Chat Archive 7/10/2023

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 10, 2023

Feature: Castle in the Desert

Chat Number: 1,211

army signal corps world war 2 carrier pigeons; Scotty’s Castle Interior Tour – Long Version – Death Valley Ranch, California

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike n Rachel in DC
Paul M
Rich Maine
Rush (Rush2)

07-10 18:11Rush: 

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07-10 18:28Mike n Rachel in DC: Hi Rush!

07-10 18:30Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Matt!

07-10 18:30Matt: Hello Rush, M & R!

07-10 18:31Mike n Rachel in DC: How’s tricks?

07-10 18:31Matt: All well in FL….You?

07-10 18:31Rush: Hi, Mat and mike (and Rachel)!

07-10 18:31Mike n Rachel in DC: Doing well…trying to stay cool in this heat!

07-10 18:31Rush: Sorry…MATT

07-10 18:32Mike n Rachel in DC: Hope all is well in IA, Rush

07-10 18:32Matt: Don’t step on me Rush 🙂

07-10 18:32Rush: I cannot complain!  GREAT weather for the past several days!

07-10 18:32Mike n Rachel in DC: There’s a nice flag for that, MattGlad to hear the weather is nice somewhere 

07-10 18:32Matt: lol

07-10 18:32Rush: I hope that you have had a good week?

07-10 18:33Mike n Rachel in DC: Very good week here

07-10 18:33Rush: Well, we WILL have more heat coming up at some point!Good to hear, Mike!And…Hello to rachel!

07-10 18:33Mike n Rachel in DC: We had escaped the evil DC heat/humidity up until the last week.  Now it’s here.

07-10 18:34Rush: Oh, YES!

07-10 18:34Mike n Rachel in DC: Rach sez hi to everyone

07-10 18:34Rush: 

07-10 18:35Mike n Rachel in DC: She’s doing dishes while I type(teamwork)

07-10 18:36Rush: AH!Actually, i enjoy doing our dishes…sort of meditative.

07-10 18:37Matt: My wife doesn’t share your enthusiasm Rush, lol

07-10 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: Rachel says you are welcome to meditate here anytime, Rush!

07-10 18:37Rush: 

07-10 18:37Mike n Rachel in DC: 

Is this meditative?

07-10 18:38Rush: OMost.

07-10 18:38Mike n Rachel in DC: Gotta work with what we have…

07-10 18:39Rush: That’s all one can do, sir!My life story!

07-10 18:40Mike n Rachel in DC: 

07-10 18:41Rush: In a few minutes we should run the first extra…

07-10 18:41Matt: Both look interesting

07-10 18:41Mike n Rachel in DC: Can’t wait!

07-10 18:41Rush: “army signal corps world war 2 carrier pigeons”

07-10 18:41Mike n Rachel in DC: Loved finding the manual…now there’s the training movie!

07-10 18:42Rush: It is a silent collection of Army footage on the subject.YES!

07-10 18:42Matt: So, don’t adjust your volume?

07-10 18:42Mike n Rachel in DC: Could you imagine spending the entire war training pigeons?

07-10 18:42Rush: Those go hand in hand…

07-10 18:42Rush: Someone had to do it, I guess!It may have been a carryover from the first war.

07-10 18:43Matt: How far we’ve come

07-10 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC: And there were MANY worse gigs!

07-10 18:43Rush: Yep.

07-10 18:43Rush: And…yep.The buck privates probably cleaned the cages!

07-10 18:44Mike n Rachel in DC: start at the bottom , work your way up…

07-10 18:44Matt: Hello Hounder!

07-10 18:44Rush: WELCOME, Hounder!

07-10 18:44Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey hounder…hope all is well~

07-10 18:45Rush: How are you as well as your mother tonight?

07-10 18:45Rush: We should start the extras….

07-10 18:46Matt: Ready to go

07-10 18:46Rush: here is the first one…a silent about Army carrier pigeons.

Image thumbnail

Everyone ready?

07-10 18:46hounder: hi all. i’m not going to be very good company tonight. Mom seems to have decided we need to stay up all night sunday nights. sorry. i’m not very good at sleep deprived.

07-10 18:46Rush: Understood, Hounder.

07-10 18:47Matt: Understand Hounder….Do what you can

07-10 18:47Rush: Sorry…Ready everyone?

07-10 18:47Mike n Rachel in DC: all set!

07-10 18:47Matt: Ready

07-10 18:47Rush: 15 seconds…10…5….GO!!!

07-10 18:48Rush: Look at them all arriving!

07-10 18:48hounder: thanksall for your continued understanding.

07-10 18:48Rush: You are beyond welcome, Hounder.If only we could do more.

07-10 18:48Mike n Rachel in DC: glad you can be with us, hounder!!

07-10 18:49Rush: Seconded!This is probably what Jimmy would have been doing!

07-10 18:50Mike n Rachel in DC: Pigeon handler, 2nd class!

07-10 18:50Rush: Ming Toy has been loaded into her box!

07-10 18:51Mike n Rachel in DC: Shhh…Rush.  Don’t give away his disguise!

07-10 18:52Matt: Wish there was a narrative to explain the process

07-10 18:52Rush: Agreed.

07-10 18:52Mike n Rachel in DC: Note:  Send a pizza.  large with extra pepperoni

07-10 18:53Rush: And that was the first one.

07-10 18:53Matt: Very nice, Thnx Rush

07-10 18:53Mike n Rachel in DC: that was fun…and interesting

07-10 18:53Rush: Gives us some perspective on Jimmy’s job with the Army!

07-10 18:53Matt: Well, he has a war to save

07-10 18:54Rush: NEXT: “Scotty’s Castle Interior Tour – Long Version – Death Valley Ranch, California”

07-10 18:54Mike n Rachel in DC: is this the real ‘castle in the desert?’

07-10 18:54Rush: It was certainly Scotty’s Castle that influenced our movie for tonight.

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07-10 18:55Matt: Yep

07-10 18:55Mike n Rachel in DC: yes!

07-10 18:55Rush: 15…

07-10 18:55hounder: this should be cool

07-10 18:55Rush: 10…5…GO!!!

07-10 18:56Mike n Rachel in DC: looks like a stucco castle…

07-10 18:56Rush: Located in the Mojave desert.

07-10 18:57Rush: Ameteur video, but not badly done, IMHO.

07-10 18:57hounder: never saw a wall sundial before

07-10 18:57Mike n Rachel in DC: not enough h20 for a moat in the desert…

07-10 18:58Rush: Rule Number ONE: “Do NOT mention POISONING!”

07-10 18:59Rush: Yes, Mike!

07-10 18:59Mike n Rachel in DC: 1933 Packard.  Mint condition except missing the distributor

07-10 18:59Rush: 

07-10 19:01hounder: it doesn’t look nearly as gloomyin these pics

07-10 19:01Matt: B&W would be cool

07-10 19:01Rush: Yes, Hounder!

07-10 19:02Mike n Rachel in DC: true, Matt…bet it would look a lot like the movie, actually

07-10 19:03Matt: Hello NT!

07-10 19:04Nothere: Has anyone seen my bottle of poision? I ask for no reason.

07-10 19:04Rush: WELCOME, NT!

07-10 19:04Nothere: Hello MattHey Rush

07-10 19:04Matt: Checked your ring, NT?

07-10 19:04Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey NT!  Poison?  No, haven’t seen…eeerk

07-10 19:05Nothere: A good suggestion Matt. I knew there was a reason I kept you guys around:)I had nothing to do with that Mike and or Racheal

07-10 19:06Rush: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 19:06Matt: There you go NT

07-10 19:06Mike n Rachel in DC: watch out for those cocktails

07-10 19:06Matt: I’ll make my own drinkHello Rich!

07-10 19:07Rich Maine: evening all!  Its the best CC tonite!

07-10 19:07Nothere: But Matt I have a special scotch just for you.

07-10 19:07Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey Rich!

07-10 19:07Rich Maine: hiya M/R

07-10 19:07Rush: Hello, Rich!WELCOME!

07-10 19:07Nothere: Not quite Rich. Madame Saturnia brings it down, but its still good.

07-10 19:07Rich Maine: RUSH…UR BACK !

07-10 19:07Rush: We are watching our second extra, which is a tour of Scotty’s Castle.

07-10 19:08Nothere: So So Mike and or Racheal are we talking the 1933 sedan or coupe?

07-10 19:08Rush: So, we hear how Hollywood had a connection with this castle!

07-10 19:08Mike n Rachel in DC: the sedan if we can find the missing distributor

07-10 19:08Rush: 

07-10 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC: no suits of armor?

07-10 19:09Nothere: So are you watching the secret tour or the inside tour?

07-10 19:10Nothere: Hi Fredsmom

07-10 19:10Matt: Hello FM!

07-10 19:10Godwinshelley: Greetings all

07-10 19:10Fredsmom: Good evening! One of my faves tonight!

07-10 19:10Rush: And…there we have it!

07-10 19:10Mike n Rachel in DC: Hey FM and GS!

07-10 19:10Rich Maine: Hi GS

07-10 19:10Godwinshelley: I’m finally back from PA

07-10 19:10Matt: Hello GS!

07-10 19:10Rush: WELCOME, GS!

07-10 19:10Mike n Rachel in DC: very nice tour, Rush

07-10 19:10Nothere: Hey God

07-10 19:10hounder: —

07-10 19:10Rush: 4 1/2 minutes….

07-10 19:10Rich Maine: I am adjusting my face mask now…..

07-10 19:10Matt: Thnx Rush!

07-10 19:10Fredsmom: Good to be with all!

07-10 19:10Rush: You are welcome!

07-10 19:10Godwinshelley: I stayed a little longer in PA to help my Aunt who just had a car accident – we borrowed a car for her and she’s doing better now

07-10 19:10Nothere: Did you see the secret or interior tour?

07-10 19:11Rush: Next week, let’s start a Keye Luke serial….shall we?

07-10 19:11Nothere: Well glad for the last part, sorry for the first God.

07-10 19:11Rush: “Secret Agent X9”?

07-10 19:11Godwinshelley: Yea!! Keye Luke

07-10 19:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Sounds great Rush!

07-10 19:11Rush: 3 1/2 minutes…

07-10 19:11hounder: glad your aunt is feeling better

07-10 19:11Nothere: Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

07-10 19:11Rush: Please “cue-up!”

07-10 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC: GS:  Glad to hear things got resolved a bit

07-10 19:12Rush: 3 minutes….

07-10 19:12Godwinshelley: I think she got the staples out of the back of her head todaty

07-10 19:12Rich Maine: last of the Fox films


07-10 19:12Rush: Yes.

07-10 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC: vroom

07-10 19:12Rush: sadly, we reach the end of the Fox CC series tonight…

07-10 19:12Nothere: Well that must be an improvment God.

07-10 19:12Fredsmom: 

07-10 19:12Godwinshelley: So Birmingham Brown soon??

07-10 19:13Rush: TWO minutes….

07-10 19:13Nothere: THough I suspect later we’ll have a Fox in the chat.

07-10 19:13Rich Maine: Monogram fog rolling on soon

07-10 19:13Rush: Hello, FM!

07-10 19:13Fredsmom: Hello Rush!

07-10 19:13Matt: Hello Phil!

07-10 19:13Rush: Missed your arrival, sorry!Phil!WELCOME!

07-10 19:13Nothere: At least you don’t need a monocle to watch a Monogram

07-10 19:13Phil: Hey Matt, good to see you!

07-10 19:14Rush: 75 seconds….60 seconds…50 seconds…

07-10 19:14Nothere: Somebody call Italy their catle is missing.

07-10 19:14Rush: 40 seconds…

07-10 19:14Nothere: castlke even:)

07-10 19:14Phil: Hi Rush, FM, and NT

07-10 19:14Rush: 30 seconds…25…

07-10 19:14Fredsmom: Hi Phil!

07-10 19:14Rush: 20…

07-10 19:15Rush: 15…10…5…GO!!!!Title….Music….

07-10 19:15Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 19:15Rush: Credits….

07-10 19:15Phil: GONG Baby

07-10 19:15Rush: BONGGGGGG….

07-10 19:15Nothere: No I will not. Deserts are hot. Until I see a bunch of ice I’m not leaving.

07-10 19:15Rush: 

07-10 19:16Nothere: Hey iguana can’ you read no visitors.

07-10 19:17Nothere: Sure hide out right next to the catus. This guys a genius.

07-10 19:17Rush: 

Prof. Gleason.

07-10 19:18Rich Maine: monekys in the trees!

07-10 19:18Rush: Broke a rule already.

07-10 19:18Paul M: hi gang

07-10 19:18Rich Maine: hi Paul

07-10 19:18Phil: Hi Paul

07-10 19:19Nothere: Hey Paul

07-10 19:19Rush: Actually Mrs. Manderley broke the rules by mentioning what was never to be mentioned!WELCOME, PAUL!

07-10 19:19Nothere: Sure I forgive you. Have you seenn our replica torture chamber?

07-10 19:19Paul M: with our whole planet burning up, it’s nice to take a trip to the DESERT

07-10 19:20Rich Maine: threw the glass away ?

07-10 19:20Nothere: Do we ever see any servants?

07-10 19:20Phil: You missed three of them already

07-10 19:20Rush: Only the butler.

07-10 19:21Rich Maine: DB#1

07-10 19:21Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 19:21Rush: TYSM….Matt…

07-10 19:21Phil: And the chauffer and the butler pulling up the chandelier and the guy who opened the gate

07-10 19:21Nothere: Detective skills that wilt under desert sun like flat soda. Needs air.

07-10 19:21Rush: yes.  Forgot about him!

07-10 19:22Rush: “Man who walk have both feet on ground.”

07-10 19:22Nothere: Jimmy Chan goods behavior?

07-10 19:23Rich Maine: so they are in SF…how far is the desert ?

07-10 19:23Phil: And introducing “Ming Toy”

07-10 19:24Rich Maine: daughter of happiness

07-10 19:24hounder: guessing they’d have minimal to staff to protect thier story.

07-10 19:24Mike n Rachel in DC: temporary alias…one of Charlies best lines

07-10 19:24Godwinshelley: does that plate say 1941

07-10 19:25Nothere: I’ll be courtm martialed if I lose him? Try explaining he was murdered in a castle by a Borgia.

07-10 19:25Rich Maine: chop suey salesman ?

07-10 19:26Rich Maine: the madam !

07-10 19:26Rush: Lizzie.

07-10 19:26Matt: Blackbeard?

07-10 19:27Nothere: And to answer question of person I must humbly beg forgivness from for I forgot who they are. But the first Monogram is the next one. Secret Service.

07-10 19:27Rich Maine: Mrs. Nodbury?

07-10 19:27hounder: nice woody

07-10 19:28Rush: YES, Rich!Agreed, Hounder.”Very lonesome pastime…”

07-10 19:28Phil: Well, she’s wrong about that one.

07-10 19:28Godwinshelley: Seems to see death for everyone – that lady

07-10 19:28Nothere: Once again Charlie is just a tad out of his jurisdiction.

07-10 19:28Rush: Looks like anoer servant at the gate justnow.

07-10 19:28Rich Maine: yes GS a 1 track mind

07-10 19:28Rush: (another)

07-10 19:28Mike n Rachel in DC: Should have said “his killer” not “his murderer”

07-10 19:29Phil: Kind of a hardbutt butler

07-10 19:29Rush: Yes, that looked like “1941” on the license plate.

07-10 19:29Nothere: Quick stare out the window suspiciously.

07-10 19:29tenman: Hola all! Sorry so late. Had a bench collapse in the greenhousetime?

07-10 19:29Rush: Tenman!  WELCOME!!!

07-10 19:29hounder: hi tenman

07-10 19:29Rich Maine: bird in closet worth 2 in bush

07-10 19:29Rush: We will catch you up!

07-10 19:30Nothere: Hey Tenman

07-10 19:30Mike n Rachel in DC: 15:15

07-10 19:30Matt: Hello Tenman!

07-10 19:30Mike n Rachel in DC: 15:30

07-10 19:30Nothere: THe armour currently on no ones side.

07-10 19:30Mike n Rachel in DC: 15:54

07-10 19:31tenman: Apparently the new dvd player won’t give times, so scene?

07-10 19:31Nothere: He just met Detharidge

07-10 19:31Mike n Rachel in DC: Charlie meeting Dr. Deathridge….

07-10 19:31Godwinshelley: Charlie talking with Mr Mandelay (masked)

07-10 19:31Phil: Check your remote and see if it has a button called “display”

07-10 19:31Nothere: deathridge leaves libary

07-10 19:31Godwinshelley: Charlie seated in chair – Madelay sitting on desk

07-10 19:32Godwinshelley: Tenman – is you run the subtitles – we could feed you a few lines to help you catch up

07-10 19:32Phil: Guy flies off the handle after HE mentions the Borgia’s

07-10 19:33Nothere: Everyone spying. His speech isn’t that exciting.

07-10 19:33Godwinshelley: Doctor come in

07-10 19:33Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 19:33Godwinshelley: Mr Madelay leaves

07-10 19:33Fredsmom: haha to Matt

07-10 19:33Matt: Hello A & F!

07-10 19:33Godwinshelley: Dr and Chan (seated) talking

07-10 19:33Rush: 

TYSM, Matt!

07-10 19:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: AGAIN, just AUDITING the experience!  Hi everyone!!

07-10 19:34Nothere: No thats a clause you can fight in court.

07-10 19:34Godwinshelley: Hello Angel

07-10 19:34Rush: Angel…and Foxx!WELCOME!

07-10 19:34Matt: Hello Paul, sorry I missed you

07-10 19:34Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Just open a jeroboam of the cheap stuff for everybody, Catherwood!

07-10 19:34Godwinshelley: Peculiar is his favorite word

07-10 19:34Nothere: Hey Angel. Told everyone a fox would appear. I am Mr, Saturnia.

07-10 19:34Fredsmom: Hi Angel!

07-10 19:34hounder: hi angel

07-10 19:35Phil: Hi Angel

07-10 19:35Godwinshelley: Chan talking with sculptor woman and man

07-10 19:35Rush: You are always at the top of our list, Angel! 

07-10 19:35Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Saturnia!  We heard you lost Pluto!

07-10 19:35Rush: 20:40

07-10 19:35Nothere: Revenge for Pluto.

07-10 19:35Godwinshelley: So WHO arranged for the car to show up in town every day

07-10 19:35Rush: 20:5021:00

07-10 19:35Rich Maine: distrbutor has been removed…oh no!

07-10 19:35Rush: 21:10

07-10 19:36Nothere: Find the missing thing. Oh your so helpful.

07-10 19:36Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Rush, we are deeply humbled around all you toppers!

07-10 19:36Rush: 21:20Angel: 

07-10 19:36Godwinshelley: Also the same setup used in horror films – suspcious letter invitation and then cut off from town

07-10 19:37Rush: Who started the scuplpture for him?

07-10 19:37Rich Maine: GS, And Then There Was None

07-10 19:37Phil: This movie really is kind of funny.  People arriving and no one has invited them.  People who have arrived not known by their real names.

07-10 19:37Godwinshelley: Yes – and half the mad scientist films

07-10 19:37tenman: ok found the seated convo. Now hw fasr ahead?

07-10 19:37Nothere: True, but I still mantain that the Chan that comes closest to a horror movie is the Trap. And with Wax Museum that ain’t easy.

07-10 19:38Godwinshelley: now at car outside hotehotel

07-10 19:38Nothere: Jimmy is outside hotel

07-10 19:38Rush: Wise guy hotel proprietor….

07-10 19:38Godwinshelley: son talking to hotel guy

07-10 19:38Rush: $500 in today’s money.

07-10 19:38Godwinshelley: car, driver, madame saturine, and son all talking

07-10 19:38Rich Maine: Lizzie joins Jimmy

07-10 19:39Godwinshelley: car drivingJoshua trees

07-10 19:39Nothere: Death in the Dessert. Alternate title for this film.

07-10 19:39Godwinshelley: driver let out son and madame

07-10 19:39Rush: Dropped off before the castle.

07-10 19:39tenman: cought up, thanks!

07-10 19:39Godwinshelley: good

07-10 19:39Fredsmom: long walk to the castle

07-10 19:40Rush: Chan shows his knowledge of history.

07-10 19:40Godwinshelley: Milton Parsons

07-10 19:40Rush: Yep!

07-10 19:40Rich Maine: Milton arrives! yay! we jsut are missing Harold huber

07-10 19:40Nothere: Sure your a private detectibve that was just out hunting.

07-10 19:41Rush: Milton Parsons:Dead Men Tell: Gene LaFarge
Castle in the Desert: Arthur Fletcher
Dark Alibi: Johnson
Shanghai Chest: Mr. Grail

07-10 19:42Rich Maine: Milton is always perfect

07-10 19:42Godwinshelley: plus he was Herman Munster’s boss at the funeral parlor

07-10 19:42Rush: Agreed!

07-10 19:42Phil: He was in Monster that Challenged the World too.

07-10 19:42Nothere: I promise not to poision you. Now where are the knives?

07-10 19:42Rush: Yes, GS!  I had forgotten that!NT: 

07-10 19:42Godwinshelley: He did a lot of radio too

07-10 19:43Rich Maine: Lizzie stocking up on poison

07-10 19:43Rush: Seems so, Rich!A real person judging by how the head rolled there!

07-10 19:43Fredsmom: GWS I thought that was Carridine (John)

07-10 19:44Godwinshelley: was that a clarinet solo

07-10 19:44Nothere: No Jimmy, don’t climb over the bed on nails. If you get my point.

07-10 19:44Rush: Mike would know, GS!Looks like a harpsichord…not an organ!

07-10 19:45Nothere: I’ll ak Lurch Rich.

07-10 19:45Phil: I thought it looked like a grand piano covered over.

07-10 19:45Matt: Can’t hold his poison

07-10 19:45Rich Maine: DB#2

07-10 19:45Rush: possibly, Phil…but certainly not an organ!

07-10 19:45Phil: Ah, not so fast Rich

07-10 19:45Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 19:46Rush: TYSM…Matt…

07-10 19:46Nothere: No Doctor. I just like slamming my head on the table for no reason. Has anyone seen the Docs diploma?

07-10 19:46Rush: Similar to the notes in “CC at the Race Track.”

07-10 19:46Matt: Sniffing it Charlie?

07-10 19:46Rich Maine: the old poison ring trick

07-10 19:46Rush: Yes.

07-10 19:47Nothere: More subtle than the old stabbing umbrella trick.

07-10 19:47Matt: Lets all hang around the dead guy

07-10 19:47Rush: Yes, Matt!

07-10 19:48Godwinshelley: yes – it WAS John Carradinesorry about that

07-10 19:48Rich Maine: smoking the old tagara weed again

07-10 19:48Nothere: Tagara weed. When your too much of a coward to use Tertragine.

07-10 19:48Rich Maine: yes NT

07-10 19:49Nothere: Did anyone think to bring the Diayk blowgun?

07-10 19:49Rich Maine: mine is being cleaned NT

07-10 19:50Nothere: FEel free to axe the dr. anything.

07-10 19:51Rush: 

07-10 19:51hounder: kinda surprised there are no gaps on the mask

07-10 19:52Rich Maine: have her committed now, quietly

07-10 19:52Matt: Not until the sculpture is complete, plz

07-10 19:52Angel Santiago Saltamontes: 37:45?

07-10 19:53Rush: 38:2538:3538:4538:55

07-10 19:53Angel Santiago Saltamontes: May I see Ringo, please?

07-10 19:53Nothere: So she the murder and mad because the Dr. says so? I wouldn’t trust him to diagnose a hangnail.

07-10 19:53Rush: 39:00

07-10 19:54Rich Maine: and doc isnt  a psychiatrist !

07-10 19:54Angel Santiago Saltamontes: I can’t help myself.  I want [redacted] and nobody else..

07-10 19:54hounder: me either nt

07-10 19:54Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Mind your beeswax!!

07-10 19:54Rush: Agreed, NT!

07-10 19:54Phil: Cue the can

07-10 19:55Rich Maine: poor ming toy

07-10 19:55Rush: Yes.

07-10 19:55Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 19:55Godwinshelley: court marshal time

07-10 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Dead pigeon.

07-10 19:55Nothere: Jimmy better enjoy the stockade.

07-10 19:55Fredsmom: Poor Ming Toy

07-10 19:55Rush: TYSM…Matt…

07-10 19:55Rich Maine: jimmy doesnt get his pigeon deposit back

07-10 19:55Rush: No.

07-10 19:55Phil: “Obvious not meant for pigeon.” LoL

07-10 19:55Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Nightshade gather [redacted] to

07-10 19:55Rush: The arrow predicted by Mme. saturnia.

07-10 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Saturnia’s rings weren’t gotten square.

07-10 19:56Matt: Wrong again….lol

07-10 19:56Nothere: Arrow here. Kinfe in Treasure and museum. Too many gunshots for me to recal. People who try to kill Charlie have terrible. aim.

07-10 19:56Angel Santiago Saltamontes: WHAT?

07-10 19:56Godwinshelley: would help if there was a walkin freezer

07-10 19:57Angel Santiago Saltamontes: GS, there may be!Nice strings here!

07-10 19:57Godwinshelley: This was before air conditioning – id get that body on ice

07-10 19:57Phil: Charlie always walks into the room of a sleeping woman.

07-10 19:57Rush: True, GS!

07-10 19:57Nothere: WE never do see the kitchen. But it would be a 14th century one. So I’m guessing larder but no freezer.

07-10 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Klaatu (Day the [redacted] Stood Still would be great for a walk-on anyplace here.

07-10 19:58Rush: That would be true, as well, NT!Angel, that would be a scene stealer for sure!

07-10 19:58Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Notty, life just goes on getting larder & larder.

07-10 19:58Rush: 

07-10 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: That would scare anybody.

07-10 19:59Rush: Not mad…just a little upset.

07-10 19:59Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Pop!

07-10 19:59Rich Maine: soldier or mouse!

07-10 20:00Rush: “Squeak up!”

07-10 20:00Matt: Mouse!

07-10 20:00Nothere: Thow a piece of chesse down there and you’ll find out.

07-10 20:00Rush: Nice dress.

07-10 20:00Rich Maine: no white furs tonite…too hot

07-10 20:00Rush: Looks vaguely Egyptian inspired.true, Rich!

07-10 20:01Phil: Yes RushOh the can was fooled.  Twice.

07-10 20:01Rush: Matt…we need an un-can?

07-10 20:01Godwinshelley: So just like “Then There Were None”

07-10 20:01Matt: How do I retract the tincans?

07-10 20:01Phil: Two actually.

07-10 20:01Rich Maine: yes GS

07-10 20:02Godwinshelley: You can’t unring a bell

07-10 20:02Nothere: Now that the truth is revealed. This plot has the same old weakness. The second anyone wants to see th ecorpse it’s over.

07-10 20:02Matt: It’s “uncanny”?

07-10 20:02Rush: True, GS!Matt: 

07-10 20:02Mike n Rachel in DC: Matt:  look in the recycling bin

07-10 20:02Nothere: Matt you use a goat.

07-10 20:02Matt: 

Image thumbnail


07-10 20:03Mike n Rachel in DC: can?  what can? 

07-10 20:03Nothere: Everyone takes a lot for granted. The long dead dude sent me a letter. He must be alive.

07-10 20:04Nothere: Canned Chan

07-10 20:04Rich Maine: L)

07-10 20:04Rush2: Computer issues!

07-10 20:05Godwinshelley: That’s alot of clothing for the desert

07-10 20:05Rich Maine: two cans now

07-10 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes: CAN FESTIVAL!

07-10 20:05Rush2: True, GS!Crash!!!!

07-10 20:06Nothere: Ah yes the old hide in armor to spy on the guy spying in aromr trickk. Fell for it twice last month.

07-10 20:06Rich Maine: no handrail on those stairs

07-10 20:06Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Bewitched & bothered, too.

07-10 20:07Rush2: Yes!

07-10 20:07Nothere: Another private decteive? The last one was in on a crimianal conspiracy.

07-10 20:08Rush2: The place is crawling with detectives!

07-10 20:08Phil: Cue the can

07-10 20:08Nothere: Another arrow attack. Round up William Tell and Robin Hood.

07-10 20:08Rush: I re-booted my computer.

07-10 20:09Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 20:09Rush: TYSM…Matt…

07-10 20:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes: X rays show he was shøt in the [redacted].

07-10 20:09Mike n Rachel in DC: lefty

07-10 20:10Nothere: Call Deathridge to help catch killer. Makes sense.

07-10 20:10Angel Santiago Saltamontes: Why don’t they move it along, just summon Mr.Death?

07-10 20:11Rush: Remember Jimmy’s comment there” Boy, am I hot with a bow and arrow.”

07-10 20:11Mike n Rachel in DC: Jimmy’s in the Army…and all set for the Battle of Hastings

07-10 20:11Phil: Wow, around a corner and not even looking – nice shooting.

07-10 20:11Rush: That explains CC’s comment at the end of the movie!

07-10 20:11Nothere: Armor beaten by strangler. I want a refund on this armor.

07-10 20:12Rush: 

07-10 20:12hounder: charlie should have been more suspicious

07-10 20:12Rich Maine: rip off that mask!

07-10 20:12Rush: Yes, Hounder!Zipppp!Off goes the mask.

07-10 20:12Matt: I’m healed….It’s a miracle

07-10 20:12Rush: 

07-10 20:13Nothere: Curse you and your non scarred face.

07-10 20:14Rush: Fast move in that armor!

07-10 20:15Nothere: Darn I’m letting down the side. All these arrows and no arrow sound effect.

07-10 20:15Phil: I can remember setting the plugs and points of a distributor cap.

07-10 20:15Nothere: TWwip

07-10 20:15Rush: Good hiding place for that distributor!

07-10 20:15Matt: 

Image thumbnail

07-10 20:16Rush: “Man who sit on tack better OFF.”

07-10 20:16Rich Maine: Tin Man !

07-10 20:16Fredsmom: chip off ol chopstick!

07-10 20:16Rush: Yes!”Number two son HOT again!”

07-10 20:16Rich Maine: HOORAY!!!!!!

07-10 20:16Rush: THE END

07-10 20:16Godwinshelley: Hot stuff

07-10 20:16Matt: <yee-haw>

07-10 20:16Rush: (Applause…)

07-10 20:16Nothere: YEAh appplause

07-10 20:16Mike n Rachel in DC: <kids-yeah>

07-10 20:17Phil: Douglas Dumbrille alias Lionel Atwill.

07-10 20:17tenman: My favorite Chan!

07-10 20:17Mike n Rachel in DC: zippy exit music

07-10 20:17Rush: The end of the Fox era…

07-10 20:17Godwinshelley: We’ll be heading to Indiana after next Monday – I’ll be missing for a week

07-10 20:17tenman: Finished with the best!

07-10 20:17Mike n Rachel in DC: a fun end to an era!

07-10 20:17Nothere: And what Lionel got up to you naughty boy.

07-10 20:17Rush: Next week we begin the Monogram era with “Charlie Chan in the Secret Service.”

07-10 20:17Fredsmom: Clapclap

07-10 20:17Godwinshelley: And MANTAN

07-10 20:17hounder: be safe and have a good trip gs

07-10 20:17Nothere: Hopefully for a fun reason God.

07-10 20:17Rich Maine: Great fun……have a good week

07-10 20:17Matt: Good night everyone and have a wonderful week ahead

07-10 20:17tenman: Have a good week everybody! See you nest time!

07-10 20:18Phil: Aloha all.  Have a great week.

07-10 20:18Rush: We will also begin as an extra the Keye Luke serial “Secret Agent X9”

07-10 20:18Mike n Rachel in DC: good night all…see you in DC next week!

07-10 20:18Fredsmom: Great to be with everyone. Have a wonderful week. See you soon!

07-10 20:18Rush: Thank you ALL!

07-10 20:18Nothere: But remember everyone until next week keep what were watching a secret.

07-10 20:18Rush: Another GREAT Monday evening!

07-10 20:18hounder: night all. hope to catch you again next week.

07-10 20:18Mike n Rachel in DC: mum’s the word, NT 

07-10 20:18Rush: Enjoy the week!

07-10 20:18Nothere: I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.Noight Hounde

07-10 20:18Mike n Rachel in DC: hope you have a good week with mom, hounder

07-10 20:18Rush: See you next Monday as the next era begins…

07-10 20:18Mike n Rachel in DC: and safe travels, GS

07-10 20:19Godwinshelley: I’ll be here next week – so see you then

07-10 20:19Rush: Yes, GS!Be safe!

07-10 20:19Godwinshelley: night all

07-10 20:19Rush: Good night, GS!

07-10 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC: aha…ok.  take care all!

07-10 20:19Rush: Take care, everyone.

07-10 20:19Nothere: WEll guess I’ll go as well. Remember to duck arrows until next week. Then we don’t have to worry about anything but bombs. Oh brother.

07-10 20:19Rush: Those in hot areas, may things cool down a bit for you!

07-10 20:20Rush: Thank you so much, Angel, mike and Rachel, NT, Paul, Rich….Take care…good night!

07-10 20:21Paul M: night

07-10 20:21Rich Maine: Nite Rush !

07-10 20:21Rush: See you next week, paul!Take care, Rich!Good night!

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