Chat Archive 3/9/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for March 9, 2020

Charlie Chan at the Circus

The Green Hornet (Chapter 10)

Len Freeman

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hounder: hi matt. hope ou’re good.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Matt1: I am, thnx….yourself?

hounder: doing fairly well.

Matt1: Mom?

hounder: so so. continuous roller coaster. but we’re making it.

Matt1: Stay strong

hounder: i’m doing ok. my wonderful neighbors gave me some time out todat to run eraands. that helps.

Matt1: Alone time, even for errands is important

Matt1: Did you see that Publix is restricting some purchases?

Matt1: Corona-Crazy now

hounder: no but i saw lowes was limiting some items to 10. i think its a lot of media scare

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hounder: hi rush

Matt1: Yep…Publix is at two items

Rush: good evening, Hounder and Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

hounder: have you made the cotton candy and popcorn for tonight?

Rush: How are you both tonight?

Matt1: Very good, thnx….u?

Rush: Well….I just got home, so, it will need to be VERY virtual in my case!

hounder: doing ok. ready for some chan

Matt1: I got the Popcorn ready!

Matt1: GH lead in fram with newspaper gave me a chuckle

hounder: if the cotton candy’s up to me we’re out of luck. lol

Rush: Very good to hear.

Rush: Just imagine the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, and sawdust..

Rush: That will get us in a circus mood!

Matt1: And animals!


Rush: Looks like rain is nearing in my area.

Rush: Cozy weather.

Rush: Perfect for a Chan movie!

Matt1: Never complain about rain in your area, no?

Rush: Not often!

Rush: When we get some, it is actually welcomed.

hounder: it was pretty here today.

Rush: W nearly always need some!

Rush: Nice, Hounder!

Rush: And with the time change…later sunset.

Rush: Full moon tonight.

Rush: That could look pretty nice.

Matt1: Yes!

hounder: we almost like daylight here last night with the full mooon.

Rush: Rachel and mom just got in. rachel handed me a chocolate shake!


Matt1: Nice!

hounder: yea Rachel

Matt1: Lucky Pop!

Rush: I am.

Rush: Man, that’s good.

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Matt1: I’m cued to Newspaper headline

Rush: And whipped cream on top…from McDonald’s.

Matt1: Hello Len!

Len Freeman: Hi guys

Rush: Good evening, LEN!

Rush: Hi!

Rush: How are you tonight?

Len Freeman: Good to be here in this non Covid19 gathering

Rush: and how have you been since you last were here?

Rush: True.

hounder: hi len

Len Freeman: pretty good. we were traveling — in Florida a week ago…

Matt1: What’s up with the toilet paper hoarding?

Rush: AH!

Len Freeman: the body andes and pains seem OK.

Rush: What’s up will ALL of this, is my question!

Matt1: I get the cleaning supplies, I guess, but TP?

Rush: Happy that any pains are seemingly minor, Len.

Rush: I can only guess, Matt…

Len Freeman: Coming thru Orlando we got really aware of how impossible it would be to really keep everything safe

Rush: The media has everyone worked into such a frenzy, I can only imagine what will be hoarded next!

Rush: This really reminds me of Y2K.

Matt1: Yes!

Len Freeman: We’ve actually canceled three trips we had coming up in the next couple of months… NYC, Las Vegas… not good places for crowds and air travel. Lots of international travelers to both

Matt1: Yes, we’re avoiding crowds too

Rush: Yes, the travel business is taking a hit, for sure!

hounder: i have friends that were supposed to play iat the airport and they got canceld

Rush: Well, in a month our whole family is set to travel to Iowa.

Rush: (For Easter)

Len Freeman: It’s getting a little weird doing church services… in DC the first confirmed case is an Episcopal Rector I know who went to a conference, came back gave out communion to 550 people and then got tested

Matt1: Hopefully things will be less uncertain Rush

Len Freeman: Now all 550 have to go through whatever.

Rush: Was he back from some place like Italy, Len?

Matt1: Church, Yep

Len Freeman: No he was a conference in Louisville… but lots of folks there, some of whom might well have done overseas travel.

Rush: At our meeting today at my school, it was discussed what we should do if forced to close down for a while.

Len Freeman: But… THIS group is a nice safe space to hang out with friends for awhile!

hounder: a neighbor came back from ny with it. he’s hoping he picked it up at the airort

Matt1: Agreed Len!

Rush: Yes, Len…all it takes is one who was in an affected region.

Rush: OH!

Rush: We forgo the serial!

Len Freeman: We’re shifting over at church to a little wine just for the priest, and bread for everyone else… and just waves for Passing the Pece

Rush: Let’s do that, shall we?

Rush: Time flew along!

Len Freeman: Yes…. I’m on the opening hornet.

Rush: ready?

Len Freeman: yup

Matt1: Yes

Rush: Let’s say….15 seconds…

hounder: wow, i guess we did get caught up. that’s ok it’s nice to chat

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

hounder: bzzzzzzz


Len Freeman: going nicely

Rush: Good credits…

Rush: And…the recap….

hounder: this recap scrolling kinda reminds me of star wars

Len Freeman: Which is where they got it from..

Len Freeman: Universal used it regularly for their serials

hounder: nice old car

Rush: Yes, Hounder, that’s what I was thinking.

Rush: I seem to recall that Flash Gordon used similar recapping.

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Godwinshelley3: Greetings all

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: Good evening, GS!

Len Freeman: It did… Flash was also a Universal serial

Rush: How are you doing tonight?

Rush: How’s your mom’s recovery going?

Len Freeman: Hi GS

Godwinshelley3: Mom came thru surgery well. Still has drains in. Waiting to hear what’s next in her treatment plan.

Matt1: Glad to hear, GS

hounder: hi gs. how’re you holding up?

Rush: So far so good it sounds.

Rush: Good.

Len Freeman: Glad to hear that

hounder: good news at least

Godwinshelley3: I’m out her for a few more weeks. Thank goodness I’m retired

Len Freeman: Ballot Stuffing!!!

Rush: Stuffing the ballot box.

Rush: Yes!

Len Freeman: Everything old is new again…

Matt1: Russia, Russia, Russia!

Godwinshelley3: Husband just did a quick turnaround trip to pay bills, etc. will see him back next week

Rush: Well, we had the ballots, now the BULLETS!

Rush: ROUGH election!

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Matt1: Hello NT!

Rush: NT!

Rush: od evening to YOU!


Nothere: Riffraft and ragamuffins if you’ll direct your attention to the center ring.

Len Freeman: Hi NT

Nothere: Hi folks

Rush: Yes, NT!

hounder: nt!! hi

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Rush: Not even a very good mask!

Nothere: Cheap masks getting you down? Try Facepaint disguise. Face paint disguise not responsible for accusations of black face.

Rush: Ouch!

Rush: Yes, NT…

Len Freeman: Reminds me of my first congressman as a kid in New England…. Tommy Lane getting reelected out of jail…

Rush: Also, there will ne many more ballots cast than the number of voters at the affected pricincts.

Len Freeman: Your basic armored care heist coming up

Nothere: Care heist? I don’t care.

Len Freeman: car

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Car heist? Try trucks.

Matt1: Tough crowd tonight

Rush: He said “Snitched” rather tnan “snatched.”

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Rush: Nice weapon that gas gun!

Rush: Paul!

Rush: Good evening!


Matt1: Hello Paul!

PaulM: good evening

Len Freeman: Hi Paul

Rush: We are almost at the end of tonight’s serial…

Len Freeman: Over and 0ut

Rush: “Disaster Rides the Rails” next week!

hounder: hi paul

Nothere: hi paul

Matt1: How many cars do they go through?

Len Freeman: BRB — going to set up on my bigscreen

Rush: 6 minutes until our faeture…”Charlie Chan at the Circus.”

Rush: Me too…

Matt1: <clap-clap>

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Matt1: Hello FM!

fredsmom: Good evening!

Nothere: hey fm

Rush: 5 minutes to go…


Dona has joined this room

fredsmom: Nice to “see” everybody again

hounder: hi fm

Phil has joined this room

Dona: Hello everyone!

Nothere: hi dona

hounder: hi phil

Dona: Hi Phil

hounder: glad you could drop in fm

Phil: Aloha to all my Chan friends.

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: And…Phil!

Rush: Welcome!

Matt1: Hello Phil!

fredsmom: Thank you=glad to be here-always miss yall

Rush: How have you been, FM?

Nothere: We’ll call off the search for you fm.

fredsmom: Well, thank you Rush.

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

Matt1: Cued!

fredsmom: Ha! NT

Rush: Everyone ready?

Dona: Ready here Rush


Rush: “Vrooommmm….”

hounder: ready

Rush: Please pause at the opening title tonight…

Louise has joined this room

Dona: Hi Louise

Louise: Hi, I’ll be back in a few minutes

Matt1: Hello Louise!

fredsmom: Hi Louise

Rush: TWO MINUTES to go…..

hounder: hi louise


Phil: Hi Louise


Nothere: Hey Louise

Rush: Less than 2 minutes…

Rush: 90 seconds to go….

Rush: And…DONA!

Rush: Good evening to YOU too!

hounder: hi dona

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds..

Dona: Hello Rush and Hounder

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

PaulM: all set

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Music…

Rush: Title….


Rush: Credits…

Rush: 🙂

Dona: Great Gong Matt

Phil: J. Carol Naish

Matt1: TYSM

Rush: Circus medley…

Rush: The side shows..

Rush: Ferris wheel shadow…

Nothere: So Mr. fancy pants Rush. Whats that symbol by your name?

Matt1: Momma Chan!

Nothere: And Fred’s mom don’t let Fred look at those lurid dancers.

Rush: Well, that symbol happens because I was the one who created this chat room…sorry! Not intended!

fredsmom: ha!

Rush: came with the room.

Dona: I like it.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: I can pass the torch, I guess, if anyone so desires!

Len Freeman: back

hounder: charlie had passes but sprung for some balloons and snacks

Rush: The Brasnos!

Nothere: Hey Len. We were just discussin if we should crown Rush over his Crown.

Len Freeman: how far in

Rush: Brother and sister in real life.

Nothere: 325

Rush: 3:40

Rush: 3:45

Phil: Any idea of their age in this movie?

Nothere: 350

Rush: 3:55…

Rush: 4:00…

Nothere: sold to the sinister looking guy in the back row.

Rush: I can look it up…

PaulM: 25 cents back then is like $4.60 today

Dona: they are pretty good dancers

Rush: He was 35 and she was 29.

Nothere: That baby is no baby.

Phil: Wow. Thanks Rush.

Rush: Error!!

Rush: 20 and 25-ish…

Rush: Bad math the first time!

Rush: Su Toy…

hounder: charlie writes in chinese

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: O.k. Lee don’t get bent out of shape.

Matt1: Love struck…..again

Phil: Lee is a hound.

Nothere: That swami is a tad sinister

Rush: It reads: “Wishing prosperity and long life.”

Rush: I had it translated once.

Louise: Not back yet

Rush: Lee operates fast.

Phil: Yo, Lee, let it go man. She’s in show business.

Nothere: So next to Su Toy is Princess Awaw?

Rush: I like this part…

Rush: Worked!

Rush: Missed it. NT.

Nothere: Puppy! No dear that’s a bear.

Nothere: Lts see the standard bear circus tricks are dancing. Riding a bike, and walking a tightrope?

Rush: Did he say the take was “Twenty-six HUNDRED and eighty”?

Nothere: Settle down Ceaser this is no reason to go bannanas.

Rush: Or just “Twenty-six eighty”?

Len Freeman: twenty six hubdred

Rush: HT: 🙂

Rush: That sounds like a decent amount to me?

Phil: That’s what I was thinking too Rush.

fredsmom: Jean Harlow hair color

Rush: That would be nerly 440,000. in today’s money!

Nothere: Had to be 26.80. Hundred then would be thousands now. With one night like that the circus should stay in this town prmenatly.

Rush: 40,000

Rush: Right!

Phil: Wasn’t she in CC in London?

Rush: Marie Norman…

Rush: Annette had the night off…

Rush: I love the small circus band!

Phil: Funny one Rush

Phil: A nette had the night off.

Rush: Happy you caught it! 🙂

Nothere: Oh now I get it. Sneaky Rush. Funny but sneaky.

Rush: Fan postcards of Su Toy.

Rush: NT: 🙂

Phil: Circus porn

fredsmom: “Curiousity responsible for cat having nine lives”

Rush: Circus Giant was played by real circus giant John AAsen.

Nothere: Well that’s the long and the short of it.

hounder: lol@ nt

Rush: John Aasen (March 5, 1890 – August 1, 1938) was an American silent film actor and sideshow performer who was one of the tallest actors in history.

Phil: Cue the can

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: “Mr. Kinney…DEAD.”

Phil: Whew Matt’s superfast reaction.

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Phil: LOL Matt

Rush: The ape is loose to run amok!

Phil: Man you must have had your finger on that enter key.

Matt1: Itchy can

fredsmom: haha to Matt

Rush: As the Chan family is about to take the train to see the Grand Canyon, I figure that the action here takes place in Flagstaff, AZ.

Louise: Hi all, I was helping my son write a grant application so couldn’t stop until he was done.

Rush: There is a train still today that runs between Flagstaff and the Canyon.

Phil: I was on it.

Rush: Yes?

Rush: Was it fun?

Phil: Very nice trip.

hounder: i’ve heard that rush. would be a cool trip

Rush: Ah…I would love to try that someday.

Nothere: And now the first mistake.

Rush: Here comes Caesar…

Phil: We’re going on the Rocky Mountaineer in September.

Nothere: Don’t put your girlfriend in a cage on the first ap rampage.

Louise: This is when I miss the sound effects

Rush: Phil…that sounds GREAT!

Nothere: <EEH EEh EEk>

Phil: But I digess.

Nothere: <AAAAAHHHH>

Phil: Yeah, like that trainer is going to restrain that go-rilla.

Rush: Police arrive!

Len Freeman: Have you been on the Mountaineer before Phil?

Rush: Yes, regarding the sound effects, Louise!

Nothere: Wrestling Ceaser? Sir I know Tarzan. You are no Tarzan.

Phil: No. LF.

Nothere: <Pow>

Len Freeman: we’ve thought about it… love to hear your report

Matt1: Love Charlie here

Phil: I’ll be happy to.

Nothere: Just remember if anyone named Donner s coming, cancel the trip.

Rush: Yes. Proud Pop watches Number One Son get back!

Phil: What an idiot.

Rush: NT: YES!

Louise: Now here’s what happened…never turns out to be true

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Phil: NT I’ll just remember to bring plenty of snacks.

Phil: Like..a WHOLE LOT

Rush: Forgot Su!

Phil: Way to make points Lee.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Family packs…

Louise: I love this family scene

Rush: Me too.

Len Freeman: revenge is sweet

Dona: hearwarming

Rush: Lady Tiny arrives.

Dona: heartwarming

Rush: Yes.

Nothere: 2nd mistake if you are going to lock your girlfriend in a cage. Remember to let her out timely.

hounder: only too true nt

Louise: Lady Tiny is very stylish

Rush: Words of great wisdom, NT!

fredsmom: agreed Louise

Dona: Is this during the depression?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: 1936

Rush: I love the Chan girls’ bobbed hair.

Rush: Well…the judge says “YES.”

hounder: decision by committee

Rush: cannot be overruled!

Louise: Cute haircut

Nothere: Uhm I don’t know. I question the dots on the hat.

Phil: John Ford

Rush: Tiny buttons.

Rush: Yes.

hounder: hat kinda looks like a hat wornin the rice paddies

Louise: I would wear that hat

Louise: I like the big “frogs” on her outfit

Nothere: Now se locking someone in a cage is really more of a third date move, but Lee already used it, so now whats he supposed to do next?

Len Freeman: Our friend who will later play CC on T

Len Freeman: J Carrol Naish

Rush: Yes.

Rush: TWO Chans in this one.

Rush: Pacing in the upper bunk…

Rush: Not safe!

Rush: Potential train fire!

Louise: Good scene with the snake

Rush: Yes…real one so far!

Nothere: The snake was framed.

Rush: Yes…

hounder: i wouldn’t like to play this scene

Louise: …gun in coat pocket…aim carefully

Rush: Dead snake.

Phil: Yeah except the bullet went through the snake and into Charlie!

fredsmom: was that a cobra?

Rush: Seems so, FM!

Louise: I have been on a sleeper train. It was definitely not this roomy

Phil: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Nothere: If it was. He ws unarmed. Check his poision sacks.

Rush: And, if we re-watch thiat scene, we see that Lee was angled safely accross from Chan.

Phil: Yeah, and sleeper trains move around a lot more.

Nothere: What am I saying? It”s a sanke of course it’s unarmed.

Louise: real animal scenes

Rush: And, this is a circus train…not commercial.

Rush: maybe the cars are different from the “usual” sleeper cars.

Nothere: <errrnnnh?

Nothere: >

Rush: A “tiny” breakfast.

Nothere: I know we had a camel sound, but I don’t remember it. So randomly heres the arrow sound.


Phil: He pours the coffee from the cup into the saucer…

Rush: Breakfast cigar.

Rush: yes, phil!

Rush: I suppose it acts to cool the coffee?

Phil: He did blow on the coffee in the saucer.

Rush: I think he did.

Phil: He’s working that cigar angle a little too hard.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: I guess he really liked them!

Nothere: You must not be able to win one.

Rush: Chan’s tour of the animals.

Phil: A very proper go-rilla.

Phil: He peels the banana before eating it.

Rush: “Trouble rain on man already wet.”

Rush: yes, phil!

Nothere: <rrroooaaarr>

Rush: Smart ape!

Louise: I don’t get that aphorism, Rush

Nothere: A clue.

Rush: “Trouble heaped upon trouble.”

Louise: Ah, the ole secret marriage certificate moment

Rush: Uh, huh…

Nothere: I’m secretly married to a multimillionaire. It’s so secret even she doesn’t know it.

Rush: Chan noted what Lee also saw…

Rush: NT: 🙂

Louise: The run under the camel joke

Rush: I heard a seal barkin at the end of that scene.

Rush: Right, Louise!

Louise: This is one of the funniest Chan scenes

Len Freeman: Love it

Rush: Right, Louise!

Len Freeman: Love it

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Rush: Yes. And, my posts are lagging…

Rush: AH! Fixed!

Rush: Yes, this is funny.

hounder has joined this room

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hounder: you really need a better disquise

Rush: The crowd liked it, too!

Rush: WB, Hounder!

fredsmom has joined this room

Rush: “Lady of many angles.”

Nothere: Well folks don’t go bannans but I’ going to ape Ceaser and take off. Hav more fun than a barrel of monkeys till I get back, and we have some more monkey business.

Rush: WB…FM!

fredsmom: not sure where I went….

Rush: okay, NT!

Rush: I hope you’ll be back next Monday?

Len Freeman: Niye NT

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track”

Rush: Good night, NT!

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Yes, FM!

Rush: Hounder got dropped, too….

Rush: TWO cigar smokers in this film.

fredsmom: Does it time you out if you don’t actively remark?

Rush: And, have wee seen even one cigarette, yet?

hounder: but i’m back

Rush: Probably, FM.

Rush: That was the case with the “old” Chat Room…probably the same with this one….

Rush: Chan intervenes…

Rush: Decoration Day – Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day to remember those who have died in our nation’s service. After the Civil war many people in the North and South decorated graves of fallen soldiers with flowers. Decoration Day was officially proclaimed on May 5, 1868 by General John Logan and was first observed officially on May 30, 1868. The South did not observe Decoration Day, preferring to honor their dead on separate days until after World War I. In 1882, the name was changed to Memorial Day, and soldiers who had died in other wars were also honored. In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a national holiday to be held on the last Monday in May.

Louise: Flashing police lights in front of my house and it is not even summer yet!

Rush: Uh-oh!

Rush: Note the holes already in the tent roof.

Rush: BANG!

Louise: ouch

Dona: Don’t move her

Len Freeman: Hellva good shot

Rush: “Bring on the clowns…”

Rush: No one heard the shot?

Rush: Yes, to the aim, Len!

Rush: “Which one?”

fredsmom: This was about 8 years before the deadly Hartford Circus Tent fire—

Rush: Ah!

Matt1: :testing”

Rush: TOO exact.

Louise: The end of circus tents, fredsmom?

Rush: “Unloaded gun always cause most trouble.”

Phil: Two words: “Bullet holes”

fredsmom: For the majority. That tent was coated with paraffin wax which accelerated the fire

Rush: LOTS of aphorisms in this one!

Louise: Wax and cloth: who knew it was flamable!

Rush: Yes, that would do it, FM.

Rush: Yes, Louise!

fredsmom: There are a few circus tents remaining today—all with flame retardant materials

Rush: Yes. There is a small circus that comes regularly to San Diego called Circus Vargas, and they have tents.

Rush: Not canvas, I am sure.

fredsmom: Last factoid: Charles Nelson Reilly was in that tent fire and was emotionally scarred by it his whole life

hounder: flame retardant would have been mandatory after a tragic fire

Rush: WOW, FM!

Rush: Never knew that!

Rush: Yes, Hounder.

fredsmom: My hubby is a retired Fire Marshal. I hear things

Dona: I didn’t know that either FM

Rush: I can imagine, FM.

Rush: (Bubbles…)

fredsmom: Me either. Horrific disaster

hounder: wow. interesting factoid

Rush: Takes out the guard…

Rush: Lee jumps in!

hounder: i can’t imagine the guilt of being a survivor of a horrific tradgedy

Rush: And is overcome….

Dona: lee needs some fighting lessons

Rush: I would think Lee at least got a glimpse of the killer’s face.

Rush: Got him!

fredsmom: Common surgical tool-the gun

Louise: Pillow surgery

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Similar to chan’s last case in “Charlie Chan’s Secret.”

hounder: charlie’s good at setting up sneaky plots to solve crime

Phil: Cue the can

Rush: YES!

Rush: GASP!

Len Freeman: He did see the killer

Louise: Oh my

Rush: Murmer…

Phil: The gorilla is in hog heaven

Dona: yes Phil

Rush: I love the facial expressions.

Louise: and shadows

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Rush: Paul left TWICE?

hounder: and sue toy in the background

Rush: Yes.

Rush: With Lee.

Rush: They left together…

Rush: Make it an exploder!

Rush: Lifetime pass….

Rush: “Think 14 quite sufficient….Maybe more, later…”


Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: Nice ending!

Len Freeman: Nice ending

Louise: No more kids please

Dona: Another good one!

Rush: (APE-plause…)

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great night!

hounder: circus is always such a fun movie

Rush: And thenk YOU!

hounder: thanks.

Len Freeman: YEAH!!!

Dona: next week is?

Rush: ALL of you…

Louise: One of the best

Len Freeman: See you next week

fredsmom: Thanks-have a great week all-hope to be back with you soon!

Rush: Take care…

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead

Phil: See you folks next week.

Phil has left this room

Rush: Thank you ALL, again!

Rush: Next week…

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Race Track.”

Louise: Stay healthy everyone

hounder: nite all see you next week

Dona: You too Louise

Rush: Another great father/son team-up!

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hounder: stay well

Dona: Goodnight all!

Rush: And you too, Louise!

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Rush: Good night….

Rush: May everyone have happy, Chan-filled dreams…

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Rush: Good night, Dona, Louise, and Hounder…

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Rush: Thank you, Louise!

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