
10/24/2005: Charlie Chan’s Secret
10/31/2005: Dead Men Tell (Fourth Annual Charlie Chan Family Halloween Party)
11/7/2005: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (Sixth Annual Melbourne Cup Night; “In our blissful ignorance of the fact that the Melbourne Cup race had taken place LAST week (!), we had a wonderful time this evening thinking that we were choosing horses that would be competing for the crown several hours later! Well, Virginia’s horse, Makybe Diva won, and this makes Virginia the recipient of this year’s most unusual congratulations. Has there ever been a horse race where the winner came in a full week before wagers were placed?”)
11/14/2005: The Golden Eye
11/21/2005: The Black Camel
11/28/2005: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
12/5/2005: Charlie Chan in Reno
12/12/2005: Dangerous Money
12/19/2005: The Sky Dragon
12/26/2005: Charlie Chan in Honolulu

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