Chat Archive 3/1/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 1, 2021

Charlie Chan’s Secret

The Landini Murder Case: The Premature Corpse

Len Freeman
Mrs. Phil & Phil
Secret Angel, Secret Fox

Rush has joined this room


Matt1 has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: And to you….Hope you had a good week?

Rush: How’s the free state of Florida tonight?

Matt1: Living the dream!

Rush: Ah….

Rush: We are keeping busy getting the home here ready to sell in April.

Matt1: We really warmed up this weekend….near 90!

Rush: Nice, if not too humid!

Matt1: Best of luck….We are putting ours on the market on Thursday

hounder has joined this room

Rush: And, the very best to you, as well!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hello, hounder!

Matt1: TY!

hounder: hi rush hi matt.


hounder: where are you moving to matt?

Matt1: Less than a mile away

Matt1: Still St Pete

Rush: I need to make a call…be right back!

Matt1: Ok!

hounder: thanks. we had a couple really good days this week. Mom wanted to go outside for a chair ride thru the neighborhood, and we had company for 2 days! it was great.

Matt1: Very nice and the weather was great for it!

hounder: ok. that seems to be a trend down here. lol. i have 2 neighbors doing the same thing.

Rush: Back!

Matt1: We’re moving into a 55+ will be saving a LOT in the HOA fees…..Ours is out of control

Rush: That was something I wanted to avoid when looking for our home…HOA!

hounder: good plan. HOAs are a pain. I’ve never lived in 1. not good at having someone else tell me what I can do with my property.

Rush: Agreed!

Rush: I have heard some horror stories!

Matt1: It has a place, but the cost at ours is double…..and when you talk retirement, you start counting the savings

hounder: some places it’s almost a mortage paymenyt as a monthly fee.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: And…YES!

hounder: be right back. dogs want out

mda19083 has joined this room

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Good evening MDA!

Rush: Welcome!

mat has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Mat!

Rush: And, mat!

mda19083: Greetings all – chilly here in PA

Rush: Welcome to you as well!

mat: hi everyone

mda19083: mat is in the house

Rush: Well, MDA, hopefully our film will warm you a little!

mat: thanks

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: it’s always sunny in Honlulu

mda19083: Honolulu

Rush: Yes!

Matt1: CC is in San Fran tonight, thogh….no?

Rush: Yes he is.

mda19083: so chilly my fingers are frozen

Rush: And this one has that San Francisco “atmosphere.”


Rush: (MDA)

mda19083: i believe CC starts out in Honolulu

mda19083: before travelling to SF

Rush: I am having a little trouble typing with my usual fingers as the tip of one is cracked…ouch!

mda19083: CC does make the rounds

hounder: ok. back

Rush: Yes he does!

hounder: hi mda

mda19083: greetings hounder

hounder: ouch

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I think my hands have been very dry.

mda19083: hounder – I a a Sherlock Holmes fan and your chat name always reminds me of The Hound of the Baskervilles

Rush: Plus lots of painting work, yardwork, etc.!

Rush: Construction…

sarabell2 has joined this room

hounder: lol. i use it because we used to own bbloodhounds. they are a very special dog.

Rush: Sarabell….WELCOME!

Matt1: Hello SB!

hounder: hi sb

Rush: 5 1/2 minutes till our radio drama!

Rush: This is a GOOD one!

Rush: many parts.

Matt1: Ready here!

sarabell2: Hi Rush, everyone! I agree mda hounder made me think of Hound of the Baskerviles too

mda19083: the Holmes hound was not friendly

Rush: Based on “Keeper of the Keys” by Earl Derr Biggers.

Rush: We start in at episode 11, I believe, and the first 10 are missing.

Rush: 4 minutes…

sarabell2: I hate it when episodes or movies are lost

Rush: As aleways, the link is above.

mda19083: working my way through the Chan canon since learning of your group

hounder: be back when i can. moms ready to go to bed.

Rush: “The Landini Murder Case…”

Rush: Okay, hounder…

mat: I didn’t know Bigger was 48 when he died!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Rush: Yes. He had heart problems.

mat: just think!

sarabell2: Did Bigger live in Hawaii too?

Rush: No…Pasadena, CA.

Rush: He did make several trips out to Hawaii.

Rush: 90 seconds…

mda19083: for research purposes

Rush: Yes, as well as pleasure.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: Everyone ready?

Rush: 40 seconds…

sarabell2: Yes thank you

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Intro…

Rush: Music….

Rush: Commercials inserted here….

mda19083: scary music to set the scene

Rush: Dramatic to be sure!

sarabell2: Like a storm coming up

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Recap here…

sarabell2: Did these episodes come on once a day, a week? Do you know?

Rush: CC’s young friend is the local sheriff.

Rush: I think they were once a week.

sarabell2: Thanks

Rush: If I am correct!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: not wild about this Chan portrayer

Rush: I stand corrected: (1936) “The Adventures of Charlie Chan”, a 15-minute radio drama, debuts on the Mutual Broadcasting System, airing weekday evenings at 5:15.

Rush: So, this was a daily program.

sarabell2: OK thanks. I would not think people had the attention span for a weekly program, I would not

Rush: I believe this Chan was portrayed by Walter Connolly.

Rush: “Thank you…so much.”

mda19083: TYSM Rush

Rush: Holt is the young sheriff.

Rush: He took over for his father who is now blind.

Rush: Her husband is a pilot of the plane that was flying over the house when landini was killed.

Rush: Ward is the owner of the home where all this is happening.

Rush: Commercial break…

mda19083: there is that music again

Rush: Yes!

Matt1: It’s like weather music

Rush: The listeners would only hear a little of it.

hounder: i’m back. i’ll wait for the movie

Rush: Here Chan “pierces the fourth wall.”

mda19083: man who sit on tack better off

Rush: “Thank you and good night…”

Rush: To applause….

Rush: YES, MDA!

sarabell2: Thank you mda

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: Okay…more of this case next week!

mda19083: this would be better with sound effects

Rush: Again, it is taken from Biggers’ last book, “Keeper of the Keys.”

Louise has joined this room

Matt1: But, there is a more pressing case in San Fran!

Rush: Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: Good evening and…welcome!

Louise: Good Evening, Chan Clan!

Rush: 🙂

hounder: hi louise

sarabell2: Hello Louise

Louise: Hi all. Nice to be here.

mat: good adavice when it comes to women

Rush: Yes, mat.

mat: sorry for the spelling!

Rush: No worries!

hounder: there’s a launch tonight so i might be out for a few minutes.

Rush: You will note my errors as the evening progresses!

Louise: This is one of Chan’s sppoky adventures, right?

Rush: NICE, Hounder!

mda19083: what kind of launch

hounder: spacex from canaveral

sarabell2: Yes, what kind?

Rush: From cape Canaveral.

mda19083: nice

Louise: Cool, hounder

hounder: i’ll have a great view of the firetrail

hounder: yes rush

mda19083: launch reminds me i missed lunch

Rush: I think I misspelled.

mat: i am hunger


Louise: now I’m hungry, too

mda19083: always forget about an early dinner on Monday

hounder: as i sit here eating watermelon. lol

sarabell2: With salt on it?

mda19083: where do you spit the seeds

mda19083: seedless?

sarabell2: Those have no flavor

hounder: seedless and i’m trying to limit my salt. but i have eaten it that way before

Rush: Please use our spitoon!

Louise: salt on watermelon? Am I among heathens?

Rush: Watermelon sounds good…always!

sarabell2: Spit it at the launch, put watermelon in space

mat: if you eat watermelon,y will suck seed! get it?

hounder: i stay away from spitoons after i got my hide tanned as a child for kicking over my great grandfathers spitoon.

Rush: It then becomes sweet and sour watermelon!

sarabell2: I would have beaten you too

Rush: Funny, Hounder! Not then, certainly…but today!

sarabell2: mat that was funny

hounder: no doubt i deserved it.

Rush: Probably not.

mda19083: good one mat

Rush: But it makes for a unique memory!

Rush: mat: 🙂

mat: Boy ,I am rusty at this! Will do better!

sarabell2: I know a lot of CC jokes, but unfortunately I cannot repeat them

Rush: (oil can)

Rush: AH!

Rush: Bar of soap is at the ready?

Louise: Ah, oil can would be a good sound

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Len!

hounder: hi len

Len Freeman: Hi friends

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!

Matt1: Cued!

sarabell2: Hi Len

Len Freeman: Nice to be here. Yes cued

mat: hi!

Rush: Great to have you with us tonight!

mda19083: greetings len

Rush: 6 minutes to go…

Len Freeman: Lindsay is going to sit in tonight as well.

Rush: Everyone cued to the OPENING TITLE?

hounder: hi lindsey

Len Freeman: Secret is a fun Chan

Rush: I agree!

Louise: CUED and ready to go

Fredsmom has joined this room

Rush: FM!


Fredsmom: good evening!

sarabell2: Cued to 20th Century?

mda19083: what is CC’s secret

Louise: Cued to title

mat: mda has great sense of humor!

Rush: Actually, please cue to the Fox logo!

Fredsmom: Hope everyone is doing well

Rush: The intro musis begins right there!

Louise: FM and LF join us!

Rush: (music)

Dona has joined this room

sarabell2: Hi Fredsmom

Len Freeman: Fox logo or title.. I’m using my own dvd

Rush: And…DONA!

Fredsmom: How is everyone?

Louise: Dona here, too

Dona: Hello everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona! & FM!

Rush: Hello, Dona!

Len Freeman: Dona

mda19083: aloha dona


Dona: Good to be here

hounder: hi dona and fm

Fredsmom: Hello to all

hounder: back in a few

Len Freeman: Fox logo ? or Title?

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

sarabell2: Dona!

Dona: I’m cued here

Fredsmom: good crowd already!

Rush: Again, please cue this week to the Fox logo if you have the FOX DVD.

Len Freeman: Thanks

Rush: They start it off there.

Dona: recued

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: TYSM…

Mrs. Phil & Phil has joined this room


Matt1: Hello M/M Phil!

Dona: Hi Phil and Mrs Phil

Mrs. Phil & Phil: AAAAlooooHA! to all my CHan friends!

Rush: Mrs. Phil and Phil!


mda19083: greetings to the phils

Louise: Hi P&P

Fredsmom: Hi Phil & Mrs

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Cued to the Fox logo.

Rush: Mrs. gets top billing tonight!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: I hope we’re all doing well tongiht.

Rush: YAY!

Rush: 75 seconds…

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Yes, I like to put her first.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

mda19083: chivalry is not dead

Rush: 40 seconds…

Louise: ready

Len Freeman: Smart move Phil

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

mda19083: aim

Len Freeman: I should change mine to Lindsay and Mr. Len

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Armed and ready

Rush: 5…

mda19083: fire

Rush: GO…


Rush: Music….

Len Freeman: logo

Louise: spooky music

Rush: title…

Len Freeman: title

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Credits….

Mrs. Phil & Phil: GONE BABY!

Rush: Headlines….

Rush: Salvage vessel….

Rush: (bubbles…)

DanVenture has joined this room

DanVenture: Good evening, Chan Fans!

sarabell2: Hi Dan and P and P

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Hi DV

Louise: cool underwater footage

Rush: DV!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Dona: Hi DV

mda19083: Fox big budget location footage

Fredsmom: Hi DV

sarabell2: Pre Jacques Cousteau

DanVenture: Looks I am only two minutes late–is that right?

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Rush: Just a few…

Rush: 2:45

Rush: 3:10…

Rush: Math lesson….

Rush: “27+2=29”

Len Freeman: after all that time underwater recognize him?!

Rush: 3:40…

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Are those diving suits waterproof?

Rush: Maybe something obvious like the wrong hair color?

Rush: No mustache…?

Rush: Hopefully, Phil!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Well, that’s to say do the divers get wet?

Fredsmom: old ouija board

mda19083: china clipper would have been fun


Dona: I love the butler in this

mda19083: did the butler do it

Len Freeman: yes

Rush: Note we will see the still-to-be-completed San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Rush: Completed in 1936.

hounder: launch abort rescheduled for tomorow night

Rush: AH!

Louise: SEANCE! YES!

Rush: Weather?

hounder: hi everyone imissed earlier

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Hi Hounder.

Rush: Yes, the Clipper would’ve been fun to take!

Len Freeman: Hi H

Fredsmom: that bridge scene is so cool

hounder: no info as to wht. clear night. abort with 1 min 24 sec left

mda19083: nice

Rush: Yes.

Louise: Moreover-the-wall stuff

Rush: Allen Colby returns…

mda19083: the old set the clock trick

Rush: The hand that changed the clock!

mda19083: uh oh

Rush: Some knew Allen Colby was a perfectionist!

hounder: poor weather in recovery area

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Cue the can

Rush: Expert knife thrower!

Rush: To do that through a smallish opening!

mda19083: another one bites the dust

Secret Angel, Secret Fox has joined this room

Rush: WELCOME, Angel!

hounder: hi secret family

Louise: Gee, Dick

Rush: And secret Fox!

Fredsmom: Hi Secrets!

Rush: “Lucifer”

mda19083: good name

Len Freeman: Angel!

Rush: can we name the black cats appearing in Chan films?

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Bone swarr, mateys!!

Rush: Baxter the Butler.

mda19083: didn’t know there would be a test

Louise: a tinge of the graveyard: good description

Rush: yes!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Buttling ain’t what it used to be.

Rush: No, Angel, it isn’t!

sarabell2: It is in the job description

Rush: 😉

DanVenture: One wag suggest Mantan Moreland should have played the butler…

mda19083: lucifer


hounder: i think this needs a stuffier butler than mantan could manage

Len Freeman: Mantan wasn’t around yet

mda19083: he knew Beau Geste

Rush: Rifs – Berber people of Morocco with whom the French had fought.

Louise: Everybody like a seance

Rush: Ulrich.

Fredsmom: agreed Louise!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: What is our “time”?

Rush: 16:20

Mrs. Phil & Phil: :25

Rush: 16:40

Mrs. Phil & Phil: 16:50

Rush: “Best place for skeleton is in family closet.”

mda19083: very apropos CC

Louise: Carlotta: favorite Halloween identity

Rush: Yes!

DanVenture: Do our Monday meets qualify as a “Chan-ting”?

mda19083: nice

Dona: lol

sarabell2: Yes

Rush: Why not, DV?

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Let’s ask Carlotta.

Louise: good spooky lighting

Louise: SCREAM

mda19083: and spooky music

Louise: and the lights of course

Rush: My question here is always…who is it who holds Allen’s body?

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Alan Colby from The Beyond? That anywhere near The Hague or The Ukraine?

Matt1: <tin can>

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Now you canUE THE CAN

Rush: Angel, The Beyond is a neighboring community to Parts Unknown.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: I’ll hold A.C.’s body against me if he tells me i have a bootiful mind.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Rush:. 🙂 🙂

Rush: Many wrestlers are inhabitants of that community.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: If this script was a dog there would be bark among the leaves.

Nothere has joined this room

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Wrestless wrestlers!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: North!!!

Rush: NT!

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!

sarabell2: Hello Nothere

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: NOTTY!

Nothere: South

Nothere: Rush

Fredsmom: Hi NT

Louise: Well you all had a motive!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Stupid SpellCheck.

Dona: Hi NT

Nothere: LAte severl minutes but GENTELEMEN START YOUR ENGINES’

Rush: Agreed, Angel!

Len Freeman: NT

Nothere: Hey Scret Moms Donna

mda19083: greetings NT

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Starting!

Nothere: And LEns even

Rush: NT, we are at the 22:50 mark…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Mrs.Colby looks like a muumuu

mda19083: ne was here looking guilty

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: a muumuu MODEL

Rush: Fixing the clock esems to run in the family.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Run this guy for a Senate seat.

Nothere: Thanks I was gonnaask.

Rush: 24:00…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Out, damned clock!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Enter Carol & Carl Clock (Firesign fans will get this)

Nothere: Chan tlking to the fingerprint man

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: WHICH inquisition?

Nothere: It was the mouse. He rn up the clock

Rush: CC refers to Lee.

Nothere: Ran up the clock

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: NOTTY, you have solved it! All go home now!

Rush: Poor Baxter….

Nothere: Not yet I have to prove the murder happened before one.

Rush: Matt, did I miss the can?

Louise: Restful in a spooky house?

Len Freeman: wonderful rubber face

Dona: I thought I saw the can rush

Nothere: No Restful in the old abandoned spooky house.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Get this laady a muumuu

Louise: **bubble bubble bubble**

Rush: Yes to the “rubber face,” Len!

Rush: Louise: 🙂

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: I’ll BET she likes her toast. There’s a WAR on, laady, hadn’t you HEARD?

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Mr.Bean will carry baggage.

Rush: Baxter: “Gulp…”

Fredsmom: Mr Bean haha

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Chlorine Water! Didn’t she play opposite Bing in that one the authorities suppressed?

Nothere: Well we could investigate where the murer occured at midnight if you prefer. Nah Now will do.

Rush: 🙂

Louise: You think you think…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: May i take your hat & goat?

Mrs. Phil & Phil: I think she’s one cranky unit.

Rush: “You don’t think. You THINK you think. I think.”

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: You think what you think, then regret at leisure. I do, anyway.

Louise: Okay, I think now that she is wacky

Nothere: I think she thinks

Nothere: that he dosen;t think as much as she thinks

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: She acts like she owns the place.

Nothere: but more than Chan thinks.

Rush: Compared to Ulrick, she’s the life of any party, Phil!

Fredsmom: “boy scout knife”

Mrs. Phil & Phil: indeed.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: I’d put her in my corncrib any time.

mda19083: are there any secret passages in this place

Nothere: I tried sending that all at once, but it said it wouldn’t send my message because it wa like a flood.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Mazda lamps.

Rush: Just wait, MDA!

Louise: Oh my, seances are mnot real??? oh my

mda19083: i’m on the edge of my seat

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: EXtinguished, you mean.

Rush: I love the obvious statements!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: They need a stick-on thermostat.

Rush: earlier the bit about the front and back doors.

Rush: Yes, Angel…

Nothere: Calm down Louise. Her seances aren’t real. Mine are. And don’t look behind you. BWHHAHA

mda19083: oh baxter

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Mr.Bean kinda insubordinate.

Rush: “Role od dead man require very little acting.”

Rush: (of)

Rush: The glow…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: BWAHHHHHHHH! You girls SCARED ME!!!

Rush: quinine sulphate – A medicine that is mainly used for reducing the occurrence of nocturnal leg cramps, although it is also used against malaria, unknown infective species, and myotonia.

Nothere: It’s o.k. Fox will comfort you. Unless your Fox then your on your own. Angel is a bit of a jerk.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: He looks perfect. Don’t change a thing, Bax.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: THAT’S the solution!!

Rush: Untraviolet light….

Louise: jumping to conclusions

mda19083: looks fishy to me

Rush: Very.

Nothere: You know what thi wall needs? A big black mirror with a giant space behind it for no reason. I’m an archetatual genius.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Now they have to keep the Krauts from finding out they know.

Rush: Good work by Chan!

mda19083: yes

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Notty, you shall build my dream house.

hounder: .

mda19083: he is in hiding

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: UH-OH. NEVER say you’re gonna make A NEW WILL!! You WON’T, so to speak!


mda19083: nice one Rush

Rush: Mrs. Colby always bring this to mind for me!

Nothere: What if I say I’m making an old will?

Fredsmom: “maybe find bee”

Rush: Old or new…just a DIFFERENT will!

Rush: 🙂

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: He knows it like the hack of his band.

Rush: Or. I meant, Mrs. Lowell….

mda19083: son in law to the rescue

Nothere: Uhm…..I’m making party invites. Nothing to see here. No need for knives.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Police? They playing this town? I love that guy Sting!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Lotta queer birds, & we’re not ALL old, buster.

Louise: grumpy

mda19083: creepy caretaker

Nothere: Sorry this is post Sting Police.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Grumpy, yes.

Nothere: Creepy caretaker cares creepily?

Rush: Yes.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Mrs.C didn’t wanna spring for nice PresType lettering.

Fredsmom: very creepy caretaker

Rush: Very.

mda19083: flashlight?

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: TYSM

Rush: One of the creepier individuals in the series!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: I think he’s just misunderstood.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: This fort KNOCKS!

mda19083: gives the place atmosphere

Rush: That’s what he put on his resume, Phil…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Rush, let’s have a poll to rank the rank ones!

Rush: Sounds like a good future poll, Angel…yes.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: How can the orchestra play so perfectly in this dark?

Rush: 🙂

hounder: neat cedar shingle effact

Rush: Ulrich at work.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: That house is like a hobbit house.

Dona: I agree P &P

Louise: “BARKING”

hounder: it does mrs p n p

Rush: (ah-CHOO!)

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: WOOF

Rush: (TWACK!)

Rush: Carlotta…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: QUI–WHAAAAAT?

Rush: Bowan knows the gig is up!

mda19083: we always use creepy music

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: I’d oust the caretaker & rent the place out to newlyweds.

Louise: CC says “true believer” but not true practitioner of psychic things

Rush: She admits that…

Rush: Music is for “mood.”


Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Wasn’t Ultra Violet one of Andy Warhol’s Factory girls?

mda19083: don’t touch that dial

Rush: ZAPPPP!)

hounder: watch it charlie

Fredsmom: that curled Charlies hair!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: You can never get a good astrolabe since the war.

mda19083: to the getawat car

Rush: (Whistle…!)

mda19083: getaway

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: She’d invented Bluetooth & wanted to keep it to her evil self.

DanVenture: Shocking experience

Dona: does everyone always wear evening gowns all day and night

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Yes, DV!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Henchmen!

Rush: “Live and Learn.”

mda19083: tysm

Mrs. Phil & Phil: He’s the reason people don’t like cops.

Rush: “Wheel of fate has many spokes.”

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: TYSM

Louise: Better hurry with that new will

Rush: Yes!

Fredsmom: true Louise

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: He’s waiting for his pension.

Rush: Save him the trouble…

Rush: Fire him.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: UH-OH.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Fox says FAX.

Rush: Who was holding Allen Colby’s body at the seance?

Rush: Ulrich?

mda19083: good question Rush

Rush: Certainly not Baxter!

Nothere: It was propped up on a stick.

Rush: (Ping!)

Nothere: Well arrived late leaving early. Poor performance for me this week, hopefully I’ll do better next time.

Rush: NT, just happy to have you with us!

Fredsmom: bye NT!

mda19083: this plot device was used by Sherlock Holmes in The Empty House

hounder: nite nt

Rush: have a great rest of your evening, and a very nice week!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Gnite NT!

Len Freeman has joined this room

Nothere has left this room

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Colonel Sebastian Moran

Rush: WB, Len!

mda19083: righ phils

Louise: This is all so cruel

mda19083: right

Len Freeman: not sure why it kicked off

Rush: Chan accepts blame…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: mda19083: Holmes used a LOTTA stuff. Fortunately he had “pull” with the Authorities!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Well Charlie does have a good excuse since he was being ELECTROCUTED!

Louise: I know! Let’s have a seance!

Rush: She had to say: “Lost my head.”

mda19083: his brother Mycroft was the british government

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: WHY OH WHY OH WHY

DanVenture: Indeed, Rush.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: If we find it we’ll call you.

Rush: 🙂

Louise: Fun scene

Rush: Yes!

Len Freeman: aha

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Ancient egg.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Baxter was hoping SO much this would become an ensemble part, too.

mda19083: pocket telescope

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Local branch.

Rush: Everything lines up…

Louise: I swear this is music from The Wolf Man

Rush: Yes, Angel!

mda19083: CC meets the wolf man

Rush: Refers to Lee again!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Louise, you’re the one who could check for us!

DanVenture: O-key-douk…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: I know how B. feels.

Rush: I see what you mean, Louise.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: A 6.5 Carcano, no doubt.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Forgive okey-doke.

Rush: Does sound at least similar.

Rush: Dangerous experiment!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: HI, Poteneuse!!

mda19083: the loaded gun

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Where’s all the brain matter?

Rush: In the extended credits: Sid Jordan: Expert Marksman

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: ALL magazines were full back then.

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mda19083: i hope it wasn’t a ming vase

Rush: This weas a REAL rifle shot!

Rush: (was)

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: It was a MINK vase.

Rush: Well, if it was, ir isn’t anymore!

Rush: (it)

DanVenture: Indeed, MDA. My thought exactly.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Too close to the Baxter jewels!!

Mrs. Phil & Phil: It wouldn’t have taken much of a marksman to hit a target that big.

mda19083: Bowan was on a slow boat to China

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Fox prefers mink.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: The more interesting question is what happened to the bullet that was fired into the vase.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Len Freeman: the trap

mda19083: confession is good for the soul

Rush: Ulrich protests…

Rush: Yes, Len!

mda19083: except for the ded guy

mda19083: dead

Rush: Yes, MDA!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: UH-OH.

Rush: Possible motives…

Len Freeman: 100K serious 1936 $$

Rush: Oh, YES!

Fredsmom: what would that be today?

Rush: Close to $2 million today!

mda19083: including creepy music

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Len’s $100k = $700k now, huh, Rush?

Louise: I love these spooky ones

Rush: Multiply by at least 16.

Mrs. Phil & Phil: I’m looking at all of you just like they are.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Geez, i sold too low!

Rush: There she is!!!

Rush: (GASP!)

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Pausing in Meditation. Is that anywhere near The Hague?

Rush: (CRASH!)

Mrs. Phil & Phil: Lights OUT!

hounder: ..

Rush: And…ON!

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: WHOAAAAAAAAA!

Rush: Back from The Beyond!

sarabell2: Kind of a mean trick to play on your daughters.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Dad & his police!!

Dona: yes sarabell

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: What would that MIRROR cost in 2021$$$, Rush?

mda19083: the old graphite trick

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Man Ray shoulda done that album with Ultra Violet.

Rush: Worth NOTHING today, Angel!

Rush: In that condition!

sarabell2: That is twice the butler was shot at

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: The SCAREtaker!!

Rush: “Lucifer” helped out!

mda19083: poor baxter

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Len Freeman has left this room

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Many statisticians were graphites from youth.

Louise: Happy Family

Rush: They were at least shielding the killer!


Fredsmom: clapclapclapclapclap

Rush: “Thank you so much”

Louise: YAY!!! One of my favorityes

Dona: That is such a good picture

mda19083: tysm


Mrs. Phil & Phil: Applause

Rush: (Applause)

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Those people oughta be charged with criminal indifference.

Matt1: <Yee-Haw>

Dona: Wahooooo

sarabell2: Thank you, so much. I use that line all the time. Amazing what it gets you.

mda19083: applesauce

DanVenture: Indeed, the real Chan Clan.

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: APPLESAUCE!!

Dona: Another good one.

Dona: Fun night everyone.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Yes, SB?

Len Freeman: TYSM!!

hounder: yea. thamks. have a great week

Fredsmom: Have a good week to all! Hope to be back sson!

Rush: Very good. I do too!

Dona: Thank you Rush!

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: alway fun here at the chan chat

Rush: Thank YOU!

Mrs. Phil & Phil has left this room

sarabell2: Thank you again Rush, another great movie. Love to all and to all a good night

DanVenture: Thank you all!

Rush: Take care…

Secret Angel, Secret Fox: Good night all!! Hope to be shanghaied again!!

Rush: ext week…

Len Freeman: Nite all

Louise: Thanks all. You were swell!

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Circus”

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

Rush: A fun “Family” picture!

Louise: Yay Circus. Alsoi a greatone.

mda19083: aloha to all

Rush: And to you!

Louise: I’m leaving the typos are getting bad!

Rush: have a GREAT week, all!

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sarabell2: The circus one has the later Charlie Chan in it, J Carrol Naish

Rush: Thank you, EVERYONE, for a wonderful evening!

mda19083 has left this room

sarabell2: Nite

Rush: Yes, SB!

Rush: That is worth the noting at the showing!

hounder has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Be happy…be SAFE!

sarabell2 has left this room

Rush: See you next week!

Rush: Good night, mat and Angel!

mat has left this room

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