Chat Archive 3/25/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 25, 2019

Charlie Chan at the Opera

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 12)

angel & fox
Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush has joined this room16:18

Rush: TEST.16:18

hounder has joined this room16:28

Rush: Hello, Hounder!16:28

Matt1 has joined this room16:28

Rush: Good evening, Matt!16:29

Matt1: Hello Hounder 7 Rush!16:29

Matt1: &16:29

hounder: hi matt and rush.16:29

Rush: How are the two of you tonight?16:29

Matt1: Doing well, thx….hope you both are too16:29

Rush: Doing well, thank you.16:30

hounder: just fyi, i may be absent for a couple weeks. I have company coming, will get a short 2 day vacation, and my computer has to go back to dell to be serviced.16:30

Rush: Before we get going tonight, I wanted to ask if you both could run the show on April 15.16:30

hounder: i’m going to disney the 8th and 9th.16:30

Rush: I have a baseball game to go to that night.16:30

hounder: dell willing I should be able to16:31

Matt1: I should be around, but plz remind me via email?16:31

Rush: Of course! Thank you!16:31

hounder: and me as well please16:31

Rush: And thank you, too, Hounder. Understood on the commitments!16:32

Rush: I might be able to drop in via my cell phone that night for a little while.16:32

hounder: i love you guys, but come on. a night to myself at disneyworld. lol16:32

Rush: Have fun at Disney World, Hounder!16:32

Matt1: I haven’t tried that yet….works well?16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:33

Matt1: Hello M & R!16:33

Rush: I think it works on mine. I have an Android.16:33

hounder: thank you. my sister is coming and is going to stay with mom so i can get a break.16:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all!16:33

Rush: Good evening, Mike/Rachel!16:33

hounder: hi m n r16:33

Matt1: Have fun Hounder….we LOVE WDW16:33

hounder: me too matt. haven’t been in a while though16:34

Rush: If you haven’t already, please take a look at our growing Chat Archive!16:34

Matt1: Ok!16:34

Rush: Louise has sent me a bunch of files of screen captures that she made during a number of our Monday evenings.16:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mike has been prowling that and other goodies in the “family home” recently. A+16:35

Matt1: Very nice16:35

Rush: Taking some time to reformat them, but it’s coming along.16:35

Rush: The oldest goes back to 2010.16:35

Rush: They are not the complete Chats, but are at least partial records.16:36

Rush: We have one of our Halloween parties up for viewing…from 2012, I think.16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Future historians will thank you, Rush. 16:37

Rush: TYSM, M/R.16:37

Rush: I hope that this site will withstand the ravages of time!16:37

Rush: Nearing its 20th anniversary (2021).16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Someday an aspiring PhD candidate will be writing a dissertation…16:38

Matt1: I’m sure it will!16:39

Rush: My last two posts took a while to post. Are any of you having the same thing happen?16:39

Matt1: Perhaps a daughter named Glick? 16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes…things seem to be a little slow at the moment16:40

Rush: Oh, well…16:40

Matt1: Yes, 30 sec or so delay16:41

Rush: That one took nearly a minute!16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dr. Rachel Glick…16:42

Matt1: I would suggest you don’t start films Rush until you see your post, posted?16:42

hounder: cool rush. i’ll have to check out the archives16:42

Rush: This will make things a bit tough if it continues! I don’t think countdowns will work.16:43

Matt1: Wow, that was long….Going to try to refresh room16:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah. Good thinking, Matt.16:43

Matt1: Back16:44

Rush: So, yes, we will simply say “GO” when we run the films tonight. Please get “Smilin’ Jack” ready to run!16:44

hounder: internets slow here as well16:44

Matt1: Refresh room folks16:44

Rush: Now it seems to be working!16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Test16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay!16:44

Rush: Working for me again!16:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt = smart16:44

Rush: Back to normal!16:44

Matt1: Ditto16:44

Rush: PHEW!16:44

Matt1: Matt+Lucky16:44

hounder: ready here16:44

Matt1: Cued16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: 16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ditto.16:45

Matt1: We’ll need to remember that trick16:45

angel & fox has joined this room16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi A&F!16:45

Matt1: Hello A & F!16:45

hounder: hi angel and fox16:45

angel & fox: It has taken me 15 minutes to ACCIDENTALLY get in here!!16:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: Excellent accident.16:45

hounder: ouch angel. glad you made it though16:46

angel & fox: Anybody else having trouble? Like getting into a circular circle?16:46

angel & fox: HAS Smilikn jack started?16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: We were just having a little “chatroom moment”16:46

Rush: Okay!16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: Smilin Jack is still on the runway, Angel.16:46

Rush: Let’s get “Smilin’ Jack” going!16:46

Rush: Everyone ready?16:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: Contact!16:46

Rush: Okay!16:46

Rush: 30 seconds…16:46

Rush: 20…16:47

Rush: 15…16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clear!16:47

Rush: 10…16:47

Rush: 5…16:47

Rush: GO!!!16:47

Matt1: <gong>16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: <zoom>16:47

Rush: :)16:47

Rush: Take-off!16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Graduation music16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cue the bomb16:47

Matt1: How many episodes are left?16:47

hounder: sounds a bit like graduation music16:48

Rush: I got a gall from my wife and I need to pick up daughter Rachel from after school basketball practice.16:48

Rush: I will be gone for about 45 minutes…16:48

Matt1: Take you time16:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: We will hold down the fort, Rush16:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: (with the help of Smilin Jack)16:49

Rush: Matt, could you do the honors of starting “Opera” in my absence, please?16:49

Matt1: No problem!16:49

Rush: TYSM, M/R.16:49

hounder: be safe til you get back16:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: And have Rachel practice her free throws. :)16:49

Rush: Also, the episode we are watching now seems to run into the next one after closing credits. just be aware of that.16:50

Rush: Okay..I have to run…back as soon as I can!16:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK, Rush.16:50

Rush: ‘Bye for now…16:50

hounder: anyone notice that gun was aimed down?16:50

hounder: 5 shots in that revolver? not 6?16:51

Matt1: Take care….see you soon16:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: A five-shooter?16:51

angel & fox: See ya, matt!16:51

hounder: matt is staying, rush had to leave for a bit for family dtuites16:52

angel & fox: Do i have the CORRECT installment? Who’s getting bombed here? I’m on the “Pat Morris” 13-segment YouTube entry, #12 of the 13.16:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: FvT up to her usual tricks…16:52

Matt1: Test16:52

angel & fox: I see a woman named Trudy with a Connie Conehead hairdo.16:53

Matt1: Having chat room issues again16:53

angel & fox: Matt1, YOU TOO?16:53

angel & fox: Francis Gary Powers, i DIDN’T mean U2 when i said YOU TOO. You too, Bono, didn’t mean you either.16:53

angel & fox: “Thanks Marlene, & so long.” Familiar? No?16:54

angel & fox: Fraulein von Truffle is in here somewhere.16:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: But…but…how do we know this is real?16:55

angel & fox: Sounds like she’s got on—in 1943!—to the same trick that put a recent Prez on the tube saying some Very Surprising words.16:55

angel & fox: CHUNGKING16:56

angel & fox: Bongbong at doordoor.16:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s the Russians!16:56

Matt1: Like a Oland film with new technology16:56

angel & fox: “We can use that”. THERE’S a line that just SHOUTS, “MOVIE AHEAD”!16:57

angel & fox: Honolulu Gazette.16:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Elaborate doorbell16:57

Matt1: Boy do I miss sound effect now 16:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol16:57

angel & fox: I’m seeing a Big Signature, with Big Secret to be revealed. Am i in right movie? Right year? 16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah so. Philip Ahn in full regalia.16:58

hounder: and still they trust her16:58

angel & fox: “It’s squarely up to me”; You LOOK squirrelly to ME.16:58

angel & fox: I see P.A. & he IS in regalia. Am i close?16:59

angel & fox: RADIOGRAM.16:59

angel & fox: Mountain peeks.16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think you’re just a little ahead, A&F16:59

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room16:59

Godwinshelley2: Howdy all17:00

angel & fox: Man-Dan answering TBS. Turner Broadcasting?17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello GS!17:00

Matt1: Hello GS!17:00

Godwinshelley2: It’s Karloff night – yea!!17:00

angel & fox: Nah, it’s only ’43. Must be TUCKER Broadcasting.17:00

angel & fox: GS!!!17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Man-done?17:00

Godwinshelley2: brb17:00

angel & fox: “We must act quickly”: I thought you WERE acting.17:00

Nothere has joined this room17:00

Matt1: Hello NT!17:01

Nothere: Has anyone seen my bolts?17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello NT17:01

angel & fox: Notttttttttttty! Have a piece of fine China!17:01

Nothere: Thanks Angel.17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: You mean the ones for your neck, NT?17:01

hounder: better hurry. da plane da plane17:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: de plane, boss17:01

angel & fox: There WAS a record made that holds the whole truth. You play it backward.17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: You play it backwards, and it sounds like the Beatles…17:02

Nothere: Yeah Mike and or Racheal. Hate for my head to fall off. I won’t be able to hear the opera.17:02

hounder: the record will only convince then if it isn’e broken before they hear it17:02

angel & fox: Yesss!!17:02

angel & fox: Yoko Ono MUST be involved here someplace.17:02

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH. Etfu Ahmad is back.17:03

angel & fox: You want Tibet?17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops! Wrong record!17:03

Nothere: Long as I don’t have to bid aganinst Lamaont Cranston for it.17:03

angel & fox: Etfu Ahmad, the former Damha Ufte!17:03

angel & fox: NOBODY bids against the Great & Powerful Cranston!17:04

angel & fox: “Just what is the ordeal?”: You ask that NOW?17:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Man Done Ordeal!17:04

hounder: seems to me a body would have checked to make sure he had the right evidence17:04

Nothere: Well if you have a body, your doing well. But yeah check the body.17:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: But this is Smilin Jack, hounder. Very brave, but not so smart sometimes…17:05

angel & fox: Can’t we have an AND deal?17:05

Matt1: Has he smiled yet?17:05

hounder: too true m n r17:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like “Frowning Jack” at the moment…17:05

angel & fox: Coupla cranks.17:05

Nothere: Maybe it’s ironic. He’s called smiling because he never does.17:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah. And his real name is Fred. 17:06

angel & fox: Notty, i think YOU have solved the Existential Riddle!17:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm.17:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: Get it together, drummers!17:06

angel & fox: SINKING THE RISING SUN17:07

Nothere: Frowning Fred? That works. Smiling Jack should have objected to the nickname.17:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: This looks bad.17:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Flaming death awaits!17:07

angel & fox: MnR: Movie looks bad. This looks worse.17:07

angel & fox: Flaming death is always there first. Must wait.17:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH NO!17:08

Matt1: Blister?17:08

angel & fox: YOKO!17:08

Nothere: Yeah Flaming Deqaath. I know you’ve been waiting. But it’s gonna be another 5 ten years.17:08

Matt1: THE END17:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sinking the Rising Sun coming up..the 13th and FINAL chapter next week!!!!17:08

angel & fox: MERCIFULLY!!17:08

hounder: that would be when you needed not to trip17:08

Mike n Rachel in DC: Exciting!17:08

angel & fox: Can we surrender NOW?17:08

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here17:08

LibraryJim has joined this room17:08

Nothere: I surrender to Rachela.17:08

hounder: nice to see something new though17:08

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:09

Nothere: Hi Jim17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello LJ17:09

LibraryJim: hello all, ready and cued up to title screen!17:09

Nothere: So Jim were surrendering. Who do you want to surrender too?17:09

angel & fox: Headed for drydock here, will set sail with Cap’n Boris at X bells.17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder if anyone has ever binge-watched Smilin Jack?17:09

Phil has joined this room17:09

Nothere: Hi Phil17:09

angel & fox: Swords accepted at coat check.17:09

Matt1: Rush is picking up Rachel…..Plz cue film17:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Phil.17:09

hounder: hi lj17:09

angel & fox: Howdy Phil, and LJ!17:09

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:09

Nothere: So Phil who re you gonna surrender too.17:10

Phil: AAALLLOOHHHAAA! to all my Chan friends!17:10

Matt1: 5 Minutes!17:10

Phil: Good to see you all here this evening.17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha, Phil.17:10

hounder: hi phil17:10

LibraryJim: I think watching the old serials is like watching 12 part Masterpiece Theater presentations, miss one episode and totally lost!17:10

Nothere: Racheal isn’t here. Fine. I suppose I’ll surrender to Mike. But I won’t smikle.17:10

Matt1: 4Minutes17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel is here…just making popcorn!17:11

Matt1: Opera link is above17:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: We feed all of our captives…popcorn17:11

Nothere: THen I still surrended to Racheal.17:11

Godwinshelley2: Yes we are popping corn as we type17:11

Phil: Hi Hounder, M&R, LJ, GS, Matt, NT, LJ and RUSH!17:11

angel & fox: LJ, sometimes the lost are to be envied.17:11

angel & fox: POP! CORN!!17:11

Nothere: And missing an episode is what the recap is for. Even if the recap rarely matches with the last episode.17:11

Phil: If I missed anyone, my sincere apologies.17:12

Cdirus has joined this room17:12


Matt1: 3 minutes to go…..Everyoned Cued to Opening title?17:12

Nothere: Hi Cd17:12

Phil: Hi CD17:12

Matt1: Hello CD!17:12

angel & fox: MANY would surrender to Rachel. I think there’s a limit, or she’d be lousy with swords.17:12

Cdirus: Hi everyone!17:12

angel & fox: Cued in Boston!17:12

angel & fox: Cd!! Our periodic element!17:12

hounder: ready here17:12

LibraryJim: Hi CD!17:13

hounder: cd17:13

Phil: Pittsburgh standing by.17:13

Matt1: 2 minutes until showtime!17:13

Rush: Back!17:13

Phil: Matt, have you assumed Rush’s role of ringmaster?17:13

Matt1: Cue up Rush!17:13

Cdirus: periodic? Chemistry was my worst subject :(17:13

Mike n Rachel in DC: brb…microwave emitting smoke…17:13

LibraryJim: clear the airlanes! oh, wait wrong show — stand by the curtain!17:13

Nothere: Pittsburg reporting in. Still no signal from New York. I think we may have lost them.17:13

Matt1: tic-toc17:13

hounder: that was fast rush17:13

angel & fox: Mr. & Mrs. America, and the former Mrs. America and her life partner, and the pets & surrogate pets of each, and all the ships at sea, READY!17:13

Rush: I might even make our start….17:13

Matt1: ONE minute!17:14

Phil: PittsburgH NT. With an “H”17:14

Rush: Ready!17:14

LibraryJim: quiet on the set!17:14

Matt1: 45 seconds17:14

angel & fox: fOX!17:14

Nothere: Lights17:14

Matt1: 30 seconds17:14

Rush: :)17:14

Nothere: Camera17:14

angel & fox: Figaro figaro fiiiiiiigaro!17:14

Matt1: 15 seconds17:14

Matt1: 1017:15

Matt1: 517:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: *sounds A to tune orchestra*17:15

LibraryJim: shave and a haircut — two bits17:15

Nothere: Action17:15

Matt1: GO!17:15

Phil: GONE BABY!17:15

Rush: “GONG”17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: *cues trombones*17:15

angel & fox: Warner Oland VS. Boris Karloff!!17:15

Nothere: Does Humberstone have much limestone?17:15

Matt1: A lot of pressure with Rush here17:15

Rush: Baratone already singing….17:16

Matt1: 17:16

angel & fox: Oscar Levant!17:16

LibraryJim: You know, I always thought it was “Earl DEER Biggers”.Surprised to see it was DERR17:16

Rush: The sanitarium….17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s not over until the baritone sings…17:16

Nothere: Werelof meets Frankenstein.17:16

hounder: it was a dark and stormy night….17:16

angel & fox: LJ…we learn something every other day!17:16

Rush: Yes, LJ.17:16

Rush: I think that a Monogram picture misspells it as: “DER”17:16

angel & fox: This goose gives me jobflesh.17:16

Rush: :)17:16

Rush: I made the pick-up in record time!17:17

angel & fox: WENT daffy?17:17

Nothere: On of only three Chan films with a rainy night I think. Wax museum was the second. Can’t recall the third.17:17

LibraryJim: My but the studio gave him a nice voice17:17

Rush: Karloff…as Gravelle….17:17

angel & fox: Maybe it was A Dark And Rainy Chan.17:17

Rush: Yes, LJ!17:17

Matt1: One of my favorites17:17

angel & fox: THAT’S my Boris!17:17

Rush: My belated greetings to everyone! I had to step out for a while…!17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: You would think that a random dude in a sanitarium with a voice like that who knows an opera by memory would be relatively easy to identify…17:18

Rush: Notice this newspaper’s headlines…17:18

angel & fox: Rush, we always SUSPECT your presence.17:18

Rush: The word “seven” is spelled out.17:18

Matt1: Suuuuuuuuuuure17:18

angel & fox: Rochelle, Rochelle!17:18

LibraryJim: A spark of recognition17:18

LibraryJim: guy looks like renfield17:19

Rush: the one we see Oland look at later has the NUMERAL “7” in it.17:19

angel & fox: Good catch, Rush! MUST be a clue!17:19

Rush: Headlines…17:19

hounder: he would be a member of a small population, but then again, people think he’s dead17:19

Rush: Passage of time…17:19

angel & fox: And i’ll be he’s a REALLY super intendent.17:19

Mike n Rachel in DC: in 5/417:19

Rush: True, Hounder.17:19

Nothere: See this is why you have at least one and a half guards.17:19

Phil: He seems to be walking a little better.17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Madman in Los Angeles. Just one?17:20

angel & fox: If i had a dragnet i’d elude madmen.17:20

angel & fox: MnR: These were simpler times.17:20

Rush: Gravelle was able to obtain a nice suit and hat along the way.17:20

LibraryJim: Dragnet –pay Jack Webb his royaltie17:20

LibraryJim: s17:20


LibraryJim: Uncle Charlie17:20

hounder: must have robbed the clotheslines17:20

angel & fox: I’d have robbed the partylines. 17:21

LibraryJim: back when people still used clothelines17:21

angel & fox: Where would ANYBODY get $$$ for airplane rides?17:21

Rush: Sgt. Kelly.17:21

Nothere: So truw Rush. Were missing some key scenes. Granville stealing from clotheslines. Hitchhiking. Doing odd jobs for money.17:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: vs. “Chop-suey”17:21

Rush: Yes, NT.17:21

Rush: We can conjecture.17:22

angel & fox: Whose picture is behind CC, Rush?17:22

Rush: Possibly taken from the sanitarium.17:22

Phil: Referencing the Race Track caper.17:22

angel & fox: Nice ref to Racetrack Case.17:22

Rush: A vintage turn-of-the Century police officer!17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: That dart was not a “small” clue.17:23

angel & fox: I must be ROLLING in luck.17:23

angel & fox: MnR: Chief is allowing CC some leeway. (Pun unintended.)17:23

Rush: Sgt. Kelley asks…CC delivers!17:23

LibraryJim: 717:23

Rush: Note the 7.17:24

Rush: Yes!17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clue!17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good catch, Rush!17:24

angel & fox: A469W. And here i’d thought it was BsomethingelseW.17:24

angel & fox: Rush, you’re RIGHT! An OBVIOUS forgery!17:24

Rush: Well, M/R…after numerous viewings…!17:24

Phil: WOW look at the size of that FUR!17:24

Phil: Could it be….?17:24

Nothere: Dum Dum Dum Dummmm17:24

Rush: Silver fox fur?17:24

angel & fox: DWARFS my Fox.17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fox?17:24

Cdirus: looks like a yeti17:25

angel & fox: Fox my Dwarf, while you’re at it.17:25

Rush: Full-length.17:25

Nothere: Woman wearng fur? Fur wearing woman?17:25

Matt1: Not a typical FTD17:25

LibraryJim: woman hiding in fur17:25

Rush: Fur-bearing woman?17:25

angel & fox: Cheery greeting.17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: CD: rotfl17:25

Phil: Could be somebody from PETA17:25

Matt1: Good point Phil!17:25

Rush: PETA was not invented yet in 1936.17:25

Nothere: Hah joles on us. World’s first fake fur.17:25

LibraryJim: yeah, and Ia betta she peta that fur every day.17:26

angel & fox: NATURALLY a woman like her makes enemies. Say THAT again. My ears hurt ALREADY.17:26

Rush: Perhaps!17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: eat mor chickn17:26

Rush: :)17:26

Phil: That’s what the fox says M&R17:26

Rush: Can we say…”Prima Dona”?17:26

Nothere: Hey you even out your scarf tuexedo boy, or I’ll uneven your tie.17:26

angel & fox: WHAT ever happened to “this kind” of voice in Matronly Characters? I’ve ALWAYS loved them!17:26

Phil: “I think he uses perfume.”17:26

LibraryJim: nah, we already have a prime Dona in the group17:26

angel & fox: Would he rather he WOULDN’T?17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: She needs a bigger scarf to be a true PD, Rush17:27

Phil: Frank Conway17:27

angel & fox: If we’re lucky we’ll have our Second Dona.17:27

Rush: Angel, in Hawaii would that be “Da Kine”?17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: The guy in the robe is in “Egypt”17:27

Matt1: He was in Egypt17:27

angel & fox: You say HELLO, i say GOODBYE.17:27

Rush: :)17:27

Nothere: Dona? Whre? Squirrel?17:27

Phil: And in “The Day the Earth Stood Still”17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: $6?17:27

Rush: Lee disappoints this flower dealer soon…17:28

Matt1: Classic Lee17:28

Rush: Yes. About $90 today.17:28

hounder: $6 bucks for roses seems awful high for the times17:28

angel & fox: Miss Lotus makes how many TODAY?17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bamboo shoot? Water lily? Probably cheaper than roses…17:28

Nothere: And in the entire countey Charlie just happens to get behind his son in line. Which would be odd. But Charlie actualy has a good shot at that.17:28

angel & fox: How thick is that wad in CC’s paw? Even if they were ones, looks like a month’s pay.17:29

Phil: What city are they supposed to be in? Why the winter coats?17:29

Rush: Watch the look on the salesman’s face here.17:29

Rush: Not pleased!17:29

angel & fox: Did he get the money?17:29

Rush: This is happening in Los Angeles.17:29

Nothere: Well he is on vacation in New York, and has no travelers checks.17:29

LibraryJim: I think Los Angeles, didn’t the screen crawl say that last?17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee = motivated17:29

Rush: It can get chilly there.17:29

Rush: Opening night…17:30

angel & fox: Steamship. Why not a gas ship?17:30

Rush: :)17:30

angel & fox: Soup? Fish?17:30

Phil: Chilly is a comparative term.17:30

Rush: Yes!17:30

Rush: Good period slang.17:30

Nothere: Oh. Well L.a. New York my statement still stands. Only he can get money sent from home faster in LA. 17:30

angel & fox: Actually, now i think of it, a gas ship was taking off right about now for a long trip to Lakehurst.17:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Several animals died to make these coats…17:30

Phil: Gees, we see so many furs in these movies we should all be experts!17:30

Rush: “Soup and fish” = coat and tie.17:31

angel & fox: *scream*17:31

Rush: Recognize this lady?17:31

angel & fox: NICE stairways!17:31

hounder: cool spiral stair17:31

LibraryJim: Suddenly, a series of screams cuts through the night….17:31

Phil: It’s the woman from CC and the Wax Museum.17:31

Rush: The costume mistress?17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: She looks familiar, Rush…17:31

Rush: Yes, Phil!17:31

Nothere: Your all wondering why I called you here this evening.17:31

Rush: Mrs. Joe Rocke.17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah, yes!17:32

angel & fox: She already HAD leather, NEEDED lace. That’s her story & she’s sticking to it.17:32

Rush: Lee…incognito.17:32

LibraryJim: Lee — sees all, hears all, comprehends nothing.17:32

angel & fox: Aluminum suit by Mr. Kaiser of Detroit.17:32

Rush: “Frankenstein”17:32

Nothere: But no steel. Where ae the guard uniform Lee’s fraternity wears?17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: What plot can we imagine that has this collection of costumes in one scene?17:32

Rush: The chase ensues!17:32

Phil: Watch that….oh, too late.17:32

angel & fox: But what if Frankenstein walks OUT?17:33

Rush: Wrecked the flowers…17:33

Nothere: beep beep17:33

Phil: What are the chances?17:33

Rush: Angel: :)17:33

angel & fox: NICE chase sequence!!17:33

Rush: Tommy…number 3 in line.17:33

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cop. Very observent.17:33

LibraryJim: future actors for M*A*S*H17:33

angel & fox: WHY can’t we have cops like these anymore? (Never mind, i know why.)17:33

LibraryJim: lol17:33

Nothere: Oh that anwers my question. They were already in costume. Seems ‘I haven’t watched this one recently enough.17:33

Rush: Did these extras get to rehearse?17:33

Phil: Good one LJ17:34

angel & fox: CLANG! i MEAN, klong!17:34

Nothere: Clash?17:34

angel & fox: Everything + nothing divided by three = ?17:34

LibraryJim: chop suey, egg fu yung, this guy has food on the mind. 17:35

Rush: (would equal 1/3 of infinity)17:35

Matt1: I’m getting hungry17:35

Nothere: With six murders you get egg roll.17:35

angel & fox: Some hot tomato.17:35

Rush: “Hello.”17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ll take the mu shu17:35

Nothere: Forget it Gravelle. You’ll never fit in her dress.17:36

Rush: “Gravelle sings tonight.”17:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: mirror shot!17:36

angel & fox: Dead—or just grateful?17:36

Rush: NT: :)17:36

Rush: Memories return….17:36

angel & fox: “RAVEL SINGS TONIGHT”–it’s worse than we THOUGHT.17:36

Rush: :)17:36

LibraryJim: memory coming back bit by bit17:36

Rush: Yes.17:37

Nothere: “Raviolle sings tonight.”17:37

Phil: Boris Karloff just said “Who” – Cindy Lou Who.17:37

Phil: From Whoville.17:37

LibraryJim: no no no, gravelly sings tonight17:37

Rush: NT, that sounds like something Sgt. Kellt might say!17:37

angel & fox: CC looks QUITE overdressed.17:37

Rush: (Kelly)17:37

LibraryJim: not for a night at the opera.17:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Love how these performers get ready to go onstage17:38

hounder: charlie is dressed for the front of the house, not behind the scenes.17:38

Nothere: No no it’s the classic Tux or nightgown party. Really popular back in the day.17:38

Rush: Actually, the opera patrons in attendance will receive a performance for the ages!17:38

angel & fox: They look ready to PERFORM, but i don’t know about an audience.17:38

angel & fox: For ALL ages!17:39

Rush: NOTHING like what they expected!17:39

angel & fox: “Cremated ghost of card”17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, Rush, in operas everyone is supposed to die anyway…17:39

Rush: Nice.17:39

Rush: Yes, M/R..!17:39

LibraryJim: true17:39

angel & fox: Chard is DELICIOUS in a Cobb salad.17:40

Rush: That stage manager is due for a coronary.17:40

Nothere: Wrong Mike. The Fat lady can’t die. She has to sng to end the opera.17:40

LibraryJim: chip off ancient block17:40

angel & fox: He won’t be responsible.17:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: They usually sing as they’re expiring, NT..17:40

Rush: Later, we have that block wittled down to a chop-stick.17:40

Rush: The opera…enjoy…17:41

angel & fox: 17:41

LibraryJim: I think Victor Borge had a routine on that, MnR17:41

angel & fox: Is this the most MUSICAL CC film?17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. So a bunch of soldiers went onstage…now we’re having a party…and in a minute…Mephisto shows up17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: …and this is the FIRST ACT???17:41

angel & fox: I think the Village People did this same act.17:41

Rush: Yes!17:41

LibraryJim: what opera IS this, anyway?17:41

Rush: Not boring.17:41

hounder: the frat bros went on stage, but i don’t see them now17:42

Phil: LOL A&F17:42

LibraryJim: all it lacks is the Marx Brothers17:42

Rush: Lee and Pop at work.17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s called “Carnival” LJ17:42

Cdirus: LJ Carnivalle17:42

angel & fox: Ill Travestori, i think.17:42

Rush: LJ….YES!17:42

angel & fox: Lee is DISTURBINGLY talented.17:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think it’s what people who go to movies think opera is like….17:42

Cdirus: I think I heard that it was written just for the movie.17:42

Nothere: You’d think the soldiers would come on after the party. Telling everyone to hold down the drunken revelry. And seeing if they are sober enough to ride a horde.17:42

LibraryJim: ride a horde? Freudian slip?17:43

angel & fox: Is there ANY other kind of revelry?17:43

Rush: We do have a parallel with CC and the Marx Brothers: “Circus”, “Race track”, Opera.”17:43

Nothere: Typo Sorry so much . Should read ride a horse.17:43

LibraryJim: I like the other way better17:43

Nothere: There is Angel, but you wont find me at it.17:44

Rush: Or will she?17:44

Phil: oh oh.17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, LJ. Conjures up images of Mongols17:44

Rush: A fateful meeting.17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: The battle of the devils17:44

angel & fox: Rush, you so right. Wish the Marxes had proceeded to do other parallel titles, & CC likewise. I’m trying to imagine “Horsefeathers” with W.O.17:44

Rush: The “LOOK” from Geavelle.17:44

Nothere: Give it up dude. That’s Karloff. Just give him the devil suit, and go cry in a orner.17:44

angel & fox: YOU MEAN MISTER STOPHELES!17:45

LibraryJim: Karloff sure had looking crazy down pat.17:45

Rush: I think we will have a lst-minute change…17:45

Rush: (last)17:45

angel & fox: OWENS and CORNING! Me GLASS EYE!!17:45

Rush: :)17:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: A- costume for Karloff17:45

LibraryJim: no one notices he’s taller than the other singer?17:45

angel & fox: “I don’t like the look of that devil.”17:45

Mike n Rachel in DC: *APPLAUSE????*17:46

Rush: Watch the expression when Lilli realizes…17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dead audience17:46

Phil: Time for a reconing.17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I think I recognize that voice…”17:46

Phil: reckoning17:46

LibraryJim: you don’t applaud at an opera until the end of the act.17:46

Rush: Indeed!17:46

angel & fox: Where does one get one of those corrugatey collars these days?17:46

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I do recognize that voice!”17:46

Rush: Costume shop?17:46

hounder: she knows something is wrong17:46

Rush: Party City?17:47

angel & fox: It’s a beritable veehive up there.17:47

Nothere: THe same place you get steampunk outfits?17:47

Rush: Angel, you are ON again tonight!17:47

angel & fox: She’s using theater glasses. She left her opera glasses at the theater.17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: The conductor actually seems to be conducting the music that’s playing17:47

Nothere: Man oon tack better off.17:47

Rush: As BB might say: “You GONE!”17:47

hounder: is this a rehersal or a performance? they just showed people watching from a box, i think?17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Damn. Does this audience never applaud?17:48

Rush: That was one of the special boxes for patrons.17:48

Rush: This appears to be opening night.17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: Golf applause.17:48

angel & fox: Yeah, H, that’s where i saw the lady with the theater glasses. I presumed she was a dowager.17:48

LibraryJim: they applauded at the right place.17:48

LibraryJim: I learned that when my daughter was taking ballet17:49

Rush: Nice right by Gravelle!17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: At an opera the applause would start as soon as the singing stops…17:49

angel & fox: SPEAKING OF LAMONT CRANSTON, there was a “Shadow” at The Opera, REAL GOOD one it was.17:49

Phil: CUE THE CAAN17:49

angel & fox: *tin can*17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: <tin-can>17:50

Phil: Rush?17:50

angel & fox: Coulda been practically ANYBODY. REALLY.17:50

angel & fox: It’s hard to get good coagulation these days.17:50

LibraryJim: cop looked UP before he opened the curtain, anticipating the discovery?17:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: I have pretty good coagulation…three bars17:51

Rush: TYSM for the tincan.17:51

Phil: Nice Rush.17:51

angel & fox: FELLOW ARCHIVISTS…Any fans here of “The Big Clock”, with Ray Milland (i THINK), Elsa Lanchester & Chucky Laughton? There’s a CHARACTER part in it where a barfly is called “INSPECTOR REGAN”.17:52

Phil: CUE THE CAN17:52

angel & fox: Chintzy stage-set.17:52

Rush: She always was a bit cold…17:53

Phil: (again)17:53

angel & fox: *clink*17:53

Nothere: So noted Angel and fox. Check on the Clock.17:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: <tin-can>17:53

angel & fox: She’s not dead, she’s just grateful.17:53

Rush: TWO down…17:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dropping like flies17:53

Phil: And so quickly. Like a hockey game.17:53

Nothere: See and you wouldn’t believe her when she said she had enemies. Whos lauging no…nevermind.17:53

Rush: “Humility only defense against rightful blame.”17:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: “give blood, play hockey”17:53

hounder: charlie is again accused of negligence17:54

angel & fox: THANKS, Notty! “The B.C.” is one of my FAVORITE favorites, & frustration of frustration i’ve NEVER, EVER been able to get ANYBODY to even look at it. A MASTERWORK, says i.17:54

Phil: TYSM M&R17:54

Rush: “The show MUST go on!”17:54

Rush: In spite of two deaths…17:54

angel & fox: Tin can AHEAD for the Stage Manager here.17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Are the understudies ready?” “Why?” “Well, because two singers have been murdered”17:54

Rush: THAT is dedication!17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ve heard of “the show must go on,” but this is pretty exceptional17:55

Rush: Good opportunity for an Angelic pun?17:55

LibraryJim: Even though “Frankenstein” did walk through?17:55

LibraryJim: !17:55

angel & fox: Dedication…because they’re DEADicated.17:55

Rush: (cough)17:55

Nothere: Someone call the wardrobe mistress. She’s on in five.17:55

Rush: AH! You came through! TYSM!17:55

Rush: :)17:55

angel & fox: I want ONLY tuxes around MY backstage.17:55

LibraryJim: voice in backseat sometimes very disconcerting to driver.17:56

Rush: “Voice from back seat sometime very disconcerting to driver.”17:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gravelle, you devil…17:56

angel & fox: GREAT fotografy here.17:57

Godwinshelley2: Ack!! Almost needed a tin can for me – popcorn got stuck in my throat!!!17:57

Rush: YOW, GS!17:57

Rush: Be careful!17:57

angel & fox: SOMETHING fishy with this beau’s yarn.17:57

LibraryJim: pretzel for me, having a coughing fit!17:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Heimlich maneuver!17:57

Godwinshelley2: I’m better now – but throat is scratchy17:57

Rush: By the way, thank you again for that postcard, GS!17:57

Rush: Love it!17:58

LibraryJim: try a little lemon water, 17:58

angel & fox: Cut HERE to—well, ANY old movie!17:58

LibraryJim: that always helps me17:58

Rush: CC’s search pays off.17:58

LibraryJim: my but actresses keep a lot of stuff in their dressing rooms117:59

LibraryJim: !17:59

Rush: Goose-stepping!17:59

LibraryJim: circus performers, too, from a few weeks ago17:59

angel & fox: Floppy disks would have foiled ALL this.17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: The soldiers are on stage more than the lead roles17:59

Nothere: Well the circus performes have an excuse. They live in their tents. Do these people not have a hotel?18:00

LibraryJim: There’s another one of those magical candles. 18:00

Rush: Some interesting props.18:00

LibraryJim: gives off more light than 100 watt bulb18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: We need Birmingham Brown for this sequence18:00

Godwinshelley2: Some of the moving shots seem a bit grainy like they had been shot with a longer view than blown up18:00

hounder: that looked like a nutcracker18:00

Rush: YES!18:00

angel & fox: Lee looks EXTREMELY comfortable in the outfit. Like he coulda kept it on IDEFINITELY. Imagine him in The Wizard…18:01

hounder: practice for desert?18:01

Rush: Yes, Angel?18:01

Rush: Teletype…18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: Technology scene!18:01

Nothere: Practice for dessert? Long as it’s choclaate, I need no practice:)18:02

LibraryJim: early fax18:02

Godwinshelley2: With a mustache18:02

Rush: Wire photo.18:02

hounder: practice wearing tin suit18:02

Phil: Looks a lot like Boris Karloff18:02

angel & fox: WHEN, Rush, did they stop saying “Los An-geles”, with the hard “g”?

Godwinshelley2: unusual to see Karloff with a mustasch unless he is playing Fu Manchu18:02

angel & fox: You’d think Boris’d get DIZZY.18:02

Rush: This is this week’s technology presented by director H. Bruce Humberstone.18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very cool. 18:03

Nothere: Hey Angel people pay good money for that kinda ride at an amusement park.18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: No darts, though.18:03

angel & fox: Why don’t they just roll at the same speed, like, duh, “slow” at both ends?18:03

Phil: Wow, what will they think of next?18:03

LibraryJim: love the way these movies took the time to educate. Last week with the race track camera, now with this18:03

Rush: We saw some cutting edge technology from 1936.18:03

angel & fox: “Prints in black & white what it sees in Chicago.” I can get black & white HERE. I wanna see 3-D. COLOR. HALOGRAPHS!18:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Um..guys, don’t take your costumes off in public, please18:04

Rush: Teletype and wire photo.18:04

angel & fox: Rush, i wish they’d cut it OFF in 1936.18:04

Rush: This was a hallmark of director H. Bruce Humberstone.18:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always a fun part of the movie18:04

Rush: Angel, I “hear” you!18:04

angel & fox: I’d think a Humberstone would be its own hallmark.18:05

angel & fox: Hi, i’m Alf Landon!18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: You’re afraid of me…they’re all afraid of me…18:05

Phil: I’m afraid of him.18:05

Rush: Poor Gravelle….18:05

angel & fox: I like Boris’s UNEVEN eyebrows.’18:05

Rush: Feel for him here.18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Misunderstood…18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: …like Frankenstein18:06

Rush: YES.18:06

hounder: pretty little piece18:06

angel & fox: GS, whenever i think now of Boris i think of your Karloft.18:06

angel & fox: Looks like the Mascara Matron SLIPPED on B’s left.18:06

LibraryJim: Did Boris play piano, or was that Hollywood magic, too?18:06

Godwinshelley2: Yes – my Kar-loft18:06

Godwinshelley2: I am so pleased with it18:06

Godwinshelley2: Steve in Hawaii is a Karloff fan too =18:07

Godwinshelley2: He has some playbills autographed by Karloff from his USO tours in Hawaii18:07

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oldest trick in the book.18:07

Rush: Yes he is.18:07

angel & fox: If you could only drive a Tucker into the Karloft he could load THIS frail into it.18:07

angel & fox: OLAND vs KARLOFF!18:07

Rush: I have to say I have a spot in my heart for Karloff as well.18:08

angel & fox: If you KILL HER, i’ll TOUCH YOU.18:08

Rush: I have mentioned the story about my late uncle several times.18:08

Godwinshelley2: yes18:08

Nothere: How about we split the difference and I touch her and you kill you.18:08

hounder: she thinks you’re dead18:09

Rush: Very old Chinese wise man once say, “Madness twin brother of genius because each live in world created by own ego. One sometime mistaken for other.” 18:09

angel & fox: This was a time of WONDERFUL personalities DOING wonderful acting. Not so much anymore; not anything AT ALL. Buncha Twits, today. Twits.18:09

hounder: brb dog walk18:09

angel & fox: WOOF118:09

angel & fox: WOOF!, i mean.18:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: Arf18:09

Rush: Angel, again…I sadly agree…18:09

Nothere: Careful if you find a great dane Hounder.18:09

Matt1: The show WILL go on18:09

LibraryJim: play on his ego18:09

angel & fox: Ah, the old Get the Crinimal’s Cofidence trick.18:09

Mike n Rachel in DC: The audience is still there?18:09

Rush: I think they would have left.18:10

LibraryJim: notice how carefully he enunciated that!18:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: And the orchestra? They’re gone within minutes of the end…sometimes before the end of the opera.18:10

Rush: Old Chinese proverb say, “Hsing zhong kong zhu, yuan hsuan wu tu.”18:10

angel & fox: Ya couldn’t just throw a net over ‘im, couldja?

Godwinshelley2: On Broadway – don’t they keep the audience there18:10

angel & fox: I KNEW the proverb was gonna say that.18:10

Nothere: The audience saw the opera. Then were told a new singer was going to be given a special debut, and the udience was asked to wait.18:10

LibraryJim: “aren’t we ever going home?”18:10

angel & fox: TOLD to wait, most likely.18:11

Rush: Note the empty seats…audience is gone.18:11

Nothere: Well of course Proverb said that Angel. He never shuts up. 18:11

Mike n Rachel in DC: Orchestra. Overtime. $$$18:11

LibraryJim: Union scale, of course18:11

angel & fox: They oughta put brownshirt troopers all around the theater when Madame makes her bid, a la Sound of Muzak.18:11

Rush: They should get that overtime pay for this!18:11

Nothere: See GRavelle for you paychecks.18:11

angel & fox: Should get HAZARDOUS DUTY pay!18:12

Rush: HAZARD pay as well!18:12

Rush: YES, Angel!18:12

angel & fox: OUCH!!18:12

LibraryJim: now he’s telling the stage manager how to manage the stage18:12

angel & fox: Fox has FLED. Housemates ran out & scattered for highway. Glasses just shattered in kitchen.18:12

Cdirus: So why did all the actors get into costume if they’re not on stage?18:13

angel & fox: My MUFF!18:13

LibraryJim: good question, CD18:13

Nothere: So fox is a fox?18:13

angel & fox: A fox is a fox of course of course.18:13

LibraryJim: there they are… in the background18:13

Nothere: No I mean do have a real pet fox?18:13

Godwinshelley2: Well – inspector is looking for someone with a place to put the bloody knife – the folks should be in their costumes for him to check that out18:13

angel & fox: Did Boris borrow that feather from his presumably un-unmasked daughter?18:13

Rush: Everyone watching….

Cdirus: OK18:14

LibraryJim: but none so intently as CC18:14

angel & fox: There was no CNN backstage in those days.18:14

Rush: We just need plenty of cops backstage…!18:14

Rush: But not triggerhappy ones!18:14

LibraryJim: stupid cop.18:15

angel & fox: Making her EARS RING so, she wishes they’d been PIERCED.18:15

Rush: However, that will prove to have been a very lucky shot!18:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: That video is going straight to YouTube18:15

angel & fox: Bang bang, my baby shot me down.18:15

angel & fox: In one tube & out the other.18:15

Nothere: Sing ya canary. Sing. Somebod bring me a stool.18:15

angel & fox: The HUNGRY DETECTIVE.18:15

Rush: “Hypo”18:15

Phil: Somebody oughta slap cop kelly.18:15

Rush: Sgt. Kelly eventually comes around, though!18:16

Nothere: One of his three sons maybe?18:16

Phil: Slap him anyway.18:16

angel & fox: Not another “dart” scam, is it?18:16

Rush: Yes, a good slap might be appropriate at this time…18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aha.18:16

Rush: But never from CC!18:16

angel & fox: Surprised he didn’t stick himself.18:16

hounder: ..18:16

angel & fox: Like THIS GUY (behind desk) knows what’s going on.18:17

Nothere: It better be from CC. Otherwise it’s assaulting a police officer. And two people get arrested at film end,18:17

angel & fox: Stage Manager strangely calm.18:18

Rush: FRANK CONROY: Charlie Chan in Egypt: Professor John Thurston, Charlie Chan at the Opera: Mr. Whitely18:18

Nothere: WEll folks this is where I leave you. Lights out. Clear the stage.18:18

Rush: “You are murderess….”18:18

Phil: Bye NT18:18

Rush: Yes, NT!18:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: Cheers, NT18:18

angel & fox: I LOVE A MURDERESS!!18:18

Matt1: Take care NT18:19

Rush: Take care, NT.18:19

Rush: Have a good week.18:19

Rush: See you next week for “Charlie Chan at the Olympics”18:19

Nothere has left this room18:19

Matt1: We go for the GOLD next week18:19

angel & fox: You mean the WAR department.18:19

angel & fox: Oh! Lympics?18:19

Phil: And WFF too, I believe.18:19

Godwinshelley2: Yea – next week we ALMOST see John Carradine – isn’t that correct18:19

Rush: Confession.18:19

angel & fox: Time for the Anvil Chorus, i do believe.18:20

Rush: Now she will have another performance ahead of her.18:20

angel & fox: Forget the smelling salts. Get me the stinking salts.18:20

Phil: Dancing at the end of a rope?18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Here kitty, here kitty…18:20

angel & fox: KARLOFF KURED!!18:20

angel & fox: Hello Kitty!18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: meow18:21

hounder: sneaky sneaky charlie18:21

Rush: Chan does his stuff here.18:21

angel & fox: Impetuous marksWOMAN, you mean.18:21

LibraryJim: HE said ok, she never did. but off she goes18:21

Rush: Sgt. Kelly “apologizes.”18:21

angel & fox: Charlie Chan, the Mister Anthony of the 1930s. Mister Anthony, the Somebody Else of some jerk today.18:21

angel & fox: “A mystery, but a swell dish!”18:22

angel & fox: My tongue is waving like mad.18:22

Rush: Police escort!18:22

Matt1: That is an impressive escort18:22

LibraryJim: Is Lee going to the boat in the costume? Wild.18:22

Rush: Taking the side roads!18:22

angel & fox: Rast lose of somewhere.18:22

Rush: “Case now closed.”18:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>18:22

Rush: THE END18:22

Phil: Applause.18:22

Rush: (Applause)18:22

Matt1: <yee-haw>18:22

angel & fox: Wish Charlie was driving!18:22

Rush: :)18:22

angel & fox: YAY!!18:23

Rush: Closing credits…18:23

LibraryJim: Nice movie, good ending. 18:23

Rush: So!18:23

Phil: Until we meet again…adieu.18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another success18:23

Phil has left this room18:23

Godwinshelley2: I think this was the first film Karloff did on his return to the US after “The Ghoul” in england18:23

angel & fox: Another REAL ka-lassic classic!18:23

Rush: A truly great one back into styorage till next year!18:23

Matt1: Ok folks…..have a great week18:23

hounder: thanks so much for the fun. see you in a couple weeks18:23

Rush: (storage)18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all…we’ll see you in Berlin!18:23

LibraryJim: well, I’m off to unload the dishwasher and set up the coffee maker for the morning18:23

LibraryJim: Night all!18:23

Rush: TYSM, Natt, for the starting off of our movie!18:23

Rush: Again, I apologize for my needing to leave for a while.18:24

angel & fox: Magniferent…coffeemaker here need sabotage…will see all next week in Nuremberg!!18:24

Rush: Next week: “Olympics”18:24

Matt1 has left this room18:24

LibraryJim: all aboard the Hindenburg!18:24

Rush: Another GREAT one!18:24

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:24

Godwinshelley2: I missed why you are missing Rush18:24

angel & fox: Heil Charlie!! ADIOS!18:24

Rush: Yes, LJ…but NO SMOKING!!!!18:24

hounder has left this room18:24

Cdirus: See you guys next week!18:24

LibraryJim has left this room18:24

Rush: Thank you, all!18:24

Rush: Have a wonderful week!18:24

Rush: See you next Monday.18:25

Godwinshelley2: OK – back next week18:25

angel & fox has left this room18:25

Rush: Thak you for the added fun, Angel!18:25

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:25

Rush: (Thank)18:25

Rush: NOT THAK!18:25

Rush: Good night, CD!18:25

Cdirus: Night Rush!18:25

Rush: Take care…be safe!18:26

Rush: Good night!18:26

Cdirus has left this room18:26

Rush has left this room18:33

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