Chat Archive 4/5/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 5, 2021

Charlie Chan on Broadway

The Landini Murder Case: Blackmail

:angel & jesse o. foxx

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Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Zoe: hello Matt

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush2: Hello Matt and Zoe!

Matt1: How is the trip coming along?

Rush2: A belated HAPPY EASTER!

Matt1: And to you as well!

Rush2: Keeping very busy with painting!

Rush2: Having my dinner as we speak.

Matt1: You’ll never want to see a paint brush again, huh?

Rush2: Meeting some very nice people here.

Matt1: Thats great

Rush2: You are probably right, Matt!

Matt1: How has the weather been?

Rush2: The weather has been very nice! High 70s today.

Zoe: heating up here in Palm Springs

Matt1: Very good!

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Rush2: Yes!

Matt1: Hello Mat!

Rush2: Hi, mat!

mat: Hi everyone. hope you all had a nice holiday! Can’t stay very long tonite.

Rush2: Thank you again, Matt, for taking the driver’s seat again tonight!

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Rush2: I should be back by Monday next week!

Matt1: Glad to help…..Did you get my email last week with the log?

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mda19083: hello all

Matt1: Hello SB!

Rush2: I say “should” as nothing in life is assured!

sarabell2: Hello, hope all are well

mda19083: hope the easter bunny filled your easter basket

Matt1: I should be around next week, so not to worry

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush2: Hi Sarabell and MDA!

sarabell2: Hi Rush, how is the move?

mda19083: even with Rush in guest mode last week we were a well behaved group

Rush2: Well….our house goes on the market next week!

sarabell2: Thank you Matt for being the sub

mda19083: mayhem was predicted but did not occur

Zoe: good time to sell I think? seller’s market here in Palm Springs area – very little on the market

Matt1: Always glad to help!

Rush2: 🙂

sarabell2: I know two homeless people here in Atlanta because their homes sold and they cannot get another

Rush2: You guys are GREAT!

Matt1: Market is crazy hot here in FL

mda19083: mat – extra special greetings from me to you

sarabell2: OF course it is hot in FL I may move there

sarabell2: Can you even buy a home in FL now?

Rush2: Florida is a great state.

Matt1: Ours is under agreement….over asking, cash buyer and quick settlement

Rush2: So that means it has sold, Matt?

sarabell2: Great, Matt, where are you moving?

Matt1: Yes, we move on the 21st!

Matt1: Moving a mile up the street, lol

Rush2: 🙂

Matt1: We’ll start the radio program in about 5 minutes

Rush2: We are moving WAY up the street!

Matt1: The link is above chat room “Blackmail”

sarabell2: It will be easier for you to move Rush than Matt, it is one of those murphy law things.

Matt1: They are never easy….but hoping this is our last

Rush2: We shall see!

Matt1: THREE minutes to go!

Matt1: Everyone ready?

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hounder: hi everyone

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush2: Hello, Hounder!

mda19083: hello hounder

sarabell2: Hi Hounder, hope your mother is good.

Rush2: Yes

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!

hounder: thanks sb. it’s been a bit of a rocky day so all the more reason i need the chan group

Rush2: Landini coming up!

sarabell2: You are so good to her.

Matt1: ONE minute!

Matt1: 45 seconds….

Matt1: 30 seconds….

Rush2: Well, Hounder, hopefully we can offer some diversion for you….

Matt1: 15 seconds….

Matt1: 10…

Matt1: 5…

Matt1: GO!

Rush2: And… I imagine intro music…

Rush2: And the snnouncer

Rush2: Sadly, using my phone I sm very limited!

Matt1: Love the pops & clicks

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sarabell2: Yes Matt we are back in time

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hounder: i look forward to the relaxation of this group.

Rush2: Yes, Matt! These shows were placed on big records!

hounder: time check please?

mat: had to do radio program

Rush2: I think they were 17 inches in diameter.

sarabell2: 3:44

hounder: thanks sb. mom went to bed, then had a dozenn questions

sarabell2: That is just me, I may be off

Matt1: 4:50

sarabell2: They get like a child, Hounder, with fears. My dad used to pick fights and he was the most peaceful loving person.

hounder: yes sb. today she woke from a nap and wanted to go sledding…. in fl….. in 70 degrees

hounder: wandered into the wrong pew

Rush2: We pray for some more of those better days, Hounder.

sarabell2: Aw, hounder.

hounder: thanks rush

Rush2: My mother was just starting to head that direction when she passed.

Rush2: Is the show reaching its conclusion?

Matt1: Commercial break

hounder: hard for them and the ones who care for them

Matt1: About a minute left

Matt1: CC words of wisdom

Rush2: Ah!

Matt1: THE END

Rush2: (Applause…$

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush2: Sorry about the dollar sign!

hounder: yea

mda19083: the world would be a better place if everyone followed CC’s words of wisdom

Rush2: That’s the trouble with tiny keys on a phone!

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hounder: it really would mda

Louise: Hi Chan Clan!!!

hounder: hi louise

Rush2: Agreed, MDA.

sarabell2: Hi Louise

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush2: Hello, Louise!

Louise: So last week I totally lost track of the days and missed Monday!

mda19083: no keys on my phone – i have a rotary dial

mat: Leave you with a joke.—The church had an odor yesterday— Pew! See you next week. Thanks

sarabell2: So did I! I felt guilty!

mda19083: good one mat

Matt1: lol

sarabell2: Thank you for the dad joke, Mat

Louise: Wait are we required to tell a joke for entry?

Rush2: Good one, mat!

hounder: lol. nite mat

Rush2: Good night!

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mda19083: i find it hard to believe that we are quickly approaching Warner Oland’s final film on the cc chat

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Matt1: Hello Dan!

mda19083: welcome dv

sarabell2: Hi DV

DanVenture: Hurrah! I remembered!

sarabell2: I set an alarm this time.

Rush2: Good evening, DV!

DanVenture: Apologies for missing last week. Nothing worse than suddenly noting the hour and realized I missed you all.

hounder: hi dan

Rush2: Good idea, SB!

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush2: Hello, Dona!

sarabell2: Evening Dona

Louise: Me. too, Dan.

Louise: Hi Dona

Rush2: How’s SoCal been doing?

mda19083: a monday withouth charlie chan is like a day without sunshine

DanVenture: Evening, Dona!

hounder: hi dona

Louise: 66+ earthquakes today near the airport in LA!!!

mda19083: hello dona

Dona: The weather has been great Rush

Louise: small ones but lots of them

Matt1: We’re about 10 minutes until we start…CC on Broadway…..If needed, the link is above the chat room

hounder: happens to all of us dan

Rush2: That’s right! I heard about that! They were a little over 4, right?

DanVenture: Yes, Hounder. The woes of being more “seasoned”.

Rush2: Did you feel them?

Louise: Only one was a 4.0, Rush, the rest around 2.0 and less

Dona: I did not. I think I was too far away

Rush2: Ah.

Louise: Where are you exactly Dona?

Louise: These were in Inglewood

Dona: I am in Ontario, Inland Empire

Rush2: Yes.

Matt1: Please cue your film to the Opening Title!

Dona: I work in Orange Count, Santa Ana

Louise: Ah, Dona, far away but you have your own swarms

Louise: CUED here

Dona: yes we do

Rush2: “Charlie Chan on Broadway”

Dona: i’m so used to them I do’t always pay any attention

Rush2: We see Lee’s towel collection!

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Matt1: Hello GS!

hounder: hi gs

Dona: Hi GS

Godwinshelley3: A quick Howdy from Indiana

Rush2: Yes, Dona!

Rush2: Hello back from Iowa!

sarabell2: Hello Godwinshelley3

Matt1: FOUR minutes to go!

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Louise: Hi all newcomers

Matt1: Hello A & J!

angel & jesse o. foxx: They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway!

hounder: hi a n j

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Rush2: Hello, GS!

Dona: Hi Angel and Fox!

Matt1: THREE minutes to go!

sarabell2: Hello Angel and Jesse

angel & jesse o. foxx: Thank y’all! Again, wasn’t able to change Fox’s alias to be Selection Appropriate. But we are here, as someone now gone once said!

Rush2: Welcome a second time!

Godwinshelley3: Will be here for another couple of weeks. Hope all is well in Chan-dom

Rush2: Hello, Sngel!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Fond helleaux!

Rush2: Angel, I mean!

Matt1: TWO minutes to go!

mda19083: hell angel and

mda19083: hello sorry

Louise: today is typo city

Rush2: Not to forget Fox(x)!

Godwinshelley3: Just popped in – and need to pop out now. Have a safe week everyone

hounder: lol. i was looling for sngel in the list.

Louise: Hi GS Missed your entry and departure and entry

hounder: be safe and well gs

Godwinshelley3: Night

Zoe: got my glass of wine – I’m ready

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

angel & jesse o. foxx: Gnite, GS3!!

Matt1: ONE minute to go!

Louise: Zoe: good idea

Matt1: 45 seconds…

sarabell2: What ya drinking Zoe, give me ideas

mda19083: are adult beverages permitted in the chat room?

Zoe: chardonnay

angel & jesse o. foxx: Good evening, Mr.First Nighter!

Matt1: 30 seconds….

hounder: absolutely mda

Louise: mda of course

Matt1: 15 seconds…

sarabell2: LOL angel

Matt1: 10…

Matt1: 5

Matt1: GO!

angel & jesse o. foxx: GONGGGGGGGG!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Fox loves this part.

mda19083: i will remember that for next week

Louise: Tellall my friends on 42nd street that I will soon be there (going to NYC next week!)

angel & jesse o. foxx: Remember me TOO, Harold Square, you RAT!

Dona: Have fun Louise.

Matt1: Have you been since COVID, Louise?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Titles are blocking twaffic.

Louise: Alas, no Broadway yet

hounder: this is a fun little segment

angel & jesse o. foxx: A MAST! Oh, Don!!

Matt1: CC sea sick, lol

angel & jesse o. foxx: Turtle soap will silence Number One Glutton.

Louise: No matt, first time since COVID. My birthday next week: celebrating being fully vaccinated

Rush2: 🙂

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angel & jesse o. foxx: He brought his own violins.

Matt1: Tell us how it went next week….VERY curious!

Matt1: Hello NT!

mda19083: happy birthday louise

angel & jesse o. foxx: NOTTY! He’s JUST grabbed a chair!

Rush2: Congratulations, Louise!

hounder: tossing the state room, literally

Nothere: So I remembered you to Hrold Squar. They deny ever knowing you.

Louise: The week after that Matt, we go on Tuesday

angel & jesse o. foxx: FELIZ LOUISE!!

mda19083: hello nt/nh

hounder: happy birthday louise

angel & jesse o. foxx: The flutes are for women?

angel & jesse o. foxx: It PULLS, don’t push!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Ann Sheridan?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Ann Sothern?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Ann Arbor?

Nothere: Happy birthday louise. I’d sen you cake, but I put file in mine. Don’t tell the cops.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Ann Landers?


Louise: I need a file, nothere, since my nails are so long

Rush2: Ann of Green Gables

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notty! YOU have the missing file! Mr. Pensky was looking for it! Please take care of it—it’s Pensky material!!

Nothere: Ann Boylen

hounder: hi nt

angel & jesse o. foxx: Rush2…Her TOO. And Anne Bowlin’, Henry the Ate’s white-trash wife!

mda19083: charlie is the soul of discretion

angel & jesse o. foxx: Not another cablegram.

Nothere: Hey Hound

angel & jesse o. foxx: mda: He got soul all right. Dude a brother.

Nothere: Right no cablegram. Prepare the smoke signals.

hounder: light fingered chan

Rush2: Yes.

Nothere: Did the movie start lready?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Charlie gonna turn No.1 Son over to Whistler Mother for strong justice.

Rush2: That was sort of a fad back in the day!

angel & jesse o. foxx: That’s a CANNON towel. You’re lucky not to get FIRED from it!

Louise: Cabin too small! Those are actually huge cabins

Nothere: I did miss the start. whats the time?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Flattery will get you #2 detective.

angel & jesse o. foxx: He’s out of aspirin but he has some Wehrmacht amphetamines.

Dona: 8.00

angel & jesse o. foxx: DARN IT!

Nothere: Ah I mise sneaky guy being sneaky.

angel & jesse o. foxx: She’ll be needing another fix of ROMEO.

Nothere: But at least I didn’t miss the parade.

angel & jesse o. foxx: PIER PRESSURE!!!

Dona: 9.00

Rush2: 🙂

Nothere: Quick someone call my French cousin.

angel & jesse o. foxx: You don’t even recognize Tom Dewey without his father’s mustache.

Nothere: TYSM Donna

angel & jesse o. foxx: Nobody steals The Atlantic. Articles are too long.

Rush2: Not to mention the decimals!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Fox & i always travel the Green STAMP Line.

Louise: furry cape

angel & jesse o. foxx: Cat fight! Rrrrrrrrrrow!!!

mda19083: white fox fur

angel & jesse o. foxx: I have the exact same feather.

angel & jesse o. foxx: mda: you are the sharp one!

Rush2: A takeoff on the famous White Star Line

mda19083: take a life vest

Louise: New York English!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Demented peacocks. Common mental condition at his age.

Rush2: Yes, Louise!

Nothere: So you sure you don’t mean brown fox fur?

mda19083: yes nt

angel & jesse o. foxx: Shows how little The Commissioner knows.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Every grand jury wants her.

mda19083: that creepy guy again

angel & jesse o. foxx: Professor Eavesdrop.

hounder: …

Nothere: Good. A regular jury isn’t good enough for her. Only a grand jury will do.

hounder: that’s quite a feather on that hot. stiff enough to stab someone

angel & jesse o. foxx: At a dime a dance, that band should get at least a nickel.

Rush2: That’s the cost of a favorable decision.

mda19083: forget his name but he pops up in another film or 2

Nothere: Who? Where? When? What? Why? How about a date?

Rush2: 1937

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notty, that’s why she gets the big feather. She’s a swish who gets around the squares, forms triangles.

angel & jesse o. foxx: You know how to whistle, don’t you, Steve?

mda19083: meeting at midnight

Rush2: Although this one is HAPPENING in 1936…just after the Olympics!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Oh, PASSkey! With a “P”!!

Nothere: I’m just a guy at a desk now, but just you wait. I’ll star in my own movies one day.

Nothere: Which makes this the only Chan with two werewolfs.

Rush2: Yes!!


angel & jesse o. foxx: Girl could eat for herself and her uncle with demented peacocks for that kinda lucre.

Louise: I love all these analogies

Nothere: But could she buy another of those feathers?

angel & jesse o. foxx: What makes the Hottentot so hot?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Crawlllllllll forrrrrrrr Philip Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrissssssssssssss! [repeat]

Louise: Nice high waisted pants

Nothere: Hard to tell, but it’s the hottest spot in town.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Two STUDS, you mean. Three, if you count yourself, Pop!

Rush2: Tasha Mori

Nothere: Gasp. The cufflinks were stolen by the towel theif? Who would have guessed?

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Descend body into trousers”. I MUST use that. If i go back to pants.

angel & jesse o. foxx: A boy could find a girl with demented peacocks with that kinda lucre!!

hounder: they look sharpin dress clothes

angel & jesse o. foxx: TYSM

Nothere: That reminds me of a joke from Hardcastle and McCormack. Mafia guys put their pants n one leg at a time like anybody else.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Those are After Sex tuxedos!

Nothere: Wrong they jump into them, and the tougher ones do it blindfolded.

Rush2: ;$

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notty—And the ones with one leg put them in twice. I saw that movie. The Hokey Pokey was the first in the series, i believe.

Louise: HaHa. She is such a liar.

Nothere: So do we take anything from the fact this isn’t a full length fur?

angel & jesse o. foxx: Giggles and Jiggles.

Louise: She ate the rest of the fur?

mda19083: right church – wrong pew

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notty, shhhhhhh: I’ve not told Fox about F.L.F’s!!

angel & jesse o. foxx: On everybody’s lips! And elbows!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Harry Truman before he got his break.

angel & jesse o. foxx: This is one of SO MANY scenes in our favorite flicks that will get Cancelled eventually.

Louise: Wouldn’t it be fun if there were still nightclubs like that? My parents went to NYC clubs like that.

Nothere: Everybod in the cub has a camera. 1937 shocking. Today. Yeah we know.

Rush2: I agree about the nightclubs!

sarabell2: I was just thinking they had so much more fun than today.

angel & jesse o. foxx: If he gives her till Sundown….

DanVenture: Are there any nightclubs left?

Rush2: There are some fun examples in the Chan series!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Today EVERYBODY has a camera, but they try to softpedal the foxy wolf thing.

Dona: That is just weird

Nothere: So to count as a nghtclub you need food, drinks, a band, and a floorshow?

angel & jesse o. foxx: I wanna be that guy. And that gal.

Zoe: had forgotten Leon Ames in this – one of his car dealerships near me in Redondo Beach when I was young 🙂

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Beefs”. What in ill literate. Everybody knows it’s “beaves”.

Louise: Oh so sexy dancing

Rush2: Yes, Zoe!

angel & jesse o. foxx: It’s a Lucky Strike! And she’s toasted!

mda19083: just like carmen miranda

Nothere: Have I got a deal for you Zoe. Only driven by a little old lady on weekends. But there is another buyer interested.

Rush2: I thought no one else recalled Leon Ames Ford!

mda19083: without the fruit hat

sarabell2: I do not like her act but she is so beautiful

angel & jesse o. foxx: A little Tetragene would be just right, about now.

Rush2: 🙂

Nothere: And Lee again breaks and enter. He’s so lucky Charlie is out of his jurisdiction.

angel & jesse o. foxx: sarabell: I agree. I have alerted all Fox’s wolfy friends to her beauty and her horrible act. They are scrutinizing.

angel & jesse o. foxx: “What do i want?” Any Asian girl! This ain’t 1997, baby!!

Nothere: Jazz hands before jazz hands were cool.

mda19083: she has more than jazz hands

Louise: What is this dance?

angel & jesse o. foxx: And jazz knees. Ooo koo ha choo!, as George Tirebiter would say.

sarabell2: The guys at the table just said the same thing

angel & jesse o. foxx: She’s having a HEAT WAVE!

mda19083: great minds think alike

angel & jesse o. foxx: Looks like Leon Ames.

mda19083: a tropical heat wave

Rush2: Angel, you are, as BB would say, GONE!

angel & jesse o. foxx: On-Cor Frozen Shrimp!!

Nothere: From one smoking scene to another.

Rush2: Top form tonight!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Rush, THANK YOU! I think it’s pent-up, from all my absences! I grow fonder!!

Rush2: (Cough…)

angel & jesse o. foxx: He didn’t want her front in New York either.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Uh-oh. THE BOYS.

Rush2: Yes, Angel!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Too perfect? PLUperfect!!

angel & jesse o. foxx: They should swap clothes.

Louise: In how many movies do we have Charlie being honored by police organizations?

sarabell2: Every one

Nothere: Paris?

Louise: sarabell: !!!

mda19083: shanghai

angel & jesse o. foxx: Nah, just PARISITES.

Nothere: No wasn’t he getting an award or something in Paris?

hounder: …

angel & jesse o. foxx: Billie’s yet-unreleased latest is being hot-boxed even as we sneak.

angel & jesse o. foxx: This is getting MIGHTY blue, for a B&W flick.

Nothere: And somebody shove that sticking out ball back into that mass of balls.

mda19083: round up the usual suspects

sarabell2: That drove me crazy too NT

mda19083: peeping tom/lee

Nothere: Don’t touch that phone. But it’s 1937 I won’t have my own for 70 years.

mda19083: body count 1

Nothere: Tincan

Rush2: A couple of “shiners” coming tonight…

Louise: They all talk too much

Rush2: They even worry my pet.

Nothere: Call Mike Hammer. He’ll have shot someone by now.

Nothere: Aha the picture proves it. The phone was framed.

Louise: LIGHTS!!!

Nothere: action!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Sorry, did i miss anything? Ship to shore problem. Lights went out on ship to shore.

mda19083: camera

angel & jesse o. foxx: The Gene Kelly of the police farce.

sarabell2: Lights out is also in every CC movie, Louise.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Just more powder.

Nothere: He was the pride of Keystone city.

mda19083: no secret passage in this film

angel & jesse o. foxx: Clear case of demented peacocks.

sarabell2: You have me there. No cat lurking either

Nothere: Aha Lee is the killer.

angel & jesse o. foxx: If Carlton Hotel married Paris Hilton, she’d be Paris Hilton Hotel, right?

Louise: another door blocked

Nothere: ::Tincan::

mda19083: body count 2

angel & jesse o. foxx: Push.

angel & jesse o. foxx: mda, thanks for the count! We need a designated tally man, or woman, so we can do the Banana Boat Song in CC revival when popular demand crescendoes.

Rush2: :$

mda19083: tally me banana

angel & jesse o. foxx: She looks like a young, plump, early 20th Century Shirley MacLaine.

Rush2: Another typo, but I’ll let it stand as a “monitory comment”!

Nothere: Daylight come and me wanna go home.

Dona: I agree angel

angel & jesse o. foxx: “No poison more deadly than ink”. Or toner.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Notty, you have a splendid voice. We must pair you with Durante.

Nothere: Join the police force. Creep around outside of hotel rooms.

Rush2: But toner can be much more expensive!

angel & jesse o. foxx: The big sleep.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Rush: you got THAT right!!

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mda19083: these chan chats remind me of the midnight screenings of the rocky horror picture show i attended in my youth

angel & jesse o. foxx: Obviously not Congress material. Wants to read something first.

Louise: That’s some diary

Nothere has joined this room

angel & jesse o. foxx: mda: those WERE the daze!! Dammit, Janet!!

Nothere: Angel I’m mordified.

mda19083: that diary is hotter than a three dollar pistol

sarabell2: I still have toast in my hair, MDA

angel & jesse o. foxx: “Unwieldy deductions”? You gotta see an accountant for that stuff.

mda19083: nice sb

Rush2: I need to go soon. Next week we have, sadly, the final Warner Oland film, “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo.”

angel & jesse o. foxx: Any Bob&Ray fans here? The House of Toast was an inspiration.

Nothere has left this room

Nothere has joined this room

angel & jesse o. foxx: Bob Marley said the same thing.

Nothere: Dosen’t tell me much. How often was the gun fired?

mda19083: isn’t harold huber in monte carlo

Rush2: Let’s see if Lee’s system at the roulette wheel works better this year!

Louise: as suspect!

Rush2: So, thank you, and good night! Have a great week!

angel & jesse o. foxx: Disappearance of exclamation points was the beginning of the press’s slide into whatever it slid into.

mda19083: goodnight rush

angel & jesse o. foxx: Rush, gnite! Turn out light and extinguish!!

Dona: Goodnight Rush!

Rush2: Will do!

Dona: See you next week.

Nothere: Yes he is. Paris, Monte Carlo, and Broadway. Poor man can’t keep a job.

Rush2: :$

Louise: Hot Fingers

mda19083: he gets around

angel & jesse o. foxx: Good evening, Mr. First Nighter!

Nothere: Yes, Paris Monte Carlo and Broadway. poor man can’t keep a job.

sarabell2: Goodnight Rush!

angel & jesse o. foxx: They misspelled DAIRY.

Rush2 has left this room

angel & jesse o. foxx: What AWFUL writing.

Dona: agreed

mda19083: walter winchell he is not

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. Remember when leaving a nightclub try to do it at night.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Dona, i should know. I’ve been doing awful writing for years.

mda19083: good night nt/nh

Dona: lol

Louise: bye nothere

sarabell2: Good nite NT

angel & jesse o. foxx: It’s toasted.

angel & jesse o. foxx: NT, farewell!

Nothere has left this room

Dona: Good night NT

mda19083: lawyer reminds me of bruno kirby

angel & jesse o. foxx: He’s a demented peacock.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Ditch-digger washes hands of hole affair.

sarabell2: Angel, I laugh at everything you write.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Tell the doorman E. Harvey Oswald sent you.

Dona: Me too Angel. I think you are a better writer than you will admit

angel & jesse o. foxx: sarabell, you are toot sweet!

angel & jesse o. foxx: WHADDAYA THINK OF AMERICAN GOILS?

angel & jesse o. foxx: I LOVE using the word “same” as CC does. It throws everybody totally off the track.

angel & jesse o. foxx: WASP-waist jacket!!

Louise: same

Louise: bigger fur now

angel & jesse o. foxx: I brought you violence for your fur!!

Louise: cooked steak on eye!

hounder: lol@angel. i’ve been hearing that song for weeks.

angel & jesse o. foxx: hounder…”Violets For Your Fur”??

angel & jesse o. foxx: It’s toasted.

angel & jesse o. foxx: TYSM

angel & jesse o. foxx: “All present….”

Louise: ooops

angel & jesse o. foxx: Pentagon very interested in triangle.

hounder: yes ‘m. Mom’s been listening to seriously sinatra on xm radio.

Louise: lots of photos that night

mda19083: another sinatra fan here hounder

angel & jesse o. foxx: Your mom has excellent taste. I got a set of Sinatra’s “V-Discs” for $1 each at a yard sale!

Dona: I like that station on xm hounder.

sarabell2: That was a deal Angel.

hounder: i used to like it. lol. we’ve been listening to it all day for weeks now.

angel & jesse o. foxx: He shoulda thrown that thing in the War Bonds bin.

Louise: More LA earthquakes even as we calmly watch this movie…

Dona: I’m not feeling anything Louise

angel & jesse o. foxx: I am not just a habitue, but AN habitue of thrift stores.

Dona: no lights are swaying

Dona: They must be small

hounder: thrift stores and yeard sales are gret places.

angel & jesse o. foxx: I must call my LA associates.

mda19083: you are murderer

Louise: 76 quakes so far near airport

angel & jesse o. foxx: hounder, i have assembled most of my vast estate from thrifties, & have advised my executor to thusly disburse it at, shall we say, the proper time.

angel & jesse o. foxx: The Case of the Unsanitary Napkin

hounder: good plan angel.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Uh-oh.

mda19083: nice one angel

Louise: Nice guy

mda19083: another admission of guilt

hounder: scream

angel & jesse o. foxx: hounder, thank you. Follow me for more estate & tax tips! I have served more Federal time than any other expert!!

Louise: he rolled his “R” on gratitude

sarabell2: Yes MDA CC is better than Perry Mason at getting confessionals

angel & jesse o. foxx: There’s not enough ice in this world for these demented peacocks.

hounder: lol@angel. and thank you for the laughs.

angel & jesse o. foxx: Looks like Peter Lorre!

sarabell2: He did

Louise: and done

angel & jesse o. foxx: YAYYYYYYYYY! A GREAT one!! And—hey—that WAS Leon Ames!!

Dona: Great fun tonight.

mda19083: another action packed adventure with cc

angel & jesse o. foxx: Gnite to all!!

Dona: thank you Matt.

DanVenture: Good show!

Louise: lots of fur tonight

hounder: g’nite. and thanks all. see you next week.

mda19083: thanks for hosting matt1

Louise: bye

Matt1: Sorry I got tied up tonight, but thnx everyone!

Dona: yes ise

Zoe: bye

sarabell2: Goodnight everybody. Glad I did not miss this tonight. Thanks Matt

DanVenture: Everyone have a great week. Stay healthy!

mda19083: same bat time same bat channel

Dona: See you all next week.

angel & jesse o. foxx has left this room

Dona: have a good week.

mda19083: be well all

mda19083 has left this room

Zoe has left this room

DanVenture has left this room

hounder has left this room

sarabell2 has left this room

Matt1: Take care and have a great week

Louise has left this room

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Matt1 has left this room

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