Chat Archive 4/1/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 1, 2019

Charlie Chan at the Olympics

The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack (Chapter 13)

angel & fox
Cheekyg (Momentary visitor)
Mike in DC

Rush has joined this room16:18

Rush: TEST.16:18

Rush: 16:22

Matt1 has joined this room16:29

Rush: Hello, Matt!16:29

Matt1: Hello Rush!16:29

Matt1: Nice pic!16:29

Rush: How are you doing this evening?16:29

Rush: AH! I just tested the image feature.16:29

Matt1: I never noticed before, but outside Oland….I don’t remember any of the Chan family16:29

Matt1: Doing well, thnx….hope you are too16:30

Rush: This would be the family from “Charlie Chan Carries On,” I would think.16:30

Matt1: Ah16:30

Matt1: I always thought Lee was in it16:31

Matt1: Just an assumption, I guess16:31

Rush: Doing well, thank you!16:31

Rush: :)16:31

Rush: :)16:31

Matt1: So are your Padres going to contend this year?16:32

Rush: Anyway, the picture was made pre-Luke.16:32

Matt1: My Phillies look great16:32

Rush: Seems they just MAY!16:32

Rush: 3-1 is the best start in a LONG time!16:32

Matt1: They, like the Phillies, bought the talent16:32

Rush: Yes, we can be reasonably happy…so far!16:33

Rush: Yes. Also, many of the younger prospects are maturing.16:33

Matt1: Yes!16:33

Rush: Now, if we can just keep them!16:33

Mike in DC has joined this room16:34

Matt1: My favorite sport16:34

Matt1: Hello solo Mike!16:34

Rush: We will be going to a game on Monday the 15th, as I mentioned before.16:34

Mike in DC: Good evening!16:34

Rush: So…if you can take the reins that night…16:34

Matt1: Of course!16:34

Rush: Hello, Mike!16:34

Rush: I see you are alone tonight.16:34

hounder has joined this room16:34

Matt1: Hello Hounder!16:35

Rush: Good evening, Hounder!16:35

Mike in DC: Yes. Rach has a band booster meeting tonight. :(16:35

Rush: AH!16:35

Rush: Music calls!16:35

Mike in DC: She would definitely rather be here!16:35

Rush: I understand!16:35

hounder: hi all. just popping in to say hi. I have company so I’m not staying.16:35

Rush: Sometimes an obligation creeps into my Mondays as well!16:36

Rush: AH…okay!16:36

Mike in DC: Hi hounder…good to see you, even briefly16:36

Rush: Please say hello, from all of us!16:36

Mike in DC: Yes, Rush. I see a Padres game in your future perhaps?16:36

Rush: And…if you need to slip away for a few minutes…we will be here!16:36

Rush: Yes, Mike…on Monday the 15th, to be exact.16:37

Mike in DC: Tax Day!16:37

Rush: YES!16:37

Rush: All the paperwork is in the hands of our tax man.16:37

Mike in DC: :)16:37

Mike in DC: Ditto. Hoping for a refund this year… *crosses fingers*16:37

Matt1: Our refund came quick this year, 8 days!16:38

Rush: I just want to break even every year.16:38

Mike in DC: Wow! Speedy.16:38

Matt1: Fastest I can remember16:38

Rush: WOW!16:38

Mike in DC: Early filers get the worm?16:38

Rush: I just don’t want to OWE.16:38

Rush: Yes, Mike!16:38

Matt1: I guess….I have someone else do them 16:38

Rush: That’s why I do the same, Matt.16:39

hounder: My sister says nice to meet you all.16:39

Matt1: Howdy, Sis!16:39

Rush: I could never figure what deductions, etc. we can do on my own!16:39

Mike in DC: Hi to your sister, hounder!16:39

Rush: Gone are the simpler days before marriage, family, and home ownership!16:40

Matt1: It’s just easier to let the pro’s handle that16:40

Rush: Yes!16:40

Matt1: Yep!16:40

Rush: I fondly recall the 1040-EZ…16:40

Matt1: lol….Yes!16:40

Mike in DC: HA16:40

Rush: 5 minutes max.16:40

Rush: :)16:40

Rush: Well!16:41

Matt1: Simpler life/time16:41

Mike in DC: No longer…EZ16:41

Rush: How about some “Smilin’ Jack”?16:41

Matt1: Last episode?16:41

Mike in DC: The Thrilling Conclusion!16:41

Rush: Number 13…the last, I believe…16:41

Matt1: Lucky 1316:41

Mike in DC: Will they get the nefarious Fraulein von Teufel?16:41

Rush: Hopefully!16:42

Matt1: I’m cued16:42

Mike in DC: Will Mah Ling be avenged?16:42

Rush: Next week we start”The Green Hornet.”16:42

hounder: mine came in 3. efiled from accountant but was shocked!!16:42

Mike in DC: And…will we see Sidney Toler again???16:42

Matt1: That should be fun16:42

Rush: One last time, perhaps…16:42

Rush: Toler, I mean…16:42

Mike in DC: Maybe at the victorious conclusion16:42

Rush: Okay…16:42

Rush: 30 seconds…16:42

Mike in DC: I want to see how Jack evaded the hot coals16:42

Rush: 20 seconds…16:43

Rush: 15…16:43

hounder: y’all have a fun night. Next week I’ll be at Disney. See you in 2 weeks.16:43

Rush: 10…16:43

Rush: 5…16:43

Rush: GO!!!16:43

Matt1: <gong>16:43

Mike in DC: *zoom*16:43

Rush: TYSM, Hounder!16:43

Rush: Take care…16:43

Mike in DC: Last time for the graduation music…16:43

hounder: nite all.16:43

Rush: See you soon!16:43

Mike in DC: ..and bomb16:43

Rush: Good night…!16:43

Mike in DC: take care, hounder!16:43

Matt1: Take care and have fun Hounder!16:43

Rush: BOMB!16:43

Rush: Flying with a mission music…16:44

Matt1: Patriotic music16:44

hounder has left this room16:44

Mike in DC: Ah so…Chungking16:44

Rush: We used to buy Chung King chow mein at the store.16:45

Matt1: lol, yes!16:45

Rush: :)16:45

Matt1: Two cans taped together?16:45

Rush: Yes!16:46

Mike in DC: And the crunchy noodles in the can…16:46

Mike in DC: Hot coals!16:46

Matt1: I’d be running, just say’in16:46

Rush: Put to the test!16:46

Rush: “Ouch! OOCH!….OUCH!….”16:47

Mike in DC: Walking briskly…16:47

Mike in DC: good thing he left his shoes on… :)16:48

Rush: I suspect these guys will not do as well.16:48

Rush: Philip Akn.16:48

Rush: (AHN)16:48

Mike in DC: Trolling the fraulein!16:49

Rush: Yes.16:49

angel & fox has joined this room16:50

Rush: Should have talked faster.16:50

Matt1: Hello A & F!16:50

angel & fox: YESSS!16:50

Rush: Hello, Angel ….& fox!16:50

Mike in DC: Hi A&F!16:50

angel & fox: wE’RE IN sj #13, yes? What’s the “time”?

Rush: 7:4516:51

angel & fox: (And, HELLO Matt/Mike/Rush!!!)16:51

Rush: 8:0016:51

angel & fox: ARMY HEADQUARTERS?16:51

Matt1: Plane16:51

Rush: Smilin’ Jack to the rescue!16:51

Rush: Flying Tigers!16:51

angel & fox: “Rendezvous with ESCORT”?!! Is this THAT kind of movie/16:51

Matt1: Pop!16:52

Rush: YES!16:52

Rush: Close your eyes, and you hear Charlie Chan!16:52

angel & fox: Rush—as our Historicalaureate—the “flying tigers” reference—was this a cop from General chennault/16:52

angel & fox: ?16:52

angel & fox: I do! I do!16:52

angel & fox: Hat looks like an ASHCAN LID.16:53

Mike in DC: Yes. Claire Chennault, I think16:53

Rush: Yes!16:53

angel & fox: That’s right, BLAB everything.16:53

angel & fox: (Not YOU, Rush; HER.)16:54

angel & fox: “These buildings will be rubbish”. Goood! She can put her hat on TOP.16:54

Rush: 16:54

angel & fox: Looks like Butch Munster, DJ.16:54

angel & fox: Rush, COOOOL!16:55

Mike in DC: What air force is this? The Black Samurai Air Force?16:55

Mike in DC: Nice, Rush!16:55

Rush: Just for YOU, Angel!16:55

angel & fox: THIS IS CC!!!16:55

angel & fox: Wu Tang? Not—16:55

angel & fox: I expect to see Alben Barkley any minute. Who else is LEFT?16:56

Rush: :)16:56

Mike in DC: He must be a relative of Wu Hoo….16:56

Rush: I am enjoying the Toler moments…16:56

Rush: Mike: :)16:56

angel & fox: I like the hand concealed behind the print.16:57

angel & fox: Lonely but loaded.16:57

angel & fox: EVERYBODY’S got a cannon.16:58

Mike in DC: Rats.16:58

angel & fox: Rats with guns.16:58

Rush: Indeed.16:58

Mike in DC: Foiled again.16:58

Matt1: Rats with Gats?16:58

Mike in DC: lol16:58

Mike in DC: Hm. Should be bomb time about now, then…16:59

Rush: “The Mandarin’s Secret” Good working title for a Chan movie!16:59

angel & fox: Matt1: =] 16:59

Rush: Music builds..16:59

Mike in DC: Need the graduation music for bombs…16:59

angel & fox: Rush, YOU’RE the one who could write it!16:59

Mike in DC: Here’s the Black Samurai Air Squadron16:59

Matt1: Was there other Smilin’ Jack films?16:59

Rush: I am not sure.17:00

Mike in DC: <boom>17:00

angel & fox: Matt: i’m FEARING the answer to your question.17:00

Matt1: 17:00

angel & fox: Why does the Moll here remind me of Our Miss Brooks?17:00

Mike in DC: Where is the air raid shelter?17:00

Mike in DC: What? FvT is double crossed!17:01

Rush: No honor among spies.17:01

Mike in DC: No aim among bombers…17:01

Louise has joined this room17:01

Louise: Hello all!17:01

angel & fox: LOUISE!!17:01

Mike in DC: Hm.17:01

Mike in DC: Hello Louise.17:01

Matt1: Hello Louise!17:01

Louise: Sorry I missed a few weeks: travelling17:01

Rush: Triple-crossed!17:01

angel & fox: “And no one’s left,” as the Firesigners once said, “to write an ending / To this dumb-ass play.”17:02

Mike in DC: Teufel-burger!17:02

Rush: Fraulein got hers.17:02

angel & fox: IRON-crossed—topo!17:02

angel & fox: too!17:02

Mike in DC: A magnificent highway!17:03

Rush: Three Chan actors gathered together….17:03

angel & fox: GPS coulda put ALL these folks—EXCEPT Toler of course!—outta work.17:03

Mike in DC: Lt. Jack!17:03

Rush: Drafted!17:03

Mike in DC: Was that a proposal?17:03

angel & fox: Would people be any more amenable in THIS “dynamic” world if the United Friends was gonna help?17:04

Rush: Seems close to one!17:04

Matt1: <clap-clap>17:04

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>17:04

angel & fox: *huzzah!*17:04

Rush: THE END17:04

Rush: (applause!)17:04

Mike in DC: A bit anti-climactic, but fun.17:04

Matt1: Pop has final words!17:04

Rush: Yes!17:04

Mike in DC: And a map-burning ceremony!17:04

Rush: Appropriate.17:04

angel & fox: And not a minute too soon! Like Christmas, TILL NEXT YEAR, and let’s not think about it TILL then.17:05

Mike in DC: Toler looked thinner in this movie17:05

Rush: So…next week, we start the “Green Hornet.”17:05

Mike in DC: bzzzzz17:05

LibraryJim has joined this room17:05

Dona has joined this room17:05

Mike in DC: Hello LJ & Dona!17:05

angel & fox: LJ! Dona!17:05

LibraryJim: THE GREEN HORNET! COOL!17:05

Matt1: Hello Jim & Dona!17:05

Dona: Hello Everyone!17:05

angel & fox: Greet-things!17:05

Rush: I took peeks at it while compiling the episodes, and it looks pretty good!17:05

Frosty has joined this room17:05

Rush: Hello, Dona and LJ!17:05

Matt1: Hello Frosty!17:06

Mike in DC: Hi Frosty17:06

LibraryJim: er, I mean Hi All17:06

Rush: And…FROSTY!17:06

Matt1: Brrrrr17:06

Rush: Long time…welcome home!17:06

Frosty: Hi everyone 17:06

Rush: Hello!17:06

Rush: How have you been?17:06

angel & fox: I’m racing for my speedboat, will meet all in Berlin at 8:15. I HAD zeppelin tickets but i seem to have left them with my cigarettes.17:06

Mike in DC: (as in ‘snowman’?)17:06

Dona: Hi Frosty17:06

angel & fox: A BOMB IN A BULL, Snowman!17:06

Rush: Frosty was a regular participant going back a ways!17:06

LibraryJim: well, let’s give Frosty a warm welcome, then.17:07

angel & fox: Chilly Willy didn’t get a fair break.17:07

Rush: I saw your test entry to this Chat Room, Frosty, and I hoped you would come here tonight!17:07

Cdirus has joined this room17:07

angel & fox: A WARM welcome, Frosty!!!17:07

Frosty: Pretty good. Finally had Monday night off17:07

Matt1: Hello CD!17:07

Dona: Hi Cdirus17:07

angel & fox: Grrrrreetings cd!!17:07

LibraryJim: Hi CD17:07

Rush: Welcome also to CD and Louise!17:08

Cdirus: Hi Guys. Almost forgot it was movie night.17:08

Rush: 8 minutes until showtime!17:08

Dona: Monday Movie Madness!17:08

Matt1: Ready to go for the GOLD?17:08

Rush: “Charlie Chan at the Olympics” tonight!17:08

Mike in DC: :)17:08

Louise: Yes, good to be back17:08

Mike in DC: Got my official Olympic water wings!17:08

angel & fox: The table is starting to fill nicely. Will call for Crispy Duck, hush-hush squeeze of Donald.17:08

Rush: Frosty, are you still here?17:08

LibraryJim: Me, too, CD. My wife reminded me “So what’s on TV tonight? More Svengoolie?” No, tonight’s Charlie Chan. OH, TONIGHT’S CHARLIE CHAN!17:09

angel & fox: (Donald DUCK, that is. NOT—_17:09

Rush: LJ: YAY!!!17:09

Frosty: Thank you all. And yes, as snowman17:09

LibraryJim: 17:09

Cdirus: 17:09

angel & fox: My friends say i get shanghaied every Monday.17:09

Rush: :)17:10

Frosty: Think so17:10

Rush: Very good, Frosty!17:10

Rush: Again: WELCOME!17:10

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:10

Godwinshelley2: Hello all17:10

Matt1: Hello GS!17:10

Rush: I hope that all is well with you and yours.17:10

Dona: Hi17:10

Dona: GS17:10

Rush: GS!17:10

Louise: Hi GS17:10

Rush: ood evening to you!17:10

Cdirus: Hi GS17:10

LibraryJim: …to which she replied “well, enjoy, I’m off to watch Netflix in the spare room!17:10

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued – and a fond goodbye to Fox studios17:10

Louise: I bought a huge bag of popcorn for tonight!17:11

Godwinshelley2: No popcorn tonight – dentist tomorrow17:11

Rush: By the way, Louise…I have gotten the images you sent to me to work.17:11

Louise: Great Rush. I saw you put up links to them. I will search for more.17:11

Frosty: Hello GS217:11

Rush: Takes figuring each time, but eventually I can download them!TYSM!17:11

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title here!17:11

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued here too17:11

Rush: I need to do the same…17:11

Mike in DC: Hi GS2!17:11

Louise: CUED here, too.17:11

Dona: Ready to go here.17:12

LibraryJim: I found a treat at Costco — praline coated pecans. A bit pricy, but oh, my! so yummy! So that’s my snack for tonight.17:12

Godwinshelley2: I registered the GS name the first time I entered – and now it won’t let me use the plain GS without logging in.17:12

Louise: LJ: envious17:12

Rush: Sorry, GS!17:12

Mike in DC: mmmmmm17:13

Godwinshelley2: I might start misspelling Shelley to just Shelly17:13

Rush: On Monday the 15th, I will try logging in by phone. I will probably be “rush2) or something like that.17:13

Mike in DC: “a rose by any other name,” GS. :)17:13

LibraryJim: Louise, they only carry them around Mardi Gras season, for some reason.17:13

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go!17:13

Matt1: <tic-toc>17:13

LibraryJim: ready here17:13

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.17:13

Phil has joined this room17:13

Rush: Phil!17:14

Dona: Hi Phil17:14

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:14

Rush: WELCOME!17:14

Godwinshelley2: I’m at the Cymbals sound at the black screen17:14

Mike in DC: Gong-ready in DC17:14

Cdirus: Hi Phill!17:14

Rush: TWO MINUTES to go!17:14

Louise: Nice crowd for the Olympics!17:14

Mike in DC: *crash*17:14

Rush: Yes!17:14

Godwinshelley2: Mike – any recommendations on a Slide Whistle?17:14

Phil: Aloha All! Good to see everyone17:14

LibraryJim: Ladies and gentlemen to your starting mark17:14

Frosty: Hi Phil17:14

Mike in DC: Want to see the team handball!17:14

Rush: 90 seconds to go…17:14

Godwinshelley2: I’ve been listening to the Hoosier Hotshots and I’m thinking of getting a slide whistle now17:14

Rush: :)17:14

Phil: Hi Frosty.17:14

Rush: 75 seconds…17:15

Mike in DC: GS: Ukelele and slide whistle? That’s a great combination.17:15

Phil: Frosty, are you new here? 17:15

Rush: 60 seconds…17:15

Godwinshelley2: Don’t forget BONGOS17:15

Phil: I don’t remember seeing you before.17:15

Rush: 50 seconds…17:15

Godwinshelley2: Now I just need a Gong and I’ll be set17:15

Rush: Bongos…yes!17:15

Rush: 40 seconds…17:15

LibraryJim: how could we forget bongos?17:15

PaulM has joined this room17:15

Rush: 30 seconds…17:15

Mike in DC: *readies bongos*17:15

Rush: 25…17:15

LibraryJim: Hi Paul, just in time17:15

Cdirus: Hi Paul!17:15

Rush: Paul!17:15

Rush: 20…17:15

Rush: 15…17:16

Godwinshelley2: Hi Paul17:16

Phil: Hi Paul17:16

Rush: WELCOME!17:16

Dona: Hi Paul17:16

Rush: 10…17:16

Rush: 5…17:16

Rush: GO!!!17:16

Matt1: <GONG!>17:16

Phil: GONE BABY!17:16

Rush: TITLE….17:16

Godwinshelley2: Thanks Matt17:16

Rush: usic…17:16

Matt1: Hello Paul!17:16

Rush: (Remember this song!)17:16

Rush: Credits…17:16

Louise: the director: Humberstone!17:16

PaulM: got it started just in time17:16

Rush: Yes!17:16

LibraryJim: should have done an “On your mark….get set….”17:16

LibraryJim: More circus music?17:17

Rush: And, with Humberstone, comes “new” technology!17:17

Matt1: Go Chas!17:17

Rush: CC trots in place.17:17

Godwinshelley2: Paul – I’m booked at June Monster Bash – but just noticed the October Monster Bash is at a different hotel!! What’s up with that?17:17

Rush: Yearly physical!17:17

Louise: He looks pretty fit here17:17

LibraryJim: ancient stress test17:17

Rush: Note the Chan family photo on his wall?

Rush: Waikiki Spinner.17:17

Frosty: Hi Paul. Phil, I used to be a regular before I had to work Monday nights17:18

Rush: Yes!17:18

Phil: Well nice to meet you.17:18

Rush: How long has it been Frosty?17:18

Rush: A few years at least!17:18

LibraryJim: Oh, just piece of string, with hook on one end and optimist on other.17:18

Godwinshelley2: Son number 5?17:18

Mike in DC: Jr. Chan!17:18

Rush: CC refers to him, as Number Two Son.”17:19

Rush: Charlie Chan, Jr.17:19

Mike in DC: Hm. Quite a gap between #1 and 217:19

Rush: We can forgive Mr. Chan this “error”!17:19

Frosty: Couple of years I think. But have kept up with Facebook posts17:19

Mike in DC: I’m sure it’s hard to keep track of them all, Rush17:19

Godwinshelley2: Yes just said Number two17:19

LibraryJim: there were more in between at the circus17:19

Rush: Plane approaches.17:19

Louise: “airplane sound”17:19

Rush: “The Hopkins ship.”17:19

Godwinshelley2: Frosty – have the facebook posts been helpful?17:19

Rush: CC refers to “Cyber warfare!”17:20

Louise: I missed that Rush17:20

LibraryJim: and drones17:20

Godwinshelley2: From AM (static) to FM perhaps?17:20

Frosty: Very much. Have felt like I was still a part of everything17:21

Godwinshelley2: Now if they would just use Hedy Lamar’s channel jumping17:21

Phil: Is that a Beech?17:21

Godwinshelley2: Nice to hear that Frosty17:21

Rush: Actually, Louise, CC was referring to machines fighting wars rather than people.17:21

Louise: cool17:22

Rush: I took it and ran with it!17:22

Rush: :)17:22

Godwinshelley2: Just saw Mary Gordon (almost a CC film regular) on a Jimmy Cagney film last night17:22

LibraryJim: this is an early drone test. 17:22

Rush: Sort of…yes!17:22

Mike in DC: cruise missle17:22

Godwinshelley2: So much for base security17:23

Rush: Slight smile there shows complicity.17:23

Rush: The ship shown: U.S.S. Preble (DD-345)17:23

Louise: So folks, I am thinking of creating a series of videos explaining (and defending) the Chan movies. For example, I would address CC’s use of advanced technology, his patriotic work for the US gov, his fame across the world, etc. But especially his kindness to downtrodden or troubled people.17:24

Mike in DC: Chan still wears a tie.17:24

Rush: Yes.17:24

Mike in DC: Sounds good, Louise!17:24

Godwinshelley2: And his “family” approach17:24

Rush: “Fish in sea like flea on dog…always present, but difficult to catch.”17:24

Matt1: Awesome project, Louise!17:24

Rush: That’s the plane!17:24

Louise: Yes, GS, especially that. 17:24

LibraryJim: not to mention the use of real Chinese in the supporting role as equals to other supporting roles17:25

Godwinshelley2: yes17:25

Louise: I am just tired of hearing the “racist” accusations against these stories.17:25

Mike in DC: Spacious plane!17:25

Rush: TYSM, Louise!17:25

Godwinshelley2: Would you address the assistant in Black Camel being replaced by family?17:25

Rush: Sounds like a VERY worthy project, indeed!17:25

LibraryJim: Yashimo? He was not missed.17:26

Louise: Well, GS, I think the interesting thing is that all the assistants and the family/assistants were treated the same.17:26

Godwinshelley2: Still the translation from books to film – makes an interesting change17:26

Rush: You will be able to use some Keye Luke quotes defending Oland’s (and others’) portrayals of Chan.17:26

Louise: Yes Rush, and this website will be a goldmine for such quotes. TYSM.17:26

Mike in DC: OK. So the man we want ISN’T Edwards…17:27

Rush: I love Chan’s black shirt with white hat.17:27

Rush: Change of attire for Chan in this scene.17:27

Mike in DC: Hey Angel, this film is Fox’s big moment!17:27

Louise: That was stylish: why did he change out of it so quickly17:27

Rush: Passage of time.17:27

Godwinshelley2: He’s no longer fishing and back on the job17:27

Rush: Yes.17:27

Mike in DC: Quite dapper!17:27

Rush: Time card clue!17:28

LibraryJim: And contemporary accounts of the Chinese themselves of admiration for Olan and Chan breaking the mold of “Laundry Boy” and “cook” (Hey Boy in Have Gun will Travel)17:28

Mike in DC: Yes, LJ17:28

Rush: 17:28

Godwinshelley2: NICE – didn’t know you could insert photos here17:28

Louise: LJ: I still believe the “lost” Chan films are probably in China17:28

Mike in DC: Nice, Rush. Technology worthy of Humberstone!17:28

Dona: Nice picture Rush17:28

Rush: yes.17:28

Louise: Yay! Pictures! The new sound effect!17:29

Rush: Note the little “picture” icon just above the text space.17:29

Mike in DC: White Fox Fur!17:29

LibraryJim: WHITE FOX FUR17:29

Rush: Yes!17:29

Phil: WFF now we’re talking baby.17:29

Godwinshelley2: Royal Hawaiian Hotel!!17:29

Rush: This is the famous white fox fur origin!17:29

Mike in DC: Angel & Fox are strangely silent at this moment…17:30

Rush: And, YES! The Royal Hawaiian.17:30

Phil: CUE THE CAN17:30

Matt1: <tin can>17:30

Rush: One of our gathering was recently there!17:30

Godwinshelley2: The Pink Palace17:30

Mike in DC: RIP17:30

Rush: A true “stiff.”17:30

Phil: Impecable Matt.17:30

Rush: LONG dead, probably.17:30

LibraryJim: little Chan in disguise17:30

Matt1: <slap>17:30

Phil: TYSM17:30

Frosty: Body in closet 17:31

Godwinshelley2: Had a wonderful tour of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel recently! And the also the location of the guest house Biggers stayed in.17:31

Rush: Yes!17:31

Rush: “Okay, CHIEF!”17:31

Matt1: Did you see the mail drop by elevator, GS?17:31

Godwinshelley2: It was a wonderful tour complete with photos from the film17:31

LibraryJim: Love the dumbfounded look Charlie gives there17:31

Godwinshelley2: Yes The elevator AND Mail BOX!!17:31

Godwinshelley2: Plus the trees so tall now17:31

Matt1: Very cool, huh?17:31

Mike in DC: WFF x 217:31

Godwinshelley2: very fun17:31

Mike in DC: WFF x 317:32

Matt1: <slap>17:32

Phil: WFF ALERT!17:32

Rush: Did Steve have a notebook with the photos?17:32

Godwinshelley2: Yes we looked at them17:32

Mike in DC: Depopulated the species for this movie17:32

Godwinshelley2: During the tour17:32

Rush: Steve had the photo documentation with him for you?17:32

Godwinshelley2: Yes lots to see17:32

Matt1: Miss Steve’s pop-in’s here17:32

Godwinshelley2: And also info about what was playing in the local theaters when filming there17:33


filibuster – An adventurer who engages in a private military action in a foreign country. 17:33

Godwinshelley2: I need to finish up a review of the tour for his website17:33

Louise has left this room17:33

Godwinshelley2: Louise? 17:33

Rush: Lost her?17:33

LibraryJim: Truth, like football, receive many kicks before reaching goal.17:33

Rush: Good one!17:34

Louise has joined this room17:34

Louise: I had to register so I could post an image17:34

Rush: KGPD – The broadcasting station of the San Francisco Police. This station began broadcasting on May 5, 1932.17:34

Godwinshelley2: OH – might be why I don’t see the photo thing17:34

Frosty: Love the little Chan in this movie17:35

Dona: All the Chan children have theories17:35

LibraryJim: <sigh>O-kay, Pop.17:36

Godwinshelley2: He’s cute – and when the older children start talking slang – love that too17:36

Rush: This weekend our family drove up to Santa Barbara for a wedding. Along the way, we pass through near the town where Warner Oland lived with wife, Edith: Carpenteria.17:36


Godwinshelley2: Nice Rush – is his old home still there?17:36

Rush: Wraps him right around her finger!17:36

Louise: That fox cape is …..stunning?17:37

Rush: I hear it is, but, I was not able to locate it when I was there several years ago.17:37

Rush: I understand it was moved to an new location at some point.17:37

Godwinshelley2: With a big black dress, she would look like a Skunk!17:37

Rush: Katherine De Mille: Yvonne Roland17:38

Godwinshelley2: They moved the whole house? Wow – they did the same thing with HP Lovecraft’s old house.17:38

Cdirus: GS 17:38

Rush: There was great sadness***therine DeMille’s life as her infant child drown in a pond at the home of WC Fields.17:38

Louise: You people know so many interesting things17:38

Phil: CC demonstrates the current high technology.17:38


Rush: Chan’s travel plans…17:38

Godwinshelley2: Yikes – so sorry to hear that Rush – Like Costello’s little boy17:39

Dona: 61 hours wow!17:39

Rush: TYSM, LJ!17:39

LibraryJim: Note the black box where the swastika was.17:39

Rush: That was the Olands’ east coast home!17:39

Rush: Yes, LJ.17:39

LibraryJim: That’s all I could find, Rush17:40

Godwinshelley2: You mean they moved the East Coast house?17:40

Rush: Not bad, LJ!17:40

Rush: A “keeper”!17:40

Rush: Lee and his “Chanisms”!17:40

Godwinshelley2: I’m going to have to watch this shipboard section again in slow motion to try to see John Carradine in the background I hope17:40

LibraryJim: His “or something like that” gets annoying after the third or fourth one.17:41

Rush: THAT isa not a good move to kick an Olympic athlete like that!17:41

Phil: I was just about to say that Rush.17:41

Mike in DC: Yes, LJ. Glad to see that disappeared after this film…17:41

Louise: Is thatan Olympic event: tossing women?17:41

LibraryJim: If so sign me up!17:42

Rush: Lee goes into his act here!17:42

Rush: Like he did in “Race Track”!17:42

Godwinshelley2: But I have some “candid” shots on that roll!!!17:42

Mike in DC: Signed, “Hubby” ????17:42

Rush: :)17:42

LibraryJim: Yep.LOL17:42

Mike in DC: Chaperone17:43

Rush: “Or something like that…”17:43

Rush: “Hindenburg” over Berlin.17:43

Rush: Inspector Strasser.17:43

LibraryJim: Also note the Prussian uniforms instead of Nazi ones.17:43

Rush: (“Click!”)17:43

Rush: Those are Berlin Police uniforms.17:44

Rush: I think they actually looked like that.17:44

Godwinshelley2: Weird statues on the dressing table17:44

LibraryJim: Reminds me Frankenstein films (and Young Frankenstein).17:44

Mike in DC: “Useless to sprinkle salt on tail of time” (But excellent to sprinkle salt on popcorn). *munch*17:44

Rush: YES!17:44

Dona: Yes LJ17:44

LibraryJim: reminds me of….17:44

Mike in DC: Needs darts, LJ. :)17:44

Rush: “Much prefer salt on popcorn than on tail of bird.”17:45

Mike in DC: Tail of bird very tough for snacking17:45

Rush: :)17:45

Rush: (“Click!”)17:46

Mike in DC: Dr. Cream17:46

Rush: Uh-huh!17:46

Dona: Yes17:46

LibraryJim: “You must think we’re all fools!” I’m not acquainted with the other gentlemen.17:47

Frosty: Must think we’re all fools17:47

Rush: Good work, Mr. Chan!17:47

Louise: Ditto on the popcorn17:47

Rush: Yes.17:47

Rush: Yes, Frosty!17:47

Mike in DC: NO click for Chan..17:48

Rush: What an entrance!17:48

Rush: Right, Mike!17:48

LibraryJim: very subdued “hello”17:48

Phil: How did Lee expect to get into the porthole?17:49

Rush: Indeed!17:49

Rush: Fortunately Lee chose the right porthole!17:49

Phil: At the correct time.17:49

Mike in DC: WFF x 417:49

Rush: (SLAP!!!)17:49

Louise: ouch!17:49

Matt1: lol17:49

Rush: On the train to Berlin…17:50

Rush: The rear-projected countryside looks pretty authentic to me.17:50

LibraryJim: WFF X 5?17:50

PaulM: we should have a drinking game. take a drink every time someone says “white fox fur”17:50

Mike in DC: We have a whole skulk of them tonight, Paul!17:50

Rush: At LEAST, LJ!17:50

Rush: :)17:51

PaulM: or when a Chan kid says “Pop”17:51

Godwinshelley2: Also when anyone wears PLAID or outlandish pjs17:51

LibraryJim: we’d get alcohol poisoning, Paul17:51

PaulM: or when CC comes up with a wise saying17:51

Phil: In fact, sometimes we say WFF in other movies. Just for the fun of it.17:51

Dona has left this room17:51

Frosty: Lol17:51

Phil: Even if it’s just a racoon or mink or something.17:51

Rush: Soon we will hear Chan use that trick he used in “Race Track.”17:51

Louise: Always take tip17:51

Rush: “Perhaps YOU>>>>have answer?”17:52

Mike in DC: The “Chan pause”17:52

Rush: Yes!17:52

LibraryJim: still find it hard to believe he could see the rifle from that distance, speed17:53

Rush: Yes, LJ.17:53

LibraryJim: In other words, he’s lying.17:53

Rush: He probably “knew” something!17:53

Rush: The Brandenburg Gate…17:53

LibraryJim: staged to divert suspicion17:53

LibraryJim: stoppendebus17:54

Rush: “Stoppa da bus!”17:54

Louise: Cool box camera17:54

Rush: Yes.17:54

angel & fox: LOCAL (my town) UN-olympians have called me away. I am with Chan Team in spirit, HOPE to return. If i can’t, PLEASE give Herr H—-r the razzberry for me.17:54

LibraryJim: night, angel17:55

Godwinshelley2: Herr Strassa17:55

Godwinshelley2: night17:55

Mike in DC: bye Angel!17:55

Mike in DC: (and fox)!17:55

Rush: Minerva Urecal: Olympics Matron17:55

Louise: Hand over the “candy”17:55

Mike in DC: Yikes what a name, Rush!17:55

Rush: Minerva Urical appears in one other Chan film: “The Trap” as Mrs. Weebles.17:55

Mike in DC: Laceru Avremin17:55

Mike in DC: Avrenim17:56

Rush: She will be in some deep trouble.17:56

Mike in DC: Dachau awaits…17:56

Rush: fast work by Chan.17:56

Louise: Nice move Charlie17:56

Rush: Possibly, Mike!17:56

LibraryJim: gosh, she has a hard time holding onto that camera.17:57

Dona has joined this room17:57

Dona: Hi Again17:57

Mike in DC: WB Dona. :)17:57

Rush: “Hasty accusation like long shot on horse race – odds good, but chance is doubtful.”17:57

Matt1: wb D!17:57

Rush: yes…welcome back, Dona!17:57

LibraryJim: :click:17:58

Rush: (“CLICK!”)17:58

Rush: :)17:58

LibraryJim: 17:58

Rush: banjo-eyed – (As used) Large-eyed17:58

Rush: Note the visible breath.17:59

Louise: I love all the goofy language17:59

Phil: This scene must have been shot in the morning 17:59

Mike in DC: I prefer the zither-eyed girls myself…17:59

Rush: This outdoor scene was shot in colder weather.17:59

Rush: Mike: :)17:59

LibraryJim: [Seigfried Clicks heels] I salute you, Schmart.
[Max clicks heels, bell rings] I think I just broke my shoe phone!17:59

Rush: Another “Fankenstein” reference!17:59

Godwinshelley2: Second Frankenstein of the series18:00

LibraryJim: yep18:00

Rush: (Frankenstein)18:00

Phil: Silver fox?18:00

Mike in DC: It’s a disguise, Phil. 18:00

Phil: Gigantic Wooly WOrm?18:00

Rush: Looks like silver…18:00

LibraryJim: How many furs does this dame own?18:00

Mike in DC: WFF undercover…18:00

Louise: “bang”18:01

Rush: (Gunshot!)18:01

Mike in DC: Chan & Son18:02

LibraryJim: uh-oh, jealousy18:03

Rush: (Sock!)18:03

Mike in DC: Betty needs a Valium18:03

Matt1: <pow>18:03

Mike in DC: (Biff!)18:03

Dona: Agreed18:03

Rush: “This CANNOT happen in BERLIN!”18:03

LibraryJim: rock ’em sock ’em robots18:03

Dona: Batman18:04

Rush: Yes, LJ!18:04

Mike in DC: Chan gets clicked this time!18:04

Frosty: Free for all18:04

Mike in DC: (plus Hitler salute). Wonder if that’s an upgrade?18:04

Rush: Symbolism with the chess game.18:04

LibraryJim: white has hardly moved his key pieces.18:04

Mike in DC: Also symbolism that plot fails during chess game. Subtle hint…18:04

Dona: That man looks familar18:05

Godwinshelley2: Our game is with the oriental now18:05

Dona: is he in other chan movies Rush?18:05

Mike in DC: Dude, you’re playing checkers. Chan is playing chess. Give up now.18:05

Rush: Mike: :)18:05

Rush: “Call for Phillip MOR-is!”18:06

Cdirus: Child labor 18:06

Phil: That’s ONE odd lookin’ kid.18:06

Dona: the voice seemed wrong18:06

Mike in DC: Wonder if Box 22 is anywhere near where Aldoph sat?18:06

Dona: Santa18:06

Phil: Maybe it was his ancestor that played banjo in “Deliverance”18:06

Rush: Olympic Stadium.18:07

Rush: Still there and in use today!18:07

Louise: She had to drag that furry thing to the Olympics?18:07

Mike in DC: My dad made it to the quarterfinals of olympic qualifying 400m for the 36 Olympics. :)18:07

Cdirus: maybe it’s her emotional support fur18:08

Godwinshelley2: Nice Mike18:08

Matt1: Wow, really?18:08

Rush: These shots were filmed at the L.A. Memorial Colosseum…home of the 1932 Olympics.18:08

Mike in DC: I wonder how hard it was to find an English lip reader in Berline?18:08

Mike in DC: *Berlin18:08

Rush: 200-inch telescope – At the time of Charlie Chan at the Olympics, the proposed 200-inch telescope that was to sit atop Mount Palomar in San Diego County in California was still in the early preparatory stages. Daunting work to precisely grind the 200-inch mirror for the telescope began in the mid-1930s, and the working telescope itself was not completed until 1949. Evidently, the prospect of peering deeply into the universe by means of this telescope was, for those alive during Charlie Chan’s time, something much akin to how we, today, consider the orbiting Hubble telescope. 18:09

Rush: This scene shot at the east entrance to the Colosseum.18:09

Louise: Cool info Rush18:09

Rush: TYSM!18:10

Rush: Lee KIDNAPPRD!18:10

Mike in DC: Dick!18:10

Rush: “Wrong answer.”18:10

Godwinshelley2: It’s illegal to indicate someone is an “idiot” in Germany18:11

Rush: Especially in THOSE days!18:11

Rush: :(18:11

Mike in DC: If we can be of service, please call on us. We’ll be in Cell #27.18:11

Rush: :)18:11

Godwinshelley2: If you do the finger circle to the head motion pointing to someone, they can arrest you. At least it was so in the 1980s18:11

Rush: (CRASH!)18:11

Rush: HM!18:12

Phil: Or, sometimes a rock through a window does a good job too.18:12

Rush: Interesting, GS!18:12

Godwinshelley2: My intro to Germany class in Frankfurt class stressed that18:12

Rush: German immersion!18:12

Rush: Actual Olympic footage.18:12

Godwinshelley2: German posting – army wife18:12

Mike in DC: Time for some stock footage18:12

Rush: Jesse Owens!18:13

Mike in DC: *zoom*18:13

Rush: He had the third leg of four.18:13

Rush: Bamboo poles used in those days.18:14

Godwinshelley2: Pole vaulting – seems like it was invented on a dare18:14

Rush: Cleared it with a foot to spare.18:14

Mike in DC: And a sawdust landing pit18:14

LibraryJim: nice editing work there18:14

Rush: Yes, Mike!18:14

Mike in DC: Betty won’t get a chance to break his neck…the event might do that18:14

Rush: “Be alone.”18:15

Phil: Betty has violence issues.18:15

DonaRush: humble father18:15

Dona: such a sad voice18:16

Mike in DC: I wonder what her event is. Women’s judo?18:16

Rush: Yes.18:16

Rush: Chan is truly concerned for Lee.18:16

Dona: without a doube18:16

Dona: doubt18:16

Rush: We don’t see CC worried often.18:16

LibraryJim: unspoken “So I can keep an eye on you”18:16

Rush: “Checkmate.”18:16

Rush: “Wise philosopher once say, “Only foolish man will not acknowledge defeat.” 18:17

Rush: Transmitting.18:18

Mike in DC: Technology scene18:18

Godwinshelley2: Triangulating18:18

Rush: The police use triangulation here.18:18

Mike in DC: Incorrectly…18:18

Rush: I have always thought that the point sought is the intersection of the three lines.18:18

Rush: Yes, Mike.18:18

Mike in DC: It is, Rush18:18

Rush: NOT a point on a triangle!18:19

Godwinshelley2: And now who said Venn Diagrams wouldn’t be useful!18:19

Rush: :)18:19

Mike in DC: But it’s an awesome triangle!18:19

Rush: VERY useful to teachers, GS!18:19

Cheekyg has joined this room18:19

Mike in DC: I wonder what Mr. Venn was like…18:19

Rush: Hello, Cheekyg…WELCOME!18:20

Godwinshelley2: I imagine him constantly drawing on napkins18:20

Louise: Casual use of guns here18:20

Rush: Oh, YES!18:20

Rush: We are in the midst of tonight’s film, Cheekyg.18:20

Cheekyg: Hi18:20

Rush: Hello!18:20

Cheekyg: Anyone up for fun18:21

Godwinshelley2: Hello Cheeky18:21

Cheekyg: Possibly female18:21

Rush: This is our fun…18:21

Matt1: Oh boy18:21

Cheekyg: Haha18:21

Godwinshelley2: Chan is in a tough spot18:21

Cheekyg: Mmm18:21

Rush: We are sharing “Charlie Chan at the Olympics” if you care to join us.18:21

Phil: No worries, it’s just a 9mm18:21

Cdirus: Cops are here!18:21

LibraryJim: Germany’s Keystone Kops to the rescue18:21

LibraryJim: Cops18:21

Rush: Skattering like rats!18:22

Louise: Fancy set18:22

Rush: yes, louise!18:22

Frosty: The use of guns18:22

Matt1: Impressive foyer18:22

Rush: For “B” films, they made use of some NICE sets!18:22

Phil: I’m pretty sure that same house set was used for Monte Carlo.18:23

Rush: Cheekyg, each week we share a different Charlie Chan movie.18:23

LibraryJim: I imagine they had full use of the FOX sets, as long as they weren’t being used for otherproductions18:23

Cheekyg has left this room18:23

Mike in DC: Caught!18:23

Godwinshelley2: I guess we weren’t his/her cup of tea18:23

Louise: Why is he shouting?18:23

Rush: Watching together via our own copies or through a link to an online version.18:23

Rush: AH!18:23

Phil: So we can hear him.18:23

Mike in DC: I think Cheekyg has departed, Rush. :)18:23

Rush: our visitor was perhaps expecting something else!18:24

Rush: )18:24

Mike in DC: Naughty Cheekyg18:24

Matt1: lol18:24

Rush: Yes. NOT a party Chat Room!18:24

LibraryJim: I fell into a burning ring of spies….18:24

Matt1: Not “that” type 18:24

Mike in DC: Blot on page. That’s where the fox jumped him.18:25

Rush: With our new Chat Room, others can look it up on the internet and join at will.18:25

Phil: That could get ugly.18:25

Rush: They do not have to enter through our web site.18:25

Rush: Yes.18:25

Mike in DC: An element of random danger!18:25

LibraryJim: interesting18:26

Mike in DC: 100m dog-paddle, you mean18:26

Rush: But I think that crown over there means I can remove certain visitors!18:26

Rush: Lee competes!18:26

Matt1: Lee swims with a smile!18:26

Louise: They swim so slow compared to today18:26

Rush: LONG hair!18:26

Rush: He won!18:26

LibraryJim: uneasy lies the head that wears the crown….18:26

Mike in DC: Gold medal!18:26

Frosty: Come on Lee18:26

Rush: Chan had the “coaxer” at the ready!18:26

Dona: now swimmer shave their whole bodies18:26

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>18:26

Rush: THE END18:26

Matt1: <yeah>18:26

Rush: (applause!)18:27

Dona: Wahooo!18:27

Rush: Closing credits!18:27

Godwinshelley2: Nice upbeat music18:27

Mike in DC: Nice peppy music for credits18:27

Louise: WooHoo!18:27

Frosty: Always a good movie18:27

Rush: Next week: “Charlie Chan on Broadway”18:27

Phil: APPLAUSE18:27

Godwinshelley2: For our Olympic wins18:27

Dona: Another good one Rush! Thank you!18:27

Godwinshelley2: How long after the Olympics before this film came out?18:27

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a great week18:27

Rush: Lee and Pop return to the U.S.18:27

Rush: Stopping in NYC.18:27

Mike in DC: The hits keep coming. No wonder this series was so popular…off to a roaring start!18:27

LibraryJim: I read that it was only a few months after the Hindenberg disaster.18:28

Matt1: Lee will be short on funds!18:28

Mike in DC: Bye Matt…have a great week!18:28

Rush: Well…this was truly a GREAT one, yes?18:28

Mike in DC: Agreed. A+18:28

Louise: Yes, one of the best18:28

Dona: YES18:28

Rush: I hope everyone had a great time.18:28

Rush: I can say, as usual, I did!18:28

Frosty: Enjoyed being here. Hopefully can make it again soon.18:28

Louise: yes, one of the best18:28

LibraryJim: I read that it was released only a few months….18:28

Phil: All but one…cheeky monkey.18:28

Godwinshelley2: Have a good week everyone18:28

PaulM has left this room18:28

Rush: Frosty…a BIG welcome HOME to you!18:28

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:28

Louise: …18:28

Mike in DC: It was great to meet you Frosty…hope your schedule allows a return!18:28

LibraryJim: Can’t stand typing on this tablet keyboard118:28

Louise: bye18:28

Matt1 has left this room18:28

Rush: have a good evening, everyone.18:28

Mike in DC: Good night all!18:28

LibraryJim: Good night all, see you next week.18:28

Phil: Night everyone. Nice meeting you Frosty.18:29

Rush: Thank you ALL so much!18:29

Rush: Take care….18:29

Phil has left this room18:29

LibraryJim has left this room18:29

Rush: Have a happy and SAFE week!18:29

Rush: See you next Monday!18:29

Frosty: Nice meeting you. Good night18:29

Rush: Please see our April Poll.18:29

Cdirus: See you guys next week!18:29

Louise has left this room18:29

Mike in DC has left this room18:29

Rush: it is, as always, at our Entrance Page.18:29

Cdirus has left this room18:29

Dona has left this room18:29

Rush: Frosty, will you be able to return next week?18:30

Frosty has left this room18:30

Rush: Good night, Angel…18:30

Rush has left this room18:34

angel & fox: Good night REMAINING DETECTIVE RUSH!! Just got free— will see you at NEXT CRIME SCENE!!! Gnite!!18:35

angel & fox has left this room18:36

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