Chat Archive 3/23/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 23, 2020

Charlie Chan at the Opera

The Green Hornet (Chapter 12)

Len Freeman
Library Jim
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Rush has joined this room

Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Matt1: Hope you are well tonight

Rush: How are things going for you and yours during this unusual time?

Rush: Doing great, thank you!

Rush: Hope the same for you.

Matt1: Wife is working from home now with me for over a week….sooooooo

Rush: All of our family is working from home, too.

Matt1: House gets smaller each day, as you really can’t go out, if you know what I mean

Rush: The daughters are doing online school…marie and I are teaching from home via online means.

Matt1: Can’t get better home schooling than your place!

Rush: We hope so!

Rush: We DO sneak out when we can, though!

Rush: I still take my 3-mile walks weather permitting.

Rush: And we need to shop for groceries, etc.

Matt1: Good to do so….Still riding bikes, but just the two of us…..No more group rides for the next few months

Rush: Yes.

Rush: We will be cancelling our trip out to Iowa…waiting for summer.

Matt1: Wise move

Rush: No choice, really.

Matt1: It’s just an uncertain time

Rush: Nothing would be open!

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Rush: Yes. Interesting time!

danventure: Good evening!

Rush: DV!

Matt1: True….How is Iowa making out?

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: Hello DV!

danventure: Ha! See, working from home now has a benefit.

Matt1: Commute isn’t too bad!

danventure: Matt, Rush, how are you coping?

Rush: Iowa is in much better shape than Californina…that I know.

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Rush: Hounder!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: Hi rush matt and dan

Rush: Good evening to you!

Rush: How are things going for you, DV and Hounder?

Rush: Matt and I have been sharing about our present lifestyles!

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Matt1: Hello CD!

hounder: matt wasn’t kidding when he says the house gets smaller. and i think i have a sinus infection starting. uggh

Cdirus: Hi guys!

hounder: hi cd


Rush: Understood, hounder!

Cdirus: Hi Rush!

Matt1: Hope you feel better, Hounder

Rush: We are just trying not to get on each others’ nerves!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Well…thank goodness that our Chat Room is virus free!

hounder: thanks. no fever just ear ache and sore throat. makes my teeth hurt.

Rush: No “six foot rule” here!

Matt1: McAfee!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: yes!

Rush: Worthy of Angel!

hounder: saw a meme that said ” i sneezed on my computer and it startedrunning antivirus”

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: lol

Rush: See, we can find some room for humor in all this!


hounder: humor is the only way to survive a struggle

Rush: Just as a trip to the opera with Charlie Chan will be a needed break!

Rush: yes, Hounder!

Matt1: Classic Chan

Rush: Indeed…and Boris Karloff, as well!

Rush: (Oland vs. Karloff”

hounder: always a good chan

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hounder: hi m n r

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening!

Rush: Mike and Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope you don’t mind our masks. 

Rush: Good evening to the both of you.


Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. Ninja!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hai!

Rush: Not at all, regarding the masks!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We hope everyone is staying well.

Mike n Rachel in DC: (and sane)

Rush: Shall we start our Hornet serial?

Rush: Please get set-up…

Matt1: Wasn’t sane before, soooo

Rush: Let’s say…

Matt1: Ready here

Rush: 60 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: All set here

Rush: 50…

Cdirus: There’s a small park in town with a bronze stature of a girl in it. She’s been wearing a hat and scarf for the winter. Today I noticed she was wearing a mask!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can’t lose what we never had, Matt. 

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice, CD. 🙂

Rush: FUNNY, CD!

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Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Len!

Cdirus: Hi Len!

Len Freeman: zOn time

Mike n Rachel in DC: Countdown to Hornet!

Rush: 10…

Rush: GO!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bzzzzz.

Matt1<buzzzzzz, SLAP?

Rush: Buzzzz…indeed!

Len Freeman: Whew — right on the minute!

Mike n Rachel in DC: panic in the zoo?

Rush: AH!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Crazed anteater on the loose!

Rush: WELCOME, Len!

Rush: Just started the Hornet.

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Matt1: Hello Len!

Len Freeman: Nice to be here!

Matt1: Hello Kyre!

Cdirus: Hi kyre!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The orchestra makes the same mistakes every week. lol

Rush: recap…

kyregent: hello rush how are you

hounder: hi len and welcome back kr

Rush: Kyregent!!!!


Rush: It’s been too long!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello KY

Rush: We just started the Green Hornet…

kyregent: hello everyone it has been awhile since I been in your presence

Rush: Train wreck coming???

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hornet to the rescue

Matt1: Good to have you back Kyre!

Len Freeman: It was a dark and stormy night….

Rush: WOW!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear

Matt1: Sounds like self isolation now Len 

Rush: Yes, Kyregent!

Rush: How have you been?

Len Freeman: Absolutely

Len Freeman: Pretty good…. pretty much sheltering in place for 3 weeks now

Rush: Yes.

Rush: No immediate end in sight…

danventure: Nothing conspicuous about a buzzing car. (Maybe an early model Tesla?)

Cdirus: Ever notice that in those days you got in on whichever side of the car and just slid over?

Rush: yes, DV!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well the front seat was one long bench…no console…

Rush: Less traffic, CD!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nowadays you’d wind up impaled on the shift lever

Cdirus: I prefer bench seats, hard to find now

Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush: KG…again, it is great to have you here again with us!

Len Freeman: Nt so bad staying in.. we go for a walk or two every day

Mike n Rachel in DC: We are pretty much holed up in DC…

Rush: I don’t know if you are watching the Hornet serial, but if you need our movie, the link to that is above, too!

Len Freeman: And doing some work via livestream or Zoom

Rush: My school is using Zoom, too, Len.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Grrrrrr tiger

Matt1: Yikes!

Cdirus: our governor just put us on a “stay at home” order starting tonight

Len Freeman: Lindsay and helped our church do a Zoom service this past Sunday

hounder: i’m staying in the house or yrd, but i think lowes is going to run out of paint. everyone seems to be using the time to paint

Rush: Hence the title of tonight’s episode…”Panic in the Zoo.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: A tiger? We were hoping for a rabid aardvark or something cool.

hounder: our county is upgraded to voluntary shelter at home.

Len Freeman: and we’ve started a weekly family Zoom — six households

Matt1: Missing our sound effects!

Rush: Maybe it should be “Panic in the CIRCUS”!

Rush: Yes, Matt.

kyregent: what r y’all watching right now

hounder: pretty tiger

Len Freeman: Good to have the Chan Family to connect with

Mike n Rachel in DC: Maryland just closed all businesses today. DC will probably follow suit tomorrow.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Len.

Len Freeman: Yes Minnesota is pretty much there.

Rush: Len, tonight we get to accompany Charlie Chan to the opera!

Rush: nice break from our present “captivity”!

Cdirus: KG, we are watching the Green Hornet chapter 12. The link is above the chat window

Rush: Yes…sorry, KG…

Rush: We are just over 10 minutes in…

Len Freeman: I saw that… I have it, and will switch over to my laptop so that I can put the film on our bigger screen

Rush: Please jump in!

Rush: I do the same, Len.

Len Freeman: A fun film

Cdirus: That radio set looks like a robot head

Rush: yes.

Rush: I was thinking the same!

Rush: 🙂


Rush: Wild carnival!

Cdirus: Wow!

Len Freeman: No social distancing there

Mike n Rachel in DC: 640 lbs!

Rush: Reminds me of “CC at the Circus!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need a lot of social distance…

Rush: I’ve never liked a crush of a crowd!

Rush: Disneyland can get bad at the wrong times.

Matt1: We did New Years Eve in NYC…..I can’t imagine what this year will look like

Len Freeman: This carnival snips look like outtakes from Wizard of Oz

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably sparse, Matt

danventure: I am dying! A Green Hornet BADGE??

Rush: Well, by next New Year, things can be back pretty much the way they were before!

Mike n Rachel in DC: One can only hope, Rush!

Len Freeman: God willing and the creek don’t rise, as my mother used to say

Matt1: I think the 2nd wave is expected then

Rush: I want one, DV!

hounder: your lips to God’s ears rush

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Rush: Please give a wave to rachel!

Rush: YES to the above, Len!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully we’ll figure out a treatment or vaccine. Then this will go away like it never happened. Until then, it’s going to be a lot of ups and downs…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel waves*

Rush: A rough ride for a while, indeed, mike.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This music seems awfully Spanish…

Rush: YES!

Rush: Maybe stock music!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Are we supposed to be in Mexico or something?

Rush: Something “festive.”

hounder: rough ride for sure. hopefully gen x will wise up ans start social distancing

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ole!

Rush: Yes, hounder.

Rush: FIRE!!!

Cdirus: Run!

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Matt1: Hello Louise!

Cdirus: Hi Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: When the deaths start piling up faster there won’t be any problem getting “social distancing” to happen. It’s just that it doesn’t seem too bad at the moment..

Louise: Greetings Chan Clan!

Rush: All this outside…and a fight, too!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Elephant! Fire! Stampede! Tigers!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Panic at the Zoo!

Rush: There we go!

Len Freeman: HI Louise

Mike n Rachel in DC: Something tells me it’s all happening at the zoo…

Rush: Good evening, Louise!

kyregent: hi louise

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Louise!

Rush: Cliffhaner approaching!

Matt1: A frenzy!

Len Freeman: I think this footage is from a Frank Buck Bring em back Alive Serial

Louise: Hi all. We are doimng our social distancing here in New Jersey. Gave up on being in New York a coiuple of weeks ago.

Len Freeman: Smart move

Louise: UGH. TYPOS!

Rush: yes, len?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Doom of the Underworld?

Rush: Next week…the conclusion!

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Rush: NT!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, NT.

Matt1: Hello NT!

Len Freeman: Have you picked out a next Serial?

Cdirus: Hi NT!

kyregent: I did not know that lions and tigers did not like eachother

Rush: NT…Good evening to you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>. Nice bout between the lion and tiger

Len Freeman: Hi NT

hounder: hi nt

danventure: Considering where the Green Hornet is there, wouldn’t “Doom of the Under-DOOR” bee a better title?

Rush: KG…It seems that they don’t get along…different species.

Mike n Rachel in DC: You have a point, DV. 🙂

Nothere: Ladies and Gentlemen due to several murders and a madman roaming the theatre. Th management will sell a limite number of tickets and aks all patrones to keep 6 feet apart. Also is someone tries to kill you please report to the management.

Rush: Yes…

Rush: 🙂

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks, NT. We feel much safer now.

Len Freeman: Hi Dona

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Good evening everyone!

Nothere: Hi Dona

hounder: hi dona

Len Freeman: BRB .. moving over to my laptop

Louise: Hi dona

Rush: After this serial…we start “Lost City in the Jungle.”

Rush: In April.

Len Freeman: Good serial, with Rusell Hayden and Keye Luke

Rush: DONA!

Louise: April is coming soon!


Nothere: Well that overstates things. How do lose the city when it’s not in the jungle?

Dona: So Glad to be here.

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Rush: Now that we pause between films…I want to take a second to welcome those who arrived during the onscreen mayhem!

Matt1: Cued!

Rush: Welcome Louise, Dona, NT….!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The last time I lost a city in the jungle I had a hell of a time finding it…

Rush: hope that you are ALL doing well during this weird time we find ourselves in!

Nothere: I have not been robbed.

Rush: I need to ready my DVD…

Louise: Weird times indeed. That is why I just had to be here tonight!

Rush: Mike/Rachel: 🙂

Louise: CUED

hounder: that’s a good start nt

Rush: 8 minutes till showtime…!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Desperate times call for desperate measures, Louise. 😉

Louise: I was desperate to be here!

Nothere: You came here to avoid weirdness and I’m here. Say hi to irony for me Louise.

Dona: Ready to go here.

Rush: We were doubly desperate to have you with us!

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Louise: Aww, Rush, that is sweet. Last week I was working on getting both my son and my husband home. Now we are all here.

Rush: Please pause your films at the OPENING TITLE…

Nothere: Welcome back Len

Rush: Good to hear, louise!

Nothere: Back from somewhere interesting?

Matt1: Oland vs Karloff

Len Freeman: 🙂

Rush: 6 minutes…

Louise: I love this movie. Just so you know ahead of time…

Rush: 🙂

Rush: As do I, Louise!

Cdirus: Me too!

Nothere: So noted.

Nothere: Well Oland beat Cheney to his signature role.

Rush: FIVE MINUTES to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clash of the Titans…

Rush: Everyone please welcome Kyregent BACK!

Rush: KG has been away for quite a while!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We always giggle at the “opera” they composed for it. Adorable.

Dona: Welcome Kyregent

Rush: yes, mike/Rachel!


Rush: 4 minutes…

Cdirus: I love the bits in the movie, and wish I could see the rest

Len Freeman: Welcome KG

Rush: Mine’s been idling for a while, NT!

Rush: CD…it’s the WHOLE THING tonight!

kyregent: it is good to be back. Here in KY we are in a state of staying home. I have looked forward to this tonight.

Rush: 3 minutes…


Rush: KG…we are all adrift in that same boat!

Nothere: MI…MI…. MI…. Figaro…Figaro….Figaro.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, CD, it’s sort of “Verdi meets Rodgers & Hammerstein”

Louise: You keep us safe in that boat, Rush

Rush: We shall try!

Rush: No rocking, please!

Rush: 🙂


Nothere: Rolling only in moderation.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ai! Mi coro de sospera! E un surrey con le fringe on top…

Cdirus: Only opera Ive seen is Mozarts Seraglio

Rush: 1:45…

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

kyregent: have y’all been having fun. I have enjoyed the extra sleep

Dona: Okalahoma? MnR

Rush: 60 seconds…

Nothere: <ZZZZZZZ>

Rush: Sleep…alien concept!

Rush: 45 seconds…

Rush: 40…

Mike n Rachel in DC: A little bit, Dona. 😉

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *adjusts mask*

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *wipes surfaces with bleach*

Rush: 5…

Library Jim. has joined this room

Rush: GO111

hounder: hi lj

Cdirus: Hi Jim!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey LJ!


Dona: Hi LJ

Nothere: Hey Lj

Len Freeman: going

Rush: Title and opera score…

Matt1: Hello Jim!

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Matt1: Hello Phil!

phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends!

Rush: Credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gravelle’s big aria!

Cdirus: Hi Phil!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha Phil!

hounder: hi phil

Rush: Just started the film….

Dona: Hi Phil

Rush: 55 seconds in

Cdirus has left this room

phil: Yes, I’m running a bit behind.

Cdirus has joined this room

Nothere: And so one of the few Chan;s with a rain storm. You’d think in 40 or so films there would be more than two that rain. Heck with the Monogram’s you get like six foggy nights.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keep it clean in the sanitarium

Louise: Asylums are creepy

Nothere: Hi CD

Rush: WB…CD!

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Louise: There is another one with rain…

Cdirus: Switched to the big laptop. Easier to see with the TV

Rush: Especially during pouring rain and thunder!

Len Freeman: Same here

Library Jim.: Hi all going to be lagging on the film as my dad is watching with me tonight

Rush: Hello to Dad!

Mike n Rachel in DC: With a weird dude singing opera in the rec room…

Len Freeman: Hi Dad .. welcome

Library Jim.: And couldn’t start on time

Dona: Shanghai Cobra Louise

Matt1: Welcome Jim’s Dad!

Rush: Nice to have you back, LJ!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings to Papa Jim!

Nothere: Every chair chaind to the wall. It’s like they don’t trust the crazy people.

Dona: I think

Cdirus: the Wax museum was storming

Rush: Yes.

Louise: LJ: Your dad is a lagger?

Rush: This orderly was also seen as a driver in “Charlie Chan in Monte Carlo.”

Nothere: Correct Cd. THis and Wax are as far as I recall the only two Chan’s with a dark and stormy night.

Library Jim.: Lol, no but he doesn’t understand video chatting

Rush: Note closely the headline with “seven” spelled out!

Len Freeman: Karloff did a similar duo film in 1947 — Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, with Ralph Byrd and Karloff facing off

Louise: It was raining in that one with the cafe where they had the video jukebox…

Rush: When we see it later at police headquarters, it becomes a “7.”

Nothere: Quick offer him some chocolate.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Headlines…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. A- on the self-defense training for the guard.

Rush: Time progresses…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Walking music.

Rush: melted candle….showing time passing…

Library Jim.: Borisov have a Snickers bar….

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Madman in Los Angeles”. This is supposed to be news?

Louise: Just as background info that I discovered in my recent historic research…

Rush: 16th and Hill…actual L.A. location.

phil: Sgt Joe Friday says “We can’t find him!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Caught the “7” Rush!

Nothere: Heres a question they never explain. He escapes dressed as a guard, but he has regular clothes in LA. Who did he steal them from?

Louise: News on “lunatics” escaping were very common in early 20th century newspapers. Fun to read.

Rush: NT…good question.

danventure: Indeed, Nothere. And always finding clothes that fit.

Mike n Rachel in DC: So this was a theme that viewers would recognize then…

Rush: And another good question!

Louise: Yes, M&R

Nothere: Lunatic too vauge. I’ll need to know what sort of lunatic paper.

danventure: Also, did the guard recover? Couldnt he explain the newspaper and “Lilly”?

Rush: Enter Chan!

Rush: DV…yes…

Rush: “The Race Track Case.”

Louise: The Racetrach Case

Rush: Yes.

Rush: A connection to the last case.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie modest…but wise

Louise: At least Rush spelled it correctly!

Rush: THIS time, Louise….!

Nothere: Merely a typo. We don’t even notice those around here Louise.

Rush: Many a finger’s slip ahead in my case tonight!

Rush: Note the “7”?

Nothere: Oh you wanna compare typos Rush? I accept econd ace o nooone.

Rush: Enter Lilli Rochelle…

Rush: NT: 🙂

Nothere: But first her fur.

Rush: The obligatory fir….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not, however, a white fox fur

Louise: “Say it with flowers!”

Rush: Grey, perhaps…?

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

phil: Man that thing must weigh a ton

Rush: GS!

Nothere: Anyone care for brown?

Godwinshelley3: Evening all

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello GS!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Nothere: Hi God.

Louise: FURRY fur


Rush: How are your parents tonight?

Library Jim.: I’m at lily’s entrance

Cdirus: Red fox maybe

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bracelet over glove?

Godwinshelley3: Missing Opera!

Cdirus: or Artic

Rush: And, Hounder, I neglected to ask about your Mom….sorry…

hounder: hi gs. hope all is going ok

Mike n Rachel in DC: only one Karloff sighting so far GS. 🙂

phil: You’re a few seconds behind Jim. 11:10

Louise: I always liked that bracelet over glove look. Never tried it.

Nothere: For the late commers. The opera due to several murders and a lunatic running around request the audience sit 6 feet from each other, and report any murder attempts to management.

Library Jim.: That’s how far I’ll be behind, but since I’ve seen it will enjoy the comments

hounder: Mom’s mom. today she asked who are you. and so it goes. up and down

phil: 1140

Rush: Seems Sgt. kelly likes NO ONE…

Louise: Nothere: my family has alienated me so no problem here

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice flowers, big guy

Godwinshelley3: I’m getting WiFi while I wait for my Dad’s X-rays to be read in the emergency room – this visit has been filled with the fun

phil: Frank Conway

Mike n Rachel in DC: oof. Sorry, GS

Library Jim.: Baritone? Sounds like a tenor.

Rush: sorry to hear that, GS.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope dad is ok

Rush: may all be well for him…

hounder: xrays? ER? that doesn’t sound good. are you ok?

Godwinshelley3: I’m in the car outside-Mom is in with Dad – I’m not allowed in right now

Nothere: Well I won’t go so far as to say good. But nice to hear you have some advantages God.

Matt1: Pop!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lotus Wong Toy?

Rush: About 50 dollars today…

Rush: Yes, mike!

Nothere: Chan carries quite a wad when travling. Guss Travelers checks haven’t been invented.

Godwinshelley3: So I’m knitting and trying to stay warm

Rush: Another “Toy” of the many mentioned in the Chan series!

Library Jim.: GS know the feeling we just moved my dad into the house after a lengthy stay in hospital and nursing fac0

kyregent: Godwinshelley is your father in bad health I am sorry I will be praying

Rush: “No sale…”

Godwinshelley3: We’re doing ok except for this additional fun

Rush: Yes.

hounder: hugs gs

Mike n Rachel in DC: soup and fish?

Rush: “Soup and fish”

Godwinshelley3: Dad has mild dementia – today pains on his left side and no appetite – unusual

Rush: Period slang for “Suit and Tie.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm

Rush: God bless him…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope it’s nothing, GS

Louise: Battle of the furs

Rush: You are a GREAT daughter, GS.

Godwinshelley3: Anyways dropped in to say I’m still around – and hope to join you again some time this year

Dona: We miss you GS

Louise: Hi GS

Mike n Rachel in DC: Please take care and keep everyone healthy, GS!

Rush: (SCREAM!!!)

Godwinshelley3: Plus I’m missing Karloff!!

Dona: Prayers for you Dad and your family

hounder: hugs and prayers gs

Library Jim.: Dad asks what number son is this? #1. Yes?

Rush: take care, GS…

Godwinshelley3: Night all – enjoy Boris.

Len Freeman: Hugs GS

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ciao GS

Rush: Yes…our prayers to you and your parents….

phil: Take care GS

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

kyregent: It is # 2 son isn’t

Matt1: Take care GS

Library Jim.: Night GS, blessings

Len Freeman: And for your family too Hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is #1 son…

Rush: A recent record turnout here tonight…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cute line

Len Freeman: Good line

Rush: “Frankenstein” mentioned.

Nothere: And there are 13. Fortunatly I’m Nothere so its only 12:)

Cdirus: He’s going to skewer someone with that pike

danventure: Wow! I am ROTF–Frankenstein!

Rush: Look for Tommy!

Rush: Third one…

Rush: There!

Louise: Funny scene

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, we’re two, so it’s either 14 or 13, NT, depending on how not here you really are

Rush: True, Mike!

Rush: And, LJ’s dad is with him.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is a very luxurious backstage area, btw

Library Jim.: Yep

hounder: hi lj’d dad

Nothere: These college guys sure did get organized in a hurry. Wonder if they were told a dangerous lunatic would be in the theather before they volunteered.

Nothere: Ah yes. Hello Racheal and or Mike.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I bet it was “costume night” at the frat house.

Library Jim.: So add one for the Dad of LJ!

Louise: We got lots tonight

Rush: NT..another thing for us to ponder!

Nothere: Hello LLJ

Nothere: sdad.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee cleverly chose the “medieval warrior” theme so they’d be ready

Rush: They HAD to have rehearsed…and there would have been others in those “extra” roles in the first place!

Rush: Gravelle!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can you imagine casting the roles of “18 Chinese pikemen”?

Louise: I had a vanity table like that: kidney shaped

Nothere: Hey Gravelle good to see you. Been working out?

Library Jim.: They might have already been cast and Lee just asked to be added in

Rush: Maybe that’s why Chan and Lee originally wanted to attend the opera…to see Lee’s friends in the opera?

Nothere: Your so vain. You problably think this post is about you.

Mike n Rachel in DC: What a coincidence, Louise. I once had a kidney shaped like a vanity table. 🙂

Library Jim.: That’s my theory, Rush.

phil: I have a kidney shaped like a vanity table.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And these dressing rooms…there are apartments in LA smaller than this.

Rush: Yes.

Nothere: I have a table shaped like a table. Not interesting, but best I can do about the conversation.

Louise: Ain’t no coincidences if TWO of you have weird kidneys

Rush: 🙂

Louise: Make that 3 of you

Nothere: One is an anomaly, two a coincidence, three is a pattern.

Rush: True.

Library Jim.: Gravelle refers to himself in the third person.

Rush: Yes he does.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And four kidneys are…dinner!

Rush: I’ll pass…

Cdirus: Yuck

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quite good, Rush, but they have to be prepared properly

Cdirus: Chopping up and putting into the composter?

Rush: Yes, these “spear-carriers” HAD to have originally been a part of the opera casr.

Dona: Yes CD

Louise: Can’t compost raw meat

Nothere: And now Charlie will show why he’s Hawaii’s #1 homicide detective. Master of blood splatter, and chemical reactions on burnt things. If there is an advanced police procedure Chan knows it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And he can read Chinese…multi talented!

Library Jim.: Cremated ghost of card. CC has a way with words

Rush: I HOPE he can!

Rush: Poetic.

Nothere: Well the local cop isn’t totally useless. He knows what chop suey is.

phil: There’s the answer, they’re all Lee’s frat brothers.

phil: But look, not one of them to be seen on the stage.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The famous Tavern Scene that leads directly into the sinister murder!

Rush: Yes, Phil.

Nothere: How’d you like to be the janitor who has to clean up after this dining scene?

Library Jim.: Nice set

Rush: So, again, Chan and Lee probably had planned to see this opera before the fact, to see Lee’s frat brothers.

Nothere: Cheap insinuations? Do you know how much I paid for those insinuations?

Rush: Also, Lee must have at some point attended a Los Angeles college.

Rush: USC, probably, as we later see Jimmy going there.

danventure: Excellent notion, Rush!

Nothere: This guy names three legends and ends with him. Ego much?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Karloff’s feather is much better

Rush: A bit of a guess…but POSSIBLE, DV!

phil: High drama at the opera

Mike n Rachel in DC: Action-packed first act

Rush: Everything about Karloff will prove to be better!

Mike n Rachel in DC: applause:

Library Jim.: Of course, HE’S KARLOFF

Mike n Rachel in DC: So if she gets killed in Act I, what happens in the next act or two?

phil: Didn’t spock wear visors like that on an episode of star trek?

Library Jim.: oops, caps lock!

Len Freeman: This is a greatscene

Mike n Rachel in DC: The reincarnaton?

Rush: Yes!

Rush: d she noted the difference in voices immediately!

Rush: (And)

danventure: I didn’t know Boris could sing so well. Wow.

Library Jim.: dubbed DV

Rush: She’s engaged in a good case of “method acting”!

phil: I think that type of collar might make a comeback

Library Jim.: Elizabethan neck brace

Louise: Being stabbed will do that to you

Nothere: And now to translate. Hey Baby I’m the devil. Thought I’d drop by and see about making a trade. Typical stuff. I’ll take your soul, but if you agree now. I’ll throw in a fre puppy. Wanna see me horns?

Rush: Tudor Williams provided Karloff’s singing voice.

Louise: Nothere: very quick translation

Louise: Happy National Puppy day!

Cdirus: I want to see the puppy!

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: Is it?

Rush: TYSM…Matt…

Mike n Rachel in DC: TYSM, Matt

Louise: Yes Rush

Nothere: For Lilly yes.

Nothere: For Barelli…?

Rush: Very nice, Louise.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Why does the Devil need to use a dagger? Can’t he just steal her soul or something cool?

Nothere: So this is the dressing rooms where women will be changing. I see put a trap door in the roof.

Rush: Hm.

Nothere: Yes he can Micheal and or Rcheal, but he’s feeling lazy today.

Library Jim.: Yep!

phil: Sounds reasonable to me,

Rush: CRASH!!!

Nothere: BASH!!!

phil: cue the can

Rush: Number two…

Rush: Matt?

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: TYSM..Matt..

Matt1: Delayed

Rush: “Humility only defense against rightful blame.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lili e morta

phil: Ah, that’s what I like, a growing body count,

Rush: This is the ULTIMATE in “The Show Must Go ON!”

Nothere: I have a question of can etiquette. If a person is declared dead, but not dead. And later dies. Do we can the declared death, actul death, or both?

Nothere: phil do you ever see a reviwer called Decker Shado?

hounder: brb dog walk

Mike n Rachel in DC: One of the finger points of Chan viewing, NT.

Nothere: Hounder walks the hund.

Rush: That would require a later “retraction,” NT!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *finer


Mike n Rachel in DC: I would say that the actual death is the “can-able” one

phil: A “reviwer’? NT

Rush: We could term that a “Sleeping Beauty” error.

Nothere: movie revwier of horror films to be precise. He loves to go “And the body count rises.:”

Rush: Gravelle listens in…

Rush: Yes, NT.

phil: laughing.

Louise: Can etiquette!

Nothere: Anyway the fat woman hasn’t sung, but this is where I leave you. May the gentle strands of Lilly’s singing fill your thoughts until I am Not here agin.

Rush: An elopement is far better than murdering a parent unwilling to give consent!

Library Jim.: Night, Not.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, NT. It’s always a fun when you’re not here. 🙂

Dona: Goodnight NT

Rush: But, i guess she’s under age…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Point taken Rush

Rush: TYSM, NT…and good night….

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Goose-stepping?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do these guys do anything besides march onto the stage?

Rush: We never see them on stage.

Library Jim.: William Demarest always played a good role

Rush: Yes, LJ!

phil: They march on stage and promptly disappear.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And what is the plot that has a debauched party in a tavern, the murder of a young woman by the devil and an army of pikemen all in the same act?

Cdirus: That’s why I want to see the rest!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clearly they left out the scene with the elephants for this film…

Dona: He was in a hurry

Rush: Gravell obeyed the sign on the door, at least.

Rush: A display of “new” technology….

Rush: Wire Photo.

Library Jim.Rush: Are theater prop rooms always that jumbled?

Louise: Yes, theatre prop rooms are weird

danventure: Never knew they had “fax” machines then.

Rush: H. Bruce Humberstone’s trademark!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always a highlight, Rush!

Rush: We saw some of this “explanation” of the technology in “Race Track,” too.

Rush: Mrs. Joe Rocke!

Library Jim.: Fax machines invented by Alexander Bain in 1843

Rush: Another “race against the clock”!

Rush: It’s amazing when we look at the roots of inventions, LJ!

danventure: Fax in 1843? How so, LJ?

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I’m not going to hurt you.” Always a winning opening line.

Rush: It would have been the concept was developed that eventually led to the Fax.

Rush: yes, Mike!

Rush: A touching scene, here.

Rush: Shows Karloff’s range of acting.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is where they needed Karloff.

Library Jim.: He transmitted images by telegraph but it wasn’t until Xerox perfected the tech in 1964 and made it affordable that they became popular

Mike n Rachel in DC: This could have been just corny with an average actor

Rush: Tearing eyes show that she was starting to rmrmber…

Rush: So true, Mike.

Library Jim.: Right Rush (re concept of fax)

Rush: Yes.

Louise: Pull that phone box out.

Rush: Television has a similar developmental history, going back pretty far!

Rush: Very old Chinese wise man once say, “Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own ego. One sometime mistaken for other.”

Louise: I live in the world of music…and an asylum

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel sez world of music is better than the asylum

Rush: “Gravelle sings TONIGHT!”

Rush: Rachel…I agree with you!

Louise: Old Chinese proverb in Chinese

Rush: Old Chinese proverb say, “Hsing zhong kong zhu, yuan hsuan wu tu.”

Len Freeman: so you sat

danventure: Actually, a sad tragedy. Like Phantom of the Opera or Abomible Dr. Phibes.

Rush: Yes.

Library Jim.: Played on his vanity

Louise: That Chinese dick…

Rush: Unwise officer who eat apple not yet ripe get official tummy ache.

Louise: Is that the same voice as the woman who was killed?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And the orchestra is out of tune in the same places… 😉

Rush: Zari Elmassian: Madame Rochelle’s singing voice

hounder: I’m sorry, I can’t keep my eyes open. see you next week. be safe y’all

Rush: Okay, Hounder….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night hounder. Have a good week!

Dona: Have a good week Hounder

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sleep well!

Rush: See you next week.

Rush: Take care…

hounder: thank all.

Library Jim.: Night Hounder

Rush: TYSM.

Rush: Be safe.

Cdirus: Does anyone have a translation of the italian?

hounder has left this room

Rush: No, but it would be very possible.

Mike n Rachel in DC: No…can just pick out a few words. Has anyone written it down?

Louise: triffer happy

Louise: trigger

Mike n Rachel in DC: Might be a fun “quarantine project” for the musicians. 😉

Library Jim.: It says {singing in Italian}

Rush: If one could get a copy of the opera made for this movie…that would be one way.

Mike n Rachel in DC: (cantando in italiano)

Louise: hittin’ the pipe again

Rush: If anyone knows anyone who speaks italian, that would be the easier way.

Mike n Rachel in DC: or just repeated listenings

Rush: Yes…that too!


Mike n Rachel in DC: The translation isn’t the problem…it’s distinguishing all of the little words

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’ll give it a shot…watch the message board.

Rush: Mike’s last suggestion in that case!

Rush: Sounds like a fun thing to anticipate, Mike!

Rush: Little by little…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Caught!

Rush: Just like the way Chan deduced the killer in this one.

Rush: YES!

Rush: “Chaise Longue”….”Long Chair.”

phil: the jig is up lady

Rush: Yep.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Happy ending, though…

Rush: “…and then he starts to meow…

Mike n Rachel in DC: “impetuous marksman”. Can you imagine what that cop would be called today?

phil: just as long as he doesn’t start chasing little birds.

Rush: On the carpet.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need the bodycam footage

Rush: Not developed yet!

Rush: Sgt. kelly comes around!

Rush: When fear attack brain, tongue wave distress signal.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Son comes through…a little too late as usual

Rush: Police escort to the docks!

Matt1: Now that’s an escort!

Rush: YES!

Rush: “Case now closed.”

Dona: Much catch the boat

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: Send their bags to Honolulu.

Louise: YAY!

Len Freeman: YAYYYY

Rush: Closing credits….

Mike n Rachel in DC: A top-10 for sure…one of the very best


Dona: YAY!!!!!

Rush: (Applause)


Rush: Well…a GREAT one…yes?

Len Freeman: A TOP Chan

danventure: Amen, Len!

Cdirus: Yes Len!

Dona: another good one Rush.

Mike n Rachel in DC: A+

Rush: Next week…we go to the Olympics!

Dona: Yes!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a good and healthy week

phil: Until next week Chan friends adieu!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully they won’t be postponed, Rush!

Dona: Night Matt

phil has left this room

danventure: Stay safe and healthy all!

Cdirus: Stay safe everyone!

Rush: So, get your paddle ready, Mr. Chan!

Library Jim.: Good night all from my dad and myself.

Cdirus has left this room

Rush: Lee’s on the swim team!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all, stay safe!

Dona: Goodnight Len and Dad

Len Freeman: Stay home, stay healthy, see you next week

Rush: Good night LJ…and Dad!

Louise: Nite all!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice to see everyone…goodnight LJ & Dad!

Rush: take care, everyone!

Len Freeman: Goodnight Dona

danventure: Thanks again, Rush! CU

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Be happy…safe…and stay healthy!

Len Freeman: Our best to your Dad LJ..

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great night. See everyone next week.


Dona: Stay well everyone!

Rush: Welcome home, Kyregent!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Louise has left this room

danventure has left this room

Rush: Good to see you again, too, LJ!

Rush: Have a GREAT week!

kyregent: thanks I will be back next week

Library Jim. has left this room


Dona has left this room

Rush: See you then, KG!

Rush: Len…take care.

Rush: Good night….

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Good night, Kyregent…!

kyregent: good night I have a few minutes left on film18:27

kyregent: that was good

kyregent: see you next week be safe

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