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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 19, 2021

Mr. Moto’s Gamble

The Landini Murder Case: Who Killed Dr. Swan?

ensign angel+admiral fox

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Rush2: Hi Matt!

Matt1: Hi Rush!

Matt1: A lot of showings?

Rush2: I just heard from our realtor and we will have someone seeing our house at 5:30 my time.

Rush2: So, I will be even later in arriving.

Matt1: I just got your email, thnx

Rush2: Ok..TYSM!

Matt1: I can get us started, but I’m crazy busy with my move, so I’ll need to leave early

Rush2: Never heard from the movers, and the realtor will be here in a few minutes.

Rush2: Understood!

Matt1: That’s terrible!

Rush2: As I said, we are in a vwery similar boat!

Matt1: Yes, but be warned, the last few days before your move are CRAZY busy, lol

Rush2: Well, I think they will get in touch. It’s a family-run company, and they could have a reason. The “boss” has been pretty good about contacting me so far.

Rush2: I didn’t want to call them so as not to seem too eager!

Matt1: I’ll be sending you good vibes!

Rush2: We have already been burned once!

Rush2: πŸ™

Matt1: That’s not good

Rush2: I agree!

Matt1: Don’t hesitate to pick your Realtors brain with any question regarding your move….They have a good network

Rush2: Yes!

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hi rush hi mATT

Rush2: Hello, Hounder!

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hounder: sending you both great vibes for your moves

Matt1: Hello Zoe!

hounder: hi zoe

Rush2: Good evening, Zoe!

Zoe: hello

Matt1: Thnx, Hounder

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mda19083: greetings all

Matt1: Hello MDA!

hounder: hi mda

Rush2: Hi, MDA!

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mda19083: spring is here in Philadelphia

Rush2: matt will be running things until he needs to leave, and I have a realtor appointment soon and someone is coming to see the house after that, so…

Matt1: After your tough winter, it must be welcomed!

Rush2: I will try to drop in whenever I can!

Rush2: Sorry!

Rush2: Life is a bit hectic for us (Matt and me) right now!

Matt1: Do what you need to do, Rush….We’re a well oiled machine!

Rush2: So, please let the others know that we are not “bailing” on them, please!

mda19083: we will behave in the chat room tonight – no mayhem

Rush2: TYSM, Matt!

Matt1: I run a tight ship, MDA 

Rush2: Well…please DO have FUN!

hounder: says who mda????? rush knows we run amok when he’s gone. rotfl

mda19083: were you in the military matt

Matt1: Anytime, Rush!

Rush2: (wink)

mda19083: nice one hounder – the message was by alibi

mda19083: my

mda19083: sticky fingers already

Rush2: During tonight’s movie, listen to the aphorisms stated by Mr. Moto, and imagine Charlie Chan (Oland) stating them!

hounder: alibis wouldn’t help you with this herd. LOL

Rush2: er all, they were originally scripted for HIM!

Rush2: After.

mda19083: too may detectives in this group

Matt1: We’ll start the radio program in 3 minutes!

hounder: i’m cued.

Matt1: Link is above chatroom

Matt1: TWO minutes!

Rush2: “The Landini Murder Case: Who Killed Dr. Swan?”

Matt1: Who did?

Rush2: Who knows?

Rush2: πŸ™‚

Matt1: Charlie knows!

Rush2: AH!

mda19083: charlie chan knows all

Matt1: ONE minute!

Rush2: He always does!

hounder: the’s always the butler

Matt1: 45 seconds

Matt1: 30 seconds…

Matt1: 15 seconds….

Matt1: 10….

Matt1: 5….

mda19083: no butler in this one – perhaps ah sing

Matt1: GO!

Matt1: Music

Matt1: <yawn>

mda19083: the keeper of the keys

mda19083: it was his swan song

Rush2: Okay, I am stepping out….HAVE FUN!

hounder: be back. mom’s bedtime

Matt1: Good luck, Rush!

Matt1: Ok, Hounder

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

mda19083: hello dona

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: I don’t know if anyone uses Audible, I commute so it keeps me sane. Audible just came out with the first CC book. I just picked it up. I can’t wait to hear it. I have read them but listening is a different adventure.

Matt1: Interesting, Dona

Matt1: That was a quick ending

Matt1: No words of wisdom?

Dona: I’m hoping they will bring out the others

Matt1: Please let us know how it was

Dona: I will report in as soon as I listen to it.

mda19083: I would be interested in your review Dona

hounder: back

Matt1: wb!

hounder: hi dona. cool about the audio book. i agree it’s different hearing than reading

Dona: I’m in the car for almost 3 hours everyday, so I go through them pretty fast.

Matt1: 3 hours, wow!

hounder: that’s a lot of seat time

Dona: yes it is.

Dona: traffic is not fun

Dona: Getting away into my books I loose track of time.

Matt1: Just don’t lose track of driving!

Dona: lol

Matt1: I’d miss my exit

hounder: i agree with matt. be careful out there

Dona: Yes, it’s a mess

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mda19083: since discovering this wonderful group in January I located the original books and plowed through them all

Matt1: Hello NH!

Nothere: Ah so we go from China to Japan

mda19083: great fun

Nothere: So you liked the originals, but do you know Barry Kirk?

mda19083: hello nt/nh

mda19083: i recall the name

mda19083: cc carries on?

Dona: Hi NT

hounder: hi nt

Nothere: Maybe, but Barry Kirk is brought up in 1/3 of the books. He even names a kid after Barry.

Nothere: Hey Hound.


Matt1: Cue up your copies of Mr. Motto’s Gamble or click the link above the chat room for it online!

Nothere: Hey Donna

Nothere: Ah Charlie and hi wild 50 cent bets has corrupted Moto.

mda19083: behind that curtain

Dona: Ready to go here Matt

Nothere: Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain

Matt1: FOUR minutes until Mr. Motto’s Gamble!

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Oh yah Rush isn’t here. Matt’s in charge. The inmates have the asaylum.

Matt1: I’ll be leaving after we start, so I can finish packing for my move on Wed

hounder: .

Matt1: THREE minutes to go!

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Nothere: Oh where you going? And who is in charge?

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley3: Howdy all


Nothere: Hi Gs

Matt1: Rush will try to “pop” in

mda19083: Gravelle will be in charge of the chan asylum

Godwinshelley3: Long day today – just got back to DE

hounder: hi gs

Godwinshelley3: Where is Rush

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!

Nothere: Gravelle? Uhm ok time to tone down my plans.

Matt1: Meeting with Realtor and a showing

Nothere: I meant where you moving?

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Godwinshelley3: Ugh – sounds like my last week

Matt1: Me? Just down the street.

Dona: Hi GS

Nothere: Hi Dave,

Matt1: Hello dave!

Dona: Hi Dave

hounder: hi dave

Matt1: ONE minute to go!

Dave: Hey, folks

Matt1: Cue up!

Nothere: Well that’s boring. Still no matter how far you go, you have to pack everything.

Matt1: 45 seconds…

Matt1: 30 seconds….

Matt1: 15 seconds….

Matt1: 10….

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Nothere: Go by land sea or air?

mda19083: will we be on autopilot?

Matt1: You will be!

Matt1: lol

mda19083: good thing i wore my parachute

Nothere: Your not fooling me. He’s not dead. He’s asleep.

Dave: It is fun seeng the familiar Chan actors in this film…

hounder: mice bring out the party. the cat’s away

mda19083: catnip anyone

Nothere: No Rush No Matt. Don’t ask about the lighter, keg, 50 pounds of peanut butter, and ostrich.

Matt1: Ok, I NEED to get back to work   Have a great night and enjoy Mr. Motto!

Nothere: Night Matt.

Dona: Good luck Matt

Matt1: Talk to you again next week!

mda19083: tysm matt

Matt1: Thnx!

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hounder: nite matt. thanks for getting us started

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Nothere: Hi Sara

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room

Godwinshelley3: Oh no are we without supervision??

sarabell2: Hi everyone,sorry I am late

Nothere: Pop worries about me. Because I keep running away from college. I’ve already had to be here six years from missed classes.

mda19083: hello sb

Nothere: 525

Dave: Appearance of Huber…

mda19083: no accent tonight

Nothere: Flipper? If I were him I’d insist on a new nickname.

Dave: Right…

sarabell2: Could you give me where you all are at? Thanks

Dave: Lon Chaney in the back…

hounder: hi sb

Dave: Guy on right was in Wax Museum

sarabell2: hi hounder, hope all is well with your mother

Nothere: Well so far no fur.

Godwinshelley3: 8:00

Dave: nothere, wait till later…

sarabell2: thanks gw

Nothere: The Fur and the Furious?

Godwinshelley3: Do you need more?

Godwinshelley3: 9:30

Nothere: Don’t call me chief.

Dave: Fur sure…

mda19083: its perry white from the adventures of superman

Godwinshelley3: 10:15

mda19083: look up in the sky

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mda19083: its a bird

mda19083: its a plane

Nothere: Furgeta about it

mda19083: catfight

Nothere: It’s Moto’s glasses.

Godwinshelley3: 11:00

Dave: Meow

Nothere: We will settle this appropriately. With a debate on French politics.

Dona: lol

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Nothere: Fine you can fight.

Dave: Imagining this with Warner as Chan, you can see how it may have been a similar film…

Dave: Don’t think Warner would do judo on them, however

sarabell2: I wish there were more Mr. Motos

mda19083: she’s wearing a fur

Nothere: Warner never used violence in a Chan. Though he id threaten to shoot people on occasion.

Nothere: Well if your gnna stel a coat it should be one that fits.

hounder: ..

mda19083: gong

mda19083: death count 1

Nothere: TINCAN

Nothere: Thwip



hounder: sorry i’m in and out. Mom keeps talking and i don’t know if she’s talking in her sleep or to me til i go in.

Nothere: No problem Hounder. Real life takes precedence

Dona: Mom comes first Hounder.

hounder: you guysare the best

Dave: 30 grand in 1930s money…

Dave: Headline alert…

mda19083: uh oh poison

Dave: Sneaky guy looks…

mda19083: lots of newspaper headlines

Nothere: Som weirdo keeps calling asking if a Clark is here.

sarabell2: Sorry, too many distractions tonight, got to go have a good week all

hounder: nite sb

Nothere: Night Sara

Dave: ight…

mda19083: goodnight sb

mda19083: another woman in a fur

sarabell2 has left this room

Dave: same woman, different fur?

Dave: Looks like Warren commission photos…

mda19083: is mr moto a detective or a teacher or a what

Nothere: He could also be a soy.

Nothere: spy even:)

Dona: lol

Dona: yes all three

hounder: mr moto the mad chemist

Nothere: Mad? MAD! A little angry but I’m not mad. BWHAHAHAHA!

Dave: Highly effective police work

Nothere: Speeding. Reckless diving. Not signaling a turn.

Dona: then they let them go

Dona: ?

Nothere: Lee using the my Dad is Honolulu homicide detective again.

Nothere: He’d be in jail 20 year for all the crimes he commits if not for pop.

Dona: you could be right

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ensign angel+admiral fox: AHOY!!

hounder: but pop has committed a few b and e as well

mda19083: welcome aboard

Dave: welcome

Dona: Hi Angel and fox

Nothere: Hey Angel and fox

mda19083: we are on autopilot ensign

ensign angel+admiral fox: Ahoy ahoy! What’s the time, matey?

Nothere: 4020

ensign angel+admiral fox: “Of course, none of you people knows anything”, right?

ensign angel+admiral fox: ZING went the strings of my gallbladder!

Dona: LOL

Nothere: I know the dog is highly suspicious.

Dave: Dog fight!

ensign angel+admiral fox: DAMN! I TOLD Fox this was the boxing one, with the goodhearted pickpocket—Fox SWORE (YES, it’s terrible, but Fox swears)this was the Sunken Ship one.

ensign angel+admiral fox: Ta-ta, Tuttle!

Dave: Looks like what Chan would do…

ensign angel+admiral fox: Lee is experiencing deja vu again, again.

ensign angel+admiral fox: DE-troit.

Nothere: Avast there ye landlubber. Davy Jones knows of no sunken skip in these waters,

Dave: fox fur…

ensign angel+admiral fox: Flagstaff Arizona, don’t forget Winona, Flagstaff, Barstow, San Bernardino.

Nothere: Well I’m afraid this is where I leave you.

mda19083: heart failure my eye

ensign angel+admiral fox: Order a Post and a Times mortem.

Dave: see you…

Dona: Have a good evening NT

ensign angel+admiral fox: Stat.

mda19083: goodnight nh/nt

ensign angel+admiral fox: NT C U!!

ensign angel+admiral fox: Is it Tetragene time yet?

Nothere has left this room

ensign angel+admiral fox: When is Boxing Day this year? Can we get it moved up?

ensign angel+admiral fox: The Fistic News! My favorite!! Just trash all the others, Rocco!

ensign angel+admiral fox: Whaddaya think of American girls???????

ensign angel+admiral fox: That looks like Martha Reeves in the photo behind Mr. Moto.

ensign angel+admiral fox: Only in This State.

ensign angel+admiral fox: Hell-OHHHH, kitty!

hounder: cute kitty

ensign angel+admiral fox: Tik-Tok.

Dona: cute kitty

ensign angel+admiral fox: I want some mugs.

ensign angel+admiral fox: Ro-DAY-o!! Daylight come and me wanna go box!

Dave: funny, angel…

Rush2 has joined this room

Dave: Was wondering about that photo….

ensign angel+admiral fox: TYSM, Dave!!

Rush2: Hi, I’m back….

Dona: Hi Rush

ensign angel+admiral fox: Rush!!

Dave: hey!

Rush2: Yes, Hi, Angel!

hounder: sock

ensign angel+admiral fox: Ikea.

hounder: everybody behave…. rush is back.

ensign angel+admiral fox: We’ve fallen a long way. Back then a man defended his county.

mda19083: party’s over

Rush2: Hello, Dave, DV, Angel, Dona, and Zoe! I was here when Hounder and MDA were here earlier!

mda19083: welcome back rush

Rush2: May I have a timne check, please?

Dave: This was waiting for Mayberry to have an opening…

mda19083: 5600

Rush2: I guessed right!

Rush2: am about there!

Rush2: TYSM!

Dona: 55:45

Rush2: Perry White?Z

ensign angel+admiral fox: You gotta NIP it, Andy! NIP IT IN THE BUD!!

ensign angel+admiral fox: He COULDA been the champion of the woild. But he was a chump.

Dave: Door opens wrong way…

Rush2: Next week…”Charlie Chan in Honolulu”

Dave: That will be nice…

mda19083: ive always wanted to go to hawaii

Dona: To the tropics

ensign angel+admiral fox: They cloned her plaid coat & grew DeSotos from it in labs.

Rush2: The driver cringes!

Rush2: The hands Lee a wrench!

ensign angel+admiral fox: I’m at 59:00. Yes? No?

Rush2: Lots of roving eyes\….

Dona: yws

Dona: yes

Dona: Angel

Rush2: I am at 1:00:25

ensign angel+admiral fox: Looks like Mr. Lebowski.

Rush2: “Let’s go!”

Rush2: Palooka.

ensign angel+admiral fox: I want a face like that sharpie. With a Sharpie mustache.

Dave: haha

Rush2: Actually, the gun seems to be pointing at someone BEHIND Moto!

Rush2: Yes, Angel!

ensign angel+admiral fox: Biff is gonna take a gallon of Rogaine after this bout.

Rush2: That moustache would be hard to maintain! One slight error and…GONE!

ensign angel+admiral fox: Rush, it could only be saved by retracing!

Rush2: Punching bag!

Dave: Lots of tiny mustaches

Rush2: Yes, Angel!

Dave: Cloth or fur….?

ensign angel+admiral fox: Fight-game guys always wear vests, anybody notice?

Rush2: Hm!

Rush2: Five minutes….

Rush2: Tick, tick, tick….

Rush2: KO’d!

ensign angel+admiral fox: Count for the down.

Rush2: Got him!

Rush2: “Great Caesar’s ghost!”

ensign angel+admiral fox: Ooooooooooooooooh, he is pissed.

Rush2: Nearly a MILLION today.

mda19083: you are murderer

ensign angel+admiral fox: This reminds me of the climax to The Big Clock. Anybody ever see that? Ray Milland?

Rush2: Crime does not pay…off.

Dave: Suddenly the girls are friends

Rush2: Yes, Angel!

ensign angel+admiral fox: Rush, you know The Big Clock?

Zoe: I’ve seen The Big Clock – very good

Zoe: love Ray Milland

Rush2: Yes! Great suspense film!

DanVenture: Dang. Perry White plugged.

mda19083: tincan

Rush2: “Let’s go.”

ensign angel+admiral fox: Charles Laughton AND Elsa Lanchester!!

mda19083: death count 2

Rush2: TYSM, MDA.

hounder: mr moto is so calm

ensign angel+admiral fox: That film would be one for our Desert Island, should things or we go south.

hounder: most unusual to shoot oneself in the back without a gun

Rush2: Note how Moto states the Oland title of the film: “At The Ringside.”

ensign angel+admiral fox: Gotta watch those Large Out Of Town Bets.

Rush2: Did this not have the “feel” of a Chan movie?

ensign angel+admiral fox: WALTER MONDALE has passed away.

Dona: Lee is too slow again

Dona: It does Rush

Dave: Dona, for sure….

ensign angel+admiral fox: Just came in over my 2021 teletype. We now return to our regular 1938.

Rush2: “Class dismissed.”

Rush2: Which means…”THE END”

Dave: Thanks, Rush…

Rush2: (Applause…)

ensign angel+admiral fox: YAY!! Too bad Walter missed the end!

Rush2: TYSM, everyone, for continuing on “autopilot.”

hounder: thanks for the fun. everyone have a safe and good week.

ensign angel+admiral fox: Until next time!! We would rather have you, Rush! Don

Rush2: You, too, Hounder!

Dave: Have a great week

Rush2: The BEST to you and your mother.

ensign angel+admiral fox: Don’t take any Tesla rides, either!

mda19083: will you land the plane rush

Rush2: Have a GREAT week….

hounder: thanks all

Rush2: A SAFE and HAPPY week!

DanVenture: Great show! So glad we have YouTube!

mda19083: thanks to all

Dona: Glad you made it back for the end Rush

Zoe: night all

Rush2: Yes, DV.

mda19083: and goodnight

Rush2: Good night, Zoe!

Dona: I hope all went smoothly.

Rush2: Thank you ALL!

Rush2: You are the BEST!

Dave: good night, alll

mda19083: not charlie but fun

Rush2: So far so good, Dona!

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Rush2: Holding our breath.

Dona: Glad to hear it Rush

mda19083 has left this room

Rush2: Lots happening…and fast.

Dona: I bet

Rush2: Phew!

Rush2: Well, nice weather for the showings…and pretty windy yeasterday afternoon!

Dave has left this room

Rush2: Well, thank you again, Dona and Angel!

Dona: Goodnight Everyone! See you next week.

Rush2: Good night!

Rush2: See you in HONOLULU!

Rush2: Take care….

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