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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for June 17, 2019

Phantom of Chinatown

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 11)


Matt1 has joined this room16:24

Rush has joined this room16:32

Rush: Hello, Matt!16:33

Matt1: Hello Rush!16:33

Matt1: How is the trip thus far?16:33

Rush: Greetings from Lake Tahoe!16:33

Rush: Having a very good time, thank you!16:33

Rush: We stopped at Bodie ghost town today.16:33

Matt1: And a belated Happy Father’s Day to you!16:33

Rush: Very interesting.16:33

Matt1: Cool!16:33

Rush: Had heard of it for years, and we finally took the time to see it.16:34

Matt1: Girls enjoy it too?16:34

Rush: How have you been, Matt?16:34

Rush: Yes, they did, but not as much as me!16:34

Rush: :)16:34

Matt1: Very good, thnx…..Disney last weekend again…..Always fun16:34

Rush: AH!16:35


Matt1: Disney?16:35


Rush: Yes…Orlando.16:36

Matt1: Well, FL is #1 State for lightning strikes16:36

Rush: Sorry about the caps lock!16:36

Rush: I am using the computer at the rec of of the place where we are staying. We got in about an hour ago.16:36

Matt1: Last week we had a good turn out for Hornet16:37

Rush: Yes, Matt!16:37

Rush: We found that out!16:37

Rush: Exciting!16:37

Matt1: This week, hmmmm16:37

Rush: May you have clear skies during your visit!16:37

Matt1: How long are you away for?16:37

Rush: We get back home late Saturday night.16:38

Rush: We took highway 395 most of the way up here.16:38

Rush: That is the same road that Jimmy Chan would have taken from Los Angeles to Reno.16:38

Matt1: Good drive?16:38

Rush: BEAUTIFUL!16:39

Matt1: Oh cool…..when he got car jacked?16:39

Rush: The scenery is unbelievable!16:39

Rush: We goe right by Mt. Whitney along the way.16:39

Rush: Those mountains, the Sierras, are still snowcapped.16:39

Matt1: Very cool16:40

Rush: Yes, Matt!16:40

Rush: When he lost his friend’s car!16:40

Matt1: Always like seeing snow from a distance now, lol16:40

Matt1: Yes!16:40

Rush: He was fairly near Reno when that happened.16:40

Matt1: Always wanted to visit Reno….bucket list16:41

Rush: We also visited Manzanar Internment Camp yesterday as we always do when we drive up that highway.16:41

Rush: also very interesting.16:41

Rush: If you get to Reno, take the drive up to Lake Tahoe…not far at all.16:42

Rush: Another Chan site!16:42

Rush: “Keeper of the Keys.”16:42

Matt1: Ok, wasn’t aware of that16:42

Rush: Looks line my “temporary” visit tonight might mean I am the only one with you for the serial!16:43

Matt1: Are you planning on staying for it?16:43

Rush: Yes, I think you would like it. If you can get to Truckee, that is also in the book.16:43

Rush: The train station there is where CC arrives at Lake Tahoe.16:44

Matt1: That’s really cool16:44

Rush: AND…if you drive a bit toward San Francisco, you can see Emmigrant Gap where CC was shgot at the bus rest stop.16:44

Matt1: How about I start in 2 minutes?16:44

Rush: :)16:44

Rush: Along Highway 80, I think.16:44

Rush: Okay!16:45

Rush: Happy to share it with you!16:45

Matt1: 90 seconds!16:45

Rush: I won’t have sound, but that’s okay!16:45

Matt1: 60 seconds!16:46

Rush: They disconnected the speakers, understandably!16:46

Rush: Ready!16:46

Matt1: 45 seconds!16:46

Rush: :)16:46

Matt1: 30 seconds!16:46

Matt1: 15 seconds!16:47

Matt1: 1016:47

Matt1: 516:47

Matt1: GO!16:47

Rush: GONG!16:47

Matt1: Many schools up north are having graduations today16:47

Rush: “Thieves of the Night”16:48

Rush: Yes?16:48

Rush: We are all done.16:48

Matt1: FL finished a few weeks ago16:48

Rush: (Of course!)16:48

Rush: WEather days during the year?16:48

Matt1: Snow always a factor in PA16:48

Rush: BOOM!16:49

Rush: Yes.16:49

Rush: I think states like PA almost schedule in snow days for the year!16:50

Matt1: They do buffer them in16:50

Rush: Yes.16:50

Rush: Hornet looks to be in bad shape…16:50

Rush: I guess the explosion shook him up.16:51

Matt1: Law says they must be done by end of June… many years they need to take away Spring Break and other day offs16:51

Rush: Ah.16:51

Rush: Yes.16:51

Matt1: Disappearing ink!16:52

Rush: IF you can or wish to, I usually copy and past the entire Chat from bottom to top (where you logged in today) and then paste it to a Word document.16:53

Matt1: And email it to you?16:53

Rush: t takes a whilw to copy it, and you cannot hardly even breathe during the process, as you might “hiccup” and have to start over!16:54

Matt1: May be a short document tonight 16:54

Rush: Well…it may be or may NOYT be!16:54

Rush: I think people will show for the feature!16:54

Matt1: I will do my best to remember to do so16:54

Cdirus has joined this room16:55

Matt1: Hello CD!16:55

Cdirus: Hi Rush and Matt!16:55

Rush: If you want, you can email to me at

Rush: Hello, CD!16:55

Rush: Mat’s in charge tonight.16:55

Matt1: Ok!16:55

Rush: I am “just visiting” for a while!16:55

Cdirus: Good luck Matt16:55

Matt1: Running a tight ship!16:56

Rush: Indeed!16:56

Rush: :)16:56

Cdirus: Where are we on the hornet16:56

Matt1: 9:0016:56

Matt1: 9:1516:56

Rush: He’s doing better than I do, for sure!16:56

Matt1: lol16:56

Cdirus: Ok thanks16:56

Matt1: Nope!16:56

Rush: Yes…the Green Hornet” is still going.16:56

Matt1: 9:4516:57

Matt1: About half way in16:57

Cdirus: I was out fixing dinner, wasn’t sure if it was still going. :)16:57

Rush: I just got it on my phone, so I have sound now!16:58

Matt1: Cool!16:58

Rush: Flagging down a truck.16:58

Rush: Hijacking it.16:58

Rush: Technology is great…when it works!16:59

Cdirus: That’s what I always say Rush!16:59

Rush: I hope to stay into the movie tonight before I rejoin the family…16:59

Rush: Yes, CD!17:00

Matt1: We have about 5 minutes to go17:00

Rush: What I will also try to do, Matt, is see if I can come back later this evening and copy the chat text and paste it to an email to myself.17:01

Rush: However, if you can make a copy as well, that would be great!17:01

Matt1: Ok….if you are able, just shoot me a quick email?17:01

Rush: I am never sure how long our chats remain available.17:01

Rush: Sometimes they disappear early.17:01

Rush: I will try to do that, matt!17:02

Rush: Also, I could post a message on our Message Board to you!17:02

Rush: The buzzing Hornet Mobile….17:02

Cdirus: At least he knew he was flagging down the right car.17:03

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room17:03

Matt1: Hello GS!17:03

Rush: So far this year, I have collected and posted ALL of our chats and placed them into the 2019 Chat Archive.17:03

Cdirus: Hi GS!17:03

Rush: Hello, GS!17:03

Matt1: Ok, great!17:03

Godwinshelley3: Quick hello from Hoosier Heartland 17:03

Matt1: Hope the trip is going well, GS17:04

Rush: Glad that you…and I…could make it tonight, GS.17:04

Rush: I am dropping in from Lake Tahoe.17:04

Godwinshelley3 has left this room17:04

Rush: That must be SOME motor in that Hornet car!17:04

Cdirus: That was quick GS17:04

Rush: We approach the climax…17:05

Rush: YOW!17:05

Cdirus: Cliff hanger!17:05

Matt1: Another cliffhanger17:05

Matt1: Yikes!17:05

Rush: NOT a low budget ending!17:05

Rush: They destroyed a perfectly good truck to shoot that!17:05

Matt1: The End…..Wowza!17:05

Matt1: Need to set up tonight’s film “Phantom of Chinatown”17:06

Rush: I put “Phantom of Chinatown” on my phone…17:06

Rush: Ready to go, Matt!17:06

Matt1: That was a quick set up….Cue to Opening Title!17:07

Matt1: We lost GS?17:07

Rush: Before I go, tonight, I want to make sure I wish our Number One Son, Keye Luke a very happy birthday!17:07

Matt1: 17:08

Rush: I guess she was serious! Just dropped in to say “hi”!17:08

Matt1: Yes!17:08

Cdirus: 17:08

Matt1: Many must be in vacation mode this week17:09

Rush: Could very well be, matt.17:09

Rush: However, so many seen to come in the door just before we run the feature!17:09

Matt1: 5 minutes until “Phantom of Chinatown”17:10

Dona has joined this room17:10

Matt1: True!17:10

Dona: Hello Everyone!17:10

Cdirus: Hi Dona!17:10

Matt1: Hello Dona!17:10

Rush: In the old days (!), we would have nights with s small handful of us!17:10

Matt1: “Phantom of Chinatown”…..Cue up!17:10

Rush: I was one-on-one a few times!17:10

Dona: I remember Rush.17:10

Rush: READY!17:10

Rush: :)17:10

Cdirus: Ready!17:10

Dona: I am ready!17:10

Rush: Ah, yes, Dona!17:10

Rush: :)17:11

Matt1: 4 minutes!17:11

Rush: I didn’t see you come in!17:11

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room17:11

Matt1: wb GS!17:11

Frosty has joined this room17:11

Dona: I’m here. Glad to be here.17:11

Cdirus: Hi Frosty!17:11

Matt1: Hello Frosty…..Cue up!17:11

Dona: Hello Frosty17:11

Matt1: 3:30 to go17:11

Rush: Matt’s the one running the show tonight! I just dropped by for a little while. We are in lake Tahoe as we speak…17:11

Frosty: Hi everyone17:11

Godwinshelley3: Was At the oldest brewery in Indiana (1835) – now at noodle bar. 17:11

Rush: Hi, Frosty!17:12

Matt1: 3 minutes to go!17:12

Godwinshelley3: Won’t stay just checking in17:12

Matt1: “Phantom of Chinatown” tonight17:12

Dona: I hope you are have a great time Rush! That is very beautiful country.17:12

Godwinshelley3 has left this room17:12

Matt1: There GS goes17:12

Rush: And, that’s just what she did!17:12

Matt1: 2 minutes to go!17:13

Matt1: Ready Frosty?17:13

Frosty: Yes17:13

Rush: :)Nice to see everyone here, tonight!17:13

Matt1: 90 seconds!17:13

Rush: And, again, it sure is nice to have you back regularly with us, Frosty!17:13

Matt1: 60 seconds!17:14

Matt1: 45 seconds!17:14

Rush: (tick-tick…)17:14

Matt1: 30 seconds!17:14

Frosty: Thank you Rush.nice to be back17:14

Matt1: 15 seconds!17:14

Rush: :)17:14

Matt1: 1017:14

Matt1: 517:14

Matt1: GO!17:15

Matt1: Phew17:15

Rush: I like that Monogram logo at the start.17:15

Rush: I wish they had kept it!17:15

Matt1: Yes!17:15

Cdirus: A Take on Nat Geo?17:16

Rush: So, this might be sort of a Mr. Wong “prequel” with his as a young detective!17:16

Matt1: Good point17:16

Rush: Possibly, CD! good point.17:16

Rush: :)17:16

Cdirus: I think it is as this is the first time he meets mr. Street17:16

Rush: Matt, we are on the same wavelength!17:17

Matt1: Boy am I missing sound effects tonight! 17:17

Frosty: Me too17:17

Rush: The “home movies.”17:17

Rush: Agreed, matt!17:17

Rush: This sequence REALLY lent itself to those!!!17:18

Rush: (hahahaha…)17:18

Rush: (applause…)17:18

Matt1: Circus is the other film17:18

Rush: (amel…)17:18

Rush: YES!17:18

Rush: (fly-by…)17:19

Matt1: Similar to CC in Egypt17:19

Rush: Yes.17:19

Rush: (cough..)17:20

Frosty: Who doesn’t like a tomb17:20

Rush: Also, a bit similar to “The Feathered Serpent” here.17:20

Rush: I agree, Frosty, although, personally, I an in NO HURRY!17:21

Matt1: Pop!17:21

Frosty: Haha me neither17:21

Rush: The cameraman.17:21

Rush: Frosty: :)17:21

Rush: A scroll..17:22

Rush: What was he looking for in that foliage?17:23

Rush: Sirrocco!17:23

Rush: (dog drinking…)17:24

Dona: lol17:24

Matt1: Jimmy….hmmm17:25

Rush: As he should have learned on his expedition: “Don’t drink the water!”17:25

Rush: Yes…”Jimmy” Wong.17:25

Matt1: 17:26

Rush: As I mentioned, this would be something of a “prequel” of the Mr. Wong series, with Keye Luke being the young Mr. Wong!17:26

Rush: he only trouble would be the contemporary cars, etc…17:27

Frosty: Jimmy to James17:27

Rush: (the)17:27

Rush: Yes!17:27

Matt1: James…”Lee” Wong17:27

Rush: He grew up to be James…17:27

Rush: maybe this was before studying in England, where he must have acquired his English accent!17:28

Rush: Second daughter, Rachel, says I have to go now!17:28

Rush: Take care…have fun…TYSM, Matt!17:28

Rush: And…17:28

Dona: Hi to Rachel. Have fun!17:28

Rush: Happy Birthday, Keye Luke!17:29

Matt1: Enjoy the trip Rush17:29

Cdirus: Bye Rush! see you next week17:29

Frosty: The Rush17:29

PaulM has joined this room17:29

Rush: See you later!17:29

Cdirus: Hi Paul!17:29

Matt1: Hello Paul!17:29

Dona: Hi Paul17:29

Frosty: Hi Paul17:29

PaulM: hiya17:29

Matt1: I don’t have a counter, so if someone could let Paul and other know where we are at in film?17:29

Rush has left this room17:30

PaulM: prolly about 15 minutes in by now17:30

Frosty: 16 minutes17:30

Dona: 15:4017:30

Matt1: Foo!17:30

Dona: 1617:31

Matt1: Didn’t take long to make the paper17:31

Dona: 1717:32

Matt1: Ouch!17:33

PaulM: i was hoping to see Godwin Shelley in here…but, i’ll be seeing here later this week anyway17:36

Frosty: She came and left17:36

Matt1: She is traveling this week17:37

PaulM: yeah. we’ll be meeting down at Monsterbash this weekend17:37

Matt1: Ahhhh, very cool17:37

Matt1: Is that the one in the Pitt, PA area?17:37

PaulM: yup. just a little north of Pittsburgh. they say it’s in Mars, but it’s more like Cranberry Township17:38

Matt1: Yes!17:38

Matt1: Pre-warrants17:41

Matt1: One of the few times “Jimmy” has the money to pay17:42

Dona: lol17:44

Frosty: No one ever sees anyone17:48

Matt1: Dark17:50

Matt1: Like the old Chans17:50

PaulM: “Sons to mourn at your grave”17:56

Matt1: Momma Chan!17:58

Frosty: Temple of Eternal Fire…oil !!!17:58

Dona: I knew she looked familiar18:00

Matt1: That was 6 shots18:01

Cdirus: better reload18:02

Dona: how did he know which room18:05

Matt1: 18:05

Frosty: A trap.18:08

Matt1: I’d fall asleep18:09

Frosty: Will the spider catch a fly18:10

Cdirus: Till Street smacks you18:10

Matt1: lol18:12

Frosty: Caught the fly. Scrawny little one18:15

Matt1: THE END18:15

Matt1: Good film18:15

Frosty: Applause18:16

Dona: another good one18:16

Dona: YAY!!!!!18:16

Dona: Thank you Matt!18:16

Frosty: Good job Matt18:16

Matt1: Next week: “Murder Over New York”18:16

Dona: Another good one.18:17

Matt1: Thank you for a fun evening and a Happy Birthday to Keye Luke!18:17

Frosty: Have a good week everyone18:17

Dona: See you next week everyone!18:17

PaulM has left this room18:17

Matt1: Have a great week everyone!18:17

Cdirus: See you next week!18:18

Dona has left this room18:18

Frosty has left this room18:18

Matt1: Good night CD!18:20

Matt1: Rush….I will email you the chat….I remembered 18:21

Cdirus: Night, Matt! Thanks again.18:21

Cdirus has left this room18:21

Matt1 has left this room

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