Chat Archive 5/11/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 11, 2020

Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

Lost City of the Jungle (Chapter 6)

Len Freeman
me too
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: Well, here we are again!

Rush: Another Monday night!

Matt1: Hope you had a good week?

Rush: One week flows into another…!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: How about you?

Matt1: Days really mix together, no?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: That’s true!

Rush: Actually, as i type, we have workers busy working on our kitchen.

Matt1: We’re opening up things here in FL….slowly, but a good sign

Matt1: Ah, nice!

Rush: getting things ready for eventual sale.

Rush: NICE, Matt!

Rush: That’s the glory of life in a RED state.

Matt1: Yes, I can only imagine

Rush: You can bet that California will lag quite a bit behind!

Rush: Not business friendly.

Matt1: Friends in PA are VERY frustrated too

Rush: LOTS of frustration building up.

Rush: Accross the country.

Rush: We can’t just shut down every time a bad virus hits.

Matt1: I was in real estate for many years…..PA is the ONLY state where they can’t work still

Rush: I think that some want to wait until there are NO deaths at all before reopening!

Rush: NO businesses are open currently in PA?

Matt1: Sadly, I feel much is being politicized on both sides

Rush: MUCH!

Matt1: No real estate

Rush: Hopefully that won’t negatively affect us when we sell our CA home.

Matt1: Realtors are beyond upset

Rush: Yes.

Rush: In our neighborhood there is a home with a realtor’s sign reading…”Coming Soon”…

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Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush: Hopefully for their sake, “soon” means SOON.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, gentlemen!

Matt1: Yes!

Rush: Good evening, Mike and Rachel!

Rush: I need to close my window…REALLY noisy outside!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That is such a California problem, Rush… πŸ™‚

Rush: There!

Rush: Yes!

Matt1: Wait until you get to Iowa!

Rush: The workers are using power tools outside.

Rush: Waiting….

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oof. That does get noisy.

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Easy to forget that you’re still in the middle of your day. We’re winding down here on the East coast.

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Rush: Late afternoon here.

Matt1: Yes….and think about Steve in HI!

Rush: Hounder!

hounder: hi rush matt and m n r

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello hounder!

hounder: hope everyone’s well and had a good mother’s day.

Rush: Did anyone catch the Keye luke Mr. Wong movie on TCM last weekend?

Matt1: No!

hounder: no sorry. i don’t often get to choose the show. lol

Rush: Thank you, Hounder! Yes, Marie’s was pretty quiet…which is not bad!

Rush: We had a take-out “dinner out.”

hounder: we’ve all enjoyed a lot of quiet lately.

Rush: Indeed!

hounder: we did too. rush

Matt1: Too quiet

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: Missed it. Phantom of Chinatown?

Rush: In a weird way…a time may come when we look back on these strange, quiet, times with a little nostalgia!

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Phantom of Chinatown.”

Rush: Fun to see on a network!

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s a treat! We’re going mainstream, Rush!

Rush: Yes. Our Number One Son on TCM!

Matt1: Baby steps….Chan next?

Rush: Hope so.

Rush: One can never tell.

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Tonight’s film should be more of a “standard.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hola Angel!

Rush: One way to help that is to send them an occasional request.

Rush: ANGEL!


Matt1: Hello Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: * Rachel makes note *

hounder: hola angel

Rush: No fir, tonight?

Rush: On our “Entrance” page, there is a link to TCM and other networks for that end.

hounder: brb

Rush: Okay.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Fir? Is the Christmas? Perhaps someone stole Angel’s stole?

Rush: Well….

Angel: Hi all! Especially to the lovely senorita! If Lee Chan were here he’d be more demonstrative, but I’ll be thr fox for both of us.

Rush: We can get our serial ready to run…?

Matt1: Ready here!

Rush: Yes, Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 20th Century Fox, no doubt.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Really to roll in DC.

Angel: Are we still on the YouTube “Part 1”, & STARTING at (9:55)?

Rush: We begin at the 9:55 mark…ending at 25:56.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Mine says “Part 2” but at 9:55…

Rush: Yes.

Angel: Then,ready HERE!

Rush: Part two contains chapters 5-8.

Rush: Or segments thereof!

Rush: Oaky…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can hardly wait for the United Peace Foundation / Commencement Music

Rush: I mean….OKAY…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oaky…like some Chardonays. Oaky with notes of lemon and herbs…

Rush: 20…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike n Rachel in DC: *swirlls wine*

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

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Rush: GO!!!

Angel: We’ll be rather scant in remarks tonite, cuz again are on tablet & typing is not so easy.

Matt1: Hello GS!

Godwinshelley3: Howdy from Indiana

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey GS! Welcome to the Hoosier!

Angel: *GONGLET!*

Angel: Who’s here, Hoosier!

Godwinshelley3: Working on Power of Attorney stuff – it’s yucky and heartrending

Rush: Hello, GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sigh. We’re sorry, GS

Godwinshelley3: I recommend you don’t get old

Rush: Yes, GS…I went through that with my mom.

Mike n Rachel in DC: But GS, the alternative isn’t so great either

Angel: I LOVE men with monocle, especially when they’re stolen. The men or the monocle, doesn’t matter.

Rush: SO true!

Godwinshelley3: My husband has permission to shoot me when I get like that

Rush: it is so necessary to do what you are working on, GS!

Matt1: Hang in there GS

hounder: back

Angel: We never see Jawaharlal Nehru lately. I still have a jacket of his.

hounder: hold on gs. ugs

Rush: Actually, marie and I have that written into out living trust.

Godwinshelley3: Hard with Mom dealing with her health issues and dad’s dementia

Rush: Yes.

Angel: Welcome to the casino. Prepare to be shocked. Gambling, old chap.

Matt1: I can only imagine

Godwinshelley3: Sorry I didn’t say hi last week – it was crazy here

Rush: My mother was on the verge of dementia, and I got power of attorney just in time, actually.

hounder: hard stuff to go through gs, but better now when they can make a choice. and you never know when you’ll need the paperwork.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hopefully there’s some peace soon…for all of you

Godwinshelley3: Well – just popped in for a moment of sanity

Rush: Yes.

hounder: hugs again gs

Rush: ALWAYS happy to see you, GS!

Angel: Zzzzzzzzeeeeebraaaaa! Putting the UP in UPHOLSTERY. The lady puts in the HOLSTER.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear. Visiting the Chan clan for sanity.

Godwinshelley3: Maybe catch you in June

Rush: Praying for you and your parents.

Mike n Rachel in DC: But lost of good wishes GS!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *lots

Matt1: Take care and stay healthy

Godwinshelley3: Night all

Angel: See you soon, GS.

Rush: We are always with you in spirit, GS.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take it easy!

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Angel: The CIGAR WAS left-handed.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush, this is quite a remarkable group.

Rush: Agreed, Mike.

Angel: I need to make suspicious arrangements. Whom shall i call?

Rush: And it has been so for more than 20 years, now!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel…we need to get us a glowing goddess for sure

Rush: It must be due to our mrentor, Charlie Chan.

Rush: (mentor)

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s what I meant–a lot of “life” has happened here!

Rush: OH YES!

Rush: The good and the not so good moments of life.

Rush: All shared.

Rush: And shared as a “Charlie Chan FAMILY.”

Rush: Are we still at the casino in nthe serial?

Mike n Rachel in DC: True. I wonder what the actors in these films would think if they knew that 100 years later they brought people together like this…

Rush: AH! On the road…

Rush: I would wager that that thought NEVEER entered their minds, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s hard to think of “Lost City of the Jungle” as “art,” but…

Rush: But…perhaps they know…somehow!

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Matt1: I like to think so!

Matt1: Hello Len!

Len Freeman: HI friends

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, Len!

Rush: LEN!

Len Freeman: Just in briefly tonight.

Rush: Good evening to you!

Rush: We are in the serial.

Len Freeman: Booked for a live Old Time Radio presentation

Angel: Some body SHOULDA hid the Jeys to the Plane.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Somewhat disappointing episode…no United Peace Foundation scenes yet…

Rush: That one gentleman on the microphone earlier looked a lot like the bartender in “CC at Monte Carlo.”

Angel: *Keys*

Len Freeman: Are you anywhere near the END of this puppy?

Rush: Chapter 6 tonight.

Rush: Out of 13.

Mike n Rachel in DC: All this shooting and running around when we could watch people sitting around a table?

Matt1: Yikes!

Len Freeman: wow… OK

Rush: Meanwhile…at the tomb…

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Mike n Rachel in DC: No wonder someone tried to consolidate these episodes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Where’s my mummy?

Matt1: Hello Aemelton!

Rush: Aemelton…WELCOME!

aemelton: Could I get a time on the movie?

Matt1: With Daddy, Mike?

Rush: We are watching the serial now…nearing its end.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm.

aemelton: OK

Len Freeman: Hello Amelton

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mummy and Deady?


hounder: hi aemelton

Rush: Two minutes left in the serial chapter…

aemelton: hi

Rush: The movie starts in 15 1/2 minutes…

Len Freeman: I’ll be back next week. One of our Minneapolis theaters… with actors all out of work… has put up an new radio show on Zoom for tonight based on the old Mr & Mrs North series… and we bought a ticket….

Rush: Pleanty of time, AEM

Len Freeman: So will miss Treasure Island…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds like fun, Len. Enjoy!

Matt1: Enjoy Len!

Rush: No, Len!

hounder: co0o len. enjoy!

Len Freeman: Thanks… see you next Monday

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Matt1: Hello Louuuuuuuuuuu!

hounder: hi hlou

HonoluLou: Howdy folks!

Rush: LOU!


Mike n Rachel in DC: *cough*

HonoluLou: RUSH! TXS

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Lou!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Apparently the gas got Angel!

Len Freeman has left this room

HonoluLou: M&R, salutations.

Rush: Okay…the end of Chapter 6…

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: next week…Chapter 7…

Rush: (Applause…)

Mike n Rachel in DC: <applause>

Mike n Rachel in DC: The endings are a little abrupt.

Rush: Okay!

Rush: Again…WELCOME, lou!

HonoluLou: Thank you so much.

Rush: I hope that you and AEM are well tonight.

HonoluLou: AEM?

Rush: Tonight…

Rush: “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island.”

aemelton: As you may not remember I live in China

aemelton: but I’m in Arkansas now because of the virus

HonoluLou: Have we started the film?

Rush: Often regarded as the best entry in the entire Charlie Chan film series!

Rush: No.

Louise has joined this room

HonoluLou: WheW!

Louise: Greetings Chan Clan!

Rush: We start in 12 1/2 minutes…

Rush: AH!

Rush: Louise!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Louise: Hi to all

Rush: I hope that tonight finds you and yours well and happy!

HonoluLou: Aemelton, have you ever come across any of the Chinese Chan films?

hounder: hi louise

HonoluLou: Hi Louise.

aemelton: no

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, Louise!

aemelton: I’ve heard of them

HonoluLou: Oh, too bad. They were made in Hong Kong, mostly and are listed on Rush’s site.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well, tonight’s film is considered one of the best, AEM

Louise: aemelton: we need to search for the lost ones in China!

Rush: We have some sketchy information on those films here at this site: “Other Chan Films.”

aemelton: I might take on that project but I won’t live in China much longer…

Rush: One question I have is have you ever seen the Chan books by Earl Derr Biggers sold in China?

aemelton: No

aemelton: I’ve only been in book shops a couple of times there

Rush: I recall maybe 15 or so years ago, a gentleman from China sending me images of the Chan books that were published there.

Rush: 8 minutes to go…

Matt1: Hello Louise, sorry I missed you enter

Rush: What time is it where you are, AEM?

aemelton: 7:00 pm

Rush: 7 minutes to go…

Louise: No problemo, Matt, I am often invisible!

aemelton: normally it’s the next morning

Rush: Not bad, then, AEM!

me too has joined this room

me too: Hello everyone!

Rush: Me Too!

hounder: hi m2

Matt1: Hello Me2!

Rush: Happy to see you tonight!

HonoluLou: Aemelton: “The Fates are busy, but nan may do much to assist”! (The House Without a Key, 1925, Chapter 7)


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Rush: FM!


Matt1: Hello FM!

me too: Hello FM

HonoluLou: Welcome FM

Dona has joined this room

fredsmom: Good evening! One of my faves tonite!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: And…DONA!

Matt1: Cued!

Louise: Hi fm and all new entries. I am slow today greeting all.


HonoluLou: Aloha Donna

Dona: Good to see you all

fredsmom: Hope everyone is well!

hounder: hi fm

Louise: Well here in New Jersey

hounder: hi donna

fredsmom: So nice to be with everyone again!

Rush: Please pause you films at the OPENING TITLE…

Rush: Great to see YOU, too, FM!

fredsmom: πŸ™‚

hounder: ready here

Rush: FOUR minutes to go…

Rush: Getting there…

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: NT!

Nothere: Greetings all

Louise: Cued here

Rush: Good evening to you!

hounder: hi nt

Matt1: Hello NT!

Dona: Ready to go here Rush!

fredsmom: welcome to NT!

Louise: Nothere is not here


Rush: 3 minutes…

Dona: Hi NT

Phil has joined this room

fredsmom: ready…..

Nothere: But I might be over there

Rush: Yes…started and revving, NT!

Rush: PHIL!

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

fredsmom: Hi Phil!

Phil: Alloohhaa Chan friends. Good to see you all!

HonoluLou: Howdy

Rush: And…aloha to YOU, Phil!

Dona: Hi Phil


me too: Hi PHil

HonoluLou: Wow! What a ride~

Louise: Everyone is joining in tonight for some mystical moments

hounder: hi phil

Rush: YES!

Rush: 90 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need to have our fortunes forecast

Phil: For some reason I had CC in Honolulu loaded in the DVD player then I double checked the calendar. Good thing.

Rush: 75 seconds…

Cdirus has joined this room

Matt1: Hello CD!

Cdirus: Hi guys!

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: CD!

Dona: Hello CD

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Nothere: We’re a “spirited” group tonight πŸ™‚

Rush: 50 seconds…

Nothere: Hey Cd

Louise: Boo!

Rush: 40 seconds…

hounder: hi cd

Rush: 30 seconds…

HonoluLou: Hello CD

Rush: 25…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *polishes crystal ball*

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Cdirus: Hi Hounder, Dona, NT!

fredsmom: haha

Rush: 10…

Phil: It’s good to see M&R, HL, Dona, ME2, aemelton, soundguy Matt, hounder, fredsmom, NT Louise and last but not least…the GLICKSTER!

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Woo hoo!

Rush: Music and title….

HonoluLou: What a Cast!

Rush: Credits…

Louise: San Francisco theme

Rush: yes!

Rush: And then the OMINOUS tones….

Rush: A rough Clipper flight.

Rush: Poor Jimmy….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Amazingly stable in back…

HonoluLou: Musical Director, Samuel Kaylin. Rush, remember that or January 2021 

Nothere: Uh oh. I see a tall dark handsome stranger in your future Racheal. Mike I hope your nt the jealous type. And someone with the intial B is trying to reach out from beyond. Anyone know someone with the initial B?

hounder: odd to see the seats facing backwrds and the spacious walkways

Angel has joined this room

Rush: Okay, Lou.

Nothere: Hi Angel

Phil: One of these days I’m going to do a little writing on the Martin clippers that show up in these movies.

Rush: You have gotten my attention!

Rush: Yes, Phil!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel perks up*

hounder: that would be cool to read phil

Rush: An interesting subject.

Dona: HIAngel

Angel: They keep the tetragene in the back

Louise: The swellest Pop!

HonoluLou: More to come for that date. I’ll coordinate.

Matt1: wb Angel!

Rush: Chan reads “Romantic Moon.”

Nothere: Such patethic leg room. Glad airplanes have advanced so far 

Angel: LIBERTY Magazine gave Reading Times.

Rush: Looked like an actual book, but I have never come across it on the Internet.

HonoluLou: I grew up with Sidney Toler as Chan, first.

Mike n Rachel in DC: No problem social distancing on the Clipper.

Angel: Guy can’t even spell Pygmy.

Rush: True, NT!

aemelton: ha

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: The ole’ “Pygmy Arrow” routine~!

Rush: Yes.

Louise: Me too, HLou

aemelton: Radiogram!

Phil: How about suicide Jimmy?

hounder: poor jimmy feels so bad

HonoluLou: Cool Louise.

Angel: They called it The Clipper cuzza errant pedicuria that flew about the cabin while the plane flew toward Romance & Danger.

Cdirus: He looks like I feel

HonoluLou: Yes, I believe!

Rush: That was a nice father/son moment…


Angel: They hired EXCELLENT clouds for this ine!

aemelton: not much music so far

Phil: Scorpio is NOT in the Chinese zodiac

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

Angel: *one!*

Rush: CORRECT, Phil!

Rush: Jimmy is wrong.

Rush: That WAS the Tower of the Sun.

Cdirus: All that space and he still trips

Angel: Phil: Where do the Scorpi-ans go?

fredsmom: Is that actual footage of 39 worlds fair?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh dear.

HonoluLou: Phil, yes. All earthly critters except for one!

Rush: Yes, FM.

Louise: Yes, the real fair

hounder: some of us are talented enough to trip over air

Rush: Actual shots of Treasure Island then.

Phil: I don’t know Angel, where do the scorp-ians go?

Matt1<tin can>

Nothere: Jimmy wrong? Nonesence. Ridiculous. Abusurd. Totally possible.

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

HonoluLou: Wow! Charlie is really wearing some fine threads!

Angel: Lady in porkpie looks like the wacked-out poetess Marianne Moore.

Cdirus: hounder, at least I tend to trip over actual things


Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Angel: Pelican Stew!

Phil: OH, I missed cueing the can!

Phil: Thanks for catching it Matt.

Rush: That was the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Must have carried out the corpse first.

Phil: I can’t wait for the next murder so I can do my small part in this weekly drama.

HonoluLou: Rush, what’s the “Trivia” saying of this one?

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Only that which comes from heart.” One of my favorite Chan lines EVER

Rush: In the background we see the same bridge.

Rush: These background shots look authentic.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 2+2…

HonoluLou: No more “Stella by Starlight” πŸ™

Rush: Shot at Trewasure Island at the Clipper dock.

hounder: charlie hates to break bad news.

Louise: Just blurt it out Charlie

Phil: I just watched that movie last night Lou!

Rush: Well…she got the message.

Phil: May 10th 1937.

Rush: CC was trying to be gentle.

HonoluLou: Too good, how was it?

Rush: May 10, 1937?

HonoluLou: Pushy, Pushy~

Rush: Yes…

Phil: I watch it every May 10th. It’s a date referenced in the movie Rush. The movie is “The Uninvited.”

Rush: A prank…that CC sees through…

fredsmom: Good movie

hounder: sorry not to give you all my full attention tonight. mom’s feeling chatty

Angel: “Mrs.S-X”. They couldn’t even SPELL the woid then!

Nothere: The ghost movie at the lighthouse Phil?

Angel: Putting the HOSPITAL in HOSPITALITY.

Louise: I love the Uninvited. Very creepy.

Rush: “Chin fest”

Phil: Not the lighthouse. The old house on top of the cliff.

Phil: Indeed Louise.

Angel: Big Shot. Known as “BS”.

HonoluLou: Ah yes…Chin Fest

Rush: AE…I think that you have set the unbreakable record of coming to us from the most distant location!

Nothere: I just flew in from Gotham to get some color. I was so pale.

Angel: I invite the Uninvited.

aemelton: yay!

Dona: I thought Treasure Island was a military base?

Rush: Cesar Romero…

Phil: Where is AE?

aemelton: well now I’m in Arkansas but my job is in Shanghai

Louise: But the oddest think about The Uninvited is the relationship between the brother and sister

Angel: A person of pale! You should benefit from that SOMEHOW!

Rush: it was a military base…today I think it’s a mixture of commercial and residential spaces.

Rush: We were there a few years ago…looking for Chan locations.

Angel: VELCOME, AE! Is your first name a diphthong?

Phil: I just saw a tv piece about the recent building development of TI.

HonoluLou: Suicide induced by blackmail is murder. I need to remember that!

hounder: speaking of space. 5/27 canaveral is sending up a manned launch

aemelton: haha yes dipthong

Angel: Epstein didn’t induce himself.

Rush: YES, Hounder!

Rush: Great news!

Nothere: ARR. I would regale you of my adventures in Shanghai. But I was Not there.

HonoluLou: Wrong saying!

Rush: The USA is back in the space business!

Rush: Yes, lou.

hounder: unfortunately i won’t be here to see it. plan to be heading to nc then

Angel: You ARE Not There! Have you an attorney? Yet?

HonoluLou: HA! 

Rush: “Do not challenge supernatural unless armed with sword of truth.”

Rush: Missed the cash…

HonoluLou: Thank you so much, Rush

Rush: (Bowing)

Nothere: I don’t remember. I have nothing to say. Ak my lawyers. Pick whichever of those answr you like .

HonoluLou: Who’s the guy in the beard?

Angel: Bring sword, but bring also attorney.

fredsmom: pince nez glasses

Rush: Yes.

Phil: That cab driver was the “injured” guy that, along with his buddy, stole the car from Jimmy in CC in Reno

Nothere: Or at last a fake beard.

aemelton: music!

Louise: the beard is a disguise

Angel: CC has a face like a key.

Rush: Hm…something was “telegraphed”…?

Angel: “Native of Universe”. HOZ

HonoluLou: Louise, what…a disguise. Rats πŸ™‚

Rush: Aren’t we ALL?

Louise: I want to be a “native of the universe.”

Angel: Gotta put that on my resumΓ©.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Phil: I have some mushrooms that can help you accomplish that goal.

Phil: JK

Louise: GONG!


HonoluLou: OK Rush, what about that mask?

Rush: “The Eye of Allah Matta…”

Angel: Looks like guv of Virginia.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Dr. Zodiac says. You call that puny thing a beard?

Rush: The mask?

Angel: Zodiac IS well upholstered.

HonoluLou: Wasn’t it used in Was Museum?

Rush: The voice of Dr. Zodiac was Gerald Mohr.

Angel: Wax Museum was wack.

HonoluLou: The mask used in “WAX Museum”?

Louise: It’s the Haunted mansion at Disneyland

Rush: AH!

HonoluLou: I read it in your study…haha

Angel: GOTTA get these effects for my new house!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Familiar spirit. πŸ™‚

Rush: Then, it’s GOTTA be true, Lou!

HonoluLou: For sure, Rush πŸ™‚

Dona: It looks like she is wrapped in Saran

Rush: Interesting…a specter that does voice impressions…

Phil: Wow, we have a nice crowd tonight. 14

Nothere: Floating flutes aren’t really something you can find on Amazon Angel.

HonoluLou: It was the automaton!

Rush: YES!

Angel: My VERY thought, Dona!!

Rush: And two others departed.

Rush: 16 plus Rachel….17 total.

Phil: Recently departed. Dearly departed?

Dona: Nice!

Angel: Zodiac’s coathanger is still in his drapery.

hounder: big crowd tonight

Louise: Gettin’ crowded. Ouch: get off my foot.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keeping with the spiritual theme, Phil

Rush: Is that the pig sign next to the cancer sign?

HonoluLouβ†’fredsmom: A scientific demonstration…ah, hello!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gotta love the dog

hounder: shove over you’re in my 6 ft space. lol

Phil: lol Rush

Nothere: No those are really Zodiac’s actual shoulders. And is that my leg or Rush’s?

Rush: If request music, must be willing to pay for fiddler.

Angel: The FEE!

Rush: Nearly $400 today….

Dona: wow

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…can we maintain social distancing with a group this size?

Angel: Notty, we’re just glad to see you! That’s Fox.

aemelton: “on the leve”

fredsmomβ†’HonoluLou: πŸ™‚

Rush: Multiplt $20 by 18.

HonoluLou: Lots of Aphorism.

Rush: (multiply)

Phil: Man that reporter needs to lay off the caffeine

Angel: $360.

Rush: Yes, Lou!

Phil: He’s a little grouchy

Louise: Plain suicide or fancy murder

fredsmom: Quick autopsy

Phil: Not a lot of murders back then.

Angel: One could buy a Terraplane full of Tetragene for $360.

Nothere: 400 today? Oh no. You better have at least a three piece band for that price.

HonoluLou: Wo, who’s this guy!

Angel: Mai Tai!

Phil: Jimmy Stupid Chan

aemelton: aww gee POP haha

Angel: DUCK!

Rush: “Hey…thuis is Mai Tai…”

Nothere: GOOSE!

hounder: little mouse lucky clothes do not fit elephant

HonoluLou: I always wear a tux to small parties…who doesn’t!

Rush: Yes, Hounder!

Nothere: Does this count as a tux, or is it just a nice suit?

Rush: Well, Lou…in the day….

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie = tuxedo

Phil: Well as I pointed out last week, back then, men wore tuxes at all hours of the day and apparently for all occasions.

HonoluLou: Nothere: I’d say a tux πŸ™‚

Rush: “Better to be over-dressed than to be tossed out…”

Angel: Tuxedo = Charlie!

fredsmom: true Phil!

Rush: Elmer…

Angel: This place rocks.

Phil: In fact, I was thinking of wearing a tux next week.

Nothere: But keep your monocle to yourself.

Rush: Nice music, too…

Angel: Expose him as a genius, then.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Eve Cairo

Phil: You know, just to fit in. kinda.

Rush: Eve Cairo….

aemelton: yes nice music

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hawaiian blues?

Phil: Man, she’s got the frizzies

Rush: WOW!

Angel: Bogie woulda been GREAT in the Waiter role.

Phil: So does the guy with the big knife.

Louise: Fur cape

Rush: And he didn’t spill a drink!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Could that be a fox fur cape?

hounder: bogey was great in many roles

Angel: Fox fur? We hope not!!

Rush: Indeed, Angel!

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Believe it or not, there was once a club in downtown Cleveland Ohio called the Koniki, that was similar to this. It has tiki torches and it rained along the wall inside a glassed room with parrots, tropical bird, and thunder and lightening! So cool!

HonoluLou: Kontiki (sorry)

Rush: Doesn’t everyone who is upset toss a knife into a tabletop?

Nothere: Ah it’s all in the fabric. According to google The difference between a tux and a nice suit is satin.

aemelton: I do

Rush: πŸ™‚

Angel: Honolulu, you said CLEVELAND?

Louise: Cats at play!

Nothere: Parrots and a tropical bird? Sounds noisy.

HonoluLou: Nothere: You nailed it.

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Venom

Phil: It would have been kind of funny if that knife would have bounced into her thigh.

HonoluLou: Angel, yep, the Heart of Rock n Roll!

Rush: Jealosy brings out the worst in people!

Angel: TOO conceited IS bad form.

Rush: Party crasher.

Rush: Al Kikume.

Angel: The Heart of R&R, with (tiki) torch nearby. SWEEEEET!

Rush: His tape woirm.

aemelton: ha

Angel: I only accept the fake invitations.

Rush: He made a study of it….

HonoluLou: Yes Angel! It was the hayday in C-town!

Rush: Yes, Angel….

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Even in my sleep.” Could you elaborate on that please? WTF

Angel: He’s not analog, he’s totally prestadigital!

HonoluLou: Yea Eve!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *whistles*

Rush: That was pretty nice. Try slowing that down frame by frame sometime!

HonoluLou: Shhhhhh!

Angel: Can she get Cleveland?

Louise: You are all too noisy

Rush: Eve Cairo….

aemelton: this feels a little like a Hope & Crosby Road picture

Angel: Tiki tok.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’d be awesome to have around during the NFL season

Rush: One of two possibly actual psychics in the Chan series?

Matt1: lol

Rush: “Actual” I should say.

Phil: She be HYPnotized

HonoluLou: Wow! She’s for real!

Rush: “Bopsy Loves Toots.”

Phil: I hope she can’t read my mind.

Louise: I agree Phil

Mike n Rachel in DC: That could be embarrassing on a date…

HonoluLou: Phil, too good~

Rush: Phil: πŸ™‚

Angel: Over here! “Will Willkie run in ’44?”?

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Dr. Zodiak…crap!

Rush: “Great happiness follows great pain.”

Angel: M&R:The Underwear of the Mind must always be kept freshly laundered, lest—-

HonoluLou: Look out Charlie!

Angel: Give that woman a Mai Tai.

Rush: Angel….you are ON tonight!

Rush: Poor Eve.

Matt1: I’d ask for the check

Phil: TWANG!

Angel: Hello Kitty.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *meow*

Rush: Bad luck!

fredsmom: Close call

Nothere: Well if who ever threw that knife doesn’t go to jail., they can get a job in the circus.

Angel: Bass Brand has brass band.

Rush: Do not need brass band to commit simple burglary.

HonoluLou: Ahhh…a hand!

Rush: Wise words…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spooky.

Nothere: And knock off that fog. What do you think you are a Monogram?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Angel: How about complex burglary? I have a trombone.

HonoluLou: Maybe they’re at Monogram Studios!

fredsmom: haha

Rush: Perhaps a tuba, Angel?

Phil: I wonder if Jimmy ever got tired of playing the buffoon?

Louise: spooky

Dona: Spook Room

Rush: Speaking of hands…

Angel: Fredsmom took the Ha’s right out of Fox’s mouth.

Rush: The Saran Wrap…

Rush: CC mentions Charlie McCarthy.

Louise: Fun to see the tricks

Rush: Yes!

Angel: Jimmy Lunceford had a good orchestra. Anybody else like The Dipsy Doodle?

Rush: “The Turk” enters…

HonoluLou: Ah Oh!

Rush: Some music there from “Circus.”

Phil: It’s NOT a revolver. It’s a pistol

Angel: That Circus music is krusty.

Rush: “Finger of Death”

Nothere: Considering your all breaking and entering. Your all under arrest.

aemelton: there’s a difference between a revolver and a pistol?

HonoluLou: Dead men, don’t tell

hounder: it got dark quick

Rush: Lights out!

Rush: I liked the floating banjo.

Angel: Try vanishing into THICK air.

HonoluLou: Why it’s Charlie!

aemelton: haha

Rush: Note Rhadini’s expression there.

Angel: This guy is either the brains of the operation or an operation of the brain.

Rush: Chan has had experience with two persons in one.

Mike n Rachel in DC: “Massive body an illusion.” What? You mean I don’t have to do all of these damn workouts?

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: Cesar Romero, was gracious in allowing the B-level actors to take their bows and lines.

Rush: Nope! Just get the right shoulder pads!

Nothere: According to google the difference Aem is the revolving cylinder. oddly if there is a revolving cylinder it’s a revolver.

Phil: Yes. Q revolver has a cylinder that holds the cartridges and which rotates in order to bring a live cartridge in line with the barrel. The term pistol is more commonly applied to a semi-automatic firearm. I suppose you could also call a revolver a pistol.

Angel: Jimmy has a room at The Watergate too.

Nothere: Right round up every stilt walker in town.

fredsmom: Befriend donkey expect to get kicked

Phil: But you couldn’t legitimately call a semi-auto a revolver.

Angel: REVOLVER was my first Beatles album.


HonoluLou: They re all “Gats” πŸ™‚

aemelton: my fav Bealtes album

HonoluLou: The combo! TXS Rush

Rush: AE: πŸ™‚

Nothere: Rods, heaters,

Angel: Unorganized blackmail diminishes net profits. Go with org’d bmail every time.

HonoluLou: “I’m packin’ an Iron”

Rush: Yes, Lou and Angel…

HonoluLou: Ah Oh, the fire starter!

Nothere: I have artillery.

Rush: Yes.

Angel: Those are Orson Welles’ files for 1939. Sept-Dec., anyway.

Angel: Let us find spider.

Phil: I don’t think the fire is going to spread very well.

HonoluLou: What a good man he was, Charlie…destoying web of spider!

Louise: Charlie and evidence: a fraughht relationship

Rush: Yes.

Dona: wont the fire go out if he closes that door. air and all that

Phil: I think it would Dona

Angel: I’m TOTALLY fraught

Rush: Also, closing the vault door could smother the flames.

HonoluLou: Yea, Dona is right. But it ain’t in the script!

Nothere: Well he is way out of his jurisdiction. And I don’t recal the locals giving him permission to operate. He’s gone rouge.

Rush: Unless CC was only seeking to destroy that one pile of files.

Dona: true Lou

Rush: Yes, Dona!

Louise: I could not sleep in pjs that tight around the neck

Angel: What a LIAR.

Dona: Agreed louise

fredsmom: Isnt that Mr Mandelay?

HonoluLou: Louise, same.

Dona: the voice

Nothere: Well folks this is where I leave you. That thing your looking for is in th couch cushions. And be well until I m Not here again.

me too: Gotta go. See y’all next time! 

Rush: Yes, FM!

Angel: They oughta quit sending their suicides down there.

me too has left this room

Phil: AE I guess you never get to join us when you’re in Shanghai?

HonoluLou: Tootles, Nothere!

Angel: Gnite MT!

Phil: Bye Me2

aemelton: I can join sometimes

aemelton: it’s Tuesday morning in Shanghai

Nothere has left this room

Rush: “Crime never solved by books.”

Louise: the ole phone book trick

Angel: And HERE we were talking Phone Books not too long ago!

Rush: AE, next year when we share “Charlie Chan in Shanghai,” you HAVE to be with us!

aemelton: well….OK

Angel: Pseudologiaphantastica? That’s supercalifragilisticexpialiwhatever!

Rush: pseudologia fantastica – An elaborate and often fantastic account of exploits that is false but that the teller believes to be true.

Dona: What is next week Rush?


Rush: “Charlie Chanin City in darkness”

HonoluLou: Aemelton, Nǐ shuō zhōngwΓ©n? OK, I cheated. Do you speak simple Chinese?

aemelton: dui

aemelton: wo shuo zhongwen yi dian

Angel: Watch our language!

Phil: It’s all Greek to me.

Angel: Norwegians would.

Rush: Got it, Angel!

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: A little is good. I lived in Taiwan two years. Never did pick it up, unfortunately.

Angel: This town had NO other activities, evenings!

Rush: I always think that it would have been fun to be an audience extra here in these scenes!

HonoluLou: But I can use a pair of chopsticks like the best of em πŸ™‚

Angel: “Don’t even think it.”

fredsmom: love the art deco look

Louise: The question is what do you do with those chopsticks, Lou

Rush: Yes, FM!

HonoluLou: Louise, I can pluck the eyebrows of the person sitting across from me πŸ™‚

Angel: This guy’s eating Z’s lunch. With eggroll!

Mike n Rachel in DC: HonoluLou: Can you do haircuts? Mike is looking seriously shaggy…

Rush: Lou: πŸ™‚

Rush: That makes you a precission expert in the art!

Angel: You BET they applaud !!

HonoluLou: Ha ha, man who can catch fly with ole chopstick, can do anything!


Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: DR. Z!

Rush: No applause for Zodiac…

HonoluLou: Yea, he invited you there Doc, cause he like ya!


Dona: lol

HonoluLou: Those Holy men of Tibet knew how to party!

Dona: are you wearing your mask Angel while you watch the movie?

Angel: That’s cuz they’re holey men. And they LOVE to bet.

hounder: back.

HonoluLou: Dona…hahaha!


HonoluLou: I believe it’s Ahrggg!


Mike n Rachel in DC: Zodiac: Down for the count

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: Yes…Matt….

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Louise: SIT DOWN!!!

HonoluLou: The old whistle. Why don’t we have them anymore?

Angel: Dona, only Mr.DeMille knows for sure.

Dona: lol

Rush: πŸ™‚

Angel: Who put out the lice?

Angel: Love his steaks.

Rush: πŸ™‚

HonoluLou: I’m hungry now.

HonoluLou: ha ha ha ha!

Rush: Yes, Lou.

hounder: i’ll share my brownies

Angel: COURTESY and crime!!

HonoluLou: Please. Let Charlie lead the way.

Angel: They’re quarantined.

aemelton: Please.

Rush: Later, when we see Rhadini’s office, look closely and you will see a photo of John Carradine!

HonoluLou: Angel..hahah

aemelton: ha Angel

Mike n Rachel in DC: He sure knows how to talk to a crowd

Rush: It was said he was to have been in this film, and, in a way…he actually was!

Angel: Give that lady a MaiTai.

HonoluLou: I vote Rush to take place of victim!

Rush: If you insist…

HonoluLou: Don’t be afraid πŸ™‚

Phil: Who are you referring to Rush?

Mike n Rachel in DC: #2 son…yikes

Rush: Lou.

Angel: Boxers were big that year.

HonoluLou: Yeeeeha!

Rush: Rip….!

hounder: that’s quite a tear.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Minor costume malfunction

Angel: Give that lady SIX MaiTai’s!

hounder: when were tightie whiets invented?

Louise: KEEP CALM like me!

HonoluLou: πŸ™‚ Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is that how Janet Jackson got the idea for her show?

Rush: Yes, Louise!

aemelton: icy view


fredsmom: ha!

Rush: AE, that was a good description.

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

Angel: Give the MaiTai company THAT LADY!

Rush: Billy Goat Hill – A location at the top of Beacon Street in the southern portion of the city of San Francisco, California. Today, the location of Billy Goat Hill Park.

Rush: See the picture?

Rush: On the left.

Mike n Rachel in DC: There he is!

Rush: yes.

Angel: Yes, Rush! Excellent likeness!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do we know who the women are?

Phil: Who is it Rush?

Angel: Earl Warren as The Doctor.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Or the Judge

Rush: I think that the one on the bottom is Joyce Compton.

Rush: She was ALSO supoposedly slated to be in our film.

Angel: EASIER to probe minds in crowded theater than one lady.

Rush: NEVER hold a rabbit that way!

Cdirus: I hope Jimmy didn’t leave the needle in that thread hanging on his pants

Louise: The accidental magician

Rush: He DID entertain the audience, though!

Angel: Oh, for the wings & giblets of a dove!

Angel: Tiki Tok.

Rush: Chan at work…

Rush: We will see some nice lighting.

HonoluLou: You are getting sleepy!

Phil: Must..resist…

Rush: She goes under fast.

Cdirus: Resistance is futile

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spilling the beans…

HonoluLou: She has good diction while under!

Phil: CD when did you show up?

Rush: Early on.

Angel: And Wendell Willkie.

Cdirus: Right before the movie started

Louise: Crowded in her brain

Phil: Gees, I didn’t even see you.

Rush: The killer’s eyes….

Angel: She’s like an analog Alexa.

Cdirus: Not the first time I’ve not been noticed in a crowd

Louise: YES! Angel

Rush: Yes, Angel!

HonoluLou: Mr. Chan, STOP…PLEASE!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dr. Zodiac!

Angel: Thanks, friends! I try to be right twice a day.

Louise: She should have her own detective agency

Mike n Rachel in DC: As long as she can channel Charlie Chan she’ll do great

Rush: Yes…as long as she can use that hypnotic device!

Angel: Get that lady a gallon jug of MaiTai”

HonoluLou: Ahhhhh!

hounder: scream!!

Louise: WHAT!!!!

Angel: Observe.

Rush: And…later…The JOKER!

Angel: Ouch!!

HonoluLou: Ouch!

Louise: Pop

Angel: Don’t try this at home!!

Rush: NO!

Angel: YAY!!!

Louise: ooops

Rush: OOPS!

Angel: Oooooooops!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice ending.

HonoluLou: Sayonara!

Rush: Applause…as curtain drops….

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

hounder: hurray!!

fredsmom: clapclapclapclapclap

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Angel: Alley Oop!

Dona: YAY!!!!!!

Rush: Closing credits….

Mike n Rachel in DC: One of the best

Louise: Definiotely one of the best

hounder: thanks guys. see you next week

Angel: See ya real soon!

Rush: Exit music….

HonoluLou: A favorite!

Dona: Another good Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: great to see you hounder…take care

Rush: Join me in the foyer…

Dona: Thank you!

Cdirus: Loved it!

aemelton: thanks all

Rush: Well!

hounder: mean tme, stay well

fredsmom: one of my favorites

Rush: How about THAT one?

HonoluLou: Aloha Ae (till we meet again). Out here, Lou

Rush: Not bad, agreed?

Angel: OSCAR(TM) c

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks for joining AEM

Dona: It was great having so many of us here tonight

HonoluLou: Aloha Oe.

Rush: Next week….

Matt1: Toler gem

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes it was, Dona…

Rush: “Charlie Chan in City in darkness.”

HonoluLou has left this room

Dona: Yes AEM come back.

Cdirus: See you guys next week and don’t forget 6 feet distance!


Louise: Nice crowd tonight

Rush: Paris during the threat of WAR!

fredsmom: enjoyed the evening! Have a good week and stay well!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Take care all…wash your hands!

Phil: Good seeing you all. Aloha. Wash those hands!

Angel: Nice

Louise: Nite all

Mike n Rachel in DC: See you in Paris!

Phil has left this room

Matt1: Good night folks, until next week…..Stay healthy!

Angel: Nice, socially distant

Cdirus has left this room

Rush: Thank you ALL….for a GREAT evening together!

Matt1: Oui-Oui!

hounder has left this room

Rush: Take care….

Rush: Be safe.

aemelton has left this room

Rush: AE….GREAT to have you here tonight!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Louise has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

fredsmom has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: I should have asked him about lotto numbers as he is here from tomorrow!

Angel has left this room

Rush: Good night, Angel!

Rush has left this room

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