Chat Archive 4/12/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 12, 2021

Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo

The Landini Murder Case: Fear in the Night

angel + fox behind th curtn
Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC/Mike in DC

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Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Zoe: hello

Zoe: I set a reminder with Alexa

Matt1: How are you this evening?

Zoe: all’s well here

Matt1: Ah!

Zoe: was watching old episodes of Poirot

Matt1: Very good

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Matt1: Hello SB!

sarabell2: Hello Matt, how are you?

Matt1: Good, thnx and yourself?

sarabell2: Good. Are you hosting this evening?

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Matt1: Hello Mat!

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Matt1: No, Rush is back home…..Must be running a little late

Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello my fellow chan chatters

sarabell2: Must be on Iowa time. Hello MDA

mat: Hello Everyone!Nice to be here

mda19083: hall mat and others

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mda19083: hello

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Mike in DC: Good evening all!

mda19083: sticky fingers already

Matt1: Hello Rush…..Welcome home!

Matt1: Hello Mike!

Mike in DC: Rush1? Matt2? Things have changed!

Rush2: Hello! I am in the middle of something…sorry…Matt…it’s yours again for now!

mat: Are we ready to be Chaned?

Matt1: No problem!

Mike in DC: Landini is on the docket, correct?

Matt1: Yes, link is above chatroom!

Mike in DC: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: You do a good job Matt1 Thank you

Matt1: How have you been Mike…..Been awhile

Matt1: lol, thnx

Mike in DC: Things have been good here…have had some gigs on Monday evenings though.

Mike in DC: Hope all is well with the Chan clan!

Matt1: I always say, the only constant in life is Chan Mondays!

mda19083: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: What gigs do you do? Mike in DC

Mike in DC: It’s a pity the rest of the world doesn’t honor our schedule…

Matt1: We’ll start at 45 minutes after the hour

Mike in DC: Hi sarabell…I’m a musician

sarabell2: How interesting, what do you play?

Mike in DC: Prof. at Univ. of Maryland…

sarabell2: That is pretty good!

Mike in DC: I’m mostly a conductor, but also a clarinetist. I’ve been doing a lot of improvisation since the pandemic hit (no orchestras, etc.)

Matt1: Everyone have the radio program cued up?

mda19083: Mike – the clarinet is the best – I am a Pete Fountain fan

Mike in DC: All set in DC!

Mike in DC: My mom LOVED Pete Fountain, mda. πŸ™‚

sarabell2: Clarinet is hard to play I bet you are good at it if you are a conductor I would never hear an off note, tin ear

Mike in DC: I’ll play for you–no wrong notes!

Mike in DC: lol

mda19083: benny goodman is tops too

sarabell2: The tone is so beautiful on a clarinet

mda19083: hello rush

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mat: I like the licorice stick!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hi everyone.

Mike in DC: It’s a good instrument–very versatile. I just need more time to practice!

Mike in DC: Hey hounder!

mda19083: hello hounder

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!

Mike in DC: tick tick tick

sarabell2: Hi Hounder, glad you are here.

Mike in DC: Thanks, mat…just saw the licorice stick love. πŸ™‚

hounder: just made it.

sarabell2: You made me laugh, Matt

Matt1: ONE minute to go!

Mike in DC: tock tock tock

Matt1: 45 seconds!

Matt1: 30 seconds!

hounder: might have to diappear for a bit. Mom’s stillup/

Mike in DC: I’m nervous…haven’t done Chan in months!

Matt1: 15 seconds!

Matt1: 10…..

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Mike in DC: GONG

hounder: and we’re off

Matt1: Long intro

Mike in DC: mini-symphony!

mda19083: no clarinet though

Mike in DC: sigh

Mike in DC: Is it my speakers or does this Chan have a southern accent?

Matt1: South China?

Mike in DC: lol…no…Georgia. Sounds like a refugee from Gone With The Wind.

mda19083: GWTW is one of my faves

sarabell2: Yes he does. He must have been hanging out with Rhett Butler

mda19083: Dr Swan was a rat

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Mike in DC: Well, if we get to “regret to say with much frankness, my dear, that I not give honorable damn” we’ll know for sure

Matt1: Hello MC!

marcycloud: Hi Guys!

Mike in DC: Hi MC!

Rush2: Hello, I am back for now. I may be running off again!

Rush2: How is everyone tonight?

Mike in DC: Good to “see” you Rush…hope all is well!

Matt1: No problem Rush….Hope all is Ok?

Rush2: and, Matt…thank YOU!!!

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Matt1: Hello Louise!

Mike in DC: Yes, Matt. TYSM

Louise: Well hello gang! Lots of folks here early.

marcycloud: I’ll be running off again in a few. Just wanted to say Hi!

Mike in DC: Hi Louise.

Rush2: Well…we’ve been scammed by a moving broker for a bit iof cash, but aside from that, life is great!

mda19083: great turnout tonight

Matt1: Thnx for stopping in MC!

Louise: Sounds bad Rush

Rush2: Yes…this many at the radio show is wonderful!

Mike in DC: ooof…are you still “in transit” Rush?

Rush2: Not fun, I agree.

Matt1: Ugh, sorry Rush

Rush2: Yes, Mike…we will be moving.

Louise: Nice company while I eat my salad

Rush2: Just beware, everyone!

Rush2: Do more homework than I did.

Rush2: I guess I am a bit too trusting.

mda19083: sorry to hear rush

Mike in DC: caveat emptor…sorry to hear, Rush.

marcycloud: whats a moving broker?

sarabell2: Happens to us all, Rush. Sorry

Rush2: Well, you guys make life’s bumps less bad, to say the least!

Rush2: Still recovering from the trip!

sarabell2: Our consumer guru here in Atlanta said none of them are good.

Rush2: The guru is right!

Rush2: There gores a bunch of our COVID money!

Louise: We’ve had some good movers but they cost more if they are insured.

Rush2: “Easy come…easy blow!”

sarabell2: We always looked like the Beverly Hillbillies moving

Matt1: Our mover went to grade school with our Realtor and still friends, so..

Mike in DC: My moves involved friends, a U-Haul and beer…but I don’t know if that would work at my age now

Rush2: Well, I weas on the phone with a legitimate mover who was supposedly the one that the broker was sending me to, and they might just get our business afterall!

Mike in DC: Hopefully there will be a happy ending, Rush

Rush2: Yes, Matt! I wish our move could be done similarly!

Louise: Moving is so stressful so the additional stress sounds tough, Rush

Rush2: But 2,000 miles of pizza and beer would be unsustainable!

Matt1: I wish you luck…..Not the added stress needed during an upcoming move

Matt1: CC words of wisdom!

Rush2: Thank you….but, let’s let Mr. Can brighten our evening! Enough dark clouds!

Rush2: Chan

Louise: Chan Can!

Matt1: THE END

Rush2: (applause…)

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

mat: It is Rainy in Philly! How about other parts of the country?

marcycloud has left this room

Louise: Cold and windy on the Jersey Shore

Mike in DC: Cloudy in DC but no rain since the AM

Matt1: Here in FL it was a rough day Sunday with storms Mat

Rush2: Getting my disc set…

Zoe: beautiful in Palm Springs

Rush2: Using my old DVDs.

Zoe: getting hotter though

sarabell2: It was lovely here in Georgia, spring has sprung.

Rush2: The Fox sets are packed away!

Matt1: Mine are NOT….Hand carrying, lol

Louise: Ah Rush, priorities!

sarabell2: Do you get seasons in Palm Springs, Zoe?

Mike in DC: Special Chan Courier…

hounder: back until. oh my rush. i guess you are getting thing packed in prep.

Rush2: Yes!

Mike in DC: when is moving day?

Matt1: You have the start tonight, Rush?

Rush2: We are planning on June 15.

mda19083: I am sad that this is warner oland’s last film tonight

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Matt1: Monte Carlo is a sad farewell

Rush2: Maybe, Matt. I am expecting a call, and as things usually go, it will happen right during the countdown!

Godwinshelley3: Quick hello from Indiana

Dona has joined this room

Matt1: Hello GS!

Dona: Hello Everyone!!!!

Mike in DC: Me too, mda.

hounder: hi gs and dona

Matt1: I got it!

Mike in DC: Hello Dona and GS!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

mda19083: hell dona and gs3

Zoe: seasons are 2 – spring and summer – I guess

Louise: Hi GS and Hi Dona

hounder: and anyone else i missed

Rush2: Yes, Monte Carlo is our time with Warner Oland…

Zoe: 6 months beautiful and sunny – 6 months hot hot and sunny

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Rush2: Hello, Dona!

Rush2: Hello, DV!

mda19083: hello dv

Mike in DC: Hello DanV

Louise: Hi dan

sarabell2: I would not watch it for a while because that meant Warner was gone

Rush2: And, GS!

Dona: Hi Dan

DanVenture: Evening Rush, Mike, Louise

Rush2: Full room tonight!

Matt1: Hello DV!

Godwinshelley3: Not staying – just a friendly wave from the MidWest

Mike in DC: Rachel should be joining soon…has to finish some grading…

mat: We have a nice bunch of people here!

Dona: Good to see you GS

Matt1: Cue up….Don’t “gamble” and wait until the last minute!

Mike in DC: Keeping the DMV warm for you, GS. πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: Good to see you.

Louise: CUED

Godwinshelley3: Thank you Mike –

Rush2: Still in Indiana, GS?

hounder: ready here

Godwinshelley3: Yes – maybe go home next week

Mike in DC: Gong-ready in DC.

Matt1: Please cue to Opening Title

Mike in DC: GS…how are your parents doing?

Godwinshelley3: But just for some dr appt

Rush2: It will certainly be good to be back home again, I imagine, GS.

hounder: i’m sure you’re ready for a more normal gs

Louise: I am Happy to be celebrating my birthday this week with my Chan friends. Off to New York tomorrow for some safe museum visits.

Godwinshelley3: Mike – don’t ask – they both passed this year – I’m dealing with their estate stuff now

Rush2: Mike has been away for a while.

mda19083: happy bday louise

Dona: Happy Birthday Louise.

Dona: What is your birth date?

Mike in DC: I’m so sorry to hear that!

Rush2: AH! Happy VBirthday, LOUISE!

Matt1: Happy Birthday Louise….Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

Louise: April 14

Godwinshelley3: Yeah it’s hard

Rush2: Yes, GS.

DanVenture: Yes, Louise! May you have a wonderful day Wednesday.

Dona: Mine is the 10th April is a good month. lol

Mike in DC: Hang in there…

Louise: Yes, GS. You struggle a long time to keep them safe.

Rush2: We are here to do what we can for you.

Godwinshelley3: Well night everyone – enjoy Chan!!

Rush2: Even from afar.

Louise: Yes Dona!

Mike in DC: Take care, GS!

Rush2: Take care, GS.

Rush2: Hang in there.

sarabell2: Happy Birthday April babies!

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Louise: Dona: happy belated birthday!

Phil has joined this room

Dona: Thank you SB

Louise: Thanks sarabell

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Rush2: Welcome, Phil!

Mike in DC: Happy birthday Louise and Dona

Phil: Aloooha to all my Chan friends! Good to see you.

Dona: Hi Phil

Mike in DC: Hi Phil!

Louise: Hi Phil

Rush2: FOUR minutes to go…

Dona: Thank you Louise

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Rush2: Matt, would you like to take the countdown from here…just in case?

HonoluLou: Greetings from CLE, Lou

Matt1: Hello Louuuuuuu!

Rush2: LOU!!!!

Dona: Hello Lou

Rush2: Good evening t you!

mda19083: the phils are in the house

Phil: Cued up to the title page.

Rush2: Aloha!

hounder: hi hl

Rush2: 3 minutes….

hounder: and m n m phil

HonoluLou: Aloha, all. Big crowd I see!

Rush2: Matt, would you do the rest of the countdown, please?

Mike in DC: Aloha, HonoluLou

Rush2: Just in case!

Matt1: Got it!

Rush2: TYSM!

HonoluLou: Hi Mike DC

Rush2: I’ll try to do the gong…

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!

Louise: What a crowd tonite

Mike in DC: I think there’s a Grimm’s Fairy Tale about some folks who try to switch jobs…

mda19083: overflow seating in the chat room tonight

Louise: and some have stopped in for a visit, too

Matt1: ONE minutes to go!

Phil: Yes Mike, trying to change jobs IS a fairy tale.

mda19083: a packed house

Mike in DC: I know, right? This social distancing really cuts down on the usable space

Matt1: 45 seconds!

HonoluLou: P.S. The featurette on this DVD “Charlie Chan is Missing” features someone from this chat, right at the beginning…hint (initials R.G.)

Matt1: 30 seconds!

Mike in DC: I know. Rush is a movie star!

Mike in DC: *adjusts mask*

Matt1: 15 seconds!

Matt1: 10…..

Matt1: 5…..

sarabell2: Wow, I am impressed, I will have to play my dvd

mda19083: can we get his autograph

Matt1: GO!

Rush2: GONG!!!!!

Mike in DC: Great countdown and lovely gong…

Phil: I want an autographed photo!

Matt1: Nice, Rush!

Nothere has joined this room

Mike in DC: Hi NT!

HonoluLou: He’s my hero…and no cape haha

mda19083: hello nt/nh

Matt1: Hello NT!

Dona: Hi NT

Louise: Hi nothere

Nothere: Anyone who bet I wouldn’t be here just ost:)

sarabell2: NT!


Mike in DC: Vroom

Louise: fancy casino

mda19083: and ladies

hounder: hi nt

Mike in DC: Odd. I have English subtitles on and the French is subtitled in…French

Phil: The one, the only, Harold Huber!

HonoluLou: What!

Nothere: MouisuerMike. You are very inetcontential.

Dona: lol

Louise: take the money

mda19083: harold huber made the trip from broadway to monte carlo

Mike in DC: Mais oui

hounder: very formal dress for everyone there

mda19083: and picked up an accent

HonoluLou: Harold Huber apparently got that scar fencing…I believe

Mike in DC: Still working for the fuzz, though, mda

Louise: I wish casinos still had formal wear

HonoluLou: Louise, I agree!

Mike in DC: formal wear is becoming a lost art…we aren’t even using it for concerts

Rush2: Well, I received my call as predicted…right at the very end of the countdown!

Nothere: What no blue jeans and baseball caps?

Rush2: ank you, Matt!

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Rush2: Could I have a time check, please?

hounder: hi len

Mike in DC: 4:40

Matt1: Hello Len!

Mike in DC: Hi Len!

Phil: 4:55

Dona: Hi Len

mda19083: formal wear is required in the chat room tonight

Louise: Not even formal wear at the opera anymore. It used to be fun to watch the clothes.

HonoluLou: Greetings Len.

Dona: I have on my tierra

Rush2: One more time check, please…

Mike in DC: My bow tie matches my t-shirt…

HonoluLou: I’m in white tie, top hat and tails!

sarabell2: I got my long gloves on. Makes it hard to type.

Phil: 5_39

Mike in DC: 5:40

Matt1: Do I need to wear pants?

Rush2: And, I have my “system.”

Rush2: TYSAM…I am back on track.

Len Freeman: HI all… Lindsay and I are in just about 1 :30 late… so guessed at place

Mike in DC: Not if you’re just formal on Zoom, Matt

Louise: But I don’t have diamonds like that in my cleavage

HonoluLou: sarabell2, wonder if they make those gloves for Ipads and cell phones?

Rush2: Hello, LEN!


Len Freeman: hi Rush

Rush2: Pardon my stutter, please!

Phil: Hi LF

Rush2: How have you been, Len?

hounder: i’d never have seen the inside of a casino if i’d have had to wear formal clothes.

Mike in DC: the focus on 25 continues…

Len Freeman: HI all nice to be herfe

Rush2: Yes, Hounder!

Rush2: Especially one such at this !

Len Freeman: how am I is a little complicated…. tell you in a minutes, but right now eating dinner in my lap

mda19083: saw victor karnoff the other night in the movie high society

HonoluLou: I like Kay Linaker in these films.

Rush2: Okay, Len…please settle in…

Mike in DC: she’s always a good woman of intrigue

HonoluLou: Mike, agree.

Rush2: brb

Nothere: Mike is intrigued by women of intrigue.

Mike in DC: *blush*

HonoluLou: Mike, did you ever have large holding in a Fantan house?


mda19083: aren’t all women women of intrigue

Mike in DC: No, but I did hold a large fan once.

DanVenture: Sad state of taxis in Monte Carlo…

HonoluLou: lol

Nothere: Why s it always fox? Haven’t these people heard of mink?

Dona: i would be getting out of that taxi now

HonoluLou: Voila

Mike in DC: You’re braver than I, Dona. Don’t think I would have entered…

Matt1: What could go wrong?

sarabell2: Me too Dona

Nothere: Fancy hotel. Fancy casino. Taxi that will explode any second.

mda19083: better call uber

Dona: True Mike

Mike in DC: This taxi driver is like an early incarnation of Birmingham Brown.

hounder: lol@nt

Len Freeman: the artist part for Keye Luke.. originally he was one of those painting the film posters for the studio

Mike in DC: Really? That’s a great tid-bit, Len.

HonoluLou: Len, that’s very cool.

Dave has joined this room

Mike in DC: Is there a chance that some of the “drawings” he does were really his?

sarabell2: He was, he got told to go to wardrobe, could not figure out why and they just put him in movies.

Len Freeman: Yes

HonoluLou: Aloha Dave

Mike in DC: Hi Dave

Dona: Hi Dave

Phil: Aloha Dave

Louise: Just noticed the fur

Dave: Great to be with you

HonoluLou: Kay is speaking so sultry.


hounder: hi dave

Nothere: Charlie chan racist to mink stoles.

Dave: Really enjoyed Kay in the various films

Phil: Yes, I noticed that myself

Len Freeman: where is Angel? When you need a white fox fur

Phil: I agree Dave

Mike in DC: Devious…

mda19083: slick move by gordon

Dave: Hey, hounder

Mike in DC: Or at least a white fox…

HonoluLou: That was one loooooong fox!

Nothere: Stop making those weird eyes you chauffer.

hounder: he’s actually hitting the muffler. you can see the bolts jump

Dave: Comic relief isn’t what it used to be

DanVenture: Indeed, Hounder!

DanVenture: Yes, Dave, maybe this was hilarious then…

Mike in DC: Well, comedy in French is often lost on American audiences…

Louise: OUCH. Bad French is painful.

sarabell2: That taxi had a muffler?

Nothere: Mine is the bigger mustache. You will bow to my authority.

HonoluLou: Good ole Charlie.

Mike in DC: Charie zings Lee again

HonoluLou: Beg to differ…

Phil: Cue the Can

mda19083: that was no accident lee

Matt1: <tin can>

Phil: TYSM Matt

Nothere: So who is for the stand in the middle of the road method of hitchhiking?

HonoluLou: Touch nothing

Mike in DC: Don’t recommend it on I95, NT…

mda19083: or rhinestone cowboy

Nothere: When you don’t have a butler blame the chauffer.

Len Freeman: trouble coming

Dona: Hi Hounder

Dave: Do we have an accurate tysm count for the film?

HonoluLou: Do police still dress like that in Paris?

Nothere: When you don’t have a butler blame the chauffer.

Nothere: test

Phil: Yes Lou, but now they carry submachine guns.

Nothere has left this room

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: tst

HonoluLou: Phil, I guess your right and flax vests

Len Freeman: just like here in Minneapolis

Nothere: Ah I can communicate again.

Phil: lol len

HonoluLou: Len, so true

Nothere has left this room

Len Freeman: a tough nite here… full curfew for the entire metro area

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: test

Nothere: Cht dosne’t like me tonight

Dona: test back atcha nt

Mike in DC has left this room

mda19083: we do nt

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room

HonoluLou: Len, stay safe and keep yer head down.

Len Freeman: anywise Monte Carlo is a good relief

Nothere: Awww….TYSM

Rush2: Still on the phone…

Dona: Hi MnR

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rach waves*

Phil: Hi M&R

Nothere: A bit pricey but yep Len a good place to relax

HonoluLou: Hi M&R in DC

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel says hi to everyone…it’s been a while!

Louise: Hi rachel

Nothere has left this room

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: a

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nothere is…here!

Len Freeman: We have Viking tickets to visit there next Fall… if covid allows

Nothere: Now it’s kicking me out when I try to post.

Phil: “I am slowly confusing”

Louise: Lots of revolving doors tonight

HonoluLou: So is it Ra-chel or Rockel, Rachel?

Louise: That was me, nothere, making sure you got kicked out when you said something witty

Dave: Phil, I liked that one

Mike n Rachel in DC: RA-chel πŸ™‚

Nothere has left this room

Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: Not really. I’m just having chat trouble. Which I seem only able to fix by leaving.

HonoluLou: Thank Mmsl. Rachel

Mike n Rachel in DC: Agreed, Phil & Dave. One of the classic lines.

mda19083: nt is caught in the revolving door

Nothere: No the chat door

Mike n Rachel in DC: de rien

HonoluLou: Pardon, Madame Rachel πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Ah, the pleasures of carrying a stick

Louise: Always the shoes…

Len Freeman: lol

Phil: It’s about time for the lights to go out.

Dave: Lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: one of ze great pleaszures ees to whack ze random a-passerby

Louise: Phil: my thought exactlt!!!

Louise: exactly

HonoluLou: He could be Al bundy at the shoe store πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

Dave: A great pleasure….

Len Freeman: exactly!

Dona: Likely story

Nothere has left this room

Phil: I understood exactly Louise.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think we have a mink sighting…no WFF for this gal

hounder: mink or perhaps sheared beaver

Dave: Mink alert

HonoluLou: She’s wearing bear fur

angel+fox behind th curtn has joined this room

Phil: It could be silver fox

Mike n Rachel in DC: Delicacy prevents us issuing an alert for the other named mammal

angel+fox behind th curtn: hey-o!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey A+F!

Len Freeman: Hi Angel …lots of furs in this one

Dave: Woah!

angel+fox behind th curtn: Delicacy prevents EVERYTHING fun. Hi, MnR!!

Dona: Hi Angel and Fox. you have missed some great WFF’s

HonoluLou: Aloha A&F

angel+fox behind th curtn: Loha, Lou!!

Dave: Fur sure….

hounder: hi a n f

mda19083: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

HonoluLou: mda lol

sarabell2: I used to work on Beaver Ruin Road, Mike and Rachel

Nothere has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sound like a road in a southern state, sarabell πŸ™‚

angel+fox behind th curtn: Dona, i KNOWWW! wHAT’S our “time”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: *sounds

angel+fox behind th curtn: NOTTY!

mda19083: welcome back nt

Nothere: 35

Phil: 35:30

Nothere: I’ll be here till chat attacks again

Mike n Rachel in DC: perhaps you go on a wittle twip?

sarabell2: And it had a liquor store on it called Beaver Ruin liquor. T shirts were sold

Dona: 35L40

Mike n Rachel in DC: I need one of those t-shirts (Mike)

Phil: I guess they couldn’t do anything with the lights so they lit a fire!

Phil: 36:25

HonoluLou: That’s quite a fire extinguisher

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not enough light switches in police headquarters, Phil…

Nothere has left this room

angel+fox behind th curtn: She SHOULD keep quiet, Especially about losing hundreds of pounds. Gets ME very upset.

Phil: I ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant and had something of a similar problem.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Calvin Coolidge wore drag?

Phil: Jus sayin

Nothere has joined this room

mda19083: death count 2

HonoluLou: He’s dead Jim

angel+fox behind th curtn: He’s making this up. As he goes along.

Phil: Uh oh

angel+fox behind th curtn: NOT “the documents”. Please, don’t try THAT one.

Nothere: Now t’s kicking me out even when I don’t post.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Notty, you’re just that more special.

HonoluLou: Gorgeous outfit, Kay

angel+fox behind th curtn: The tears on her cheeks are from laughter.

Phil: Man he’s pretty fast with that gun

Len Freeman: Just shooting this guy would be a good idea

Nothere has left this room

angel+fox behind th curtn: Eve knows he’s shouting her name BACKWARD.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Len, i’ll call for ammo.

Nothere has joined this room

HonoluLou: Oh yeah!

HonoluLou: Good night

angel+fox behind th curtn: Boy, was he pithed.

Nothere: I don’t know whats going on. But next time it happens I’m not coming back.

angel+fox behind th curtn: The award for overacting goes to…

Dave: Boo…

Phil: We have quite a crowd in here tonight.

DanVenture: FYI: Monaco routinely has no murders year after year. Having 2 so far is going to be quite the crime wave.

angel+fox behind th curtn: If this had been the in-flight movie on the Hindenburg, the passengers would have rushed the cockpit & crashed it anyway.

HonoluLou: Phil, I agree. Is anyone outside of the U.S.A?

Phil: Mrs. Phil has joined the audience.

Louise: Always the pajamas

Matt1: Great scene, lol

mda19083: hello mrs phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bon soir, Mrs Phil!

angel+fox behind th curtn: DV: You are quite right! The gamblers on the beach are the main articles for chalk-talkers, am i right?

Dona: Hi Mrs Phil

HonoluLou: Aloha, Mrs. Phil

Nothere: Hey Phil type

Phil: Mrs Phil says it’s nice to be here. She just finished working for the evening.

angel+fox behind th curtn: If they hurry they’ll be out of voice-range.

Nothere: Ah the breakfast crossword.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Mrs. Phil is a bouquet we don’t deserve, who should be honored across this tawdry globe NOW.

HonoluLou: “A picture is a voiceless poem”

Louise: Mrs P welcome

Dave: Hungry for one myself

angel+fox behind th curtn: Beautiful scenery.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Huber has quite a scar on his face

HonoluLou: He got it fencing

DanVenture: I’ve often thought about this with other crime shows. A new murder or two every week. Wow.

angel+fox behind th curtn: I want to get my friends to do that. And get some people too.

Nothere: It is his mark of honor.

angel+fox behind th curtn: He could only afford half a cravat?

Nothere: Do what angel fence?

Phil: Huber was in one of the Thin Man movies and in one of the scenes you got quite a good look at it.

Len Freeman: Huber is one of the large joys of these Chan films

HonoluLou: Len, agree for sure.

Phil: Indeed LF

Nothere: Even Paris?

Dona: Agreed Len

Rush2: I’m back…

angel+fox behind th curtn: Call for Philip Morris. He can take things from here.

Mike n Rachel in DC: He was quite a hard-boiled type in Thin Man–quite a range of parts for him.

Nothere: Hey Rush

Dona: YAY welcome back Rush

angel+fox behind th curtn: Rush Back!!

Len Freeman: WB Rush

angel+fox behind th curtn: “Where’s the other half of your cravat?”

Mike n Rachel in DC: NT, we’ll always have Paris

Louise: Little boy? Sounds like a jealous man.

Nothere: My cravat? It’sin the crevase.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Notty     

Mike n Rachel in DC: that’s quite a cape she has

Phil: Where it’s getting creased.

Nothere: Well alas my chat troubles seem over by time is not on my side. I must depart. And remember at the casino a in life never draw to an inside straight.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Molasses has won the race.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Great to see you NT. Take care.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Notty, we will hope no more falls thru cracks next time.

HonoluLou: Bye Nothere

sarabell2: Nite Nothere

angel+fox behind th curtn: They couldn’t beat him with a stick. Maybe a cudgel.

Dave: Not here anymore

Louise: bye not

Nothere has left this room

angel+fox behind th curtn: I’ll bet he clips his granny’s toenails with that thing too.

mda19083: i miss nt

angel+fox behind th curtn: Punji punji punji!!

HonoluLou: mda, lol. Maybe he’ll be back

HonoluLou: Take the picture and run!

Dona: Oh Angel i don’t want to think about that.

angel+fox behind th curtn: This is the B-side, right?

hounder: stopit angel. i’m going to hear that allnight

Dona: no angel side A

Phil: He’s such a sleaze.

Mike n Rachel in DC: skuze me lady

angel+fox behind th curtn: Donna, i’m sorry to dredge up awful things. But i have this dredge till Friday, gotta get the use of it!

Dona: lol

Dona: Yes Phil

angel+fox behind th curtn: He’s gonna steal her chin. He got her nose when she was a toddler.

mda19083: no visible means of support

angel+fox behind th curtn: She HAS an afghan—she IS an afghan—

Dave: Owns an Afghan…

angel+fox behind th curtn: They’re going through Time and Life with Horns and Hard Art.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Dave: TYSM! Your check is in the mail!

Rush2: Back again…sorry! It’s been a weird evening here!

angel+fox behind th curtn: There should be multiple moons for exactly this purpose.

Phil: Yeah weird evening here too

Rush2: Well, I am in the best of company, then, Phil!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always, Rush. πŸ™‚

angel+fox behind th curtn: Oh, MAN! Not the “dare not speak” line!!

Rush2: The taxi.

Rush2: That one works!

angel+fox behind th curtn: No visible reading matter. We’ll make a note of that.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wow. Get this guy’s number.

Rush2: The still sent out to you…

angel+fox behind th curtn: Soon as it stops raining they’ll both be outside hundreds of hectares apart, walking the other way at ultra-high speed.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee = in trouble again

Rush2: Yes.

HonoluLou: Poor Lee

angel+fox behind th curtn: Oatmeal filler.

Mike n Rachel in DC: so..uh…”marche” means “run away?”

Phil: Cue the can

mda19083: death count 3

HonoluLou: He’s dead, Jim

angel+fox behind th curtn: Die! Die! My darling!!

Phil: can?

mda19083: nice one lou

Rush2: (tincan…)

Mike n Rachel in DC: One. Million. Dollars!

angel+fox behind th curtn: Is his watch a genuine Rolodex?

angel+fox behind th curtn: It’s Frank’s Spad, Dad!!

Rush2: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: The old he’s right or left handed routine…sheesh!

Rush2: Yes, Lou.

mda19083: dead men tell no tales

Rush2: By the way, thank you for the emails, Lou!

Dave: A left handed joke

angel+fox behind th curtn: Dr. Freud probably ran out of scrap paper while scribbling madly about this one.

HonoluLou: mda, touche

Rush2: We WILL have to do that train someday!

DanVenture: Nice that Mr. Policeman acknowledges having 3 murders.

HonoluLou: Rush, yes…definitely.

Rush2: Sounds really nice!

HonoluLou: It is, Rush. Every visitor to CLE gets a trip.

Phil: Man that guy needs to stop drinking so much coffee. He’s really cranky.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Do you, Mr. Jones?

HonoluLou: Truth cannot be insult!

Rush2: Did Matt leave?

Phil: Maybe he’s constipated.

Phil: Not Matt, the guy in the movie.

mda19083: who’s minding the sore

Rush2: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: lol

mda19083: store

angel+fox behind th curtn: THOSE zlipperz!!

Rush2: I will try to!

angel+fox behind th curtn: The movie “Who’s Minding The Store”?

HonoluLou: Kay Linaker was married for 45 years to an NBC executive, until death did they part.

Rush2: “He has collapsed with death.”

mda19083: sorry lee he’s dead

angel+fox behind th curtn: Wait—this drink may be doped—ah, it IS! How very refreshing!!

Rush2: Yes, Lou.

Len Freeman: Nice note Honolulouu

Mike n Rachel in DC: liar, liar pants on fire…

HonoluLou: Your insane!

angel+fox behind th curtn: Time for more coffee.

Louise: Yes M&R

Phil: Ha! in your face Mr. Cranky

angel+fox behind th curtn: The kind of insane we LIKE!!

HonoluLou: Phil lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: We had breakfast together…with lots of coffee

angel+fox behind th curtn: Great crashing bores!

Phil: coffee cofFEEE COFFEE!

angel+fox behind th curtn: “My caraVAN?” “Yes, your caraVAN!!”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Drink more coffee…you can sleep when you’re dead

mda19083: to see the parisites

angel+fox behind th curtn: The sand of his country. We have shag carpet where i come from, buddy.

HonoluLou: At one time I would drink 12 cups a day at work!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I drove to see my niece

Phil: Wow.

Rush2: WOW, Lou!

angel+fox behind th curtn: Lovely dress.

HonoluLou: I know, 2 cup max these days

Phil: Something like that

Rush2: I don’t think I could find room for that much!

mda19083: the neice is nice

Rush2: Yes, MDA!

Mike n Rachel in DC: my niece says it’s nice in Nice this time of year

angel+fox behind th curtn: WHY exactly are you here, Lord Muckymuck?

HonoluLou: Notice every man is wearing a handkerchief in their pocket.

Rush2: His big error!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Bad move, Gordon.

angel+fox behind th curtn: Try speaking in Trampoline.

Len Freeman: my battery is at 7% — hope it lasts to whodunit!

angel+fox behind th curtn: Who ever is satisfied?

HonoluLou: Except the policeman!

Rush2: Hope so, too, Len!!!

angel+fox behind th curtn: Len, i am sending powerful thoughts.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And the bad guy is the one with the…WHITE handkerchief

Len Freeman: TYSM

Dave: Low battery warning

Rush2: About 5 more minutes?

Phil: Len if the lights go out, it’s not part of the movie.

hounder: pocket chiefs were a habit of a well dressed man in those days

angel+fox behind th curtn: Each year his shorts will climb 1/4 inch higher up. By 1950 they’ll be in line with his chest.

HonoluLou: Kumbaya Len, Kumbaya

Mike n Rachel in DC: just as long as the wastebasket doesn’t catch on fire, Phil

mda19083: for showin not blowin

Len Freeman: Thanks Honolu

Rush2: And growin’ not knowin’

Rush2: “…YOU are murderer.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: You had one job…

Rush2: Watch where he is beamed up just before the car does it’s job!

angel+fox behind th curtn: She hopes to appear on paperback bookjackets.

mda19083: mr rodgers

angel+fox behind th curtn: More power to you, Len!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, mda. He had a good comeback run

Rush2: Fodder for a SciFi Chan adventure!

Rush2: Here we go!!!

Dave: Great scene

HonoluLou: Rush, Lol. I gotta see this.

Rush2: Watch CLOSELY!

sarabell2 has left this room

Louise: Am I just noting that Mr. Rogers was involved?Welcome to the neighborhood.

Mike n Rachel in DC: We missed the sweater, Louise

Rush2: See it?

Phil: Cue the final can

mda19083: thats gotta hurt

angel+fox behind th curtn: Louise, you have cracked the case.

Matt1: Yuck

Mike n Rachel in DC: *splat*

HonoluLou: Rush, haha. Energize!

Rush2: Note Oland’s final words…

Rush2: Appropriate.

Len Freeman: whoa…

sarabell2 has joined this room

angel+fox behind th curtn: What’s the “time”?

Rush2: And the final wave….

Dave: Thanks for the great time, folks

Rush2: WB, SB!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Au revoir, Werner!

sarabell2: Nite all, have a nice week, I am having Nothere problems too.

Rush2: THE END….

HonoluLou: 1:11:10

Rush2: Closing credits.

Louise: Bon Voyage!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

HonoluLou: Nice Flivver!

Matt1: <yee-haw>

DanVenture: And so we end with a blast.

Dona: Wahoo

Mike n Rachel in DC: Another great evening with the Chan clan!

Rush2: Next week: “Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”

hounder: thanks for the fun. see you next week.

Len Freeman: great endings… both…

Louise: What a great clan tonight!

HonoluLou: Rush, congrats. I believe you had 17 online guests this evening. So happy to be a part of it!

Rush2: This is the film that statrted as “Charlie Chan at the Ringside.”

mda19083: great show all

sarabell2 has left this room

angel+fox behind th curtn: LOVE Mr. Moto! Hate The Drake, love Mr. Moto!! Gnite!!

Rush2: Yes, Lou!

DanVenture: Till next week everyone!

Phil: 18 at least with Mrs. Phil

Louise: Many more than that HL: some left early

angel+fox behind th curtn: ELEVATING!!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

DanVenture: Congrats on the huge crowd!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Goodnight all…great to see everyone again!

Zoe: night!

mat has left this room

Rush2: Something of near record proportions!

Len Freeman: and at 4% I bid you all adieu

angel+fox behind th curtn: Don’t forget to count Fox twice!!

Phil: Goodnight all. See you in two weeks.

Phil has left this room

Rush2: Thank you ALL so much!

angel+fox behind th curtn: ADIEU!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Glad you made it Len!

mda19083: tysm

Rush2: Especially you, Matt!

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Dave has left this room

mat has joined this room

Rush2: Sorry about my scatteredness tonight!

HonoluLou: Ah, yes. 18 with Ms. Phil. Good night all and looking forward to that train ride one day, Rush. Gnite, Len

Dona: Thank you Rush! Great Evening.

mda19083: goodnight all

Dona: Good night all.

Rush2: Take care everyone!

mda19083 has left this room

Zoe has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all.

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush2: Have a GREAT week!

DanVenture has left this room

Rush2: Be happy…be SAFE!

angel+fox behind th curtn has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush2: May your dreams tonight be Chan-filled!

Louise has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush2: Thank you, again!

Dona has left this room

Rush2: Take care…

Rush2: Good night, mat!

mat: Bon chance! By everyone, you guys are the best!

Rush2: Have a good week, mat!

Rush2: Thank you!

Rush2: See you next week!

Rush2: Good night!

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