Chat Archive 6/3/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for June 2, 2019

Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 9)

Len Freeman
Mike in DC
Mrs. Pendleton

Rush has joined this room16:22

Rush: TEST.16:23

Rush: 16:26

Cdirus has joined this room16:39

Cdirus: Hi Rush, where is everyone?16:39

Rush: Hello, CD!16:39

Rush: Yes…my question, too!16:40

Rush: We can wait for a few more minutes and then run the serial…16:40

Cdirus: Ok. 16:40

Rush: :)16:40

Cdirus: At least it’s a far quieter night than last week.16:41

Rush: For you personally?16:41

Cdirus: Yep. When I left last week we were under multiple tornado warnings16:41

Rush: Yes!16:42

Rush: How far were they from you?16:42

danventure has joined this room16:42

Rush: I listened to the news that night.16:42

Rush: DV!16:42

Cdirus: The closest ones were only about 3 or 4 miles from us.16:42

Rush: WELCOME back!16:42

Rush: How have you been?16:43

danventure: Indeed! Did I remember the right time and all?16:43

Rush: That’s too close, CD!16:43

Rush: Yes!16:43

Rush: Good timing, DV!16:43

danventure: TY16:44

Cdirus: Weather service comfirmed about 14 in the Miami Valley area, including an EF4 that crossed most of MOntgomery county16:44

Rush: Well, CD, I am happy that the storms passed you by!16:44

marcycloud has joined this room16:44

Rush: That’s something I hope I am never directly involved in!16:44

Cdirus: It was amazing when you look at the damage paths and how life goes on like normal around them,16:44

marcycloud: Hi Guys! I aaaaalmost missed it!16:45

Rush: Marcycloud!16:45

Rush: WELCOME BACK to YOU, too!16:45

Cdirus: Hi Dan and Marcy!16:45

Rush: Great to see both you and Danventure here tonight!16:45

Rush: How have YOU been?16:45

Rush: Also, we should run the serial…16:46

Rush: Please get it ready…16:46

Rush: Link is above…16:46

Cdirus: REady16:46

Rush: Everyone ready?16:46

Rush: I am going with 30 seconds…16:47

Rush: 20 seconds…16:47

Rush: 15…16:47

Rush: 10…16:47

Rush: 5…16:47

Rush: GO!!!16:47

Rush: “Flight of the Bumble Bee”…16:47

Rush: In our case…a Hornet…16:48

Rush: Keye Luke as Kato…16:48

Rush: The recap text…16:49

Cdirus: I saw something today about the EPA starting to ban the pestucudes that are killing bees. 16:49

Rush: Yes?16:50

Rush: Sounds like a good banning.16:50

Cdirus: Yep. I’m trying to do my part by including flowers in the vegetable garden16:50

Rush: If it is truly killing the bees.16:50

Rush: Very good, CD!16:51

Rush: You will be the buzz at the hive!16:51

Cdirus: 16:51

Rush: Man in the derby was in “CC at the Circus.”16:51

Rush: Wade Boteler: Lieutenant Macy16:52

Cdirus: impersonating a motorist. 16:53

Rush: Yes…good one!16:53

Rush: Comedic relief!16:56

Rush: Playing up the Irish angle.16:56

Cdirus: Fight!16:58

Rush: What a fight!16:58

Rush: And whatta mess!16:58

Rush: Michael’s character is played up in this episode!17:00

Rush: Buzz sound is used for the car.17:01

Rush: That’ll keep him quiet.17:02

Rush: 100 in a 25 MPH zone!17:04

Louise has joined this room17:05

Louise: Hello all. I see you are still on the radio show.17:05

Rush: Heading toward this week’s cliffhanger ending…17:05

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room17:06

Godwinshelley2: All cued here17:06

Rush: Welcome Louise and GS!17:06

Rush: Yes, we got a late start.17:06

Godwinshelley2: Hi Louise – did you see on my facebook page there is a posting about a guy who does forced perspective photos with miniature superheros17:07

Nothere has joined this room17:07

Rush: Next week: “Blazing Fury”…Chapter 10!17:07

Rush: NT!17:07

Nothere: Hey all17:07

PaulM has joined this room17:07

Rush: WELCOME!17:07

Godwinshelley2: I may have sent that to you before17:07

Godwinshelley2: Hello Rush and everyone17:07

Rush: Just finished our serial!17:07

Rush: And, another WELCOME to you, Louise and GS!17:08

Rush: 7 minutes to go until “Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise”!17:08

Louise: Haven’t seen that yet, GS, but I will look for it. It is an interesting technique.17:08

Rush: How is everyone tonight?17:08

Godwinshelley2: I’m already working on my state fair entries – knitting a rug this evening.17:08

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room17:08

Rush: MRS> P!!!17:09

Rush: WELCOME!!!17:09

Rush: How have you been?17:09

Mrs Pendleton: Greetings!!!17:09

Mrs Pendleton: Very good!17:09

Rush: And to YOU!17:09

Mrs Pendleton: and you?17:09

Godwinshelley2: And I discovered that Mangos can cause allergic skin reactions! This was from my Mango sorbet experiment.17:09

Rush: GREAT to have you back with us!17:09

Rush: 5 minutes till showtime…17:09

Godwinshelley2: Tonight it is Frozen Ginger Yogurt experiment.17:10

Rush: Mrs. P, do you have your copy of our movie ready to roll?17:10

Mrs Pendleton: So happy to be here. I went back to work and have been very busy!17:10

marcycloud has left this room17:10

Rush: Sounds great, GS!17:10

Mrs Pendleton: Ready17:11

Rush: THREE minutes to go!17:11

Rush: Very good, Mrs. P!17:11

Rush: Again…it’s great to have you back here with us!17:11

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…17:12

marcycloud has joined this room17:12

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE.17:12

Godwinshelley2: Will miss after the 13th until maybe the 24th – Another Indiana adventure for us17:12

Rush: WB, MC!17:12

Mrs Pendleton: This is the first Chan I ever watched17:12


Mrs Pendleton: Fell in love instantly!17:12

Rush: 1:45 to go…17:12

Rush: (Starting engine…)17:13

Cdirus: Ready17:13

Rush: 90 seconds…17:13

Nothere: Indiana adventure?Do you haveyour fedora, gun, and whip?17:13

lbush has joined this room17:13

Rush: 75 seconds…17:13

Rush: ibush!17:13

lbush: Good evening all17:13

Rush: WELCOME!17:13

Cdirus: What Part of Indiana?17:13

Godwinshelley2: I wish – more like corn husks and hog snouts17:13

Rush: I am pleased to see you return tonight!17:13

Godwinshelley2: Frankfort – near Kokomo & lafayette17:13

Rush: 50 seconds…17:13

Nothere: Hi I17:13

Louise: Cued here. No hog snouts.17:13

Rush: 45…17:13

lbush: TYSM17:13

Rush: 40 seconds…17:13

PaulM: i’m all set17:14

Rush: 30 seconds…17:14

Cdirus: OK, I’m near Dayton Ohio17:14

Rush: 25…17:14

Louise: time flies17:14

Nothere: But Charlie may make someone squeal:)17:14

Rush: 0…17:14

marcycloud: ready….17:14

Rush: 15…17:14

Rush: 10…17:14

Rush: 5…17:14

Rush: GO!!!17:14

Rush: Title….17:14

Rush: Music…17:14

Godwinshelley2: nice Honolulu photo17:14

Rush: Credits…17:14

Godwinshelley2: Is that Diamond head?17:14

Rush: A subdued version of the theme heard in “Charlie Chan in Honolulu.”17:15

Godwinshelley2: If so, that photo would be taken near the Hale Koa perhaps?17:15

Rush: Yes!17:15

Rush: Good eye, GS!17:15

Mrs Pendleton: Whattaya know?17:15

Rush: Willie and Jimmy rifle Pop’s mail!17:15

Louise: That is the same hat used in the Little rascals.17:15

Rush: Mrs. P: :)17:15

danventure: One of our few CC’s with scenes in HI.17:16

Rush: It was a “beanie” from the era!17:16

Nothere: This is one relaxed police station.17:16

Godwinshelley2: A Ricky Ricardo jacket on #717:16

Rush: You might even recall Jughead of Archie fame wearing one!17:16

Godwinshelley2: If you get to Honolulu – I recommend the free museum in the Honolulu Police Dept17:16

Mrs Pendleton: When mail came more than once a day17:17

Rush: This is the one where we can detect Toler recovering from a cold!17:17

Rush: Yes, Mrs. P!17:17

Louise: Earlier mail: those were the days17:17

Rush: Yes, louise!17:17

Rush: :)17:17

Rush: “Assume the position…”17:17

Nothere: Can you just walk into a police station? I’ve always been curious about seeing one. But I keep picturing the desk sargant kicking me out in ten seconds.17:18

Mrs Pendleton: Chinese sons lol!17:18

Rush: Inspector Duff…17:18

Godwinshelley2: Yikes – never stay alone in the Chan office if it’s on the ground floor – it’s never a good thing17:18

Louise: Have you got Chinese sons!!!17:18

Rush: Layne Tom, Jr. as Willie Chan.17:18

Rush: He played THREE different Chan sons in the series.17:18

Nothere: If that’s a question to me Louise. I have no Chinesse sons tied up in the base..anywhere. I man anywhere.17:19

Mrs Pendleton: Tell us more17:19

Godwinshelley2: 5, 7 and which one?17:19

Phil has joined this room17:19

Phil: ALLOOOOHHHAAA one and ALL!17:19

Nothere: Hi Phik17:19

Rush: One with Oland: “CC, Jr.” and two with Toler: “Tommy” in Honolulu” and here, “Willie.”17:19

Godwinshelley2: Howdy17:19

Nothere: Phil even17:19

Louise: One of 10: makes the job harder17:19

Rush: Hello, and aloha to YOU, Phil!17:20

Rush: WELCOME17:20

Godwinshelley2: Gee if only there was a policeman around somewhere to notice the man lurking17:20

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Phil!17:20

Rush: Just getting into our movie!17:20

Rush: Please jump in!17:20

Phil: Good to see you. Danadventure is even here tonight, WOW!17:20

Rush: We are at: 6:3017:20

Rush: Yes, Phil!17:20

Louise: Not the window17:21

Godwinshelley2: Now that they are short a hand17:21

Rush: And, we welcome back both Marcycloud and a special long-awaited welcome to Mrs. Pendleton, as well!17:21

Rush: One of our regulars from way back!17:21

Godwinshelley2: Yes – welcome back17:21

Phil: Cue the can17:21

Nothere: TINCAN17:22

Rush: Mrs. P. were you ever at one of our old “voice chat” sessions?17:22

Cdirus: someone needs to start CPR17:22

lbush: I’ve always been fascinated by places where you can have open windows without screens. Here in St. Louis, the bugs would carry off the children and small dogs without screens17:22

Nothere: Voice chat?17:22

Rush: TYSM…NT…perhaps slightly early…?17:22

Rush: yes!17:22

Cdirus: Thats true lbush17:22

Phil: what’s our time?17:22

Phil: Please?17:23

Rush: We used that for a little while way back in our “Yahoo Chat Room” period!17:23

Cdirus: 9:0017:23

Rush: 9:0017:23

Godwinshelley2: We have met – in Paris?:17:23

Mrs Pendleton: No Rush, if you mean audible. I came after that.17:23

Phil: tysm17:23

Rush: GS: :)17:23

Phil: Now THAT is DEFINITELY Lionel Atwill!17:23

Mike in DC has joined this room17:23

Nothere: Monocile. Arrest him. I don’t know what he did, but he did it.17:24

Mike in DC: *sprints in*17:24

Nothere: Hey Man17:24

Nothere: Or Mike17:24

Phil: Hey Mike.17:24

Rush: WELCOME, Mike!17:24

Mike in DC: Dinner date… :)17:24

Nothere: I can’t type anyone’ name right tonight. Eh Roosh?17:24

Rush: AH!17:24

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Mike!17:24

Cdirus: Did women ever wear monacles?17:24

Phil: That’s NOT George Zucco who for completely unknown reasons, I usually cofuse with Atwill.17:25

Godwinshelley2: Marlene Detrich was photographed wearing one17:25

Rush: Understood, KNowtheir…!17:25

Mike in DC: OH. Hi Mrs. P. Hope you’re enjoying the mystery. ;)17:25

Godwinshelley2: Phil I do the same thing17:25

Louise: GS: she broke all the rules17:25

Rush: :)17:25

Mike in DC: Are we around 13:00?17:25

Godwinshelley2: 11:4517:26

Nothere: Tincan17:26

Cdirus: Just short of 12:0017:26

Godwinshelley2: 12:0017:26

Rush: Ibush…are you still with us?17:26

Mike in DC: OK. Thanks! One of my aunts had a serious crush on Lionel Atwill.17:26

Rush: 12:30…17:26

Godwinshelley2: Was Lionel the one with the nickname “Pinky:?17:26

Rush: Yes, Mike?17:27

Phil: Ah yeah, NT, kinda’ missed that one completely.17:27

Cdirus: He was still breathing17:27

Mike in DC: She would baby sit me when my parents went out, and we would always watch movies that had him in them.17:27

Louise: bag of silver?17:27

Godwinshelley2: So you got to see some great Universal Horror films then17:28

Nothere: Lionel Hunkwell 17:28

Mrs Pendleton: Isthis the Mike who is into old horror films?17:28

Mike in DC: Yes. LOL, NT17:28

Mike in DC: Yes, Mrs. P17:28

Rush: Lionel Atwell was in two Chan films:17:28

Rush: Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise: Dr. Suderman
Charlie Chan in Panama: Cliveden Compton17:28

Mrs Pendleton: I got so scared as a kid I wouldn’t watch them.17:29

Mike in DC: He was always the intellectual or doctor.17:29

Rush: Yes.17:29

Godwinshelley2: Were they shot after the British Horror film ban happened – and the actors usually in horror films were placed in a lot of mysteries17:29

danventure: Looks like the same false beard and disguise in other CCs.17:29

Mike in DC: There is a great old horror flick called “Doctor X” in which he’s the lead sinister doctor.17:29

Mrs Pendleton: Mike, you talked me into watching my first one!17:29

Mike in DC: :)17:30

Nothere: And he only had one arm. I saw it in a movie:)17:30

Rush: Yes, DV…17:30

Godwinshelley2: And Mystery of the Wax Museum17:30

Mrs Pendleton: Mike talked me into watching The Tingler!17:30

Louise: In his bed? That’s creepy.17:30

Mike in DC: I hope you enjoyed it without being too scared, Mrs. P17:30

Godwinshelley2: How did you like Tingler – very dated17:30

Mrs Pendleton: I loved it!17:30

Phil: Yeah Louise, didn’t want to say anything but…17:30

Mike in DC: Well, we’re broad-minded, Louise…17:31

Nothere: So if you find someone dead in your bed, do you ask about a discount on the room?17:31

Cdirus: I’d want my money back17:31

danventure: The Tingler?! A shocking memory…17:31

Godwinshelley2: Or do you pay for double occupancy17:31

Phil: I’d at least want the sheets changed.17:31

Nothere: The Tingler was a real scream17:31

Louise: SCREAM!17:31

Mike in DC: Speaking of screams…17:31

Rush: Mrs. P, you chose the perfect film for a return!17:31

Mike in DC: and shots…17:32

Mrs Pendleton: Mike chose it for me.17:32

Godwinshelley2: I saw Tingler on a Black and White set first time – so I missed the color inserts17:32

Rush: AH!17:32

Nothere: Right lady quick be overly dramatic.17:32

Rush: SLAP!17:32

Louise: SLAP!!!17:32

Mike in DC: Delicate little thing…17:32

Godwinshelley2: I can’t help but see Mrs Howell (Gilligan’s Island) when I see her act17:32

Cdirus: What page was this on!17:33

Mrs Pendleton: My son sat down and fell over laughing, saying you could see the string pulling the Tingler acress the room.17:33

Phil: Assaulting an officer.17:33

Rush: Yes, GS!17:33

Cdirus: Love that quote17:33

Mike in DC: Was the maid in other Chans?17:33

Godwinshelley2: Yes Tingler is very, very campy17:33

Mike in DC: Yes, GS. Guaranteed not to be too scary. :)17:33

Louise: Lots of slapstick in this one17:34

Mike in DC: Pop!17:34

danventure: Indeed, my very thought Godwinshelly2–it’s Mrs. Howell howling.17:34

Rush: Cora Witherspoon as Suzie. Her only Chan appearance.17:34

Nothere: And you have to provide your own shocking chair.17:34

Mike in DC: Sounds like Charlie has a cold!17:34

Rush: Listen to Toler’s voice.17:34

Nothere: Thurston.17:34

Rush: Yes, Mike!17:34

Mrs Pendleton: I’m sorry, not sorry17:34

Rush: :)17:34

Mike in DC: *achoo*17:34

Rush: (Dog Bark)17:35

Phil: Yes Rush. I noticed he sounded a bit hoarse or sick.17:35

Rush: She can help him with it, maybe…!17:35

Mrs Pendleton: Party Poopers17:35

Godwinshelley2: I need to step away for the next part of my Frozen Ginger Yogurt experiment – it’s the ice cream machine stage for 30 minutes17:35

Rush: The money, I mean!17:35

Rush: Yes, Phil!17:35

Rush: A case of “The filming must go on…”17:36

Mike in DC: I’ll help with the “eating phase” GS…17:36

Rush: The spiritualist couple.17:36

Nothere: Quick give these two a whoopee cushion.17:36

Rush: :)17:36

Mike in DC: She sounds like Madame Sauternia17:36

Rush: Yes, please focus on the present world.17:37

Rush: Yes, Mike.17:37

Phil: With faces like theirs, there’s a sphincter joke just waiting to be born.17:37

Rush: But we might agree later that Madame Saturnia was a little more accurate.17:37

Phil: Sorry, forget I typed that.17:38

Nothere: Careful Phil make jokes about them, and you may find them merciless.17:38

Rush: Me too, Phil…17:38

Louise: Madame Saturnia returns17:38

Mike in DC: That gal’s Southern accent sure sounds familiar.17:38

Rush: Cue our tincan, please…17:38

Mike in DC: <tincan>17:39

Louise: Rebecca’s maid17:39

Rush: TYSM…Mike.17:39

Nothere: Three couples. Must be the 40s dating game.17:39

Mike in DC: Understudy here…17:39

Phil: Kind of a remote tin can.17:39

Nothere: They do a lot of foggy nights, but only two rainy which surprises me. 17:39

Rush: 10:30 p.m. by the ship’s bells.17:40

Mike in DC: Are you sure she wasn’t in another Chan, Rush?17:40

Phil: Has anyone been on board a ship when the fog horn goes off? Let me tell you it is REALLY REALLY loud.17:40

Rush: Next week, I will probably be at our school’s graduation.17:40

Louise: TOOT!!!17:40

Mike in DC: I bet you look great in a mortarboard, Rush.17:41

Rush: I can probably be here until we get the movie rolling, but then I will need to bid farewell.17:41

Louise: TOOT!!!17:41

Nothere: There is cause for doubt Rush?17:41

Rush: If someone or all can take over then…much appreciated!17:41

Godwinshelley2: So you will have to miss? What is next week’s film?17:41

Rush: There is always room for doubt! :)17:42

Nothere: Hah you think your cigarette can make smoke? Check out my pipe.17:42

Mike in DC: We will struggle onward, Rush. (Though not as well without you)17:42

Godwinshelley2: And what would our special feature be?17:42

Mike in DC: *cough*17:42

Nothere: Chapter 10 of Green Hornet strikes again.17:42

Godwinshelley2: Radio?17:42

Rush: THEN…the following week, first daughter sarah has her 16th birthday party at the beach…17:42

Godwinshelley2: YEA – and will she get a driver’s permit!!17:43

Rush: I will DEFINITELY need to bow out of that Chat!17:43

Godwinshelley2: I predict Gray Hair to follow17:43

Rush: She has the learner’s permit already!17:43

Rush: Follow?17:43

Mike in DC: Hope Sarah is less accident prone than Rachel. :)17:43

Nothere: ARr to be followed by the pirate GRey Beard.17:43

Rush: Here already!17:43

Phil: Could be WFF17:43

Godwinshelley2: I am in Indiana on the 17th and NO Internet there17:43

Rush: Yes, GS?17:44

Nothere: But your having an adventure so that’s good.17:44

Mike in DC: We’re headed to California next week–may be able to beam in from SF.17:44

Rush: Well, that reminds me of another item on my family’s agenda!17:44

Godwinshelley2: So I hope to help next week but I will be out of pocket the week after that17:44

Rush: On the 17th, we will be at Lake Tahoe for this summer’s road trip.17:44

Godwinshelley2: You are having a BIG June this year17:45

Louise: Stop scfreaming17:45

Rush: I think I can at least stop in att he beginning of that one….17:45

Rush: And…again…I will need you to take the reins!17:45

marcycloud has left this room17:45

Godwinshelley2: We will do what we can to allow you time off Rush17:45

Phil: Charlie should’ve learned to be the crap out of his kids once in a while..17:45

Rush: Poor Jimmy!17:45

Godwinshelley2: So I will be here next week from the beginning (I”ve been skating lately)17:45

Mike in DC: Excellent screaming from Jimmy on that one!17:45

Godwinshelley2: The week after that no promises17:45

Rush: Lost marcycloud…17:46

Louise: Great GS17:46

Rush: Skating, GS?17:46

Rush: Roller or ice?17:46

Godwinshelley2: My experiment was not down to the proper temp yet17:46

Mike in DC: I’ll (Mike) will be solo again next week, then in CA17:46

Phil: Notice the swaying binocular case.17:46

Mike in DC: Careful, GS. Rush is going to make you a roller derby star.17:46

Godwinshelley2: No – not real quad skating (I wish – the local rink closed as soon as I moved here) – meaning missing17:46

Len Freeman has joined this room17:47

Rush: Mike: :)17:47

Rush: Len!17:47

Len Freeman: HI friends….17:47

Godwinshelley2: Hello Len17:47

Rush: WELCOME to you!!!17:47

Mike in DC: Hi Len! Good to see you.17:47

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Len!17:47

Rush: How are you tonight?17:47

Len Freeman: I have us at about 32 minutes?17:47

Mike in DC: Infernal racket. Nice phrase.17:47

Mike in DC: 33:3017:47

Rush: Yes, Mike!17:47

Rush: Jimmy at work!17:48

Mike in DC: “Hours are happiest when hands are busiest.”17:48

Rush: 34:0017:48

Rush: Often very true, Mike!17:48

Len Freeman: Think I’m at the right spot.17:48

Rush: 34:30…17:48

Mike in DC: Jimmy’s about to head up with shoes, Len.17:48

Rush: Yes.17:49

Len Freeman: Perfect17:49

Rush: :)17:49

Mike in DC: “Steward’s Assistant.” Maybe he’ll get a promotion to Steward’s Assistant First Class soon.17:49

Nothere: Avon lady? Boy scout cookies? Big bad wolf?17:49

Phil: Jimmy just broke Pendleton’s jaw.17:49

Rush: Could have given him a heart attack there!17:49

Rush: NT: :)17:50

Len Freeman: Poor fella… nerves17:50

Mike in DC: So the murderer apparently didn’t know what Pendleton looked like.17:50

Rush: ALL nerves!17:50

Rush: “A warning of death….MY death.”17:51

Len Freeman: The points remind me of Sherlock Holmes five orange pips17:52

Len Freeman: coins17:52

Rush: Hmmm…17:52

Louise: Who sits in a bar and embroiders?17:52

Rush: They are playing Americanized Mahjong.17:52

Rush: SHE does, Louise!17:53

Godwinshelley2: Louise I sit at a bar and knit17:53

Nothere: Stab in the back. How many scrabble points is that?17:53

Louise: But I am not suspicious of you GS!17:53

Len Freeman: Wonderful cast…17:53

Rush: Knitting is becoming a lost art, sadly.17:53

Godwinshelley2: I guess it depends on WHAT I am knitting17:53

Rush: My grandmother used to knit a LOT when she stayed with our family.17:54

danventure: CC’s sense of humor…what a cut-up.17:54

Nothere: Hold it. God isn’t a suspect. Arrest her she did it. It’s always the peron you don’t suspect.17:54

Godwinshelley2: Rush there is a knitting book by a Roller Derby group of patterns for thinks like Ice pack holders, cushions for crutch handles, etc.17:54

Louise: Lots of people are knitting. When I went to the Maker Faire in New York last year, they were giving knitting lessons.17:54

Phil: Actually she has gas.17:54

Rush: GS, that sounds wonderful!17:55

Rush: Love it!17:55

danventure: Somehow seeing Ming the Merciless in disguise is bizarre.17:55

Rush: I don’t know many in my life that knit.17:55

Godwinshelley2: Knockdown Knits: 30 Projects from the Roller Derby Track17:55

Rush: maybe they do, but I just am unaware!17:56

Rush: Sounds fun…and practical!17:56

Cdirus: Caught!17:56

Mike in DC: Knitting doesn’t seem like something that roller derby people would do…17:56

Rush: A cabin chase!17:57

Nothere: I just want to know where Flash is, or at least Prince Barron.17:57

Rush: We saw that coming!17:57

Mike in DC: More slapstick.17:57

Cdirus: Need a good pair of sneakers17:57

Phil: And a classic one at that.17:57

Godwinshelley2: I used to knit on buses – folks usually see the sharp steel needles I’m using and go past me to find a different row to sit in17:57

Mike in DC: Three Stooges quality.17:57

Mrs Pendleton: lol17:57

Cdirus: Jimmy cracks the door17:57

Rush: We need a camio of the Marx Bros. or Three Stooges there!17:57

Rush: (cameo)17:57

Louise: Lax moral conduct: oh my!17:58

Godwinshelley2: In teaching knitting the saying to illustrate the needle movement is: Stab It, Scoop out its Guts, and Throw it Over the Cliff! 17:58

Rush: :)17:58

Mike in DC: In other words, he’s a Peeping Tom.17:58

Rush: GS: :)17:58

Mike in DC: Excellent, GS.17:59

Godwinshelley2: The Dragon Jacket – so great on Chan17:59

Nothere: A Peeping Tom for morality.17:59

Rush: Yes.17:59

Mike in DC: Miniature Sherlock? 18:00

Mike in DC: Miniature Chan is more like it.18:00

Rush: The hobby horse races….18:00

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. Good eve all.18:01

Louise: Rich people being foolish18:01

Rush: yes, Mike!18:01

Mike in DC: Good evening, NT!18:01

Rush: And…YES, Louise!18:01

Rush: I would be taking a cue from Mr. Pendleton and stay in my cabin!18:01

Nothere has left this room18:02

Mike in DC: Outstanding hat.18:02

danventure: I wonder if cruise ships still off hobby horse racing…18:02

Rush: It is interesting to compare this film to “Charlie Chan Carries On.”18:02

Louise: I hope not dan18:02

Rush: It may be a “remake,” but there are some definite differences.18:02

Rush: DV, I doubt it.18:03

danventure: 😉 Louise. I too look at that moment as almost satire of rich people trying to have fun.18:03

Mike in DC: Insurance would probably be through the roof.18:03

Rush: Today there are too maby other diversions aboard ship!18:03

Rush: (many)18:03

Phil: Goodnight18:04

Rush: (Cuckoo…)18:04

Godwinshelley2: Paul – is there a Universal Horror film with a group of people who have a toy race horse that entertains them? I seem to recall one but can’t think of the name.18:04

Rush: Searching my feeble memory, GS…18:04

Rush: Clue tincan, please…18:05

Phil: Cue the can18:05

Len Freeman: Nothing comes to mind18:05

Mike in DC: Oh oh.18:05

Mike in DC: <tincan>18:05

Rush: TYSM…Mike!18:05

Rush: Buttons.18:05

Godwinshelley2: I think it was more of a carosel toy that they bet on which would win18:05

Len Freeman: OF course there might be a Rod Serling show18:05

Len Freeman: Twilight Zone?18:06

Rush: A possibility…18:06

Godwinshelley2: More like era of Old Dark House18:06

Rush: Possibly a dreamlike or nightmarish scene?18:07

Godwinshelley2: I’ll try to think of it this week18:07

Mrs Pendleton: My Namesake!!!18:08

Rush: If anyone can find the answer, you can, GS!18:08

Rush: Yes, Mrs. P!18:08

Rush: Second message is a trap!18:08

Rush: Another use of a photo to spot the killer.18:09

danventure: Strangely enough, there are “Broadmoor Apartments” in Salt Lake of that vintage.18:10

Rush: Yes, DV?18:10

Rush: There actually WERE such apartments there then?18:10

Mike in DC: Jimmy is on to something18:11

Mike in DC: Charlie!18:11

Louise: Dripping the photos18:12

Rush: 18:12

danventure: Yes, Rush. Seen here 18:12

Rush: Tried to send an image of the apartments…18:12

Mrs Pendleton: My dad was a printer.18:13

Mike in DC: <gunfight>18:13

Louise: BANG!18:13

Mrs Pendleton: ***many hours developing negatives!18:13

Rush: 18:13

Phil: Cue the can18:13

Rush: Didn’t work…18:13

Mike in DC: <tincan>18:14

Rush: Number four…18:14

Rush: TYSM…Mike…18:14

Mike in DC: Have a recycling bin full of tincans tonight18:14

Phil: Yeah, good body count tonight.18:15

Louise: How many Chan movies have “beggars” in disguise?18:15

Rush: Well…18:15

Rush: here’s this one…18:15

Mike in DC: Paris for sure18:15

Rush: and….18:15

Rush: YES!18:15

Rush: You got it, Mike!18:15

Rush: In a way, there is another….18:15

Louise: Thanks18:15

Mrs Pendleton: shanghai18:15

Mike in DC: Does “Carries On” use a beggar too?18:16

Rush: Involving Number One Son…18:16

Rush: No, Mike, none in that one.18:16

Mike in DC: Ah.18:16

Godwinshelley2: Embarcadero coming up18:16

Rush: YES, Mrs. P!18:16

Rush: “Bingo”!18:16

Louise: This is why sometimes I mix the movies up: these repeated themes18:16

Rush: Understood, Louise!18:16

Rush: Wicker casket…18:17

Rush: Temporary.18:17

Mike in DC: Great tour guide. “We’re off to the morgue.”18:18

Rush: Nice way to end your world tour!18:18

Mike in DC: If you’re “just visiting” it’s ok, Rush.18:18

Rush: But, what memories, seeing Charlie Chan at work on a case that one was intimately involved with!18:19

Mrs Pendleton: (I’m faking!)18:19

Rush: Yes, Mike!!!18:19

Rush: :)18:19

Mike in DC: Glad to hear it, Mrs. P. :)18:19

Godwinshelley2: Unless you are the perp18:19

Rush: Mrs. P: yes?18:19

Mike in DC: Yes, you are an actress. In many Charlie Chan films, in fact.18:19

Rush: Kay linaker…18:19

Mrs Pendleton: I tell quite a story18:20

Phil: Gee that looks a lot like Kay Linaker18:20

Len Freeman: Jim Eberheardt18:20

Louise: Come on down, “JIM”18:20

Mrs Pendleton: But I’m not sure what I saw in Mr. Pendleton18:20

Rush: Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo: Joan Karnoff
Charlie Chan in Reno: Mrs. Russell
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island: Séance Apparition
Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise: Mrs. Pendleton
Charlie Chan in Rio: Helen Ashby (alias Barbara Cardosa)18:20

Phil: That’s not WFF18:20

Mike in DC: I wonder if it was strange for her to do this scene with a blindfold on.18:21

Rush: kay Linaker was in the above 5 Chan movies.18:21

Mrs Pendleton: Wow118:21

Mike in DC: Dude she has a blindfold on.18:21

Mrs Pendleton: Rio is another fave of mine18:21

Mike in DC: Me too, Mrs. P18:21

Rush: Yes?18:21

Len Freeman: He’s changed himself into a woman… surprise!!!18:22

Rush: NEXT WEEK: “Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum”18:22

Louise: JIM!18:23

Godwinshelley2: Ah that is a good one!18:23

Rush: Mrs. P, “Rio” will be one of our movies in July.18:23

Louise: The lights. I rest my case.18:23

Phil: The old light switch trick18:23

Rush: Yes, Phil!18:23

Phil: Again18:23

Mike in DC: Nice chaotic dark room scene18:23

Louise: and again18:23

Len Freeman: Wax Museum is one of the best18:23

Rush: We need to count the times!18:23

Louise: and again18:23

Rush: Agreed, Len!18:23

Godwinshelley2: They usually run CC Wax Museum at Monster Bash18:24

Mrs Pendleton: Rio in July!!!18:24

Rush: Especially fun to watch during a summer thunder storm.18:24

Mrs Pendleton: Nice chaotic dark room scene – Rio has one18:24

danventure: Agreed, Rush! How many darkened rooms has CC endured?18:24

Rush: The beggar returns!18:24

Mrs Pendleton: light switch here…and here….and here!18:24

Rush: Yes, Mrs. P!18:25

Mrs Pendleton: in Rio18:25

Rush: Yes.18:25

Mrs Pendleton: more screaming18:25

Rush: “The Queen of Scream”….Kay Linaker.18:26

Louise: He spent too much time mansplaining18:26

Rush: Yes, Louise!18:26

danventure: Cops waited a bit to jump the murderer.18:27

Rush: “Opportunity will never knock again.”18:27

Mike in DC: Jimmy still on the case.18:27

Rush: Jimmy missed the climax.18:28

Mike in DC: Han…right after Qin. :)18:28

Mrs Pendleton: Jimmy is confused18:28

Mike in DC: Congratulations, Mrs. P. You did great!18:28

Len Freeman: Kay Linaker solves it again….18:28

Rush: She assisted for sure!18:29

Mike in DC: Charlie couldn’t have done it without her!18:29

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>18:29

Rush: Uh-oh!18:29

Mrs Pendleton: Thank you, thank you so much!18:29

Len Freeman: Another good night….18:29

Rush: (Applause…)18:29

Mike in DC: Nice 40s music here.18:29

Phil: All’s well that ends well. Applause.18:30

Rush: Yes!18:30

Louise: YAY!18:30

Rush: Another good one!18:30

danventure: Jimmy Chan–a barrel of fun!18:30

Mike in DC: Always a pleasure folks.18:30

marcycloud has joined this room18:30

Rush: Mrs. P…18:30

Mike in DC: Rach just got in and says a quick hello.18:30

marcycloud: yay!18:30

Rush: Will you be back next week?18:30

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Rach!18:30

Godwinshelley2: Rush – I’ll see about being here next week for you.18:30

Phil: See yinz guys next week. I think. 18:30

Phil has left this room18:30

marcycloud: see y’all next time!18:30

Rush: TYSM, GS!18:30

Rush: MC…you, too!18:31

PaulM: was Leo G Caroll ALWAYS OLD?18:31

Louise: Nite all18:31

Mike in DC: Hope to see everyone next week!18:31

Rush: Great to have you here tonight.18:31

Cdirus: See everyone next week!18:31

danventure: Thanks again! I work hard to be here on time.18:31

Louise: yes Paul!!!18:31

lbush: Thanks all, goodnight18:31

Rush: Ibush…I hope that you watched along….18:31

Len Freeman: See you next week18:31

danventure has left this room18:31

Mrs Pendleton: I’ll be here when I can!18:31

Godwinshelley2: Have a good week everyone.18:31

Rush: Even if you didn’t join the conversation!18:31

Godwinshelley2: Night everyone18:31

Rush: Take care, all…18:31

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:31

Rush: Have a WONDERFUL week!18:31

marcycloud has left this room18:31

Mrs Pendleton: Goodnight!18:31

Rush: Stau safe…18:31

Rush: CD…watch those storms!18:32

lbush has left this room18:32

Mike in DC has left this room18:32

Louise has left this room18:32

Len Freeman has left this room18:32

Rush: Especially those funnels!18:32

Cdirus: Hopefully we won’t have any like that again.18:32

Rush: I agree!18:32

PaulM has left this room18:32

Rush: Stay safe!18:32

Mrs Pendleton has left this room18:32

Rush: Good night, CD and Mrs. P!18:32

Cdirus: Night Rush18:33

Rush: See you next week….18:33

Rush: At least for a while…18:33

Rush: :)18:33

Rush: Good night…18:33

Cdirus has left this room18:33

Rush has left this room18:39

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