Chat Archive 5/3/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 3, 2021

Charlie Chan in Reno

The Landini Murder Case: A New Clue

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo
Mike in DC
Phil & Mrs Phil

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Rush: Hi Matt!

Rush: Made it on time!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: TYSM for being ready just in case!

Rush: How are you this evening?

Matt1: No problem.

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx…..We’re pretty much settled at our new place, so..

Rush: AH…that sounds great!

Matt1: Almost all pictures are hung too!

Rush: Moving right along!

Rush: Good!

Matt1: Yes and the sunsets at our new place are amazing…..Loving the move thus far

Rush: Sounds WONDERFUL!

Matt1: Everything on track with your move? Tenting done?

Rush: Things progress…tenting coming pretty soon.

Rush: We are supposed to close on the 17th.

Matt1: Neighbors getting nervous with tenting?

Rush: Not that I have heard.

Matt1: 17th will be here REAL soon!

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Matt1: Hello Mike!

Rush: Shouldn’t be too big a deal for them…much moreso for US!

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Mike in DC: Hello gentlemen!

mda19083: greetings all

Rush: Hello, Mike!

Matt1: Hello MDA!

Mike in DC: hello MDA!

Rush: And…MDA!

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

hounder: hi matt rush and mda

Rush: WELCOME x2!

Rush: And…Hounder makes it x#!

Mike in DC: hey hounder

Rush: 3.

mda19083: hello hounder and all the regular chatters

hounder: hi mike


Rush: And Happy Monday!

Rush: How’s your moghter this evening, Hounder?

Rush: mother.

Rush: Sorry…TYPOS already!!!

hounder: mom’s still up so i may disappear

Rush: Okay.

Rush: Undertand.

Rush: I hope everyone’s week was good.

hounder: she had a great day thurs. we went out for lunch and walked around a local state park. she’s slept most days since. and a couple bouts with paranoia

Mike in DC: Very good here Rush

mda19083: we had a warm stretch in Philadelphia toward the end of last week

Rush: So, a good measure of good, with a pinch of not-so-good.

hounder: how goes the packing matt rush?

mda19083: I need to break out my summer wear

hounder: somone flipped the heat switch in fl. it got hot

Matt1: I’m moved, but thnx for asking.

Rush: We have held off a little on packing. the movers we hired want to pack as much as they can for efficiency’s sake!

Matt1: AND humid, Hounder

Mike in DC: Matt moved too? To where?

Matt1: Mile away

mda19083: watched Gosford Park over the weekend and enjoyed the Charlie Chan references

Mike in DC: Ah. Wanderlust, I see. πŸ™‚

Rush: YES!

Rush: Interesting isn’t it, MDA!

mda19083: I had forgotten the references from my earlier viewing of the movie

mda19083: all chan is good chan

Rush: 6 minutes until the radio drama…

Rush: I agree, MDA!

Mike in DC: It seems that here is an aphorism in there, MDA

Rush: We need to remember your quote!

Matt1: Ready here!

Rush: We have said for years: “The only bad Chan is NO Chan!”

Matt1: Words we live by!

Rush: Yours is a worthy new one!

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: A more positive take on our motto, Rush

Rush: Yes!

Rush: I love it!

Rush: 4 minutes…

Rush: The radio dramas are easy to “cue up”!

mda19083: I was in line at the post office today and I heard a Thank You So Much and thought of this evening’s chat

Rush: AH!

Mike in DC: This is a very musical mystery…

mda19083: chan in everyday life

Rush: Maybe Chan is still in our culture!

Rush: I must say, I offer my share of “Thank You So Muches”!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike in DC: I find that it pops out from time to time

Rush: TWO minutes…

Rush: Today: “A New Clue”

Rush: 90 seconds…

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike in DC: *fastens seat belt*

Rush: 25…

Rush: …

Rush: 15…

mda19083: i am cued

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Mike in DC: ready!

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: Music…

Rush: Announcer..

Rush: Commercial spots went here….

Mike in DC: Oh yeah…there’s a full-length symphony to start these radio shows

Rush: YES!

Mike in DC: Eat at Joes! Use Bromo-Quinine Tablets!

Rush: Ads must be had!

Mike in DC: Drink Petri Wine!

Rush: The revolver.

Rush: Found in the snow.

Mike in DC: No…it was Col. Plum with the lead pipe in the library…

Rush: They would take the road down to Reno.

Rush: This sort of ties in to tonight’s movie!

Mike in DC: Good planning Rush!

Rush: I’ll take “credit” if you insist!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: A happy “accident.”

Rush: “Asa closed-mouthed as a….CLAM.”

Mike in DC: “subliminal planning”

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Happens, I guess!

Rush: Budding romance here…

Rush: Nice recap here.

Rush: It would be pretty chilly outside!

Rush: The elder ex-Sheriff Holt who is blind.

Mike in DC: pleezdtametcha

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Dudley Ward had called all the former husbands of Landini together at his Lake Tahoe home in the hope that one of them might be able to offer some information on a possible son.

hounder: .

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Rush: Romano lucks out!

Rush: SB!


Mike in DC: Sounds like quite a gathering Rush

Rush: Yes, Mike!

sarabell2: Hi, thank you, sorry to be late I was on the road.

Rush: An interesting gathering!

mda19083: sounds like a good place for a murder

Matt1: Hello SB!

Rush: Not a problem, SB!

hounder: hi sb

Rush: Please settle in as our Radio drama reaches tonight’s ending….!

Rush: Commercial break….

Rush: Then Chan returns for final words.

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: (Applause…)

Matt1: Another abrupt ending

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: Chan’s closing words of wisdom are lengthy.

Rush: Closing music…

Rush: Okay!

Rush: That’s the radio drama for this week!

Rush: Next….”Charlie Chan in Reno.”

Mike in DC: I’m sorry to say that I have to depart for a bit…hopefully will be back in time for the feature!

Rush: Reno played a role in tonight’s radio drama, as well!

Rush: Sounds like a plan, Mike!

Rush: Your seat awaits your return!

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mat has joined this room

Rush: mat!


hounder: hi mat

sarabell2: How is the move going Rush? Howdy Mat.

Matt1: Hello Mat!

Rush: How are you this evening, mat?

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Rush: And…DAVE!

Matt1: Hello Dave!

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Rush: Welcome to YOU!

Matt1: Hello NT!

sarabell2: Lo Dave!

Nothere: Bonjour

Rush: And…NT as well!

mat: Hello everyone! Better late than never.

Rush: WELCOME all!

hounder: hi nt

Dave: Great to see you all

Rush: Not late!

sarabell2: NT! You all are making me feel better about missing the radio program, which I do like to hear.

Nothere: Place your bets. place your bets. How many dead and whosolves the crime. I’m taking Charlie in the pool.

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sarabell2: What odds?

Rush: AH! Our radio programs remain available via our Calendar.

Dona: Hello Everyone!

sarabell2: Hello Dona!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Hello, DONA!

Rush: Good evening!

hounder: hi dona

Nothere: Well just remember Sarah. Sa though t is we won’t be there. It’s the internetyou can catch up on what you misse.:)

Nothere: Hi Donna.

sarabell2: Thank you Rush. I like listening to them driving. I will look at your site.

Dave: Thanks. Good news for enjoying later.

Rush: Yes, NT…always “catchupable”!

Rush: SB: πŸ™‚

sarabell2: CC makes me drive better, I do not know why.

sarabell2: He and Jack Webb

Rush: Just make sure that “you and road turn corner…same time!”

sarabell2: Most unfortunate if I do not.

Rush: Indeed!

Rush: An increase in insurance rates result at the very least!

hounder: all the old radio dramas make a long driving trip better

Rush: Yes, I agree!

Rush: We have listened to them on the road.

sarabell2: You would know, Rush!

Rush: They don’t “lull” as music might.

Rush: I guess! that’s so, SB…

Rush: More to come…

Rush: June 15, 16, and 17 will be long driving days.

sarabell2: Is that your move dates?

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Movers to arrive on the 18th.

Dave: Coming soon.

Rush: VERY!

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Rush: The days tick by faster and faster!

Fredsmom: hello to all!

Nothere: Hello other of Fred type people.

Matt1: Hello FM!

Rush: FM!


Dona: Hi FM

Nothere: Mpther even

Rush: GREAT to see you!

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Nothere: TYpo thy name is Nothere.

Matt1: Hello GS!

Fredsmom: Thank you! Ive been unable to “attend” for a bit

Godwinshelley2: Evening all

hounder: hi fm

Nothere: Hey God

Rush: And…GS!

Rush: Good evening to YOU!

Fredsmom: Hi GS!

Dave: When we have traveled, we enjoyed watching old Chan films, from stop to stop.

Rush: I like it when I see that “2” GS!

sarabell2: Hello Fredsmom and GS

hounder: hi gs

Rush: We know you are still home!

Dona: Hi GS

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Godwinshelley2: Yes that means Im in Delaware

Rush: ZOE!

Nothere: Hey Zoe

Matt1: Hello Zoe!


Fredsmom: Hi Sarabell2

Dona: Hi Zoe

Rush: I hope everyone arriving had a GREAT week!

hounder: hi zoe

sarabell2: Evening, Zoe.

Nothere: Delaware. We’re closing in on her.

Phil & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Rush: AH!

Zoe: hello

Nothere: Hey Phils.

Nothere: Or is it just one

Nothere: phil?

Fredsmom: Big group tonite!

Dona: Hi M & M Phill

Phil & Mrs Phil: A BIG ALOHA to all my Chan friends!

Rush: Phil and Mrs….Good Evening to you BOTH!

Nothere: Aloha

sarabell2: Phil and Ms. Phil, here it comes!

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil’s!

Fredsmom: hi Phil and Mrs


Phil & Mrs Phil: Hello Matt, SB, FM, Dona

Matt1: Cued here!

Rush: OH!

Rush: Gotta cue my dvd!

Nothere: And oddly enough it juststarted raining.

hounder: hi phil n mrs

Phil & Mrs Phil: It’s been raining here all day.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hi Hounder.

Nothere: Well after 20 years I suppose we’ll allow you one mistake Rush. Next time your out.

Dave: Rain this morning in SC

Fredsmom: haha

Godwinshelley2: Cued here

Fredsmom: Rain here also in Alabama

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15….

sarabell2: It has been raining here all day, Dave in GA. We get Alabama weather. Whatever happens there we get it here an hour later.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Phil & Mrs Phil: Long GONE baby!

Rush: Title and music….

Nothere: Aha Ga Now we close in on Sara as well.

sarabell2: Titles

Rush: Credits….

hounder: we could use the rain

Godwinshelley2: Philip Wylie – didn’t he write the Mr Wong series??

Godwinshelley2: Based on one of his stories

Nothere: Poor Herschal only one name.

sarabell2: Got a tornado warning today NT.

Rush: WOW!

Rush: Yes, NT…

Nothere: Ah the part of Georiga with a tornao warning. The net closes in on Sarah.

Rush: First name basis!

mda19083: eddie collins without his lion

Rush: The cab ride….

Dave: No lion…

Rush: No lion tonight!

sarabell2: I like him better sans lion

Nothere: Do you have to be high to check into the Sierra hotel?

mda19083: no lying

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Nice pun!

Rush: Hamilton MacFadden.

Dave: At least you got it…

Rush: He directed a few Chan movies.

Rush: Now an actor in one!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Are you referring to the concierge Rush?

sarabell2: He knew what he wanted for the part

Rush: He also appeared on screen for a scene in “The Bklack Camel” which he directed.

Nothere: I knowit’ the 30’s but why does ever guy wear a tux at night?

Rush: (Black)

Rush: I apologize in advence for my upcoming TYPOS!

Rush: Not a nice crowd.

mda19083: the tux is mandatory for men in the chat room

Dave: Love the familiar faces

Rush: One in particular!

Nothere: Place your bets place your bets. Who will have the most typos.I got a hundred non dollas on me.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’m in my tux. Isn’t everyone?

Rush: Yes, MDA?

mda19083: women must wear a white fox fur

Rush: No “soup and fish” to be found on my person tonight…sorry!

Nothere: No Phil but I can be in my cape and top hat.

Nothere: I did consider mention that blonde forgot her fur.

Rush: “This is 1939…we’re MODERN.”

Rush: Not a nice lady.

Dave: Needs more drink throwing practice

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: Did yo see that drink attack that man? Poor lady must be so embarrassed.

mda19083: she will be gone by the morning

Rush: Went up his nose!

Rush: 12:30…AM.

Nothere: Hello Lees love interest.

Dona: lol

Rush: Actually…brother Jimmy!

mda19083: wrong chan son NT

Matt1: <tin can>

Dave: Screaming practice did well

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can.

Rush: SCREAM!!!

Rush: SCREAM!!!

Rush: Can sounded above!

Phil & Mrs Phil: I was a little late on the can cue.

Dave: Newspapers from the world

Rush: Well…one can’t be too careful when the can is concerned!

Rush: Headlines!

Nothere: Your both wrong. It stated with Jimmy. Then she came to see him in Honolulu, and…well lets just say the Chan house was quite a dangerous place for a few weeks.

hounder: words cannot cook rice

Rush: Right!

Fredsmom: “so wife will not misunderstand visit to Reno”

Rush: Flying out on the Clipper.

hounder: and he left the bunsen burner burning

Rush: YES to that!

Rush: USC

sarabell2: LOL

Daveβ†’Dona: At least Jimmy is at school some time

Nothere: One thing you can say about Jimmy. At least he stays in college until Pop calls.

Rush: Jimmy borrows a car….

Dave: Get ready for the Samaritan smack down

Nothere: Not a bad looking car, but sorry I ned a top for air conditioning and rain.

Rush: Mother said: “Never pick up hitch hikers.”

sarabell2: They would just shoot him nowadays.

Fredsmom: Truth Rush!

Rush: Jimmy didn’t listen…

hounder: we never do find out how jimmy replaces the car

Rush: Yes, SB!

Nothere: Hopefully Reno Pd returns the favor Charlie is about to do them.

Rush: Chan finds a way to shut him up!

Dave: Tysm

Rush: “Thank you SO much.”

Rush: πŸ™‚

Dave: Smoke filled room

Nothere: Thank all of you so much.

Rush: Tombstone.

Nothere: Smoke filled room? Where are the politicans?

DanVenture has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Dan

hounder: hi dan

Nothere: 1600


Dave: Tombstone

DanVenture: TY

Dona: Hello DV

Rush: We are 16 minutes into the movie…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hey DV

hounder: i like tombstone

Rush: We can bring you in exactly…

Nothere: Well I keep saying the Chan Kids nee arresting. We’ll the cops finally got on.

Rush: I do too, Hounder!

Rush: Very dry sense of humor.

Nothere: Much widom written on tombstones.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: 17:20

Rush: “Parent must first convince self of same.”

Rush: 18:00

Rush: Number Three Son….

Rush: Not PC today…but may I chuckle in guilt?

Dave: Great photography in this film

Rush: Agreed!

Rush: 19:00

Rush: Are you on track, DV?

Dave: Lighting and smooth camera work

Rush: Again…agreed!

Nothere: Sure. And who cares about Pc. I claim to be Chan’s kid,I go free. Me niber four son:)

hounder: tombstone wears his badge on the right. most westerns the sherrif wears it on the left

Rush: Interesting “catch,” Hounder!

Rush: NT: πŸ™‚

Rush: If they found Mrs. Whitman with the victim, the knife had to be near IF she did it…but…nothing found!

Nothere: The knife was shy and left.

DanVenture: Is 19:00 the time check?

Rush: 22:50

mda19083: he’s wearing a ten gallon hat

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’m at 23:10

mda19083: and then some

Rush: 23:10

Dave: Favorite actress roll call

Rush: AH!

DanVenture: Got it!

Rush: Jimmy the dude.

Rush: Very good, DV!

mda19083: eyes open

Rush: “Will search then this time with eyes OPEN.”

Phil & Mrs Phil: What appears to be a cashmere Reno, NV

Rush: It CAN get chilly in the high desert.

Phil & Mrs Phil: CC in London – wild bird.

Rush: At night especially.

Rush: Yes to the wild bird.

mda19083: sure doctor

Phil & Mrs Phil: Nobody else is wearing an overcoat.

Nothere: But no furs. Hershal apparently forgot he was doing a Chan film. Bad Herchal.

Dave: Gosh!

Rush: Thicker blood!

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: ..

Dona: i should try scaring the wrinkles away

Rush: Crime scene photos.

Dave: New psychology on wrinkles

Rush: I am sure that there are very FEW of them to frighten, Dona!

Dona: lol thank you Rush

Rush: πŸ™‚

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Nothere has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Dona…..BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA

mda19083: πŸ™‚

Dona: lol4

Dona: lol

Phil & Mrs Phil: I wonder if that chief has three stars on his boxers?

Rush: Well..we shall never know, Phil..!

Nothere: I know. Oh how I wish I didn’t.

Rush: !!!

Phil & Mrs Phil: I mean he had stars on his epaulets, even on his hat.

Rush: Chan stirs more than drinks here…

Dave: Nice technique from Chan

Nothere: Well if Honolulu Pd ever fires him for never coming to work. He can always get a job as a bartender.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: And, he knows that alcholol loosens tongues!

mda19083: the cat fight tonight is amongst the men

Dave: Fight


Matt1: Now it’s a party!

Rush: CC wisely steps back to watch!

Fredsmom: haha Matt

Nothere: So it’s a tomcat fight?

Rush: Too late!

mda19083: yes nt

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo has joined this room

Phil & Mrs Phil: Yeah! Sedatives and booze!

Rush: Yes, NT.

Rush: Fisticuffs!

Rush: No hancuffs!

hounder: depressors both. he should be out for a while

Nothere: Poor Tombstone. No broken chairs, no smashed bottles, westerns taught him all the wrong rules on bar fights.

Rush: Too bad Jimmy wasn’t at the party!

Rush: True, NT!


Nothere: Relax Jimmy. Tackling her doesn’t make a good impression, but at least you didn’t lock her in a cage/

Rush: Jimmy the cause this time!

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo: A brief, solitary Hi to all! Am/we are traveling, & have only the tiny cellphone & NO device for movie. Thinking of our fellow detectives, & we are saying TYSM to strangers!

Nothere: Hey Stream

Rush: AH! A. Streamline=Avalanche FO!

hounder: hi a n f. have fun traveling

Dona: Hello Stream

Rush: Missed your arrival!

Dave: Best to you


Fredsmom: Hello Stream!

Nothere: Like your underwear. Oh wait it’s a 1930s movie, I can’t say that.

Rush: Scissors!

Phil & Mrs Phil: More underwear talk.

mda19083: we got into trouble last week

sarabell2: Hi Stream.

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo: Hey, Notty Notty! Fail & harewell to all, & watch the A&P ads: we hear a BLOWOUT sale on Tetragene all next week, 3 tubes 17Β’!!

Dave: Tetragene’

hounder: wonder how long she had to practice to be able to light a match that way

Rush: Priscilla.

Fredsmom: “Priscilla-Im working!”

Dave: Nice gimmick from the era

Rush: Red clay.

mda19083: uh oh dead man’s canyon

Nothere: Sorry I can’t go to Dead Man’s Canyon. I’m alive.

Rush: This aspect of the film…the red clay and the ghost town is similar to an element of the “lost” “Charlie Chan’s Courage.”

mda19083: πŸ™‚ nt

Dave: Right, Rush

Rush: Tombstone follows….

Nothere: I wonder how many adandoned ghost towns there really are. You’d imagin there all torn down by now.

Dona: Is that a steam car? There was a exhaust coming out the top?

Rush: Oh, they are still around.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I doubt it’s a steam car. Merely a vertical exhaust pipe.

Rush: One can visit a couple that ARE ACTUAKLLY ALONG THE WAY TO LAKE tAHOE.

sarabell2: They are in every state

hounder: there are still ghost town out west. i used to have a book on them

Rush: Bodie and Serra Gordo.

Dave: Used to be a lot in the West

Rush: I saw Bodie last summer.

Rush: Actually the year before.

Dona: Thanks you M/M Phil

Rush: Tombstone “spooked” him!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Well, I guess it got cold because now everybody’s wearing a coat.

mda19083: its cold in them thar hills

A.Streamline+Avalanche Fo has left this room

Rush: MDA: πŸ™‚

Rush: And true.

hounder: in the desert, temp drops with the sun

Nothere: Google puts the figure at about 3800. O.k. Time to set up my secret base…..You heard nothing.

sarabell2: There is no vegetation to hold the heat.

mda19083: another fight

Rush: Regarding the temperatures of Reno, I figure that this film happens from April 6-9, 1939 (Charlie Chan leaves Honolulu on Thursday afternoon, arrives in California on Good Friday, and the case is competed on Easter Sunday).

Rush: he average temperature range for Reno in April is low of 37 to a high of 64.

Rush: Chiily at night.

hounder: be back dog walk\

sarabell2: Good detection, Rush.

Nothere: Fight called. But Tombstone was ahead on points. But Charlie still had his hat on.

Rush: Even chillier in a higher altitude which is where the ghost town might have been.

Nothere: Bye Hiunder and hound

Rush: Okay, Hounder!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Notice the bandage on his right hand. Where did that come from?

Rush: Hm.

Dave: I have some scissors too!

Dave: She’s a my birthday too

Nothere: And speaking of leaving this is where I leave you. May the gentle trade winds blow you to safe ports until I am not here again.

Rush: Was that an injury from the fight at the party?

Phil & Mrs Phil: No one has mentioned the lovely Kay Lanaker.

mda19083: scissors scissors who’s got the scissors

Rush: TYSM, NT!

Dave: Good evening

Godwinshelley2: ha! Still cleaning out my parents home and I have TWO showboxs of nothing but sissors

Phil & Mrs Phil: Could have been Rush.

Rush: A GREAT one next week!

mda19083: later nt

Rush: “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island”

Godwinshelley2: shoeboxes

Nothere has left this room

mda19083: uh oh

Rush: Tombstone toots his own horn there!

hounder: back

Rush: Very good, hounder!

Rush: Fast walk!

Rush: “Horsefeathers!”

Phil & Mrs Phil: Tombstone needs to be made a fool of.

sarabell2: You must have a greyhound, hounder.

hounder: just long enough tolift his leg. it’s dark out there

mda19083: horses don’t have feathers

Rush: πŸ™‚

hounder: but some do. they refer to hairy fetloks as feathers.

Rush: horsefeathers – (Interjection) Used to express disagreement or exasperation.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Always important to comb your hair before going to sleep.

mda19083: thanks hounder I had no idea even though i watched the kentucky derby

mda19083: vitriol

hounder: think of the clydesdale horse feet

Rush: Yes.

Dave: I keep my nitric acid right here…

Rush: They make a nice team!

Rush: Tonopah.

mda19083: the 3 star general returns

DanVenture: Rush: I should have added my thumbs-up to your detective work on time/temp for this episode. Great work.

Rush: Tonopah – A small Nevada town located 345 miles southeast of Reno.

Dave: Agree, dv

mda19083: rush has picked up some techniques from charlie over the years

Rush: That’s quite a long trip that Tombstone is making!

DanVenture: Indeed

mda19083: adrenaline my eye

Rush: Well, if one stands in the rain long enough, I guess a trop or two will land on one…!

Rush: Only to eventually evaporate!

Rush: That was a 700 mile trip over all!!!

Rush: That would take at least the FULL day!

Rush: Looks like a copy of a Van Gogh painting on the wall.

DanVenture: At least. It’s 1939. No interstate.

Rush: True!

Rush: Not a wonderful admission! “I came to disfigure her.”

DanVenture: Course, shows fudge times to keep the action going.

Phil & Mrs Phil: Tombstone is WAY to fast on arresting people.

Rush: Yes, Phil!

DanVenture: Sadly, seems the speed of arrests hasn’t slowed down even today.

Rush: Poor Tombstone!

Rush: liquid smoke – Smoke created for effect as in the making of films. A chemical called titanium tetrachloride is often used to produce smoke in movies.

Rush: Tombstone learns…

Rush: A jury might be sympathetic…

Rush: Attempted murder. He might fare the worst of all in this.

Fredsmom: clapclapclapclap

Dona: Wahoooooo

Dave: Happy end for a few

Phil & Mrs Phil: Found rustler under the cow. Another crime committed perhaps?

hounder: yea. thanks for the fun.

Rush: Following Jimmy’s example…

Dave: End music

Dona: One of my favorites

mda19083: cattle rustling

Rush: Closing credits….

Matt1: <yee-haw>

hounder: see you all next week. have a good one

Godwinshelley2: Have a safe week everyone

Dave: Enjoyed this one

Rush: Exit music…


Rush: (Applause)

Fredsmom: Enjoyed tonite! Hope to be back soon-a good and safe week to all!

Rush: Well!

Matt1: Take care folks and have a great week!

Rush: A good one?

sarabell2: Thank you Rush, see you all next week, the time flies.

Rush: I would say…of course!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Godwinshelley2: Night all

Rush: Next week….

mda19083: thanks again to rush and all for a fun evening at the movies

Rush: a GREAT one!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Aloha everyone.

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Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Dave: See you next week

mda19083: goodnight all

Rush: “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island”

Dona: What is next week?

Dave has left this room

Dona: ah

mat: Thanks

Rush: So…see you all next week?

Rush: Take care…

Rush: Be happy….

Rush: Be SAFE!

Matt1 has left this room

Fredsmom has left this room

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Rush: Have a wonderful week!

mat has left this room

Dona: Have a good week everyone!

mda19083 has left this room

Dona: see you next week.

Rush: You too, Dona!

Dona: Thank you Rush

Zoe has left this room

Dona: fun evening as always

Rush: And thenk YOU!

Rush: ALL of you!

Rush: Another one in the books!

Dona: yes

Rush: Good night, DV!

Rush: And good night, Dona!

Rush: Happinness to you both!

Rush: Good night…

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DanVenture: Bye !18:29

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