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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for June 27, 2022

Dead Men Tell

Cocos Island: A Real Life ‘Treasure Island’; (One other extra relating to the film)

hi there (momentary visitor)
LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx
Phil & Mrs. Phil
Rich Maine

Matt1 has joined this room

Hawaii_Steve has joined this room

Matt1: Alohaaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Matt. And how are you?

Matt1: Great, thnx and yourself?

Hawaii_Steve: Racing to meet deadlines. I may leave after the feature film starts.

Hawaii_Steve: “Murder By Death” is one of my favorite Chans.

Matt1: No problem….and thnx again for coming up with this weeks clip!

Hawaii_Steve: Eventually, I am going to stop with the EXTRAS. Ending in 1945, end of WW2.

Hawaii_Steve: Have you heard from Rush and family?

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LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Good evening.

Matt1: Actually, I just picked up a email he sent to my old account. He may try to stop in, but will be very tired. Sounded good though!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Hawaii_Steve: Good evening LIVE x 2.

Matt1: I think we can wait until 45 min after the hour for our clip

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Hello Steve and Matt! We are just arranging our towels & umbrella, will be popping off in a moment to go to Concession (with TWO c’s) for a carton of Chesterfields. See you shortly!

Matt1: Hope we get a few more people

mda19083 has joined this room

Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello all

Hawaii_Steve: According to an old email from Rush, this is the month that the website/webmaster is suppose to go down.

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha MDA.

mda19083: rainy and overcast here in Philadelphia – happy to be in the chat room

Matt1: Ah, so the clock is ticking!

Hawaii_Steve: Some time ago, I suggested to Rush that he download all Chan images to flashdrive. He has not done so.

Matt1: I hope everyone had a good week and brought their copy of the treasure map with them?

mda19083: Matt and Steve – thanks for leading the charge while Rush is enjoying his time away

Hawaii_Steve: Over the years, I have downloaded material related to The Black Camel. I have it both on desktop and flash drive.

Matt1: I know Rush and Louise were working on the transition

mda19083: my map has an X on it – is that important?

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, its hot and sunny in Hawaii. Just came from a walk to Target and back home. I love walking around Kailua.

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Matt1: I’ll hold it for you MDA ;-)

Matt1: Hello Rick!

mda19083: Steve – wish I was there

Hawaii_Steve: MDA, only if you are a pirate. X marks the spot.

mda19083: I think I have a pirated copy of the map

RickET: Hello Matt. First Chan Chat.

mda19083: welcome rick

Hawaii_Steve: Ricket, aloha and welcome.

Matt1: We’ll start the extra Steve found at 45 minutes after the hour “Cocos Island: A Real Life Treasure Island”

Matt1: About 5 min out

Hawaii_Steve: Thank you Matt.

Matt1: Welcom Rick

Matt1: Tonight we’ll start with a 20 min clip, then at 15 min after the hour we will begin Dead Men Tell

Matt1: If you don’t have a copy of the movie, the link for Dead Men Tell is just above this chat room box

Matt1: The link for the extra is:

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, I am full-screen in the chat room. There is no link to feature above for me.

Matt1: If you want to cue it up. Just a FYI, I experienced a few commercials, so be prepared to tap the skip button when needed

Hawaii_Steve: For the past few weeks, when I sign into the chat room, I see the previous weeks chat, conclusion. Anybody else?

Matt1: Room not letting me post

Matt1: TWO Minutes

Hawaii_Steve: Hmm.

Hawaii_Steve: First words: “This video is brought to you …”

mda19083: I have had an occasional issue with not being allowed to post – very rare – usually when I have been posting too much

Matt1: Can someon copy the link for Dead Men Tell and paste it?

Matt1: ONE minute!

Matt1: 45 seconds!

Hawaii_Steve: I’ll try after the EXTRA.

Matt1: Ready?

Hawaii_Steve: Cued.

Matt1: 30 seconds!

Matt1: 15 seconds!

Matt1: 10…..

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Hawaii_Steve: GEO logo.

Hawaii_Steve: Robet L. Stevenson.

Matt1: Was everyone able to start the clip?

mda19083: Just got this messageYour message hasn’t been sent. It’s like a flood. Wait for 20 seconds and change the message text or activate VIP status.

Matt1: That’s what has been happening to me for the DMT link

Matt1: Frustrating

Hawaii_Steve: It’s working for me.

Matt1: No, I’ve been trying to post the Dead Men Tell link

Matt1: Not allowing me to do so

mda19083: me neither


Hawaii_Steve: Just click on the link above.

mda19083: thanks steve

Hawaii_Steve: Should we start over? Matt?

mda19083: just learned that I am not a VIP

Matt1: Not enough time

Matt1: Rush is only VIP

Hawaii_Steve: 6 minutes into EXTRA.

Matt1: I’m watching it… anyone elese?

mda19083: me

Matt1: I’m 6 min in

RickET: Me 2

Matt1: Ok

mda19083: me too

Hawaii_Steve: VEry good.

Matt1: Interesting clip

Hawaii_Steve: Mother of All.

Hawaii_Steve: Dear Mother.

Hawaii_Steve: Wafer Deaf.

mda19083: I am having rum this evening in honor of tonight’s feature

Matt1: Fun feature!

Hawaii_Steve: Sponsor announcement.

Matt1: Argggg

Hawaii_Steve: Arrrr (pirate talk).

Matt1: :-)

Hawaii_Steve: 1844.

Hawaii_Steve: 1846

mda19083: September 19 – National Talk Like a Pirate Day

Hawaii_Steve: Nice.

Hawaii_Steve: William Tucker.

Hawaii_Steve: Old Mack in Hawaii.

mda19083: RRRR

Hawaii_Steve: Ad. Hit skip.

mda19083: the wreck of the hesperus

Hawaii_Steve: See the cat pirate?

Matt1: Eye!

mda19083: eye eye sir

Hawaii_Steve: Everybody, and their mother, are searching for the treasure.

dona has joined this room

dona: Hello everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Matt1: We’re almost at the end of our extra….a few more minutes

mda19083: greetings dona


Rich Maine has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Evening all!

mda19083: hello rich

dona: Hi Rich

mda19083: i know the way to san jose

Rich Maine: Hiya Matt, mda

Nothere has joined this room

Rich Maine: Hey Dona

Nothere: Avst there me hearties.

Matt1: Hello NT/NH!

dona: Hello NT

Rich Maine: Hi NT

mda19083: greetings nt

dona: Hello NT

Nothere: Pass the rum hile I check he map, and figureout vho to throv in front of the ghost should it appear.

Rich Maine: Walk the plank!

Nothere: Not solong as I have me broadsvord ye landlubber.

mda19083: the rum is in a dirty glass – sorry

mda19083: RRRR

Matt1: THE END!

Nothere: No problem. Mda I’ll be to drunk to notice a glass soon.

Matt1: Thnx, Steve for sharing!

Hawaii_Steve: Very confusing, indeed.

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, you are welcome.

Matt1: He speaks FAST

Nothere: Vhat is confussing?

mda19083: thanks steve – i will rewatch this again

Matt1: Or, I’m getting old?

mda19083: everyone is young in the chan chat room

Rich Maine: True mda

Nothere: If you feel old Matt have some rum. You’ll either feel young or von’t care soon enough.

Rich Maine: It’s like Shangri-la

Matt1: If using DVD for Dead Men Tell, be sure you are on the correct side (A). Above the chat room box is a link for the movie if needed

Nothere: I’d say the treasure voul help. But it’s mine. All MINE!

Matt1: I’ll try once again to paste it!

Nothere: It?

Matt1: THREE minutes to go!

dona: Ready here Matt

mda19083: matt – cued here

Matt1: Sorry, room not letting me paste link

Rich Maine: My fave character Milton Parsons! Gene LaFarge


Matt1: CUE to Opening Title please!

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, I have tried ten times. System will not accept my paste.

Matt1: TWO Minutes!

mda19083: those two give me the creeps

Hawaii_Steve: Cued to opening Fox logo.

Matt1: Cue to Dead Men Tell please

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: CUED!

Matt1: ONE minute!

mda19083: ANGEL!!!

Rich Maine: All set here….I hear Pegleg walking down my stairs

Matt1: 45 seconds

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: *fanning selves with programs*

Matt1: 30 seconds

hounder has joined this room

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: *stubbing out Chesterfields*

Hawaii_Steve: YouTube video from Rick Busc.


LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: HOUNDAH!!!

dona: hello Hounder

Nothere: Hey Hound

mda19083: greetings hounder

Matt1: 15….

Hawaii_Steve: There is the link.

Matt1: 10….

Rich Maine: Hi hounder

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Matt1: GONG!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Fox LOVES this part!

Nothere: Setting sail. Hey no Rush? Man overboard?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Sidney Toler IS Charlie Chan!!

hounder: hi everyone

Nothere: Verner Oland object Angel

Hawaii_Steve: (c) 1941

Matt1: Rush is still out on his trip….He may try to “pop in”

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Notty, he swam to the sun but will swim back by next week. Eh, Stev / Matt?

hounder: man on vacation i think

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Back then there WAS a hole world.

Nothere: So the treasure vill be split 9vays. Unless something happens to you.

Rich Maine: Ship looks like a carnival ride

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Ring-a-ding rhythm!!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: CHESTERFIELDS! They satisfy!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: He has Prince Albert in the can.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Featuring JOHNNY DEPP (uncredited) as The Pirate

Nothere: But is his refrigerator running?

Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Phils

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha all!

Rich Maine: Daniel’s impersonates Henry fonda

mda19083: welcome phils

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Notty, that sounds like a personal question.

Matt1: Hello Hounder

dona: Hi Phils

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: PHILS!!


Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi dona, NT, Matt

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: It’s H. Ross Parrot! (uncredited)

Nothere: Considering hov much he skips school, the Chans must vant their college money back.

Rich Maine: Hey Phil’s

hounder: hi phil and mrs

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aaannnd Live Angel & Live Fox, Rich in Maine and Hounder.

Matt1: Foo!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: YO HO HO and a botle.

Nothere: Rum. Yes please.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Chairman Mao (uncredited)!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Enter OUR DRAGON

Rich Maine: Everyone have their lute ready?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Will there be LUTING, Rich?

dona: Hi M/M Phil

Hawaii_Steve: Lt. Chan from Honolulu.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Jimmy gets mugged already

mda19083: 60 million – that’s a lot of lute

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Come to give him a good pants-down whacking.

Rich Maine: Ewwww mda

Nothere: I didn’t steal the map. I as not there:)

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: mda is high-octane wordplay.

Matt1: Jimmy tests wardrobe dept big time in this film

Rich Maine: The black cat

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Hello Kitty!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hey uh, where we at time-wise?

RickET: Pricilla from Reno

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Friend of mine with a classic Chevy named it Vlad the Impala.

Nothere: I don;t think theres a Chan vhere the cat isn’t black.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Those eyes. OOOOOOOOOOOH!

mda19083: that lady is nuts

Nothere: So rememberin the event of ghost pirate, everyone stand in front of me.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Mmmmmm, nuts and butts. Got a smoke? Try one o’ mine!

Matt1: I don’t have a counter, Can someone give us the time?

Nothere: 840

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: 8:45

mda19083: 08:39

Matt1: Clark Kent?

Nothere: Charlie just***on deck

Matt1: aka Superman

Matt1: shhhh

mda19083: look up in the sky

mda19083: its a bird

Phil & Mrs. Phil: TYSM

Nothere: It’s a bird. Vhats it doing flying around at night. Stupid bid.

mda19083: its a plane

Matt1: Don’t answer the door….just say’in

Rich Maine: Quick hide the map! Eat it!

Rich Maine: Can please

Nothere: Sorry no one here ghost pirate. Hides behind the Phils.

Matt1: Waiting for confirmation

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Almost hooked is fully DAID!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah the can rule is can’t can until confirmation of death.

Nothere: I have canne befor the can confimed.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Uh-oh.

Rich Maine: Oops……tysm

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah but we were polite about it.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: The Phils can sit on twice the evidence any of us can.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I myself was a premature canner. Then..I was redeemed.

Nothere: Oh great ghost pirates, nov ghost reporters. Must vrite for the San Frnsico Spook.

Rich Maine: I see the light now

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Redeemed for 5 cents? You know Michigan gives dimes?

Matt1: lol

Rich Maine: Feather please

mda19083: she’s a screamer

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: SDhe’s a scream.

mda19083: just jimmy chan

Phil & Mrs. Phil: That’s what I’ve heard.

Rich Maine: But no boa!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: CC shoulda JIMMIED the box.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Maybe a Charles Foster cane.

Nothere: Don’t move I have a pipe.


Phil & Mrs. Phil: Citizen Kane? The Caine Mutiny?

Nothere: Oh that vas punishing Agel.

Rich Maine: What is it about her fingertips?

Matt1: <tin can>

Matt1: No scream for this though?

Nothere: A good point Rich.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: In The Cane Mutiny, neighbors below climb the rigging and break the Charles Foster cane. The shattered bits are tossed from the window and fall among rosebuds.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Captain Kane?

Rich Maine: Maybe short finger nails?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: On short fingers?

Nothere: She i the type

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: All robbers should be required to make out receipts.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: There’s Mary Anne and Ginger.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: CC is the model of rectitude.

mda19083: blackhook is a woman named Margaret – but they call her Peg

Nothere: Jimmy could you not sound so happy over the corpse.

hounder: sorry. had to get mom to bed.

Nothere: Thats o.k. Hound.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: They’re high on gasoline, and a clean windshield

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: They ain’t afraid o’ no ghosts.

mda19083: I am on team maryanne

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: He’s gonna keep his pants on for duration of the—well—

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: inCOGnitto.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: It’s in COG nito

Nothere: Neither am I. I keep hiding behind the Phils for unrelated secret reasons.

Rich Maine: Yes that accent

PaulM has joined this room

Matt1: Hello Paul!

hounder: hi paul

PaulM: hi there

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi Paul

Nothere: Hey Paul

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Notty, more would join you. Be careful. Be VERRRRRY careful.

Rich Maine: Swall much digest little….bulemic

dona: hi paul

mda19083: greetings paul

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Hello Paul! One can so far!

Nothere: Nodberry no longer here.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Imagine having a bathyscaphe and wanting a bathysphere.

Matt1: More to follow

Matt1: Nodberry no more

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Sleep No More: anybody ever hear that OTR show?

Nothere: Yes Angel

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: What is this, a train station?

Rich Maine: Poor Jimmy

Matt1: Flying fish, lol

mda19083: belaying pin

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: CRONK!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: You doity rat.

Matt1: Ji & Eddies Place

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: A HORNYpipe!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Anyone want to contact V.D.?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Slide in, see? Have an Oyle Beer, see?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Watch Jimmy DODGE DARTS

mda19083: captain cain is able

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Around the square. What’s it to your circle? You got some angle?

Rich Maine: Don’t follow me!

mda19083: and don’t call me shirley

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: That bird gotta crap someplace. Seems Navy Blue a poor choice for raiment.

Rich Maine: Fur sighting

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Jane HATHAWAY?

Matt1: Coke is it!

Rich Maine: My favorite character

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Milburn? Milburn DRYSDALE?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Like those two don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

dona: lol

Matt1: Just blend in

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Milton Parsons

mda19083: matching hats

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: My own thumb is sore. The money-thumb.

Rich Maine: Drinking soda pop

hounder: …

Matt1: Poor Jimmy

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: The ol’ doubletalk routine.

Nothere: A creepy peek by creep in the deep.

mda19083: the first step is a doosey

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Gotta be an OSHA violation there.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And an EPA vilolation

Phil & Mrs. Phil: violation

Nothere: Build by the inchester people.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Touche, Phils!

Nothere: So either I missed it or Fox Fur.

Matt1: <slap>

Rich Maine: Love the lighting

mda19083: hypogeanphobia

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: She probably charges him $3 an hour. Getting rich off the cuckoo’s delusion,

Rich Maine: He was on a Lucy episode about baldness

Matt1: Wardrobe change

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: The cuckoo?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: He played a librarian of sorts in “Monster that Challenged the World”

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: We could use a walk-on by Desi singing “Babalu” right about now.

mda19083: i’ll settle for william frawley

Rich Maine: Yes angel

Nothere: Abby someone

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: If Mr.Moto were here, he’d say “Oh so?”

Nothere: Oh so?

Rich Maine: Cue music

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Holy macarina

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Snakey.

Matt1: CC with a Gat


Phil & Mrs. Phil: The lights even go out on boats.

Rich Maine: Why kill the light

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: I kinda like him in this.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I bet Jimmy gets the crap beat out of him a lot.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: He’s not acting.

mda19083: foo


Nothere: ok i seem to be off from the crovd.Time Rich?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: The cook looks like he’s been doing some mushrooms.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: 36:40

mda19083: Phils 🙂

Phil & Mrs. Phil: That’s what I got too NT.

Rich Maine: Does he take request

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Phils, he DOES indeed look cooked.

PaulM has left this room

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 37:03

Nothere: Thanks I am off from the crovd, and my rocker.

mda19083: no one noticed NT

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Uh-oh.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Have not been on other ship. I love that line.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: We love you anyway, mda. I’m getting you a fox fur for Christmas.

hounder: they picked charlies pocket

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Like picking pecks of pickled peppers.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Oh HO!

Matt1: Big shelf cloud/storm moving in, just in case I go “poof”

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Matt, if your house goes flying, watch for me & Fox on your descent. We’re both wearing fox fur. You CAN miss us—yes?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Field sobriety test?

Matt1: I’ll just click my heels

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, I hope that you practiced “duck and cover.”

Matt1: Funny scene

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: The ORIGINAL Pirate Plank. I feel better already.

hounder: jimmy is so gulible

mda19083: walking on sunshine


Rich Maine: Poor Jimmy

dona: lol

mda19083: there goes blackhook

Phil & Mrs. Phil: He’s an idiot

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: mda: headed for electric avenue

Nothere: Ghost pirate. ::hides behind Phils.::

mda19083: good shot

Phil & Mrs. Phil: How did we get in this movie?

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: “Life preserver”: Life SAVER was a registered twademawk.

Nothere: As you doeverything Phils. Vith style and grace.

dona: shadows

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: If i were CC, i’d call for a copter & bug out right now.

dona: agreed angel

Matt1: <tin can>

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: CC wants to dope-slap her.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: dona, would you say NOTHING makes sense so far?

mda19083: he’s no superman

Matt1: Nope

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah Jimmy, you looked pretty funny.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: This is like that “existential” thing “Waiting For Bardot”.

Nothere: He’s no Clark Kent either.

mda19083: not even perry white

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Notty: Wait till you see him in Lois Lane’s unmentionables.

mda19083: great ceasar’s ghost

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: An imminent EX-PARROT.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: It’s wonder the bird doesn’t yell “SHUT UP”

mda19083: he’s nailed to the perch

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Perry White and Perry Mason were often confused.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: With each other? No; just generally.

Nothere: Sadly I must nov set sail. May varm trade breezes blov you all to safe ports untill I’ am not here again. Unless you take my treasure.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: I want funnels like that for my house.

mda19083: we will save your portion of the treasure NT

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Notty! Pleasant voyage! Don’t look in l=bilge tank: the Ty-D-Bowl man may have moved there for the summer!

hounder: nite nt

Nothere has left this room

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: This guy’s a Captain Queeg type.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: I want a whaler to pick me up.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: And now, the end is near . . .

mda19083: and so i face the final curtain

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: He DID do it HIS WAY.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: mda, YES!

mda19083: encore – encore

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: That (“My Way”) is some of the most cringey lyricism ever.

mda19083: talk to paul anka

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: You bet.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: mda—did PA write it?

mda19083: it lost something in the translation

mda19083: yes angel

mda19083: anka translated it from a french tune

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: I just looked it up—you’re right! How had i not known this before? i DO recall knowing something about the music being something Too Continental—but the words! Geez!

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Does CC even HAVE an actual crime yet?

mda19083: i don’t speak french – its all greek to me

Rich Maine: Monogram fog machine

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: mda: friend of mine is a restaurant cook; i tell folks he’s from grease.

mda19083: good one angel

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: mda, i got a million of ’em. I’m in counseling.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yeah CHarlie somebody already robbed you once tonight.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: He’s a veritable bank vault.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: We agree here, Phils. Place is not shipshape.

mda19083: timber toe

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: We need something LIKE the tin can but different, for when Chan sons fall.

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: AGAIN!

dona: agreed

Matt1: THE END

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: YAY!!

dona: Honolulu that way

Matt1: <yee-haw>

dona: <WAHOOO!>

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: What an entertaining crime!

RickET: Hooray

Rich Maine: And to all a good night

dona: Another good one!

mda19083: we made it

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha all!

dona: Another good one

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

LIVE Angel + LIVE Foxx: Aloha oe!!

dona: Thank you Matt

Matt1: I’m not sure what Rush has for us next week, so stay tuned!

dona: Thank you matt

RickET: Thank you

Matt1: Thank you everyone for a wonderful night

RickET has left this room

mda19083: thanks to matt and steve

hounder: thank you for stepping in for rush matt

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week!

mda19083: be well all until we meet again

dona: Thank you

Matt1: Always a pleasure!

Rich Maine has left this room

dona: Thank you

dona: Matt, thank you.

hounder: nite all and thanks.

dona: You too Steve

dona: You too Steve

mda19083 has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: You are welcome.

dona has left this room

Matt1: Thanks again Steve for the clip!

hounder has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, you are welcome. Aloha.

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