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The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 11, 2022

Castle in the Desert

WWII In HD: America Enters World War II | History; History of the WWII Draft; FDR Signs Military Draft Act – 1940 | Today in History | 16 Sept 16

A & F Network
Mike in DC
Phil & Mrs. Phil

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Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: Good evening to you!

Matt1: That was a short week, no?

Matt1: and to you!

Rush: Yes! FLEW by!

Rush: Six short days!

Matt1: Felt like 6 days

Rush: 🙂

Matt1: lol

Rush: Well, Steve found a few extras for us!

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Matt1: I noticed your post

Matt1: Hello Lou!

HonoluLou: Greetings Gents.

Rush: LOU!

Rush: Good evening!

Rush: How’s Cleveland doing?

HonoluLou: Hi Matt, Rush. How’s everone. Cleveland is great, hi temps and pleasant breezes.

Rush: Sounds good! pretty muggy where I am. Thundestorm this morning.

Matt1: Sounds like Hawaii!

Rush: That’s true, Matt!

HonoluLou: Matt, funny because it can get hotter here with the humidity. We’ve had 10 days in the 90s so far.

Rush: Waikiki in Cleveland!

Rush: Lou, you brought it with ya!

HonoluLou: I went to Hoboken NJ and competed in the Sinatra sing off. I didn’t place, but met some great people and a D.J. took my CD and played on her Sinatra show in PA.

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Matt1: Hello MDA!

mda19083: hello folks

Rush: Hello, MDA!


HonoluLou: Hi MDA from CLE

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Dona: Hello All!

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Well, Lou, I have seen videos of your performances, and I hope to see one live someday!

Rush: Come to the Quad Cities someday during the Bix Fest!

mda19083: Rush – I am sure you are relieved that the place is still standing after your well-deserved vacation

Rush: DONA!

HonoluLou: Rush, cool. When I have a public show I’ll let you know. What is the Bix fest?

Rush: You beat the traffic today?

Dona: I left early so I could be here

Dona: I it here better than work.

Rush: Lou…

Rush: Take a look.

Rush: Dona…you are GREAT…and correct, by the way!

Rush: 🙂

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mda19083: Lou – did I hear a Sinatra reference – we recently lost our Sinatra radio host Sid Mark here in Philadelphia

Rush: Mike!

HonoluLou: Ah, Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. Thanks Rush. Will check it out.

Matt1: Hello Mike!


Mike in DC: Good evening all!

Rush: No rachel tonight?

Dona: Hello Mike

Mike in DC: Rachel is visiting her parents this evening…I’m stag. 😉

Rush: Yes, to the jazz, Lou!

Mike in DC: I assured her I would be well-chaperoned.

mda19083: hello Dona and Mike

Matt1: Tell her we’re going to start taking attendance, Mike

Rush: Flying solo tonight, mike!

Rush: Matt: 🙂

Mike in DC: I know, right? She’s using up all of her free absences.

Rush: AH!

Matt1: We need someone to keep you in line! :-)

Mike in DC:bandit:

mda19083: Matt keeps us all in line

Rush: Well…in preparation for the extras, tonight, here is what Steve shares with us tonight…

Mike in DC: Just call me Ming Toy

Matt1: lol

In the final scene from Charlie Chan in Rio (Sep 5, 1941 TCF), Poppa Chan reads a telegram from Mama Chan in Honolulu. Number Two Son has been drafted into the U.S. Army. Jimmy Chan happily agrees to defend his country.

HonoluLou: MDA, I know. There’s a gal in Carlisle PA, Deeg, who does a 2 hour Sinatra Show, Streamed on Monday’s 6-8PM at She played some of my music, Whoohoo!

Rush: World War Two Draft
Selective Training and Service Act established on Sept 16, 1940.

HonoluLou: MDA, so sad about Sid Mark

Rush: So, with that historical element in mind, shall we begin?

Mike in DC: Right. Started in September…my dad was drafted in October!

Matt1: Sure!

Mike in DC: Ready!

Rush: America Enters World War Two (2014 History Channel)
WWII In HD: America Enters World War II | History – YouTube
Running Time: 4:23.

Mike in DC: Link?

mda19083: Lou – I will need to check out her credentials

HonoluLou: Great MDA. Too bad it’s a Monday…haha.

Rush: Here is the first:


Rush: 50 seconds….

Mike in DC: Thanks…my first try from the email was Wikipedia…

Rush: 40….

Rush: 30…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: GREAT color footage!

Mike in DC: They don’t look all that different than Boy Scouts

HonoluLou: Enter Charlie Chan to the War Effort!

Mike in DC: What a great line that was

Rush: Yes. I am getting chills listening to this one.

mda19083: it is always chilling to hear this

HonoluLou: Here’s my take on it after attending some of those rememberances:

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Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Hello Rick!

RickET: Hello & greetings to all.

Dona: I agree mda

Mike in DC: Very nice, Lou!

Rush: I will always rememnber the tour you and Steve took us on at Pearl Harbor.

HonoluLou: Eteeee! ET, ET, ET….!

Dona: Hello Rick

Rush: WELCOME, Rick!

Mike in DC: Hi Rick!

mda19083: hello rick

Rush: We just finished viewing the first of three EXTRAS.

HonoluLou: Rush, I have to tip the panama hat to Steve for that.

Rush: Here is a hint as to the next one:

Rush: Young Men in the U.S.A., including Jimmy Chan, are Drafted
History of the WWII Draft – YouTube (2015)
Running Time: 1:24.

HonoluLou: Sorry Rick. I saw ET and got a little crazy.

Rush: Ready?


Matt1: Yep!

Rush: 45 seconds…

Mike in DC: Yes!

mda19083: Lou – crazy is good here in the chat room

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

HonoluLou: haha.

mda19083: cued here

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

HonoluLou: Ready, waiting and able!

Rush: 10…

Mike in DC: Without crazy we might not have a chat room…

Rush: 5…

mda19083: 🙂

Rush: GO!!!

HonoluLou: Hi Mike.

Mike in DC: Hey Lou!

Rush: That was a short one!

Matt1: Interesting

Matt1: But not surprising

Mike in DC: Short and sweet 🙂

Dona: typical politicians wait until after the election

HonoluLou: Draft only 21 until November of ’41? Wow!

Rush: Rick, are you with us?

Rush: Yes!

RickET: Yes

Rush: And aftert he election, it was lowered to 18!\

Rush: Some things never change!

HonoluLou: I noticed Rush you have a Crown next to your name in the Chat ID on the right. Very Cool!

Dona: absolutely Rush

Mike in DC: Rush is the King of Chan

Rush: Lou…think of it as a necessary BURDEN!

Matt1: Fancy

HonoluLou: Ah so. A burden bore well.

mda19083: some are born to greatness – other have greatness thrust upon them

Rush: And…the last extra info:

Rush: FDR Signs Military Draft Act, Chinatown Responds (Universal Newsreel)
FDR Signs Military Draft Act – 1940 | Today in History | 16 Sept 16 – YouTube
Running Time: 1:50.

mda19083: Rush wears it well

Rush: 🙂

Rush: It wears ME….out.

HonoluLou: I’ll bet it does, Rush!

Mike in DC: I think a cape would accessorize it nicely, Rush. :0

Matt1: If we ever do a Zoom, go to Burger King and wear the crown that night!

HonoluLou: LoL

Dona: lol

Rush: Here it is:

Rush: 50 seconds…

Rush: 40…

Rush: 30…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

HonoluLou: This about the draft, I was no 9 in 1970 o_O

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

Rush: 21-36…

Mike in DC: I had to sign up for the draft but never got called

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Rush: HM!

A & F Network: We starting early?

Matt1: Hello A & F!


HonoluLou: I joined the Air Force, quick. My mom got a draft notice from the Army two month later!

Mike in DC: A couple of extras, AF…and HELLO!

A & F Network: HLou—did they draft your mom TOO?

Rush: Angel/Fox Network!

Rush: I get it!

RickET: Your mom got drafted?

HonoluLou: A&F, Haha. No, and they would have been sorry if they did!

mda19083: A&F are in the house!

Dona: Hello Angel

Dona: Hello Fox

Rush: 14 minutes until showtime!

Rush: “Castle in the Desert”

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Louise: Hello Chan Clan!!!

Matt1: Hello Louise!

HonoluLou: Hi Louise!

A & F Network: Hi ALL!!! Fox & i are being hounded (not OUR Hounder!), will be back (panting) after running over hill & dale for a few mins. Don’t mind us or the horns!

Rush: Tonight we see Charlie Chan venture out into the Mojave Desert on what turns out to be a most unique case!

Louise: Been busy for family things for the past couple of weeks.

Rush: Son Jimmy is on leave from the Army Signal Corps.

Louise: One of my fave Chan movies

Rush: So, we see the military tie-in via tonight’s extras, as Number Two Son was drafted in last week’s movie!

Rush: AH…Louise!

Mike in DC: Jimmy’s “bible:”


Dona: hi louise

Mike in DC: Good evening, Louise!

Rush: YES, mike!

Louise: Missed being here. Mondays are not the same without you all.


mda19083: hello louise

Louise: Is that referring to me, Rush?

HonoluLou: Gotta Be!

Mike in DC: Always returns to the nest, Louise?

Rush: Louise, I have had a lot going on since school ended. I will need to meet with you at some point to resume the WordPress move!

Rush: Nothing huge, but just an assist or two!

Louise: Definitely, Rush. I am back to my daily routine of doing nothing.

Rush: Also, it seems that I am still able to edit this site via Tripod, though I am not sure why and how Internet Explorer is still functioning for that!

Rush: Anyway…not complaining!

Rush: A reprieve!

HonoluLou: Beg honorable permission. I will go prepare Tiger Tea (as Steve calls it) to watch most memorable Chan film. Be right back.

Rush: Save a shot for ME, please, Lou! I might need some!

Rush: 🙂

Louise: I need popcorn…back soon…

Rush: Ah…POPCORN! Perfect!

Rush: 7 minutes to go!

Mike in DC: Don’t forget some feed for the pigeon

mda19083: tiger tea all around – this one is on me

Rush: Please cue your personal copies to the OPENING TITLE!

Rush: “Castle in the Desert”

Rush: 6 minutes…

mda19083: no popcorn for me tonight – but I have my box of sno-caps

Mike in DC: This is one of the wackier Chans, I think.

Matt1: Agreed

Matt1: Cued!

Mike in DC: Ditto

Rush: In someways, Mike, yes, perhaps!

Dona: Ready here.

Rush: Ready here, too!

Rush: The map at the title, here, is actually pretty accurate, generally.

HonoluLou: MDA “Snow Caps”. I used to eat boxed of em…then I switched to PEZ!

Rush: “Mojave Wells” is fictional, though.

Mike in DC: The whole Borgia tie-in is a bit contrived and it doesn’t make sense…at least it’s difficult to follow

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mda19083: lou – i have PEZ also

Matt1: Hello GS!

Dona: Hello GS

Mike in DC: Greetings, GS!

Rush: GS!

mda19083: welcome GS

Rush: COME!!

Godwinshelley2: hello

Godwinshelley2: im cuing

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HonoluLou: MDA, really! The PEZ convention is the 23d-25th this month about 10 minutes from my house!

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Mike in DC: Did the castle get built in the desert because land was cheap?

Rush: “Mojave Wells” may have been based on the real town in Death valley, Stovepipe Wells.

mda19083: hello Phils

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Mike in DC: Lou/MDA: Rachel and I have toured the Pez factory (and museum)!

Rush: Mike…that…and Manderley’s desire for SECLUSION, no doubt!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hey we’re actually here BEFORE the movie starts!

HonoluLou: Hi GS, Phil & MS. Phil

mda19083: didn’t know pez was that big that it needed a convention

Dona: Hello M&M Phil

HonoluLou: Mike, the one in Burlingame, CA?

Rush: Times Square would have been a poor choice!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha to all our Chan friends! Good to see you all.

Mike in DC: True, Rush, but I would have gone for a secluded part of, say, Tahiti

Rush: 75 seconds…

Godwinshelley2: I’ve had an exciting day – saw an Audiologist about hearing aids and am mailing my passport renewal (with hideous photo) in.

HonoluLou: It unfortuanely has close, the PEZ Museum?

Rush: Sorry…lost track of the time!

Rush: My rachel brought my dinner down!

Rush: 50 seconds…

Godwinshelley2: nice

Rush: 45…

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike in DC: Yes, Lou. It’s in New Haven…inside the factory

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

HonoluLou: Ah, Mike. Cool! I’ve seen only online.

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!


Rush: Title…

Rush: Music….

Phil & Mrs. Phil: GONE BABY!

Mike in DC: They were a German invention–originally conceived to help folks stop smoking.

Rush: Credits….

Rush: DRAMATIC music!

Rush: TYSM, Matt!

HonoluLou: Mike, I have around 400+ PEZ dispensers 🙂

Godwinshelley2: Music Different from previous Chan films

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Another one with Richard Derr

Rush: Yes, GS!

Rush: The castle!

Mike in DC: Sounds like it could have been music from a Bogart or other film noir

HonoluLou: A gecko. Love em!

Louise: Yes, GS, weird music

Rush: yes, Lou!

Mike in DC: That’s impressive, Lou

mda19083: lou – is there a Charlie Chan PEZ dispenser?

Godwinshelley2: Did the map say “Death Valley Jr”

Rush: Desert flora…

Rush: A fauna ot so, too…

HonoluLou: I have all the PEZ body parts if you know them.

Rush: Black cat….

Rush: Puzzums?

Mike in DC: Why am I thinking of the beginning of “murder by death” right now?

Rush: Professor Gleason…

HonoluLou: Isn’t there actually some castle “really” in the desert this is fashioned after?

Rush: Scotty’s Castle, probably

HonoluLou: Oh, I thought there was.


hounder has joined this room

Mike in DC: Castles were notoriously drafty and cold. Maybe this compensates for the desert heat? Or is it like 120 degrees in there?

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Rush: The actual “castle in the desert”

Rush: Hounder!

mda19083: greetings hounder

Rush: WELCOME!!!

hounder: I’m little late but i made it. hi everyone

Mike in DC: hey hounder

Rush: I hope that you and your moghter are doing well this evening.

HonoluLou: Scotty’s castle:

Louise: That stupid mask…

Rush: (mother)

Dona: hello Hounder

Rush: Don’t have seconds, Professor!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: So we continue to talk about one of the two things we never talk about.

hounder: we are. just got mom to bed.

HonoluLou: Dinner at 8! Heck, I’m starting to nod off.

mda19083: that was a strong drink

Godwinshelley2: Phil – you mean :”fight club”?

Rush: Very!

Rush: Good to hear, hounder.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: of THREE things.

Rush: Ah! Phil and Mrs. Phil….WELCOME!

Matt1: <tin can>

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha Rush!

Rush: Missed your entry, sorry!


Rush: I love the shadows.

hounder: hi m ms phil

Rush: Pawn-like.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Hi Hounder!

Rush: Jimmy!

Louise: Conspiracies never work

Rush: On leave.

Rush: “Man who walk have both feet on ground.”

Rush: A week off for good behavior!

hounder: time check please?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 8:115

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 8:30

Rush: Lucretia Borgia….


Godwinshelley2: 9:00

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 8:50

Godwinshelley2: Whoops i guess im off

hounder: thanks

Matt1: Ming Toy

Louise: Ming Toy is transgender

Rush: “Ming Toy”

Rush: “Daughter of Happiness”

Rush: Nice shot of CC’s arrival in the bus.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: This is a great shot of Chan

Rush: Interior of the bus.

Louise: Chop Suey salesman

HonoluLou: I love the exchange of aphorisms we’ll see between Charlie and Madame Saturnia.

Rush: yes, Lou!

HonoluLou: Best in the series…aphoristically speaking.

Rush: nice point, Lou!

Rush: But the omelette would be pretty dirty on that road!

Mike in DC: According to the pigeon manual: 38. Sex
a. Sex of the pigeon is difficult to determine without experience ; how- ever, some external characteristics help recognition.

Rush: “Man without enemies like dog without fleas.
“Man who fears death dies a thousand times”

Rush: Good aphorisms in this one as Lou said!

HonoluLou: Yes, so cool. Mike, not everyone has one of those manuals. Very impressive.

Matt1: Hotel is going to lose his 5 diamond status

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Boy that hotel manager is pretty bossy.

Rush: Nice retort from chan here!

Rush: Yes, phil!

Rush: Not the nicest hotel proprietor!

Rush: No wonder the place is probably empty!

HonoluLou: Ha, Ha. True Rush.

Louise: But do they offer chocolate cookies when you check in?

Mike in DC: Ming Toy is not a “creature.”

Rush: Did Chan bring FOOD for the bird?

HonoluLou: This has residuals, of course, of The Chinese Parrot.

Rush: 🙂

Phil & Mrs. Phil: The butler has a bad attitude too.

mda19083: tough to get good help

HonoluLou: Charlie Chan…The Detective?

Rush: Vs. Chan the martial artist.

HonoluLou: Wasn’t he in last weeks film…CC in Rio?

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Yup

mda19083: that’s his brother Jackie

Rush: It’s interesting how some actors pop up in the following Chan movie!

Louise: Were those actors on contract to the studio, Rush?

Rush: BUT, he DOES have a Packard “Woddy” instead of a horse-drawn carriage!

Rush: (woody)

Rush: Yes, Louise.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: That’s not George Zucco.

mda19083: Douglas Dumbrille

Rush: Douglas Dumbrille: [Paul] Manderley

Rush: Yes.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: You mean it’s not Lionel Atwill?

Rush: “Zappa sometimes mother of invention.”

HonoluLou: “Caution sometimes mother of suspicion”

mda19083: the old Atwill/Zucco confusion

HonoluLou: The old remove the distributor trick. Try that today~

Rush: Call AAA.

mda19083: shouldn’t it be impractical joke?

Rush: Yes. Impractical…and…not a joke!

Rush: 🙂

HonoluLou: Rush, forget AAA, call Uber!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Oh it’s not old mda, happens every time!

Rush: Nice verbal work by Chan!

Godwinshelley2: MDA – I have the same confusion

Rush: Happens to me, too!

Godwinshelley2: Also confuse Burgess Meredith with Edmund O’Brien when I was younger

mda19083: often confused – never in doubt

Rush: That “joke” from the hotel owner is getting old!

Rush: 25 bucks!

Rush: TONS today!

HonoluLou: Hey,isn’t he the Soda Jerk, from…what was the film?

Rush: Like $500!

Dona: yes i recognize him too

Phil & Mrs. Phil: The Shanghai Cobra?

mda19083: the jerk from what film?

Dona: twilight zone?

HonoluLou: With the two way radio…YES Phil!

Godwinshelley2: Yes the one with the video jukebox

Rush: “The Shanghai Cobra”, yes.

Godwinshelley2: Look out for Giant ANTS

Mike in DC: Shanghai Cobra…always going on about his freshly made beef stew 🙂

HonoluLou: Ouch! The cobra got me on the radio dial!

Rush: The driver was wrong about the “two miles”.

Louise: GS: THEM! Just watched it.

Phil & Mrs. Phil:-) GS

Rush: Milton Parsons.

Matt1: Yet another

Godwinshelley2: Joshua Trees in a ton of films

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Another good one GS

HonoluLou: Louise, “Them” the film with Sherriff Matt Dillon?

Rush: Parsons was in four Chan films:

Rush: Dead Men Tell: Gene LaFarge
Castle in the Desert: Arthur Fletcher
Dark Alibi: Johnson
The Shanghai Chest: Mr. Grail

Mike in DC: Them is one of the great sci fi flicks EVER

Phil & Mrs. Phil: A classic Mike.

Godwinshelley2: Just showed the Deadly Mantis last Saturday

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Have that one on DVD GS


Phil & Mrs. Phil: Fell asleep while I was watching it on Saturday.

HonoluLou: THEM, THEM!

Godwinshelley2: Yes – that’s THEM

Mike in DC: <applause>

Louise: Not Matt Dillon, James Arness

HonoluLou: HaHA, I stand corrected, Madame.

Rush: Jimmy arrives stealthily!

Rush: That’s a BIG candle!

HonoluLou: Wasn’t he the original “Thing” Louise?

Godwinshelley2: Nothing like a houseguest who goes through your Medicine Cabinet

Godwinshelley2: Yes HL – He played the thing

Phil & Mrs. Phil: James Arness is Peter Graves brother.

Louise: Yes, Lou

hounder: lol@gs

HonoluLou: I thought so.

Rush: That was a real person, judging by the head mothion when Jimmy bumped it!

Rush: “No.”

Godwinshelley2: It looks like a piano to me

HonoluLou: What Rush? Now your gonna make us rewind after the chat.

Rush: Organ looks like a harpsichord.

HonoluLou: Charlie says, “You first, girlfriend.”

Rush: Black candles.

Rush: Uh-oh!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Droppin’ like flies.

Matt1: <tin can>

Louise: Don’t drink at that party…

HonoluLou: Rush, you’re very perceptive. Black Candle…a nice touch.

Mike in DC: Could be a small organ…portativ or “virginal” from the late Renaissance


Godwinshelley2: Not a single luxury – like robinson caruso

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Ah not so fast Rush.

hounder: i’m not sure i’d know which glas to drink from at that table

Rush: Jimmy jumps to conclusions…again!

Rush: Me neither, Hounder!

HonoluLou: His face is so horrible…Haha.

Rush: “The old witch did it.”

HonoluLou: Poison is a woman’s weapon!

Rush: And stuffed alligator!

hounder: wonder if the daughters were expensively educated….. and how charlie afforded them

PaulM has joined this room

Godwinshelley2: Hello Paul

Rush: tagara weed (tagara) – (Sanskrit) A slightly hairy, tufted herb with thick horizontal rootstocks that contains a sweet smelling essential oil. Tagara (Indian valerian) is prescribed as a remedy for hysteria, hypochondria, nervous unrest, and emotional troubles. The drug contains a group of iridoid or monoterpenic derivatives, known as valepotriates which are useful as tranquilizers and sedatives. An iridoid ester glycoside designated as valerosidatum (isovaleryl glucoside) has also been isolated.

PaulM: hi GS. hi Rush. wb

Rush: Hello, Paul! WELCOME!

Rush: TYSM, paul!

HonoluLou: Buongiorno Paul.

Mike in DC: Hey Paul

Louise: The stars are very powerful…

Rush: Good to be home again.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Howdy Paul

HonoluLou: The finger of Isis?

hounder: hi paul

Dona: Hello Paul

PaulM: and a good day to all in the room

Rush: Paul, our movie is currently at: 35:00

Rush: Cesare Borgia:


Phil & Mrs. Phil: A little slur against the Nazis

Nothere has joined this room

Rush: They deserved it!

Rush: NT!

hounder: hi nt

Nothere: Phooey I’m gonna miss most of the movie.

Rush: WELCOME!!!

mda19083 has left this room

hounder: sure sounded like it to me phil

Rush: Happy to have you with us!

HonoluLou: If you’ve ever visited castles in Europe those knights armor, were really small, as were the people back then.

mda19083 has joined this room

Rush: yes, lou! That’s true!

Rush: Welcome back, MDA!

mda19083: just got back from the poison room

Nothere: Sadly I can’t fit in them.

HonoluLou: MDA, lol

Rush: nightshade – (1) Any of several plants of the genus Solanum, such as the bittersweet nightshade, most of which have a poisonous juice. (2) Any of various similar or related plants, such as belladonna.

Nothere: Hope you brought an antidote.

Dona: Hi NT

HonoluLou: Nothere. You just have to try really hard.

Louise: That is such a bad sculpture

HonoluLou: Louise, that’s too funny!

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Mike in DC: avant-garde, Louise

Mike in DC: The arrow is an improvement


Phil & Mrs. Phil: Right in the old distributor cap.

mda19083: we got a pigmy arrah

Rush: sorry about the caps lock!

Rush: Dead Ming Toy.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can

HonoluLou: Ming Toy go to ancestors in birdland.

Rush: Now Jimmy will need to explain this to the army!

Nothere: Pygmy arrovs, native blov guns, poisioned glass balls. Have these people ever heard of a gun?


Phil & Mrs. Phil: Obvious not meant for pigeon”

Nothere: A gun on Ming Toy might be overkill.

HonoluLou: Nothere good point. Gimme a gat!

RickET: Wrong again

Rush: We know now that jimmy has taken art in college. perhaps att he suggestion of brother Lee?

HonoluLou: Would that be Keye Luke, Rush?

Nothere: It dosen’t matter vhat they tke, they von’t shov up for class anyvay.

Rush: Yes, Lou.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: What the HECK kind of sculpture is on the wall?

Nothere: Bad. Phills.

HonoluLou: Looks like a food dog?

Rush: 🙂

mda19083: gargoyle

Godwinshelley2: balinese mask?

Mike in DC: Watson King’s early work

hounder: or most colleges require some sort of an art or appreciation class as part of the required curriculum.

HonoluLou: MDA’s right, gargoyle.

Rush: Madame saturnia!

Louise: Pop! Pop!

mda19083: that lady gives me the creeps


Matt1: Mouse!

Rush: “Squeak up!”

A & F Network: Where ARE we?

Rush: Nice dress!

Rush: An “Egyptian” look!

Godwinshelley2: 45:30

Phil & Mrs. Phil: 45:25

HonoluLou: 45:32

HonoluLou: 45:50

A & F Network: Thanks! Right wit’cha!!

Rush: 🙂

hounder: brb dog walk

Mike in DC: Quite the range of costumes for the women in this scene

A & F Network: “Power of Attorney” is ALWAYS used for evil, is it not, Detectives? NEVER for ghood?

A & F Network: *good?*

Nothere: Fake murder? Fake scandal? If the dinner is fake thereis gonna be trouble.

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Ah, Charlie says Gleason is alive too!

A & F Network: POTIONS are never good either.

Rush: Matt…to “bring back the “dead”…

HonoluLou: A&F, truth like oil, will eventually rise to surface.


A & F Network: “Humble nose” =) =) =)


A & F Network: Lou, Truth does seem to does that.

Louise: It is always the money…

A & F Network: He needs to get another castle, that guy does.


Rush: Oh, well…i tried!

Louise: The stars never lie…

A & F Network: Louise—what if they say it’s NOT about the money?

HonoluLou: Rush, nice try but no cigar?

hounder: back

HonoluLou: Everyone is so well dressed.


mda19083: the chat room is no smoking

Rush: True!

Rush: “Remain in can.”

A & F Network: (The stars never lie): What about Cher? She’s still on our planet. PLUS, i read a thing about PLUTO “coming BACK”: you can bet i told THEM: Pluto was kicked out of the Planet Club in 2006, and has a lotta damn gall.

Matt1: Don’t kick it

A & F Network: Candlestick duals as a hookah.

Rush: Yes, Angel!

hounder: love that line canned outpost

Louise: I used to have a candlestick like that

A & F Network: Rush, thank you for your support. I got thrown off the platform for knocking Pluto.

Rush: I still count Pluto! How can a body with two moons NOT be a planet?

Godwinshelley2: politics

mda19083: stay close to the candles – the staircase can be treacherous

Rush: CRASH!!!!

A & F Network: And those moons are balls of ICE! Yes!

Rush: OUCH!!!

Dona: I agree Rush. Pluto is and will always be a planet

Mike in DC: Last time he pushed Jimmy off a gangplank

Rush: “Bent, bruised, and bewildered.”

hounder: ouch

mda19083: i thought pluto was a dog

Louise: I am going to look at Pluto tonight with my telescope

Rush: A slip-and-fall law firm!

A & F Network: This reprises the Young Chan in Armor from a few years prior.

mda19083: no wonder his sculpture sucks

A & F Network: Any missing lawyer is a tiny balm.

Nothere: Pluto is the dog planet?

Rush: MDA: 🙂

HonoluLou: 9:30 more to go!

jrieth has joined this room

Nothere: Hey Jneth

mda19083: i hope the candles don’t go out

Matt1: Hello Jrieth!

HonoluLou: Hi Jrieth


Dona: Hi Jrieth

Nothere: Sadly I came late and leave early. But I made it. So to all a good night.

jrieth: Hi! it’s been awhile!

A & F Network: Notty, it’s not just some mutt! It takes 247.68 years to fetch a stick! And it’s bringing it next year! Once we get the stick, we’ll be stuck!

Rush: YES!

Matt1: Take care NT!

Dona: Good night NT

A & F Network: Notty, don’t get stuck!

hounder: gnite nt. safe week

Rush: GREAT to have you “home” again!

Matt1: <tin can>

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Cue the can

Louise: Nothere…you are living up to your name

hounder: hi jrieth. welcome back

A & F Network: Yes, Phils, you’re prescient.

Nothere has left this room

Rush: NOT bullet-proof, Jimmy!

Matt1: Where Jimmy was standing is replaced with another armor now

jrieth: It’s Rieth but what the heck!

Rush: That’s the line that CC bases his final comment of this movie on!

A & F Network: Those 16th Century Romans had it going on. A municipal yard sale, 200 square miles for a thousand years. BAHGAINS! VENI VIDI YA BAHGAINS!!

Rush: JIMMY: “Boy, am I HOT with a bow and arrow.”

HonoluLou: Wonder how they did that scene, with the arrow/

A & F Network: Nicky—it’s NOT US@! An interesting approach, but it’s NOT US.

jrieth: reverse?

Rush: Spanish War (also Spanish Revolution, Spanish Civil War) – A war fought in Spain between the years 1936 and 1939. The fascists, led by Generalissimo Franco eventually prevailed due to the military assistance provided by Germany.

Rush: GASP!

A & F Network: PSAG!!!

HonoluLou: Liar, Liar, pants on fire!

A & F Network: we mean, !!!PSAG

HonoluLou: Generalissimo Fraco, ah yes, Rush.

Rush: Yes.

A & F Network: Did those Borgias do ANYTHING nice?

Rush: Not too much!

A & F Network: They might have offered pizza. Maybe they were just shyshyshy.

mda19083: the Erie insurance man did in Hartford

Rush: King should’ve waited!


Rush: Incriminated himself too quickly!

HonoluLou: Decorate gentleman with legal jewelry~

Louise: Messing with art is a crime

Rush: Chan “operates.”

Rush: The distributor!


A & F Network: How—?

Rush: Poor Jimmy!

mda19083: slow drying clay

hounder: decorate gentleman with legal jewelry.

Rush: Oil needed.

A & F Network:P :P :P Legal jewelry is the best ornament.

Matt1: Gonna need a can opener for Jimmy

A & F Network: LOCK HIM UP!

Rush: Monogramesque sound effect there.

Rush: “Man who sit on tack, better OFF.”

A & F Network: FIRE!!!!!!

Rush: “Number Two son HOT again!

Godwinshelley2: hot again’


Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rush: (Applause…)

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: Next week….

Dona: <WAHOO>

HonoluLou: Yeah! a great show.

mda19083: horay

Rush: The Monogram era begins….

Rush: with…

Godwinshelley2: Very upbeat ending music

Louise: Good movie

A & F Network: A marvellous, and admonitory, end! Kids, always BUY Chesterfields but GIVE THEM TO GRAMPS!!

Rush: “Charlie Chan in the Secret Service.”

Dona: One of my favorites

Mike in DC: And we bid farewell to 20th C. Fox

hounder: i like this one.

Rush: yes, louise!

HonoluLou: The castle does exhist as Rush pointed out, for later:

Rush: Me, too, hounder!

A & F Network: Yes, the music was sprightly. I know i’ll be affected all the week long. Gnite!!!!!!!!

jrieth: Adieu all!

Mike in DC: Goodnight all…have a great week!

Rush: Take care, John!

A & F Network: Adieu, jr!!!!!

Louise: nite all

mda19083: thanks all for another fun one

Rush: GREAT seeing you here with us!

Phil & Mrs. Phil: Aloha to all my CHan friends.

Matt1: Good night everyone and have a gret week!

Phil & Mrs. Phil has left this room

Rush: Plaes come again next week?

RickET: Thank you and gnite to all

mda19083: be well until next time

Rush: Thank you ALL….as always!

RickET has left this room

Rush: GREAT evening together!

Godwinshelley2: Everyone have a safe weekend

Godwinshelley2: week

Mike in DC has left this room

Godwinshelley2: night

A & F Network has left this room

Godwinshelley2 has left this room

jrieth has left this room

Rush: Yes! May everyone be happy and safe this coming week!

mda19083 has left this room

Matt1 has left this room

Rush: Some good things about next weekks movie!

Dona: Great Evening everyone! Always is. I’m looking forward to next week. Thank you Rush!

HonoluLou: Best wishes for a great week to all.

Louise has left this room

Rush: Mike

HonoluLou has left this room

Rush: Left…

Rush: Oh, well!

hounder: nite all. see yiu next week.

Rush: Hounder, my best to you and your mom.

Rush: Dona…hold down the SoCal fort for us!

Rush: 🙂

hounder has left this room

Rush: Take care, paul, Hounder, and Dona!

Rush: have a happy week!

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Good night!

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