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Charlie Chan Family Chat Archive for the year 2017

Welcome to our list of collected Chat Room text records from Charlie Chan Family Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewings for 2017.

The texts are partial records from screen captures collected and contributed by Louise Krasiewicz.  The texts range in length from what would have been about five minutes of running text to the equivalent of about 20 to 30 minutes of dialogue which was probably broken into segments as they were randomly screen captured.

Please use the links provided below to access the Charlie Chan Family Weekly Chat and Film Viewing text records for the year 2017.

1/2/2017: Behind That Curtain (“Tonight we kick off our journey through the entire Charlie Chan film series with a look at the oldest surviving ‘Charlie Chan’ movie, Behind That Curtain from 1929.”) (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 9] – The Premature Corpse) radio program)
1/9/2017: (“This week we view Eran Trece [There Were Thirteen] the Spanish language version of Charlie Chan Carries On, starring Manuel Arbo as Charlie Chan. This movie was produced by Fox Films in 1931, and was shot using virtually the same script as was used for the currently lost film Charlie Chan Carries On, which starred Warner Oland in his first appearance as Charlie Chan.”) (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 10] radio program
1/16/2017: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (“This evening we will be celebrating the birthday of the ‘Fourth Charlie Chan,’ J. Carrol Naish, as we watch two episodes of The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, the TV crime drama from 1957. (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 11] radio program)
1/23/2017: The Black Camel (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 12] radio program)
1/30/2017: Charlie Chan in London (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 13] radio program)
2/6/2017: Charlie Chan in Paris (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 14] radio program)
2/13/2017: Charlie Chan in Egypt (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 16] radio program)
2/20/2017: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (The Great Salvos; The Counterfeiters) (“…our presentation for this week consists of two episodes from The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, starring J. Carrol Naish as Charlie Chan, and featuring James Hong as his Number One Son, whose birthday we celebrate!”) (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 17] radio program)
2/27/2017: Charlie Chan in Shanghai (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 18] radio program)
3/6/2017: Charlie Chan’s Secret (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 19] radio program)
3/13/2017: Charlie Chan at the Circus (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 20] radio program)
3/20/2017: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 21] radio program)
3/27/2017: Charlie Chan at the Opera (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 22] radio program)
4/3/2017: Charlie Chan at the Olympics (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 23] radio program)
4/10/2017: Charlie Chan on Broadway (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 24] radio program)
4/17/2017: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 25] radio program)
4/23/2017: Mr. Moto’s Gamble (“…we have reached the ending of an era of the Charlie Chan series. Mr. Moto’s Gamble began production as Charlie Chan at the Ringside. During the early stages of filming, things were not right with Warner Oland, who finally left the set never to return. Suffering from a probable nervous breakdown, the actor fairly soon recovered, going on a European tour which would conclude with a visit to his native Sweden. The plan was that the actor would rejoin Keye Luke and begin filming Charlie Chan in Honolulu, as Ringside had been salvaged and retooled into Mr. Moto’s Gamble. Sadly, however, this was not to be as Oland contracted bronchial pneumonia while in the country of his birth, Sweden, passing away on August 6, 1938.”) (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 26] radio program)
5/1/2017: Charlie Chan in Honolulu (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 27] radio program)
5/8/2017: Charlie Chan in Reno (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 28] radio program)
5/18/2017: Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (“As many of you are now aware, our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewing was scrubbed due to troubles originating with our web host, Tripod/Lycos. This marked the first time in 17 years and about 900 Chats that this has happened. HOWEVER, as things are up and running…again…(hopefully the SECOND time will be the charm!) we will be transferring out Monday evening together to this Thursday…”) (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 29] radio program)
5/22/2017: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 30] radio program)
5/29/2017: Charlie Chan in Panama (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 31] radio program)
6/5/2017: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 32] radio program)
6/12/2017: Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 33] radio program)
6/19/2017: Phantom of Chinatown (“…we celebrate the birthday of our Number One Son, Keye Luke with a viewing of Phantom of Chinatown.”) (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 34] radio program)
6/26/2017: Murder Over New York (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 35] radio program)
7/3/2017: Dead Men Tell (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 36] radio program)
7/10/2017: Charlie Chan in Rio (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 37] radio program)
7/17/2017: Castle in the Desert (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 38] radio program)
7/24/2017: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (Extra: The Landini Murder Case [Part 39] radio program)
7/31/2017: The Chinese Cat (Extra: The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby [First Installment] radio program)
8/7/2017: Black Magic/Meeting at Midnight (Extra: The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby [Second Installment] radio program)
8/14/2017: The Jade Mask (Extra: The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby [Third Installment] radio program)
8/21/2017: The Scarlet Clue (Extra: The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby [Fourth Installment] radio program)
8/28/2017: The Shanghai Cobra (Extra: The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby [Sixth Installment; Installment Five is missing] radio program)
9/4/2017: The Red Dragon (Extra: The Baffling Murder of Colonel Willoughby [Seventh Installment; Conclusion] radio program)
9/11/2017: Dark Alibi (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Crown Jewel Caper)
9/18/2017: Shadows Over Chinatown (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanTo Catch a Pitcher)
9/25/2017: Dangerous Money (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanWill the Real Charlie Chan Please Stand Up?)
10/2/2017: Charlie Chan in London (“…we begin the month of October with a celebration of the birth of Warner Oland, born on October 3, 1879.”) (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Phantom Sea Thief)
10/9/2017: The Trap (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Eye of the Idol)
10/16/2017: The New Adventures of Charlie Chan (The Point of No Return; A Bowl By Cellini) (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Eye of the Idol)
10/23/2017: The Chinese Ring (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Fat Lady Caper)
10/30/2017: Charlie Chan’s Secret (“It’s time once again for our annual Charlie Chan Family Virtual Halloween Party!”) (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanCaptain Kidd’s Doubloons)
11/6/2017: Charlie Chan at the Race Track (“…we will be celebrating the running of the famous Melbourne Cup race as is depicted in our featured film. This is an annual event, during which numbers for each horse in the race are handed out randomly. The one holding the lucky number of the actual winner of the race later that evening, will win a vintage Chan-era silver 1935 fifty-cent piece in honor of Mr. Chan’s bet of that same amount as seen in our movie.”) (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Bronze Idol) (Later that evening: “The results are in, and the winner of the 2017 Melbourne Cup is: Rekindling (#22)! And the person holding the ‘winning ticket’ is…Godwinshelley…”)
11/13/2017: Docks of New Orleans
11/20/2017: Mr. Wong, Detective (“…we are celebrating the birthday of the man who challenged Warner Oland to a battle of wits in Charlie Chan at the Opera, and who also appeared in Earl Derr Biggers’ Behind That Curtain. AND, Mr. Karloff also portrayed another Chinese detective of note, the inimitable Mr. Wong. And, it is Mr. Wong, Detective we will be viewing for our Monday Evening Chat session, the film that, in fact, supplied the storyline for last week’s Charlie Chan movie, Docks of New Orleans. As we watch Boris Karloff as Mr. Wong, we can also note both the similarities as well as the differences between the two pictures!”) (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Gypsy Caper)
11/27/2017: Shanghai Chest
12/5/2017: Charlie Chan’s Secret (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanCaptain Kidd’s Doubloons)
12/12/2017: The Feathered Serpent (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe Great Illusion Caper)
12/19/2017: The Sky Dragon
12/26/2017: The Return of Charlie Chan (“Merry Christmas, as we come to the conclusion of our Charlie Chan Film Tour for 2017! And, speaking of Christmas, as it falls on Monday this year, this means that our Chat and Film Viewing will take place on TUESDAY, December 26!…
…”Our film for this concluding week will be The Return of Charlie Chan, starring Ross Martin as Charlie Chan.”) (Extra: The Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanThe White Elephant)

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