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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2014

Welcome to our collected Chat Room text record from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2014. Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for any of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/6/2014: Behind That Curtain (“…as we begin this year’s journey through the entire Charlie Chan film series as it stands available today, we will be viewing Behind That Curtain, a 1929 adaptation of Earl Derr Biggers’ Charlie Chan adventure of the same name.”)
1/13/2014: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen) (“This evening we will be watching Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen) the Spanish Language version of the first film in the Charlie Chan film series proper, Charlie Chan Carries On…”)
1/20/2014: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (“This week, we take a slight detour as we pause to celebrate the birthday of the venerable actor, J. Carrol Naish who portrayed master detective Charlie Chan on the ‘small screen’…The two adventures that we will be sharing are No Future for Frederick and Three Men on a Raft.”)
1/27/2014: The Black Camel
2/3/2014: Charlie Chan in London
2/10/2014: Charlie Chan in Paris
2/17/2014: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (“A happy birthday and a tip of the late-‘50s-style Chan fedora to the venerable James Hong, Number One Son, Barry in the 1957 crime drama series The New Adventures of Charlie Chan which starred J. Carrol Naish in the title role. This evening we will pay tribute to Mr. Hong as we watch two episodes from this obscure yet very worthy addition to Charlie Chan lore. Our two half-hour adventures, The Noble Art of Murder and The Hand of Hera Dass…”)
2/24/2014: Charlie Chan in Egypt
3/3/2014: Charlie Chan in Shanghai
3/10/2014: Charlie Chan’s Secret
3/17/2014: Charlie Chan at the Circus
3/24/2014: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
3/31/2014: Charlie Chan at the Opera
4/7/2014: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
4/14/2014: Charlie Chan on Broadway
4/21/2014: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
4/28/2014: Mr. Moto’s Gamble (“Please join us as we watch Mr. Moto’s Gamble, starring Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto and featuring Keye Luke as Lee Chan, in the film that was to have been Charlie Chan at the Ringside.”)
5/5/2014: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
5/12/2014: Charlie Chan in Reno
5/19/2014: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
5/26/2014: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
6/2/2014: Charlie Chan in Panama
6/9/2014: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
6/16/2014: Phantom of Chinatown (“Happy birthday, Number One Son, Keye Luke, as we watch Phantom of Chinatown in which he portrays a young Detective James Lee Wong…”)
6/23/2014: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
6/30/2014: Murder Over New York
7/7/2014: Dead Men Tell
7/14/2014: Charlie Chan in Rio
7/21/2014: Castle in the Desert
7/28/2014: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
8/4/2014: The Chinese Cat
8/11/2014: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight
8/18/2014: The Jade Mask
8/25/2014: The Scarlet Clue
9/1/2014: The Shanghai Cobra
9/8/2014: The Red Dragon
9/15/2014: Dark Alibi
9/22/2014: Shadows Over Chinatown
9/29/2014: Charlie Chan at the Circus (“This week’s edition of our Monday Evening Chat and film viewing is a special occasion – the birthday of Warner Oland! We will be celebrating Mr. Oland’s birthday as we watch and share Charlie Chan at the Circus…”
10/6/2014: Dangerous Money
10/13/2014: The Trap
10/20/2014: The Chinese Ring
10/27/2014: Charlie Chan in Egypt (“HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! Our Monday Evening Chat and film viewing for this week features Charlie Chan in Egypt, starring Warner Oland, as we hold our annual Charlie Chan family VIRTUAL Halloween Party!”)
11/3/2014: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (“This week, we celebrate the annual running of the famous Melbourne Cup horse race in Sidney, Australia, as we have done for more than a decade; the same race that is shown in our film for this week! All participants will be issued a horse or horses from the actual race and later that night, after our Monday Evening Chat, the race is run. The lucky person holding the ‘winning ticket’ will win a 1936 silver half-dollar coin, just like the one (could it be the ACTUAL one???) Charlie Chan used to place his bet on Avalanche in our movie.”) (Later that evening: “This year’s winner of the Melbourne Cup is…Protectionist! The member of our Charlie Chan family who held the “winning ticket” this year is none other than Godwinshelley!”)
11/10/2014: Mr. Wong in Chinatown (“This week, we share the Monogram Pictures film Mr. Wong in Chinatown, staring Boris Karloff as detective James Lee Wong in the film that provided the storyline for Charlie Chan movie, The Chinese Ring. We can all share the similarities as well as the differences that we can catch between the two versions!”)
11/17/2014: Docks of New Orleans
11/24/2014: Mr. Wong, Detective (“Our movie for this week’s Monday evening Chat and film viewing is Mr. Wong, Detective, staring Boris Karloff, as we celebrate Mr. Karloff’s birthday as well as share the movie that provided the story for last week’s Docks of New Orleans.”)
12/1/2014: Shanghai Chest
12/8/2014: The Golden Eye
12/15/2014: The Feathered Serpent
12/22/2014: The Sky Dragon
12/29/2014: The Return of Charlie Chan

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