Chat Archive 3/2/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 2, 2020

Charlie Chan’s Secret

The Green Hornet (Chapter 9)

Alidea (momentary visitor)
angel & fox

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Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How are you this evening?

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx….yourself?

Rush: Doing well, thank you!

Rush: I heard from Virginia…she’s fine…!

Matt1: Forgot to ask, how was the Iowa trip?

Matt1: VERY glad to hear, thnx

Rush: She was out when I called once and didn’t see that I had left a message.

Matt1: How is her hip?

Rush: It was very good, Matt.

Rush: “Mission accomplished.”

Matt1: Congrats!

Rush: Virginia still has her health complaints, but she sounded as upbeat as usual!

Matt1: Delayed response here in room tonight

Rush: TYSM.

Rush: We are all going back for Easter.

Matt1: Very good

Matt1: Nice!

Matt1: To the new house?

Rush: I have not had the dreaded delay, yet…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: And, we want the daughters to see the home as well as the area.

Matt1: Understandable…..I assume you settled then?

Rush: We want to take Sarah to see colleges, including the Univerity of Iowa.

Rush: Settled in that we own it now, yes.

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Matt1: Very good…..In State should be less expensive too!

Rush: We will be looking to rent it out for a year, then make the move in June 2021.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Much less expensive.

Rush: Plus, we will be able to pay off the mortgage.

Matt1: Less congested too, I would imagine!

Rush: Oh, YES.

hounder: hi all

Rush: I was thinking of the difference this morning as I drove sarah to school and then going from there to work.

Matt1: Hope you are well Hounder

Rush: Hello, Hounder!

Rush: How are you and how is Mom?

hounder: I’m well. Mom is as well as can be. thanks for asking.

Rush: Well, you ARE in our thoughts.

hounder: Miss you guys last week, but not too much as I was in the disney parks.

Rush: (Including PRAYERS, of course!)

hounder: thanks rush

Matt1: LOVE Disney!…..Hope you had some fun

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: How was the trip< Hounder?

hounder: it was very crowded for the first 2 days, but i did relax.

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Matt1: Hello CD!

hounder: got to ride the new avatar ride, and it was COOL!!!

Cdirus: Hi guys!

hounder: hi cd

Rush: Crowds…bad….relaxing…GOOD!

Matt1: FOP?

Rush: Hello, CD!


hounder: yes matt. had to wait til near park close and jump in line as the daytime wait was 4 hours.

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hounder: hi a n f

Matt1: Hello A & F

Rush: Angel…Fox….WELCOME!

Cdirus: Hi Angel and fox!

angel & fox: A snappy hello!!

angel & fox: Nice to be here for the start!!

Rush: And to YOU, too!

Rush: YES!

Matt1: 4 hours for a 4 minute ride….Bravo! It is the best ride at Disney though, IMHO

angel & fox: Excuse please, 2 questions burn in mind…

Rush: Oh…just as bad as Disney LAND.

Rush: I tire of the crowds and competition for space.

Rush: Yes, Angel?

angel & fox: 1) is tonight’s Green Hornet chapter EIGHT, or NINE? On Message Board the notes say “The Hornet Trapped”…

Rush: NINE.

Rush: The link is above.

Matt1: Yep….If I don’t have a FastPass….I won’t wait in the lines, but I do get to DW frequently

hounder: i would definitely do it again, but no, i’m not waiting that long for any ride. then again the star wars rise of the resistance ride is out of boarding passes in 95 seconds.

Rush: Sorry…my mistake on the title, maybe?

angel & fox: On YouTube, “The Hornet Trapped” is NINE; Chapter EIGHT is “Dead or Alive”. Which is tonight’s episode?

Cdirus: The link takes me to chapter 9, the hornet trapped

hounder: i don’t know angel, i just clicked on rush’s link

Rush: Chapter 9 – “THe Hornet Trapped”

angel & fox: Yes, gentlemen…

Matt1: I have Chapter 9 cued

Rush: Me too.

Cdirus: Ready

Rush: Well…if we are ALL ready…?

angel & fox: So we want Chapter NINE, The Hornet Trapped. Got it! NOW—2nd question…

hounder: ready here

Rush: Okay…Q2…

Rush: Countdown…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

angel & fox: Q2: i tried last week to post a Question about The Canon, CAN’T POST IT, “captcha” problems.

Rush: GO!!!


angel & fox: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rush: πŸ™‚

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angel & fox: My Keye man!!

Rush: You can ask later then, Angel…

Rush: We are buzzing along…

hounder: hi alidea

angel & fox: Alidea! Pull up an ottoman!! it’s Empire!

Matt1: Hello Alidea!

Rush: WELCOME, Alidea!

hounder: lol@ angel

angel & fox: Gracias, hounder!!

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Rush: That was quick!

angel & fox: Fran SWATTER, shoulda been.

Cdirus: Hi Alidea!

hounder: did we scare her?

angel & fox: Star Wars stole this typographic style, i KNEW it.

Matt1: Was it something I said? 

angel & fox: Probably, Matt. It was YOU.

Rush: FIRE….!


hounder: flames

angel & fox: I like the uniform. Flaming beautiful!

angel & fox: Sponsored by Kevlar.

Rush: Firefighters arrive.

angel & fox: Hey, Mugsy. Cheese it!

Cdirus: almost a head on colision1

angel & fox: Real road-holders, the new ’37 models.

Matt1: Like the Indy 500

Rush: YES! Nearly causing acccidents!

Rush: “Follow that buzzing car!”:

angel & fox: Nearly? ACCIDENTS??!

Rush: Good use of some stock footage…

angel & fox: Just dumb enough.

Rush: Kato DID cut off some people!

angel & fox: Matt, i think it MAY have been me. Alidea sounds like an ottoman name.

Rush: What a ride!

Rush: (snore…)

angel & fox: BTW: the Indy 600. Into the valley of the 600 rode the—ah, you take it, Kato.

angel & fox: “Axford” looks like a paunchy Lurch.

angel & fox: Axford has NO IDEA Reid & Kato are crassdressers.

Rush: Crass-dressing heroes…

angel & fox: Just tell me about the dying rackets. I’m in a hurry here.

angel & fox: The DA will put someone dirty on the cleaning rackets.

angel & fox: Rush:     

Rush: “Prowling” music…

angel & fox: Good idea. They’ll be at 219 4th Street while you’re getting away down 7th Street.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: I LOVE the “telescope” wipes!!

angel & fox: Was that a Chrysler Airflow?

Rush: I am not sure, Angel, but it’s a classic!

angel & fox: Damn. This car has suicide doors. I TOLD YOU to steal one with HOMICIDE DOORS!

angel & fox: I like the wire wastebaskets. Chewing gum would just fall right thru. Spreading colonnavirus (named after its discoverer Jerry Colonna).

Rush: I was thinking…WHY was he wasting so much time when someone entering through the first door?

Matt1: Blames on the ammo? Ok

Rush: Yes!

angel & fox: A guy with a vial of Tetragene could truncate this series right smart.

Rush: Of course it’s the ammo!

Rush: That’s one DANGEROUS neighborhood for pedestrians!

angel & fox: “We ordered it from the Bammo Ammo company—they’re the famous subsidiary of Acme. How could this be?

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Rush: Paul!

Rush: Good evening!

angel & fox: Howdy Paul!!

Cdirus: Hi Paul!

Rush: WELCOME to you!

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Rush: Smoke screen!

Rush: 13:15, Paul…

PaulM: good evening

angel & fox: We see here why so few prewar cars remain, why their powertrains & chassis are out-of-state—why so few prewar STOREFRONTS remain.

hounder: hi paul

Rush: Of course he left off the name!

Rush: How are you tonight, Paul?

angel & fox: That’s all “(s)he” wrote. Gender is a revolving paradigm, poor dope.

angel & fox: On the spot(s).

Rush: Cy Kendall.

angel & fox: The Sentinel had a department on each Page 5, “Damaging Editorial”.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: That’s Hornet McCoy to you.

angel & fox: LAIR—or LIAR?

Rush: Hm….

angel & fox: Yeah, overturn that Crooks’ Hangout. Send the crooks spreading all over the state. Next: the Middle East.

Rush: If the plants are on fire…it’s a lair….If the PANTS are burning…it’s a LIAR.

angel & fox: I’ll cover the waterfront.

angel & fox: Rush:     

Rush: And, I’ll rush ’em.

angel & fox: I’ll be wit’cha, with pants on fire.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: There are NO houses for rent in Tuscany.

Rush: Courtesy “THe Castaways”

angel & fox: YOUR house?

angel & fox: I like the balustrades.

Matt1: Yikes!

Rush: I almost expect to see larry, Moe, and Curly running through….

angel & fox: Don’t shoot the Tetragene!

Rush: “Bullets and Ballots” next week….

Rush: Right, Angel!

angel & fox: Rush, i JUST watched some newly acquired Stooges this weekend! Nyuknyuknyuknyuknyuk!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: (Applause…)

hounder: but he did. wonder what those chemicals combine into

Rush: Pretty toxic probably!

angel & fox: “Bullets & Ballots” the POIFECK wrap-up to the first-wave Primaries!

Rush: Timely.

Rush: Okay….

Rush: 10 minutes until “Charlie Chan’s secret.”

Matt1: Shhhhhh

Rush: Please ready your copies….

angel & fox: I’ll be in the auntiechamber mixing something toxic for—i mean, WITH—Auntie, will be back in 12 minutes for Our Feature Presentation…shhhh…


Rush: I think the intro music starts with the Fox logo this time.

Rush: So…we begin where the music starts.

hounder: btw good news on va. thanks for the update rush

Rush: Yes.

Rush: you are welcome!

Rush: I gave her a call and when she answered, I was VERY happy!

Matt1: Cued to 20th CF!

Rush: Yes…we start right at the FOX LOGO.

hounder: i’m glad you check in with her. miss her here

Rush: I keep trying to get her to find some way to get online on a Monday…but I have not succeeded yet!

angel & fox: Speaking of Virginia, i’m going to Carolina in my Ford, to feel sunshine, see the moonshine, hope nobody hits me from behind.

Matt1: Well, she’s missed here.

Rush: She lives on a pretty tight budget.

angel & fox: Seriouskly, give Our regards.

Rush: She always sends he best to everyone.

Rush: I do.

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Rush: NT!

Matt1: Hello NT!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Nothere: Here I am not:)

Cdirus: Hi NT!

hounder: hi nt

Rush: How are you, NT?

Rush: And, I hope that your week went well…

Nothere: So now that we’ve completed chapter 9. Who is the better gang of crooks? The Freen Hornet, or Green Hornet strikes again gang?

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hounder: hi dona

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Cdirus: Hi Dona!

Nothere: Till today. Slight downturn. Hope you all had a good week. Hi Donna,

Rush: Well, this one shapes up pretty nicely…interesting gang of baddies.

Rush: Hello, DONA!

Rush: Welcome, everyone, into MARCH!

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Rush: Be sure to check our latest POLL QUESTION.

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Dona: Hi Phil!

Rush: Phil!

Phil: ALOHA!!!

Rush: Hello, and WELCOME!

Cdirus: Hi Phil!

Rush: And, ALOHA to YOU!

Phil: Good to see everyone.

Rush: Aloha NUI!

Phil: Rapa Nui Baby!

hounder: hi phil

Phil: Hi Hounder.

Nothere: Aloha

Nothere: Hi Hounder. <WOLF HOWL>

Phil: NT, always good to not see you.

angel & fox: At last, some distaffers!! This was becoming quite the bore, harrumph harrumph!!

Nothere: Phill I say hello to you. Even if I can see you.

Phil: There’s PaulM and Matt. CD too and RUSH!

Rush: That reminds me, Hounder…we haven’t heard from Nightwolf for a LONG time.

Phil: And Dona and A&F

Rush: OOPS!

angel & fox: Notty: in my neighborhood we spell Aloha backward: aHola!

PaulM: yup. i’m still here

Rush: Lost track of time!

Phil: Aloha to all.

Matt1: I haven’t seen NW on Facebook in awhile too

hounder: it has been a good while. hope all is well with her

Nothere: I say Angel it’s never a rum go to drop in.

Rush: Everyone ready to roll your films?

hounder: yesir

Rush: 90 seconds…

angel & fox: Nevah a rum go, no, Lady Notty, quite, quite.

Phil: q’d

PaulM: just looking at my Amazon package i got today. a book, and a copy of Count Yorga/Return of Count Yorga

Nothere: Indeed ole boy.

Dona: Ready here Rush!

Rush: (Just to give a little time…)

Rush: Sorry!

angel & fox: Shall we wee you at Ascot?

angel & fox: SEE you!! JAYzus!

Rush: Start at the FOX LOGO tonight, please.

Rush: 50 seconds…

Nothere: Sorry Paul but you just cant count on Cunt Yorga. He’s a jerk.

Nothere: Count even.

Rush: 40 seconds…

angel & fox: We ALWAYS start at the Fox logo around Our Place.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Of course!

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Phil: Oh man…where’s the rewind…

Rush: 15…

angel & fox: 13…

Rush: 10…

angel & fox: 7…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

angel & fox: FOX!!!

Nothere: 4 and 3 quarters


Rush: Logo…


Rush: Music…

angel & fox: FOXXXXXXXXXX!

Rush: Title….

Rush: Credits…


Rush: TYSM, Matt…nice gong!


Rush: SS “Nestor” lost!

hounder: extra extra ead all about it

Phil: I’m typing with latex gloves on out of fear of corona virus.

Rush: maybe that was the ship that Laurel and Hardy were supposed to have been aboard in “Sons of the Desert”!

angel & fox: Phil, i’ll make you executor of my Estate.

Rush: (Bubbles…)

Rush: Stock footage…

Phil: Ok, but I’ll have to do it remotely.

PaulM: i was about to say, Rush

angel & fox: Psst…Lady Notty…meet us at our estate?…In the Hampshire Cotswolds past Hooping Coff…Foxlogo. We have twin turrets.

angel & fox: His father’s mustache.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: THIRTY persons—or DIRTY persons?

Rush: He ship-hiked.

angel & fox: Maybe he jumped the shark.

Nothere: Maybe dirty at the start, but not after the boak sank.

angel & fox: A.C. was a real sparkplug.

Rush: You may be correct, Angel….

Phil: Obviously water proof ink.

Rush: Yes!

angel & fox: Rush, it’s not me. I’m just the mouthpiece for F. here.

Phil: Hey, did we miss a tin can?

angel & fox: Nice GAMS, CC!

Phil: We got a dead body.

hounder: does charlie have on brown socks or no socks in this scene?

Rush: When I saw an exhibit of “Titanic” artifacts, it was amazing to see how well preserved some of the paper items were!

Matt1: Baxter!

Rush: Yes…Baxter!

angel & fox: Hounder, i’ve been afraid to find out. Digital technology makes a lotta stuff visible that—hmmmm…

angel & fox: That whig’s worse than Billy Henry Harrison’s.

Rush: I vote for brown, Hounder.

angel & fox: They got ASTONISHING biceps back then from lifting those phone receivers.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: I’ll BET she’ll shanghai Dick.

Dona: I love Baxter in this one

Rush: An accidental reference to last week’s movie a few lines ago…

Rush: Angel caught it!

Phil: Missed it

angel & fox: Missed it.

Rush: You quoted it!

angel & fox: Fox caught it, & is standing in the corner now.

Rush: CC arrives via Clipper…

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Rush: Flew over the then-under-constructionSan francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Nothere: Uhm Dude wanna wait more than 5 seconds before climbing the wall?

Rush: We will see it completed in “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island.”

Cdirus has joined this room

Nothere: WB CD

angel & fox: When i see this scene i’d like to cut in the famous W.C.Fields falling-thru-sky-having-dived-out-of-airplane-to-retrieve-jettisoned-liquor-bottle scene.

Matt1: wb CD!

Rush: WB, CD!

Cdirus: Was wondering what happened

Rush: Time is NOT on HIS side!

angel & fox: CD fell out same as WC. WB, CD, WC!

Nothere: <TIN CAN> See thats what happens whenyou don’t wait for someone to come to the door.

Phil: Cue the can!

angel & fox: A time to die.

Rush: Off by 28 minutes.

angel & fox: I’ll BET he went out on a story.

Rush: I think Matt awaits verification!

angel & fox: I’m always nervous when i come to Hollywood Squares.

Rush: “Lucifer”

Phil: Matt is a traditionalist.

angel & fox: GOATS upon the battlements!

Rush: Possibly movie cat “Puzzums.”


angel & fox: Goats, squirrels…

Rush: Hm…a seance for flowers…

angel & fox: Mr. BEAN?

Phil: Should be lillies

Rush: Yes!

angel & fox: Lilies of the Valley of the Whatever.

Rush: Baxter is Birmingham before Birmingham…

angel & fox: Seems a spot of antihistamine is indicated.

Phil: That set looks like it could have come out of the movie Frankenstein

angel & fox: Birmingham was probably at a lunch counter.

Rush: Yes, phil.

Cdirus: Very creepy house

angel & fox: So reign on me.

Rush: Yes, CD.

angel & fox: His HEAD look like 150% size of BODY?

Dona: LOL

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: creepy people in a creepy house

Phil: Here comes Mr. Cranky

Rush: Agreed, Hounder.

Rush: And a bit eccentric.

Rush: Especially Ulrich!

angel & fox: Think he is in Scandinavia. In Lapland. Debit card shows transactions post-date of unfortunate incident. Transactions: “Lap dances”, $2 each.

angel & fox: Will go personally to investigate these Lap dances.

Rush: A-HEM!

Phil: Creative A&F lol

Rush: Note the crab above the door.

angel & fox: Phil, i’m banking on quantity, hoping to swerve into quality occasionally.

angel & fox: Note the crab AT the door.

Nothere: Be sure to bring your lederhosen angel.

Dona: I missed it

Rush: “Best place for skeleton is in family closet.”

Phil: Profound

angel & fox: This was not only before LBJ, this was before LED.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Phil: Those two are Hungarians or I’m NOT!

Dona: this is true a&f

angel & fox: I’m focusing like a laser beam.

Rush: CC peeks…

angel & fox: Thanks, Dona. I KNEW someone would know history backward AND forward.

Rush: Cue music…

Rush: My question as always…

Rush: WHO held Colby’s body at the stairs?

Nothere: Slight pause but I’ll be back except I can’t be back I’m not here:)

Dona: everyone looks shifty

angel & fox: Notty, we’ll see you around the traces.

Matt1<tin can>

hounder: alan is definitely dead now.

Phil: He’s definitely dead now.

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Death verified!

Phil: He’s been dead so long he’s starting to smell.

angel & fox: The SCORPION?

Rush: “Dead for four hours…”

Cdirus: no autopsy?

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: That places us at about 9:30 p.m. now.

angel & fox: He was probably worried about colonnavirus. Were i a scorpion i’d glove-up too.

Rush: WB, NT!

Nothere: 22 min about right?

angel & fox: Notty, you missed one Tin Can.

Phil: 21:37

angel & fox: Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga Tin Can?

Rush: 22:00

Phil: 214022

Nothere: Oh yeah <Tin CAN> <TIN CAN? <TIN CAN> <TIN CAN>

angel & fox: Money for nothing, get the chicks for free. Then Fox eat chicks, with eggs.

Nothere: Take that Angel. and this <THENDER> and this meow <MEOW> and finally this arrow. <WHOOSH>

Rush: Ah…when MTV actually played music….

angel & fox: Hey, Mr. Potatohead—i FOUND your NOSE!!

Rush: 9:40

angel & fox: Video killed the radio start/

Rush: The first video aired on MTV…

Rush: “Solve mystery, cure headache.”

Phil: Inquisition…no one expects the Spanish inquisition

angel & fox: They oughtn’t need ANY help. They’re The Authorities.

angel & fox: The Danish inquisition, yes.

Rush: CC mentions Lee.

angel & fox: This guy’s a honk at parties.

Nothere: “I Wanna Rock.” Said my sister, but she’s a bit twisted:)

Phil: He does have a big haid doesn’t he

Rush: “Toast master”

angel & fox: I’ll BET he’s a toast master.

angel & fox: Phil, thanks for confirming my observation! I think it’s time The Boys in Washington were informed, don’t you?

Rush: Very “Birmingham-esque.”

Phil: Indeed.

angel & fox: Tetragene!

Rush: Quinine!

Nothere: Scotch and soda

angel & fox: I’ll trust fate on the soda. Give us the other stuff, quick.

Rush: “You don’t think. You THINK you think. I think.”

angel & fox: Especially the Bill Gates. Put up the sign: NO BILLS.

Cdirus: That’s a pretty sturdy table. Try that with a modern table.

Rush: No thanks, CD!

Nothere: No no I wasn’t trying to deceive you. You were paying me so much I just wanted to give you a few unknown bells and whistles you might misinterpret.

Rush: YES, NT!

Phil: Yeah, well for somebody who thinks they think, you certainly got fooled.

Rush: Yes, Phil.

Rush: I think that Baxter would not have been as gullible.

angel & fox: She’s shocked, SHOCKED to find gambling going on in the casino.

Phil: lol

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: But she had Baxter who only think he think so it evened out to a think.

Rush: “Role of dead man require very little acting.”

Rush: Ultraviolet light…

angel & fox: ROLL of dead man even LESS!

angel & fox: Ultra Violet. She was one of Andy Warhol’s singers, remember?

Rush: I do.

Rush: Music slowly builds….

Rush: “Hello.”

Rush: There’s where all that money went.

Rush: Look out!

angel & fox: Ray Lamp. He was the drummer, i think. Tall, geeky hair—

Rush: CC fires back!

angel & fox: SPIDER. That reminds me, Rush—

Rush: so, we know he’s packing a gun.

Rush: Yes, Angel?

hounder: this is one of the few movies where charlie carries and fires a gun, right.

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Rush: GS!


Godwinshelley3: Howdy all!

Rush: Happy you could make it!

Cdirus: Hi GS!

Rush: How are you…but, more important, how is your Mom?

hounder: hi gs. glad to see you drop in. hope you’re taking care of yourself as well as your parents

Dona: Hi GS

Rush: How did the surgery go?

angel & fox: Rush, check out your FB Messenger; i Messaged you about my inability to post on our Message Board; in the item i wanted to post i referred to you as A Spider. A very positive Spider, be assured. Can you tell me why the Post doesn’t function? At your leisure, when you’re relaxed at center of your web?

Rush: HM. You mean our Message Board, HERE?

Godwinshelley3: Just a quick drop in -mom came thru surgery – home – getting in trouble picking up things

angel & fox: He’ll wipe that mustache right off your lying ponysoldier dogface, dogface.

angel & fox: GS, we hope for the best.

Rush: Yes, GS! Make her listen to doctor’s orders!

hounder: good news gs. praying good news continues

Godwinshelley3: I’m going to be out here for awhile – waiting to hear if she needs radiation

angel & fox: Day and Knight. They wear blue zootsuits.

Rush: Okay, GS…

angel & fox: We don’t care about his private life!

Godwinshelley3: She’s getting feisty- a good sign

angel & fox: Or his closet!

Rush: Please let her know that you have people praying for her.

Dona: That great news GS. Sending prayers.

Rush: yes, GS! That IS a good sign!

Godwinshelley3: I will – hope to pop in next week – good Channing all!

Rush: Take care, GS!

Godwinshelley3: Night

Rush: Our best to Mom.

Dona: Good night GS!

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

angel & fox: Channing over & out!

Matt1: Take care, GS

Phil: GN GS

Rush: Angel, I just took a look at our Message board…seems to be working.

angel & fox: Thank you so much, POTATONOSE.

Rush: You won’t be able to reach me via Facebook.

Rush: CC investigates the secret passage…

Dona: spooky

Dona: really dark

Rush: Let’s see where it comes out…

Rush: AH! Right by Ulrich’s place!

Phil: It comes out at Bilbo’s house

Rush: This could be a clue as to who may have taken Colby’s body over to the seance room to hold it there.

Rush: “NO! I use that radio to get news from Germany…”

Nothere: Ah yes the creepy caretaker. Sorry dude this is a mystery movie not a horror. Your your all doomed sthick isn’t impressing anyone.

angel & fox: Rush, i do the Captcha thing, press Submit (or Preview, either), & it redirects back to Message Board page. I’ve re-entered my info, tried at least 10 times. I’m gonna get my IT consultant on it after school tomorrow. She’s in 3rd grade, is a big help.

Phil: Could be coronavirus. Charlie’s chinese you know.

angel & fox: Somehow i doubt it’s this guy’s first radio.

hounder: ouch angel

Phil: He could be a german spy.

Rush: Just go to our “Message Board,” Angel…once you enter, click on “Start New Topic.” Yo may then type what you like and then post.

Rush: Carlotta was a dupe as well.

angel & fox: I’ll try again, Rush. That’s what i’ve been doing; i’ll do it yet again & watch my steps. Thanks.

Rush: In fact, if anyone here would like to post there, please do!

hounder: was that an astrolab in the last scene?

Rush: Looked like one, yes!

Rush: (Zapppp!)

angel & fox: Astrolabes are always in style.

Matt1: Shocking!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Phil: Oh Oh

Rush: Professor Bowen got goin’.

angel & fox: Their fists was fast as lightning.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel & fox: Look for Little Sammy Chong.

Phil: This cop is kind of a butt.

Rush: Or…”his fist was zapped by lightnin'”

angel & fox: That’s DETECTIVE Butt to you, Phil!

Rush: Phil, there are often cops in the series who start of antagonistic to Chan…won over in the end!

angel & fox: “Blow-Off”. Would that be a Fellini film not yet made?

Nothere: You will all bow before my mustache.

Rush: Ulrich would have made a wonderful father-in-law….

angel & fox: Money money money she’s got ratpoison in her tummy, or WILL later tonite.

Phil: And then I berate Baxter for another hour.

Rush: Note she is rather “stiff.”

Phil: Let’s see, two guys hiding behind the tree. Three guys standing out in the open.

angel & fox: Phil:     

Nothere: 5 guys

Phil: Her haid would have exploded all over that table.

angel & fox: This must be the Gates Gate.

Rush: True Phil.

Phil: haid = head

angel & fox: That vase (or vahzz) is just waiting to get tumbled.

Rush: Yes.

Phil: Your mum just got splashed.

angel & fox: Anybody wonder if maybe those hats attracted murder?

Rush: Chan takes the blame…

angel & fox: Tin can.

Rush: Hm….

Rush: “I’m sorry I lost my head…”

angel & fox: She’s a quick study.

Rush: Chan gives a clue here…

Phil: She’s sorry she lost her head…hahaha

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Her mom is even MORE sorry!

angel & fox: Were this film made today, Chan would break down, then get a lawyer & charge hurt feelings.

Rush: Or something like that…

Dona: and win

Rush: YES.

angel & fox: Would OWN own police station. Then GET sued.

Nothere: <TIN>

Nothere: No can. Nothere no can:)

danventure has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Dan

Rush: DV!

angel & fox: Notty—THERE’S our TURRET!!

Rush: You made it!

hounder: hi dan


danventure: Eureka!

angel & fox: Dan! Pull up an ottoman!

angel & fox: Empire!

Dona: Hi Dan

angel & fox: Excelsior!

Phil: Hey Dan.

Nothere: PRepare for boarding. Fire foxes from the capapults.

Cdirus: Hi Dan!

angel & fox: FI-UH!!

danventure: Just in time for the closing credits!

angel & fox: Falling music!

Dona: he hasn’t caught the killer yet

Rush: Weird thought, but I wonder if Lee Harvey Oswald ever watched this film?

PaulM has left this room

angel & fox: As “somebody” would say, “ohey-dokes”—who would THAT be?

Rush: Watch this scene closely as Baxter is next to the vase.

angel & fox: okey-dokes.

Dona: ok rush

Rush: An actual sharp shooter was used for this scene!

Rush: Watch….

angel & fox: OOOOOPS!

Dona: good shot

Rush: Note Baxter is not wet.

Phil: wowie

hounder: that would be a scary scene

Rush: I read where theveryone in the area was spatterd by water when that was literally shot.

angel & fox: Birmingham would have done that scene with PERFECTION.

Rush: Bowen was connected for sure.

angel & fox: How about a short ride to THE CLINK?

Rush: And…SOMEONE was holding the body of Colby during that seance.

angel & fox: Say that 5 times fast.

Rush: We never find that one out.

Rush: “Well, you’re HERE, brother…”

Nothere: So we’ve assembled everyone who might have knives, guns, possibly posision, and a murderous intent. Did anybody check for weapons?

Rush: That would be a good idea.

Rush: $1.5 million today…

angel & fox: Dad and his police will be here—

Nothere: Oh please I don’t even consider murdering anyone for less than 1.7 mill:)

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: “OM….”

angel & fox: Notty, you’re keeping our crust upper.

Nothere: And buttered. On top of course. Stick put your pinkies you philistines.

Rush: (Crash..)

Rush: Chan HIMSELF hit the lights this time, it seems.

Nothere: And that of course why there was only tin and not tin can/

hounder: looks like the chef’s knide from the kitchen

Rush: Retract all thoughts of a tincan!

angel & fox: WOW!

Rush: Yes!

angel & fox: The old Huck Finn at-own-funeral bit!!

Nothere: I again demand you all bow before my musctache.

Matt1: <gasp>

Phil: So why would the killer throw the knife at someone they had already killed?

Nothere: Stop arresting me and look at my mustache.

danventure: Great point, Phil!

angel & fox: Baxter falling asleep.

Rush: Baxter accidentally saves the day!

Nothere: To makre sure they weren’t jut really dead, but really most sincerely dead.

Rush: And…Lucifer the cat assisted!

Dona: Baxter saves the day

Rush: Yes!

angel & fox: That attack-apparition-of-my-earlier-victim runs thru MUCH modern storytelling, does it not, Scholars?

angel & fox: Arrest him for that TIE.

Rush: BUT…he was a party to the murder…

Dona: LOL

angel & fox: A murder party!

Rush: The Chan family photo…

Nothere: And so once again Gothamfrisco settles down. Until the dreaded Chan signal in the sky is needed.

Rush: “Thank you so much…”

Matt1: <yee-haw>

angel & fox: Arrest ’em all. To the hokey pokey. And shake ’em all about.

Rush: THE END….

Dona: YAY!!!!

Phil: Oh no thank YOU!

danventure: I wonder if any of those kids are still alive.

Dona: Wahoooo!

Rush: Closing credits…

Rush: (Applause…”

Rush: Next week…

Dona: Another good one!

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Circus”

hounder: good movie. thanks for the fun.

Nothere: Night all

angel & fox: Dan, i think the CAT is still alive & living under MY porch.

Rush: ANOTHER excellent one!

angel & fox: Good night all! That wraps this up, Danno!

Phil: Good night all. See you next week.

Phil has left this room

Rush: Good night Angel!

danventure: Yes, a great one!

Rush: have a GREAT week!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead.

hounder: nite all. have a great week

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Thank you, Matt!

angel & fox: Good night America!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: And all ships at sea….

Cdirus: Night everyone! See you next week!

Rush: take care, CD!

danventure: Ta Ta!

Rush: see you next week…at the circus…

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Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Thank you ALL!

angel & fox has left this room

Rush: Another GREAT evening!

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great evening. See you all next week.

Rush: Good night, Dona!

danventure has left this room

Rush: DV…TYSM…!

Rush: Be happy and safe…

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