Chat Archive 3/21/2022

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 21, 2022

Charlie Chan at the Opera

Mike n Rachel in DC
Rich Maine

(First 24 minutes missing)

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol18:56

Rush: “Opera” was one of the most “A” of the Chan series, which were considered as “B” movies!

Dave: This is certainly one of the top Chan films for most…

OldMovieFan: I am in my 60s and love old films

Rush: Yes.

mda19083: we do not need to reveal our age in the chan chat room

Matt1: Welcome to the club then OMF!

HonoluLou: I actually liked Treasure Island best!

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and agreed, OMF. This and Treasure Island are the tops, I think.

Rush: And, having Boris Karloff didn’t hurt!

Dave: No one talks about age at the ChanClub…

Mike n Rachel in DC: What happens in the Chan Chat room stays in the Chan Chat room, MDA. :-"

Rush: “Treasure Island” is typically considered as the best of the Chan series.

mda19083: Treasure Island with Wallace Beery?

OldMovieFan: Gotcha

Dave: Try to say that 10 times fast…

Rush: “Treasure Island” is typically considered as the best of the Chan series.

mda19083: sorry – Treasure Island with Charlie chan

Mike n Rachel in DC: But Opera has the biggest start power w/Karloff

HonoluLou: Rush, yes? I didn’t know. Plus, the film of the World’s fair in S.F.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *star

OldMovieFan: I would agree with that brush extent that they made at film and the quality that came out of it it’s the top tier one although not my favorite

Rush: Note the double post! I am having Internet issues and my posts seem to be lagging.

mda19083: MNR – I agree – just like Las

OldMovieFan: I meant Rush

mda19083: vegas

Rush: Matt, I will ask you to take the final 2 minutes countdown again, if you will!

Matt1: Ok….I got it ready to go

Rush: TYSM!

OldMovieFan: OK everyone so exactly at 7:15 we push the button to start the movie that the correct way

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…will we have to worry about “double canning” too?

HonoluLou: I have a humble request for sometime in the future I would like to propose to our fearless leader and attendees, may I?

Rush: Internet is unpredictable for me tonight!

Rush: At the moment…ok.

Rush: But…?

Mike n Rachel in DC: OMF, we get a countdown…tonight it’s from Matt. Very fun!

Rush: 15 minutes….

Mike n Rachel in DC: tick tick tick tick

OldMovieFan: Never can tell technology that’s for sure

Matt1: If the chatroom doesn’t block my posts again!

Rush: I wonder if the Chan cartoons are available at, too?

OldMovieFan: OK thank you Mike and Rachel

Rush: Yes, OMF!

Rush: Technology is fine…when working!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed Rush. IT’s the other 99% of the time that it’s a pain.

Rush: 🙂


Louise has joined this room

Louise: Hello Chan Clan!

Dave: Howdy, Louise!

Rush: Hello, Louise!!!

mda19083: Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: All kidding aside, it’s pretty amazing to think that we started out decades ago with rabbit ear antennas and black and white TVs to chatting with people from all over as we watch the movies…That’s pretty darn cool.


Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Louise!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

HonoluLou: Hi Louis with an E 🙂

Rush: Agreed, Mike!

OldMovieFan: Hello Louise I am the new kid on the block

Rush: New, but “old”!

Louise: Hi New Kid. Welcome! And Hi to all

Dave: New old kid?


Mike n Rachel in DC: Or old new kid…

Rush: 4 minutes…

mda19083: still a kid

Rush: 11

Rush: Sorry!

Louise: M&R: nostalgia for the rabbit ears. You felt like you accomplished something if you got a clear signal

OldMovieFan: Yep my body ages but I don’t tend to grow up still see everything like a kid through these eyes

Rush: In my tired state, I was thinking “4 after the hour”!

OldMovieFan: Yeah it was kind of cool back in the days having to move the rabbit ears back and touch the edge and stand by the TV so you could see the channel

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: True Louise, but I still have bad memories of being the kid who had to stand next to the TV and hold the antenna so we could get a good signal for the baseball games…

Louise: OMF: we had 6 kids and so the youngest had to stand with her arms out!

Dave: Something about tuning in that made tv or radio more intriguing…


Rush: Dave…yes!

HonoluLou: M&R, too good and three colors, Red, Green and Blue!

Rush: Yep!

mda19083: I don’t have a rabbit ear antenna anymore but I do have bunny slippers

Louise: CUED here for the opera

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title!

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Dave: Uncle Charlie thanks you!

HonoluLou: I’m wearing my tuxedo, tonight. Thought it only appropriate.

Rush: Yes…please pause at the OPENING TITLE.

Matt1: Oland vs Karloff

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: How cultured of you, Lou!

Dave: I should have gotten out the peasant outfit for the big scene…

mda19083: Lou – top hat?

Rush: 🙂

Rush: And, of course…”soup and fish.”

HonoluLou: Top hat, black tie & tails!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dave, we can make do with a mug of wine perhaps?

mda19083: Wow!

OldMovieFan: I’m sitting here with my house clothes and anxiously waiting

Louise: Almost bought tickets for a real opera this week (NYC). May still do it.

Matt1: Oh, Don’t forget to VOTE in this months poll!

OldMovieFan: Popcorn next to me

Rush: soup and fish – (Informal) A tuxedo or other men’s eveningwear.
Charlie Chan: “Please, do not need soup and fish.”

HonoluLou: OMF, it is permissable to have some “Tiger Tea” while viewing in Warner Oland’w honor.

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Louise: What’s the question Matt?

Matt1: Zoom question!

mda19083: hello gs

Nothere has joined this room

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley2: Boris Karloff!!!! – Howdy folks

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings GS and NT!

Dave: hello, gs!

Matt1: Hello NT/NH!

Rush: Yes, please DO vote on this month’s poll question. The link is on our ENTRANCE page.

OldMovieFan: Absolutely Lou

Nothere: Hello all be with you in a second. Have to turn my capre and tophat to the coat check girl.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Karloff brings them in like moths to a flame…

Louise has left this room

Matt1: Room is lagging on my end!

Louise has joined this room

Rush: Yes, please vote on our March Poll. the link is on our ENTRANCE page.

OldMovieFan: Hello

Louise: Hey, I got kicked out

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same here, Matt. >_<

Rush: WB, Louise….!

Godwinshelley2: Karloff was on Svenghoolie this last weekend too

Rush: 4 1/2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: tempus fugit

OldMovieFan: Yes he was and that was an excellent movie

Rush: Yes, GS (and hello!), I was away, but DVR’d it.

HonoluLou: GW2, I saw it! Very cool. He only killed one guy.

Rush: 4 minutes to go…

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Godwinshelley2: It was a little slow on Sven

Rush: RICH!

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rush: Welcome!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Rich

mda19083: hello rich

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

Dona has joined this room

OldMovieFan: Hi Rich

Rush: Dona!

Rich Maine: Evening all from windy Maine

Dona: Hello everyone!

mda19083: hello dona

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Welcome to our SoCal rep!

Nothere: Hey Donna

OldMovieFan: Welcome

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Dona!

Rich Maine: Old movie…welcome!

Rush: 3 minutes to go…


Dona: Coming on two wheels again

mda19083: cued

OldMovieFan: Thank you wonderful to be here I’m excited

Rush: Dona: 🙂

Rush: I have been there, Dona!!!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx! has joined this room

Rich Maine: It’s an exciting group!

Dave: greetings, dona and nt…

OldMovieFan: Voom voom

mda19083: OMF – the chan chat room is the place to be

Rush: TWO minutes…it’s all yours, Matt….!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: So excited to make it!

Dave: And Rich…

Louise: Everyone wants to go to the opera..

Dona: Hi Angel

Rush: Angel…WELCOME!

Matt1: Got it!

Dona: and Fox

HonoluLou: Greetings A&TH

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: WHAT A CROWD! And they say opera don’t draw!

Rich Maine: Getting opera glasses out

OldMovieFan: I can see that MDA lots of people here is wonderful

HonoluLou: LoL

Rush: Got it, Matt?

Dave: Pokey connection tonight

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Opera chocolates for us.

Matt1: Yep

mda19083: hello angel/fox

Louise: Has everyone here been to a real opera???

Rush: 90 seconds…

Dave: angel/fox, hello!

HonoluLou: Louise, nope.

Dona: I have not Louise but I have always wanted to go to one.

Rich Maine: Love Uncle Charlie!

Matt1: ONE minute!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We have…both in the audience and in the orchestra pit. 😉

hounder has joined this room

Nothere: Nope I like the singing, but I kinda want to know whats going on.

Rush: Hounder!

Nothere: Hey Hounggder.


mda19083: greetings hounder

Matt1: 45 seconds…..

Rush: Good evening to you!

Rich Maine: I am in a box

OldMovieFan: Nope never been would like to Been to a few plays

hounder: hi everyone.

HonoluLou: Salutations Hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Hounder

Dona: Hello Hounder

Matt1: 30 seconds….

OldMovieFan: Hello greetings to you

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: tick tick tick

Rush: ready…

Dave: hello, hounder!

Matt1: 15 …..

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yep…box seats for us. Good view of the supertitles 😉

Matt1: 10…

Nothere: It’s ticking. Get a bucket.

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

HonoluLou: “Wait! Touch Nothing”

Rush: TYSM!

Rush: Title…

Rush: Music….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Overture begins

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Balconites fropping peanut shells on us down here.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: LOVE the FONTS!

Rush: 🙂


angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: H> Bruce Humberstone?

HonoluLou: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OSCAR!!

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Rich Maine: So art deco

OldMovieFan: Rockland state sanitarium

Rush: The sanitarium…

Mike n Rachel in DC: “The Rock”

Matt1: Hello A & F and Hounder!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: We FORGOT about HIS truly special contri!

Louise: Kookers

OldMovieFan: I like the cuckoos myself

Rush: Yes.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: No sanitarium is a fun sanitarium. Even comparatively.

Nothere: Time for my ususal comment. One of the few Chan;’s with a dark and stormy night.

Rush: Who’s nuts? Maybe guards standing out in the rain?


Matt1: Exactlt Rush!

Nothere: A Funitarium?

Louise: Nothere…you just had to, didn’t you

Rush: Paper delivery…

Dave: Like the revealing camera movement

Nothere: The guards are paid so their crazy like a fox.

HonoluLou: This was written in English, then translated into Italian.

Nothere: It’s traditon Louise:)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Piano fades into thunder…very cool

Rich Maine: Well dressed patients

Rush: Seven years…

Nothere: See Rich it is a funitarium.

mda19083: piano bar music

Rush: Memories awakened…

Dave: Bulgarian orderly?

Rich Maine: High end joint

HonoluLou: Where’s the tip jar?

Rush: titles…

Rush: Here he comes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is where he needs the self-defense course

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Do you remember who we are?

Nothere: No. Bad madmanl. No pudding for you.

HonoluLou: Sure, Sure!

Rush: Note the titles…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: That’s RUSH over there. And GS, you OUGHTA know him. What, ya blind or somethin’?

OldMovieFan: Just another day in Los Angeles

Rush: when we see them one shows “Seven” and one shows “7”.

Godwinshelley2: That paper said “Interne” – is that a word?

Louise: Pudding? Did someone say pudding?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fortunately nothing else of importance occurred in the world that day…

Rush: Yes, OLF!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Out of the fog, into the smog. Los (with a long “o”) Angeles (with a hard “g”).

Nothere: What flavor Louise?

HonoluLou: MnR, LOL.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: CAR 17 where are you?

Rush: Actual L.A. location…”16th and Flower.”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Rush, should we enter these on GPS?

Dave: Charlie!

Mike n Rachel in DC: City of the Angles, AF

Rush: Might work!

Nothere: Well it did Mike and or Racheal but that was on page two.

Rich Maine: Uncle Charlie!

hounder: ..

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Oh, an ESCAPED lunatic. Why worry, then? He’s out of our worry.

Dave: This…is the city…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: THIS . . is the country.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clue!

Nothere: That isd the window. There is the chair.

Louise: A CLUE!

HonoluLou: Where did he get money to get his suit cleaned?

Rich Maine: Well dressed charity case

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: A CLEW, if you’re in Merrie Olde!

Rush: Kelly..gruff and closed-minded.

Rich Maine: Chop suey!

mda19083: TYSM

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clough in Wales, perhaps

Dave: Good thing Charlie is not rascist…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: FRED ALLEN would be good here. Would it wood.

Rush: Not the best attitude for a good detective!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Remind me to get a golden key.

OldMovieFan: Uncle Charlie

Rush: CC handles him well.

Rush: “The RaceTrack case.”

Louise: We just saw the racetrack case

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: HE saw the movie too!

Rush: Yes!

HonoluLou: From my understanding, Chop Suey was one of the first Asian food introduce to America.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: If only Avalanche could run in this one.

Rush: s “connected.” CC and Lee are heading home following the Race Track Case.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: WOW!!

Louise: Chop Suey is a faux dish I believe introduced at a World’s Fair

Rich Maine: On the nose angel

Rush: Yes, Louise!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Imagine being at a world’s fair (THIS world?) and being introduced to a dish. Oh, the humility.

Nothere: Don’t make me chop your suey.

Rush: When we saw this paper before, the “7” was spelled out as “seven”

HonoluLou: Louise, yes Faux, but apparently it was among the first to go nationwide.

OldMovieFan: Dramatic entrance

Rich Maine: Cold turkey?

Dave: Fur stole sighting

Louise: Silver voice? Screechy

mda19083: i think he wears perfume

Rush: Grey fox fur?

Rush: Silver?

Louise: Yes dave

Rush: louise: 🙂

HonoluLou: She sounds like Gilda, The good witch.

Dave: Like the card…

mda19083: did someone say fox fur?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Theater people are so…dramatic

OldMovieFan: Very good Lou

Matt1: Not the FTD card I’d be expecting

Rush: “Madame knows many people, but she avoids the mad ones.”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Inspector Regan? He’s mentioned in “The Big Clock” (with an”l”), a fave of mine from 1947: Ray Milland with Laughton AND Lanchester!!

Dave: Look at the reaction shots here…

Rich Maine: I avoid the mad ones too

HonoluLou: OMF, is that her?

Nothere: Ah yes the man’s scarf.

Rush: Agreed, Angel!

Louise: Yes Dave: Charlie is looking at them oddly

mda19083: oh the drama

OldMovieFan: The clarity of this DVD copy is wonderful Charlie suit I can see all of it clearly

Rush: Enrico is sort of her manservant!

HonoluLou: And toto too?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I still picture a horse out the window, behind the Chief. The horse—Avalanche or Mr. Ed (i don’t have my glasses) is trying to speak to Chan, knowing CC can lip-read Equine.

Rich Maine: Perfume!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Perfume stinks.

Nothere: Perhaps he’s thinking. I left the wife and kids to deal with these people? Hey just because he’s always polite dosen’t mean he likes everybody.

Rush: Too much perfume can “stink.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Private dick reports in

OldMovieFan: He’s from Charlie Chan in Egypt

Rush: Nice transition…flowers to flowers.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: If we were GOING to get perfume—-which we’re NOT—we’d order COD. Straight from the docks, fresh off the boat, good ol’

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: cod.

Louise: Ah, he’s shgort of cash again

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: DOLLARS, not yuan.

Louise: short

Rush: $6 then…about $90 or more today.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: “Can you promise that?”

HonoluLou: Mon toy…Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie must command high fees for these cases

Dave: nice pile of bills in Charlie’s hands

Rush: YES!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: This guy just tryin’ to move the blooms.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Dave, those are all $500s and thousands.

Dave: yipes!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: TYSM

Rush: “Just cancel the whole thing!”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: He wasted ALL that charm!

Nothere: Actually I don’t think they pay him. He gets a salary from Honolul Pd this is just him working another case.

HonoluLou: There are no bills today over $100.

Rush: Florist not pleased!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Florist got stung!

Mike n Rachel in DC: How much is that in Bitcoin, Rush? B)

mda19083: soup and fish

Rush: yes.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Plenty of FLUTING in this Operatic Architecture.

hounder: i just noticed charlies overcoat had the belt tied to the side. was that a fashion style back then?

Nothere: Now he could have charged a fee in London as the cops were done and he wass called in by a private party.

Rush: I know virtually nothing about Bitcoin…sorry!

Louise: Firecracker

OldMovieFan: That young man is in the Mr. Moto film he’s the rich boy


angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Hounder, good catch. Who’s the fashion firecracker in this joint?

Rush: CREAM!

mda19083: a screamer

Louise: Scream scream

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh yeah…nice catch OMF

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: YOU scream!


angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: FOX screams!

Nothere: Well the one with the biggest fur stole and feather in her hat.

Rush: We see this lady later in another Chan movie…

Dave: she was in the Wax Museum film…

mda19083: Mrs Rock

Rush: YES!

Dave: yup…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OMF, glad somebody came prepared. Are those shades telescopic? Operatic? Bombastic?

OldMovieFan: Good noticing that Dave

HonoluLou: Rush, museum, yes?

Rush: YES!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Tinfoil hats, everyone?

Nothere: Someone check Eric;’s whereabouts.

Rush: All of the above.

OldMovieFan: Lol

Rush: All of the above.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Has anyone seen his whereabouts?

mda19083: the show must go on

Rush: “Frankenstein”

Dona: nice fall

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: How about Frank N. Furter? A DOCTOR, you know.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Love how these folks just trot out on stage with no warm up

Rush: An “in-reference” that the audience is in on!

OldMovieFan: William Demarest character is great

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I LOVE this scene.

Rush: Look for TommY

Rush: There he was!

HonoluLou: Third from right or left?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: In aluminum OR tin, we ALL look alike.

hounder: bedtime be back

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s the uniforms

Rush: Did these guys get any rehersal time???

Dona has left this room

Nothere: PYou might want to disarm them before locating the suspect.

Dave: Wonder what the reaction of the audience was to the scene we just saw…

Dona has joined this room

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: WE were gonna wear overalls for the overture! We wore underwear for the underture, didn’t we? HEY!

Nothere: Hi Donna

Rush: OK, Hounder…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Dona our Dear!!

Dona: I touched something

OldMovieFan: Driving me screwy

Rush: 🙂

Dona: closed the whole thing

Louise: EGG Foo Young: a whole menu

Nothere: Short trip.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: We hope it was something that appreciated it.

Rush: A spat.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I can’t WALK this way.

Rush: Gravel!

Dave: Gravelle!,,

Rich Maine: Yes!

Rush: Nice greeting: “I thought you were dead.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gravel! Asphalt!

Nothere: Gravelle dead?

Rich Maine: Not dead yet

OldMovieFan: I bet you say that to all the guys

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: A lovers’ spat? I’d write I’m Sorry but my letter is outside the approved dimension proportions.

Louise: Gravelle sings tonight

HonoluLou: Run for itQ

Dave: OMF, haha

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Hehe

OldMovieFan: ; :w00t:

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Hoho

Rush: Karloff is GREAT!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Flames!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: A sudden Caezure!

HonoluLou: Flames, all around me!

Rush: Takes the role and runs with it!

Dave: Someone talks in third person…

Rich Maine: Niagara Falls…slowly I turned

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Just tell ’em TYSM and leave.

Rush: 🙂

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Gold Medal Flowers?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: King Arthur?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Pillsbury?

OldMovieFan: Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah angel

Rush: 🙂

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Call me Dusty.

Mike n Rachel in DC: King Arthur, AF. 11% glutn

Nothere: Hey he has the dough

Rich Maine: Rising dampness

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I ALWAYS forget to enclose the THREAT OF DEATH, Damn!

Mike n Rachel in DC: actually, they’re laughing at your singing…

Rush: Should have emptied the waste basket!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Rich, dampness has so many places to go.

mda19083: she was framed

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: TYSM@!!!!!!!

HonoluLou: Wow, a cremated ghost!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: With real creme!

Rush: “Sometime jewel found in ashes.”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I’m too charred to listen. Make a Dictabelt and hit me in the morning.

HonoluLou: Rush, you wise man, you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “this lunkhead cop of yours”

Dave: more comic relief….

Nothere: A ghost writer?

Rich Maine: Casting call…20 Asian men

Rush: The “Chinese mug.”

Rush: Stole from CC, Lou!

OldMovieFan has left this room

HonoluLou: Chip off Ancient Block!

Louise: love the incognito frat bros

OldMovieFan has joined this room

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: A lucky call in Depressed time!

Rush: Wild party!

Nothere: Hel Old timey

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OMF! You fell through trap door! See any Chinese?

Dave: Chip of ancient chop stick in one film…

Rush: We need a cameo from Stan and Ollie here!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have an apple!

Rich Maine: Serving wenches

Nothere: You have to wonder about this college. Everyone just keeps wandering away from it. Is anyone in class?


angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: They put a mouse in her ample bodice.

Rush: The college of performing arts?

HonoluLou: Pass the hyderocloric acid, please.

Dave: Enjoy the CSI moments here…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Marriage of Two Acids, by Timothy Leary & Ken, you know, Ken, dude.

Rush: “Light fingers of Number One Son most alarming.”

Nothere: Tomorrows technology today.

Rush: We see more of his “light fingers” in an upcoming film!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: They coulda just chopped her finger while they were visiting.

Nothere: Theft breaking and entering. Your only now realizing your kids criminal tendencies?

HonoluLou: Last Chance Lilly!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Cheap insinuations were a greater share of worker labor then than now, in 1960.

Dave: Which film did he steal all the towels?

Rush: “…maybe…”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: GOTTA get one of those collars!

Rush: “Broadway.”

OldMovieFan: There’s been a change of plans in the casting

Mike n Rachel in DC: There are two ridiculous costumes for that role?

Rush: Lee “obtained” them on his “olympics” trip!

Dave: Love the look of Gravelles makeup…

Louise: Here we go…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Dave—were the towels indeed took in CC Broadway?

Rush: Cue Harpo and Chico….

Nothere: That understudy is quite a case study.

OldMovieFan: Very good rush

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: She looks a bit like Margaret Thatcher.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: He’s flouncing differently.

Rush: In her youth, perhaps!

Mike n Rachel in DC: And his feather is more droopy

Rush: That woke Kelly up!

Rush: “Stbs her”

HonoluLou: The words translate to “Where is my Cappucinio?”

Nothere: I thought Broadway. But you’ll learn. Never question Rush’s Chan trivia knowledge. You’ll lose every time.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OWENS & CORNING, she fractured me glass eye!

Rush: Lou: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Hm. The last time I heard that voice…”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Uh-oh.

HonoluLou: “Iiiiii have your Cappucino!”

Rush: I love the back stage details and scenes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Car-mel machhiato

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: If she knows Judo she better call him now, and yelling.

OldMovieFan: Come in jujitsu calling jujitsu come in

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Rush. Except that’s not what it’s like backstage

Dave: Here is the frappacinnnnnnnoooooo

Rush: The “incidental” activity.

HonoluLou: She’s saying I want sugar in the Cappucino, and he tells her that’s a sin!”

Rush: She suspects…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: He looks like a ’59 Dodge.

HonoluLou: She say, but they drink it like that in America.

Rush: She knows!

Mike n Rachel in DC: LOL Angel

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: You know it, Lou.

HonoluLou: He says, you ain’t in America, Toots!

hounder: back

mda19083: I always think of ribbon candy when I see that costume

HonoluLou: Sugar, no sugar!

Nothere: Boris on autotune?

OldMovieFan: She plays dead real well

Nothere: Hey Hound

Rush: Great sets.

Louise: Rarely are they really dead

HonoluLou: MDA, lol ribbon candy.

mda19083: wake up

Nothere: Lots of practice Louise. It is opera after all.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: mda: FINE association! I shall take it with me next time to my Granny’s house, to moderate the r.c. she foists on all over there!

Rush: Nice right!

OldMovieFan: Pow right in the kisser

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: POW!

Rush: 🙂

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: bop!

Rush: (tweet….)

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: biff!


Dave: tin can!

mda19083: cue the can

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: Matt?

Nothere: Hell make that canary sing.

Rush: TYSM, Matt….

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: A grude vs. a canary. Pathetic.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: *grudge*

Rush: (I can’t access the tincan pic tonight)

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: It’s beginning to look a lot like opera.

Rich Maine: Dry blood!

Nothere: Sagatooogi Rush

Rush: Pretty agile.

Rush: Yes, NT!

mda19083: he was your husband

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Rusty Boltz—didn’t he play Little Joe’s concealed shoulders in “Bonanza” S3E7?

Rush: (fingernail caught the “g” there, NT!)

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: He HAS got a tiff on. Ethnic? National? Prefers knackwurst?

Rush: Hello!

HonoluLou: Hmmm, nobody there?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: HAha!

Rush: “I did that on purpose!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: moving with cat-like stealth, the cop surprises a potential criminal!

Nothere: No I’m not there. Or here.

Dave: haha, rush!

Rush: Matt?

Matt1: <tin can>

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Lily has wilted.

mda19083: cue the can – again

HonoluLou: Nothing, nothing is wrong.

OldMovieFan: Kill you solve the case already

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Mike n Rachel in DC: can shortage this evening…

Rich Maine: Bye bye Lilly

OldMovieFan: Kelly

Mike n Rachel in DC:alien:

HonoluLou: For Texas, and Miss Lilly!

hounder: they spent a fortune on flowers for this set, even if they aren’r real

OldMovieFan: Judge Roy Bean

Rush: Yes. The “picture” icon is not available tonight!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: What a BOOR.

Rush: “Humility only defense against rightful blame.”

HonoluLou: I love that aphorism, “humility only defense against rightful blame.”

Rush: Yes.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: He’s probably got a b.p. of 55/80.

Rush: That one is so true!

Rich Maine: The show must go on

Mike n Rachel in DC: Understudies get ready. The stars are…um…indisposed.

HonoluLou: Yes, Rush.

OldMovieFan: Lol Mike and Rachel

Rush: This is certainly “the show must go on” to the extreme!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Uh-oh.

Rush: haise longue – (French) An elongated seat or couch with a support for the back at one end and a seat long enough to support the legs and feet.
Whitley: “I laid her on the chaise longue.”

Rush: Chaise

Nothere: So you’ll be playing the role of the brutally murdered person. But relax the same cops who failed to prevent the first murder will be doing what they did when the murder occured.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: TYSM

HonoluLou: Rush, we are beholdin to ya.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Whitley, we don’t need to know about your private affairs…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Then get a two-seater.

hounder: lol@nt

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: MnR: SOITAINLY not!

Nothere: Or a car with running boards.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: *a single tear*

HonoluLou: Gravel hears all!

Rich Maine: Under age? Really?

HonoluLou: Ah, how old is Kitty?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: So every time he sees her he has to say “HELLO KITTY”

Dave: Theater fire?

OldMovieFan: 30

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: TYSM

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: XQP

HonoluLou: A&TF…Lollllll

mda19083: angel/fox – 🙂

Rush: Funny!

Dona: lol

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Foxx wears the top hat in our act. I just catch.

HonoluLou: OK, LoL Fox 🙂

HonoluLou: Is this the big scene?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: The whole of the 20th Century till WW2 was played out against vertical-striped wallpaper.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I’VE heard of seals!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Give the guys a break. They’ve never rehearsed this opera

Rush: Goose-stepping guards…

Dave: Quick time…

HonoluLou: Hmm, he ain’t moving?

Rich Maine: March of the tin soldiers

OldMovieFan: Oh my gosh Rush

Mike n Rachel in DC: Director is making Nazi allusions

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: When he gets to the Olympics (next week?) he can use the alias HELMUT.

Mike n Rachel in DC: So convenient that the opera music accessorizes the movie too

OldMovieFan: Lol angel

Rush: Fast motion…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Old guy can’t hold a candle to Lee.

Rush: 🙂

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OMF, TYSM!!

HonoluLou: Lee can take anyone.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: CC brought brass ring in pocket.

Rush: “Man who ride on merry-go-round often enough finally catch brass ring.”

mda19083: wire photo

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan tech at work!

Dave: More technology

Rush: Teletype.

HonoluLou: Rush, yes.

Nothere: Fine but I’m not getting on the ferris wheel.

OldMovieFan: Sept 23 1933


Rush: oto technology.

OldMovieFan: 1923

Rush: yes!

Rush: Yes!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Those EYES!! They’ll follow you anywhere!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Why Technology.

Rush: I love the explanation for us, the audience!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: What a dork.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Absolutely amazing.

hounder: i bet it took a while to send that pic

HonoluLou: An electic eye? Wow!

Nothere: You just say that because your beind followed Angel.

OldMovieFan: Calvin Coolidge is the president then

OldMovieFan: 1923

Rush: CC is up against the clock…again!

mda19083: hello kitty

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: NOTTY: :-D :-D

HonoluLou: We’ve got 19 minutes.

Rich Maine: Hold the boa!

Dave: Me and my underage girl!,

HonoluLou: I’m taking on a new job today, baby!

Rich Maine: Mann Act violation

Rush: Is he up to the interview?

Nothere: He rejected my Cool with Coolidge slogan. 🙁

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: If only CC coulda got to Prez Harding sooner, he coulda tagged along to Alaska & solved Warren’s murder when it finally occurred.

Rush: Touching scene coming.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: There coulda been a whole other Warren Commission.


mda19083: name that tune

Rush: 🙂

Dave: Aiiiieee! angel/fox….

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Available on 156RPM Vitaphone square discs!!

OldMovieFan has left this room

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OMF?!!

Dave: “sleep, Kitty, sleep….”

Rush: The tears seem to show that she’s recalling something.

OldMovieFan has joined this room

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: He’s got Roxy in his head.

Nothere: Welcome back Old Timey.

Rush: WB, OMF!

OldMovieFan: I don’t know what happen kick me out there for a second

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: OMF, welcome back! No murders in your absence, just more maudlining.

hounder: that’s a nice little iece of music

Rush: Yes.

Dona: Yes hounder

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Available on Vitaphone!]

Rush: Is you mother asleep, Hounder?

Dave: No one will be killed during the touching lullaby sequence….

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Music might have lulled anyone.

HonoluLou: Don’t mess with Chan, Man.

Rush: Very old Chinese wise man once say, “Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own ego. One sometime mistaken for other.”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: My mom loved soothing music. I like country slam rap. Only the techno, though. Not the emo stuff.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Madness twin brother of genius…your brother must be a genius!

Rush: Angel: 🙂

OldMovieFan: Charlie taking charge of the situation

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Chan has perfect interrogator technique.

Nothere: Gravelle is too clever to be trapped. Except for the years I spent locked in an institution, but they don’t count.

Rush: Yes he is.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: I’m getting misty.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gravelle will sing. Better than going to Sing Sing

Rush: OMF, CC does that, doesn’t he!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Jolson sang again.

HonoluLou: M&R lol

Rush: Old Chinese proverb say, “Hsing zhong kong zhu, yuan hsuan wu tu.”

OldMovieFan: He sure does He shows his ability to master

Rich Maine: Isn’t the audience suspicious by now?

Rush: (Translated later!)

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: MnR, you take tonight’s cake!!

HonoluLou: Sing jong kung ku, gwong tchu.

Dave: rush, I must agree

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: TYSM

Rush: Clue!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Don’t know about the audience, but the orchestra is pissed for sure. Need to pay overtime.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: YOU go on or we’re hiring MIDGETS.

Rush: Musicians are getting overtime, at least!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah. Except the first oboe had to leave…child care issues.

HonoluLou: Rush, your aphorism on the post!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Apple with fur flies. What else ya got?

Nothere: Depends Rich. Lily was supposed to be dead, so her disappearance won’t arouse suspicion. Odd opera with the leading lady dead halfway through. But they can pull this off.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Might have a few missing parts with short notice…

Rush: AH!

Rich Maine: That guy in the bubble on stage is really hungry

Rush: And the tuba solo will have to wait.

OldMovieFan: Lol Mike and Rachel

Mike n Rachel in DC: The famous “Come Kill Me” aria

Louise: she freaks when the lights go down

HonoluLou: Translation: She drank the Cappuchino and now she’s dead!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: She gonna shatter my bifocals again, right?

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Here’s you capuccino”

HonoluLou: Translation: “Please, I don’t drink no Cappucino.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: No. A ’59 PLYMOUTH.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “but you’re a Mormon”

Rush: She’s not too happy.

Dave: Get out my old ribbon cannnnnnnnnnddddyyyy….

HonoluLou: Gravel, “Have some Cappuchino, Dear”

Mike n Rachel in DC: “no I don’t drink caffene”

Nothere: Heeyu Prima Dona. I tell you how to sing? Don’t tell me how to work the lights.

HonoluLou: Gravel, “Drink it or I’ll make you.”

OldMovieFan: Look at that grin on Carvel’s face

mda19083: marksmen take aim

Mike n Rachel in DC: “shoot him, his breath is terrible!”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: PLEASE.

Rush: If the show continues to run, they will HAVE to allow Gravell to continue on as Mephisto!

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Night.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night, NT!

mda19083: later NT

Rush: Overzealous officer!

Dave: This coffee cant keep you up…..allllll nigggghhhhttt….

HonoluLou: NT, Good night.

OldMovieFan: Good night thanks for coming

Rush: Good night, NT!

Rich Maine: Who dubs Karloff?

Rush: see you next week!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: To the DEVIL with Mephisto!!

Matt1: Take care NT

Dave: evening, nt

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Olympics”

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is the modern staging of the opera

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Rich, wasn’t it O.Levant hisself?

Nothere has left this room

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Opera swings like a pendulum dew.

HonoluLou: WHAT!

Louise: Hittin’ the pipe again

Rush: Kelly references opium there.

hounder: lol@angel

Rich Maine: Don’t know…need to look up

OldMovieFan: Opium

HonoluLou: The oppium pipe?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Hmmmmm.

Rush: Learns a bit about humility in the end.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Opium, two acids…lots of drug references 🙂

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: No FOXTAIL bloodstains, we should note, too.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Uh-oh.

Rush: Nearing the solution…

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: The Student Prints?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: No such thing as a haf-aria.

Rush: “You are murderess.”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: WOWZA!!

Dave: Similar height…

Rich Maine: Aha

Louise: she done him in?

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Fortunately her hat conducts electricity.

HonoluLou: “He was her man, but he done her wrong!”

Rush: Chaise longue.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: A good, STIFF belt.

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: If only she’d used Lux.

Rush: Well, I guess the marriage is officially on the rocks.

Dave: haha, rush!

HonoluLou: She took that pretty well.

Rush: “Rosebud….”

mda19083: hello kitty

HonoluLou: Rush, lol

Dave: I think he said, “roast beef…”

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: mda

Rush: The translation….

HonoluLou: Charlie, you old sentimental slop, you.

Rush: Kelly comes around, too!

HonoluLou: slob.


Mike n Rachel in DC: Clue!

OldMovieFan: ?

Rush: And…CC adds a slight dig!

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: mda :lol: :lol:

Rush: Escort to the boat!!!

OldMovieFan: Oh that’s a police escort

Dave: It’s daytime there…

Rush: “Case now closed.”

Dona: Big escort

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>


HonoluLou: Case solved!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *applause*

Rush: (Applause…)

Godwinshelley2: Case now closed

Dave: Great ending line…

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Dona: <WAHOO>

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Get thAT GUY outta here!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Exit music

Rush: Closing credits…

OldMovieFan: Woo hoo I made it through a movie I really enjoyed it thanks everybody

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: yay!!

DanVenture: Really put a lid on the Son.

Rich Maine: Excellent choice

Rush: Yes!

Louise: Case closed: Kelly is a bigot!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to have you OMF

Rush: So…

hounder: yay omf

HonoluLou: OMF, great job!

Rush: the end of a truly GREAT one!

mda19083: another great one

OldMovieFan: Wonderful I enjoyed it off thank you very much for a truly great night

Rush: Yes!

Dave: Thanks again for everyone!

HonoluLou: That was a hummdinger!

hounder: thanks for the fun

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: The future “Bub” was Sgt. Kelly!

Dona: Yes another great one! Thank you Rush!

Rush: it was great having you here with us, OMF!

Matt1: Good night and have a great week ahead

OldMovieFan: Hopefully I’ll be able to join you next week as well buddy have a great night I shall see you soon

DanVenture: Another great CC!

Louise: nite all

mda19083: thanks all for a fun outing in the chan chat room

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx!: Always a playzure! Gnite til next!!

Dona: What is next week?

HonoluLou: Thanks again and good night.

Rush: Next week: “Charlie Chan at the Olympics”

Godwinshelley2: Thank you for a Karloff film on my birthday

Dona: Off to Germany

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush: A film with some interesting historical ties!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy Birthday GS!

hounder: it’s always fun with you guys.

mda19083: be well til next week

Rich Maine: See you all next week!

Rush: So, forst, as always…

Godwinshelley2: Thanks everyone

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope to see everyone next week…take care!

Dona: Happy Birthday GS!!!!!

hounder: happy birthday gs

Dave: Happy birthday!

Louise has left this room

Rush: I thank you ALL….so much…for another wonderful evening!

mda19083: happy birthday gs

hounder: nite all.

Godwinshelley2: Have a safe week everyone

angelorgnette/tophatfoxx! has left this room

mda19083 has left this room

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

OldMovieFan has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: may all of you ahve a very happy week!

Rush: Take care…

DanVenture: Have a great week!

Dona: Have a good one everyone!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush: Thank you!

Dave: Many thanks, Rush!

hounder has left this room

Rich Maine has left this room

Rush: My best to you and your mom, Hounder…

Dona: See you next week.

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: Good night, Dave, DV….

Rush: Dona….

Dave has left this room

Rush: Be happy and safe!

Rush: Take care of SoCal for me, Dona!

Dona: You too Rush! Is your family back.

Rush: Should be warming there!

Rush: Back?

Dona: I think 83 today

Rush: 75 here today.

Rush: First day of spring!

Dona: thats nice

Rush: We went out to Omaha this past weekend.

Dona: Wasnt your family out here for a while?

Rush: In June my wife and daughters are flying out to ca.

Rush: As soon as school is over.

Dona: OH! My mistake. I thought they were all ready here

Dona: That makes sense.

Rush: When they return, I am supposed to be gouing to Medjugorje.

Dona: Where is that?

Rush: We shall see what the world condition is…

Dona: Things are a little dicey right now.

Rush: In Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Rush: Near Croatia.

Rush: Former Yugoslavia.

Dona: But my newphew and new wife just got on a plane for Nice, France today. Honeymoon.

Rush: GREAT place for a honeymoon!

Dona: Oh, that would be interesting.

Rush: I love France!

Dona: I hope you get to go.

Rush: We shall see.

Dona: yes I love France too. I have only been once but it was wonderful.

Rush: I have paid for the flight already.

Rush: Charged, anyway!

Dona: I will keep your family in my prayers.

Dona: I understand

Rush: TYSM, Dona!

Rush: Much appreciated.

Dona: i’m going to Kentucky next month

Dona: then vegas for a volleyball tournament for my grandaughter

Rush: My purpose of going there is for a pilgrimage to the aparition site.

Rush: Very goos, Dona!

Rush: (Good) Sounds like fun!

Dona: That would be very interesting. Maybe you can post some pictures when you return.

Rush: I guess I should!

Rush: Thank you for speeding home for the film tonight!

Dona: lol

Rush: 🙂

Dona: i speed home everynight.

Dona: but expecially on Monday’s

Rush: Living two time zones eatst now, time isn’t the factor it used to be!

Rush: (east)

Dona: yes

Rush: There were times when a school staff meeting dragged on and I started to sweat a little!

Dona: I am hoping to join the group when i’m in Kentucky with my Aunt. She is a big fan.

Rush: Really! Wonderful!

Rush: GREAT to hear!

Dona: She just doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Rush: Would love to have her join in!

Dona: so she will sit with me when i’m there and watch the movie with us.

Rush: You can pair up with her!

Dona: She did once before when I was in the Carabean. i can’t spell

Rush: I have trouble at times, too, Dona!

Dona: You have a wonderful evening Rush. I’m going to warm up my dinner.

Rush: For that word, I think of it as the British pronounce it!

Rush: You, as well, Dona!

Dona: Thank you again.

Rush: Take care…

Rush: be well!

Dona: you too!

Rush: see you next week….

Dona: yes

Rush: Only…drive safely!

Rush: 🙂

Dona: lol

Dona: ok

Rush: Good night!

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