Chat Archive 5/4/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for May 4, 2020

Charlie Chan in Reno

Lost City of the Jungle (Chapter 5)

Len Freeman
Mike n Rachel in DC

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Rush: Hi, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Matt1: Made it in plenty of time!

Rush: My meeting ended faster than expected.

Matt1: Very good

Rush: I was able to run to Office Depot to get printer ink, even!

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Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: hello, Hounder!

Rush: I hope that the both of you are doing well this evening.

hounder: I almost let today get away from me again. but tada. i made it on time.

Rush: Happy!

Matt1: I’ve become the savvy shopper myself, via the internet though 

Rush: We have done our share of Internet shopping, too!

hounder: Hi matt and rush. I’m having a pretty good week.

Rush: I needed to get the***s we are printing out things for our at-home teaching!

Matt1: Never in my life have I’ve done so much online, since this COVID

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Rush: I don’t know what I typed above!

hounder: I even went to Sams club and the grocery store last week. very targeted shopping and in and out.

Matt1: Beaches and parks opening here Hounder,,,,Getting better

Rush: It should have read INK.

Rush: Hello, ANGEL!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello All!

Rush: AND….Mike and Rachel!

Matt1: Hello Angel and M & R!

hounder: here as well. the beaches are down to just social distancing. and restaurants cn open at 25%

hounder: hi angel

hounder: but i plan to still be very cautious.

Rush: The serial segment is rather short tonight, so we can start it at about 15 before the hour.

Matt1: Us too…..beaches looked very good today w/ crowds

Mike n Rachel in DC: Well the virus doesn’t know that it’s supposed to be safe now…

Mike n Rachel in DC: No one informed them about that…

angel: Fox is WITH ME! EVERY TIME i try to enter as A&F, it says WE are ALREADY HERE, & won’t let us enter. Next week we will have new monikers entirely; i am thinking to be here as Wendell Willkie, Fox fancies Louella Parsons (as WHO DOESN’T?)

Matt1: Mine looks like it starts at the 42:08 mark?

Rush: Hounder, I would think that your caution would be a ood idea as you are working so closely with your mother.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. Ours starts @ 0:00…

angel: MATT—are you speaking whereof i’m thinking, namely Where is Lost Jungle Part 4?

Rush: We should start at the 0:00 mark.

hounder: i know our local people are being very careful with distancing to the beaches don’t get closed again

Matt1: Hmmm

Rush: Make sure you are using the one at the link above.

angel: Rush, on YouTube i find only Parts 1, 2 & 3.

hounder: mine shows 42.09 mark from your link?

Rush: On Youtube it is called “Part 2.”

hounder: chapter 8?

Rush: Let me see…

angel: So Part 2. Start time is_______?

Matt1: That’s where the link sets it

Rush: That’s strange!

Rush: Please back it up to the very start.

Mike n Rachel in DC: OH. Right…you have to “rewind.”

Rush: That will correspond to Chapter 5.

Matt1: 42:08 of 54:38

Matt1: We’ll see!

angel: Got it. Fire Jet Torture?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt…note that the red line is most of the way through the video…go back to the beginning.

Rush: Chapter EIGHT starts at 42:10.

Mike n Rachel in DC: But…but…we’re watching Chapter 5 tonight, right?

hounder: ok sso if i rewind i see people on the street?

angel: I am dizzy with excitement. I am dizzy without excitement too.

Rush: Yes…Chapter FIVE tonight.

hounder: lol@ angel

Rush: Starts at 0:00.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Need something to liven things up. 🙂

angel: hounder, ONLY if you rewind do you see people on the street. Stay 6 feet away.

Rush: I am just plain DIZZY.

angel: That’s why we love you, Rush. Our DIZZY, benevolent dictator. Huzzah!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Little did we know that all of these years with the Chan clan would prepare us for COVID-19 “do everything online” life!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: (TYSM>>>?)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hail, Rush!

Rush: Yes, Mike.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *bows*

angel: Hi MnR!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *Rachel curtsies*

Rush: And a bow to rachel…

Matt1: Matt still scratching head over clip

Mike n Rachel in DC: *winks at Rush*

angel: *applause wells up from orchestra, spills down from balcony, traps criminals*

Rush: She’s the “Queen of our Virtual Screen…”

angel: Good evening, Mr. First Nighter!

angel: That she is. Rachel, you can sit on my phone books.

Rush: You have phone books, Angel!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oooh. You still have phone books?


Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably worth millions by now

Rush: Indeed!

angel: Rush, i have EVERYTHING! I have a Louis XVI telephone that he NEVER HUNG UP when he was so rudely interrupted. I’m connected to 1791!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder if Siri would be jealous if she saw a phone book…

Rush: So…is everyone “cued” to the 0:00 mark for tonight’s serial?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rodger.

Matt1: Zero it is!

hounder: yessir

Rush: He was “disconnected,” I believe…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Only from his head…

Rush: Yes.

angel: Millions of francs, about 8 cents after bank charge for exchange of aged specie. I love the word specie. I save old telephone books in hope of hock, then YOIKS, off to my fiduciary!

Rush: Two minutes…

Rush: Our episode lasts only 10 minutes tonight…

Rush: 90 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Going for quality instead of quantity…

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: Hopefully, Mike!

angel: I listened while motoring South to North this weekend, with a pal, to Sorry Wrong Number. He’d never heard anything like it. Tell it to LOuis, i shoulda said.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *fastens seat belt*

Rush: 10…

angel: *operator! operator! i’ve been cut off!*

Rush: 5….

Rush: GO!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Poor job of social distancing

Mike n Rachel in DC: No masks…

angel: Birthplace indeed.

Rush: Keye Luke…fourth-billed…

angel: Her’s funny.

Rush: 🙂

angel: He’s

Mike n Rachel in DC: Casablanca-wannabe music

Rush: Yes.

angel: Geoffrey!! Must be G-14. BINGO!!

hounder: i notice the resemblence

Mike n Rachel in DC: Same commencement music for the good ol’ UPF

Rush: Here we are in the UN “Bored Room.”

angel: Only guys in the bay without sequined headdresses.

angel: Tetragene?

hounder: didn’t we see this last week?

Rush: angel…this was 1946, remember!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bowanite?

Matt1: This looks familar

angel: Detectives overbored!!

Rush: It seems that sever chapters open with the UN members.

hounder: o ok.

angel: Rush, it’s ALWAYS 1946 where i am. That’s how i got these phone books!

Rush: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jeez. I thought the cop was going to kiss him.

Rush: I see, Angel!

hounder: i was having a deja vu moment

angel: I think he kinda hoped the cop would buss him.

Rush: Those can be interesting, Hounder!

Rush: The lion pit.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Leftover from last week?

angel: I’m at 46:10. Yes?

Matt1: This wasn’t last week?

Rush: 4:25.

angel: That was now. This is then.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Unless this is a recap, he’s climbing over the same lion pit again…

Rush: Angel…you need to go back to the 4:55 mark…

hounder: but i’m pretty sure we watched this part last week. i remember the lions

angel: Are our guys talking about hieroglyphics? Mr. London?

Rush: You are in “Chapter 8” Angel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keye Luke goes native!

Rush: yes, Mike!

angel: Som now it’s some babe talking with those two hot guys?

Rush: Light of Asia Casino.

Rush: 6:00

angel: Gotcha. Placing my bets.

Rush: All right!

angel: Beets. Placing my beets.’

angel: Sir Eric sounds like a rotter. Damn.

Rush: !!!

angel: You’ve got something going on when your ancient city is fabled. Usually you gotta cross some palms to do that.

angel: That’s what they call a stale socialite. Doomed, would all agree?

Rush: The background music is “interesting.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Back to commencement…

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: UPF

Rush: I guess that was “International music.”

angel: Some birthplace. Watch your step!

Mike n Rachel in DC: They must have filmed all of these little scenes in one day

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Rush: Len!

hounder: hi len

Rush: GFood evening to you!

angel: Why IS Sir Eric so etc.etc.etc.?????

Len Freeman: Hi RUsh

Rush: We are watching Chapter 5.

Len Freeman: How’s the serial going tonite

Len Freeman: Is this the last?

Rush: Well…but short!

angel: Hi, Len! Pull up a nameplate!! United Nations forming here! I see London, i see Franz somebody!

Rush: Nearly over for this Chapter.

Matt1: Hello Len!

Len Freeman: Hi Matt

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hello Len!

angel: Mr. Stanton almost fell out when they did that “flip cut”!

Len Freeman: Hi MnF

Len Freeman: R

Mike n Rachel in DC: Should have brought some marshmellows…

Rush: Okay…

angel: It’s 1-2-3, what are they fighting for?

Rush: We now pause….

Len Freeman: I have a question

Rush: This is the “end” of Chapter 8!

angel: This is about all i can take.

Rush: When he lands in the fire in the cave.

Len Freeman: Rush, I was wondering if you’d ever be open to have a ZOOM meeting of the group?

angel: That’s it? Where he lands in the fire? No titles or cuts? Sheesh!

Rush: As Len noted a few weeks ago, this serial was chopped up and spliced together!

hounder: so i should have stopped at the heiroglyphics?

Rush: I went through the entire thing and found the most “logical” beginnings and endings.

angel: I should say so! Sliced & diced, which brings us to Reno. Let’s gamble & get a divorce! No, TWO divorces.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes, Reno was the “Divorse Capital of the World” in 1938.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thank you Rush…it’s too bad this is edited, but it’s still fun to watch.

Rush: (Divorce)

Rush: I agree, Mike.

Len Freeman: I’ve been in a bunch of Zoom meetings online lately and realized that it might be fun to see each other some night… perhaps just a one shot.. but it would easily handle a group our size.

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Louise: Hi all!

Len Freeman: Hi Louise

angel: If we meet on ZOOM, the current Chinese will monitor our proceedings. They WILL be impressed!!

hounder: hi louise

Rush: Next week we start at 9:55 and run it to 25:56.

Rush: hello, LOUISE!

angel: Loueeeeeeeeeeeez! Give my hound a hug! I must distance myself.

Rush: Welcome!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: We’d definitely be up to Zooming

Len Freeman: Rush, don’t know if you saw my query about Zoom

Rush: 16 minutes until “Charlie Chan in Reno.”

Louise: :Len, I asked the same question last week. I think one ZOOM meeting, using the written chat and with the audio off, could be fun.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Louise.

Rush: When did you send it, Louise?

Louise: During the chat last week.

Rush: I saw something from about a week ago?

Rush: Yes!

angel: Audio ON could be fun! If video is included, however, only Fox will appear on screen. Mr.DeMille says i’m not ready for my closeup.

Rush: I think I actually noted that when I was formatting the text for the archive!

Rush: I was going to see what you and others thought about that possibility.

Matt1: Would I need to wear a tie?

Len Freeman: It’s not to tricky.. just need everyone’s email addresses to send an “invite”

Len Freeman: Yes Matt.,… probably a shirt too.

Rush: Louise, as you are our resident guru in such things, do you think that a Zoom “Room” would work?

Matt1: Ugh

Louise: Pants?

Matt1: Plz, no

Mike n Rachel in DC: Only if you stand up, Louise?

Rush: Cound we watch the movie on it somehow, etc.?

Len Freeman: No re: the movie, but we could do the chat parts

Rush: (Okay.

Rush: TYSM, Len.

Rush: We need to put our heads together on this.

Louise: Rush: I just did 2 ZOOM workshops and it is so easy. People can have video running or not. I would recommend no audio however because then we would have to take turns saying things and that is not our style!

Mike n Rachel in DC: It’s possible to “screen share” so someone could put the movie on their computer and share the screen to all.

angel: It could be a rocky horror. Gosh, i hope so!

Len Freeman: It’d probably be a bit much every week, but once in awhile it would be fund.

Rush: As I understand, and I do use Zoom to meet with students, is that the free version of Zoom only allows for 40 minutes of activity.

Len Freeman: fun

Rush: Does that sound correct?

angel: Sounds quite strenuous. I’ll send a boy.

Len Freeman: Louise do yu have a Zoom account?

Louise: I think just once, with one of our best movies like Circus or Opera or one of the spooky ones.

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Rush: Maybe on “special occasions” we could try it?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush…that’s right. I get it through UMD for classes and had to buy the real thing for the rest of my life.

Rush: NT!


Nothere: Greeting. Wheres the slots?

angel: Rush, when WE (me & Fox) are here, we have NO activity. Not even carbon footprints.

Matt1: Hello NT!

Len Freeman: HI NT

hounder: hi nt

Rush: Yes, Mike.

angel: NOtty! This way to lose it all!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi NT!

Louise: Yes, I have a ZOOM account but I think it is limited in time. But I could pay for a more extended account if we want to try.

Rush: My school was able to work it out so that we have “extended” meetings.

Mike n Rachel in DC: We should do one “normal” Zoom session…then another for our Halloween party…

Matt1: I’ve never “Zoomed” but willing to try

Nothere: Oh no Angel. I know the slots have the wors odds in the casino. Take me to the craps table where I can bt on people to lose.

angel: Are we limited to 10 participants For The Duration?

Rush: It might be an issue in that with a larger group, we would be speaking over each other.

Louise: No limit. I was on with 125 people the other day!

Len Freeman: Lindsay and I have an account that we use for a weekly “family meeting” with all our kids & spouses..

Rush: also, mu Internet connection breaks up at times, causing freezing.

angel: Notty, you have the cagey strategy. I shall follow you thence.

Rush: (my)

hounder: wow louise. big meeting

Mike n Rachel in DC: We just need someone with a “full” version of Zoom (not the free version) to “host” the gathering.

Rush: 9 1/2 minutes…

Nothere: Us speaking over each other? Fah and faderl.

angel: Polar bears cause freezing.

Louise: Again I recommend no audio: only chat like we have now. With video for those who want o appear.

Len Freeman: Think it costs us about $16/month.

hounder: i’ll chime back in when y’all start speaking english again

Rush: Also, there would not be a satisfactory means of archiving the chat.

angel: Fox sez he will underwrite a month’s worth. Fox is flush. Tell us where to mail the cheque, with a “q”.

Mike n Rachel in DC: And Len, I think as long as the “host” has the paid version, others can use the free version to join as guests.

Rush: Hounder…I UNDERSTAND!

Louise: I’ll check on the full versikon. My husband is on it all day long so I am sure he has an account.

Len Freeman: We could probably host… But I agree with doing it just for special occasions rather than every week

Rush: I was “forced” into 2020 when the virus hit!

Len Freeman: There’s no cost for the participants…

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: My wife attened a virtual funeral via Zoom

angel: Louise, your husband may be involved in espionage. Do you think he’ll let us borrow the screen?

Len Freeman: Great Louise.

Louise: We can archive it by recording it right in the app!

Rush: 7 1/2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Right. It sounds like we have a plethora of hosts. (do you like my “plethora” Angel?)

Rush: Please ready your copies of “Charlie Chan in Reno.”

Len Freeman: Wow… plethora…

Nothere: Hoinder this is English. zoom t close in. Now when we speak leet, things get interesting.

Matt1: Cued!

Len Freeman: we’ve raised the bar,…

Matt1: Big words

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Dona: Hello Everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Of course in 50 years people will read this and say “What is this Zoom they are talking about?”

Louise: CUED here. Small words…

Nothere: El Gropo likes them Mike. You son of a motherless goat.

angel: MnR, plethora is one of my favorite social lubricants! It’s good to have it, for discreet use only in these charlie times.

Rush: True, Mike!

angel: Hi, Dona! Help me chart the ancestry of this goat!

Matt1: I may wear a Tux for the 1st Zoom

hounder: hi dona

Rush: They might also wonder why people had arms and legs back in 2020!

Nothere: Well I have no Tux, but I do have a top hat.

Dona: Does the goat have a name?

Matt1: I have a Mickey Mouse bow tie

Nothere: Hi Dona.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt, be careful you don’t set a standard you’ll have trouble keeping… 😉

Rush: Not to mention…BODIES…

Nothere: Not in the movie.

Nothere: Donna

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Dona

Rush: Helloooo….DONA!

angel: Friend of mine offed his folks, threw himself to mercy of the court on grounds (s)he was an orphan. Did well. Got a book/movie deal & a guest seat with Oprah.

hounder: cued here

angel: Those ties may be mouse-loused.

Rush: Pause at the OPENING TITLE, please…

Matt1: lol

Nothere: cute here 🙂

Rush: 4 1/2 minutes…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Dona: Ready here Rush

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: 4 minutes…


Rush: For once I am ready before the one minute to go mark!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *vroom*

Rush: Started!

Phil has joined this room

Nothere: Hi Phil

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Rush: 3 minutes…

Rush: PHIL!

Rush: Good evening!

hounder: hi phil

Dona: Hi Phil


angel: RUSH, i see WIDELY DIFFERTNG running times for CC in Reno. What version are we using?

Cdirus has joined this room

Cdirus: Hi guys!

Rush: And…Aloha, sir!

Matt1: Hello CD!

hounder: hi cd

Rush: CD!

angel: ALOHA AKHBAR, Phil!! Slaalom!

Nothere: No no Phil that’s…Prepare for invasion Earth creature.

Len Freeman: 1hr 11mins


Louise: Earthlings? How did you know? I just put a UFO scene in my front garden!

Len Freeman: Mr Magic TV


angel: Thanks, Len. 1:11:00 it is. Black on the 11 to win.

Phil: lol Angel!!!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Sorry Louise the CIA won’t let us explain. Jut know it’s fo your benefit.

Rush: 90 seconds…

angel: Mr. Magic’s thumbnails are very…clean.

Mike n Rachel in DC: *popcorn ready*

Rush: 75 seconds…

Rush: 60 seconds…

angel: CIA! Down in front!

Mike n Rachel in DC: *extra butter*

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *diet Coke*

angel: *Fox puts paws on seatback ahead*

Nothere: OOH Angel is getting a CIA dememrit.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

angel: Mr. First Nighter has gas.

Rush: 20…

Mike n Rachel in DC: *feeds popcorn kernel to Fox*

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Phil: TMI angel

Rush: 5…

angel: Fox has gas. (Thanks though, MnR!)

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…


Rush: Music….

Len Freeman: Going

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yay!

Rush: Credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of “regulars” in this one

Nothere: Well that’s one way to make the hounds not want to chase her.

angel: Fox LOVES the Fox logo.

Rush: TYSM, Matt, for the ample GONG!

Louise: I like the background graphics

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Rush: Cubo-Deco title card…

angel: Sen Yung! Sen! Sen! Sen! Sen! Get yer Sen-Sen!

Mike n Rachel in DC: I think this is the movie where Toler really makes “his” Chan character.

angel: Cubo-Deco, i LIKE that, Rush!

Rush: That ‘s name of the restroom.

angel: ZIPPY music!

Nothere: Where is this guys hack license?

Matt1: No Oscar?

Rush: No.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oscar must be in the trunk…

Rush: Got a new job in Reno!

Louise: Smack that guy

Rush: “It still takes SIX WEEKS.”

angel: The green-screen or whatever it was then was LAFFABLE in this opening. Car floating like G.Jetson’s ride.

Nothere: Nah Oscar is at the garage. He’ taking a nap.

Len Freeman: Isn’t that … Black Camel director?

angel: Rush, thanks for your historical notes this week!

angel: We ALL have reservations.

Rush: hamilton Macfadden.

Len Freeman: Yes

Rush: At the reception desk.

Nothere: So does fox see her fox ..uhm wrap? Stole? What is that called?

Rush: Not her halo=like head gear.

angel: On it before our own retinas registered, Notty!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Two more from previous films

Rush: I think that costuming did that on purpose.

Len Freeman: Some

Len Freeman: robert Lowry… the second Batman

Rush: AH!

angel: Rush, i’ll bet her bath gets hair clogs every week.

Len Freeman: Good cast in this

Phil: yeah

Nothere: Major Dunbar has no major plans for the evening.

Rush: Agreed, Len!

Louise: AWKWARD!

angel: She reminds me of the drunk moll in Petrified Forest.

Rush: This was at the time the most highly budgeted Chan film.

angel: Scuse me, Key Largo!!

Len Freeman: Oh, she’s just asking to become a corpse!!

Rush: “This is 1939…we’re MODERN….”

angel: What was the swag on this, rush?

angel: Chick doesn’t know it’s 1946.

Nothere: This is the kind of table you suddenly remember you need to make a phone call.

Louise: CAT fight!

Matt1: Yikes

Rush: That I do not have, Angel.

Mike n Rachel in DC: More like a cat bath

hounder: catty and nasty

Rush: “…or sooner…”

angel: Hell-O KITTYS!!

Phil: Kay Linaker

Rush: “Nice” “lady.”

Louise: I’m ready to kill her

Rush: I don’t blame you, Louise!

angel: She doesn’t own that hotel or any other. She does this to all the guests. Crocked since 1939.

Nothere: So everyon agres Ms. Bentley can get Bent?

Rush: GREAT screams!

Louise: I like that mask

Phil: Cue the Can

angel: If they had waited, they might have got the Trylon & Perisphere.

Matt1<tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: “I didn’t do it.”

Phil: He “thinks” she’s dead.

angel: At least she was wearing a mask. Chalk it up to Corona.

Nothere: Theres a reason he’s hotel doctor.

Phil: TYSM Matt

Mike n Rachel in DC: Vaccine still not ready…

Rush: CC at work on a special project in the police lab…

Rush: Angel: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ouch.

Phil: Wisest words ever spoken by CC

Rush: Very difficult to believe ill of those we love.

angel: “Island Woman”…”Divorcee”…”NY Socialite”…”Ho’lolulu Police”…All the right ingrediments!!

Len Freeman: Kane Richmond… one of the great serial stars.. and played The Shadow in 3 films for Monogram

Ancient ancestor once say, “Words cannot cook rice.”

Rush: The Clipper….

Louise: USC!

Rush: USC.

angel: Can words fry eggs?

Rush: That was where I got to see the “lost” Chan film scripts…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah. So they sort of overdid the Confucius sayings in his first scene…

Nothere: The biggest little city in the world just got national.

Rush: Kind of a fun connection.

angel: Objectionable odor is tetragene.

Louise: Sprout?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Angel, with the right words, I can make a souffle

Rush: Yes!

Nothere: One of Chan’s kids is actually in class for once.

Rush: True.

angel: Fox & i had words earlier. Big yolks.

Mike n Rachel in DC: That was a little dangerous…

angel: Can i borrow your tank?

Rush: “DON’T pick up strangers!”

Nothere: The old I’m sick trick.

Rush: Stunt double!

Dona: Yes Rush. That is what my Dad always told me

Mike n Rachel in DC: That was quite a stunt!

Rush: Yes!

Mike n Rachel in DC: zing

Rush: That would have resulted in at least a few scrapes!

Rush: “I ain’t sayin’ another word…”

Nothere: I forget what movie it was. Two guys see a hot girl hitchhiking. Debating if they shoul pick her up. one says this is how porn movies start. His friend points out its also how horror movies start.

Mike n Rachel in DC: LOL @ NT

Rush: Yes, NT…

Len Freeman has left this room

Louise: Charlie has friends everywhere

Rush: “Tombstone.”

hounder: brb dog walk

Rush: Okay, Hounder…

Rush: Enjoy….

Rush: Jimmy in the lineup!

Matt1: Pop….lol

Mike n Rachel in DC: We need Shemp

Rush: Pop can’t believe his eyes!

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Yes, Mike!

Nothere: Chan meets his kid in prision. This happens oddly often for Honolulu’s top homicide detective.

Rush: That one will be coming up.

Mike n Rachel in DC: 106, 109, 214A

Rush: Good line!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie has lots of zingers

Rush: WB, Len!

Nothere: Hey Len

Rush: Not PC…but funny!

Len Freeman: Hi NT .. some wifi problems tonite

Rush: Understand, len!

Nothere: Sorry dude. But if you have to use your fingrs, they’ll never buy it.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: 🙂

Nothere: Want to buy some anti gremlin juice Len?

angel: A murder occurred.

Phil: A tin can was heard

Rush: Yes…


hounder: back

Mike n Rachel in DC: If a tin can falls in the chat room, but no one hears it…

angel: She looks kinda Nazi.


Louise: They accused you beacuse you are so hysterical


Nothere: KATHOOM>

angel: MnR Fox will scoop that can up. There’s a war on, buddy, or HADN’T YOU HEARD?

Nothere: Wolf howl.

Nothere: machine gun

Nothere: thunder

Mike n Rachel in DC: Can I take back my pop bottle for a penny too?

Nothere: Read but not heard.

Rush: FDR photo on the wall.

hounder: nice shadows

Nothere: Sorry Mike and or Racheal. That’s what the recycle bin takes away.

Rush: Agreed, Hounder.

angel: His eyes follow you around the room! Wait—no—that’s the Jedgar Hoover photo.

angel: Scrapers run $1.65/hour.

Rush: Tonopah mud covers Tombstone’s car.

Nothere: Tombstone master of stealth.

angel: I wouldn’t be doggone, i’d be wrong gone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: That’s quite a get-up

Rush: Jimmy: “dudded up.”

angel: Master of stealth easily foiled by stacks of tin cans. Or more foil.

Nothere: You mean Jimmy <ike>

Nothere: Mike even:)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yes. Ouch.

Rush: Charming company turn lowly sandwich into rich banquet.

angel: The wardrobe folks here were surely mad hatters.

hounder: charlie reminds son of manners

angel: I’ll have a lowly sandwich. $1.65, right?

Mike n Rachel in DC: With yet another zinger

Rush: “Will search then, this time, with eyes OPEN.”

Rush: Yes..a good one.

Nothere: Alright ya city slickers you keep making fun of Jimmy’s western duuds non a ya get the rattlesnake stew.

angel: Charlie ZINGS!!

angel: Notty, remember to use the SECRET sauce!!

Louise: Caught in the act

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oops

Phil: My, doesn’t that look suspicious?

Rush: Uh-huh.

Rush: Odd bangs.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of odd hairstyles in this one

Nothere: Hell get out of it. He played Perry Mason in the movies.

angel: Mere hundred-dollar bills.

Rush: Yes.

Mike n Rachel in DC: She was…until I killed…er…

Louise: There is a new Perry Mason cable series

Nothere: 1930′ or now. I’ll take hundreds.

Rush: There is, Louise?

angel: MnR, you right about the hairstyles. There was gonna be a war on, but they hadn’t heard.

Rush: If want wild bird to sing, do not put him in cage.

Nothere: What channel Louise?

Phil: A variation of the wild bird theorem

Rush: Chan used that saying before.

hounder: charlie likes that quote about wild birds singing

angel: I’d give thousands.

Rush: Recall?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Wild bird / cage…reprise from “London”

Rush: YES!

Rush: BINGO!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Mr. “Chang” used that on the inspector

Phil: No Rush, Charlie never says Bingo in any movies.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nor does he ever play Bingo

Nothere: O.k. premiers June 21 on HBO with Matthew Rys as Perry.

Phil: Nor do we know that he has a dog named bingo

angel: Phil, this is why i want to live: for computer-generated Chan. “BINGO!”

Nothere: Was his Name o.

Dona: lol

angel: Bingo was his name, oh.

Louise: New psychology on wrinkles!

Rush: “Death usually grim.”

hounder: new psycology on wrinkles….scares them away

Mike n Rachel in DC: Slow news day in Reno if that was in the paper

Rush: I hope it is good, Louise.

angel: Front page, MnR, front page.

angel: Must wear my best beanie if i plan stopping at the Hotel Sierra.

Dona: he didn’t even go through all the drawers

Mike n Rachel in DC: A little bit of Black Camel, too

Dona: much less the rest of the room

Nothere: Ah 35 was a sucky year, and I spent most of 36 drunk. We didn’t lose anything.

angel: 1935 & 36 sucked.

hounder: honolulu bloodhound

Rush: HM.

Mike n Rachel in DC: ?

Phil: His jacket has 3 stars, his hat has 3 stars, I wonder if his underwear has 3 stars?

Rush: Phil: 🙂

angel: I wonder if these stars have 3 underwear.

Louise: Reactions…

Nothere: It’s stranger than you think Phil. The movie is three stars.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Swiping the newspaper items…like in Black Camel (though that was from the library)

Rush: Yes.

Rush: That’s true.

angel: Anybody else think Mary’s head too big for body?

Rush: Haven’t looked that closely, Angel!

Rush: Take out the ruler and calipers!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Knife-like scissors

angel: Don’t look now. We’re too late. Or, actually, too early, we being in 1946. If you’re with me.

Rush: BIFF!

Rush: FIGHT!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pow!

hounder: fight fight fight

angel: The doctor is WAY in!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <fight>

Nothere: Sharp scissor. Good to know the killer isn’t using dull murder weapons.

angel: BIFF!

Rush: CC wisely retreats….

angel: POW!

angel: BOFF!

angel: CRUMP!

Rush: That’ll keep him out of it!

Nothere: <POW. BAM.CRASH>

angel: Dude looks like an admiral.

Dona: lol

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman: troublemaker

angel: Gimme 2 sedatives.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Damn furriners…always stirrin up trouble

angel: Boilermaker.

Rush: MURDER stirs up a bit of trouble, Tombstone…!

Louise: COUGH!

Rush: (Cough…)

Rush: 🙂

angel: Where can i get a furriner?

Rush: More good screams!

angel: They smelled the weed, that’s why.

Rush: She recognized CC.

angel: How VERY fortunate Hays Officewise, lady intruder was Asian.

Phil: Between the three of them, only 2 understand what’s being said.

Rush: She might even be joining the family!

angel: Those 2 are you & me, Phil.

angel: Missing Trylon could be on her person. Perisphere nearby for getaway.

Nothere: Ah the old cover the stain with the furniture trick eh Jimmy?

Phil: Just as I suspected angel

Rush: Yes, NT.

Nothere: Did horse remain on lady?

Rush: Jimmy thinks that that was a burn caused by his cigarette.

angel: They don’t get past ME, Phil.

Rush: Maine?

Phil: lol rush

Nothere: Yes plan that avoids you getting killed is good plan.

angel: The pointy boots with curled toes the current muchachos wear would fit right in here.

angel: Jimmy gilds the lily.

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Pricilla.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Pricilla got good screen time

angel: Hello Kitty!

Rush: 🙂

Dona: His cat likes him

Rush: Yes.

angel: Plenty of sunshine, headin’ my way…

Mike n Rachel in DC: Somehow, Tombstone doesn’t seem like a cat person

Rush: Dona…it seems our Chan movie showing evaporated!

Dona: Yes it did.

Rush: 🙁

angel: Red Clay. Didn’t he star with Imogene Ingenue in Dead Gulch?

Dona: I am hoping they can reopen sometime in the future

Rush: Hopefully, yes!

angel: Forward, into the past!

Dona: There are lots of businesses I fear will not.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Visit the ghost town at night…cool

angel: An admiral’s make-work is never done.

hounder: alarm sleeping ghosts

Rush: I agree, Dona…sadly.

angel: Herbert Hoover was just around the bend too.

Dona: He looks too big for that car

Nothere: Behold the true secret of Reno Pd Crime Cat.

hounder: me too dona.

Rush: That was a smallish car, wasn’t it!

Rush: Coyotes.

Phil: So ah..where they getting the power for the lights? Kerosene lantern no doubt.

Rush: Moonlight?

Nothere: Anyway this is where I leave you. Have a good night everyone.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good night NT!

Louise: great set

Phil: Goodnight NT

Rush: Aw…good night, NT!

angel: Nitey nite notty!!

Rush: have a great week.

Dona: Goodnight NT

Rush: Next week:

angel: He coulda had a V8.

Rush: “CC at Treasure Island.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nice comic moments…all we need is BB

Nothere has left this room

Rush: Possibly the best of the best.

Rush: Yes, mike!

Rush: Some good stuff!

angel: Sheriff has a face that could clock a stop.

Dona: Yes Mike

hounder: moooo

Rush: WOW!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ha. Toro!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Needed a cape

angel: “Give him the slip”—well, you didn’t look the type, Sheriff, but i’ve got an open mind.

Louise: World’s Fair licence plate?

Rush: “California World’s fair 39”

Rush: Yes, louise!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Do they make them in “big and tall” sizes?

Rush: And THAT will provide the location for NEXT week’s movie!

angel: I LIKE the license plate!!

Rush: The 1939 West Coast World’s Fair!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Poor housekeeping…do the dishes next time, ok?

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman has joined this room

angel: Vermins hermits.

Len Freeman: Great visual of face

Rush: WB, Len!

Rush: Sorry about your troubles tonight!

Len Freeman: oh well

angel: All these cans will be flying to Berlin, to kick Adolf where it hurts!

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman: Darn good prices

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie takes care of Tombstone…

Mike n Rachel in DC: I wonder if they sell hand sanitizer

angel: Nitric acid has just skyrocketed since ’39. I shoulda bought a 55-gallon then.

Rush: Back in 1939…soap alone probably did the job!

angel: Putting the HO in Hotel.

Rush: “Sidown…”

angel: Stupid police surgeon!

Mike n Rachel in DC: There’s something queer about this…yes…the dresses in this scene

hounder: where’s jimmy get the money to buy all the scissors

angel: They were cut-rate.

Louise: planting evidence

Phil: There’s your answer hounder

Rush: Yes, Mike…some interesting attire tonight!

Phil: oh oh.

Len Freeman: If the glove fits you must convict

Mike n Rachel in DC: I NEVER hide scissors in my chairs. I always put them in the sofa cushions.

Rush: 🙂

Phil: pointy end up, no doubt

Louise: I hide mine under the toilet paper

Rush: “Horsefeathers!”

Dona: I like that term

Dona: it should come back

Rush: Yes.

Phil: Baack then, men wore tuxedos day and night. Some men even slept in tuxes

Dona: lol Phil

Rush: Phil: 🙂

Mike n Rachel in DC: Oh God

Phil: And then, there was Jimmy

Rush: LOUD pajamas!

Louise: Bad PJs

Dona: VERY

hounder: very noisy jammies

Mike n Rachel in DC: Easy to see him in the dark, I guess

Len Freeman: Yowsa

Rush: YES!

Phil: Something else Jimmy has to fess up to

angel: These people were spoiling for LED’s, or some kinda track lighting.

Rush: Yes…only he was innocent!

hounder: how’d charlie differentiate between acid and cigarette

angel: The electric acid kool-aid test.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Nitric acid leaves a nasty burn…clue…

Mike n Rachel in DC: We prefer lysergic acid…

Rush: The burn would be much less deep if it were a cigarette burn.

angel: Eats thru $$ at the rate of $3.50 a jigger.

Phil: Well, when Charlie’s finger began to dissolve he knew it was nitric acid

Mike n Rachel in DC: the Great Gauze Mystery

angel: Phil,     

Len Freeman: Very 60s MnR

Rush: TOnly if he placed his finger into the bottle!

Mike n Rachel in DC: diethylamide

Mike n Rachel in DC: I (Mike) had a formula for it once…

angel: Purpose of gauze? You got me there. Cuff me & throw me in the slammer.

Phil: WE don’t put up with that kind of talk M&R

Mike n Rachel in DC: Youngsters… 

angel: My blue lysergic suit!!

Rush: Tonopah.

Mike n Rachel in DC: turn on, tune in, drop out…

angel: Tehachapi.

Rush: Our family went there a few years ago.

Len Freeman: fade out

angel: Dynamite—or TETRAGENE??

Mike n Rachel in DC: What’s it like Rush? Small town?

angel: Boredom.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ainsley?

Rush: Either will work, Angel!

Phil: Mostly dead is not the same as all dead. Just ask Max the Miracle Worker

angel: Mrs. Russell didn’t kill herself.

angel: Police surgeon sawing up police right now.

Rush: Ouch!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Suddenly everyone has gauze…didn’t they need it for the army?

Phil: Yeah Jimmy, put that syringe in your pocket needle up.

angel: Whole lotta hoarding goin’ on. MnR, you cover the suspects; Lassie will go for help.

Rush: We are still a couple of years from that need, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good thing it’s only filled with poison..

angel: MnR

Phil: Bout as dumb as putting scissors in your toilet paper

Dona: where is the nearest car wash

Rush: “Horsefeathers!”

Rush: Another one for you, louise!

angel: MnR     

angel: I don’t want music with my meals. I want meals with my music.

Len Freeman: Horsefeathers h

Rush: 🙂

Phil: Even I hate Mrs. Bentley

Mike n Rachel in DC: hors d’oeuvres

angel: Some have inquests, some have outquests. Many twins have one of each.

Rush: I think that NO ONE liked Mrs. Bentley!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Miss Wells, impulsive young lady with bad hairdo

Dona: lol

angel: Green-eyed monster causes red-blooded Americans to sing the blues.

Rush: Colorful, Angel!

Phil: Is there a light switch anywhere in the room?

Rush: “Horsefeathers.”

angel: I’LL say when we have collusion!

angel: This is a job for Batman. Or Bat Soup.

hounder: is it me or is the synch off?

Rush: No thanks, Angel.

Louise: stop yelling

Len Freeman: sounds out of synch

Rush: Are you watching online, Len?

angel: A dose of HER own medicine, you mean.

Len Freeman: yes

Rush: AH!

Rush: That would be it.

Rush: I am watching my DVD copy.

angel: Meal tickets $1.65-$3.50, FOB.

Len Freeman: Hmm .. I should’ve also

Rush: Next time, Len…

Len Freeman: Though the online copy is very clean

angel: My DVDs are quarantined in Carolina.

Louise: what!

Rush: Liquid smoke.

hounder: mine too angel

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. I wonder if that’s a legal search.

angel: Big baseball biceps!

Rush: liquid smoke – Smoke created for effect as in the making of films. A chemical called titanium tetrachloride is often used to produce smoke in movies.

Louise: Easy confession

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Tell it to your jury….

angel: Tell it to the Marines.

Rush: The Doctor has some serious explaining to do!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Hm. And then there’s that “chain of evidence” thing…

angel: Sincerely hope jury will feel same. Chivalrous CC!

Rush: To HIS jury!

Rush: “Horsefeatrhers.”

hounder: nice easy case of cattle rustling

Rush: Poor Tombstone….

Dona: lol

Phil: WHAT was he doing UNDER the cow?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Too bad there’s not another one with Tombstone

Mike n Rachel in DC: *smooch*

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Dona: matchmaker

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Len Freeman: A very good Vhan

Rush: A happy reconciliation….

Len Freeman: Chan

Dona: YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Rush: Closing credits…

Mike n Rachel in DC: A definite step up from Honolulu…heading for the big time!

hounder: charlievlikes happy endings.

Louise: Fun movie: annoying suspects!

Rush: THE END….

angel: NEXT WEEK! See “Under The Cow”, a Tombstone Tonopah Adventure!!!

Rush: (applause…”

Len Freeman: lol

Phil: lol angel

Dona: LOL Angel

Rush: Another unwritten Chan case, Angel?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Yeah. “Charlie Chan in Tonopah” probably wouldn’t sell

Rush: Oh…one never knows!

hounder: thanks all. be well and safe. see you next week

angel: A jazzy exit! Fox boogying up the aisle, we’ll see you all next week!! Stay distant!!

Rush: You as well, Hounder!

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Phil: aloha chan earthlings, until next week

Louise: you too, angel

Rush: Thank you ALL for another one tonight!

Phil has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks to everyone for brightening things up!

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a good/healthy week ahead

Rush: take care….

Rush: Be happy….

Louise: stay well all

Dona: Fun evening thank you everyone! Thank you Rush.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Keep washing your hands!

Rush: BE SAFE!

Rush: And, thank you, Louise!

Rush: Yes…be WELL!

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angel has left this room

Len Freeman: Night all

Rush: See you next week at Treasure island!

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Louise has left this room

Rush: Good night, len!

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Dona has left this room

Len Freeman: Another goodie

Rush: Oh, YES!

Rush: Possibly the VERY best.

Rush: Thank you, Len!

Rush: Good night!

Rush: Be well…

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