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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for April 8, 2019

Charlie Chan on Broadway

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 1)

angel & fox
Len Freeman

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angel & fox: Hello?16:30

Rush: Good evening!16:30

angel & fox: Hel-LO!16:30

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angel & fox: hEY mATT!16:30

Rush: Hello, Angel and Matt!16:30

Matt1: Hello Rush and A & F!16:30

Rush: How are you both tonight?16:30

Matt1: Doing well, thnx….yourself?16:30

angel & fox: MOST unusual pleasure to be among da foist! Doing fine! I hope y’all!16:30

Rush: Doing well, thank you!16:31

Rush: I was running a little late tonight as we had a staff meeting this afternoon.16:31

angel & fox: Rush, A GENERAL REMARK of appreciation: Whenever i go to our site, i’m reminded AGAIN what wealth of INTEREST there reposes, DETERMINE to give it Proper Time—MUST begin to do SAME!16:32

Rush: Well, you have a LOT to look through, Angel!16:32

Matt1: What date are you out to the Padre’s game, Rush?16:32

Rush: New things are added all the time, too!16:32

Rush: AH!16:33

Rush: next Monday night I will be at the Padres’ game.16:33

angel & fox: A : My HOUSEMATES always smile when they hear the FANFARE that comes with the Family Page appearing. I need to boot it up more often.16:33

Matt1: Ah, Ok….I should be here16:33

Rush: I will try to log-in from the ballpark.16:33

Rush: On my phone.16:33

Matt1: Enjoy the game!16:33

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Rush: I will, probably!16:34

Matt1: Hello Len!16:34

Len Freeman: Hi Matt16:34

Rush: Hello, Len!16:34

Rush: WELCOME!16:34

Len Freeman: Rush, Ange16:34

angel & fox: Rush, i wish CERTAIN PEOPLE would write some scripts for Charlie Chan At The ______ (insert sport name here) Game. Just a suggestion.16:34

Rush: Perfect night for you to be with us, Len, as we begin “The Green Hornet Strikes Again!”16:34

Rush: Angel: :)16:35

angel & fox: Hiya Len! Kato will be pulling up soon; we can ogle his new car.16:35

Len Freeman: I saw that…. 16:35

Len Freeman: I’m going to catch Kato et al and then have to leave16:35

Rush: I HAVE joined our Chats fromsome pretty diverse locations over the years, though!16:35

Rush: This will be just another…should all systems work!16:36

Len Freeman: I’m in Minneapolis,and the Final Four of March Madnes is here tonight at 8pm16:36

Rush: Ah, I see!16:36

angel & fox: Ah, so!16:36

Matt1: I’ll be away next month, so I’ll try it myself….via phone!16:36

Rush: And here we are in APRIL!16:36

Matt1: Room is lagging again16:36

Rush: “April Anxiety,” maybe?16:36

Len Freeman: Virginia vs. Texas Tech…. so I will discreetly put on my basketball shoes and sneak away after Green Hornet16:37

angel & fox: TONITE i got on here First Try. Ya nevah know.16:37

Rush: All RIGHT!16:37

Rush: One never knows, right!16:37

Len Freeman: WE16:37

Matt1: btw, I’m cued to YouTube!16:38

Rush: I have the Hornet ready to go…16:38

angel & fox: CC won’t hear you, Len, in your BB shoes; those dancing feet on the avenue he’s taking us to will send up a clatter.16:38

Len Freeman: We’ve been traveling… last two Mondays in Europe, and next one in Chicago16:38

Rush: You have been BUSY, Len!16:38

Len Freeman: The good news is that it was all for fun stuff16:38

Rush: I had forgotten that you were going to Europe…sorry!16:38

angel & fox: I’m WAITING to shout, a la Mike Axford, “’tis The HAH-net!!!”16:38

Matt1: Enjoy, Len!16:39

angel & fox: I should say “We”. Me & Fox.16:39

Len Freeman: Assume that’s your white fox fur Angel?16:39

Matt1: <slap>16:39

Rush: :)16:39

Rush: Well, everyone ready for the Green Hornet?16:40

Len Freeman: BRB — going to download Hornet.. give me a sec16:40

Matt1: Yep!16:40

Rush: Okay.16:40

Rush: As soon as Len returns…we start counting down!16:40

angel & fox: Speaking of The Hornet, anybody see the TRULY UNFORTUNATE news story about the guy who died recently after bee-stings when he attacked their hive? Not good.16:40

Matt1: Yikes!16:41

Rush: NO!16:41

Rush: Sounds really bad!16:41

angel & fox: *Black Beauty revving engine*16:41

Len Freeman: OK — I’m ready16:41

angel & fox: One can search the story. I believe it was in the Southwest.16:41

Rush: Cue “Flight of the Bumble Bee.”16:41

Rush: Okay!16:41

Rush: 30 seconds…16:41

Rush: 20…16:41

Rush: 10…16:42

Rush: 5…16:42

Rush: GO!!!16:42

angel & fox: Orchestra SITS in Orchestra Seats—rises—scrapes bows—GO!16:42

Matt1: <boing>16:42

Len Freeman: going16:42

Len Freeman: going16:42

Matt1: Keye Luke!16:42

Rush: Nice opening sequence!16:42

Rush: yes! Our Number One Son!16:42

Len Freeman: Some nice folks in the cast16:43

Rush: Pretty full credits.16:43

Len Freeman: ah… diamond head!16:43

Matt1: Aloha!16:43

Rush: Honolulu….16:43

Len Freeman: Wow… straight outta Charlie16:43

Rush: Waikiki!16:44

Rush: NICE!16:44

Rush: Mentioned the Clipper.16:44

Rush: Keye Luke!16:44

angel & fox: “SMARTphone” has TOTALLY FROZEN on me. Behind AT THE GATE, geez.16:44

Len Freeman: Warren Hull was one of the better serial stars.16:45

Matt1: Wowza!16:45

Rush: Yes!16:45

Rush: Nice crash scene!16:45

angel & fox: Phone FINALLY STARTED: WHat’s “time”?

Len Freeman: 3:5016:46

Rush: I think this man was in “Circus.”16:46

angel & fox: THANKS, Len!16:46

angel & fox: “Irish” music mercifully ended.16:46

Len Freeman: Eddie Acuff was in a number of westerns as the sidekick16:46

Rush: I love the title: “Flaming Havoc.”16:47

angel & fox: “Harper” looks like a David Bowie sketch.16:47

Rush: Lottery fraud.16:47

angel & fox: “Havoc” BEGS an adjective, doncha think?16:47

angel & fox: “Britt Reid must be destroyed before he leaves Ha-VY-ee”!16:48

angel & fox: Call the Mountain-Molehill Construction Company.16:48

Len Freeman: OOOO…. bad guy16:48

Rush: It that Wade Boteler who played Lieutenant Macy in “Circus”?16:49

angel & fox: YES! Bad!! To the soon-to-be-rationed BONES!16:49

Rush: The man in the bowler.16:49

Len Freeman: Kind of nifty that this starts out at the Royal Hawaiin16:49

angel & fox: 8/28/40: The Hornet coulda been helping in LONDON!16:50

Rush: Yes, Len!16:50

Rush: Those were some very nice shots of Waikiki and surfers at the start!16:50

angel & fox: Serendip-in-the-Royal-=Ha-VY-yun-pool-ipity.16:50

Rush: That looks like the rear projection used in “Rio”!16:51

angel & fox: Maybe Brit’ll wear a muumuu to the luau.16:51

Rush: Remember it!16:51

angel & fox: OW.16:51

angel & fox: Looks like Joe McCarthy.16:51

angel & fox: 50-GIRLS-50!!16:51

Rush: :)16:52

angel & fox: Is THIS a fake background or WHAT?!!16:52

Matt1: Now that’s backseat driving16:52

Len Freeman: This calls for a call by THE GREEN HORNET!!!!16:54

Rush: YES!16:54

Rush: Should have tied their feet, too!16:54

angel & fox: If i EVER have Big Money (NOT Dangerous Money!!), i mean to buy a BIG LONG “TOURING” CAR, and if i have to HIRE them, get a buncha STYLISH DRESSERS to, well, tour with me. Some can debark over the doors, just climb out.16:54

angel & fox: The KEYE to our HEARTS!16:55

Rush: Fight music!16:55

Matt1: A lot of jumping16:55

angel & fox: Wardrobes by Botany 499. Sets by Huts “R” Us.16:55

Rush: :)16:55

Rush: Missed the Clipper, but made the boat.16:56

angel & fox: Like The Authorities just sit around waiting for CABLES. I hope there’s a CABLE GUY…16:56

angel & fox: …who, after the Zeroes leave, will be replaced by CABLE GIRLS…16:56

Rush: Angel, you are on tonight, as usual!16:56

angel & fox: You are TOO kind. Expect a subpoena.16:57

Rush: Nice music aboard ship!16:57

Godwin2 has joined this room16:57

Rush: Hello, GS!16:57

Matt1: Hello GS!16:57

Rush: GFood evening to you!16:57

angel & fox: I’m TRYING to remember, the disaster pic with the ocean liner…brain freeze here…geez!16:57

Godwin2: Bad storm – power on & off – won’t try to stop by tonight16:57

angel & fox: …With Shelley Winters…16:57

Godwin2: Poseidon adventure16:58

Rush: Kato goes into his “pidgin” accent.16:58

angel & fox: I don’t think i’d wanna be seen with THIS Hornet anywhere.16:59

Rush: AH! The title!16:59

Godwin2: Catch you all next week – glad the power came on long enough to say hi16:59

angel & fox: Nice mask.16:59

Rush: I like his mask.16:59

Rush: Not bad.16:59

angel & fox: G2! Buzz off happy!!16:59

Len Freeman: This guy sings like a baby16:59

angel & fox: If only BELUSHI had lived. I’d ACTUALLY GO TO A THEATER to see HIM as The Hah-net.17:00

Rush: Fire in the hold!17:00

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Nothere has joined this room17:00

Matt1: Hello NT!17:00

Rush: BIG fire!17:01

Nothere: Ah Kato take the back streets. It’s the GReen Hornet.17:01

Rush: “Flaming Havoc”!17:01

Nothere: Hi guys17:01

angel & fox: Say the telegrapher’s drunk, is off a row on the keyboard, instead of sending an SOS sends a E9E or CPC or sumpin.17:01

Rush: Gas gun?17:01

Len Freeman: the gas gun17:02

Rush: “Havoc” mucic!17:02

angel & fox: This looks like FLAMING HAVOC to me!!17:02

Len Freeman: and overboard with him17:02

Rush: (music)17:02

Nothere: Course once Bruce played Kato. Kato turned into the real hero. Which was cheating. Kato was played by a real action hero, and the Hornet by an actor.17:02

Rush: This looks pretty high-budget!17:02

Rush: End of Part One!17:03

Rush: I am impressed!17:03

Len Freeman: It’s generally considered to be one of the better made serials17:03

Matt1: <kids-yeah>17:03

Rush: I can see why, Len!17:03

Rush: (Applause….)17:03

angel & fox: WOW! This was GA-RATE! I’m putting MY Buffalo aside NOW for Next Week’s!!17:03

Len Freeman: YEAHHHH17:03

Rush: Well!17:04

Len Freeman: I have to run get into my basketball cheering gear for the Final Four….17:04

Rush: Coming up…”Charlie Chan on Broadway.”17:04

Rush: Okay, Len!17:04

Rush: have a great time!17:04

angel & fox: Gotta run to the subway. See y’all on Broadway in minitz, with Nimitz.17:04

Len Freeman: Have a great nite with Broadway17:04

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Matt1: Take care, Len!17:04

Rush: I hope your chosen team wins!17:04

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:04

Len Freeman: Thanks… Nit17:04

danventure has joined this room17:05

Len Freeman: Nite17:05

Rush: I have no horse in the race.17:05

LibraryJim: Hi, all, have to cue up the flick.17:05

Rush: DV!17:05

Nothere: Night17:05

Rush: WELCOME!17:05

Nothere: Hey Dan17:05

Louise has joined this room17:05

Louise: Hi all.17:05

danventure: Can you believe it! I made it BEFORE the show started…17:05

Rush: LJ…welcome to YOU, too!17:05

Matt1: Hello Louise!17:05

angel & fox: DV! Bienvenido! We’re down in front!17:05

Matt1: Hello Dan!17:05

Rush: And…NT!17:05

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Louise: I actually just came back from Broadway. 17:05

Rush: WELCOME to ALL!17:05

Frosty has joined this room17:06

Rush: Louise!17:06

Rush: Frosty!17:06

angel & fox: Notty—Louise! Fox and i are chahhhhmed, i’m/we’re sure!17:06

Matt1: Hello Frosty!17:06

Rush: The gang’s nearly all here!17:06

angel & fox: And Frosty! A warm welcome!17:06

Frosty: Hi everyone17:06

Nothere: Why Mr. Angel you’ll make us blush. Perhaps a mint julep?17:06

Louise: I saw Beetlejuice a new Broadway show. Very weird.17:06

Rush: How are all our post-serial arrivals doing tonight?17:06

angel & fox: We DO always seem to fill the seats, nice nice.17:06

LibraryJim: OK, cued to title screen!17:07

Rush: Yes!17:07

Rush: Very good!17:07

Louise: Cued here17:07

Rush: I need to get my DVD ready…17:07

Matt1: Cued to Opening Title here!17:07

LibraryJim: Doing fine, Rush.17:07

angel & fox: The Hornet looks like a GREAT work. I may cheat & watch ahead.17:07

LibraryJim: Mondays are always hard at work, so it’s nice to relax with the Chan Clan.17:07

Rush: I might, too, Angel!17:07

Nothere: Annoyed I don’t remember is Green Horent returns the one with the guy t the table who keeps getting order from the Boss?17:07

Frosty: Cued17:07

LibraryJim: Angel, I may, too, since I don’t get to join in that early for the event17:08

Rush: Nearly there…17:08

angel & fox: General note: in a Used Books bin i got a reprint of E.D.B.’s The Black Camel, for a buck. Just started reading it. Curious to see how close it comes to the film, or rather, vice versa.17:08

Rush: Very good, Angel!17:09

LibraryJim: They say the neon light are bright, on Broadway.17:09

Matt1: Nice find!17:09

angel & fox: LJ: This first installment LOOKED like the Kinds Of Films we enjoy, i’ll promise you.17:09

Rush: I think you will appreciate the similarities as well as the several differences!17:09

angel & fox: On Broadway.17:09

Nothere: So on the serial front. It’s about half over, but Tcm is airing the last Flash Gordon serial.17:10

angel & fox: I hate to think what an updated lyric to that classic might include. Needles, for one, i’m sure.17:10

LibraryJim: Buster Crabb — played the Big Three in serials: Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and Tarzan17:10

Louise: Buster Crabbe: now there’s a manly man17:11

LibraryJim: and was also an Olympic medal winning swimmer17:11

Rush: Okay…I am cued and ready, too….!17:11

angel & fox: Flash Gordon is TERRIFIC! Some years ago i got a VHS box set of complete adventures, & everyone younger just sighed.17:11

Phil has joined this room17:11

Rush: Yes, Louise!17:11

Rush: Hello, PHIL!17:11

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:11

Phil: Aloha One and All!17:11

Rush: Good evening to YOU!17:11

Nothere: Aloha Phil17:12

Frosty: Hi Phil17:12

Phil: Good to see Louise, DA, Matt, NT, LJ, 17:12

Rush: I noticed that a few of us logged in “after hours” at the Chat Room.17:12

angel & fox: Hiys Phil! We were just discussing the Crabbe man! Crack a beverage & join in! We’ve got peanuts. Somewhere.17:12

Phil: Angel, Frosty and The G-Man17:12

Rush: It might look as if a chat has just happened, but, the text lasts for at least a week following our Monday nights!17:13

Phil: Yes, I’m downing the last half of a diet Coke.17:13

Rush: 2 minutes…17:13

Cdirus has joined this room17:13

Rush: MY how time flies!17:13

angel & fox: You’re not DRIVING after, are you, Phil?17:13

Louise: I saw that Rush, It confused me at first.17:13

Phil: CD – what up?17:13

angel & fox: Cd!!17:13


Rush: 90 seconds to go!17:13

Nothere: Hey CD17:13

Cdirus: Hi everyone!17:13

Frosty: Hi CD17:13

Rush: 75 seconds..17:13

Rush: CD!17:14

Rush: WELCOME!17:14

Rush: 60 seconds, everyone!17:14

Matt1: <tic-toc>17:14

Phil: No, not driving Angel. But I must say a drink always does me good when driving. Otherwise, I frighten myself.17:14

Rush: 50 seconds…17:14

Phil: JK17:14

Rush: 40 seconds…17:14

LibraryJim: Did you know Buster Crabb set a world record for the 400mm freestyle at age 63?17:14

Rush: 30 seconds…17:14

Rush: 25…17:14

Nothere: No Jim. Idid not know that.17:14

Rush: 20…17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

Rush: 10…17:15

Rush: 5…17:15

LibraryJim: 1971. not bad for an old man17:15

angel & fox: I’m tired just HEARING about “achievements”.17:15

Matt1: <GONG>17:15

Rush: GO!!!17:15

Phil: GONE BABY!17:15

Rush: Title…17:15

LibraryJim: gobg17:15

Rush: Music…17:15

LibraryJim: going17:15

Rush: A crazy cab ride along Broadway!17:15

LibraryJim: George M Cohan medley17:15

Rush: Credits….17:15

Rush: Yes, LJ!17:15

Matt1: They always are, Rush!17:15

angel & fox: Remember ME TOO, Harold Square!!17:15

Louise: Did you know I wanted to be Dale Arden (Flash’s girlfriend) when I was growing up?17:15

PaulM has joined this room17:16

Nothere: Lets face it. If your name isn’t Ming or Kane your not really gonna get in Buster’s way.17:16

Rush: Choppy seas!17:16

Frosty: Yankee Doodle Dandy17:16

Nothere: Hi Paul17:16

LibraryJim: sea sick pop17:16

Matt1: Poor Pop! lol17:16

Rush: Mr. Chan is not doing too well…17:16

angel & fox: Costumes by HERSCHEL. I wonder if he’s open at this hour?17:16

Louise: Charlie is green17:16

Rush: Lee mentiones the worst things possible!17:16

Cdirus: Hi Paul!17:16

Rush: (mentions)17:16

angel & fox: Has ANYONE ever counted “POP”s in CC canon?17:16

PaulM: good evening17:16

Louise: little moustache guy17:16

Rush: WELCOME, Paul!17:16

Rush: Just started!17:17

Phil: Hi Paul17:17

Matt1: Hello Paul!17:17

Frosty: Hi Paul17:17

LibraryJim: suspicious skulker17:17

Rush: (Some tnes from “Egypt” here…)17:17

Nothere: Well its an idea that pops up from time to time Angel.17:17

PaulM: yeah, i’m up to speed on the movie17:17

Rush: And…”Secret.”17:17

Phil: time is 2:3017:17

Phil: Time is 2:5017:17

angel & fox: World (MY/OUR world, anyway, Fox & me) cries out for Concordance listing CC metaphors, aphorisms.17:17

LibraryJim: oh, he’s subtle, no one will ever know the room was searched17:17

Rush: We have that here at this site, Angel..!17:18

Rush: Locked in the bathroom!17:18

Louise: Yes Rush, it is a wonderful list17:18

LibraryJim: Rush, I reference it once in a while17:18

Rush: :)17:18

angel & fox: RUSH, WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?! And i should KNOW THAT—! GOTTA study the website!!17:18

Rush: We have something akin to the Winchester House here, Angel!17:19

LibraryJim: He wants her to look at the hiding place17:19

angel & fox: Do you have to be IN a state to have a stateroom?17:19

Rush: Marc Lawrence.17:19

Rush: Famous “bad-guy.”17:19

angel & fox: Eyeful is all ours, say the visitors.17:19

Phil: Shut up Lee17:20

Rush: We see him in “CC at the Wax Museum” as well as “CC in Honolulu.”17:20

Rush: “Mother nature’s Seasick Remedy.”17:20

angel & fox: The Purser. Sounds like a, well, INTERESTINGLY-dressed opponent for Batman.17:20

Louise: Towels!17:21

angel & fox: CC has photo of progeny with whistler’s mother.17:21

Phil: Lesson in morals here.17:21

Rush: Light Fingers lee…17:21

danventure: Throwing in the towel…huh17:21

Rush: :)17:22

Frosty: His son is a thief. Lol17:22

angel & fox: SomeONE funny, anyway.17:22

Rush: A NUMBER of towels, DV!17:22

Phil: And we saw her in CC in Reno. I think.17:22

angel & fox: Frosty, you have VOICED what MANY thought, in disappointment & shame. But we’ll get over it.17:22

Louise: aspirin, before there was anything else for pain17:23

LibraryJim: As I recall, there was a bottle of asprin on her night-stand17:23

angel & fox: “Here you are” is anagram of “You are here”. Maybe clue.17:23

Rush: Louise Henry: Billie Bronson 17:23

Frosty: Lee looks sharp in his suit17:23

angel & fox: He hopes he’ll see more of her.17:23

Rush: A band to welcome Mr. Chan!17:24

Matt1: HH!17:24

Nothere: Don’t forget a break and enterer. And at circus a kidnapper. Good thing his dad is Honolulu’s top cop.17:24

Phil: Harold Huber, my favorite supporting actor.17:24

angel & fox: Nothing so nice as a car whose bumper arrives before you do.17:24

Rush: “Chinatown, My Chinatown.”17:24

Louise: Huber does a lot of different accents17:24

LibraryJim: Play something Oriental. sheesh17:24

Rush: Yes, louise!17:24

Rush: He was very versatile!17:24

Phil: Actually, he spoke several languages.17:24

Rush: I know French was one of them.17:24

angel & fox: Rush: You think this is a Tom Dewey “type”?17:25

Louise: Sue me17:25

Phil: RED FOX FUR17:25

angel & fox: THERE are the missing towels!!!17:25

LibraryJim: Lois Lane on the job.17:25

Rush: Thomas E. Dewey?17:25

Rush: LJ: :)17:25

Louise: Brooklyn English17:26

Rush: Yes!17:26

HonoluLou has joined this room17:26

Rush: Lwee interprets.17:26

HonoluLou: Aloha All17:26

Rush: LOU!17:26

LibraryJim: Aloha, Lou17:26

Rush: Good evening to YOU!17:26

HonoluLou: Hi Rush17:26

Frosty: Hi Loo17:26

Nothere: A horde of reporters and cops are greeting everyone getting off the boat. Uhm lets get off last.17:26

Phil: Aloha Lou!17:26

Rush: Hello, sir!17:26

Nothere: Hi Lou17:26

angel & fox: Rush, yeah. As a type. I’m recalling also the “boss” type from “The Glasss Key” (Wm.Bendix, Alan Ladd): also a bantam-type with mustache. That was Dewey in a nutshell, right?17:26

Rush: How are you tonight?17:26

Louise: Slang is not CC’s best skill17:26

Phil: Time is 11:5517:26

Rush: True, louise!17:26

angel & fox: HonoLu and Paul, greet-things!!17:27

HonoluLou: I’ve been following the chat. You can watch it without logging in…great!17:27

Phil: Time is 12:2017:27

HonoluLou: While I ate Dinner17:27

HonoluLou: Thanks Phil17:27

LibraryJim: I’m two seconds ahead17:27

Rush: As all of you hopefully read in the weekly bulletin I sent out last night, Lou has a new Chan blog for our enjoyment!17:27

HonoluLou: Awe Shucks :)17:28

angel & fox: BTW, are there ANY “golden period” Chan films that DON’T include a Plucky Girl Reporter in Cocky Hat?17:28

Frosty: Thanks Lou17:28

Rush: The links are available at out Bulletin Board as well as in oir Charlie chan Links page!17:28

angel & fox: Chi-na-town my chi-na-town!!17:28

Nothere: So Lou is revealed s a Spy. But for who. Quick Lou answer this question. Do you work for an evil foregin power?17:28

Rush: It looks GREAT, Lou!17:28

Louise: “I’m not hot nymore and you know it!”17:29

Rush: And, has anyone been able to check it out, yet…or come up with the origin of the site’s title?17:29

angel & fox: I’ve yet to see a Polish maharajah.17:29

HonoluLou: Rush, thank you so much for putting them on the site. No foreign power here, just the good ole USA like Charlie, Nothere.17:29

LibraryJim: a date with …. destiny!17:29

angel & fox: At the Hottentot Club! Cool! I mean, hot!!]17:29

Louise: asbestos17:29

LibraryJim: She looks kind of hot to me.17:29

Rush: I was so happy to see it, Lou!17:29

Phil: You just saw Lon Chaney17:29

HonoluLou: Rush, very good questions, too. Of course, I know the answers :)17:30

Rush: Yes, phil!17:30

angel & fox: Some kinda bestos, my housemate just said. What a roo-ay.17:30

Rush: You looked fast!17:30

Nothere: That’s because there isn’t one. There is one who was made a Raj after the saved the Majaraja on a tiger hunt. But alas both his territory and fortune are long gone.17:30

Rush: $100…that’s about $1,500 today.17:31

HonoluLou: Speed…we know about him, don’t we!17:31

Louise: Was that just a deal to not publish the photo?17:31

angel & fox: Speed is gonna get GRAPHIC, i fear.17:31

Rush: He is going to get SOMETHING…that I can tell you for certain!17:32

Frosty: The guy who starred i Thirteen Ghosts17:32

Rush: Yes, frosty?17:32

angel & fox: Miss Bronson probably paid a DIME A MONTH EXTRA for that Frenchy fone. Those RICH people make me—17:32

Frosty: Speed17:32

HonoluLou: I wanna go to the Hottentot Club, where is it? 17:32

Louise: Thirtenn Ghosts: so scary in 3D17:32

Nothere: Well in most of these movies he’s gonna get fired. Then rehired for a greater salary when he gets the story.17:32

Rush: Somewhere near Broadway, I figure, lou!17:33

angel & fox: Her MONEY worth $1500 today—her photo—unh.17:33

HonoluLou: Ah yes, Rush…of course!17:33

Rush: Just a guess!17:33

angel & fox: Lee’s pants HIGH ENOUGH? I don’t think i’ll wear ’em that high even AFTER i go to The Dogtrack!17:34

Rush: Deductions here by Pop.17:34

Louise: I love stealing that button17:34

Matt1: They make a great pair17:34

Rush: $20…about $300 today!17:34

Rush: Now…GONE….17:34

HonoluLou: Bye Bye, cash~17:34

angel & fox: CC also in barrel-high pants. New style starts here, maybe.17:34

Louise: New York is different!17:34

Rush: I like how CC took that!17:35

LibraryJim: easy come, easy go17:35

Rush: I would not be as charitable!17:35

Phil: A fur of unknown species.17:35

Louise: That jacket is icky17:35

LibraryJim: probably mink17:35

HonoluLou: Bet she couldn’t wear it in NY today!17:35

Rush: Maybe silver….17:36

angel & fox: Gams made for stares—i mean, stairs.17:36

Rush: Correct, Lou!17:36

Nothere: It’s alive. She’s sneaking the animal past customs by pretending it’s a fur.17:36

Rush: :)17:36

HonoluLou: Is there a head on that coat?17:36

LibraryJim: I didn’t see one17:36

Frosty: God one Nothere17:36

Rush: Didn’t see one, Lou…17:36

Frosty: Good17:36

Rush: “And STEP on it!”17:37

angel & fox: Frail planned to play Delilah to Lee/Samson’s LOCKS.17:37

HonoluLou: Sometimes they’d have the head hanging down, but didn’t see one either.17:37

Phil: A little matter of paying for the taxi.17:37

LibraryJim: how’s he going to pay for the cab? Oh, yeah, he has a dollar17:37

Frosty: Feet too17:37

Rush: “Flashlight” = Flashbulb.17:38

LibraryJim: creepiest place in town17:38

Rush: Candid Camera Nite….17:38

angel & fox: INIQUITY is having a Den meeting.17:38

Louise: Shooting up their skirts?17:38

angel & fox: LOOK at that SLEAZE slide!17:38

Rush: VERY candid, louise….17:38

angel & fox: HE’s been around; SHE’s been a square.17:38

Nothere: Your not gonna find a nightclub like this today. If there ever was one like this.17:38

Rush: Buzz Moran.17:39

angel & fox: Notty, if i HAD the bucks i’17:39

Rush: True, NT!17:39

Rush: Blue Washington: Doorman at Hottentot Club17:39

angel & fox: i’d be trying to open one JUST LIKE.17:39

Rush: :)17:39

HonoluLou: Is that the actor, Rush?17:39

Rush: I will try to make opening night, Angel!17:39

Rush: Yes, Lou.17:39

angel & fox: Rush, YOU and ALL will be COMPED.17:39

Rush: TYSM!17:40

angel & fox: I hope Lee finds a Right Girl.17:40

Phil: 25 minutes in and no deaths yet.17:40

Louise: These guys have big chins17:40

Rush: Yes, Phil!17:40

Matt1: <oil can>17:40

LibraryJim: The only reference on Google to the Hotentot club takes me to this movie17:40

HonoluLou: Ah OH!17:40

angel & fox: Phil, YOU have the STEELY MIND of the True Detective.17:40

Rush: LOTS of great slang to be heard in this one!17:40

Louise: She’s terrible17:41

Frosty: There’s a hot little number17:41

angel & fox: The Search function yields SO MANY truly ABSORBING treasures.17:41

HonoluLou: LJ, there seems to be somthing in Africa on Google, too. Will have to check later.17:41

Rush: Yes, Angel?17:41

Phil: Sure takes a lot of skill to dance like that.17:41

Rush: Lee prowls…17:41

Nothere: Today this is called cell phone night.17:41

Rush: Yes!17:41

LibraryJim: today you don’t have to worry about finding someone to develop those “risqué” pictures17:42

Nothere: Lee indulging his criminal tendencies once again. 17:42

angel & fox: Thinking of ’40s movies’ “clubs”, i ALWAYS have liked the “Neptune Club” from “This Gun For Hire”. The club has a real part in the story, so its implausible decor & such get a LOTTA running time. Great.17:42

Rush: Tashia Mori: Ling Tse 17:42

Nothere: Heck today you send your own risqué pictures. So whose up for sexting:)17:42

Phil: I tried the same thing once at college. Cops didn’t believe I was a detective.17:42

angel & fox: I don’t wonder that CC worried Lee might go either way—um, let me rephrase that—17:43

HonoluLou: I lived in Taiwan for 2 year. The Chinese would build scaffolds out of Bamboo. And they’d carry bricks on each end of a stick across their back…no hands.17:43

Phil: I think she’s having a seizure.17:43

Rush: Yes, Lou?17:43

Rush: Which city?17:43

Nothere: Probably had to do with the panties in you hand Phil. Should have gone for the goldfish.17:43

HonoluLou: Taipei17:43

angel & fox: The things they’d do for—well, the things they’d do.17:44

Rush: I know when they had the big earthquake some years ago, some of those buildings came down!17:44

angel & fox: Your office is legally Europe.17:44

HonoluLou: Love that sneak around the floor!17:44

Rush: I went through there in 1998.17:44

HonoluLou: WoW! I didn’t know that, Rush. I was there ’74-76 and while there General Chang Kei Shek (sic) died.17:45

Phil: I think I’m going to get a tuxedo.17:45

Rush: Also saw Kaoshiung.17:45

angel & fox: Fox here haaaates her mink.17:45

Rush: Yes, Lou?17:45

Rush: Interesting time!17:45

Cdirus: I think it17:46

angel & fox: I’m imagining Mae West in this role.17:46

Phil: Oh Oh.17:46

Rush: yes, Angel!17:46

Nothere: Well I can loan you my top hat Phil.17:46

Cdirus: is too long furred to be a mink, fox probably17:46

Louise: good joke17:46

Rush: wouldn’t THAT have been interesting!17:46

HonoluLou: Yes, Rush. They only had one American TV show on, once a week…Kojak! And they’d cut it off in the middle…haha.17:46

Rush: Chan at the dinner!17:46

Phil: I’m going to wear it every Monday while watching Chan movies.17:46

Nothere: Charlie at a fancy dinner. Notice how his wife never attends. Guess they don’t want to spring for an extra thirteen plates.17:47

Frosty: Why do people tell bad guys they’re going to spill the beans.17:47

Rush: “…and, though almost 24 hours have elapsed since Billie Bronson
and Thomas Mitchell were murdered, the police have discovered
nothing tangible enough to justify an arrest. All they have is a torn
diary page found by Charlie Chan, which they consider an excellent
clue, but in the opinion of this observer, it only indicates the work
of a perfect criminal, so clever and daring, that he has deliberately
planted it to obtain free publicity for a terrific blackmailing scheme.
This may be a subtle way of warning certain people in New York
that he has this dynamite diary and that he is ready to light the fuse.
I wonder if Johnny Burke is the only racketeer whose blood pressure
will remain high as long as the Bronson diary and its unknown possessor
are in circulation.”17:47

Rush: (Text of Chan’s speech)17:48

Nothere: Well then the only question is do you need a monocle, or is that going too over the top?17:48

LibraryJim: They have a dark room on the premises. That takes care of the problem of where to get it developed17:48

Rush: Plus something else…!17:48

Phil: Wow Rush, you type REALLY fast.17:48

Nothere: Tin can17:48

angel & fox: WOW!! I don’t see how ANYBODY can stop the Chan For Prez 1940 bandwagon!17:48

angel & fox: NT, you’17:49

Rush: Well…he was world-renouned!17:49

Louise: Chan for Prez indeed17:49

angel & fox: you’re RIGHT. I’d already donated my cans for the war effort.17:49

Rush: Hard to beat FDR, though!17:49

HonoluLou: Nice Vest!17:49

Phil: TYSM NT.17:49

Phil: Dang, I missed cuing the can.17:50

Rush: Did we get the can?17:50

Phil: NT got it Rush17:50

Rush: Very good!17:50

angel & fox: NOT to stray from territory carefully congenial, but i DO think CC would exercise a STRONG pull. At this point in history nobody knew Eisenhower’s affiliation…17:50

Nothere: Child abandoner, always hanging out with crooks, uses position of power to cover for kids. Oh I’m sure the media could find something to complain abiout his presidency run.17:50

Rush: more than 30 minutes before the first murder! Probably the Chan series record!17:51

angel & fox: PUT ON A WRAP, sister!17:51

LibraryJim: Get rid of Hoover and put him in charge of the FBI17:51

Louise: yelling yellin17:51

Phil: Johnny was in CC at Treasure Island17:51

Rush: Yes, Phil!17:51

angel & fox: NT, you’re—sadly—probly right.17:51

Nothere: Confess. I’m not going to stop pointing at things until someone confesses.17:51

LibraryJim: I was looking in ALL the keyholes. Yeah, that’s not creepy.17:52

angel & fox: I’m feeling a little corduroy myself.17:52

HonoluLou: Ah, the ole missing napkin!17:52

Louise: LIGHTS!17:53

Rush: Lights out!17:53

Phil: The Old Light Switch Trick.17:53

HonoluLou: Poor Lee!17:53

LibraryJim: worthy of the Three Stooges17:53

Rush: (“cuckoo…”)17:53

Rush: Yes, LJ!17:53

angel & fox: “One moment please”: THAT line i use ALMOST DAILY, occasionally TRYING to explain—but These Kids Just Don’t Get It.17:53

danventure: Indeed, LJ!17:54

Nothere: You’d think at some point the police would station people in front of all light switches in a room.17:54

Rush: You referred to the “Five fingers” comment, LJ?17:54

angel & fox: Powder….mmmm…17:54

HonoluLou: Hmmm, watercrest sandwiches, yum!17:54

Louise: photos are magical17:54

Rush: Or…the woozy cop?17:54

HonoluLou: Time to burn one!17:55

angel & fox: NICE grain-focus!!17:55

Rush: Running gag…asking for a cigarette.17:55

LibraryJim: This guy sure wants a cigarette17:55

Rush: ready the can…17:55

Phil: CUE THE CAN17:55

HonoluLou: I hate it, when you can’t get into your hotel because of a dead body!17:55

angel & fox: Tin can, huh?17:55

Rush: (Tincan…)17:55

Frosty: ?17:56

Phil: TYSM Rush17:56

angel & fox: He’s steamed NOW.17:56

LibraryJim: A New York City problem, Lou17:56

Rush: You are welcome…!17:56

Nothere: Do you call the bellhop or manager in these cases?17:56

HonoluLou: Haha, LJ, so true.17:56

LibraryJim: housekeeping17:56

Rush: :)17:56

Phil: We’re having total confusion of roles here tonight! 17:57

Rush: “Hit tack on cranium.”17:57

angel & fox: Not a SINGLE Show Tune yet, though!!17:57

Rush: Just for the dance scene earlier.17:57

Louise: stop shaking her fur17:57

angel & fox: Confusion ain’t confusion if it ain’t total. Good obs, Phil.17:57

Rush: yes, Angel!17:58

HonoluLou: PLEASE, you’ll damage the muychandise!17:58

Frosty: Lee changed plan by being there. Good for him17:58

angel & fox: HluluLu: 17:58

HonoluLou: More poison… Love it!17:58

Rush: Not a wise way to enter a room full of people!17:59

angel & fox: “No poison more deadly than ink”!!17:59

Phil: Keep your finger OFF THE TRIGGER17:59

Phil: You too Harold.17:59

angel & fox: So close you could hear the mice dance.17:59

Phil: I believe that guy (the editor) was in a Thin Man movie.17:59

LibraryJim: Gun in back pocket often prove to be pain in the a…..17:59

HonoluLou: Phil, I think you are right!18:00

Rush: I would not doubt that, phil.18:00

angel & fox: Which Thin Man, Phil? I’m a fan.18:00

Rush: we see our Chan actors pop up in so many films! I get a kick out of catching them on screen outside of the Chan pictures!18:00

HonoluLou: Rush, who is the actor (the editor)?18:01

angel & fox: I’ll sell him MY diary!18:01

LibraryJim: don’t call me ‘chief’.18:01

Rush: :)18:01

angel & fox: WHO’S BILLIE BRONSON? ask 8 million Yew Norkers.18:01

angel & fox: “Murdoch”!18:02

Rush: Probably so, Angel!18:02

HonoluLou: SWELL!18:02

angel & fox: They’ve got phones that jingle jangle jingle.18:02

Phil: “Another Thin Man”18:02

Phil: Sorry, Angel, took awhile to find.18:03

Rush: “Murder case like revolving door – when one side close, other side open.’18:03

angel & fox: How many different BATHROBES appear in The Canon?18:03

LibraryJim: J. Edward Bromberg = Murdock18:03

Rush: MANY, Angel!18:03

angel & fox: PREWAR PILLOWS look sumptuous.18:03

Rush: Yes, LJ.18:03

Phil: And comb your hair again Lee, before you go to bed.18:04

LibraryJim: Blacklisted by the House UnAmerican activities commission for taking the 5th instead of answering quesitons18:04

Nothere: Another Thin man? Just follow Jimmy Stweart.18:04

Louise: punch shoot18:04

angel & fox: J. “EDWARD”? COULDN’T have been a certain J. EDGAR, could it? Often nearby Hwood, at Santa Anita—? It’s POSSIBLE—18:04

Rush: Headlines!18:04

angel & fox: —and this OTHER J.E. DID like to wear, well, many outfits.18:05

Rush: I still recall newpaper sellers on the street.18:05

Frosty: Nothing tangible18:05

HonoluLou: “Speed never misses”18:06

angel & fox: I think THIS guy has REACHED his (Peter Principle) LEVEL OF INCOMPETENCE.18:06

angel & fox: I wanna shoot him MORE than anybody else does.18:06

Rush: So he says, lou!18:06

angel & fox: Light up a Lucky.18:07

HonoluLou: The ole Paraffin test! 18:07

Nothere: Sorry Angel can’t give you an alibi. I’m not here.18:07

Phil: Parafin test? After such a long amount of time?18:07

angel & fox: Let’s see if he’s got any paraffin.18:07

Rush: paraffin test – A chemical test that is used to indicate the presence of nitrates, which are found in gunpowder. 18:07

HonoluLou: The things you know, Rush!18:08

Phil: Not if he worked in a fertilizer plant.18:08

HonoluLou: Ah, that’s how you knew :)18:08

Nothere: Don’t ask Rush about blood splatter. Reall just don’t.18:08

Rush: Well, Lou, I cut-and-pasted from this site’s info!18:08

HonoluLou: Sly dog, you!18:09

Rush: Check out our Gloosary…18:09

angel & fox: WHAT makes the Hottentot so hot? —COURAGE.18:09

Rush: (Glossary)18:09

HonoluLou: Ah, the ole cover your gun hand with a napkin!18:09

LibraryJim: oooooohhhhh.18:09

HonoluLou: Rush, T.Y.S.M. I forgot about the Glossary!18:10

Rush: Again…great slang in this one…”Nifty.”18:10

angel & fox: When i’ve got a LOTTA $$$ i’m gonna hire people in swanky suits, with flash cameras, to “ambush” me thusly.18:10

Nothere: trotting. That’s what makes the Hottentot hot.18:10

angel & fox: Notty: 18:10

Rush: nifty – (Slang) First-rate; great.18:10

Louise: Popsaid that?18:11

Rush: And, no, she was not Su Toy in “Circus.”18:11

Rush: Uh-oh!18:11

angel & fox: Just beat it.18:11

Phil: Lee gets a wedgie.18:11

Nothere: No you just have a couple of people in the crowd ask others. Hey I hear Angel is around here you seen him? What you don’t know how he. A lot of people will kind of remember.18:11

Rush: “Throw him out!”18:11

Louise: He talks too fast18:11

Frosty: Full length fur18:12

Rush: Fast talker.18:12

Nothere has left this room18:12

angel & fox: Notty, you’ve cracked us (me & Fox) up. Think i’ll try Exiting. Pay folks in natty suits as per, while i/we slip out Other Exits.18:12

Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo.”18:12

Rush: Sadly, the final film appearance of Warner Oland.18:13


Rush: Nice “mouse.”18:13

angel & fox: Line outside suite: PEAS and QUEUES.18:14

Rush: :)18:14

Phil: Enough of that A&F18:14

HonoluLou: That is SAD, Rush.18:14

Rush: Yes…18:14

angel & fox: =] =] We can’t stop.18:14

angel & fox: SOMEBODY’s gonna smack that pert lenslady.18:15

Rush: Photo evidence….18:15

Phil: The only person he really needed is the murderer.18:15

angel & fox: Collusion?!!18:16

Rush: Yes…as old as the hills….18:16

LibraryJim: I caught that, too, A&F18:16

angel & fox: Square who’s been around points to triangle.18:16

Louise: big liar18:16

Rush: Looks like he’s contemplating turning off the lights!18:17

HonoluLou: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!18:18

angel & fox: CC hopes Billie Bronson voted EARLY, for HIM, as Absentee.18:18

Rush: :)18:18

Rush: And…:)18:18

Phil: Wait a minute…THAT’S RUPERT MURDOCK?!18:19

Rush: Officers “free to leave….”18:19

HonoluLou: Bad move!18:19

Rush: maybe his POP, Phil!18:19

LibraryJim: awright,awright, take it easy!18:19

HonoluLou: What the…!18:19

angel & fox: Kowtow. Definitely pre-war.18:20

Louise: Ooops, gave yourself away18:20

LibraryJim: ooops.18:20

Rush: AH…a set-p!18:20

Rush: (set-up)18:20

Frosty: Ahhh haaa18:20

HonoluLou: OK Speed, feet don’t fail you now!18:20

angel & fox: i SAID he talked too much!!18:20

Rush: Chan is the master of setting self-incrimination traps!18:20

Louise: ancient trap18:20

angel & fox: Hlulu, 18:20

Phil: Quick, where’s a light switch?18:21

angel & fox: phil!18:21

HonoluLou: Lee?18:21

angel & fox: Speed NOT TOO SWIFT.18:21

Louise: I confess and here is my gun so there18:21

Rush: He should keep his mouth shut and get ahold of Moran’s lawyer!18:21

LibraryJim: suspects talk so easily…18:21

angel & fox: 18:21

Louise: Thank you Lee18:22

danventure: Yes. What if he stayed mute?18:22

HonoluLou: Nobody messes with POP!18:22

Rush: Yes!18:22

Rush: Lee saves the day…again!18:22

LibraryJim: now lee has a mask so he can play Kato18:22

angel & fox: I hope they donate Speed’s SUIT to Goodwill before they burn him.18:22

Rush: :)18:22

Frosty: Poor Lee18:22

Matt1: Lee “Racoon” Chan18:22

angel & fox: Crazy Indians.18:22

Louise: Give my regards to Broadway18:22

Rush: Yes!18:22

Phil: One of the better plots, I’d say.18:22

angel & fox: Remember me, too, Harold Square!!!18:22

LibraryJim: and it’s not because of the neon lights….18:22

Rush: Closing credits….18:23

Matt1: <yee-haw>18:23

Rush: THE END…18:23

Frosty: Always a good one18:23

Phil: APPLAUSE!18:23

angel & fox: THIS was one that didn’t even “stand” alone on the CC rep. Great!!18:23

Rush: (Applause….)
Another great one….18:23

LibraryJim: very good118:23

Rush: Back into the box for another time…18:23

angel & fox: See everyone next week, will wear black for W.O.—18:23

danventure: indeed. Great CC18:23

angel & fox: gnite!18:23

HonoluLou: Special features on this video “The World of Charlie Chan” are you in it Rush?18:23

LibraryJim: :’-(18:23

HonoluLou: 18:23

Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo.”18:23

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you all have a great week!18:24

Phil: Good night all. See you next week in Monte Carlo.18:24

Rush: I believe so, Lou.18:24

Phil has left this room18:24

angel & fox: “The World of CC” i’m noting. PROMISING self to do MORE RESEARCH!18:24

LibraryJim: Night all!18:24

Louise: See you all soon18:24

Rush: I did have to miss one as we were out of the country when it was shot.18:24

LibraryJim has left this room18:24

Frosty: Good night18:24

Rush: Getting Rachel.18:24

PaulM has left this room18:24

HonoluLou: OK, I may take a peak. G’night all and “Thank you so much.” 18:24

danventure: CU next week.18:24

Rush: Have a great week, everyone!18:24

Rush: Thank you ALL!18:24

danventure has left this room18:25

Rush: Pleasant, Chan-filled dreams….18:25

Louise has left this room18:25

Matt1 has left this room18:25

Rush: Take care….18:25

Rush: Matt and company are in charge next week…18:25

HonoluLou has left this room18:25

Rush: And that includes all of you!18:25

angel & fox has left this room18:25

Frosty has left this room18:25

Rush: I will try to make a brief appearance….18:26

Rush: Good night, CD…18:26

Rush: Have a happy, safe week….18:26

Rush: Good night…18:26

Cdirus: Bye Rush18:26

Rush: Take care….18:26

Cdirus: See you in a couple of weeks18:26

Rush: Good night to you…18:27

Rush: Yes…till then!18:27

Rush: See you later…18:27

Cdirus has left this room18:27

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