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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 22, 2019

Mr. Moto’s Gamble

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 3); Trailer: Mr. Moto’s Gamble

angel & fox
Len Freeman
Library Jim
Mike n Rachel in DC

Rush has joined this room16:25

Rush: TEST….16:25

hounder has joined this room16:28

hounder: hi rush.16:28

Rush: Hello, Hounder!16:28

Rush: Good evening to you!16:28

Rush: I hope you had a great week and Easter!16:28

hounder: I did. How about you?16:29

Rush: Very good, cannot complain! it is so nice to have the next week off!16:29

Matt1 has joined this room16:29

hounder: hi matt.16:29

Rush: Hello, Matt!16:29

Rush: WWELCOME!16:29

Matt1: Hello Rush & Hounder!16:29

Rush: I found something fun to watch following the Green Hornet tonight.16:30

Matt1: Hope you both had a good week & Easter16:30

Rush: The trailer for tonight’s movie.16:30

Matt1: I noticed!16:30

hounder: i think i finally have a more reliable laptop now. had a local guy replace the hard drive in my old laptop and load windows 10 upgrADE.16:30

Rush: I did, thank you, matt.16:30

Rush: Great to hear, HOUNDER!16:31

Matt1: Fingers crossed Hounder!16:31

hounder: may have him fix the other 2 laptops in the fall.16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC has joined this room16:31

Matt1: Hello M & R!16:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening all16:31

hounder: hi m n r16:31

Rush: Now, hopefully you won’t get dropped periodically as was the case before!16:31

Rush: Good evening, Mike/Rachel!16:32

hounder: i hope it eliminates the crashes16:32

Rush: How was your easter?16:32

Rush: Yes, Hounder!16:32

Rush: Tonight, we move along, finding ourselves between the Oland and Toler eras of the Chan series.16:33

hounder: quiet Easter here. hope everyone else’s was great16:33

Rush: Quiet can be good, Hounder!16:34

hounder: kinda miss being able to see when people are typing.16:34

Rush: same here.16:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dinner with Rachel’s parents…very enjoyable!16:34

Rush: That was always a help.16:34

Rush: NICE, Mike/Rachel!16:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lovely outdoor restaurant…good food, and near-California weather. :)16:35

Rush: At your home, theirs, or a restaurant?16:35

hounder: nice. seeing when people were typing made it easier to ensure you were still on the net.16:35

Rush: AH!16:35

Matt1: Very nice…..w/ Cherry Blossoms still?16:35

hounder: nice atmosphere16:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. In the midst of Maryland horse country. Very rustic.16:36

hounder: nice m n r16:36

Matt1: MD is a pretty State…..Lived/worked there for 7 years16:36

Rush: Sounds great, M/R!16:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: It has its moments. Not so pretty around DC/Baltimore, but in the rural areas its very nice.16:37

Rush: Yes.16:37

Matt1: Very true!16:37

Rush: As you might notice above us at the links…16:38

Rush: We have an “extra extra” tonight!16:38

Rush: The trailer for “Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”16:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay!16:38

Rush: Are we ready for “The Green Hornet”?16:38

hounder: nice rush16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bzzzzz16:39

hounder: ready herre16:39

Matt1: Which one is first tonight?16:39

Rush: Very good…16:39

Rush: 45 seconds, then…16:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: All warmed up on my chromatic scale16:39

Rush: Hornet.16:39

Matt1: Ok, ready16:39

Rush: 30…16:39

Rush: 20…16:39

Rush: 15…16:39

Rush: 10…16:39

Rush: 5…16:39

Rush: GO!!!16:40

Matt1: <gong>16:40

Rush: “Flight of the Bumble Bee….”16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop!16:40

hounder: flight of thr bumble bee16:40

Rush: Yes!16:40

Matt1: <SWAT>16:40

Rush: :)16:40

Len Freeman has joined this room16:40

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of classical music in this series16:40

Matt1: Hello Len!16:40

Rush: Keye Luke….16:40

Rush: Good evening, Len!16:41

hounder: hi len16:41

Rush: Just starting “The Green Hornet”!16:41

Len Freeman: Perfect timing… right into the bumblebee16:41

Matt1: bzzzzzzzzzzzz16:41

Rush: Buzzing trumpet…16:41

Matt1: Need my glasses!16:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: Beethoven16:41

Rush: International intrigue!16:42

Len Freeman: Oops mine is playing chapter 216:42

Rush: Wow!16:42

hounder: still some of these thype draw bridges in use16:42

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mendelssohn16:42

Rush: Yes, Hounder. I believe we have see one or two on our road trips.16:43

Len Freeman: Go the right one… chapter 3, right?16:43

Len Freeman: can you give me the time?16:43

Rush: “The Sentinal”16:44

Rush: 4:1016:44

Rush: 4:2516:44

Len Freeman: Chapter 3, right?16:44

Rush: Yes.16:44

Len Freeman: OK… right time and place

Rush: The link is above if needed.16:45

Rush: Very good!16:45

Rush: Blindfolded.16:47

Rush: (“Cough”)16:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: What a plot16:49

Rush: Yes!16:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: back to Mendelssohn16:49

Rush: “Telegram for Miss Grayson…”16:50

Len Freeman: My first real job was as a telegram delivery boy on a bicycle…16:50

Len Freeman: talk about dating ourselves…16:50

Rush: Preparing to make the switch.16:51

Matt1: Really? How cool, where?16:51

Rush: Yes, Len!16:51

Len Freeman: Lawrence MA, a New England mill town16:51

Rush: Did anyone get a chance to look at the “mystery” image I included with our weekly group email?16:51

Len Freeman: Delivered a telegram to a big nasty Irishman that “you’ve been traded to Green Bay” — that was the entire thing… no agents, no big money. I handed it to him and ran.16:52

Matt1: lol16:52

Rush: :)16:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: And not a multi million dollar contract, I wager16:52

Matt1: Multi hundred dollar, maybe?16:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah16:53

Rush: Nice car…16:53

Len Freeman: No…. and Green Bay was “nowhere”…16:53

Len Freeman: But it worked out well… he went there the same year that Vince Lombardi became the coach16:54

Rush: Gassed!16:54

Len Freeman: great gas gun16:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: singing like a canary16:55

Rush: (“Tweet…tweet..”)16:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: What’s up with the goggles?16:55

Len Freeman: They’re his “mask”16:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah.16:56

Rush: That car SOUNDS like a hornet!16:56

Louise has joined this room16:56

Louise: Hi Gang16:56

Matt1: Hello Louise!16:56

Rush: Hello, Louise!16:56

hounder: the heavy goggles as a mask disquise16:56

Rush: WELCOME!16:56

Rush: We are watching “The Green Hornet” episode.16:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Louise16:57

Rush: How are you tonight?16:57

Louise: Thanks, just stopping in to say Hi! Can’t stay for the whole chat this week.16:57

Rush: Sorry you can’t stay long, but happy you are here!16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: ditto16:58

hounder: hi louise16:58

Louise: I’ll be in and out for the next few weeks: off to Chicago and then Belize.16:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: That sounds exciting!16:59

Rush: Traveling!16:59

Len Freeman: I think they used this same car as a bat mobile for the 1943 Batman serial16:59

Rush: Belize!16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rossini16:59

Rush: Yes, M/R!16:59

Louise: I feel like Charlie Chan going from place to place!16:59

Rush: One can get an education on fine music in this series!16:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very much so Rush16:59

Rush: Nice! A creepy house in a bad storm!17:00

Len Freeman: Part of the beauty of using classical music is that it was out of copyright… no songwriting royalties17:00

Louise: The Chan series (including the radio series) are an education in many fields17:00

Rush: Ah. Yes, that is true!17:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: Plus the musicians already had played it before…17:01

Matt1: Striking!17:01

Rush: What a bolt!17:01

Rush: Yes, Matt! :)17:01

Rush: Well! Chapter 4 next week!17:02

Rush: Louise, if you can, during your travels, please try to drop in if possible!17:02

hounder: i have the trailer ready17:02

Rush: Next…17:02

Matt1: Ready here!17:02

Rush: The trailer for “Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”17:02

Rush: Please use the link provided above.17:03

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready here17:03

Rush: When evweryone is ready…a short countdown!17:03

hounder: ready17:04

Rush: We can start right at the spot with the blue Mr. Moto “poster.”17:04

Len Freeman: ready17:04

Rush: Ready, everyone?17:04

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ready17:04

hounder: yes17:04

Rush: Okay…17:04

Rush: 15 seconds…17:05

Rush: 5…17:05

Rush: GO!!!17:05

Matt1: <gong>17:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Death!17:05

Rush: “Murder in the Ring!”17:05

Louise: Ooops, I started the movie instead!17:05

Rush: “Tonight…at the ringside.”17:06

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>17:06

Rush: OOPS, Louise!17:06

Rush: Trailer is over…17:07

hounder: neat to see the trailer used for the movie.17:07

Rush: Now, please prepare for our feature…”Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”17:07

Louise: I like the idea of viewing trailers before we see the movies.17:07

Rush: 7 1/2 minutes to go…17:07

Len Freeman has left this room17:07

Matt1: Cued!17:08

Len Freeman has joined this room17:08

Len Freeman: One of those in and out nites17:08

hounder: ready17:08

Rush: WB, len!17:08

Rush: Getting my DVD ready…17:09

Len Freeman: Should we start at the Youtube 20thC Fox logo, or at the title?17:09

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.17:09

Rush: Just in case anyone’s copy lacks the Fox logo/fanfare…17:10

Rush: Some of the old “grey market” copies were that way.17:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: All set in DC17:11

Rush: 4 minutes…17:11

Rush: All set with mine, too…17:11

LibraryJim has joined this room17:11

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…17:11

LibraryJim: hi all17:11

Rush: LJ!17:11

Rush: WELCOME!17:11

hounder: hi lj17:11

Rush: Please ready your movie, LJ!17:12

Louise: Hey Library Jim, are you on Twitter as Library Jim?17:12

Rush: 3 minutes to go…17:12

LibraryJim: I’m ready, up at the title17:12

Rush: Please pause at the opening title….”Mr. Moto’s Gamble.”17:12

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes to go…17:12

LibraryJim: Louise, yes @libraryjim, but I’m rarely on Twitter any more.17:12

Rush: 2 minutes….17:13

LibraryJim: I don’t think I’ve seen this one.17:13

Rush: 90 seconds…17:13

Rush: 75 seconds…17:13

Rush: I think you will enjoy it, Len!17:13

Rush: 60 seconds…17:14

Cdirus has joined this room17:14

Rush: 50 seconds…17:14

Len Freeman: It’s a good film LJ17:14

Matt1: Hello CD! & Jim17:14

Rush: 40 seconds…17:14

Cdirus: Hi everyone!17:14

Len Freeman: Mr MOTO was a good series17:14

Rush: 30 seconds…17:14

Matt1: Easy to place Oland w/ Motto17:14

Rush: CD!17:14

Rush: WELCOME!17:14

Rush: 25….17:14

Rush: 20…17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

Rush: 10…17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:15

Matt1: <ding-ding>17:15

Rush: Title….17:15

Rush: Music….17:15

Louise: no gong?17:15

Rush: Credits….17:15

Rush: (GONG!)17:15

Matt1: Boxing17:15

Rush: (Better late than….)17:15

Mike n Rachel in DC: We got the fight bell instead :)17:15

Matt1: 17:15

Rush: Yes…tonight, imagine a ring bell instead of the gong!17:15

Rush: :)17:15

Rush: Mr. Moto teaches…17:16

Rush: Number One Son, Lee, learns…17:16

Len Freeman: Moto is a very different character from Chan… intentionally so. He plays ‘nicer’ in this film because it was really a Chan script. But Moto (Japanese) was played intentionally more sinister and personally deadly17:16

Rush: Lee mentions his Pop soon.17:16

Rush: Very true, Len!17:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes, Len. Moto seems more ruthless and violent than Chan.17:16

Rush: This is an “almost” Charlie Chan movie.17:17

Louise: Yes, similar scene17:17

me_too has joined this room17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee has been pickpocketed!17:17

Matt1: Hello Me2!17:17

me_too: Hello everyone.17:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Me217:17

hounder: hi me217:18

hounder: r wellington is a good pickpocket17:18

Mike n Rachel in DC: A pickpocket with a conscience… 17:19

Rush: Yes.17:19

LibraryJim: Is the YouTube picture ‘jumpy’?17:19

Rush: Cleptomania.17:19

Matt1: Had Oland already died when they made this film?17:19

Rush: No.17:19

LibraryJim: so this is a ‘crossover’ movie.17:19

Rush: Oland was alive and traveling through Europe while this one was being made.17:20

Matt1: I was thinking it would have been very emotional17:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: He sort of went “missing” didn’t he?17:20

Rush: Yes, Len. it is our “bridge” between Chan movie eras.17:20

Rush: Yes, to a point, M/R.17:21

Rush: oland’s health improved, and he took a trip to Europe.17:21

Len Freeman has left this room17:21

Len Freeman has joined this room17:21

Rush: He was going to start shooting the next Chan film, “Charlie Chan in Honolulu” upon his return.17:21

Rush: Keye Luke was to be in it with him as usual.17:22

Louise: It has a different look than the Chan films17:22

Mike n Rachel in DC: To my amateur eye it seems less “polished” than the Chans, Louise17:22

LibraryJim: thus Moto’s comment about CC enjoying his time relaxing in his “homeland” of Honolulu17:22

Rush: A little different, yes, Louise.17:22

Rush: We hear Mr. Moto stating aphorisms that were certainly menat for the lips of Charlie Chan.17:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ah so, Rush. Now that you mention it, they do sound quite Chan-esque.17:24

Matt1: HH!17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel sez HH is one of her favorites.17:24

LibraryJim: Perry white117:24

LibraryJim: !17:24

Mike n Rachel in DC: Kent! Get in here!17:24

Rush: Yes!17:24

LibraryJim: Lee notices the pretty girls.17:25

Rush: We also see him in “Shadows Over Chinatown.”17:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: So he did Chan, Wong and Moto films. That’s got to be some kind of record.17:25

Rush: Whenever I see him in a film up to his “Superman” days, he always looks the same!17:25

Rush: True, M/R!17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Perry White was also in a Wong, I think.17:26

LibraryJim has left this room17:26

Rush: Ring announcer does not need a microphone!17:26

LibraryJim has joined this room17:26

LibraryJim: Frankly, inspector, that’s an image I hope never to see. Tiger skin, well, beats white fox fur, I guess.17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmble…17:26

Louise: Okay, gotta go. Hope to see you next week.17:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bye, Louise. Have a GREAT trip!17:27

Matt1: Take care Louise17:27

Rush: A belated WELCOME to you, Me Too!17:27

Louise: See you soon17:27

Rush: This guy was the lawyer in “CC on Broadway.”17:27

Rush: Lon Chaney, Jr.17:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: The parafeeen test…17:27

Rush: yes!17:27

Louise has left this room17:28

Matt1: Lee’s into it!17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rocky!17:28

Rush: Moto calmly takes it all in!17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: Love the crowd in the background17:28

Rush: A full inch of ashes on that cigar!17:28

Mike n Rachel in DC: *cough*17:29

Rush: End round one.17:29

Mike n Rachel in DC: You’re doing great, champ. Next round spit another tooth at him.17:29

Rush: Poor “lug.”17:29

Rush: Glass chin.17:30

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice shiner.17:31

Rush: Colodian.17:31

Mike n Rachel in DC: Moto. Watching everything.17:32

Rush: Stop it, ref!17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: 8…9…1017:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: zzzzz17:32

Rush: OUT.17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dreamland17:32

Mike n Rachel in DC: Was Lee supposed to be playing #1 son in this film?17:34

Rush: Yes.17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: (Keye Luke)17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: So his role changed quite a bit, then. 17:34

Rush: Many scenes were alrerady shot when Oland left the set for the last time.17:34

Mike n Rachel in DC: At least the way he had to play what was scripted.17:34

Rush: What Fox could salvage, they did.17:34

Rush: Then they shot the rest.17:35

Matt1: <tin can>17:35

Mike n Rachel in DC: So he had to blend #1 son with “Moto sidekick”17:35

Rush: TYSM, Matt…17:35

Rush: Yes, Mike/Rachel.17:35

Rush: So, as we heard, Lee mentioned his Pop to explain why he was taking that class and working with Moto.17:36

LibraryJim has left this room17:36

Mike n Rachel in DC: Right. I would have loved to be at the meeting where someone figured out how to make that plot device work.17:37

Rush: Collodion is a flammable, syrupy solution of pyroxylin (a.k.a. “nitrocellulose”, “cellulose nitrate”, “flash paper”, and “gun cotton”) in ether and alcohol. There are two basic types: flexible; non-flexible. The flexible type is often used as a surgical dressing or to hold dressings in place. When painted on the skin, collodion dries to form a flexible nitrocellulose film.17:37

LibraryJim has joined this room17:37

LibraryJim: looks like I get the revolving door tonight.17:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s usually used in microscopy17:37

Rush: (Courtesy of Wikipedia)17:37

Rush: WB, LJ!17:37

angel & fox has joined this room17:37

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello AnF17:38

Cdirus: Hi Angel!17:38

Rush: Angel, Fox!17:38

Rush: WELCOME!17:38

angel & fox: Fox & ME been trying to salvage our entry here! Geez!17:38

Rush: We are into ouf film.17:38

Rush: We can get you situated!17:38

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gamblers are about to get the big payoff.17:38

angel & fox: Humble selves JUST got back from LITERAL Day In Court. Could have used famed Honolulu detective. Friend framed, but hooray for our side!17:39

hounder: hi angel17:39

Rush: “Sammy” was in “CC at the Wax Museum.”17:39

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope the judge was kind, Angel. ;)17:39

angel & fox: Hi Hounder! I was so excited for THIS film i actually set it up on my screen before events crawled me away.17:39

Rush: You were on the correct side of the jury box, I assume, Angel?17:40

angel & fox: Judge was a peach, or a pineapple. Justice was served, without vermouth. So is Dum-Dum our big guy in Mr. M’s Gambol?17:40

Rush: Served with a smile!17:41

LibraryJim: oh, that was a nice effect with the newspapers!17:41

Rush: Yes!17:41

Rush: Those always make for a good transition.17:41

Mike n Rachel in DC: And nice plot summaries17:42

Rush: Yes.17:42

angel & fox: Rush, i was the Friend to All. Ultimately, the bailer of friend Defendant, Fox & self counseling him to go & sin no more lest i be out $750 + costs. An educational day whose value i don’t want a 2-for-1 on. Though the BAILIFF complimented me on OUR CHAPEAU!17:42

Rush: 25 grand.17:42

Rush: Around $400,000 today!17:43

LibraryJim: just a chapeau, no white fox fur?17:43

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very good counsel, AnF17:43

Rush: There’s tonight’s fur, out the door.17:43

me_too has left this room17:44

Rush: Lost Me Too.17:44

Mike n Rachel in DC: Moto’s teaching style…somewhat hands off17:44

angel & fox: To you fashion mavens: an inclining-to-floppy-without-flopping Indiana Jones sort, brown felt now rain-soaked. Fox is tossing droplets beside open fire sans chestnuts. What’s our Universal Time?17:44

Len Freeman: serious money17:44

angel & fox: DANGEROUS money!17:45

Rush: 30:3517:45

angel & fox: Did they bust outta jail in the MOVIE yet?17:45

Rush: Not there, yet.17:45

Rush: 31:0017:45

angel & fox: Most excellent deduction! Tax day was LAST Monday!17:46

Rush: 31:3017:46

LibraryJim: Just like CC’s blood drop demonstration17:46

Rush: :)17:46

angel & fox: Mr. Moto is swell.17:46

Rush: Yes, that was meant for Oland.17:46

angel & fox: I wish SOMEONE would investigate tomorrow.17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm.17:47

Rush: Stolen car…17:47

hounder: this is a fun film17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wrong coat17:47

Rush: Yes.17:47

Mike n Rachel in DC: Deetroit17:48

Rush: Telltale stain!17:48

LibraryJim: case where the wrong coat is the right coat17:48

Matt1: Clue!17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: *cough*17:48

angel & fox: I’m ripping the tags outta everything NOW. Fox! Rip!17:48

Mike n Rachel in DC: careful of Fox’s tail while you’re ripping, Angel17:48

angel & fox: It’s every being for themselves here.17:49

LibraryJim: spee trap17:49

LibraryJim: speed trap17:49

angel & fox: 75?!17:49

Mike n Rachel in DC: idiot17:50

Rush: Dangerous way to stop them!17:50

LibraryJim: oh, now that’s just dirty117:50

LibraryJim: !17:50

angel & fox: I knew it. A tacks scam.17:50

Rush: The original spike strip!17:50

hounder: indeed dangerous17:50

Mike n Rachel in DC: and how can he prove they were speeding?17:50

Rush: Grand theft auto!17:51

Matt1: Flat tires and tickets, for speeding17:51

Mike n Rachel in DC: i call it two misdemeanors and a felony…17:51

angel & fox: Something wrong with this scene.17:51

Rush: Yes, M/R!17:51

angel & fox: MnR: you mean Our Boys, or Johnny Law there?17:51

angel & fox: You throw YOUR sheets.17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel sez she calls it 3-5 years17:52

Rush: Nice “workout.”17:52

Rush: I think Rachel is correct.17:52

angel & fox: Guy looks like Lee Harvey Oz on steeroids.17:52

Mike n Rachel in DC: Plaid coat.17:53

LibraryJim: guy in the checked coat sounds like Jimmy Cagney.17:53

angel & fox: That JACKET is TWO-DIMENSIONAL EYE-CANDY!!17:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder what color it was17:53

Mike n Rachel in DC: Quick! Give away our plot!17:53

angel & fox: ANY information.17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: LOL17:54

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice line from Huber17:54

Rush: Yes!17:54

angel & fox: Speaking of MEDIUMS, did everybody vote in the April Poll?17:54

angel & fox: I’ve been MOIDERED!17:54

Rush: Good question…and PLUG…Angel!17:55

Rush: Please do so, everyone!17:55

Mike n Rachel in DC: Who’s John Howard? Inquiring minds want to know.17:55

angel & fox: I ONLY want to help, Rush!17:55

Rush: Speedboat!17:55

Rush: TYSM, Angel… :)17:56

angel & fox: I’m getting weary & bleary of Plucky Girl Reporters, and their feathered hats too.17:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: Isn’t chocolate bad for dogs?17:56

Matt1: Yep17:56

Rush: Mr. Moto knows a lot about crime, but little about dogs!17:56

hounder: charlie, you should know better than to give a dog chocolate17:56

Mike n Rachel in DC: *growl*17:56


Rush: Hounder, we can blame Mr. Moto, this time!17:57

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh so?17:57

angel & fox: I think the Girl Reporter brought HER lines right from home.17:57

Rush: Sheriff Tuttle…17:58

angel & fox: No-Rebuttal Tuttle.17:58

Len Freeman: suspects17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: I can see how this would have played with Chan.17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop!17:58

LibraryJim: Yep17:58

Matt1: I can see Chan in this scene17:58

Len Freeman: yes17:58

LibraryJim: but POP17:58

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pop! Pop!17:58

Rush: Can you see Charlie Chan doing that!17:58

angel & fox: ABSOLUTELY, Matt!! I LOVE when Chan sons get hung out to dry!17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: Totally17:59

Rush: CC did similarly to Lee in the past!17:59

Cdirus: 17:59

Mike n Rachel in DC: 15 Grand for John Howard17:59

LibraryJim: “suggest you lock him in brig”17:59

angel & fox: FOX’s amnesia JUST cleared. Says (s)he is JOHN HOWARD, came to cash a check before unfortunate blow on head.18:00

Mike n Rachel in DC: I feel a tincan coming on18:00

Rush: Yes, LJ.18:00

Matt1: <tin can>18:00

Rush: TYSM, Matt…18:00

Rush: Moto utters a Chan-like line there.18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: That was a little too convenient18:01

angel & fox: THE FRONT END. An RKO General Picture.18:01

Rush: (As he does throughout!)18:01

angel & fox: Oh so?18:01

angel & fox: Tetragene.18:01

Mike n Rachel in DC: I’ve always wanted a private district attorney18:01

LibraryJim: that was a self-satisfied, smug little “thank you”.18:02

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angel & fox: You CAN’T always get what you want. Mick said so.18:02

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan saying18:02

angel & fox: Sudden departures create mysterious wind.18:03

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello?18:03

LibraryJim: sheesh!18:03

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Matt1: Whew!18:03

angel & fox: Statement on Steele? How about chipped beef on toast?18:03

Cdirus has joined this room18:03

hounder: wb matt18:03

Cdirus: Yikes, what happened?18:03

hounder: hi cd18:03

Rush 1 has joined this room18:03

Rush 1: “To reveal a snake, one must overturn a rock.”18:04

Matt1: Got me too CD18:04

Matt1: And Rush!18:04

LibraryJim: this would have fit in with Sport themed CC films: Olympics, race track, boxing, any others?18:04

Rush 1: Hi, I booted myself and return as a second me…18:04

Rush 1: “OOPS!”18:04

angel & fox: Timothy Leary had a trip hammer, saw nails everywhere.18:04

angel & fox: LJ YES!!18:05

Rush 1: :)18:05

Rush 1: YES, LJ!18:05

angel & fox: The Wide World of Chan Sports!18:05

Matt1: Can’t see Chan doing that though18:05

Mike n Rachel in DC: Handy cat18:05

Cdirus: Moto is a pretty feisty guy18:05

Len Freeman: thaat Moto swagger18:05

LibraryJim: but is it a ‘Chinese cat’? 18:05

Rush 1: Deathtrap set…18:06

Matt1: Moto had some mojo!18:06

Cdirus: Too much fur to be a chinese cat18:06

angel & fox: Even my futbolista amigos would enjoy Charlie Chan’s Barcelona-Reyal Madrid Playoff!18:06

Rush 1: “Moran Vs. Steele” (‘Nuff said!)18:06

LibraryJim: Gun on a timer? Where have I seen that before? shh it’s a Secret.18:06

Cdirus: Go Barca!18:06

angel & fox: Lorre is a feline type to me.18:06

Matt1: lol, Lee18:07

angel & fox: Cd Goooooooooooooooooal!18:07

Rush 1: Lee recalls the “:good old days.”18:07

Cdirus: 18:07

angel & fox: Fox took it on the lamb.18:07

Rush 1: AH!18:07

angel & fox: That MURDER’S a clue to the GUN!18:07

Cdirus: Lee hits like a girl18:08

LibraryJim: Knock out’s been knocked out one too many times18:08

angel & fox: A Corningware mandible.18:08

angel & fox: Cd: Lee says Take That Back Or Else!18:08

Cdirus: Never!18:09

angel & fox: Would you LIKE to be drinkin’?18:09

Rush 1: Smart sheriff…18:09

Cdirus: Drinking a Pepsi18:09

LibraryJim: with or without rum?18:09

angel & fox: ASSUME the POSITION.18:10

Cdirus: Without! I don’t drink alcohol18:10

LibraryJim: smart!18:10

LibraryJim: You too, CD18:10

Cdirus: 18:11

Rush 1: A mink fur.18:11

angel & fox: I only love the glamor & excitement & i’m a chump from way back.

Cdirus: I have a mink fur tacked out in the barn. gonna use it for fly tying18:11

angel & fox: A mink stole. What would be a fair sentence?18:12

LibraryJim: her outfit is a match to the coat the Jimmy Cagney sound alike was wearing earlier18:12

Rush 1: Depends on what is took off with, Angel!18:12

angel & fox: Cd, you think the flies will tie it for you?18:12

LibraryJim: at the training ring18:12

angel & fox: LJ, you are HOT tonite!!!18:12

Cdirus: No18:12

Cdirus: ( to angel and fox)18:13

angel & fox: If Willkie had prevailed, plaid woulda been banned.18:13

Rush 1: “Palooka.”18:13

angel & fox: Some of these days.18:13

Rush 1: The driver cringes!18:13

LibraryJim: The driver helps!18:14

Rush 1: At least wrap it in something first, lee!18:14

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nefarious murder device!18:14

angel & fox: NOBODY notices GUN, right by the timeclock, sticking up provocatively.18:14

Rush 1: No…all eyes on the bout!18:15

Rush 1: :)18:15

Rush 1: “Let’s go!”18:15

angel & fox: If only FDR had picked THE M.C. in ‘44.18:15

Len Freeman: AHa 18:16

Rush 1: Another Chan veteran just then.18:16

angel & fox: Anybody gonna fire a DART at the guys?18:16

Rush 1: He was in three chan films, I believe.18:16

Mike n Rachel in DC: Prototypical fight movie18:16

angel & fox: I’m imagining Betty Furness vs. June Lockhart.18:17

Mike n Rachel in DC: Saved by the bell!18:17

angel & fox: Tanks for da memories.18:17

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Long fight…18:19

angel & fox: Whew!18:20

Rush 1: Tick…tick…18:20

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh no!18:20

libraryjim has joined this room18:20

libraryjim: oh, come on!18:20

Rush 1: A new Cham-een!18:20

Len Freeman: class dismissed18:20

libraryjim: target has changed18:21

angel & fox: Friends, esteamed attorney has just called. Likely will not be back to ringside, so bid all Good Week and hope to see all Next Week! Ditto, sez Fox.18:21

Rush 1: A Chan-like trap!18:21

hounder: ssee you next wek cd18:21

Len Freeman: Nite all18:21

Rush 1: take care, CD!18:21

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening AnF18:21

angel & fox: so so long!!18:21

Rush 1: Next week: “Charlie Chan in Honolulu”18:21

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Len Freeman has left this room18:22

Matt1: Superman can’t save him now18:22

Rush 1: Nope!18:22

Rush 1: Matt?18:23

Matt1: <tin can>18:23

Rush 1: TYSM, Matt…18:23

hounder: most unusual to shoot oneself in the back18:23

Rush 1: Indeed!18:23

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chan-like line there, too.18:24

Rush 1: Knocked him out!18:24

Rush 1: No…just stunned.18:24

Cdirus: Too late Lee18:24

Rush 1: One of those “save for next case” situations!18:24

libraryjim: Lee comes in 2nd place again.18:24

Rush 1: Yes.18:24

Rush 1: Back in class.18:25

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lee gets his diploma!18:25

Rush 1: He was able to lift from Mr. Moto!18:26

Rush 1: Pretty good.18:26

Rush 1: “Class dismissed.”18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>18:26

libraryjim: that was a fun one.18:26

Matt1: <yee-haw>18:26

Rush 1: And…”Chat dismissed…”18:26

Rush 1: THE END18:26

hounder: nite all. thanks for the fun. see you next week18:26

Rush 1: (Applause…)18:26

libraryjim: nice crossover of two great detectives.18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: nice exit music18:26

Rush 1: Good night, hounder!18:26

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night all!18:26

libraryjim: night all!18:26

Matt1: Take care folks and have a great week18:26

Rush 1: have a great week, everyone!18:26

Rush 1: take care…18:27

Rush 1: Be happy….18:27

Rush 1: Be SAFE!18:27

Cdirus: Have a good week everyone, and see you next Monday!18:27

Rush 1: Next week….18:27

Rush 1: “Charlie Chan in Honolulu”18:27

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks everyone…see you next week for Toler’s appearance!18:27

hounder has left this room18:27

Rush 1: See you there….and then!18:27

Matt1 has left this room18:27

Rush 1: Thank you ALL for a GREAT evening!18:27

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room18:28

Rush 1: See you next Monday night…18:28

Rush 1: Good night LJ and CD!18:28

Cdirus: Night Rush!18:28

Rush 1: have a good week!18:29

Rush 1: Good night!18:29

Cdirus has left this room18:29

Rush 1: Last one out, please turn out the light!18:29

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