Chat Archive 3/15/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 15, 2021

Charlie Chan at the Race Track

The Landini Murder Case: Too Many Lies

A. Streamline+Avalanche Fo
Geno Cuddy

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Rush: w are you tonight?

Matt1: Hope you had a good week

Matt1: All good here, thnx….u?

Rush: I can say that we did, really.

Rush: We had our realtor come over and it’s looking pretty good.

Matt1: With the house on the market, we’re cleaning ALL the time, lol

Rush: Goes on the market on April 14.

Rush: I understand!

Matt1: Very good!

Rush: I was painting our daughters’ bathroom this weekend!

Matt1: Fun!

Rush: Oh yes!

Rush: Discovered TEN hairbrushes in their drawers!

Matt1: lol

Rush: And we are constantly looking for one!

Rush: But, we are looking okay in readiness.

Matt1: I never have that problem (real short hair, lol)

Rush: Trying to get lots done before my trip out to Iowa.

Rush: Well, mine’s not that long, but I do need a brush in the morning!

Matt1: What are the plans in Iowa….more painting?

Rush: I will miss two mondays: March 29 and April 5.

Rush: Yes. painting maimly.

Rush: (mainly)

Rush: Hopefully NOT “maimly”!

Matt1: I get back from Easter on the 5th, but should be available to help

Rush: I got lots done last time, but much more ahead of me!

Rush: TYSM!

Rush: That always takes a load off my mind!

Matt1: Never ending, but fun to keep the end in mind!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I will participate on my phone on Mondays if I can.

Rush: Just as a PARTICIPANT, though!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: Are you moving yourself out there or hiring a company?

Matt1: Understood

Rush: Using a moving company.

Matt1: Wise and less stress

Rush: Hopefully all will go well!

Rush: indeed.

Rush: We are filling up a storage unit wirh mainly BOOKS!

Rush: We needed to clear things for the open house.

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Matt1: My move will only be a mile and we’re hiring a moving company

Rush: WELCOME, Geno!

Matt1: Hello Geno!

Geno Cuddy: Hello, first time here, how does this work?

Matt1: Welcome!

Rush: Well, we will be firat listening to a vintage Charlie Chan radio drama beginning at 15 before the hour.

Rush: The link is above for that one!

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Geno Cuddy: let me know when to begin

mda19083: greetings all

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: Them…at 15 AFTER the hour, we start either our personal copies of “Charlie Chan at the Race Track’ or using the link for that film which is located above our Chat Room screen!

Rush: We will, Geno.

mda19083: cold weather here in Pennsylvania

Rush: I will be doing a countdown so we can all start together.

Rush: Hello, MDA!


Geno Cuddy: should i pop in my dvd of race track?

Rush: Geno, we will have more people arriving from now till the time the movie starts.

Matt1: Sure, but click the link for the 1st feature too

mda19083: this is such a good way to start the week

Matt1: The radio program

Rush: We can intruduce ourselves as more arrive.

Rush: But, I am Rush from the San Diego area.

Matt1: Matt here from St Petersburg, FL

mda19083: Rush – thanks for adding me to the email list

Rush: You are welcome, MDA!

Rush: I don’t ofyen have the time to check the email until Sunday evenings when I send out the group email!

Rush: I saw your message and added you then!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Sorry if it appeared I was delaying!

mda19083: Mondays with the Chan chat is even better that taco tuesday

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

Matt1: Ready here!

Rush: …until the radio drama!

Rush: Please open the link and pause it.

Rush: It will open in a new window.

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds…

mda19083: i guess that was the 2 minute warning?

Rush: Our radio drama comes from 1936 and is based on the book “Keeper of the Keys.”

Rush: 60 seconds…

Matt1: Ready, Geno?

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Geno Cuddy: yes

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Music….

Rush: Announcer…

Rush: The lenghy music here would originally contained local commercials.

Geno Cuddy: My first time hearing one of the radio programs, this is new territory

Rush: Very good!

Matt1: It’s interesting….and fun

mda19083: Charlie Chan is the best

Rush: This one has many “chapters”.

Rush: There should be a short recap….

Geno Cuddy: By the way, not to detract from the program, for anyone interested, I uploaded on my YouTube channel, Geno’s House of Rare Films, a trailer for the missing film, CHARLIE CHAN CARRIES ON

Rush: AH!

Rush: NICE!

Matt1: Very nice!

Rush: I have that trailer on a DVD: “Hollywood Chinese.”

Matt1: We just need to FIND that missing film!

mda19083: just started to read Keeper of the Keys

Rush: The scarf will eventually prove to be a valuable clue.

Geno Cuddy: It was through the preservation online of this trailer that I ventured down the rabbit hole of Charlie Chan. At 25 years old, going on 26, I love these movies more than others in my age bracket.

Rush: Very good, MDA!

mda19083: sorry but i don’t have it

Rush: That’s GREAT to hear, Geno!

Rush: Younger people don’t have many opportunities to come into contact with Chan!

Geno Cuddy: I recently completed my DVD collection of all extant films in the original 1931-1949 series.

Rush: That’s GREAT!

Rush: That’s exactly what we will be sharing as we move through the year!

Rush: Essentially, we go through the entire Chan film series ‘proper,” plus more.

Geno Cuddy: @Rush Not many my age choose to look past the basic fundamental of a Caucasian actor portraying Chan to thoroughly enjoy the films. I understand that its called acting and Oland and Toler treated the character and the culture respectably.

Rush: On occasion we also watch a couple of episodes from “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan” 1957 TV drama.

Rush: You are absolutely right, Geno.

Rush: Keye Luke himself addressed that issue, and saw nothing wrong stating that “it ACTING!”

Rush: (it’s)

Rush: Actually, the alternative was not practical “back in the day.”

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Matt1: Hello Mat!’

Geno Cuddy: Oland immersed himself in to the culture, he could read, write, speak and sing in Chinese. In a way, Oland and to an extent Toler, brought forth an intelligent representation of an Asian character whereas in other media the people were treated as disgraceful stereotypes.

mat: Hi everyone!

mda19083: Geno – does everyone in the chat have to reveal his/her age?

Rush: It could work in silent movies , especially as charlie Chan was relegated to a minor role in those first films, but with the advent of sound, things changed!

Geno Cuddy: Not if you don’t wish.

Rush: I am 70.

Rush: (shudder…)

mda19083: my buddy mat is here – welcome

Rush: Hello, mat!


mat: thanks!

Geno Cuddy: Welcome

Rush: Sorry, i had missed your arrival!

Rush: Geno, these chats have been happening since 2000.

mda19083: as they say – you are as young as you feel

mat: No big thing!

Geno Cuddy: I actually grew up in a town where Mr. Oland spent some of his teenage years, that an our share Swedish heritage give me a kind of a spiritual connection to him.

Rush: There has been some “evolution” along the way, but, basically, it’s been like what we will do this evening for quite a long time.

Matt1: Oland is my fav Chan

Geno Cuddy: Mine too @Matt1

Rush: Yes, Geno?

Rush: Wonderful!

Rush: Oland, as you probably know, felt that he had a share of “Mongol” blood in his background.

Rush: Commercial spot here…

Geno Cuddy: Yes, my hometown is New Britain, CT. Oland grew up around the CCSU area, I live in Middletown now, but can travel there easily, I’d like to take a pilgrimage there to retrace his steps

Rush: Then Chan will return with words of wisdom.

Rush: That sounds GREAT, Geno!

Rush: Have you ever visited oland’s grave?

Matt1: My wife lived in Middletown

Rush: AH!

Geno Cuddy: I do wish I had an EXACT address for where he lived. No, I haven’t ventured to his grave. I haven’t my own car so I’d need transport.

mda19083: Geno – glad to have a fellow swede in the group

Rush: πŸ™‚

Geno Cuddy: I am also Scottish like Mr. Toler.

Rush: And…that’s the end of tonight’s r=adio drama!

Rush: (applause…)

Geno Cuddy: Interesting program to say the least, allow mer to fetch my disc of the film

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: in 15 minutes we will start rolling our copies of “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Rush: Please pause your copy at the OPENING TITLE.

mat: I have a swede jacket! Joke Maybe.

Geno Cuddy: Coincidentally, RACE TRACK is the first Chan I ever saw.

Rush: Just after the Fox fanfare.

Rush: NICE!

Rush: Last week’s was mine…”Charlie Chan nat the Circus.”

Rush: (at)

mda19083: mat and I are attending a Zoom meeting discussion group here in Philadelphia with the topic of Frankenstein

Rush: Nice topic!

mda19083: no charlie chan but interesting

Matt1: How cool!

mda19083: not

Geno Cuddy: Before the film starts, what is the consensus of Roland Winters, love him, hate him, indifferent?

Rush: By the way, on TCM yesterday they aired a film with Warner Oland in it.

Matt1: I liked him….Started rough, but warmed up…..Oland was a much gentler Chan IMHO

Geno Cuddy: I have my DVD synced to 00:15

Rush: “Agreed, Matt.

mat: I love film from the 30’s

Rush: That sounds right, Geno.

mda19083: not able to cast a vote on Roland Winters – have not seen one of his yet

Rush: As long as you are at the title.

Geno Cuddy: At 00:18 title fully on screen after fade in

Rush: 15 seconds looks right.

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Rush: DV!


Matt1: Cued to “CC at Circus” music, lol

DanVenture: TY, TY!

Matt1: Hello DV!

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DanVenture: Good to see everyone.

Rush: NT!

Matt1: Hello NT!

Rush: Good evening!

Nothere: Hey rush

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Welcome!

mda19083: hello nt/nh

Nothere: Hey Matt

Nothere: Hey mda

mda19083: hello dan

Nothere: the first 19080 of you. Not the other 3

Geno Cuddy: Is anyone here from any of the Chan Facebook groups

Matt1: Yes, a few

Geno Cuddy: Welcome newcomers!

Matt1: MandM on FB

Rush: Godwinshelley runs a Chan Facebook page, and she might drop by tonight

Geno Cuddy: Has anybody read the James Neibaur book on the Chan films, hes a buddy of mine and wonder if it comes recommended

mda19083: CC on FB – sounds like fun

Rush: Tonight, Geno, the Seat of Honor goes to you as our newest member!

Nothere: Facebook hasn’t shut them down for racist yellowface?

Rush: The clock is certainly ticking, NT…

Geno Cuddy: @Nothere in the words of Moran and Mack: Why Bring That Up?

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DanVenture: Ditto, Geno.

Rush: I even think about this site facing off against the PC hordes.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Nothere: Cause I’m not on facebook. So it can kiss my tin can:)

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

mda19083: hello hounder

Rush: Good evening to you!

hounder: hi everyone. pleased to meet you genno.

Rush: Please meet our newest member…Geno!

hounder: sorry to be late. Mom’s mind was playing pinball in the universe tonight.

Rush: How’s your Mom doing, Hounder?

mat: What is the time? How many mins. left?

Rush: I see.

Matt1: Hope things are Ok

Geno Cuddy: Hello Mr. Hounder I hope your bark is worse than your bite. A little joke. Sorry.

Rush: 6 minutes to go…

Nothere: 6 min

Rush: Ms. Hounder, actually, Geno.

mat: Thanks.

Matt1: I’m cued to Opening Title

hounder: she’s been really tired all week. and her mind is allover the place. tonight she asked me if the house sailed.

mda19083: glad everyone remembered daylight saving time

Rush: FIVE minutes to go…

Rush: Sorry to hear, hounder…

Geno Cuddy: OOf, thats what I get for assuming someone’s gender. Ugh. 2021 wins again, lol

mat: Bravo!

Rush: Hopefully more good days in the future.

Geno Cuddy: Ooh Sorry to hear Ms. Hounder.

Rush: No problem, Geno!

Rush: Please, we are not that way here!

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: lol. that’s ok geno. hounder does sound like a masculine name.

Nothere: Relax Geno. We don’t judg here. Throw knfes into walls by your head occasionally. Or electrify your chair.

Rush: Honest errors make life ….life!

mat: Best to everyone! We have nice group!

Geno Cuddy: I live at home with my mother, she will be 67 in October, I can relate to the struggle somewhat.

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

Rush: Yes, Geno.

Rush: Hopefully your Mom is doing well.


hounder: mo’s 86 with severe dementia.

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Rush: three minutes…

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: Good evening, paul!

Geno Cuddy: She is for the most part, we both suffer from depression.


hounder: we’re hanging in there. thanks everyone for the wishes.

Geno Cuddy: Hello Mr. Paul

PaulM: good evening

hounder: hi mr phil. is the mrs joining us tonight?

Geno Cuddy: My heart and love go out to you Ms. Hounder


Rush: No need for formality, here, Geno!

Rush: One big Chan family!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

hounder: just hounder is fine. πŸ™‚ it can be challenging

Rush: 60 seconds…

Geno Cuddy: Thank you Mr. Rush, I make it a rule to not be so familiar with people I have just met.

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Geno Cuddy: I watched two Chans already today, Threes Company tho.

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: !!!


mda19083: off to the races

Rush: Title and music….

Rush: Credits…

Matt1: Hmmm….No Gong?

Geno Cuddy: Lucky Humberstone!

Rush: Sorry…the word “go” didn’t make it to the screen!

Rush: Just the !!!’s!

Nothere: Gong in Hong kong for repair.

hounder: sounds like you were brought up in the south geno. πŸ™‚

Geno Cuddy: Hong Kong? Phooey!

Rush: Yes, Geno!

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Geno Cuddy: No, Hounder, I greu p in Connecticut.

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Phil: Aloha Esteemed Chan Friends!

Nothere: Dos Charlie have a police cat?

Rush: time check if needed: 1:50

mda19083: hello phil

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Rush: No, NT….but cats show up fairly often in the series!

Rush: Nice hat on Lee!

DanVenture: Evening, Phil!

Geno Cuddy: As a matter of fact, Hounder, my hometown is New Britain, where Warner Oland lived for a time.

Nothere: Soory Rush Hong Kong Phooey joke.

hounder: snozolla alays remind me of jimmy durante

DanVenture: Nice to see some action actually in Honolulu.

Rush: Welcome, phil!

Rush: No Mrs. phil this evening?

Nothere: Hey Phil and non Phil

Rush: Sorry about the lower case p’s!

Phil: No, not this evening. She’s working long hours these days.

hounder: cool associaion to have geno

mda19083: even charlie places a bet

Rush: The Melbourne Cup race….

Geno Cuddy: I’ve had my Phil, sorry again, I’m a pun monster

Nothere: Radical gambler bets 50 cents.

mat: love puns

Nothere: That’s punishing

Rush: Geno, on the first Monday in November we have our own Melbourne Cup night, coinciding with the real one that is run that day in melbourne, Australia.

Rush: We draw horses’ numbers out of a hat and each person receives at least one.

Geno Cuddy: An intetresting coorelation, around this time, Charlie Chan went to the Opera, The Race Track and The Circus, surprised he didnt see The Marx Brothers, they were there around this same time.

Rush: The person with the winning horse wins our traditional prize.

Rush: yes, Geno!

Nothere: What there is gambling here? I’m schocked. Shocked.

Rush: Fouls him!

mda19083: is internet gamblig allowed in the chan chat

PaulM: LOL Geno

Rush: Yes, NT!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: “Shirttail now bobtail.”

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo has joined this room

Geno Cuddy: Very Wise advice Charlie

Nothere: Hey Stream and FLo

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo: Greet-things fellow horsepersons!

Nothere: Neigh

hounder: hi an a

Rush: AH! Welcome Streamline+Avalanche Fo!

Rush: OKA: Angel!


A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo: Hi to all, especially NEW FRIENDS! We must “audit” this evening—traveling, w/o conv access to our FAVORITE film!

Geno Cuddy: The gambling ring is better than The Chinese Ring. Heyo!

Rush: “Angel” is much easier to type!

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Major Kent is killed!

mda19083: death count 1

Rush: TYSM, Matt….

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo: Just a HELLO to all, & promise to be INTERACTIVE next time!

Geno Cuddy: Gosh I love the warmth and cadence in Oland’s voice.

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo: Kick the can for us!!

Rush: Geno, way back when we had a long list of sound effects available, Matt would play the “tin-can” sound when someone died in our movie!

Phil: What’s the time please?

Rush: Now, we rely on typed words and our imagination!

Rush: 10:20

Geno Cuddy: Ahh, I see, thank you for clarifying Rush.

Rush: 10:30

Rush: 10:45

Geno Cuddy: Wait, Rush? This isn’t the same Rush from the DVD special features, would it?


Nothere: Thud

Rush: 11:00


Nothere: Bloop

mda19083: kick the can – now i get it

Nothere: Boing

Nothere: KARBOOM

Rush: Blushingly ad mit…yes.

Nothere: So what was that about no sound effects?

hounder: brb. dog walk

Rush: Okay, Hounder…

Geno Cuddy: Wow!!! Nice to meet you, would love to discuss Chan with you sometime, I prefer phone.

Rush: Lollipop.

Geno Cuddy: At my age, I lack kindred spirits for these things.

Phil: At least in this movie everybody knows the difference between a cow and a horse.

Rush: Played by Josephine the Monkey.

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Rush has left this room

hounder: welcome to your kindred spirits. geno

Rush has joined this room

Rush: Sorry…hit the wrong button!

Rush: Josephine, a capuchin monkey, began her film career in 1921. She celebrated her 35th birthday on December 5, 1942 with Jon Hall, Maria Montez, and Sabu on the set of Arabian Nights, and was referred to as “the most famous monkey in motion pictures.” She was active in films until 1947.

Geno Cuddy: I prefer the white suit over the black for Chan, it makes him stand out among the other characters.

hounder: whew rush. i though you abandoned us. good to know it was just gremilns

Rush: Yes, Geno.

Geno Cuddy: I wonder if it was the same Gremlin Bugs Bunny dealt with

Rush: Whenever Chan is in a warmer climate, we see the white suit!

Rush: Not gremlins (yes, Geno, as seen on Bugs Bunny!) this time…just my carelessness!

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Geno Cuddy: Best Oland Chan in your opinion?

Rush: Chan gets to use the blood stain test again!

Rush: WB, NT!

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo has left this room

Nothere: Thanks


hounder: hi nt

Geno Cuddy: It may be seen as cruelty to animals, but the monkey in a sailor suit is adorable.

Phil: That’s one suspicious minkey.

hounder: i agree geno. cute.

Phil: You want to see cruelty to animals, wait a while.

Rush: Speaking of cruelty to animals, I always look away at the finish line scene near the end of the film!

Rush: Trip line was obviously used.

Rush: “Jack Robinson”

Phil: He said “Aloha”

Rush: Yep!

hounder: you stay home with jack robinson

Rush: πŸ™‚

Geno Cuddy: Why not, great baseball player?

Rush: Well…in 11 years, there would be a JACKIE Robinson on the Dodgers!

mda19083: boat travel is just as appealing as train travel

Nothere: Who who would of thought that Charlie giving a random lecture about blood splatter to cops would come up again in the movie?

Rush: I would like to take a non-luxury cruise someday.

Nothere: Non luxury?

mda19083: why non-luxury

Rush: Just take a boat to get somewhere.

Phil: Rush has always had a secret desire to work as a deck hand on a tramp steamer.

Rush: No need for rock-climbing, etc.!

hounder: you want a working cruise likesome of those blue water cruises?

mda19083: maybe a cattle boat

Matt1: <SLAP>

mda19083: or a slow boat to china

Rush: I did take a freighter a couple of times in my life. Ones in French polynesia and later in Micronesia.

Geno Cuddy: Toler had a similar moment in PANAMA

Rush: Yes, Geno!

Rush: “No man is poor who have worthy son.”

mda19083: another clue

mda19083: do we have a sound effect for revelation of a clue

Geno Cuddy: lightbulb?

Rush: We can invent one!

Rush: Maybe…”Bingo!”

Rush: Or…”Doorbell”

mda19083: bingo was his name-o

Rush: πŸ™‚

Geno Cuddy: No, we should only use doorbell when Keye Luke or Sen Yung fumble up, at that time, theye are a ding dong

Nothere: AHA

Rush: AH!

Rush: Lee types like I do!

Geno Cuddy: me too

Rush: Lee goes into his “pidgin” act.

mda19083: hunt and peck method

Geno Cuddy: Better than Walter Pidgin

mda19083: nice one geno

Rush: Indeed, Geno!

Rush: I love the moonlight-on-the-ocean backdrop!

Nothere: Like two ships that crash on the lito eck

Rush: CC smokes in order to get a clue.

Geno Cuddy: IDC if these are politically incorrect, much of Chan’s wise sayings are so good and still relevant.

Rush: Timeless, actually!

hounder: wisdom is wisdom wherever you find it.

Rush: Yes.

Geno Cuddy: absolutely.

Geno Cuddy: I’m glad they didnt force Scotch on him this time, I prefer Memorex.

Rush: Notes are popping up like weeds!

Rush: Sarsapirilla for CC.

Geno Cuddy: Notes that are most plentiful are like Dollar General Stores, spring up all over the place.

Rush: :0

Rush: I meant….:)

Phil: Now they’re dropping from the sky!

mda19083: spoiler/clue alert

Rush: Clues here….

mda19083: lee on the run

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Lee helps his Pop a LOT tonight!

Geno Cuddy: I dont wish to be THAT guy, but if born in another time, Keye Luke would have made a great action star.

Rush: Fire!

hounder: fire on a ship is no joking matter

Rush: He did some of that as Kato in “The Green Hornet” serials.

Geno Cuddy: Fire on ship is like herring, always red in color

Rush: You are right, hounder!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Gino: πŸ™‚

Rush: Note Chan calls him MISTER Streamline. Respect.

Geno Cuddy: Shame they couldnt get Willie Best for Streamline.

mda19083: gin always does that to me too

Rush: We see Willie Best later in the series!

Geno Cuddy: Yep as Chatanooga Brown!

Phil: How is Streamline going to get in his room to retrieve the gun? Doesn[t he lock the door?

hounder: yup. those unloaded guns will kill you

Rush: Chan pulls a verbal trick here.

Rush: “Maybe YOU….have answer?”

hounder: i like the hesitation before you in maybe you have answer

Rush: As he looked for his reaction.

Rush: Yes, Hounder.

Geno Cuddy: Oland is a bada**

Rush: He would be, Geno.


mda19083: tysm

Rush: Scotch glue…a precursor to Scotch TAPE?

Geno Cuddy: This is what I like about Oland’s Chan over Toler’s, Toler rarely ever spoke Chinese.

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Geno Cuddy: JUNIOR COGHLAN! You couldn’t escape this guy in movies of the era.

Rush: πŸ™‚


mda19083: lollipop again

Phil: I’m afraid that monkey would become monkey stew if that was one of my horses.

Rush: It has long been a common practice for thoroughbred racehorses to be paired with a horse known as a companion pony which provides both a source of friendship and support. However, as we see in the case in Charlie Chan at the Race Track of Streamline’s pet monkey, Lollipop, these companion animals are not limited to horses. Other animals, such as dogs, goats, sheep, and, yes, monkeys, have been known to provide companionship to racehorses. In her article What is a Companion Pony? Jill Pellettieri notes that the famous horse Seabiscuit had a number of different companion animals and a horse named Pumpkin enjoyed the company of a dog named Pocatell and a spider monkey named Jo-Jo.

Rush: There are many ways to sign one’s own death warrant!

Geno Cuddy: Thanks for the info Rush.

Rush: A nice LONG reat….

Geno Cuddy: and the publicity stills.

Matt1: Bye, Collins!

Rush: “Good-bye Collins…”

mda19083: so long sucker

Rush: “Blackton” guard.

Rush: A play on “Pinkerton”

Phil: I used to work with an attorney whose great grandfather was THE Pinkerton.

Geno Cuddy: also the name of an early animation pioneer

Rush: WOW, Phil!

Geno Cuddy: J. Stuart Blackton

Rush: Geno, you are an ENCYLOPEDIA of information! πŸ™‚

Nothere: Well I’m afraid this is where I leave you. Have a good week all.

Geno Cuddy: When my father died, in 2002, I was only six years old. My mother gave me a book on the Marx Brothers and this developed a love affair with classic films which continues to this day.

Rush: Take care, NT!

mda19083: good to see you nt/nh

Geno Cuddy: Sayonara, Nothere

Phil: Aloha NT

Rush: Next week…”Charlie Chan at the Opera.”

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hounder: nite nt

mda19083: lots of technology in this film

Rush: Humberstone was known for showing new technologies in the Chan movies he directed!

mda19083: no flouroscope in this one though

Rush: No!

Rush: No flouroscope tonight!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Geno Cuddy: one of my favorite pieces of tech in the Chan films is the device used to send Boris Karloff’s photo over to Charlie in the OPERA film.

Rush: Wire photo!

Rush: Ancestor of the FAX.

Geno Cuddy: YES! Rush.

mda19083: i know a loose screw

hounder: doping the horse for practice could have serious results

Rush: Yes!

Rush: ctual shot fired there!

Geno Cuddy: one of my fave Chan sayings

Rush: Like the one seen in “Charlie Chan’s Secret.”

Rush: Yes, MDA?

Geno Cuddy: I love the DVD sets, wish there were more commentaries, loved the rapport of Hanke and Cork.

Rush: Nice scene shif there.

Rush: It is so fortunate that we got ALL the Fox Chan films (available) when we did!

Geno Cuddy: agreed

Rush: Today…HM.

hounder: yes. would love for the lost chans to appear somewhere

Geno Cuddy: A shame they will never get the bluray treatment

Rush: Santa Anita in the L.A. area was used for “Santa Juanita.”

Geno Cuddy: another of my favorite Chan sayings


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hounder: did i just here a reference to being a lone ranger?

Rush: HM! Missed that one!

Geno Cuddy: Love the wipes

Rush: (Pfffttt!!!)

Rush: CRASH!

Geno Cuddy: I wonder if those are double diamond rolling papers, i live in a smoke filled neighborhood

mda19083: good one charlie

Rush: Funny driving scenes coming….

Rush: Nice parking job!


Rush: And now…

Rush: An early July 4th!

Rush: Nice RIGHT by Chan!

mda19083: charlie really knows how to slug his way out of the situation

Geno Cuddy: Still better explosions than a Michael Bay movie.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Pre-race excitment!

hounder: but he doesn’t know how to put on a horse blanket. it was only half way on when he took the horse away

Rush: yes, Hounder! He had to hurry!

mda19083: sherlock holmes did this in silver blaze

Rush: Make the pinch!

mda19083: the jig is up

Geno Cuddy: 10 mins left

Rush: Yes.


Geno Cuddy: Charlie is not amused, lol.

Rush: No.

Rush: Chan made this announcement for us, the audience.

mda19083: because you are criminals

Geno Cuddy: that trip looked real, uncomfortable to watch.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: I suspect that the horse we saw did not come out of that in a “hinkey-dory”: state.

Rush: (hunky)

Rush: He accused too vociferously!

hounder: i fear you are right rush, but truly hope you’re wrong

Geno Cuddy: great word Rush

Rush: I hope I was wrong, too!

Geno Cuddy: same

Rush: TYSM, Geno!

Rush: College finally paid off!

Geno Cuddy: i’ve never been to college, lol

Rush: The earlier clues now add up.

Rush: Good way to save money, and perhaps one’s straight thinking, Geno!

mda19083: what a tangled web

Rush: Many come out with a thoroughly cleaned brain!

hounder: save for next case.

Geno Cuddy: indeed, cleaned but filth left behind

Rush: “Save for next case, please.”

Matt1: <yee-haw!>

Rush: Perhaps the opposite….

Rush: So!

Geno Cuddy: that ending goes back to BLACK CAMEL

Rush: Another good one!

Rush: Next week….

DanVenture: Indeed, Rush!

Geno Cuddy: still love this one

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Opera”!

hounder: thanks for the fun. nice to have you here geno. see you next week. bee safe

Rush: Oland vs. Karloff!

Matt1: CC vs Karloff

Geno Cuddy: look forward to it

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: Thank you for joining with us tonight, Geno!

Matt1: Nice meeting you Geno!

Rush: I hope that you will feel welcomed back!

mda19083: one of my faves

Rush: I thank you ALL!

hounder has left this room

DanVenture: Same here, Geno!

Rush: Another GREAT evening together~!

mda19083: aloha geno and all

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

DanVenture: Everyone have a great week as well!

Rush: Have a GREAT week!

Rush: be happy and safe!

mda19083: same bat channel

Rush: And, if the weather has turned…stay warm!

Rush: Yes, MDA!

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Rush: It is all of YOU who make our evenings memorable!

Geno Cuddy: good night, Rush

Rush: And, it’s been the case for more than 20 years now!

Rush: Take care…

Rush: Good night, Geno!

Rush: Good nitht, ALL!

Rush: see you next week!

Rush: Good night~!

mat: good nite

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