Chat Archive 4/20/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 20, 2020

Mr. Moto’s Gamble

Lost City of the Jungle (Chapters 2 and 3)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC

Matt1 has joined this room

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Rush: Good evening, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Well…here we are again!

Rush: Another monday night!

Matt1: It’s like Groundhog Day

Rush: They seem to FLY by!

Rush: YES!

Rush: šŸ™‚

Matt1: I’m ready for this craziness to end

Rush: Tonight we will need to make a slight “correction” with our serial viewing.

Matt1: Ok

Rush: It seems that as Len suggested…

Rush: That the serial was strung together at some point!

Rush: So…last week, thinking it was Chapter 2 we were seeing, it was actually Chapter 7, I believe!

Matt1: Mine looks like it starts at the 25 min mark?

Rush: This evening, we will see Chapters 2 and 3 back to back!

Rush: To do this, we need to skip ahead to 26:12 tonight, and watch to 54:00.

Matt1: Oh, Ok….Mine looks like it starts at 25:41, so I’ll advance a little

Rush: There has been a bit of editing, I think, so, some chapters start without a title and credits and are shorter than nothers.

Rush: Let’s see…

Rush: Yes…what you see at 25:41 is the end of Chapter 1 and the title of “next week’s” chapter.

Matt1: Ok, so I’ll hold at 25:41?

Rush: The second chapter opens in San Francisco.

Rush: We can start there if you like.

Rush: No trouble!

Rush: As good a place as any!

Matt1: This is where the link cued to, so I’m sure others will as well

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Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello! Did we miss the start?

Matt1: Nope!

Rush: They are all mixed throughout three parts.

Rush: Hello, Mike and Rachel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yep. Mike hunted up Part 2

Rush: Good evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening Rush!

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Rush: We are going to watch the serial in a different way tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh?

Rush: As Matt and I just talked about this, we will see both chapters 2 and 3 tonight as I made a mistake last week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel = intrigued

Rush: These serials are all cut and pasted together.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Right…so we’re kind of filling in the gap?

Rush: So, tonight, please start at the 25:40 mark tonight and run straight through to the end of Chapter 3…54:00

Rush: Yes, that’s right!

Rush: We accedentally saw chapter 5 last week, I believe.

Rush: So, this will catch us up!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 25:40 is the final bit of Part 1 for us…is that right?

Rush: So…shall we begin?

Matt1: So this could be a flash back 

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oooh

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Mike n Rachel in DC: ALL SET!

Matt1: Ready

Rush: Yes…it just shows the cave-in moment.

Rush: okay…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aha. *dons helmet*

Rush: 10 seconds….

Rush: 5….

Rush: GO!!!


Mike n Rachel in DC: avalanche!

Rush: I am at “San Francisco…”

Mike n Rachel in DC: In the council chamber

Rush: Are you generally there?

Rush: Okay!

Rush: Mountains.

Matt1: Time please?

Mike n Rachel in DC: 27:30 here

Rush: 27:35

Rush: Yes.

Rush: We are good….

Mike n Rachel in DC: 28:00

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Like a well-oiled machine!

Matt1: Thnx, I’m close

Rush: Angel!


Angel: Hihihi!

Rush: We are starting the serial…

Matt1: Hello Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Angel!

Matt1: Lee!

Rush: Please jump ahead to about 28:50…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Where’s pop?

Angel: Delirious to be here! What’s our serial?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lost City of the Jungle…we’re in the mountains though

Rush: YES!

Mike n Rachel in DC: (must be VERY lost…)

Rush: “Lost City of the Jungle”

Rush: We are in part 2….

Rush: come to 30:00

Angel: So why does the Jungle get big billing? Jungle got some “in” with the ad agency? What’s the skinny?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee is quite a stunt pilot!

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK. We’re in Zalabar now…closer to the jungle…

Rush: YES! I see that he already had some experience before we get to “The Sky Dragon”!

Angel: Lee is quite a stunt!

Rush: “Mountain Men” rescued them.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that tough guy from “Monte Carlo?

Rush: 31:50…

Rush: YES!

Rush: That’s him!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Really gets around with that bar tending job…

Rush: the bartender in “Monte Carlo.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: šŸ™‚

Rush: šŸ™‚

Matt1: Yes!

Angel: WHICH EPISODE of Lost City?

Rush: Chapter 2.

Rush: They are all spliced together.

Rush: So…please come up to 33:45.

Angel: Thanks! What time mark we at?

Mike n Rachel in DC: 34:30

Rush: I will give better instructions next week in our weekly email and at the note above.

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Matt1: Hello GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS!

Godwinshelley3: Hoosier greetings to you all

Rush: 35:10…

Rush: GS!

Godwinshelley3: Still on duty

Angel: At 35:00 now. Will wait.


Mike n Rachel in DC: How are the Hoosiers this week, GS?

Rush: How are your parents and, especially your mother?

Godwinshelley3: Like herding cats!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: šŸ™‚

Rush: 36:00

Rush: Yes, GS?

Godwinshelley3: Moms second opinion wants more data – so more testing before chemo decisions

Rush: Well, as long as the “cats” are happy!

Angel: Mr. Malvern has no ally. She has 2. Well, excuuuuuuuse ME!

Rush: ….And well.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m sure the multiple trips to doctors gets old quickly.

Godwinshelley3: Just dropped in for a quick hello

Rush: Light of Asia Casino.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Are you the “wheels” for all of the doctoring?

Godwinshelley3: She had to get new drains put in as she was retaining too much fluid

Angel: Always glad you’re on our beam, GS! Watch out for evidence!

Rush: We will be watching through Chapter 3 tonight, which ends at 54:00.

Godwinshelley3: Iā€™m doctoring, laundress, grocery boy, cook & dishwasher

Rush: But that was corrected and she’s doing well, now?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, that will keep you out of trouble!

Rush: Yes, GS.

Angel: Fox *wolf whistle*

Rush: They are SO fortunate to have you with them.

Godwinshelley3: Still correcting – go back Wednesday to see what is next

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Rush: Angel: šŸ™‚

Rush: Len!

Matt1: Hello Len!

Rush: Good evening to you!


Len Freeman: Hi Rush… better late than never

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Len!

Rush: Well, of course, you were correct last week!

Angel: Glowing goddess is ruining the hole neighborhood.

Len Freeman: Hi MnR

Mike n Rachel in DC: GS: I hope y’all get some certainty soon!

Rush: The serials have been spliced together!

Rush: So…

Len Freeman: Angel, GWS, Mt

Godwinshelley3: Will let you all go – hope all is well with you all

Len Freeman: I knew that

Rush: We are starting at odd points throughout!

Godwinshelley3: Night

Matt1: Take care GS

Rush: Right now we are at….

Len Freeman: Did you get to the final yet>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care, GS..have a good week!

Len Freeman: Nite GWS

Rush: 40:50

Angel: Like Lucky Charms & Trix!

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Len Freeman: 40!!

Rush: Ringo.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Life begins at 40, Len…


Mike n Rachel in DC: Ringo’s clothes?

Rush: Yes…the serials are at youtube in three “parts” with each containing about four chapters…which have been edited in cases.

Rush: 42:20…

Angel: GrenadINE, not GRENADE!!

Matt1: Some familiar Chan faces here

Rush: The man in uniform was a thug in “The Shanghai Cobra.”

Len Freeman: I have the original though not sure how to put it up on YouTube

Angel: Hope he had the seatbelt fastened.

Rush: We can struggle through it this way, Len, as I don’t know how to do that, either!

Angel: Next week Fire Jet Torture?? GOODY!!

Matt1: Yes, Rush

Mike n Rachel in DC: 8.3 9.2 7.5

Mike n Rachel in DC: 9.5 from the Russian judge

Rush: WOW!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That can’t be good

Matt1: Yikes

Len Freeman: It struck me last week that they probably edited into 3 26 minute segments which would have let them sell it to TV stations for 30 min time slots

Rush: Keep running…

Rush: Chapter 3 now….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Back to SF?

Matt1: UPF

Angel: MnR, Len, Matt, Rush—an official Good Evening! I am here & Fox stole in with the tetragebe

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very peaceful foundation

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’m glad to see your fox stole is here, Angel. šŸ˜‰

Rush: These are the laziest group of peacekeepers!

Angel: *with the tetragene a moment ago. It’s in the wax apples tonight.

Len Freeman: Lovely Angel… definitely a look…

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s important for peace keepers to remain…peaceful.

Rush: Yes, seems so!

Rush: So…tonight we saw Lee fly a plane and then dive and swim…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Would have loved to hear what Lionel Atwill had to say about this job.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Next Olympics: diving team

Angel: The apple-tetragene trifle is from a recipe of Fox’s granny. Worked in a grenade factory.

Len Freeman: This was Lionell Atwill’s last film

Len Freeman: he died during the shoot

PaulM has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh, that’s too bad. My aunt had a crush on him…

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Paul!

PaulM: good evening

Rush: He died DURING the shooting?

Len Freeman: Yes

Rush: Hello, paul!

Matt1: Wow

Rush: Good evening to you!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was he ill or was it a sudden thing?

Len Freeman: I think they used a stand-in from afar for a few scenes to finish

Rush: We are at 42:50…

Len Freeman: I believe it was a heart attack

Rush: AH.

Rush: We will look for that, Len.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ve always wondered about the working conditions for these actors…so many different roles back to back.

Rush: Off-topic a little, but the same thing was done when Shemp Howard died.

Rush: Famous last words…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sort of follows the theme of the evening…

Len Freeman: Ah.. Imdv says that “he died of lung cancer while filming a quickie serial”

Rush: “Everything will be alright…”

Len Freeman: INDB

Rush: Interesting!

Len Freeman: iMdb…. darn autocorrect

Dona has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello everyone!

Len Freeman: Hi Dona

Rush: Hello, DONA!

Rush: Good evening!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Now that the Pool of Light is drained…is it dark?

Rush: Nearing the cliffhanger to Chapter 3…

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Cdirus has joined this room

Matt1: Hello CD!

Dona: Hi CD

Cdirus: Hi guys!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi CD

HonoluLou has joined this room

Rush: Hello, CD!

Angel has left this room

HonoluLou: Aloha All

Matt1: Hello Lou!

Rush: WELCOME to YOU, too!

Cdirus: Hi Lou!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Aloha, Lou!

HonoluLou: Thanks All, where are we at the film?

hounder has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do we get the same lead in EVERY time these guys show up?

Dona: Hello Lou

Mike n Rachel in DC: hey hounder!

Len Freeman: Lou

Rush: WE are at the end of today’s serial.

Dona: Hello hounder

HonoluLou: Hi Len, everyone. Lou in Cleveland

Cdirus: Hi hounder!

Rush: And…we stop the serial here….

hounder: hi everyone. sorry to be late. today kinda got away from me.

Rush: Not a cliffhanging ending…but a place to pause.

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: OK, Chief!

Len Freeman has left this room

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: Next week we start at 54:00 and go to 1;1057….

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: WELCOME< Hounder!

Matt1: wb Len!

Rush: AND…LOU!

Len Freeman: šŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Yea, have you started the film?

Rush: Please ready your copies of “Mr. Moto’s Gamble”!

Matt1: Cued!

HonoluLou: Oh, I guess not, got it!

hounder: ready

Len Freeman: Ready

HonoluLou: Ready in CLE~!

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes to go…

Mike n Rachel in DC: All set in DC.

Rush: Sorry…I am hustling to ready my copy!

Rush: 3 minutes….

HonoluLou: I saw “Mad Love” a few days ago with Peter Lorrie & Key Luke. A good one.

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: Pause, please, at the title…

Matt1: Hello NT

Rush: NT!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Have to check that one out, Lou…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey NT!

Len Freeman: Don’t know that one



HonoluLou: Got it…at the title.

Louise has joined this room

Nothere: Hi all.

Louise: Hi Gang!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: 90 seconds…

hounder: hi louise

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: LOUISE!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Louise


Len Freeman: Aha… the gang gathers

Rush: 60 seconds…

Cdirus: Hi Louise!

HonoluLou: Jeese Louise (couln’t resist that one šŸ™‚

Louise: I can only stay a little while. Family activity.

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: Okay…

Len Freeman: Louise, Nothere

Rush: 40…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Nothere: Remember Len the cops ask you don’t know nothing about nothing.

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Len Freeman: Works fu me

HonoluLou: The location of the pistol indicates… 

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Len Freeman: Works

Rush: Music….

Rush: Credits…

Nothere: <GONG>

Rush: šŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: A very “Chan” cast


Nothere: <POW>

Louise: DING or GONG! Make up your mind!

Nothere: <THWIP>

Rush: Keye Luke gets top billing besides Peter Lorre.

PaulM: hey, it’s Slapsie Maxie!

Rush: YES!

Angel has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Angel.

Nothere: <TEAH>

Rush: Attention, class….!

Cdirus: Hi Angel!

Nothere: Clearly the butler did it.

Rush: Louise, just stay as long as you are able!

Nothere: <RING>

Rush: I fully understand family relations!

Angel: Notty! H!! Dona!! Louise!! Homicide or sewerside?

Mike n Rachel in DC: No situation science and skill cannot master.

Angel: Knockout knocks me out.

Nothere: Eastside Angel. Total Eastside.

hounder: hi angel

Nothere: <POW>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope coronavirus is listening…

Rush: Things were moving so rapidly tonight….I can now ask how EVERYONE is doing tonight!

HonoluLou: Wow, go Moto!

Rush: Hopefully very well.

Angel: MnR: You & Mr.M are SO RIGHT. Have a cigar.

Rush: Hounder, I hope that your mother is doing well…and you, too.

Louise: Fine here.

Nothere: I retched my leg so all is well,

Angel: Watch the watch!

Rush: I know that patience is all.

HonoluLou: All’s well here, but a elderly veteran I was helping got the virus. Sad, he’s in a respirator now.

Louise: Your leg is retched?

Nothere: reattached.

Rush: Yes, Lou…that IS sad.

Rush: How old is he or she?

Matt1: So sorry Lou

Nothere: Fortunetly ther is an over 90% survival rate so odds are he’ll get better.

HonoluLou: Yea, but he’s a tough old bird, so hopefully…

Rush: Lee is supposed to be studying art.

Rush: Mentions Pop.

Angel: We have problems now that would vex both Moto AND Chan.

Rush: I am optiistic, Lou.

Mike n Rachel in DC: I would have thought that detecting was a more secure career than painter…

HonoluLou: Thanks, Rush. Me too.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lou, we hope things turn out ok!

Rush: We see many Chan series actors in this one!

Nothere: Well there are more things that ne painting then people being murdered.

HonoluLou: I read somewhere that Harold Huber got that scar on his cheek fencing. He was pretty good.

Angel: Looks like a lotta cigars here.

Rush: YES!

Nothere: It is his mark of honor.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of Chan folks…

Nothere: Did our old room have a cough sound effect?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like a “Broadway” reunion

Rush: That was what helped him portray heavies.

Nothere: <BOING>

Angel: Any guy named Harold needed a mark of honor.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *cough* yes, NT

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Nothere: <COUGH>

Nothere: <MEOW>

Louise: We had lots of coughs every time someone smoked.

Angel: Don’t be a sap. Be an acrobat. Position available with Mr.Moto’

HonoluLou: Nice hat, Penny!

Angel: dropping the course.

Nothere: I was trying to remember the sound effects. No idea how to do the camel sound.

HonoluLou: Kinda of Zorroish (the hat)

Angel: ARREST her lapels, Ossifer!

Rush: I read that when Lorre was in the midst of the “Moto” series, some Japanese dignitaries wanted to visit with him. When he saw them, he wore a button reading “Boycott Japanese Goods.”

Nothere: Don’t giveher ideas. Her with a whip?

HonoluLou: Wow, Rush.

Rush: I was impressed.

Dona: Interesting Rush

hounder: those lapels look like mis placed wrapping paper from Cristmas

Rush: šŸ™‚

Angel: YES, Rush, that’s an inspiring Lorre store

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s a good story Rush.

Dona: LOL Hounder

Rush: Seems he tired of the series near the end.

Nothere: Great Ceasrs Ghost. I know that guy.

Rush: “Perry White.”

Angel: store. I can’t imagine anybody doing the same today vs. Red China.

HonoluLou: Hey, that’s Perry White…”Hey, Chief!”

Nothere: Don’t call him choef.

Rush: Only if they have the guts, Angel…or are principled.

Angel: How many fingerprints vhe GOT?

HonoluLou: Ha Ha, Nothere.

Louise: Okay, gotta go. See you guys next week.

Nothere: ten

Nothere: Bye Louise.

Angel: He’s a SLEAZE.

HonoluLou: Buy Louise, Lou

Matt1: Take care Louise

Louise: BYE all.

Rush: Take care, Louise!

Rush: TYSM…

Angel: Bye L & L !!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye louise!

Rush: Good night, Lou….

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I’d still be single if I hadn’t gone to the policeman’s ball one year in a tiger skin.” Great line!

Angel: Hard to imagine a policeman’ s

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye Lou!

Rush: (I missed your “Good-bye”…

hounder: nite lou

Louise has left this room

Rush: No mics in those days!

HonoluLou: Huh, am I being kicked out? “Why I outta…” Moe Shemp šŸ™‚

Rush: BOOMING voice!

Rush: AH!


Rush: STAY!

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…”

Cdirus: Rush, I thought I saw a mic dangleing in the ring

Rush: from the posts, it seemed you were leaving!

HonoluLou: OK, I accept your apology Rush…haha

Rush: STAY!

Rush: Por favor…

Angel: She just got back from Alamogordo.

HonoluLou: What kind of a girl doesn’t like a guy with iodine and tape?

Nothere: Where are the ring girls?

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s a nurse thing, Lou. šŸ˜‰

Rush: Not present.

Rush: They probably began with the Las Vegas fights.

Nothere: True their non presence is not a present.

HonoluLou: MnR, a good one,

Mike n Rachel in DC: The “Card Girls?”

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Nobody can see through ketchsup. I’ll have to remember that one.

Rush: NOTE: ALWAYS keep your ticket in your POCKET!

Rush: Yes, lou.


HonoluLou: And yes, to you too Rush (ticket)

Nothere: This ticket is for last week. I thought that was an oddly cheap scalper.

Rush: šŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: oof

Nothere: Sure Keye. You hate his hat, but leave hers alone.


Angel: POW !! Biff!!

HonoluLou: I wonder what Charlie would have been doing sitting there at ringside?

Rush: I’ve seen worse…

Angel: Eggzilarating with a capital egg.

Rush: Similarly, Lou.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Apparently we didn’t go in for standing 8 counts in these days

Rush: We can easily picture Oland in Lorres’ parts…

Nothere: <WHACK>

Angel: Lou: EXCELLENT proposition for new Alternate Adventure!!

Rush: Especially as the aphorisms are stated!

HonoluLou: Yes, Rush.

Angel: Get his wallet, Ref.

Nothere: Telling his kid to stop knocking peoples hats off.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The bell?

HonoluLou: Haha, Nothere

Rush: šŸ™‚

Rush: $10 then….more than $150 today…

Nothere: Big spender.

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: “At the Ringside” he said it!!!!

Angel: I’ll give youse $10.

Rush: :0

HonoluLou: Shut that thing off, it’s bugging me.

Rush: “Take it…and raise you 10…”

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Nothere: Now this is a well equipped dressing room. Not just one but two oxegyen tanks

Angel: Can’t for the life o’ me understand why they didn’t build a Knockout Wellington series outta this.

Rush: true.

HonoluLou: I guess they heard us, Rush.

Rush: Yep!


Angel: Notty—One oxygen. ZOne tetragene.

Rush: Permanently, Matt.

Nothere: TINCAN KO>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that the can for the evening, Matt?

Nothere: GASp not tetragene!

Matt1: I think so!

Rush: Yes…an odd one, but the tincan…

Nothere: <Fatality>

Nothere: ?

Rush: So far.

Angel: Tetragene is the fine fashion finish for your fish favorites. Elsa Maxwell ordered it before the explosion.

HonoluLou: The old dried colodium…I knew it!

Angel: The old collision swap.

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s right here in this bottle marked, p.o.i.s.o.n.

Dona: lol

Matt1: Take a wiff

Rush: Collodion is a flammable, syrupy solution of pyroxylin (also called “nitrocellulose”, “cellulose nitrate”, “flash paper” and “gun cotton”) in ether and alcohol. There are two basic types: flexible and non-flexible. The flexible type is often used as a surgical dressing or to hold dressings in place.

HonoluLou: Haha, good one M&r

Rush: TYSM: Wikipedia.

Rush: YES, Mike!

Angel: You can’t get this guy to do an autopsy! He’s dead!!

Nothere: Oh. I thought it was the pirate bottle. What with the skull and crossbones.

Rush: Angel: šŸ™‚

Rush: Lon Chaney, Jr….

Angel: Aaaaaaaargh, where’s me collodion?

Nothere: Uh oh. Gloves in hand. I think he’s gonna challeng someone to a duel.

Rush: šŸ™‚

Rush: “Fish.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sugar? Fish?

Rush: Interesting slang.

Angel: Don’t call me sugar.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ok, fish. šŸ™‚

Rush: Some good slang and idioms used in this one.

Angel: 30 grand now $450,000, yeah Rush?

Rush: Yes…around!

HonoluLou: Funny how guys in 6 cities made the same bet, hmmmm.

Rush: half a million-ish!

Angel: Who”s Kayoes Frankie?

Angel: Hmmmmmmmm.

Mike n Rachel in DC: nice “no suspects” montage

Nothere: So the fight was fixed in a movie with Paul Fix. Makes sense to me.

Angel: I’LL make you laugh.

Rush: Big trouble for Stanton!

Rush: TYSM, Angel.


HonoluLou: Scotty, wasn’t he in Star Trek?

Mike n Rachel in DC: bashing beezers?

Rush: Lou: šŸ™‚

Rush: Angel….:)

Nothere: Bill Steele is a Dick

Mike n Rachel in DC: Liverwurst, Angel.

Angel: I LOVE beezers!

HonoluLou: Eye Rush, there be whales aboard…sorry, wrong movie.

Rush: This is the only “Charlie” in our movie tonight…

Nothere: She’s trying to be a high hat.

Nothere: O.k. now it’s Hat Wars.

Rush: Looks like a “Space Patrol” hat!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Beat her to the punch!

HonoluLou: High Hat, for sure.

Angel: Itll get wurst than this, MnR!!

Angel: What a cat.

Nothere: Watch your liver Angel.

Nothere: <MEOW>


HonoluLou: Rush, there’s another whole page for your site. “The Women of Chan – Hats” 

Dona: lol

Rush: HM!

Rush: That…and FURS!

Nothere: But before or after furs?

HonoluLou: Cool, pic. Yes, furs too!

Angel: I’m watching, Notty. What should i see? Textbook had an appendix but i

Angel: removed it.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee. Raise your hand!

Rush: Class debate….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Moto needs a little work on his classroom management…

Rush: Angel, I think you left it on the TABLE of contents…

Angel: I LOVE how they stand to speak!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan flashback with the ink thing

HonoluLou: Oh no, the one unobserved fact…crappola!

Matt1: Familiar experiment?

Nothere: I’d find that funny Angel but I have a bone to pick with you.

Angel: White Ink by Ink Inc of Hollywood

Rush: Remind you of CC’s drip analysis in “Race track”?

HonoluLou: Wow, those inkspots looks like leaves to me

Rush: Can we imagine Oland in that last scene?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. But he only lost $0.50 not $10

Angel: Notty, make no bones without me!

Rush: Yes, Mike!

hounder: brb

Rush: About $7.50 today, though…

Rush: AH! A clue!

Angel: Gas was 8c a gallon then.

Rush: Yes, Angel…!

Nothere: So how many of your clothes has your name and address in them?

Angel: Detroit was a city then.

Rush: Not many.

HonoluLou: Did that coat label say “Howard Johnson?”

Rush: I guess if one travels a lot, that could come in handy if left in a hotel or train?

HonoluLou: Oh, guess not – Mr. Howard.

Angel: Lou, we must go back & check!

Rush: Didn’t make the connection, Lou…but I think so!

Angel: We need CC to drive here.

Rush: DANGEROUS way to stop a speeder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Idiot.

Angel: Some of this

HonoluLou: Hey, can’t even chase them anymore, officer!

Nothere: Yeah the shady guy hiding in the bushes top concern is safety.:)

Angel: SOME OF THOSE NAILS are STILL on that road.

Angel: Safety Last!

HonoluLou: This is where the giant Michellian Man comes in…oh, that’s Ghost Busters.

Rush: That officer was lucky he didn’t get involved in a negligent homicide rap!

Mike n Rachel in DC: What’s the ticket for? How can he attest to their speed?

Rush: Were was the radar?

Angel: Tell em you’re Shirley Temple.

Matt1: Bifffffff

Rush: šŸ™‚

Nothere: I am the law I can attest to whatever I attest to.

HonoluLou: šŸ™‚ from Back to the…

Mike n Rachel in DC: That is one baaad sport coat

Nothere: Righ Judge cousin Bill?

Dona: yes

Angel: Notty…     

Mike n Rachel in DC: This guy is in another Chan film…can’t place him

Angel: The Churchill of boxing. SARAH Churchill.

Rush: Dona…looks like our Chan movie night in El Segundo will not be happening.

Rush: Hopefully they can rescedule in the future.

Nothere: Sorry to hear that Rush.

Angel: Put the bleach on those bleachers, then we’ll sit down.

hounder: ..

HonoluLou: I saw that Rush. I put a new “events’ page on my site and had that listed 

Dona: I know, I checked the website earlier

Rush: Angel: šŸ™‚

Dona: Yes, I was hoping they might reschedule.

Angel: His JACKET could upholster El Segundo

Rush: šŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good line

HonoluLou: Medium, Medium, Medium!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Detroit. šŸ™‚

Rush: Does Huber’s role in this one seem a LOT like that in “Broadway”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Rush

Angel: They don’t need a medium, they’ve got 5 mediums.

HonoluLou: Yep.

HonoluLou: haha, Angel

Rush: Only difference is he’s not hitting everyone up for a cigarette!

Nothere: Hey sherriff I know a boat you can ticket.

hounder: sorry about the movie rush. maybe they can do something when things settle down

Angel: That’s cuz they ALL smoke Fatimas.

Nothere: Anyone got a cigarette>? Exploding cigar?

Rush: Well…to be expected, Hounder. strange times, these!

HonoluLou: Oh no, don’t give the dog chocolate, Moto!!!!

Rush: RIGHT!

Angel: I’ll dog his steps, you step his dogs.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gabby is on the spot.

Nothere: Basil Rathbone approves.

Rush: Matt could need that can for the pup if that continues!

Dona: everyone looks shifty

Angel: That’s what the Energene is for.

Angel: Basil was an easy touch.

Rush: Sheriff Tuttle.

Nothere: As the enemy in the first Zorro he hates the ladies first hat.

Angel: Touche Tuttle.

Len Freeman: The usual sus[ects

Rush: Can we hear Oland saying these lines?

HonoluLou: Wow! Probably last on the list of memorable Sheriffs, Rush. But he was affective!

Len Freeman: Yup

Rush: Happened before with Number One Son!

Angel: I hope to do this to my stepson AGAIN this year!

Rush: Yes, Lou.

Nothere: Ricoshe Rabbit.

Rush: Yes, Angel?

Rush: šŸ™‚


Angel: They’re playing the game called Telephone.

Nothere: O.k. this one goes in the ladies in fur portion of the website.

HonoluLou: Cleveland! Thanks Harold.

Angel: Call me Grover I’m nonconsecutive.

Rush: I suppose that we can also collect all of Chan’s hats seen in the series, as well!

Nothere: Grover

Rush: We could add a “Closet” section.

HonoluLou: Rush, now that sound like a doable idea!

HonoluLou: Wow! a closet section…too good!

Rush: It would take time…but, yes…doable…

Nothere: Well Chan would only get two slots. White hat and black hat.

Nothere: Closet section. Aults only.

Angel: Just order a regular morten. We’re due in Cleveland.

Rush: Well, you would be surprised!

HonoluLou: Haha, Nothere.

Rush: However, even “repeater” hats can be included.

Angel: Overcoats can’t point.

Rush: Headlines!

HonoluLou: Wow, an aphorism, “to reveal a snake…”

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. Only change your furs in Chan’s closet. Hopefully when his wife is out.

Angel: Mystery does that. That, whaddya call, shrouding thing.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care, NT!

HonoluLou: Buy Nothere.

Rush: I actually have two documented chan Panamas in my collection.

hounder: nite nt

Angel: Gnite notty!

hounder: nice rush

Angel: D.C. Panamas! Wow !!

Nothere has left this room

Rush: They were given to a media personality named Joe Franklin at some point by Roland Winters.

Rush: As we see, Winters never wore one in the Monogram series….


HonoluLou: Very nice Rush.

Rush: And, for that mater, neither did Toler!

HonoluLou: Japanese Bushido. You can recognize it anywhere!

Rush: However, i suspect that Toler had them from his Fox days…maybe took them to Monogram…where they later went over to Winters.

Angel: Lorre loved cats, right, Rush?

Mike n Rachel in DC: So that would NOT have been a Chan move!

Rush: Tick-tock….DOOM!

Rush: Angel, that I do not know!

Angel: Got ink?

HonoluLou: Wow! How do they make those wonderful traps!

Rush: Seems to me he would have!

Angel: I seem to recall some datum that Lorre was a felinefan.

Rush: Lee notes how Pop did the same to him in the past.

Rush: Nice connection.

Matt1: lol

Rush: The murder gun!

Angel: Un homage.

hounder: nothing like playing hot potato with a loaded gun

Rush: The old “punch me so I can remember.”

HonoluLou: Oldest trick in the book, poisen gun

Mike n Rachel in DC: *tap*

Angel: Light Dawns on Marblrp

Rush: Worked!

Angel: on Marble Head.

Rush: Nice hat on Lee.

Angel: You WANT a drink?

Rush: Not a very bright sheriff…

Mike n Rachel in DC: not the sharpest knife in the drawer

Angel: Sheriff Tuttle. Touche Tuttle to youse.

Rush: This has a Marx Brothers “feel.”

HonoluLou: Whoo boo boo boo!

Rush: šŸ™‚

Rush: Them, TOO, Lou!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Colossal

Angel: Yes. I could see the Fab Four using this as a basis.

HonoluLou: She has a know on her head!

Rush: “Help II”

Angel: I thought it was a fox.

HonoluLou: a knot

Rush: “Champeenship.”

hounder: brb dog walk

Angel: Coupla lousy loses lousing things up.

Rush: Allliteration!

Angel: Dead men don’t wear plaid. Their molls do.

Rush: “I’ll stop that PALOOKA in the first round!”

Rush: Still trying to “remember.’

HonoluLou: Yeah, what a Palooka.

Rush: Possibly a KABLOONA.

Angel: Biff looks like he’s gone 14 rounds w/ Jack Daniel every day for a year.

Rush: Tick…tick…tick….

HonoluLou: OH NO, MOTO!

Rush: Angel…:0

Angel: Where does the mouse run?

Len Freeman: I remember those Joe Palooka comics well

Rush: Oh, yes!

HonoluLou: Yes Len, me too.

Mike n Rachel in DC: tick, tick, tick

Mike n Rachel in DC: tock…

hounder: back

Angel: They REALLY talked TRASH in them ’40s.

Rush: A precursor to Jimmy Lennon…

Rush: Announcer at the Olympic Auditorium in L.A.

Rush: A long time ago.

Angel: The announcer there is cute.

Angel: Biff! BOFF!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bill is off to a slow start…

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: Saved by the bell…

Len Freeman: Seriously slow

Angel: I LOVE these human vignettes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: the old days, Rush

Len Freeman: saved by the bell

Rush: Another Chan series regular!

HonoluLou: Bill try some Tang!

Mike n Rachel in DC: You’re doing great, Bill. Next round spit another tooth at him.

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Rush: When I was a kid.

HonoluLou: haha, Mike

Angel: Are your papers in orderrr?

HonoluLou: I like how the spectators are all dressed to the 9’s!

Len Freeman: swapp3d seats


Angel: Moto may not go home alone tonite!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is better than Rocky!

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, if she doesn’t get shot, Angel. šŸ˜‰

HonoluLou: Aaaaaadrian!

Rush: Nice comeback!

Angel: You can just walk in.

Rush: Through the side door…

Angel: Bop him, Biff!

Rush: Nailed him!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder how exact that clock is…

Len Freeman: That sneaky Moto

Rush: Still ticking…

Rush: Nice ploy here by Moto.

Angel: Now they carry Lindbergh off the canvas.

HonoluLou: Yikes!

Rush: Got him!

HonoluLou: Nooooo! Not Perry White.

Angel: This guy deserves EVERY censure.

Matt1: Chief? Nooooooooooo

Mike n Rachel in DC: Clark Kent is devistated.

Matt1: I want a retraction

Angel: Always carrry lots of extra bullets.

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: Yeah Toots, your ole man’s a murderer

Rush: Now…the hour of reckoning…

Angel: Going DOWN!

Rush: WAY down….

Angel: Benton coulda been


Rush: Yes, Matt…very appropriate tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC: A+ Matt

HonoluLou: I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

Angel: a contendah just a few years later.

hounder: most unusual to shoot oneself in the back and without a gun

Angel: Accurate within a week per week.

Rush: NEXT WEEK….”Charlie Chan in Honolulu”

Angel: To the Ra

HonoluLou: Steele justice

Dona: save the clue for the next case

Len Freeman: Mr Moto was a little more into immediate executions than CC

Rush: And..part 4 of the serial…beginning at the 54:00 mark!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. Moto does an excellent job keeping his curriculum in tune with current events!

Angel: To the Royal Havaiian, with a V!!

Rush: Running gag!

Rush: So, Moto took the class for Chan, it seems!

Rush: “Class dismissed…”

Rush: (Applause…)

Matt1: <yee-haw!>

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Angel: Roger wilco, Rush! See all next week!! Hope Mr.Moto’s full semester is online!! Yay!!

Dona: YAY!!!!

Rush: Closing credits….and music…

Len Freeman: YAYYY

Mike n Rachel in DC: Always enjoy Mr. Moto–but wish it were Chan!

Dona: another good one Rush!

Dona: thank you!

HonoluLou: Class dismissed. A great evening all. So glad to join yas. Be safe and Aloha. Lou

Rush: Me too, Mike!

Matt1: Good night folks….Stay healthy!

Rush: Yes!

hounder: such fun with you guys. thanks for being there

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Rush: Indeed…”Class is dismissed” until next Monday!

Cdirus: See you guys again next week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Online instruction for all! Hope to see everyone next week! Have a wonderful week.

Len Freeman: See you next week. And stay healthy

Rush: Be happy and safe, everyone!

Cdirus has left this room

Rush: take care..stay HEALTHY!

hounder: nite all. be safe and well

Matt1 has left this room

Dona: Good night all!

Rush: My best to you as well as your mother, Hounder.

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Thank you everyone for the “usual” gret night!

hounder has left this room

Rush: (GREAT)

Dona has left this room

Rush: Take care, Angel!

Rush: Your added “spice” was appreciated…as always!

Rush: Good night…till next Monday….

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