Chat Archive 6/7/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for June 7, 2021

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

The Landini Murder Case: The Telegram

Len Freeman
wax angel w/wax fox teeth

Rush has joined this room


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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Matt1: <tic-toc>

Rush: How are you doing tonight?

Rush: YES!

Matt1: Pretty good, thnx….you?

Rush: Tic-toc, indeed!

Rush: A week from tomorrow!

Rush: Doing well…just frenzied a bit!

Matt1: For some reason I thought it was Saturday the 12th

Matt1: Last minute stuff?

Rush: Next Monday I will be ‘occupied”, so can you take the wheel?

Matt1: Sure!

Rush: Always the last minute stuff!

Rush: Also, I am not sure about the following Monday, so, if you could plan on that one too, that’d ge wonderful!

Rush: And..TYSM…

Matt1: Our a/c needs replacement tomorrow….unexpected $$ and 93 degrees here in FL 

Rush: In your new place.

Rush: We bought an insurance on appliances for our new place and it has paid off for us.

Matt1: That was the only major item we were hoping to hold off for a year

Matt1: yes

Matt1: Tomorrow should be a rough day

Rush: Do fans help a little?

Matt1: Some, but it’s an 8 hour project

Rush: Ah.

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Matt1: Hello A & F!

Rush: Could you also copy the Chat texts for those Mondays?

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Hello hello hello hello, as Arthur Godfrey says!

Rush: WELCOME…Angel (for short!)

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Hello Matt! Hello earless Leader!!

Matt1: No problem…..just email me the weeks you need coverage and I’ll be more than happy to help

Rush: The next two mondays.

Matt1: Ok

Rush: How are you tonight, Angel?

Rush: GREAT to see you again, by the way!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: We are saying brief Helleaux, are leaving IMMEDJETLY to pick up traditional Chinese take-out. Back for Landini!!

Rush: Fox, too!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Great to see YOU guys! Fox is waving his teeth!

Matt1: Make sure the box with your Chan DVD’s are marked well!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I mean waxing.

Rush: Perfect dinner choice!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: And waving.

Rush: 🙂

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Waxing & waving. Probably get us arrested.

Rush: Better than waning!

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Rush: SB!

Matt1: Hello SB!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: See you soon! No chance of waning with you guys!! Huzzah!!

Rush: Good evening and WELCOME!!!

sarabell2: Hello you all, I am happy you are here Rush. Thought you would be moving.

Rush: See you in a few minutes, Angel!

Rush: 11 to go till the radio program!

Matt1: Ready here!

Rush: Moving a week from tomorrow.

Rush: I will not be able to be at the next Chat…

Rush: Perhaps I can stop in for a minute via my phone!

sarabell2: It might help. How many miles are you moving?

Rush: Matt, I usually copy the Chat text right after our Chat ends, as it has been totally reased FAST once or twice!

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Rush: fact, last week, the first half hour (7:30-8:00) was already gone!

Matt1: Ok, no problem

Rush: WELCOME, DV!!!

DanVenture: Thanks, Rush!

Matt1: Hello DV!

DanVenture: Glad to be here.

sarabell2: Hi DV

Rush: Great to see you!

DanVenture: Always great to hang out with you all people of great taste!

Rush: TYSM!

Rush: 🙂

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

Rush: MDA!

mda19083: hello my chan family friends

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: Howe are you tonight?

Rush: (How)

mda19083: warm but well thanks

Rush: (Not the hockey great!)

mda19083: greetings to all

sarabell2: Hi MDA

Rush: 5 minutes till our radio drama!

mda19083: hello sb

Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

Rush: 3 minutes…

Rush: 2 minutes to go…

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Rush: D-Day was 77 years ago yesterday…

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: Hard to believe it was that long ago.

Rush: hello, Hounder!!!

Hounder: Hi everyone. So glad tobe here tonight

sarabell2: Amazing.

Matt1: How are you and Mom?

Rush: 60 seconds…

mda19083: greetings hounder

Rush: 50 seconds…

sarabell2: Hi Hounder, hope things are going better this week. Is you mother out of the hospital?

Rush: 40 seconds…


Rush: 30 seconds…

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Rush: 25

Matt1: Hello Dave!

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: !!!

Dave: howdy

Hounder: Hanging in there. She’s doing better now. They didn’t admit her. She was dehydrate after she got a bunch of fluids sheimproved.d

Hounder: she proved. Dave

Matt1: Goo to hear Hounder

sarabell2: Good, Hounder. Hello Dave

Rush: Saw your post, Hounder! Good news!

Dave: greetings!

Rush: Hellom DAVE!

Rush: WElcome!

Rush: Just starting the radio drama…

Rush: Commercial section now…

Hounder: Was a relief to hear it was that simple. Apparently chronic diseases and dehydration walk hand in hand

Matt1: Good turn out for radio drama!

Dave: hello, rush and others

sarabell2: They forget to eat and drink.

Rush: Recap

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: How far are we in?

Rush: I hope that you are doing well, tonight, Dave…

Matt1: 2:30

Rush: The telegram.

Matt1: 2″40

Matt1: 2:50

sarabell2: For once I am at the right spot

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Serious as a tart attack.

Hounder: She was drinking but I guess not enough. She sips all daylong. She doesn’t forget to eat as much as she forgets she’s eaten

Rush: I see.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I’ll sign it.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Miss Beaton won’t miss the beatin’ she’s gonna get from the critics.

Rush: 🙂

Dave: lol

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: If it was me i’d have crawled out the drainpipe & hoped the Hindenburg was passing.

Rush: Mr. Romano.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: The Sgt. Schultz of the Italian forces.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I won’t. I will. Whatevah,

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Nothhhhhhhhhhing!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I’ll throw a few bills at him.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Ah!

Dave: Is this Romano or Hvarti!?

mda19083: ah sing

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Then a SWAN.

Rush: Why am I thinking of Chico Marx?

Dave: Chico!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: My guilt doesn’t wear away. Ah Sing can polish me plenty. Burnish me, too.

mda19083: there is no such thing as a sanity clause

Dave: Lol

Rush: HM.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Not even in Philly, huh mda?!!

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: The elder Holt speaks about Ah Sing…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: It rings, & i’m wrung. Give me the Liberty/Death coin.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Ah.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Beaten by Beaton.

Dave: Put the beat on!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Don’t think i’m a loan. I’m a mortgage.

Rush: As long as it isn’t the “heads I win, tails you lose” coin, Angel…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Rush, that’s why i do the vow of poverty & allow others to pay!

Rush: AH!

Rush: Good strategy!

mda19083: i need a map/diagram of the crime scene

Rush: That would helo, MDA!

Hounder has left this room

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: MORE MUSIC

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: MORE MUSIC

mda19083: strip search

Rush: “Ah…SING!”

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: May we?

Rush: Go for it!

Rush: )

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: A lot of 45s have good stuff on the other side. Turn it over.

Rush: A .45 would be a potent weapon.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I HAVE NO SPONSOR. I crap out on my own.

Rush: Commercial space here….

marcycloud has joined this room

Rush: Chan will return momentarily to speak directly to us…the audience!

Matt1: Hello MC!

Rush: MC!


Rush: How are you this evening?

Rush: Great to have you back with us!

marcycloud: Hi Everyone! just popped in to say a quick Hello!

Dave: howdy!

Rush: I hope you can stay a little while at least. MC!

marcycloud: wow! it looks like alot of peeps on Vacation!

Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: As the music fades to…THE END….for this week….!

Rush: (Applause..)

sarabell2: Hi Marcycloud

mda19083: i am an a staycation – headed to the wax museum tonight

marcycloud: oooooou. sounds cool!

Rush: Perfect museum for a staycation!

mda19083: creepy but cool

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Hello Marcycloud! And Dave & DV, and Sarabell!

Rush: 14 minutes until “Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum.”

Dave: Why not open a nice Cream soda..

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: good one dave

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Let’s go out to the Lobby!!

Dave: hello to all!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: D – A -V – E !!!

Dave: At least you got my line….

Rush: Yes!

mda19083: its all good here in the chan chat room

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Bill Goodwin could have made a profitable tie-in with CC’s Wax Musee, and the Racine gangsters. JOHNSON

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: JOHNSON’S WAX presents CHARLIE CHAN!

Rush: Yes, MDA, that’s what we strive for each week!

mda19083: what happens in the chat room stays in the chat room

Rush: Of course!

Rush: 🙂

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: mda: and no rubbing or buffing, either.

mda19083: mop and glo

Dave: Good for all models?

Rush: When not on the runway.

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Godwinshelley2: Hello all


Zoe: hi Rush and all

Rush: How are you tonight?

Zoe: very good

Matt1: Hello Zoe & GWS!

Rush: Great to hear!

Rush: 9 minutes till our feature…

Zoe: need to quit the multitasking and get Charlie queued up

Godwinshelley2: I’m in tonight – will probably be missing the next couple after this – Indiana travelling again

Rush: “Charlie chan at the Wax Museum”

Dave: Hello, gws and zoe…

Matt1: Cued here!

Rush: AH! GS!


Godwinshelley2: Thank you all

Dave: Another excellent one…

Rush: GS, you and me, both!

Godwinshelley2: They are all excellent – in their own ways

sarabell2: Hello GWS and ZOE, Glad so many are here tonight

Godwinshelley2: Oh Rush – vacation time again?

Rush: I’ll be missing in action for probably the next two weeks.

Godwinshelley2: Myself as well – Hoosier time for me

Rush: yes. You are super busy, I know!

Rush: 7 minutes…

Godwinshelley2: Will get the auction completed, house cleaned & painted, then finally put it on the market

Rush: Yes.

Rush: LOTS of work, I know!

Rush: 6 minutes…

Godwinshelley2: Closing out the Safe Deposit boxtoo

Rush: Yes.

Godwinshelley2: And are you completely moved yet Rush?

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I have rarely been so prepared! Cued up, & even got my Device under a MAGNIFIER!

Rush: FIVE minutes to go…

Rush: Please cue to the OPENING TITLE…

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Zoe: ditto

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Greet-things Zoe, and GS!!

sarabell2: GDW you need to wear your furs when you open the safe deposit box

Dona has joined this room

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Fox says you can wear his fur.

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello everyone!

Rush: 4 minutes…

sarabell2: Hi Dona…where you at this week?

Dave: I read that C. Henry Gordon {Dr. Cream) had a tragic end not long after this film…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Dona! How the hell long has it been? Monaco? The Orient? Saks? Bags?

Rush: Hello, DONA!

Godwinshelley2: I’m closing one – should I wear shoes with a hole in them and pull my pockets out to show they are empty?

Rush: Welcome!

Dona: I am home this week. Next week i will be in DesMoines, Iowa

Rush: THREE minutes…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: GS: You should so pose at EXIT, DEFINITELY.

sarabell2: Then you would look like me

Rush: I’ll be near to you at the same time, Dona!

Dona: I hope to stop by next week if possible

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

Dave: Everyone will be busy…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: This one will be another feather in the caps. Poor birdies.


Dona: Yes Rush.

Phil has joined this room

marcycloud: Queued up here…..

Rush: 90 seconds…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: OWL ASHORE!

Matt1: Hello Phil!

Phil: Aloha Earthlings,


Rush: WELCOME, Phil!!!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: PHIL!! Mrs Phil with youse?

Dona: Hey Phil!

Rush: 75 seconds…

Dona: Ready here Rush

Phil: Matt, good to see you. You too Dona.

Dave: hello, phil

Rush: 60 seconds…

Phil: A good evening to you Dave.

mda19083: hello phil

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 45…

Godwinshelley2: -Phil – that was almost my line when I was called for Jury duty – I wanted to say “Your puny laws mean nothing to me, Earthling!”

Rush: Frozen…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: These wax people are smooth. Hold onto your—well, just hold on.

Rush: 30 seconds…

Phil: wax angel Mrs. Phil is working (at 8:14pm). Such is corporate America.

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

mda19083: no mayhem tonight folks – phil is in the house

Phil: GS 

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Phil, at least she’s not waxing. Or waning.

Rush: Title and music….

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Fox LOVES the intros.

Rush: Credits…

Dave: Wax on…

Rush: Yep!

Rush: Brooklyn Bridge…

Rush: Looking toward Manhattan.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Love Sidney!

sarabell2: LOL Dave

Rush: Sentencing…

Godwinshelley2: Is that a new Director? I don’t remember Shores?

Len Freeman has joined this room

Rush: Len!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: NIGHT COURT

Len Freeman: Talk about timing


Rush: Great to have you with us!

Len Freeman: Right on the money

Rush: Just started the film!

Dave: An deep shadows…

marcycloud: no Christmas shopping!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Len! Watching YOUR disc!!

Rush: 90 seconds in

Dona: Hi Len

Len Freeman: Great Angel..

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: The old Lookalike deal.

Rush: Stanley Blystone: Police Officer in Alley

Rush: MacBirney escapes!

Len Freeman: I started at the Zero before I signed in.. so

Godwinshelley2: Dr Creams Museum sign

marcycloud: welp…guess he has to do his Christmas shopping Now!!! lol

Rush: Okay, Len…that should be about right!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: They could cut this onto Bogey’s (& Moorehead’s) DARK PASSAGE, & it would scan.

Rush: 3:00 in.

hounder2 has joined this room


Rush: WB, Hounder!

Godwinshelley2: Love that film, especially the opening of Dark Passage

hounder2: i’m back in the land of iffy internet if i disappear…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Dr.C has a chamber of horrors; i have a horror of chambers. Never the Mark Twain shall meat.

Godwinshelley2: And the plastic surgery sequence too

mda19083: marriage is a chamber of horrors?

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Hiya Hounder! You’re just in time to see Cream get buttered up!


Dona: What day are you leaving Rush?

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: That sultan can swing.

Rush: A week from Tuesday…VERY early!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: She’ll GIVE HIM The Woiks.

Rush: Movers are hear next Monday.

Rush: (here)

Godwinshelley2: Hope you checked out the movers before you engaged them

Dona: you have been working for this for a long time Rush. Congratualtions.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I ALWAYS love the “sweetest [whatever] that ever [whatever]” bit.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: This IS “Dark Passage”!

Rush: TYSM, Dona.

hounder2: best of luck with the move rush. hoping for a safe uneventful time.

Rush: Yes, GS…we did!

Godwinshelley2: But will he make him look like a bulldog?

Dona: I made a mistake. I leave a week from Tuesday. I will be here next week. It’s the week after I will be in an airplane and will not be here.

Godwinshelley2: Excellent – and don’t let them put all the special valuables into one box – those tend to “disappear”

Rush: Are you in Des Moines for a week, Dona?

Len Freeman: Well my son went to U Iowa, so I can attest that it’s a beautiful place.

Dona: Yes I am Rush. I get there next Tuesday the 15th and return the following Monday

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: He hopes in that 3 weeks his patient will come up with some new tunes & the bootlegs of the sessions will be worth beaucoup in the future, like 1970.


Godwinshelley2: Of course, when the Army moves your family, you get the “lowest bidder”, so service is always questionable

Rush: Yes, Len.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: “Bureau”? That’s an odd name for a detective.

Rush: I was hoping my olader daughter would go there, but she’s going to Trinity College in Dublin.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Speaking of fools & mice . . .

Rush: “Dr. Bunn.”

Godwinshelley2: Wonderful – Dublin is beautiful – and it has palm trees!

Dave: Jimmy pronounced his name oddly

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Ask him about the crop of the Cream.


Rush: Hm, the swaying palms of Dublin!

Len Freeman: I seem to have2 different soundtracks overplaying one another… will have to check out then back in.. I’ll check with you on the time when I get back.. shoud be momentarily.

hounder2: good for her rush!

Rush: Okay, len!

Rush: TYSM, Hounder.

Len Freeman: tim?

Rush: Joe Rocke.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Life is full when one has a favorite unsolved crime.

Rush: 12:00

Rush: 12:15

Len Freeman: time now? Thanks

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Was he Kid Rock’s antecedent? Or unclecedent?

Rush: 12:30

Rush: 12:40

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Cream could bring a goose down.

Rush: 12:50

Len Freeman: Within a second… I’ll happily settle for that

Rush: 13:00

Rush: Very good!

Rush: 🙂

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: “Let’s not do it, & say we did.”

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I wonder where Ruth is.

Dona: Ruth?

Rush: The table set-up.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Think the Crime League was in league with the Crime Club? Or did mortal enmity abound?

Phil: That’s where I’d want to be in a thunderstorm

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: They should all bandage their heads in solidarity.

Rush: Yes, Phil!

Dave: lol

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: High tension . . . high ANXIETY!

Rush: Yes.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: (Bela Lugosi in a guest turn with Abbott & Costello): “MY BIER . . . IS A DRY BIER!”

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Bust looks like Alfred E Neuman.

Rush: That sculpture looks like Elanor Roosevelt.

Rush: Willie Fern.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Like Alfred AS Eleanor.

Rush: 🙂

hounder2: ..

Rush: Jimmy!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Let’s have an electric cheer for the electric chair!

Rush: A careful cheer…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I know why the caged boid confesses.

Rush: “Ouch!”

Dave: I always liked this part…

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: Not unlike jimmy in “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island”!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Damn. I forgot to wash the bathyscaphe.

Rush: NT!


Dona: HiNT

Len Freeman: Rush, re: Trinity Dublin for your sdaughter… congratulations. My son David did a semester abroad there from his Iowa time. She’ll have a wonderful time.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: NOTTY! Pull up a crupt!

mda19083: hello nt

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: *crypt*

Nothere: Greeting Mrs. nd M. America and all the ships at sea. This is Nohere not broadcasting from the Crème museum.

Rush: We are at the 22:00 mark….

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: She was the monarch of all who surveyed.

Nothere: Tysm

Rush: 22:20

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: SPIRO!

Rush: 22:30

Rush: 22:40

Dave: Sucking on my finger…

Nothere: Ah her pinky.

Rush: 22:50

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: This flick is topheavy with beefcake.

Rush: 23:00

Phil: And a big mouth.

Rush: YES!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I saw Louis Armstrong in Chicago but i keep my mouth shut, STOOLIE!

mda19083: reminds me of mr romano

Nothere: Hubba Hubba Hubba. HEllo LAdies.

Rush: yes.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: He could knock her down with a feather. Even if she takes out the feather, he’ll still knock her down.

Rush: 🙂

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: “Your SLANT, Mr. Chan”???

Dave: ouch…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Maybe Joe Rocke was ancestor of Joe Dirt.

Rush: Not “hung”….HANGED.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: That’s right, Rush. Those guys’ personal lives are PRIVATE.

Rush: Von Bromm has a realization.

Phil: For just a scratch she sure is paying a lot of attention to it.

Rush: Yes, Phil!

Dona: yes phil

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Monet & Manet had the same trouble.

Rush: Chan has used those little things before!


wax angel w/wax fox teeth: She’ll ply her trade with pliers.

Rush: Amateur dentist?

Dave: Just a little condescending….

Phil: And the lawyer is a full time hound.

Rush: Von Brom messes up their plan!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: This guy’s asking for it. Can i get his pince-nez?

Rush: “Truth speak from any chair.”

mda19083: i think there may be a lot of light switch hanky panky tonight

Rush: About the wax figures seen in this movie….

Rush: According to David Robert Cellitti, the wax figure of Charlie Chan (and, perhaps we may assume that the rest of the wax figures used in the film) was made by a studio in Los Angeles called The Stubergh’s, which was run by Katherine Stubergh. “The late Katherine Stubergh was my mentor. She supplied wax figures for such films as House of Wax, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, The Frozen Ghost and many other pictures…including Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum.”

Dave: I’m the new warden…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: I wanna be a warden.

Rush: Willie’s pal…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Rush: Was Kathy Stuby waxed, after?

Matt1: Any idea if they still exist, Rush?

Dave: No one will be seated during the execution….

Rush: (sizzle…..)

Dave: scream

Matt1: Shocking!

Phil: Out go the lights

Rush: That was rumored, Matt…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: The ELECTRIC TREE!

Rush: mainly about the Chan figure.

mda19083: cue the can

Matt1: <tin can>

Rush: it was rumored that it was used for the Honolulu premier of this film.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: He’s toast. He’s TOASTED.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: An unlucky strike.

Rush: But, there is not ant evidence that that actually happened.

Phil: Whenever I have to fly, I get toasted.

Rush: Actually, it seems to have no basis in fact.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: HE’S shocked.

Rush: Too bad…

Rush: Tonga.

Len Freeman: no legit reporter would pass on this story

Rush: Dyak headhunters – The Dyak, once a fierce and feared people, were among the original inhabitants of the island of Borneo, located in the western Pacific north of Java. In 1927, forensic doctor William Krohn set off for Borneo to collect ethnological specimens for Chicago’s Field Museum, living among the Dyak people, learning everything he could about their beliefs and way of life. The results of his work were published in his book Among the Dyak Headhunters.

mda19083: round up all headhunters in the area

Len Freeman: Charlie has amazing knowledge to say the least

Dave: mda…right!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: If only he’d swayed, could have DODGED DART.

mda19083: often confused never in doubt

Rush: YES, MDA!

Phil: Just like they had a pygmy arra at Treasure Island.

mda19083: 🙂 phil

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: The Komodo Dragon is the world’s largest living lizard. One swipe of its mighty tail can render an enemy senseless.

Rush: Sloppy work by Miss latimer!

Phil: I can have a couple of drinks and end up senseless wax.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Uh-oh.

Dave: almost heard Charlie say “son of a…”

Phil: Down boy.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: What a smarm.

Phil: Rush, what’s a “smarm?”

wax angel w/wax fox teeth:     

Rush: Find the person who just had steak for dinner.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: One who is or plans to engage in smarminess. My friends, for instance.

Rush: 🙂

Len Freeman: surprise

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: No reproduction or other account may be presented without express permission of the Baseball Commissioner.

Phil: What a profile

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Awfully nosey.

Rush: Got tired and sat in a chair inside an exhibit!

Rush: Commissioner of the Crime League?

Nothere: Pay no attention to me. Just a wnder crazy person who isn’t even suppose to be at the murder scene. Notihng to ssee here

Rush: 🙂

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Cheese it!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Keep a nose on you, too.

Rush: Jimmy leaves his post.

mda19083: ‘

Dave: I love how no one respects Jimmy…

Phil: I know I wouldn’t

Nothere: And which ever one of you is the murderer should know. I totally forgive you, an have no plan to cause you any trouble.

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Yes!

Dave: Mrs Rocke actress is in Opera as well…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: She reminds me vaguely of Cagneys moll-Ma in “White Heat”.

Rush: “Don’t mind me, I’m just visiting with my wax husband..”

Dave: lol

Phil: And at the Olympics if I remember correctly..

Nothere: Agin nothing to se here. Everyone does that.

Dave: Mentioned earlier, Gordon died not long after this film…

Rush: Yes, Dave to the actress.

Nothere: So are we worried he say his bst execution ever?

Dave: Had leg amputated and died shortly afterwards

Phil: There’s Dr. Arnold waiting his next scence.

hounder2: sorry. got to go. mom wants to chat. see you next week i hope.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Warden is pigment of colorful magaination.

Rush: Hilda Vaughn:

Rush: Charlie Chan at the Opera: Agnes
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum: Mrs. Joe Rocke

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: See ya, Hounder!!

Nothere: Bye Hound

Rush: Take care, Hounder!

Dave: so long…

Rush: Good night.

mda19083: be well hounder

Rush: See you in a few weeks.

Nothere: A plyabl pygmy pigment?

hounder2 has left this room


wax angel w/wax fox teeth: What a bloviator.

Nothere: Dr.Creme saves face by showing how to get ahead.


Dave: Jimmy is great at falling…

Dona: lol Rush

mda19083: love it rush

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Rush, i LOVE Morticia!!

Rush: Me too.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: “Querida!!”

Nothere: Elvira objects

Rush: :0

mda19083: carolyn jones is the best

Rush: “Butcher” Degan.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Notty, let Morticia have her day. Elvira can have all night.

Godwinshelley2: Carolyn Jones was in the House of Wax film

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Also in Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Cream could curdle.

Rush: yes, Angel.

Nothere: Ah but can you tie house of wax through Carolyn to Wax Museum n three moves. Hint Batman

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Rush, i went sour on Cream.

Phil: Jimmy’s an idiot.


Rush: Understood, Angel…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Agnew is a stiff-arm walker,

Rush: Lights!

mda19083: oh no

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: She’s doing that Veronica Lake no-speaking, just face-stuff thing.

Rush: Gnang!!


wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Uh!!

Rush: POP!!!

Nothere: Carylon Jones played Marha onBatman. Batman ha Neil as Godon. ho wa in a Fu Manchu movie. Fu was played by Warner Olnd.

Matt1: Pop!

Elron has joined this room

Rush: YES! I recall that!

Rush: Elron!

Nothere: Hi Elron

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Matt1: Hello Elron!

Godwinshelley2: Hello Elron

Elron: Evening Everyone!

Rush: Nice to have you back!

Dave: hello…

Rush: How are you this evening?

Elron: just got home 20mins ago.

Nothere: Chan can’t be knifed in the back. He’s too sharp:)

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Not WHACKED, but WAXED!! CC’s gonna polish ’em off now!!

Dona: Hello Elron

Rush: Okay, Elron…

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Notty:     

Rush: We are at 52:40

Rush: Still some film left!

sarabell2: Hi Elron, wondered if you would be back. Glad you are.

Rush: 53:00

Rush: 53:20

Rush: 53:30

Rush: 53:55

Nothere: Well sadly folks real life fouled up my plans to join you. Hopfully things will go more smoothly next time. But for now. Nothere is not here.

Matt1: <tin can>

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: That’s OK, they’re speaking Chinese.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Notty, we’


Elron: 54:23

Dave: see you next time…

mda19083: later ht

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: we’ll watch for your next apotheosis. Or your Prius.

Len Freeman has left this room

marcycloud has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: Slow posts…

Nothere has left this room

Matt1 has joined this room

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Too slow. I suspect sabolatage.

Len Freeman has joined this room

Phil: Betcha’ he got a wet butt from climbing in that window.

Rush: WOW! many left?

Matt1: That was a wild ride!

Godwinshelley2: Strange

Dave: mmmm

Dona has joined this room

Rush: And my posts were super slow at that same time!

Dona: weird i didn’t leave

Rush: Some glithch, probably!!!

Elron: ugh. wrong one playing. I am viewing Murder Over New York. lol let me flip over. lol

Rush: 56:15

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Think of the ratings. And the rattings!!

Dave: me neither…

Rush: Dr. cream…full of excuses!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Elron, that’s happened to me at least three times!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Inspector’s gonna milk Cream.

Rush: Yes, that’s happened to me too!

Rush: No problem!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: That was The Charleston, Jimmy.

Rush: Next week…

Elron: whats the time stamp plz?

Rush: We celebrate Keye Luke’s birthday…

Rush: “Phantom of Chinatown.”

Len Freeman: This is one of the better, intertwining cases films… with a touch of old time radio “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men… crime does not pay…”

Rush: 58:30

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: 58:35

Rush: 58:40

Rush: 58:50

Rush: 59:00

Rush: 59:10

Elron: got it.

Rush: 59:20

Rush: 59:30

Rush: 59:40

Rush: 59:50

Rush: 60:00

Rush: AH!

Elron: Thanks I am close enough.

Rush: Sorry…I just kept going!

Rush: 🙂


wax angel w/wax fox teeth: “Tom” is Italian for “Spiro”.

Elron: Chan was a sneaky detective.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: Just wipe that face off your face, lady.

Rush: Yes!

Rush: Chan often sets up the guilty!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: CREAM MUGGED!

Len Freeman: wonderfully done

Rush: Yes!

Dave: Enjoyable…

Rush: JIMMY!

Rush: THE END….

Dona: Oh dear Jimmy

marcycloud has joined this room

Matt1: lol

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: “Music we will hear in “Dead Men Tell”

Dave: hooray…

marcycloud: yay!

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: We need MM here. A little Birmingham would lighten everything.

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: YAY!!!

Rush: (Applause…)

Godwinshelley2: I’d say Poor Jimmy – but Pop got it in the end

Elron: think that was the first time one of his sons kick him.

Rush: WELL!

Dona: YAY!!!!!!

Godwinshelley2: You travel safely – Rush

Rush: Another good one…yes?

mda19083Len Freeman: yes rush

Len Freeman: Yes indeed.

marcycloud: yup!

Dona: Yes Rush another good one.

Rush: Next week, “Phantom of Chinatown.”

wax angel w/wax fox teeth: gOOD LUCK & GOOD night to ALL!!!

Phil: Another one in the can. Aloha all.

Phil has left this room

Rush: Slow posts again!!!

Elron: Keye Luke was interesting person. I have it autograph. Need to find it though.

Rush: Take care, everyone!

Elron: I can’t wait for fall.

Rush: hane a great week!

Dona: Thank you Rush!

DanVenture: tthanks again!

Elron: Time difference is killing me. lol

Len Freeman has left this room

Rush: Thank you ALL for this latest FUN evening!

Dona: Always a fun

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Matt’s in charge for the next couple of weeks.

Dona: Safe travels Rush.

DanVenture has left this room

Rush: Our move comes in a week.

Rush: So, again…thank you all…

Dona: Very happy for you and your familiy

Rush: Take care…

Rush: Be happy and safe!

Elron: night take care.

Rush: TYSM, Dona…

Rush: The newest adventure beckons…

Elron has left this room

Dona has left this room

Rush: Good night
wax angel w/wax fox teeth

Rush: 🙂

Rush has left this room

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