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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2015

Welcome to our list of collected Chat Room film title records from our Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for the year 2015. The sole available chat text, accessed through the blue linked date, is from a series of screen captures collected and contributed by Louise Krasiewicz, consisting of portions of the dialogue from that evening which was broken into segments as they were randomly screen captured, and are here spliced together in time order. Please note that all reconstructed texts are incomplete.

Unfortunately, there is no chat text available for the remainder of the Chats listed for this year, however, the title of the featured film for each date along with any other available information is presented is listed below:

1/5/2015: Behind That Curtain (“The New Year is here, and that means that we are now at the starting line for our Charlie Chan Film Tour for 2015! Our film to kick-off this year’s journey will be Behind That Curtain, which gives us an early glimpse of Charlie Chan as portrayed by E.L. Park, himself something of a mystery to Chan fans as he appears in the waning minutes of the picture. The story, based on the story of the same name by Earl Derr Biggers…”)
1/12/2015: Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen) (“Our film to kick-off this week’s stop along the route of our journey through the Charlie Chan film series will be Eran Trece (There Were Thirteen), the Spanish language version of the first movie in the Chan series, proper, Charlie Chan Carries On. As Charlie Chan Carries On is sadly still lost to us, Eran Trece provides a virtual mirror image of the original film, which starred Warner Oland for the first time in the title role. In Eran Trece, Manuel Arbo is Charlie Chan…”)
1/19/2015: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (Three Men on a Raft; No Future For Frederick)
1/26/2015: The Black Camel
2/2/2015: Charlie Chan in London
2/9/2015: Charlie Chan in Paris
2/16/2015: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (“As we continue our journey through the Charlie Chan film series, we pause to celebrate the birthday of James Hong, our Number One Son in TV’s The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. This week, in fact, this evening, we will be viewing TWO selections from this crime series: The Nobel Art of Murder, and The Hand of Hera Dass.”)
2/23/2015: Charlie Chan in Egypt
3/2/2015: Charlie chan in Shanghai
3/9/2015: Charlie Chan’s Secret
3/16/2015: Charlie Chan at the Circus
3/23/2015: Charlie Chan at the Race Track
3/30/2015: Charlie Chan at the Opera
4/6/2015: Charlie Chan at the Olympics
4/13/2015: Charlie Chan on Broadway
4/20/2015: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
4/27/2015: Mr. Moto’s Gamble (“Our film for this week is Mr. Moto’s Gamble, starring Peter Lorre as Mr. Moto with Keye Luke as Lee Chan in the film that began its existence as Charlie Chan at the Ringside, a project that was scrapped about a week into shooting due to Warner Oland’s sudden departure from the set.”)
5/4/2015: Charlie Chan in Honolulu
5/11/2015: Charlie Chan in Reno
5/18/2015: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island
5/25/2015: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness
6/1/2015: Charlie Chan in Panama
6/8/2015: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise
6/15/2015: Phantom of Chinatown (“As our group excursion through the Charlie Chan film series continues, we have arrived at a momentary stopover to celebrate the birthday of our Number One Son, Keye Luke! For this celebration, we will be watching Phantom of Chinatown, as Keye Luke portrays a younger detective James Lee Wong, a role that none other than Boris Karloff had filled for five previous films!”)
6/22/2015: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum
6/29/2015: Murder Over New York
7/6/2015: Dead Men Tell
7/13/2015: Charlie Chan in Rio
7/20/2015: Castle in the Desert
7/27/2015: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service
8/3/2015: The Chinese Cat
8/10/2015: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight
8/17/2015: The Jade Mask
8/24/2015: The Scarlet Clue
8/31/2015: The Shanghai Cobra
9/7/2015: The Red Dragon
9/14/2015: Dark Alibi
9/21/2015: Shadows Over Chinatown
9/28/2015: Charlie Chan at the Circus (“…we will be celebrating the birthday of none other than Warner Oland for this edition of our Monday Evening Chat and film Viewing!”)
10/5/2015: Dangerous Money
10/12/2015: The Trap
10/19/2015: The Chinese Cat
10/26/2015: Charlie Chan in Egypt (“It is time again for our Annual Charlie Chan family VIRTUAL Halloween Party!”)
11/2/2015: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (“It’s Melbourne Cup time again! Yes, as Charlie Chan, son, Lee, and the detectives of the Honolulu Police Department did, we, too, will be looking for a winner of the big race [which will be run about 90 minutes following our gathering]! Our film, as is our tradition, will be Charlie Chan at the Race Track, with Warner Oland. As we have been doing for about 15 years, now, all in attendance will receive at least one, probably two, horses, drawn at random from a hat…yes, a Panama hat! The one holding the name of the eventual winner will receive the coveted 1936 silver half-dollar…just like the one used by Charlie Chan to place his famous bet on ‘Schnozzolola,’ better known as avalanche! Good luck, everyone! May your horse be the winner!”) (Later that evening: “Prince of Penzance, held by Mike in DC, wins the 2015 Melbourne Cup!”)
11/9/2015: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (Death at High Tide; The Man with a Hundred Faces)
11/16/2015: Docks of New Orleans (“Our Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing will feature Docks of New Orleans, starring Roland Winters…We will also be commemorating the birthday of Roland Winters who was born on November 22, 1904.”)
11/23/2015: Mr. Wong, Detective (“Last week we shared Docks of New Orleans as we celebrated the birthday of Roland Winters. This week, we celebrate the birthday of another actor, Boris Karloff. The film we will be viewing together is Mr. Wong, Detective, which, coincidentally, provided the basic plot for last week’s Chan movie!”)
11/30/2015: Shanghai Chest
12/7/2015: The Golden Eye
12/14/2015: The Feathered Serpent
12/21/2015: The Sky Dragon
12/28/2015: The Return of Charlie Chan (“Our final Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing for this year will feature The Return of Charlie Chan, starring Ross Martin…”)

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