Chat Archive 3/16/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 16, 2020

Charlie Chan at the Race Track

The Green Hornet (Chapter 11)

angel & fox
Mike in DC

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Matt1: Hello Dan!

danventure: Okay. Hurrah! I remembered, and remembered EARLY!

danventure: Great to see you Matt!

Matt1: Very good!

Matt1: Better than being late!

Matt1: You as well

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Good evening, DV and Matt!

Rush: How are you both?

danventure: I’ll confess that my company asked us to work remotely, so I got a bit of head start.

Rush: Had enough of the virus yet?

Matt1: Odd time these days, but good and healthy….You?

danventure: And so far, no viral issues. (!!)

Rush: Same as you, Matt.

Rush: And same, DV…

Matt1: Wife is now working from home for the next month

danventure: We are learning what’s really important. Good health, good manners, and good friends.

Rush: Our school is now on “remote” too.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Exactly, DV.

Rush: We will get through all this…but what a ride along the way!

Matt1: One constant though….Mondays w/ Chan!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: That is true.

Rush: We have been here 20-plus years.

Matt1: I was thinking today that City in Darkness would have been appropriate tonight

Rush: Only one break…the week after 911.

Rush: I think you are right.

Matt1: Has that “feel”…..sadly

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hi matt rush and dan

Rush: WELCOME, Hounder!

Rush: How’s mom during all this viral scare?

Rush: Keeping a good eye on her, I am sure.

hounder: pretty well. we’ve been staying home mostly, and i’ve been extra careful when we do go out.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: That’s the way to go.

hounder: brb. mom wants to go to bed

Rush: i am not sure what’s going to happen with our planned trip out to Iowa at easter.

Rush: okay.

Matt1: Do you wait to see if the airline cancels flight?

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Matt1: Hello m & R!

Rush: I think that’s what we will do, Matt.

Matt1: Welcome back!

Mike in DC: Good evening all! It’s good to be back!

Rush: Hello, Mike!

Rush: good evening!

Matt1: I would think Iowa is a good open area to live in these days

Rush: I would agree.

Mike in DC: Or, Rush, you might want to consider West Virginia. πŸ˜‰

Rush: How’s the absent Rachel, Mike?

Mike in DC: She’s ok, thanks. It’s been a rough two weeks for us.

Rush: We actually cionsidered that state, mike.

Rush: (considered)

Mike in DC: No coronavirus there…

Rush: So far…no.

Matt1: Yet

Mike in DC: Well, more to the point…they haven’t found any there yet…

Rush: Probably only a matter of time.

Matt1: Wild times we are in

Rush: hopefully we have headed it off so the spread won’t go anything like Italy.

Mike in DC: Charlie would know the famous Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times…”

Rush: Yes…in fact, we are.

Mike in DC: It’s bad in DC/Maryland already

Matt1: Amazing what ONE week has brought us

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Washington state is the worst thus far.

Matt1: NY too

Rush: Ah.

Mike in DC: On top of everything else, Rachel’s grandmother passed away last Tuesday and her father had a heart attack on Wednesday…

Rush: Oh, no~!

Matt1: Oh no, so sroory

Rush: I am VERY sorry, Mike.

Matt1: My condolences

Mike in DC: Yeah…it’s been a lot. Fortunately, dad is ok–back home from hospital, etc.

Rush: And please accept mine as well, Mike.

Mike in DC: …and Grandma was 92 and had been in declining health, so it wasn’t totally unexpected

Mike in DC: Even so, it’s been rough on Rach.

Rush: Yes.

Mike in DC: Thank you!

Matt1: Please send her our best

Rush: Happy to hear about Dad, Mike.

Mike in DC: She’s with her mom and dad–rehearsing the music for Grandma’s funeral on Wednesday with her brother

Rush: And with all this going on, even funerals are affected.

Mike in DC: So she’s with her family…many thanks for the warm wishes…I’ll be sure she gets a Chan family hug when she returns.

Rush: Please do, Mike!

Rush: “Group hug”.

Matt1: I was thinking the same, Rush

Mike in DC: We’ve had to cancel the dinner afterward–and then reduced the service to “family only”

Rush: Understood.

Mike in DC: Hm. As long as it’s an E-group hug…damn virus

Mike in DC: *cough*

Rush: Maybe a family dinner at home together?

Rush: Yes, Mike…indeed!

Matt1: I have Norton, so I’m safe virtually

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Well, should we co to the Hornet?

Mike in DC: Well, the problem is that several of us have been traveling, and most of the family is older–so we don’t want to make any of the seniors sick with this thing accidentally.

Matt1: Yes

Rush: That’ss right, mike…for sure!

Mike in DC: Sounds good, Rush. I could use a different kind of bug…

Mike in DC: bzzzzz

Matt1: <slap?

Rush: Everyone ready to roll”the Green hornet”?

Rush: Okay…

Mike in DC: Ready

Matt1: Ready here!

Mike in DC: *dodges*

Rush: Let’s say….30 seconds…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10

Mike in DC: *dons mask*

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Mike in DC: Bug music

Rush: Bzzzzzzz….

Matt1: Yellow doesn’t work too well

Mike in DC: Thought I needed new glasses…

Rush: Yes…yellow on white is never good…on the eyes!

Rush: Recap….

hounder: weweet to walmart today to pick up a few things we were out of. WOW. I’ve seen stores after a cat 5 hurricane prep with more stuff in it.

Mike in DC: Stuffed ballot boxes! The Russians!

Matt1: Yes…..Publix was crazy!

Mike in DC: We need to hire the Hornet for 2020

Rush: YES!

Rush: BOOM!

Mike in DC: I went to a random grocery store near UMD and they had everything…very odd

hounder: i saw people buying pool chlorine to use to clean with as stores were out!

Matt1: Lucky, Mike!

Mike in DC: Very. Got home and found out that no one could find TP

Rush: Odd, indeed, Mike!

Rush: All of ours are at least 60 percent empty.

hounder: very lucky mike. people are lining up here 2 530 am for publix to opn at 8 to buy tp.

Matt1: I still can’t figure the TP shortage out

Rush: “Wuxtry, wuxtry…”

Mike in DC: Hopefully this will calm down after a couple of weeks

hounder: me eithr.

Rush: Cy Kendall…

Mike in DC: We need Mr. Whipple

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: YES….:)

Matt1: Blast from the past!

Rush: “Don’t HOARD the Charmin!”

Mike in DC: Must have been a successful ad campaign…I remembered that from my childhood

Matt1: Can’t “squeeze” what isn’t there

hounder: hopefully the supply chain will catch up

Mike in DC: Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Vintage fire trucks!

Rush: It should, Hounder.

Mike in DC: Chernobyl?

Rush: Once the hoarders have their fill.

Rush: What a fire!

Rush: Stock footage.

Matt1: Not sure what they are putting water on, but hey

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Mike in DC: Looks exciting, Matt

Rush: CD!

Mike in DC: Hey CD!

Matt1: Hello CD!

Rush: Good evening!

Cdirus: Hi guys!

hounder: i mean who buys all the graham crackers??

hounder: hi cd

Rush: How are you tonight, CD!

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

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Rush: It’s been interesting to see what flies off the shelves!

Matt1: Hello GS!

Cdirus: Doing Ok Rush, Where are we on the Hornet?

Godwinshelley3: Hope all is well with you all. Just dropped in for a quick update

Mike in DC: If the Kool Aid is gone too, Hounder, I suspect a Sunday school class…

Rush: GS!

hounder: hi gs. hope things are going well for you.


Cdirus: Hi GS!

Mike in DC: Hey GS. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Rush: Can you stay a while, tonight, GS?

Rush: How goes your Mom’s recovery, GS?

Godwinshelley3: Mom is healing – Dad is sleeping everywhere (at table, in bathroom, etc)

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Angel!

Godwinshelley3: Probably no radiation but maybe chemo

Rush: Welcome back!

Cdirus: Hi Angel!

angel & fox: Hi ho everybody!! Been pounding on the digital door!!

angel & fox: JOHN ROBERTS? NOT—

Mike in DC: Hey A&F. Wondered what the digital booming was…

hounder: glad mom is healing. hop you’re able to cope with your dad

Mike in DC: He apparently forgot his robe

angel & fox: This was before he got the Supreme Court gig, i can tell.

danventure: The googles…

hounder: hi af

Godwinshelley3: I’m still in Indiana- the Library closes tomorrow – it’s my only wifi

Matt1: Crazy times GS

angel & fox: PLEASE, Mike! I’m a lonesome, eligible, well, i’m lonesome & eligible!

angel & fox: Probably Fox can use the robe.

Rush: Is your father tired out with the stress of all that’s happened with your Mom. GS?

Mike in DC: AF πŸ™‚

hounder: they may leave the wifi on to access from outside the building

Rush: How much longer will you be in indiana, GS?

Godwinshelley3: No,mom is Dad’s caretaker. So I’m taking care of 2 people

angel & fox: Brit looks like he needs to lay off the blintzes.

angel & fox: Where are the mustaches of yesteryear? And the warehouses?

Mike in DC: Hope you can stay in touch with the world, GS. You’ve got a lot to manage!

Rush: I see, GS.

hounder: hugs and prayers gs

angel & fox: You’re JINXED, JENKS!

Godwinshelley3: Need to see the Oncologist to decide on chemo – I might be here for awhile – hear they are closing Ohio turnpikes reststop excep for carry out

Rush: I should ask: How are YOU holding up?

angel & fox: Ah,the Acme Warehouse. A coyote Fox knows is a big customer of theirs.

Mike in DC: Oof. Thoughts and prayers, GS.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Godwinshelley3: Better than my sister who was down a few days (spring break teacher). I’m actually ok

Mike in DC: Good to hear!

Godwinshelley3: Rush how do you teach special ed on-line?

Rush: Good to hear that you are doing well amidst all this, GS.

Rush: Keep strong…we are behind you!

Mike in DC: Ze Gween Hornet

angel & fox: Rush, you know how we all turn away at the awful mo as the CC’s Big Race ends? I wince when i see these beautiful cars. I KNOW not all will return.

hounder: know we’re holging you up gs.

Rush: I think this “German” guy was in a Chan movie.

Mike in DC: ditto from DC, GS

Mike in DC: I’m pretty sure he was in at least one “Mr. Moto”

angel & fox: Not sea gween, ZEE gween! You imbezile! You blooooted eeediot!!

Rush: Hm.

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Shouldn’t have tried to steal the bird

Godwinshelley3: Will let you go. I’ll try to check in next week

Mike in DC: Hope to hear from you. Hang in there!

Godwinshelley3: Night

Rush: Here comes the Choo-Choo…

angel & fox: Thanks, Rush! And GS, i am following & want to express my concern & support. Present criminal activities have preoccupied me only in reel time. Spiritually, i am with your family.

Matt1: Take care GS

Rush: Take care, GS…

Rush: Be well…

Mike in DC: Pardon me, boy…

angel & fox: Gnite, G!

Rush: And our best to your parents.

hounder: nite gs

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Rush: Come again as you are able…

Rush: Sudden rain storm.

angel & fox: This IS a night for masks, come to think of it. I hope there’s a watertower like in “This Gun For Hire”, filled with Purell.

Rush: Uh-oh!

angel & fox: I wonder if any of the books on that desk are any good.

Rush: Outta control!

Mike in DC: dot dot dash dot dash dash dot dot

Mike in DC: = S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N.

angel & fox: Kato HAS to drive! Brit motoring in that mask is a crash waiting to happen!

angel & fox: Did people have long underwear then?

Rush: WOW!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike in DC: Hm. You mean the entire weight of that train couldn’t push that rail down?

Rush: We will have to wait till next week to see the escape!

Mike in DC: Have to see if they made it!

angel & fox: You’re just bummin’ a ride? I’m just ridin’ a bum! Let’s go to Hollywood!

Rush: The switch was broken.

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Mike in DC: Ah.

Rush: Me Too!

Mike in DC: Hello, Me2

Matt1: Hello Me2!

me_too: Hello everyone.

danventure: Glad to see we’re all abuzz about this episode of GH!


Rush: DV: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Dan: 

danventure: And it’s Me2!

Matt1: Booooooooo

angel & fox: Me_too, greet_things!! Pull up a boxcar!!

Rush: How have you been, MT?

me_too: Been a long time. Work stuff ya know. Glad to be here tonight.

Rush: Well, Angel, the caboose was in a bad way for sure!

angel & fox: Dad’s gonna be peeved when he gets home & finds you’ve run his trains AND got chewing gum in his Bell & Howell!

hounder: hi me2

Rush: HAPPY to have you back!

Rush: 13 minutes to go to showtime!

Matt1: Wahooooo!

angel & fox: “Panic In The Zoo”? Fox! Call your coyote buddy! Tell him to bring his pack of camels with lowercase “C”, & a carton with capital “C”! Do it now! Operator 25 is standing by, no Autolite biz till 9PM!

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: you are using the link above to access the movie, please know that there is a 3-minute-long ad first.

Rush: Just zip through it.

angel & fox: I hope ALL are self-sequestering pleasantly. We sure am, & wish the best.

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Yes, Angel.

angel & fox: Dona!!

Mike in DC: Hello Dona!

Rush: DONA!

me_too: Hi Dona!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

angel & fox: Under your oxygen tent? Got TP?

Dona: Good to see everyone

hounder: hi dona. thanks for the warning rush

Rush: And GREAT to see YOU!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Cdirus: Hi Dona!

Dona: Yes Angel thanks for asking

Mike in DC: We should be ok for a while…likely not going back to school until the fall…

Rush: FIVE minutes till showtime!

Rush: Please pause at the opening title…

angel & fox: This handshaking thing was solved years ago by us mechanics. That’s where the Fist Bump was born.

Matt1: I can’t imagine, Mike

Rush: “CC at the Race Track”

Dona: Setting up

Rush: You got it, Angel!

Dona: Ready here Rush

Rush: As am I…

hounder: ready here rush

Rush: I hope that everyone’s family and friends are in good health as we go through this unusual period of time…

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Rush: NT!

Rush: Good evening!

hounder: hi nt

Matt1: Hello NT!


Mike in DC: Hey NT. Good to see you!

Dona: Hi NT

Mike in DC: *neigh*

Rush: TWO minutes till showtime!

angel & fox: Ready! Slathered with JURGENS Lotion, stolen from the Inn Of The Zixth Happinezz!

Cdirus: Hi NT

Rush: 1:45 to go!

angel & fox: NT! The zeatz are villink opp!

Mike in DC: Jurgens…last I saw him he had a very cool submarine

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: Opening title, please…

angel & fox: I’m snorting & pawing the somewhat muddy turf.

Rush: Remember…the link version has a three minute commercial first.

Nothere: A submarine off the cost with no submariniers is sub par.

Mike in DC: Angel–need a video of that

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50…

Rush: 40 seconds…

angel & fox: A horse is a horse. They’ll cam you every time. Got it.

Mike in DC: *adjusts mask*

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike in DC: *readies snorkel*

Rush: 25…

Rush: )

Nothere: True Angel just ask Mr.E.

angel & fox: *more JURGENS Lotion*

Rush: 20…

Mike in DC: *dons fins*

Rush: 15…

Mike in DC: *opens hatch*

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

angel & fox: Bumz avay!!

Rush: !!!

angel & fox: KLONG!

Rush: Title…


Rush: sic…

Rush: Credits…

Mike in DC: lol

Rush: Good GONG, Matt….

phil has joined this room

Mike in DC: Subtitle: “Fast Band”

Rush: PHIL!

Nothere: And Mike exits the sub in his summer norkling apparel.


Matt1: Better than yellow

angel & fox: Can’t go wrong with a Humberstone. All my cars use ’em.

Rush: Just began the film!

Dona: Why circus music for a horse race?

Nothere: Hey Phil

Mike in DC: Hey Phil! Join the circus!

angel & fox: Hi Phil!!

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Mike in DC: Circus to Hawaii?

Dona: Hi Phil

Rush: 60 seconds in….”Honolulu”

phil: AlooooHHHAAAA

Nothere: Mayb their carousel horses Dona.

me_too: Phil!

angel & fox: Ho-nolulu!

Mike in DC: Charlie is looking very dapper

Cdirus: HI Phil!

phil: Are we rolling yet?

Dona: I think you are correct NT

Rush: Murder without bloodstains like Amos without Andy – most unusual.

Rush: Blood spatter class…

Rush: Led by CC…

angel & fox: I LOVE the SEPIA print here! Everybody/anybody watching this in elegant brown?

Rush: Soon to be interrupted…

Rush: Angry Pop!

Mike in DC: Is that how Ansel Adams started out?

Matt1: Funny

Nothere: And now something rarely sen in detective movie of the day. Actual detective cience.

Rush: AH!

phil: Not something to be done lightly in a white suit.

Rush: Police overlooking local bookies!

angel & fox: My shirt on Avalanche’s nose–but i just GOT this shirt back! From Chan Laundry!

Matt1: CC still lost

Dona: clear as mud

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Go ahead Juinor wear that straw hat to see the horses I dare you.

angel & fox: Hear the COINS!! Hi-yo SILVER!!

Mike in DC: Schnozolola

Rush: yes.

Mike in DC: And is gambling legal in hawaii?

angel & fox: Rush, you got the special Half ready?

phil: What’s our time please?

Rush: Actuall Melbourne Cup footage…

angel & fox: 6:30

Rush: 3:55

angel & fox: Top hat

Mike in DC: Or did they just turn a blind eye to illegal wagering?

Rush: 4:10…

Rush: “A horse is a horse…of course…”

Dona: was it legal back then?

angel & fox: They turned a blind eye to LEGAL wagering. The ILLEGAL kind, they got in on THAT tootsweet.

Rush: Beat you to it, Angel! πŸ™‚

Rush: Probably right, Angel.

angel & fox: He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse, Rush!!

Rush: Avalanche is a bit roudy…

Rush: Off and running…!

Mike in DC: Chan horses…”Hellcat”. “Avalanche”. Rough crowd.

Rush: 5:35…

angel & fox: What a SWELL buncha SWELLS!

phil: Thanks Rush, I’m good.

angel & fox: I’m at 8:30. Am i AHEAD?

Rush: Fouled him!

Matt1: Boooooo!

Rush: Yes…ahead a bit…

angel & fox: Uh-oh.

Rush: Race ended…

Nothere: Hey hey were the police force. We aren’t turning a blind eye to illigeal gambling. We’re investigating the problem from the inside.

Mike in DC: OK. Avalanche, 2 minutes, slashing

Rush: 6:35

Mike in DC: Put him in the penalty box

angel & fox: I wanna smack that snoot.

Rush: :0

hounder: suspend him

Nothere: I object. Their top hats are bigger than mine.I demand thoe hats be tested for doping.

angel & fox: So—we’re coming up on 7 MINUTES, not 10?

Nothere: I’m at 10

Rush: yes.

phil: 7:20

angel & fox: I demand those hats be doped for testing.

Rush: AH! You are at ten due to that commercial.

Mike in DC: “You’ll be taken care of…” Ominous.

Nothere: Appaently I’m greeting you all from the future.

phil: 7:40

Rush: Suptract three minutes.

angel & fox: No, i’da been behind! But, here goes.

Mike in DC: Those black holes bend the space-time continuum…

angel & fox: 8:20?

Nothere: Just let me know when you see a jockey surrounded by top hats.

Rush: With the three extra minutes… the time is…11:30

phil: 8:30

Rush: Ship at sea…and bad news…

Dona: I’m at the same as phil

Rush: Yes, Phil.

angel & fox: OHHHHHH! I was ACTUALLY with y’all, but the commercial threw the TIMER off by 3.

Rush: If you are watching the online version…add three minutes to the total.

danventure: News travels fast in those days.

Matt1<tin can>

Dona: oh

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Rush: Sorry!

Rush: TYSM…Matt…

angel & fox: Convicted jockey with corrupt naval type now, yes?

Rush: I port in Honolulu…

angel & fox: “Hoofprints deeply indented”.

Rush: We know that ship’s steward.

Rush: We first see him on “Behind that Curtain.”

angel & fox: Chan in office now?

Rush: Then he’s in….

Dona: yes

Nothere: The love boat soon will be making another run

Rush: Yes…

Rush: CC’s in the office.

Rush: Questioning.

Nothere: Having just read the paper.

Nothere: You’d hope the cops wouldn’t have to read the paper to learn about the murder.

angel & fox: Tell me when they cut to the STALL!

Rush: They read the news as soon as it reached the press.

Mike in DC: *snort*

angel & fox: I read the news today oh boy.

Dona: now angle

angel & fox: They still in the office?

Dona: angel

Rush: Only if the ship radioed in the news could it have reached them.

Nothere: Nope we went back to the boat

Dona: no we are looking at streemline

Rush: Streamline and Lollipop.

Dona: I can’t type tonight

angel & fox: YES! In stall, with Avalanche!

danventure: I looked it up. Took about 12-14 days by steamship Australia to Honolulu.

angel & fox: “Is you a cop?”

Rush: Dona…I am probably equally “afflicted.”

Nothere: Don’t woyi Don Il just make mor typos and no one will notice.

Mike in DC: Just like the inkblot test

angel & fox: Splash!

Rush: Yes, Angel…Streamline was surprised to see a Chinese cop.

danventure: Nice touch of CSI there.

Mike in DC: Mr. Streamline. Promotion.

Dona: Thanks NT

angel & fox: We’re naming Fox’s kittens Streamline. All of ’em.

Nothere: O.k. that’s enough of that monkey business.

Nothere: Your welcome Dona.

Rush: Chan is ALWAYS courteous to everyone. Gives the dignity to sttreamline that the others won’t.

Rush: (See, Dona?)

Nothere: Always bet to be nice to the person you want to play the corpse.

Dona: Yes

angel & fox: Damn right. These are some real toffs on top of that. I wanna go get a Rheingold with Streamline.

Mike in DC: Good principle NT

Rush: Lollipop about to cause trouble…

angel & fox: People say he monkeys around.

Mike in DC: Hey, hey we’re the Monkees

angel & fox: OUCH!

Rush: Josephine the monkey: Lollipop

Rush: Mayhem in the stalls!

Nothere: My wht a fortuitious coincidence that the example bout blood splatter Charlie was talking about would just happed to be useful the next day.

Rush: AH!

Matt1: Someone get a banana!

angel & fox: You are ZO right, Notty!

Rush: That’s classic “foreshadowing”!

angel & fox: Wouldn’t the monkey know “Avalanche” was actually Gallant Lad?

Nothere: Maybe Angel, but he’s no stool monkey.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Nice demo by Chan.

angel & fox: NT:

Mike in DC: Horses aren’t switched yet, are they?

angel & fox

Rush: Not yet.

angel & fox: Oh, not yet? I’m all bollixed.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox

Rush: Chan comes aboard…

angel & fox: Chan got lei’d wherever he’d go.


Mike in DC: 13 children…

Rush: Yes.

phil: If I’d have said that Rush would have corrected me.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: (wink)

angel & fox: Caption: something on the order of “a club that would have me as a member”.

Nothere: Stupid Hawaiians. Notice the only guy who got a lei I the one from the island.

Rush: Departure…

Mike in DC: Maybe they know they’ll get it back when he returns?

Mike in DC: Smart Hawaiians?

Rush: SLAP!

Matt1: lol

angel & fox: Notty, they knew the gringos were all using plastic; CC always tipped, kaching kaching!

Nothere: <THWACK> No that was the arrow sound.

Nothere: <PHOOMF>?

angel & fox: Keye’s top looks not a little bit like Seinfeld

Mike in DC: Phoomf?

Rush: Confucius say, “No man is poor who have worthy son.”

angel & fox: Seinfeld’s Puffy Shirt

Rush: Proud Pop…

angel & fox: I love that line.

danventure: Hey, wait a minute. That’s not a watermark. It’s embossed!

Rush: Sort of, angel…

danventure: Surely CC should know one or the other.

angel & fox: SMITH-CORONAvirus!! Everybody to get from sheep!

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: dan, you rightcha! I got a little embosser here! Ouch!

Nothere: Yeah without the sound effect buttons we have to spell them out. Start your engines is easy. THe animal sounds. Butt doing the various blows is tricky.

Rush: Ah…moonlight at sea…

Dona: Hi Dan, Hi Hounder

Nothere: <BAAA>

Rush: Lee busted.

angel & fox: We are NEAR CAPACITY, yes Rush?

phil: I hope the Kraken doesn’t reach out of the water and grabs her.

angel & fox: Good Engrish.

Rush: No…plenty of room available!

Rush: But…nice turnout, though!

phil: Oh wait, wrong movie.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: I hope the Kraken grabs ’em both.

angel & fox: Even so.

Nothere: So not a stone stands or creature crawls or sjw call this film racist. UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!

angel & fox: Not his type!

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: Notty, you have put your finger on the TRUE culprits.

Rush: Zooommmm!

Rush: Stunt double for Oland!

Dona: Yay Charlie

Nothere: Roses are red violets are blue. Good thing I want to be a detective cause this poems pu.

Dona: LOL NT

Rush: yes, NT!

Mike in DC: Lovely sonnet

angel & fox: I ALWAYS picture the Marxes’ Monkey Business in this shipboard chase—would LOVE to see someone edit the two together!

Rush: However, even bad poetry can offer a good clue!

angel & fox: Notty, you’ve missed your calling. Fortunately.

danventure: Got the monkey too.

Rush: Angel…that would be funny!

angel & fox: “Surprise attack often find enemy unprepared”—hmmmmmmmm

Rush: Long road sometime shortest way to end of journey.

Rush: Chan is a “strategic” smoker.

angel & fox: (L to R): Charlie Chan; Rich Beach; Weasel.

Nothere: It means little timmy fell down the well.

Mike in DC: *cough*

Rush: Chan litters the ocen…

angel & fox: You do that.

Rush: (ocean)

Nothere: All right Chan your under arrest for littering and promoting climate change.

angel & fox: She stole that dress from the Swiss Miss ad shoot going on Stage 6.

Rush: Foolish to seek fortune when real treasure hiding under nose.

hounder: ..

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

Dona: LOL A&F

Mike in DC: Sarsaparilla? They have that on cruise ship?

angel & fox: Notty, Greta’s not only empowered to make a World Citizen’s Arrest, she can go back in time.

Rush: Mike, they must have known CC would be aboard!

Rush: The cascade of notes!

angel & fox: Mike–they HAVE it cuz they can’t SPELL it & nobody can find it on the alphamabetical mayn-yoo.

Nothere: Prohibition. We have Sarsaparilla, lemonade, and   Home brew lemonade

Mike in DC: Sounds like something Lee would try… πŸ˜‰

angel & fox: I’ll just have Sterno.

phil: Damned notes are dropping out of the sky

angel & fox: Quite, quite. Harrumph.

Mike in DC: Shouldn’t have used those lead pipes in the still, gramps

Rush: I wonder if alcohol could be served at sea, outside of U.S. boundaries?

Matt1: lol

Rush: Nice “translation fade.”

angel & fox: Rush, i think the answer was an EMPHATIC yes.

Rush: AH!

Dona: they did on the cruise i was on years ago

angel & fox: CC knows ALL.

Rush: Alarm!

Rush: FIRE!

Nothere: Sorry folks but I have to leave early. Anyone who beton me winning the race has lost their money.

angel & fox: What, Dona? Served booze on high seas? Hid behind sofas? Set horse on fire?

Rush: “Quick! run the horses up to First Class!”

Mike in DC: Oh dear, NT. You’ll miss the thrilling conclusion!

Dona: LOL

angel & fox: Rush, if THAT’S not a Groucho line i dunno what!

Rush: Sorry to see you leave, NT…

Rush: But have a good night and a SAFE week!

Mike in DC: Fire made under apparatus. Arsonist didn’t intend to harm horses…OR…arsonist is dumb.

angel & fox: This guy is thick as a half-brick & getting thicker.

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Matt1: Take care NT

Rush: Angel: TYSM…

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: I’LL show you a boom.

Dona: They all look so smug

angel & fox: Smithers? Is Mr. Burns here? Is he safe?

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: Good thing Bagley’s rod ISN’T in his pocket. Toffy there’d be history.

hounder: bang

Rush: Better in leg than in heart.

angel & fox: Bang bang, my baby shot me down.

Mike in DC: lol Angel

Rush: This is the only time we see CC injured by a bullet.

angel & fox: You know, Rush, if bullet was to hit female artery…

Rush: Listen for Cc’s “trap.”

Rush: “Maybe YOU…have answer…?”

angel & fox: Whoooooom!

Mike in DC: Used in “Reno” too, Rush

Rush: And, we will see it used in “Olympics.”

Rush: Yes.

angel & fox: Rivets by Rosie of Long Beach.

Rush: Foolish rooster who stick head in lawn mower end in stew.

angel & fox: Rooster—lawnmower—mmmmmm, STEW!!

Rush: Chan finds a way to get a little peace…

Rush: “Los Angeles Harbor.”

Mike in DC: Doesn’t “Coq au vin” mean “Lawnmower” in French?

Rush: San Pedro.

Rush: Something like that, Mike…!

Mike in DC: Isn’t this kid in “New York?”

angel & fox: Mike, i have Pierre Delecto in my Rolodex. Calling him now—Hello, Mit—i mean, Pierre? Got a question—

Rush: Lollipop in action again!

Rush: CLUE!

Rush: Yes…good “catch,” Mike!

Mike in DC: Nice moment for eagle-eyed viewer!

Rush: He worked at the “Imperial Club.”

angel & fox: P.D. sez “lawnmower” is “tondeuse a gazon”, a grave “a”. No wonder it’s so hard to get a landscaper outside Versailles.

Mike in DC: Thought so, Rush. Eager-beaver valet

Rush: Death sealed here..

Rush: Yes, Mike.

angel & fox: Frankie D musta had a permanent crick in da neck.

angel & fox: The PUB? In DISCUISE?

Mike in DC: “Get him PLANTED somewhere…”

Rush: Never gor for a ride with a guy named “Lefty.”

Mike in DC: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli…”

Rush: “Good-bye, Collins…”

Matt1: Bye Collin

angel & fox: Rush, truer words were never—

Rush: “Blackton” guard.

Mike in DC: hey, here’s a tin-can for the road!

angel & fox: Collins, there’s still time to catch the Hindenburg.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Oh! The humanity!

Rush: He would need to get out to Lakehurst, NJ to catch that flight!

angel & fox: Who’s Muntz?

angel & fox: What’samatta u? Why you looka so sad?

Mike in DC: Well, Rush, at least he’d be “planted” in the Garden State…

angel & fox: In anything but a Brit accent nobody’d give this guy a listen.

Rush: Here we see some of the demonstration of new technology that director Humberstone was known for!

Rush: We see a similar demonstration of the wire photo in “Opera.”

angel & fox: Beautiful compositional stuff going on in this & thruout the Chan oeuvre. (as Pierre Delecto taught me to say).

Rush: Precursor to Instant Replay.

Mike in DC: “The previous race is under review”

hounder: nice to have the scientific explanation behind the science

angel & fox: I’m sure they were precursing every time the thing didn’t thread.

phil: They call it “cutting up” in England.

Mike in DC: nice touch for the 30s audience…gadgets!

Rush: Avalanche is strangely excited…sort of the same way “Gallant Lad” was…?

angel & fox: Disobedience!! Caning come!!

Rush: Yes, Mike.

angel & fox: Phil, that was just cuz those Limeys were too proud to speak Frog.

Rush: Shadow…

Rush: Ominous…

angel & fox: Screw loose? Your TrueValue hardware store…

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: lots of shooting in this one

Rush: I’ll bet we had the same sharpshooter at work in this film that was used in “CC’s Secret”!

Rush: (tweet…tweet…)

hounder: good thought rush

Rush: “Dhkgewrhchnoiwvmowerijcmkjfml;kcjm!!!!!”

angel & fox: This has to be one of my favorite setups in the whole oeuvre!

phil: Gee, don’t those hit men ever load their guns with more than one bullet?

Rush: Agreed, Angel.

Rush: Good point, Phil.

Mike in DC: The nearly-invisible dart…

Rush: “Disabled” Day…

phil: About as invisible as a 777

Rush: Useless talk like boat without oar – get no place.

Rush: Kidnapped!

hounder: lot of that going arounf today rush

Rush: Yes!

Mike in DC: We just need Robert Redford and Paul Newman

Rush: Yes!

Rush: (Cough…)

Mike in DC: Chan gets an idea from that…

phil: Sissies

Mike in DC: Galant Lad(s)…NOT

Rush: True!

Rush: (And…a good one!)

Rush: No one heard all this!

Mike in DC: Lee administers the coup de grace

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Wild ride!

Rush: (SCREEEECH!!!)

Rush: No pass needed?

angel & fox: Lawndelly!

Rush: Nice accent, Angel!

Rush: Fireworks time!

Mike in DC: Happy Fourth of July!

Mike in DC: Ooooooo!

angel & fox: Noble animal brings out noble speech!

Mike in DC: Ahhhhhh!

Rush: GREAT show!

angel & fox: WHICH idiot?

Mike in DC: *crowd goes wild*

Rush: Finale is a burnt-out truck!

phil: Charlie popped his chops

hounder: charlie can be sneak when he wants to

Rush: Yes, hounder!

angel & fox: If we’d just outlaw “rings”.

Rush: I was thinking that he really didn’t have to sneak to do that. he could have worked with race authorities, maybe?

angel & fox: Except onion rings.

Rush: Mmmm…onion rings…!

angel & fox: “Blackton” where Pinkertons oughta be. Talk about true colors.

Rush: Bugler…

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Mike in DC: Dart gun…

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Rush: Lost Me Too…

angel & fox: Mystery Horse soon to be Mystery Meat.

Rush: Looked like he placed that dart in backwards…

Rush: TYhey’re off!

angel & fox: She stole that coat from the horses’ discards.

phil: Could anything be more apparent than a guy standing next to the timing light?

hounder: ok angel. now

hounder: gry for onion rings.

Rush: Lollipop wears number 11…

angel & fox: Closing face.

Mike in DC: Oh drat…this is where they trip the horse isn’t it…

angel & fox: My boy Lollipop!

phil: yup

Mike in DC: Go Avalanche!

angel & fox: The DOITY RATS!

Mike in DC: Dart

Mike in DC: *thwack*

Rush: I never watch the finish…

angel & fox: Couldn’t dodge dart.

Rush: Once was enough…years ago.

Mike in DC

phil: The monkey puked

hounder: once is once too many

angel & fox: Give that girl some HORSE TRANKWILIZER! GEEZ!

Rush: Phil: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: OH!

Rush: Tripped that poor horse to film that finish.

Mike in DC: Oof. Sure hope horse was ok…pretty rough on jockey too

Rush: Happily, that does not happen anymore.

Rush: Well, the stunt jockey knew wat was going to happen.

Rush: Horse didn’t.

angel & fox: This was like Elvis cutting the Zapruder film into one of his flicks, or The Thin Man slipping Hindenburg clips in.

Rush: Chan reassures us, the audience.

angel & fox: Only a Hunky would say that.

phil: Charlie just reported both jockey and horse ok.

Rush: Yes.

angel & fox: Why, the dirty dart!

phil: i don’t know how

angel & fox: Dart evader.

angel & fox: LATE noble animal.

Rush: AH! Photo of the dart came courtesy of the high-speed film camera shown to us earlier!

angel & fox: Courtesy of H. Bruce Humberstone.

Rush: Would a Blackton guard have the authority to make an arrest?

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Mike in DC: Caught!

phil: Oh oh.

angel & fox: The Honor Among Thieves org is gonna expel most of the people in this room.

Rush: “You convict self. Thank you so much.”

Mike in DC: Charlie. Always polite.

Rush: Truth sometimes like stab of cruel knife.

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Rush: Please excuse Mr. Chan, ladies…he meant it as a compliment….!

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

Dona: That is one of my favorite lines

hounder: good wife best household furniture.

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: Closing credits…

Dona: save for next case

Rush: THE END…

Dona: YAY

hounder: and it was taken as such

Dona: Clap Clap

Rush: TYSM…!

hounder: thanks for the fun. be safe and healthy all

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Yes…

angel & fox: YAY! CC to be Tweeted at ALL NIGHT from here on, for ALL KINDS of isms!! See us all next week, sponsored by Smith-Coronavirus!!

Rush: Be healthy and SAFE.

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a happy and healthy week ahead!

phil: Good night all.

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danventure: One of the best Chans

danventure: TY

Cdirus: See you all next week!

hounder: nite ALL

Rush: Avoid big crowds if you can…bur be happy.

angel & fox: ESPECIALLY, Healthy!! Gnite, Chans up!!

Rush: Good night.

Mike in DC: Have a great week everyone! Stay healthy!

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Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Opera” next week.

Dona: Great evening everyone.

Dona: see you next week at the Opera

Rush: “Oland vs. Karloff”

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Rush: yes, Dona!

Rush: Thank you!

Dona: Thank you Rush!

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Dona: Night Rush

Rush: Thank you, EVERYONE, for a fun evening’s escape from dreary news…

Rush: Take care, dona!

Rush: Good night to you…

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