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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for June 6, 2022

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

Preview Clip | The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan | Warner Archive; Wax & Wane – The Final Days of Movieland

Geno Cuddy
Len Freeman
Mike in DC/Mike n Rachel in DC
Phil & Mrs, Phil
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello Len!

Len Freeman: Hi Matt — I’m pretty early

Matt1: Yes, just got here myself

Len Freeman: are you doing anything of interest this summer?

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Matt1: Not really….Cycling and Disney. Yourself?

Len Freeman: Hi Steve

Matt1: Alohaaaaaaaaa, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha guys. How are you

Len Freeman: Gonna get east to visit kids and friends

Len Freeman: Aloha

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Matt1: All is well here in FL. How about yourseld in paradise?

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

hounder: hi everyone. hope you all had a great week

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Len Freeman: Hello all

Rush2022: Hi! My Internet is out so I am on my phone!

Rush2022: So I am a bit limited tonight.

Len Freeman: Well you’re still here

Matt1: That happened to me last week during our chat!

hounder: unfortunately those things happen rush

Len Freeman: How do you get in via phone.. just go to the website?

Rush2022: Ah!

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Rush. Sorry to hear about your internet trouble.

Rush2022: Yes.

Rush2022: Tysm, Steve!

Hawaii_Steve: Blue skies in Hawaii.

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Mike in DC: Good evening, Chan Clan!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, are you going to be able to upload the extras tonight?

Rush2022: Yes, Len. Just go to the site online and click on Chat Room. I had to login with a new name.

Len Freeman: I don’t think I could type fast enough on that little phone keyboard to chat much

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Rush2022: It IS harder!

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Hawaii_Steve: Aloha Hounder and Mike.

hounder: hi m n r

Matt1: Hello Geno!

hounder: hi geno

Rush2022: Steve, can you post the links to the extras tonight please?

Geno Cuddy: Aloha Charlie Chan Family.

Mike in DC: Aloha Steve, Matt, Geno et alia

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Rush. But how do you do that?

Rush2022: Just copy and then paste on the text box and send.

Matt1: I have the clips loaded, if you want me to try?

Mike in DC: Oooh. Extras!

Hawaii_Steve: Rush, I think I got it.

Matt1: Ok

Hawaii_Steve: Hi Geno.


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Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello all

Hawaii_Steve: This is the link to our first extra tonight. Both extras relate to museums.

Rush2022: Worked, Steve!

Len Freeman: Hi mda, Geno

Mike in DC: Hey MDA

Rush2022: That’s the way.

Len Freeman: Do I just click on them directly here in the chat?

Hawaii_Steve: Yes, Len. But wait for Rush to give the cue.

Len Freeman: Got it

Mike in DC: This seems to be a shortie…just 3 min long?

Rush2022: Matt will be the lead tonight!

Hawaii_Steve: The first extra is about 3 minutes.

mda19083: rush 2022 – is this the new and improved Rush?

Mike in DC: Pressure is on, Matt!

Matt1: Does everyone have the clip loaded and ready?

Mike in DC: All set here

Rush2022: The first one is 21/2 minutes long.

Matt1: I LIVE for this!

mda19083: cued here

Hawaii_Steve: Matt is in the hot seat tonight.

Mike in DC: Rush 2022: A Chan Odessey

Rush2022: I can’t watch along …

mda19083: lets go easy on matt

Rush2022: He’s GOT IT!

Matt1: The first clip is the Chan Clan clip, OK?

Hawaii_Steve: Ready.

Matt1: We’ll start in ONE minute

Rush2022: Yes. It’s sort of a preview.

Mike in DC: Matt seems very quiet, but underneath that calm exterior is a real tiger. 🙂

hounder: matt’s got it no sweat

Matt1: 45 seconds

Hawaii_Steve: Standing by.

mda19083: mike – I agree

Matt1: Hoo-Rah!

Matt1: 30 seconds

Rush2022: There are no complete episodes available online as far as I can tell.

Mike in DC: Ah…too bad, Rush

Matt1: 15 seconds

Hawaii_Steve: From the first episode of the Amazing Chan Clan.

Matt1: 10….

Matt1: 5….

Matt1: GO!

Mike in DC: Very 70s garb on the Chans

Hawaii_Steve: Featuring the voice of Keye Luke as Chan.

Matt1: Keye as Pop!

Rush2022: Yes!

Matt1: Training for this role his entire life

Rush2022: These cartoons are a fun glance into the world of 1972.

Hawaii_Steve: “The Crown Jewel Caper” (1972) with canned laughter.

mda19083: shades of Scooby Doo

Matt1: Agreed…..I just bought the set, lol

Matt1: Yes, MDA

Mike in DC: Shades of Castle in the Desert

Rush2022: A few even contain bits of history and cultural references.

Rush2022: I recall one episode has a character modeled after pitcher Vida Blue.

Mike in DC: Is that Peter Lorre????

mda19083: darn those meddling kids!

Hawaii_Steve: Voice actor impersonating Peter Lorre.

Rush2022: That’s a reference there, Mike!

Matt1: THE END

Mike in DC: They haven’t improved since the 30s, MDA

Mike in DC: Gotcha, Steve.

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Hawaii_Steve: A bit of tie-in with theme of tonight’s feature film.

mda19083: nice – I will keep the series on my Santa list

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Matt1: Do you want to post the second link, Steve?

Rush2022: It’s available at spots online.

Mike in DC has left this room

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, will do.

mda19083: I hope I am not on the naughty list with Santa this year

Len Freeman: Lindsay just walked in with take-out Indian food… I’ll be back for the 7:15 (8:15) start


Rush2022: I watched some of the next one today.

Rush2022: A bittersweet tribute to an actual wax museum.

Matt1: Let me know when you are cued to the link and we can get rolling

Mike n Rachel in DC: All set in DC

Geno Cuddy: Forgot our feature was on a flipper disc, UGH!

Hawaii_Steve: The next extra is a 10 minute featurette of the Movieland Wax Museum in California.

mda19083: cued here

Rush2022: I didn’t get to a part where they might have said what happened to the wax figures.

Matt1: ONE minute to go!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Might be someone’s living room decor, Rush?

Matt1: 45 seconds

Hawaii_Steve: The wax figures were sold in auction. Some went to San Francisco.

Matt1: 30 seconds

Matt1: 15 seconds

Matt1: 10…..

Matt1: 5…..

Matt1: GO!

Hawaii_Steve: Sad, dreamy music.

Rush2022: The melting candles was interesting.

Geno Cuddy: lmk when to start the feature

mda19083: reminds me of my last birthday

Rush2022: We start that at 25 after the hour.

Geno Cuddy: 8:30?

Hawaii_Steve: Story by Matt Cohn. Produced by David Witham. About the Movieland Wax Museum (1962-2005) Buena Park, California.

Rush2022: Fifteen, sorry!!!!

Geno Cuddy: 8:15?

Rush2022: Typing on my phone tonight!

Rush2022: Eastern time, yes.

Hawaii_Steve: Plenty of time to make 15 minutes after the hour.

Rush2022: I would like to know what became of the wax figures from that museum.

Rush2022: Each figure or group of figures was placed inside a “set” relating to a movie scene.

Mike n Rachel in DC: They look pretty good. Do wax figures require maintenance?

Matt1: Have you ever been?

Hawaii_Steve: Some of the wax figures were sold to the Pier 39 wax museum. Some were sold at auction.

Rush2022: I think all they would require is careful dusting regularly.

Geno Cuddy: better than Pier 1 Imports Steve, lol

Rush2022: Tysm, Steve!

hounder: and keping them out of hot areas

Hawaii_Steve: Fisherman Warf in SF. Did you hear it?

Rush2022: It would be interesting to see if many still exist today.

Hawaii_Steve: Here comes the sad part.

Rush2022: I can’t watch or listen sadly.

Mike n Rachel in DC: This is slightly reminiscent of “Cinema Paradiso”

Rush2022: Was there a fire?

Hawaii_Steve: No fire.

hounder: sorry you have to be on your phone rush

Mike n Rachel in DC: No…they just showed the “exit’ of the museum.

Rush2022: Good! When that movie was mentioned, I thought…

Matt1: THE END

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Very nice, Steve/Rush. Thank you!

Hawaii_Steve: How many of us visited the Movieland Wax Museum?

Rush2022: And, another thank you to Steve!

Matt1: Thanks for sharing the clips, Steve

Rush2022: Puts us into the mood for another wax museum!

Hawaii_Steve: You are most welcome. I hope that you enjoyed the extras.

mda19083: enjoyed this evening’s clips – thanks for sharing

Matt1: Very much!

Rush2022: Now I can watch along as I am using a DVD.

Matt1: Now please cue to tonights film please, CC at the Wax Museum!

Geno Cuddy: Me too Rush, a flipper disch, UGGGGGH!

Matt1: If using the DVD, PLEASE make sure you are on side-b!

Nothere has joined this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: Gong-ready!

hounder: hi nt

Matt1: Hello NT!

hounder: good thinking rush

Rush2022: Next week we mark Keye Luke’s birthday with a viewing of “Phantom of Chinatown”!

Rich Maine has joined this room

Geno Cuddy: we starting at the fox logo or the opening title

Hawaii_Steve: Next week will be exciting.

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Rich Maine: Greetings all!

Rush2022: Welcome, Rich!

mda19083: welcome NT

Rich Maine: One of my favorites tonight!

Geno Cuddy: Ive never seen that Rush, I may join and give my honest first time reactions

Nothere: Hey all.

Matt1: Looking forward to seeing what Steve has up his sleeve next week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings, NT & Rich!

Rich Maine: Hey new year rush!

Matt1: Everyone cued?

hounder: ready

Mike n Rachel in DC: Chinese New Year, Rich 🙂


Phil & Mrs. Phil has joined this room

mda19083: ready on my end

Geno Cuddy: we starting at the fox logo or the opening title

Hawaii_Steve: Matt, we shall see.

mda19083: welcome Phils

Mike n Rachel in DC: Opening title, Geno!

Matt1: THREE minutes

Phil & Mrs. Phil: A sincere ALOHA to all our Chan friends.

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Geno CuddyMike n Rachel in DC: danke schoen

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Matt, good to see you.

Nothere: Prepare to play chess.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Greetings Phil & Mrs. Phil!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hello M&R

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bitte, Geno 😉

Rush2022: Well, Geno, first, it’s the ONLY movie in which Keye Luke ever received top billing! It IS a Monogram, so the budget is a bit lacking.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: The Glickster is not here this evening?

Matt1: TWO minutes!

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Mike n Rachel in DC: NT: The mechanical chess girl is pretty good looking…

Matt1: Hello FM!

Fredsmom: Good evening!

Geno CuddyRush2022: Ive seen every Chan Monogram and many of the Wongs so I’m not prepared for anything resembling high art.

Hawaii_Steve: Mr. Luke’s name is above the title.

Nothere: Hov Vong Luke only got suck billing playing Vong.

Rush2022: Worth the time though! He plays a young James Lee Wong after Karloff left that series!

Matt1: ONE minute!

Hawaii_Steve: Cued.

Matt1: 45 seconds

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Rush there you are!

Nothere: And claimed the body of George

Rush2022: Everyone ready? Countdown courtesy of Matt!

Matt1: 30 seconds

Nothere: It’s a Mattdovn

Rush2022: Yes!

Matt1: 15 seconds

Geno Cuddy: Love the Charlie Chan theme here, bombastic and epic, wish it was used more!

Matt1: 10…..

Matt1: 5…..

Matt1: GO!

Rush2022: Title….

Hawaii_Steve: Fox logo.

Nothere: Go vhere?

Fredsmom: Love the noir feel of this movie

Rush2022: Music and credits!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Indeed Fredsmom

Mike n Rachel in DC: Definitely trying for the “feature film” sound with this opening music

Rush2022: View from Brooklyn.

Geno Cuddy: Love it

Nothere: Music and credits? At te start of a movie? Thats inane,

Rush2022: McBirney.

Nothere: My mustace is innocent

hounder: music reminds me a bit of the music in opera

Rich Maine: Evil eye charlie

Rush2022: Good evening, FM!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Maltese Falcon there in the background

Mike n Rachel in DC: gunshots!

Rush2022: Yes, Hounder!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <gun fight>

Rush2022: A little bit!

Nothere: Oh look the crook has a tell. That von’t come up later.

Rush2022: Maybe it’s dramatic feel.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx has joined this room

Fredsmom: Evening Rush and all! Tonites movie is one of my faves

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rich Maine: Dr. creams!

Nothere: Hey af

hounder: hi a n f

Rush2022: Admission a measly $5 in todays money.

Geno Cuddy: Someone said the Dr. Cream in this movie was based up[on a real life poisoner from the 1800s

Nothere: It’s a dream vere off to Cream’s.

mda19083: a and f!

Rush2022: Yes, Geno?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Dummy looks like Dr. Zodiac

Rush2022: The mechanical man…

Rich Maine: Yes Dr z

Matt1: Looks like Dr Zodiac

Rush2022: Yes!

Nothere: The overcompensating mechanical man

Nothere: So is that a robe or smoking jacket?

Geno CuddyRush2022: Yes Rush, Dr. Thomas Neill Cream (1850 – 1892)

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: The WHACKS Museum!!

Geno Cuddy: JOAN VALERIE – Hubba Hubba

Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s cute in this one, Geno 😉


Nothere: O.k. No one let Geno conduct the search.

Geno Cuddy: C. Henry Gordon’s last Chan correct?

Rich Maine: Longest cigarette holder ever

Rush2022: Good info, Geno! An apt namesake for our Dr. cream, and appreciate for a crime museum operator!

Mike n Rachel in DC: His “assistant”

Nothere: But remember the museum is anti crim. Pay no attention to the ciminals.

Matt1: Not big on conversation

Len Freeman: a nice assistant

Rush2022: Joe Rocke.

Rush2022: Willie Fern.

Mike n Rachel in DC: One wonders what she assists with. “She’s my assistant in surgery TOO” sez the doc.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Rush, could our Chan Family Home be affiliated with the Crime League? To have the CL logo on our business cards could get us into some crazy jernts!

Geno Cuddy: Rush, always meant to ask you, youve hosted these screenings for years, do you ever tire of the films or do you find something new in them each time

Nothere: And a veekly trip to Dr. Creams

Mike n Rachel in DC: Whose picture is on the wall?

Rush2022: Geno, simply put: no and yes!

Rich Maine: 13th offspring but it wasn’t me!

Geno Cuddy: Brilliant

Rush2022: “Dr. Bunn.”

Mike n Rachel in DC: VON Bunn 🙂

Nothere: So should they have given Dr. Bunn a monocole?

Rush2022: “Any powder that kills flea is good powder.”

Rush2022: We will call this broadcast”Rocke Around the Clock.”

Nothere: So you vant to embarrass yourself by going on the radio in less than 12 hours?

Rush2022: Hi Phil, Angel, MDA, and anyone else I sadly missed!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie will spank Bunn!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hey, they start at 8:15 just like we do!

hounder: charlie certainly knows jimmy’s school schedule

Rush2022: An 8:00 class. Late start.

Rush2022: Yes, Phil!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Probably catering to students who have full-time jobs, Rush.

Nothere: So hov does the visiting cop knov more about crooks in this city than the olice chief?

Rush2022: I guess so, Mike!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Lots of good Chan-isms in that scene, Rush. 😉

Mike n Rachel in DC: The music teacher? At breakfast? Would love to know the backstory on that…

Nothere: Think ve can make him sing Mike and or Racheal?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Like a canary, NT.

Rush2022: Not smart working atop that power pole on a stormy night!

Nothere: Do ve knv his name? Maybe it’s Igor.

Dona has joined this room

Nothere: Hi Donna

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Good evening, Dona.

Nothere: At 1700

Dona: sorry I’m late. can I catch up?

Rush2022: Dona! Welcome!

Len Freeman: hi Dona

mda19083: greetings dona

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Look! It’s the pygmy arra!

Rush2022: 17:35

Rush2022: 17:50

Nothere: The pygmy came up short at trial.

Rush2022: 18;10

Rush2022: NT::)

Len Freeman: I love the caretaker..

Dona: One more please

Nothere: 1845

Rush2022: Yes, Len!

Mike n Rachel in DC: 19:00

Rush2022: 19:10

Nothere: He’s little too eager to become the prison executioner.

Dona: Got it thank you!

Rush2022: Very good!

Len Freeman: My kinda fun guy

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy! Keep watching!

Nothere: Red light

Matt1: knock knock

Rush2022: “Ouch! Watch that!!!”

Nothere: Green light

Geno Cuddy: Anybody like haunted house movies

hounder: jimmy never noticed mcburney moved when he tapped him

Mike n Rachel in DC: Isn’t that Rhadini’s sphinx?

Matt1: Abott & Costello

Geno Cuddy: yes indeed

Nothere: In this crovd Geno? Yes

Rush2022: Prop from “Treasure Island”?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Looks like it

Dona: Yes Rush

Geno Cuddy: One of my favorites is a true oddity, but its a fun one, its called “Ghost Fever” from 1987 starring Sherman Hemsley.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Spiro?

Nothere: I sav that one.

Rich Maine: Reminds me of Vincent price in wax museum

Rush2022: You dear me to it, Mike!

hounder: why is charlie wearing his hat inside

Rush2022: Beat

Geno Cuddy: Good show Nothere, a fun movie

Rush2022: Self correct!

Nothere: No no. You extend the pinky to drink tea,

Nothere: Because the dummes are.

Nothere: Hounder

Rush2022: Mr. Humility.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The doc’s name sounds like von Bunn, Brim, or Broom depending on who says it

Rush2022: Yes.

Nothere: Are you sure your here? Are you there? I’m Not here:)

Mike n Rachel in DC: Does that mean you are there, NT?

Rush2022: 🙂

Phil & Mrs. Phil: No, you’re not there NT

Mike n Rachel in DC: NT, I’ve often wondered if you get confused when you look at those mall directories with the “you are here” signs…

mda19083: neither here nor there

Rush2022: A

Geno Cuddy: I love Joan Valerie in this, feisty and sexy. My type, lol

Rush2022: light comes on…

Mike n Rachel in DC: The doc has an epiphany…courtesy of Charlie of course!

Nothere: You talk too much. Vound odd and recent. Yes.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Is Joan Valerie the reporter Geno?

Rush2022: Understood, Geno.

Geno Cuddy: No Dr. Cream’s assistant

Nothere: Lane came from the street to find the avenue.

Mike n Rachel in DC: The two women in this have the Ginger / Mary Ann vibe a bit

Nothere: That makes Mrs. Roke Mrs. Hovell.

Rush2022: “Truth speak from any chair.”

mda19083: Lovey!

Mike n Rachel in DC: The Murphy Arms Co. sponsors a murder show? They may want to fine-tune their ad campaign…

Len Freeman: This always reminds me of The Shadow in tone

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: We have 22:22 hbere. Yes? No?

Nothere: Vho knovs vhat evil lurks in Dr Creames museum?

Mike n Rachel in DC: H. 29:30 here, Angel

Nothere: Charlie Chan kovs.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Thanks! We had a call. What’s EXACT TIME NOW?

Rush2022: Snap…crackle….PLOP!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Every bird seek its own tree…

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: 31:00?

Mike n Rachel in DC: Bzzzzzt!

Nothere: 3000

Mike n Rachel in DC: 30:45

Matt1: Shocking!

Len Freeman: burning odor of dr

Phil & Mrs. Phil: No, 2300

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Pausing 15 secs?

Rich Maine: Somethings burning…it’s the doc

Rush2022: Tell the radio audience what is happening!!!!

Nothere: The Dr sure got a charge out of being on the radio.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can!

Matt1: <tin can>

Mike n Rachel in DC: Anyone for a toasted Bunn?

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: I am not doctor. Not biologist either. Cherchez la persyn!

Rush2022: Cannot add a picture tonight…sorry.

Nothere: Are you a carpenter chemist?

Dona: LOL@angel

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: MNR, you should get Da Chair for That!

Matt1: But, I stayed at a Holiday Inn once

Phil & Mrs. Phil: TYSM Matt

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: No, but we’re bigger than a breadbox.

Rush2022: Yes, Angel!

Len Freeman: tonga?!

Nothere: Do they tango in Tonga?

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: You’d think they’d have found more uses for Tetragene by now.

Rush2022: Yes!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Notty, i know they have Tonga Trucks.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Little shout out to Sherlock Holmes for stealing the Sign of Four dart

Phil & Mrs. Phil: And of course the murder was committed when the lights went out.

mda19083: mike – yes!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: If only doctor had been able to DODGE DART.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ouch, Angel

Rush2022: Got stuck!

mda19083: we got a pigmy arra!

Dona: lol

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: MnR, i’m learning from the beast!!

Rush2022: 🙂

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: There OUGHTA be an Eames electric chair.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Not ready for prime time either, but here we are.

Rush2022: Jimmy…!!!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Not making any money, either.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Fox says that guy’s a wolf.

Dona: 2 dummies

Dona: I agree with Fox he looks like one

Nothere: Chan say Gun beat posion dart.

Rush2022: Ah-HA!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Oh, DOMINO, shouts special guest Van Morrison

Rush2022: Yes.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: We keep getting interrumpted here. What’s TIME, again?

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: 36:00?

Rush2022: Mrs. Rocke.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 37:10

Mike n Rachel in DC: 37:10

Nothere: 3630

Dona: 37:10

Nothere: Apparently I’m a bit behind

Rush2022: Still in mourning.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 37:50

Nothere: I don’t knov nothing about nothing.

mda19083: www – some w’s for you NT/NH

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: 38:30? Mummy?

Fredsmom has left this room

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Fredsmummy?

Fredsmom has joined this room

Rush2022: 39:39

Nothere: I need them Mda

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: They’re falling through the wax cracks!

Fredsmom: whoops

Rush2022: Sorry.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: You’ve offended EVERYBODY, JC.

Mike n Rachel in DC: Watch out for that first step, FM. It’s a doozy.

Len Freeman: OOPs

Rush2022: 40:00

Fredsmom: Ha!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Is Mrs. Rocke the same actor as Lizzie from Castle in Desert?

Nothere: Nope

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Man is that guy sleazy

Mike n Rachel in DC: Voice sounded similar for a second there

Nothere: The lavyer is sleazy? That nver happened before.

Rush2022: Mrs. Rocke borrows a gun from her “husband.”

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Mrs. Rocke was born just a little too soon for a Rocke Horror Picture Show.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Willie, or wontie?

Nothere: You might find a phone in the deat chamber, but I don’t recommend you use iy.

mda19083: let’s do the time warp again

Rush2022: Yes, Angel!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Imagine there’s no suspects

Phil & Mrs. Phil: That phone only works on incoming calls NT.

Nothere: It’s a boring mystery if you do.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Poor guy was waiting for the electrician.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Look, it’s Dr. Arnold in the mummy box

Rush2022: Sounds like a ghost!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Any un-busy mosquito is dragging the brand down.

hounder: ..

Nothere: And later they send the box to Egypt.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: If only Faraday was here, this would be a Faraday cage.

Rush2022: Willie seems to play a pretty large part in this film!

Rush2022: AlwYs appearing!

Nothere: But only in Boston Angel

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: “Endorsed by schools and colleges”: He’s lucky people aren’t throwing milkshakes in his face at every traffic light.

Rush2022: Busted!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: So he DOES operate on dummies here.

Nothere: Dude repeat after me. Glad I got it right having never seen Birney.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Dame got an eye on bottom line. Hire her.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: She’s talking through her hat.

Rush2022: NT: 🙂

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: I thought i talked to the Rolling Stones. They weren’t coming. Always check Caller ID.

Rush2022: Tonga!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: It’s going to take more than a face job if the killer is now a woman.

Nothere: Sorry Angel you couldn’t afford them.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: All this for a low-rated Sunday-night radio show.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Notty, you kindly note only the half of it. Woe is we.

Len Freeman: Sunday night radio was the best

Nothere: Sadly this is the point I leave you. Happy radio to all.

Rush2022: By the way, the clock shown by the electric chair looks like the one used in “Panama.”

hounder: some of the old radio dramas are great!

mda19083: later nt

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: In my fantasy cast, Mrs. Rocke would be Ma Jarrett from “White Heat”, Lugosi would be the bad scientist, & Agnew would be played by Spiro Agnew.

Nothere has left this room

Rush2022: And then she claimed to have said: “You are a lot like CUPID.”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: There go the lights. Again.

mda19083: the nattering nabobs of negativism

Rush2022: Out due to the storm this time?

Rush2022: No, I guess not!

Rush2022: Another case of Lights Out.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: How many times must I say this? Jimmy’s an idiot.

Dona: lol

Rush2022: 🙂

Rush2022: He definitely has a tough time in this one!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Chan NEVER, EVER breaks moderate-legato cadence. Even as aircraft is whooshing & diving with you-know-what rolling around, Chan never start GIBBERING.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: It was another dark + stormy night.

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush2022: Jimmy has seen a few corpses.

Rush2022: Tysm…Matt…

Geno Cuddy: This would make for a great double bill with MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM

Phil & Mrs. Phil: I’ll bet that guy’s butt got all wet.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Cream is curdling.

Rush2022Mike n Rachel in DC: It would!

Len Freeman: Another Jimmy move

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: P&MrsP :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dona: he is fainting all over the place

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Sorry, it was just an observation.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Dona: Drugs, probably.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: They’re LISTENING TO THIS AT HOME?

Rush2022: Jimmy might be tired from all the classes he’s taking!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Untoward veent could actually boost ratings. Maybe they can get Postwar Old Dutch Cleanser to come in after all!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: BOOM BOOM

Rush2022: Mrs. Rocke is doing the Willie Fern “perk-a-boo.”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Shots like that just do not happen.

Matt1: She’s a GOOD shot

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Swami-dummy is reaching & hanging back like a shy 14-year-old.

Rich Maine: Sharpshooter

Rush2022: Peek

Matt1: She should be in a western

Mike n Rachel in DC: Annie Oakley

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: You’ll never get [fil in blank], copper!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Nobody sounds insane.

Rush2022: She was the costume mistress in “Opera.”

Phil & Mrs. Phil: The could use her nose as a backdrop in Monument Valley.

Rush2022: Huntz Hall’s sister.

Rush2022: Bulls eye!!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Shot from the right but grabs neck on left side. Tricky.

Matt1: Not Tom!

Dona: Good shot Charlie

Mike n Rachel in DC: Not sure that’s gonna hold up in court, Charlie

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: You mean SPIRO!

hounder: see you next week. dog walk. thanks for the fun.

Matt1: Take care Hounder

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Gnite, h!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Ciao, hounder!

Rush2022: Thank YOU Hounder!!!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha Hounder.

Fredsmom: bye hounder

Geno Cuddy: Its never explained Joan Valerie’s fate

Rush2022: See you next week!

hounder has left this room

Mike n Rachel in DC: True, Geno…she just sort of evaporates…

Rich Maine: Thanks all…see u later

mda19083: later rich

Matt1: Funny

Rush2022: Yow!!!!

Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

Dona: LOL

Fredsmom: clapclapclapclap

Rush2022: The End

Matt1: THE END

Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy: wrong as usual

Len Freeman: Jimmy gets one in

Phil & Mrs. Phil: For the record, it Von BROM

Dona: <WAHOO>

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush2022: Dead Men Tell music

Fredsmom: Hope everyone has agreat week!

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: Hahahahha!!

Rush2022: (Applause)

Geno Cuddy: Later all!

Matt1: Good night folks and have a GREAT week!

Len Freeman: Nite all

Rich Maine has left this room

mda19083: good film

Phil & Mrs. Phil: From all of us in Pittsburgh – Aloha.

Fredsmom: See yall soon! Goodnight!

Rush2022: Next week…”phantom of Chinatown”

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks for another enjoyable evening…see y’all next week.

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

Dona: Thank you Rush!

Mike n Rachel in DC: Rush, I’ll email you about the quiz. 🙂

Rush2022: Thank you everyone!

mda19083: thanks to all for another fun evening

Mike n Rachel in DC: Thanks for the ideas!

Rush2022: Especially Steve and Matt!

Dona: See everyone next week.

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx: So solly! See all detectives next week, next crime!!

Len Freeman has left this room

mda19083: be well until net time

Matt1 has left this room

Fredsmom has left this room

Rush2022: Have a great week!

Mike n Rachel in DC: You too, MDA. Take care.

Rush2022: Thank you ALL!

Geno Cuddy has left this room

Angel’s Wax + Glo-Foxx has left this room

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Dona has left this room

Rush2022: Good night everyone

Hawaii_Steve: the famous dummy kick.

Mike n Rachel in DC has left this room

Rush2022: Take care…

Rush2022: Good night…

Hawaii_Steve: Good night. Good luck with the computer.

Rush2022: Ty Steve!

Rush2022: Aloha!

Hawaii_Steve: And thank you for allowing me to present the extras. Appreciate your asistance.20:20

Hawaii_Steve: Aloha.

Hawaii_Steve has left this room

Rush2022: Always a pleasure!

Rush2022 has left this room

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