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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 15, 2019

Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 2)

angel & fox

Matt1 has joined this room16:24

Rush has joined this room16:25

Rush: Hi, Matt!16:25

Matt1: Hello Rush!16:25

Rush: I can stay till the hour.16:25

Rush: How are you tonight?16:25

Matt1: 8pm est?16:25

Rush: Yes.16:25

Matt1: Very good, thnx…..Ready for the game?16:26

Rush: So, it’s all yours tonight!16:26

Rush: Yes…I just changed into my “game” clothes.16:26

Matt1: You want to get the Green Hornet rolling?16:26

Rush: if you like.16:26

Matt1: Awesome….going with the family?16:26

Rush: You are in charge tonight!16:26

Matt1: lol16:27

Rush: And I thank you!16:27

Matt1: You can do the Green Hornet, I’ll take Monte Carlo16:27

Rush: Wife and Rachel just got in…16:27

Rush: Sounds good!16:27

Matt1: Don’t feel rushed though…..I good either way16:28

Rush: Be right back.16:28

Matt1: Ok16:28

Rush: :)16:28

Rush: Okay..I am back…16:29

Matt1: wb!16:29

Matt1: Watching the Phillies as I get ready here16:29

Rush: AH!16:29

Rush: Summer nears.16:30

Matt1: One of the few games I get to see here in Fl…..thnx to ESPN16:30

Rush: Yes?16:30

Rush: Well, for the first time in years I will be going to a game with the Padres in first place.16:30

Matt1: I don’t get a chance to see many Phillies games, though they have Spring Training just up the road in Clearwater, which I go too16:31

Rush: Yes.16:31

Rush: .16:31

Rush: That’s a plus.16:31

Matt1: We’ll be in Philly for Labor Day and have already got tickets to a game while in town16:32

Rush: That’s the time “hope ‘springs’ eternal.”16:32

Rush: Nice!16:32

Rush: That should be fun.16:32

Matt1: Everyone in baseball today wears #42 for Jackie Robinson16:33

Rush: Yes.16:33

Rush: My late uncle, the one I mention who was on Boris Karloff’s rugby team…16:34

Rush: …casually knew Jacki Robinson.16:34

Rush: (Jackie)16:34

Matt1: How amazing.….for both!16:34

Rush: Yes.16:34

Matt1: BK and JR!16:34

Rush: He lived in the right places at the right time.16:34

Matt1: Stories he could tell I bet!16:35

Rush: He went to Pasadena City College and UCLA.16:35

Rush: Yes. Never bragged, though.16:35

Rush: He also was in some pretty rough stuff in the Pacific in WW2.16:36

Rush: Got malaria.16:36

Rush: Who knows, maybe that saved his life!16:36

angel & fox has joined this room16:37

Rush: Looks like it might be just you and me.16:37

Rush: AH!16:37

angel & fox: MALARIA?!! Is SHE here?16:37

Matt1: Hello A & F!16:37

Rush: I was happily incorrect!16:37

Rush: Hello, Angel…and Fox!16:37

angel & fox: Top o’ the bottom to ya’s!!16:37

Matt1: Speaking of Malaria!16:37

Matt1: 16:37

Rush: matt’s in charge tonight, as I can only stay till the hour.16:37

angel & fox: Quick preliminary question—is this Part TWO tonite, of Green Hornet?16:38

Matt1: Yes16:38

angel & fox: Matt, we who are about to view salute you!16:38

Rush: Tonight you will be seeing Warner Oland’s last film….16:38

Matt1: I run a tight ship A&F16:38

Rush: Next week, we will be watching “Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”16:38

Rush: Yes, Matt!16:38

Matt1: lol16:38

Rush: (Saluting!)16:38

angel & fox: Is it not true W.O. walked off AMID the NEXT one, which was cobbled to become Mr.Moto’s Gamble?16:39

Rush: Yes.16:39

Matt1: Sad night tonight16:39

Rush: Yes.16:39

Matt1: Always dread Monte Carlo16:39

Rush: Also sad at the loss of a world monument, Notre Dame de Paris.16:39

Matt1: VERY sad, indeed16:40

Rush: Yes. I was shocked when I first heard the news.16:40

Rush: Hard to believe.16:40

Matt1: Did I hear that it took Fire Co 2 hours to get there?16:40

Rush: EIGHT CENTURIES old.16:40

Rush: That wasn’t good…16:40

Matt1: I had a tour there a few years ago…..need to find pics16:41

Rush: I wonder if it will ever be reconstructed and jusy HOW would the “new” cathedral look?16:41

Matt1: Start Green Hornet at 7:45?16:41

Rush: Anyway….16:41

Rush: We have the “Green Hornet” to watch…16:41

Rush: Sounds good, matt.16:42

Matt1: Ready here16:42

Rush: I’ll get mine ready…16:42

Rush: I can at least see most of it tonight.16:42

Matt1: I think it’s 21 minutes running16:42

Rush: And…I hope that you both got your taxes filed!16:42

Rush: Correct, matt.16:43

Matt1: Refund back!16:43

Rush: I have a refund coming too.16:43

Rush: (Phew!)16:43

Rush: My goal each year is to not OWE any money!16:43

Matt1: Yep!16:43

Matt1: Ready Angel?16:44

angel & fox: NOTRE DAME—this is horrible. I had known NOTHING—have been sick the last week or so, just got outside today for first time, hadn’t seen news or anything. How awful. Glad to hear it here if i must.16:44

Rush: Looks like 2 minutes to go.16:44

angel & fox: Reddy boss!16:44

Rush: Maybe more will show in time to watch along.16:44

Rush: Yes, to the above, Angel.16:44

Matt1: Do you have this Rush or want me to do it?16:45

Rush: You can probably see the sad images all over the Internet.16:45

Rush: 45 seconds…16:45

Rush: (I got it…)16:45

Rush: 30 seconds…16:45

Rush: 20 seconds…16:45

Rush: 15…16:45

Rush: 10…16:45

Rush: 5…16:46

Rush: GO!!!16:46

Matt1: <gong>16:46

Rush: Nice opening….16:46

Matt1: Get the can of Raid16:46

Rush: “Flight of the Bumble Bee.”16:46

Rush: Matt: :)16:46

Rush: That’s funny!16:46

Rush: Prominent disclaimer!16:47

Rush: I wonder if there will be ample “references” to Germany, etc.?16:47

Matt1: A lot of reading required16:48

Rush: Yes!16:48

Matt1: Lee!16:48

angel & fox: Cancelling my cruise plans NOW.16:48

Rush: Fire in “Paradise.”16:48

Matt1: I’m going in 3 weeks, lol16:48

angel & fox: Buying a motorcycle with the refund.16:48

Rush: Have a life jacket at the ready!16:48

Rush: Angel…nice idea!16:49

angel & fox: Matt, we’ll SEE YOU OFF, but that’s IT.16:49

Matt1: lol16:49

Rush: Yes, Angel!16:49

Matt1: I’m going to try logging in from the ship!16:49

Rush: Our Number One Son…16:49

Rush: That can be done, matt!16:50

Rush: I am sure that they will have a satellite Internet connection.16:50

angel & fox: If she ate peanuts while wearing that outfit, there’d be shells on her carpet at home.16:50

Matt1: New room should be easier to do16:50

Rush: Angel: :)16:50

Rush: Nive “wink” there!16:51

angel & fox: FIRE GUNNIGAN! Workers of the Woild UNITE!16:51

angel & fox: Hundreds Cut By Coast Guard Rescuer, ya mean.16:51

angel & fox: The Old Double Cross.16:51

Rush: That’s true.16:52

Rush: XX16:52

Rush: Again, I like the Hornet’s mask.16:52

angel & fox: NICE wheels!16:52

Rush: The Hornet Mobile!16:53

Rush: Or: “Black Beauty”?16:53

Cdirus has joined this room16:53

angel & fox: cd!!16:53

Cdirus: Hi guys!16:54

Rush: Hello, CD.16:54

Matt1: Hello CD!16:54

angel & fox: So THAT’S it.16:54

Rush: Matt is the MC tonight…!16:54

Cdirus: Where are we in the serial?16:54

angel & fox: This is GRIPPING dialog.16:54

Rush: I am, as the Monopoly board says…”Just Visiting” …foer a few more minutes!16:54

angel & fox: *tin can*16:54

angel & fox: Other WHICH rat?16:55

Rush: Kato wears goggles.16:55

Rush: Police arrived FAST!16:55

Rush: J.D. Lynch…16:56

Rush: Sounds like a good, fair judge.16:57

Cdirus: 16:57

angel & fox: Enterprises. Nice word. Hmmmmm.16:57

Rush: And…”100 Grand” sounds good, too!16:58

Rush: (Today….$1.5 million!)16:58

Matt1: Ouch!16:58

Rush: Didn’t spill the***t least!16:59

Rush: (ink)16:59

Rush: (How did I type THAT???)16:59

Matt1: lol17:00

Rush: I have to leave in 60 seconds….17:00

Cdirus: I wondered what you were trying to say17:00

Rush: Take care, everyone!17:00

Rush: have a great night!17:00

Matt1: Enjoy the game!17:00

Cdirus: Bye Rush, See you next week!17:00

Rush: Next week” “Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”17:00

Rush: TYSM…17:00

Rush: And…thank YOU, Matt!17:00

Rush: An early “Good Night…..”17:01

Matt1: Anytime!17:01

hounder has joined this room17:01

Matt1: Hello Hounder!17:01

Cdirus: Hi Hounder!17:01

hounder: hi everyone. have fu rush17:01

Rush has left this room17:02

hounder: sorry to be late, mom and i were invited to a neighbor’s for dinner.17:02

Matt1: How nice!17:02

hounder: it was. chinese and about 15 people. it was fun and mom enjoyed it.17:03

Matt1: I love Chinese….been a LONG time though17:03

Cdirus: Sounds good Hounder!17:03

hounder: they’ve spent some time in china si ut was mire suthentic.17:04

Matt1: Home cooked? Even better!17:04

Matt1: That’s a WILD gun17:05

Matt1: The buzzing in the GH car is funny17:06

Matt1: Yikes!17:07

Matt1: <splash>17:07

Cdirus: Cliffhanger!17:07

Matt1: End of Part 2!17:07

Nothere has joined this room17:07

Cdirus: Hi Nothere!17:08

Nothere: Hi17:08

Matt1: Hello NT!17:08

hounder: hi nt17:09

Matt1: Cue up “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo”!17:09

Nothere: No Rush. I claim the power. BWAHAHAHA17:09

Matt1: Too Late, lol17:09

Matt1: 17:10

hounder: you can have it.17:10

Nothere: Uhm. I claim a little of the power. wahaha?17:10

PaulM has joined this room17:10

Matt1: I’ll count us down and NT has the helm after?17:10

Nothere: Hi Paul17:10

Matt1: Hello Paul!17:11

hounder: hi paul17:11

Matt1: Last film with Oland as Chan….Always a sad evening17:11

PaulM: good evening. relaxing after a tough day at work. don’t have to work tomorrow17:11

Cdirus: Hi Paul!17:11

Nothere: Batten down the hatches. A nor easter is blowing in out of the fog.17:11

Phil has joined this room17:11

Nothere: Hi Phil17:11

Cdirus: Hi Phil!17:12

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:12

hounder: hi phil17:12

Phil: Phil, checking in! ALOHA to aal !17:12

Matt1: 3 minutes to go!17:12

Phil: all!17:12

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:12

Matt1: 2 min 30 seconds!17:12

hounder: hi gs17:12

Nothere: Hey God17:12

Matt1: Hello GS!17:12

Godwinshelley2: Howdy all – here with my husband and a house guest17:12

Matt1: Cue to Opening Title, plz17:12

hounder: ready here17:12

Cdirus: Hi GS!17:12


Godwinshelley2: I’m cued17:12

hounder: welcome hubby and guest17:13

Matt1: 2 minutes!17:13

Nothere: Hey God’s crew.17:13

Phil: Who is handling the can tonight Matt?17:13

Matt1: ONE Minute to show time!17:14

Matt1: NT will have CAN duty?17:14

Matt1: 30 seconds!17:14

Matt1: 15 seconds!17:14

Matt1: 10….17:14

Phil: Roger, NT on the can. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.17:14

Matt1: 5….17:15

Matt1: GO!17:15

Phil: GONE BABY!17:15

Phil: Kay Linaker and Harold Huber – two faves.17:15

Nothere: And over to me. Broadcasting from the opening credits we arrive in luxurious Monte Carlo.17:16

Matt1: HH!17:16

Nothere: HH arrives wearing one fancy cop outfit. Because this is Monte Carloe baby. I hoe your all in your fancy evening wear, and ready to gamble.17:17

Godwinshelley2: Oh no – I didn’t know it was formal tonight17:18

Phil: I swear those medals he’s wearing are painted on.17:18

Matt1: And here I am in shorts n a tee17:18

Nothere: Sorry God. This is an upscale casino. No penny ante games here.17:18

Cdirus: The highest I could go would be the quarter slots17:19

Phil: Man there’s so much smoking going on there, WE are going to get cancer.17:19

Godwinshelley2: I’m so unfamiliar with casino life17:19

Cdirus: That’s the truth Phil!17:19

Nothere: This is Monte Carlo the smoke filled back room is in the front room.17:19

Matt1: Remember smoking on airplanes?17:19

hounder: beats me cd, i stuck with nickle or penny17:19

Cdirus: Nowadays the fire suppression system would go off17:19

PaulM: i enjoy casinos, but i’m strictly a slots man17:20

Nothere: They actulally tried an airline for smokers, but it went bankrupt.17:20

Matt1: Me too Paul or video poker17:20

Godwinshelley2: Talk is cheap – and so am I – I don’t play at casinos or slots17:20

Phil: Blackjack here. Not too complicated.17:20

Cdirus: Most I ever won was about 80 bucks. I cashed out and left while I was ahead.17:20

PaulM: yeah, i do the video card games on occasion17:20

Phil: And there is the lovely Kay Linaker.17:20

Nothere: Play Craps and always bet against the shooter. It’s hw the casino makes it’s money.17:21

hounder: i’ve won a bit at blackjack, but stuck to the 5 dollar table17:21

Matt1: I tried craps on a cruise ship…..first roll and I threw dice off table…..I was done17:21

Nothere: Well if the tables are cold you can always steal 25 grand in bonds17:22

Matt1: No joke17:22

PaulM: i was in a local casino a few weeks ago. i played 2 slots, hit the bonus screens on both, and walked out with $125 profit within a half hour17:22

Matt1: Nice!17:22

Cdirus: Lucky17:22

hounder: good deal paul17:22

Godwinshelley2: Wonderful – Monster Bash capital17:23

Cdirus: Although I just got a letter from our Department of Fish and Wildlife, I won a slot in the trout lottery they hold each year.17:23

PaulM: i’m not one to chase a lucky streak. i just stop while i’m ahead17:23

Matt1: Poor Lee, lol17:23

Nothere: For those curious the 25 grand is about a half million.17:23

Nothere: Charlie tries to paint Lee into a frame:)17:24

hounder: trout lottery? does that mean you won fish?17:24

Matt1: Don’t do I Charlie17:24

Matt1: it17:24

PaulM: 2 months, 4 days and 13 hours until i leave for Monster Bash17:24

Phil: Where’s it held Paul?17:25

Matt1: But who is counting?17:25

Matt1: 17:25

Nothere: It’ll be a smash Paul. Just don’t take this taxi.17:25

PaulM: Mars, PA. just north of Pittsburgh. 17:25

Godwinshelley2: I’ll see you there17:25

PaulM: i have a countdown clock on my computer17:25

Godwinshelley2: Should I bring the Slash Cards?17:25

PaulM: those Slash Cards are always a hit GS17:25

Godwinshelley2: Cool – I’ll try to toss them in my luggage17:26

Nothere: But do you have a stash of Slash?17:26

Nothere: Bon appite. Bon Bon. Bonjour.17:26

Godwinshelley2: It’s a horror film based trivia game – good fun in the right crowd17:26

Cdirus: Hounder, you get a specific time slot to go up to a hatchery creek and fish. 5 fish limit, keep what you catch.17:26


Matt1: <slap>17:27

Nothere: Anyone heard of camp grizzly?17:27

hounder: brb17:27

PaulM: LOL17:27

angel & fox: Called away to Other Mongolia. Headed to Monte C toot-sweet. Time?17:28

Godwinshelley2: 14:0017:28

Nothere: Bingo17:29

Godwinshelley2: 14:1517:29

Godwinshelley2: 14;3017:29

Phil: Where did she get the bonds?17:29

Godwinshelley2: 14:4517:29

Nothere: Sold for 144517:29

Godwinshelley2: 15:0017:29

Godwinshelley2: Is that ok Angel?17:29

angel & fox: I’m still thinking about the bonds. Were STOCKS off in ’39?17:30

angel & fox: Supoib!!17:30

Nothere: Her Hubands safe Phil?17:30

angel & fox: NO slip-ups, understand?
NOBODY’S husband’s safe.17:30

Phil: No..she got them from somewhere and then handed them to the assistant who put them in the safe.17:31

angel & fox: Nice BODY ENGLISH, Frenchie!17:31

Matt1: Anger issues?17:31

Phil: He’s beating a muffler. That will not do a thing to get the car running.17:31

Nothere: Come on Lee your an Olympian. Run to town.17:31

angel & fox: AAMCO Paree,17:31

Phil: Not only is he French, he’s an idiot.17:31

Matt1: Or swim NT?17:31

hounder: backi17:32

angel & fox: AVEC la automobile? I’m still making payments?17:32

angel & fox: HURTS rent-a-car!17:32

Nothere: If he can swim to town from a road, I will officially name him the greatest athlete who ever lived.17:32

Matt1: lol17:32

angel & fox: Notty, me & Fox will back you unananaminously.17:33

hounder: i’ll agree nt17:33

angel & fox: You just KNOW that beautiful bus is gonna be scrapmetal before Reel 2.17:33

Nothere: That’s no way to hitchhike. You have to show some leg and put out your thumb.17:33


angel & fox: Toujours la mode, NT! Hitch-pasionelle!17:34

Matt1: CC has good eye at night17:34

angel & fox: “Please, dtop deductions.” On THIS, April 15!!17:34

hounder: love these old cars17:35

Nothere: TINCAN17:35

Matt1: TYSM!17:35

angel & fox: Lelong D. Charmin, the tissue of lies heir?!17:35

Nothere: Your welcome17:35

Matt1: What could go wrong….Lee, hold my beer17:36

angel & fox: Sock ‘er blue, huh, Pop?17:36

hounder: lol@matt17:36

Nothere: Lee confesses to murder, and they are only held a few hours. Again Charlie’s connenections cover Lee’s crimes.17:36

angel & fox: Charlie is WIRED!17:36

Matt1: CC face is priceless17:37

Nothere: So how villainous is Victor?17:39

Godwinshelley2 has left this room17:39

Nothere: NOOOOOOOOOO. I lost one.17:40

angel & fox: w.o. DOES do himself proud in this, i feel.17:40

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:40

Matt1: wb GS!17:40

Nothere: Hi God. All is right in the world again.17:40

Godwinshelley2: internet fun17:40

angel & fox: OH, Roger the Bartender!17:41

angel & fox: Back from The Hole, GS?17:41

Nothere: Oh course The car is the killer. Arrest it at once and see if the auto club has a lawyer ready.17:41

angel & fox: NT 17:42

Nothere: I’m the prefect I only arrest respectable murderers. I leave the unrespectful murderers for the Jeandarmes.17:42

angel & fox: I zuspect NO one; i zuspect EVERY one.17:42

Nothere: She’s so hot she even smokes when sitting.17:43

angel & fox: A THOUSAND pardons?—we need RUSH to tell us how many pardons that equals today!17:43

angel & fox: The Nice Road is NOT a nice road.17:44

Phil: No, he’s French17:44

Nothere: 17632 pardons in todays pardons.17:44

angel & fox: THANKS, Notty!!!’17:45

Matt1: Well done NT!17:45

hounder: no onne believes charlie’s conclusions17:45

angel & fox: I THOUGHT it was something north of 15K, GLAD to have an exact figure. Now, for Le Tip.17:45

Nothere: Well we like the fur, but what do we think of the broach?17:45

angel & fox: If Le Shoe fits, SWEAR IT.17:46

angel & fox: They were probably making a music video.17:46

Godwinshelley2: A Japanese Throwing Star perhaps17:46

Nothere: I’ve always wondered. If you were to turn the Charlie Chan movies into a music video what song would you use?17:47

angel & fox: GOOD kweschun!!17:47

angel & fox: Maybe a Poll subject!17:48

Nothere: Karnoff is no Karloff.17:48

angel & fox: Got THAT, Nt!17:49

Godwinshelley2: I think, isn’t there a Beastie Boys song called “Brass Monkey” that mentions Charlie Chan.17:49

Nothere: Don’t know about that one. There is one I think called the boys in the band. Where Charlie proves they did it because of strange cigarettes.17:50

Phil: Well, how convenient. A fire.17:51

Phil: The old fire in a wastebasket trick.17:51

Nothere: Tincan17:51

Godwinshelley2: There is always “Watching the Detectives”17:51

angel & fox: IMMEDIATELY i thought of One Night In Bangkok & considered whether to PROHIBIT it from the start.17:52

Matt1: <gasp>17:52

angel & fox: I bet they’ll REGALE us.17:52

Nothere: Hello operator. My stolen bonds were stolen. Get me the police.17:52

Phil: “Kung Fu Fighting?”17:52

Cdirus: Don’t know if anyone has seen it, but the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire and burned.17:52

Godwinshelley2: Der Kommissar – if we were watching “Olympics” again17:52

Nothere: Yes it started around 4 us time.17:53

Cdirus: Just saw the headlines on BBC news.com17:53

Phil: Over 1,000 years of history up in smoke.17:53

Phil: There’s the explanation of how she got the bonds.17:53

angel & fox: Metallurgy makes strange fedbellows.17:54

angel & fox: Der Kommissar, JA!!!17:54

angel & fox: Lotta BLUSTER, BUSTERS!17:54

Godwinshelley2: prefer the “After the Fire” version over Falco17:54

angel & fox: Good EVENING, Mister First Nighter—don’t let us hit you in the BUTTE on your way out!17:55

Nothere: Cancelling a Nice plane isn’t nice.17:55

angel & fox: NT: 17:55

angel & fox: Lotta pigeonholing goes on there, looks like.17:56

Phil: WO doesn’t seem very energetic in this. I believe Rush said last week that this was WO’s final CC appearance.17:56

Matt1: Funny scene17:56

Nothere: Ask for a pancake Lee. it’s your only chance.17:56

Matt1: When will Charlie learn17:56

Godwinshelley2: Last complete Chan film for Warner – he started “… at the Ringside” but walked off before finishing.17:56

angel & fox: Just get the Pompom de Freets. Avec vecuum. Merrynade.17:57

Phil: Who took over at “Ringside?”17:57

hounder: do the french know what waffles are?17:57

angel & fox: Picasso!17:57

Godwinshelley2: Reworked into “Mr Moto’s Gamble”17:57

Phil: Ahh.17:57

angel & fox: Tossed: Luft-Waffles!17:57

Godwinshelley2: Key Luke is in that one too17:58

Godwinshelley2: AND Lon Chaney Jr17:58

Nothere: Mr. Moto meets Chan17:58

Matt1: Lee17:58

Godwinshelley2: The Peter Lorre connection for Chan is that film17:58

Phil: Ahh.17:58

angel & fox: Buzzbuzzzbuzz.17:58

Godwinshelley2: Humbly eating own words17:59

Matt1: lol17:59

angel & fox: The ’30s were certainly a heyday hat-wise.17:59

Nothere: Take that waiter. I just want to punch him in the face ever time he bringsyou breakfeast.18:00

Nothere: It is suggested Jfk killed the hat.18:00

angel & fox: I’m waiting for him to push a grapefruit into her face.18:00

angel & fox: Notty, YES! i’M JUST old enough to recall, and that’s TRUE.18:00

angel & fox: 5000 Burma Timber. 78,000 today?18:01

Nothere: 0 actually. Burma no longer exists doesn’t it?18:02

angel & fox: WHY should they listen to HIM, a next-minute-from-now Pobre?18:02

Nothere: Ah no Im wrong. Burma is still ok to call Mymmar.18:03

angel & fox: They’re lucky if we call at ALL.18:03

Phil: that guy sounds something like Bela Lugosi.18:04

angel & fox: I don’t see many Myanmar-Shave signs on the modern roadside, lemme tellya THAT: i think maybe the Metallurgique ad agency should be called in before they blow the whole shebang.18:04

Nothere: Curses the killer escapes with the cunning use of the French language.18:05

angel & fox: OH, ho ho ho!18:05

Phil: Wow, Angel, you translated that so well..18:05

angel & fox: Age 24. That’s what, 176 in today’s age?18:05

Phil: It almost sounded like English.18:06

Nothere: You know for a film titled Monte Carlo the sure do talk about Niece a lot.18:06

angel & fox: Phil, i’ve been studying French from afar. From VERY far.18:06

Phil: It’s…evident.18:06

Phil: 18:07

angel & fox: Tojour Lamour, as Hope Crosby said.18:07

angel & fox: Buy Gary U.S. Bonds!18:07

Phil: Questions are keys to door of truth.18:07

Phil: Profound.18:07

Nothere: Which ay to my gangster picture cabbie?18:08

angel & fox: Gimme a sauvignon. And a Phillips screwdriver, hold ze ice.18:08

angel & fox: Alors, Alois!18:09

angel & fox: A trick truck.18:09

Nothere: I’ll have a scotch and soda. Hold the soda.18:09

Nothere: TINCAN18:09

danventure has joined this room18:10

Phil: NT I think you’re living in the future.18:10

Nothere: Hello and welcome Dan18:10

danventure: Well, at least I got to pop in!18:10

angel & fox: Curious George did the same thing in his last film before rehab.18:10

Nothere: 5620 where are you?18:10

Phil: Hi Dan.18:10

angel & fox: DV!! Pull up le bicycle!!18:10

danventure: Got to put this on my calendar…18:10

Phil: CUE THE CAN18:10

Godwinshelley2: 56:00 now18:10

Matt1: Hello Dan!18:10

Nothere: Greetings from the future.18:11

Phil: Just at 562018:11

Godwinshelley2: Howdy Dan – do you have tonight’s film on DVD?18:11

hounder: hi dan.18:11

angel & fox: Cash the bonds, blow town!18:11

hounder: very large bills18:11

angel & fox: AH, the old Wasn’t Left/Right-Handed Gambit!18:12

angel & fox: Chair chez la chair!18:12

Phil: Second only to the light switch trick.18:12

angel & fox: You got THAT, Phil! Second only to!18:13

Nothere: And that concludes our broadcast day. We’d like to thank our listeners and remember to tune into MATT1 on most of these stations.18:13

Matt1: lol18:13

danventure: Do think our policeman is a great foil for Chan.18:13

Godwinshelley2: He is fun – kinda like having Leo Gorcey working with Chan18:14

Nothere has left this room18:14

angel & fox: He IS a great how-you-say Foil! We we, senior!18:14

danventure: Leo Gorcey–now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time!18:15

Godwinshelley2: His daughter was at Monster Bash last year – had a great time there18:15

Godwinshelley2: She brought the hat18:15

hounder: collasped with death18:16

angel & fox: I was watching a Something-Something Kids with Keye Luke as Co-star just last weekend, Leo G being in the top bill!18:16


danventure: Indeed!18:16

angel & fox: Z. Blackmail. The famous Parisian deziiiinaire?18:16

angel & fox: That’s Mister Rogers to you.18:17

Matt1: Welcome to my neighborhood18:18

angel & fox: Ze Cop and W.O. COULDA taken this FURTHER, i think.18:18

Godwinshelley2: She was a mannaquine?18:18

angel & fox: It AN-TREEGS me too. For ze sale?18:19

Matt1: I thought Rush was going to try and check in from the Padres game18:19

Phil: Hmm, no Christmas trees in Monte Carlo. 18:19

Phil: Make a note of that, it could be a clue.18:19

angel & fox: I’ll trade my DeSoto and $75 cash.18:19

angel & fox: Pop has got a brand new bag!18:20

danventure: Oland’s performance here is fabulous. Makes me ashamed though to see the depths CC fell to in the Monogram series.18:20

angel & fox: DV, you got that right. Oland really did have a flair.18:20

angel & fox: GOT him!18:21

Phil: CC outfoxes him.18:21

angel & fox: He shoulda told ’em to email the receipt.18:21

angel & fox: Oh-only You!18:22

angel & fox: ONE mistake.18:22

hounder: charllie outfoxes everyone who is a bad guy18:23

Matt1: Including WFF Hounder!18:23

angel & fox: The ol’ Speech speech.18:24

Matt1: <splat>18:24

Phil: I used to date a woman like that.18:24

Phil: DUSTED!18:24

angel & fox: OW!18:24

angel & fox: *tin BARREL*18:24

Matt1: Don’t forget folks, next weeks film is “Mr. Moto’s Gamble”, the film that began production as “Charlie Chan at the Ringside”.18:24

angel & fox: Remains possibly in MONACO?18:25

Phil: Outta town by sundown.18:25

danventure: At least CC went out with a bang…18:25

angel & fox: Propose acclamation for Chairman Matt, and resolution to foregather with Moto!18:25

Matt1: Farwell Mr. Oland!18:26

Matt1: <THE END>18:26

angel & fox: Wis ze led een my zeplin, i say O-vwoh mysself! Till next!!18:26

hounder: hurray. thanks for the fun18:26

PaulM: good one18:27

Phil: And farewell to my Chan friends. Don’t have next week’s movie so it’ll be awhile. Till then.18:27

angel & fox: Gnite!18:27

Matt1: Thanks for the fun tonight….until next week!18:27

danventure: Thanks for letting me join you!18:27

Phil has left this room18:27

Matt1: Good night and have a GREAT week18:27

hounder: nite all18:27

Matt1: Still time to file your taxes18:27

angel & fox has left this room18:27

PaulM has left this room18:28

danventure has left this room18:28

hounder has left this room18:28

Matt1 has left this room18:28

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:34

rush g has joined this room18:41

rush g: Hi,CD.18:42

rush g: Just checking in from the ballpark to see if my smartphone works with our Chat Room…18:43

rush g: Good night, have a great week!18:44

rush g has left this room18:44

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