Chat Archive 7/12/2021

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 12, 2021

Castle in the Desert

The Landini Murder Case: The Second Bullet

Mike in DC
Phil & Mrs. Phil
Rich Maine

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Matt1: Hello Rush!


Rush: Hello, Matt!

Rush: Good evening!

Matt1: Hope you had a good week?

Rush: I might have connection issues tonight, just to let you know in advance!

Matt1: Storms?

Rush: My signal is waerk from my modem to the room I am in!

Rush: (waek)

Matt1: Ah….Have you thought about a “booster” for your internet?

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Matt1: Hello Dan!

DanVenture: Don’t fall over! Yes, it’s Dan. Not even right on time, but EARLY.

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DanVenture: And now, Rush rushes to leave.

DanVenture: Or maybe fell over.

DanVenture: Meantime, maybe that network issue he mentioned really is that bad.

Matt1: He’s having internet issues, but I like the way you think too, lol

DanVenture: You see, once you get a reputation it’s hard to live down.

DanVenture: However, since my day job involves networks, it is possible I have some pointers that might help Rush.

Matt1: I’m setting up my counter…..just in case, lol

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Matt1: Ever since working from home with COVID, we got a booster and love it

Rush2: I’ll take those pointers, DV!

Matt1: wb, Rush

Rush2: I’ll be going from phone to pc and back!

Rush2: Does the booster connect to my computer?

Matt1: No, to your modem

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Rush: oh.

Matt1: I’m now seeing double Rush

Rush: i’ll do whatever is needed1

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Rush: yes!

Rush: ‘ll use this one whenever I can!

DanVenture: It’s like a “rush” of Rush’s

Rush: Hello, SB!

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Rush: Good evening to you@!

Rush: And to you, too, DV!

Matt1: Plug into outlet half way to modem and it boosts signal

Matt1: Hello SB!

Rush: I will anticipate computer connection issues tonight!

Matt1: That’s my IT knowledge….plus Google

sarabell2: Hello, all. Just reading your internet troubles. Just since you moved? Maybe you are in the Iowa triangle.

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Matt1: Hello Philly!

mda19083: Hello to all my fellow Chan Chatters

DanVenture: I assume the modem is too far to run a cable from the PC?

Rush: A home outlet, say in a hallway, etc., Matt?

Rush: Hello, MDA!

Matt1: Yes

Rush: Welcome!

Rush: AH!

Rush: That sounds pretty easy!

Matt1: I did it, soooooo

Rush: Something even I can do!


DanVenture: Matt’s suggestion is good.

Rush: So, I have my phone as my “lifeboat” tonight!

Rush: I’ll get that!

Matt1: Our studs in wall are aluminum and was a real pain…..Really helped

Rush: Would one be able to get one at say a Walmart or Target?

Matt1: Yep

Matt1: Got ours at Best Buy

Rush: Good!

DanVenture: Agreed, Matt. Many people overlook that possibility.

DanVenture: of metal interference.

Matt1: And concrete

Matt1: Inexpensive too, Rush

Rush: Good!

Rush: That helps, to!

DanVenture: Yes, anywhere from $20-50.

Rush: TOO

Rush: Okay.

Rush: Perfect.

mda19083: good to know that we have an IT team here in the chat room when I have issues in the future

Rush: YES!

DanVenture: We certainly have to keep our Fearless Leader connected!

Matt1: Amen!

mda19083: what are your billing rates

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Connection os good!

Rush: IS

Rush: YPOS!

Rush: WOW!

Matt1: Can’t help with typos though


Rush: Things are SLOW!

Rush: Some of my typing is not appearing fast enough!

Rush: I think I need a new mouse, too!

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Rush: dropped mine, and it seems to “click” on things sometimes randomly as the cursor passes over!

Matt1: Hello Hounder!

Hounder: Hi everyone.

sarabell2: Hi Hounder, how are you>

Rush: WELCOME, Hounder!

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Mike in DC: Good evening all!

Matt1: Hello….Mike!

Rush: Mike and Rachel!

Rush: Good evening to you both!

sarabell2: And Mike how are you?

Rush: Thank you for the image earlier, Mike!

Mike in DC: Just Mike at the moment…Rach is with her family this evening. I’m well!

Hounder: We’re doing ok. Internet has been in and out today, along with power

Matt1: Fingers crossed, Hounder

Matt1: Cued here, btw!

Rush: When she comes in, please say “Hi” for us!

Mike in DC: I found that book on a site that has public domain literature in .epub format…it’s very fun!

Mike in DC: Will do…hopefully she’ll return before night falls on the Castle

Mike in DC: Has the radio show started?

Rush: I might need to start the radio drama a minute late…computer is SLOW!

Mike in DC: Ah.

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Matt1: Hello Zoe!

Rush: Say…60 seconds…

Zoe: hi all

Rush: 45…

Rush: Hi, ZOE!!!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike in DC: Like tuning in the old radio set…

Rush: 20 seconds…

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Rush: GO!!!

DanVenture: BTW: Mike, what is the address to that public domain content site?

Mike in DC: *insert commercials here*

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Rush2: Slow posts…

Mike in DC: It’s called “Project Gutenberg,” Dan. Here’s the link:

Rush2: Sorry!

DanVenture: TY Mike!

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Rush: Music…

Matt1: You’re like doublemint gum tonight Rush 

Rush: Announcer recaps…

Mike in DC: It’s very eclectic…I love it.

Mike in DC: Double your pleasure, double your fun…

Rush: Doublemint Gum…

Rush: The misleading shot…

Rush: I hope you have been well, Zoe!

Rush: And, as always, my best to you and your mother, Hounder.

Rush has left this room

Rush2: PC is offline….

Matt1: Ugh, sorry

Hounder: Sorry. Mom decided she was ready for bed

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Rush2: Just got a call from Marie…she got me the booster!

Matt1: Hello Rich!

Hounder: Hi rich

Rich Maine: Good evening all !

Rush has joined this room


Matt1: That was quick!

Rush: Hellom RICH!!!

Rush: WElcome back!

Hounder: Booster for your internet rush?

Rich Maine: Thanks folks!

sarabell2: Hi Rich, how are things in Maine?

Rush: You are very welcome, Rich!

mda19083: booster chair?

Rich Maine: Damp and rainy here, not pleasant at all

Rush: Yes, Marie was actually at a local Walmart as you were telling me what I needed!

Rush: Sorry to hear, Rich!

sarabell2: Damp and rainy here too, in Georgia

Hounder: Cool rush. Hope it helps

Matt1: Marie is a keeper

Rich Maine: Actually it keeps the tourist traffic down 🙂

Rush: My part of iowa was similar today.

Hounder: In western NC as well think I’m starting to mold.

Rush: Chan shows the suspects a .45.

sarabell2: Maybe your router is bad?

Rush: Seemingly to get their reactions to it.

Rich Maine: I watched Black Cat last night. Is that the only film where Charlie gets roughed up?

Rush: SB, yes, it works when I setup close by, but our office is down a hallway.

Matt1: City of Darkness too!

sarabell2: Hounder, our mold has mold. Took my granddaughters friend home, bout killed it on slime green brick steps.

Rush: Yes, Matt.

Rich Maine: Aha, will have to check that and poor Tommy gets worked over

Rush: He gets roughed up in “City in Darkness” too.

sarabell2: Maybe try an ethernet cable?

Hounder: Routers usually hate walls and distance, at least in my experience

Rush: But, you saw one that we will be sharing fairly soon!

Rush: “The Chinese Cat”

Hounder: Belkin makes a booster the uses your electrical wiring

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Rush: Next week…”Charlie Chan in the Secret Service”


Louise: You guys are all here early

sarabell2: Lo Louise!

Hounder: Hi louise

Matt1: Hello Louise!

Rush: So good to see you here tonight!

Rich Maine: Castle in Desert is a favorite…so many fun chacracters in it !

Mike in DC: Hey Louise (and Rich…sorry I missed your entrance!)

Rush: Closing music…

Louise: Castle in Darkness is my fave

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Rush: AH!

Rush: It IS a good one!

Rich Maine: I love the masked face and the fortune teller !

Louise: I have a vintage poster for it

Rush: YES!

Rush: That’s right!

Rush: THAT’S a GREAT thing to have!!!


Matt1: <clap-clap>

Rush: (Applause…)

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>. Good election-year episode!

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mda19083: hello dona

Dona: Hello Everyone!!!!

sarabell2: Hi Dona

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Rush: Hello, DONA!

Rush: e!

Mike in DC: Hey Dona!

Rich Maine: Hi Dona

Mike in DC: Hope you’re staying cool!

Hounder: Hi dona


Dona: LOL

Dona: it’s only in the low 90’s today

Mike in DC: cold snap…

Rush: 🙂

Rich Maine: Where are u DOna?

Dona: I am in Ontario, California. Not far from Disneyland

Rich Maine: Ah nice! Brother is in Dana Point

Dona: This is pretty normal for this time of year

Hounder: Nice dona

Louise: Dona: I have a mini Disneyland in my front yard this year!

Dona: Dana Point. That is a beautiful place

Dona: yes Louise?

sarabell2: Oh good grief. I thought you lived in Ontario Canada then stayed sometimes in California. My aunt did that.

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Matt1: Hello NH!

Rush: NT!

Nothere: Everyon whi usn’t here sound off

Dona: I have not visited Ontario Canada yet.

Mike in DC: Good evening NHT!

sarabell2: Hi NT

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Dona: Hi NT

Nothere: And Ontaario is poorer because of it Dona.

Louise: It’s not done yet. I am 3D printing some of the “rides” and using our toy collection for others

sarabell2: Now I have to look up Ontario CA

Hounder: Cool louise

Dona: It is in the inland valley

Matt1: Don’t forget Walt, Louise!

Dona: I would love to see a picture of that Louise

Louise: Matt: I have a 3D model of Walt and Mickey that I have to print

Matt1: Awesome!

Rush: NICE, Louise!

Louise: Folks, here is a Chan pop culture update: I have been researching vintage Halloween costumes and no one ever made a Chan costume.

Hounder: Sounds like a lot of fun louise

Matt1: Cued here!

Hounder: Ready here

Rush: 5 minutes to go…

Louise: CUED here

Dona: Ready here

Mike in DC: Ready in DC

Rich Maine: Finger on the button !

Rush: 4 minutes…

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Godwinshelley2: Hello all

Matt1: Hello GS!

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE…

Nothere: Hey God

Rush: GS!

Louise: Hi GS

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Dona: Hi GS

Godwinshelley2: I’m cued

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Rush: Rush2 enters…just in case…!

Godwinshelley2: Multiple Rush – hello

mda19083: i am also seeing double rush

Rich Maine: Split personality!

Rush: 2 1/2 minutes…

DanVenture: Good crowd tonight!

Rush: Necessary for the time being!

Rush: Computer issues tonight!


Rush: 2 minutes…

mda19083: what about the ladies NT

Rush: 90 seconds…


Phil & Mrs Phil has joined this room

Rush: 75 seconds…

Hounder: I was ready. Now the disc doesn’t want to load. Sigh

Louise: no ladies here

Matt1: Hello m/m Phil!

Rush: Mr. and Mrs. Phil!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

Dona: Hi M&M Phil

Phil & Mrs Phil: ALOOOHA to all our Chan friends! Good to see you all.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Hounder: Hi m&m phil

Rush: 50 seconds..

mda19083: hello phil and mrs – just in time

Nothere: Take it upwith the clip maker Md. Though I think you didn’t arrive till we lft the ound effect rooms.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rich Maine: If I dont chat its becasue I moved over to the couch and hdmi doesnt reach 🙂

Nothere: Left the sound effect room

Rush: 30 seconds…

Nothere: Even:)

Rush: 25…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Getting qued up here.

Rush: 20…

Mike in DC: tick tick tick

Rush: 15…

Louise: no excuses Rich

Mike in DC: tock tock tock

Rush: 10…

Rich Maine: 🙂

Rush: 5…

Rush: O!!!


Rush: TITLE and MUSIC…

Phil & Mrs Phil: And AWAY we go!

Rush: redits…


Rush: C

Rush: 🙁

mda19083: great music

Nothere: Rich Maine doesn’t have a rich html

Rush: Slow computer…sorry!

Dona: The going in the movie was the sound effect for your gong matt

Mike in DC: no no no. It’s Reddit, Ruch

PaulM has joined this room

Mike in DC: *Rush

Louise: I noticed that dona

Hounder: Hi paul

mda19083: hello paul

Matt1: Hello Paul!

Godwinshelley2: I hear the Mojave is especially hot right now

Phil & Mrs Phil: Hi Paul

Godwinshelley2: Evening Paul

Dona: Hi Paul

Nothere: Hey Paul

PaulM: good evening

Mike in DC: Hello Paul!

mda19083: no internet issues at manderley castle – no electricity

Dona: This isnt the time of year for the dessert

Louise: would not want to be in the desert now

Nothere: Nice of that black cat to not cross his path.

Rush: WELCOME, Paul!!!

Godwinshelley2: Would you say this Chan film has the widest range of animals in this

Rush: Here is something of interest that Mike sent to me:


Rush2 has left this room

Nothere: So does the dog chase the cat, or is it too hot?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Look, it’s George Zucco

Hounder: I’m behind but I finally got a disc to play

Rush: The cover of the Homing Pigeon Training Manual of the US Army during WW2!

Godwinshelley2: A war manual for US Homing Pigeons?

Louise: cool Rush and Mike

Rush: YES!

Rush: t is what Jimmy would have used for his training!

Rush: M, Mike!!!

Hounder: Nice rush.

Rush: TYSM

Nothere: How much time do you get for stealing on, and it’s being murdered?

Rush: MIKE

mda19083: douglas dumbrille – lionel atwill – george zucco

Nothere: Not tht anything like tht happens in this film. No spoliers here.

Rush: One can imagine, NT!

Rush: Maybe that’s in the manual!

Rush: Also, I saw at Amazon that one can purchase a reprint of that very manual!!!

Nothere: If your gonna glu that glass back together you need to work faster than that.

Matt1: <tin can>

mda19083: oh no not poison

Phil & Mrs Phil: Not tetragene

mda19083: 🙂

Nothere: Abu rabu simbu 2 ?


Rush: Slow comuter…sorry!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Pre-occupied Rush? 


Hounder: Faster than mine. Lol

Mike in DC: Piegoneer 1st class!

Rush: Ming Toy…

Phil & Mrs Phil: How’s he know it’s a boy pigeon?

Louise: Don’t ask Phil

Phil & Mrs Phil: I love this inside the taxi view

Rush: Maybe Ming Toy laid an egg?

Mike in DC: There is an Army manual that teaches them how to identify boys and girls…

Rush: CC arrives…the insults begin…

Dona: lol

Godwinshelley2: Which Chan film has Charlie attending a reunion of some kind? Husband asked

DanVenture: May need revision, Mike, due to current gender discussions in society.

Rush: Rooms $7.50 in today’s money…

Hounder: I think City in darkness maybe


Mike in DC: True, Dan. May have to have “they” pigeons

Louise: What kind of business can Madame S do in that small town?

Mike in DC: Isn’t Charlie going to a police convention in “New York?”

Rush: “Man without enemies like dog without fleas…”

mda19083: creepy lady from dead men tell

Phil & Mrs Phil: I’ll bet that hotel owner doesn’t do much business. Quite an attitude.

Mike in DC: For someone in the hospitality business, this hotel guy isn’t very welcoming…

Nothere: O.k. you guys mut be sick of me saying it, but go away Saturna.

Louise: Watson King

Hounder: He must do enough to afford that fancy watch chain he’s wearing

Nothere: Pardon me while I peer suspiciously out the window for no reason.

Godwinshelley2: Yes we think “City in Darkness”

Dona: I travel with more than that much luggage when i go for 1 night.

Nothere: Well he only has the one suit.

Louise: Dona, I have more than that in my everyday purse

Mike in DC: Right, NT. And the dragon PJs. What else does a man need?

Nothere: You have a whole suit in your purse Louise? That must be some purse.

Dona: I’m right there with you Louise

Hounder: Never noticed before, the windows slide back and forth instead of rolling up and down

sarabell2: Louise knows how to pack

Rush: Sorry…I received a phone call.

Rush: Back now!

Nothere: CIA or KGB Rush?

mda19083: i believe this set was used in the basil rathbone Hound of the Baskervilles

Mike in DC: Just wondering if it’s normal for his wife to invite house guests without telling her husband.

Rush2 has joined this room

sarabell2: Worse, people wanting to buy his house

Louise: Very heavy with pages of knowledge is how I describe my work and, yes, he has the correct definition of anthropologists!

Godwinshelley2: Was it the same studio, MDA?

Rush has left this room

Rush2: Happily NEITHER, NT!

mda19083: 20th century fox

mda19083: not fox fur though

Rush2: My PC is offline at the moment, so I switched to phone!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Manderly needs to smoke some medicinal marijuana

Louise: I am driking a glass of wine for him

mda19083: maybe his physician can prescribe it

Nothere: he acted strange when upset. Isn’t that odd?

Rush has joined this room

Nothere: It’s an impractical jok?

Nothere: joke even

mda19083: rush 3?

Phil & Mrs Phil: Oh no you won’t

Nothere: Who won’t what? I wasn’t even there.

Rush2: I wonder why “medical marijuana ” can’t be prescribed like other drugs in pill form through a pharmacy…IF it’s for actual MEDICAL reasons!

Rush: Computer’s back.

Rush: Swithing to PC!

mda19083: i’m told it is more fun to smoke it

Rush: AH!

Rush: BINGO!!!

Nothere: No comment I know nothing about it.

Nothere: B27 B27

mda19083: neither do i NT

Louise: “Jim”

Rush: I know enough not to use it.

Phil & Mrs Phil: I can’t figure this part out. She doesn’t know Watson King but she acts like she does?

Rush2: Jimmy’s turn for abuse!

Rush2: I know enough not to use it.

mda19083: creepy lady again

Rush: Jimmy and Mme. Saturnia arrive…

Phil & Mrs Phil: Um..Rush, you wrote that already? You buzzed?

Phil & Mrs Phil

Rush: Her predictions seem to ring true!

Nothere: Lose her Jimmy. Lose her.

Rush: I am happy with life in unaltered format.

Rush: Milton Parsons.

mda19083: i get high on life

Rush: Yes!

Louise: That is a mouth full of teeth

Godwinshelley2: Yea! Milton!!

Phil & Mrs Phil: People keep dropping in. Manderly must be near apoplectic.

Rush: Yes, GS!

Rush: Milton gets around!

Phil & Mrs Phil: He was in a movie called “The Monster that Challenged the World.”

Mike in DC: I don’t think he’s fully recovered from his treasure cruise…still a little bonkers.

Rush: The original “Uncle Milty”!

Godwinshelley2: Radio, Film and Television. Wonder if he was on the stage too?

Rush: Probably.

Rush: Interesting shadow to Jimmy’s right as he epproached the open window.

Rush: Approached.

Rush: Mme. Saturnia looks through the apothecary.

Rush: Watch the head movement here.

Nothere: Neared. Closed in on. Stepped towars.

mda19083: looking for the eye of newt

Rush: On the supposed dummy.

Rush: MDA: 🙂

Nothere: Man who sit on tack better off.

Rush: Yes, NT!

Rush: A preview of speech to come!

Nothere: It’s next to the tounge of frog. Over the shel with wing of bat.

Rush2 has left this room

Rush: Don’t drink it!

mda19083: yes nt

Rush: Too late!

Godwinshelley2: There goes Milton!!

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: <tin can>

Hounder: Wonder if the cobwebs are real or manufactured for atmosphere for the house

Nothere: No I always slam my head into the table during dinner.

mda19083: it must have been something he ate

DanVenture: Just spent a delightful 20 minutes learning about the real “Castle in the Desert” aka “Scotty’s Castle. Who knew??

Rush2 has joined this room

Rush has left this room

Rush2: Yes, Hounder!

Nothere: There gonna kill him for being late on icebox payments? Remind me not to shop at that store.

Rush2: Yes, DV!

Rush2: That would have been the influence for THIS castle!

Godwinshelley2: That’s what we forgot to add to the architecture! A Poison Room

mda19083: mapuchari perhaps?

Rush has joined this room


Rush: Better late than never…

Phil & Mrs Phil: A bit premature nonetheless.

Rush: And, with a n asterisk!

Rush: YES!

Nothere: Tetriagine, tagara. When Chan is around avoid any drug that starts with T.

Godwinshelley2: Isn’t it late to lock the door now!?

mda19083: yes nt

Rush: Listen to Mme. Saturnia…

Phil & Mrs Phil: So ah..where is Mme. Saturnia off to?

Rush: tagara weed (tagara) – (Sanskrit) A slightly hairy, tufted herb with thick horizontal rootstocks that contains a sweet smelling essential oil. Tagara (Indian valerian) is prescribed as a remedy for hysteria, hypochondria, nervous unrest, and emotional troubles. The drug contains a group of iridoid or monoterpenic derivatives, known as valepotriates which are useful as tranquilizers and sedatives. An iridoid ester glycoside designated as valerosidatum (isovaleryl glucoside) has also been isolated.

Nothere: Man cannot avoid destiny, but hecan try.

Rush: He sure CAN!

Louise: don’t drag Juliet into this

Rush: 🙂

Rush: Nor Romeo, either!

Rush2 has left this room

Rush2 has joined this room

mda19083: the candle budget at manderley castle must be exorbitant

Rush has left this room

Godwinshelley2: The valerian brewed in the US is said to smell like boiled sweat socks. So that must be a very distant relative.

Rush2: Back on my phone!

Rush2: Crazy night at my end!

Godwinshelley2: Power outage or bad computer?

Louise: GS: not very appetizing

Mike in DC: William Tell with the crossbow there!

Rush2: Close call there!

Godwinshelley2: Yeah – they do consider it good to relax folks

Louise: Glamour Boy

Rush2: Weak modem signal, GS

Phil & Mrs Phil: Destruction of government property!

Nothere: Depends what he was aiming at Will. That was ither a very good, or very bad shot.

Godwinshelley2: The fun of new locations

Rush has joined this room

Mike in DC: William Tell, Jr. in action

Phil & Mrs Phil: I love that line…”obvious not meant for pigeon.”

mda19083: do we use the can for death of ming toy

Nothere: A tin can of sardines.

Mike in DC: perhaps a small can?

Godwinshelley2: Gee – wrong again

Rush2: We did earlier

Rush has left this room

DanVenture: How long was the murderer waiting out there on the off-chance that Chan opened the window??

Godwinshelley2: lightly oriental theme for a bit

Mike in DC: Very patient murderer?

Nothere: No one here but us ghosts go away.

Rush has joined this room

mda19083: dr creem was a patient murderer

Mike in DC: Zzzzzz. Zzzzzzz.

Godwinshelley2: Rush you have that revolving door on autopilot today

Rush: Back on PC…for now…

Rush: Yes!

Rush: The oingpong match continues for me!


Nothere: Rush. The whole using centurie old tech is in the movie. You aren’t supposed to do it for real.

Hounder: Wow rush. Yourmove really seems to have angered the gremlins

DanVenture: I love the “outboard motor” line.

Mike in DC: one of the best Chan lines ever

Louise: POP!

Dona: Agreed

Rush2: Agreed, NT

Godwinshelley2: Are you soldier or Mouse? —— Mouse!


Rush has left this room

Nothere: Throw a piece of chesse down thee, and you’ll find out.

mda19083: can we put the lid back on the can

Rush2: Nice “mosaic” dress

Godwinshelley2: Egyptian influence in dress?

Rush2: Sort of an ancient Egyptian influence?

Louise: Take back that can

Rush2: Yes!

Louise: CANS

Nothere: It was a fak can.

Rush2: Madame Saturnian was right!

Godwinshelley2: Were there big Egyptian exhibits touring in 1941?

mda19083: 2 cans

Godwinshelley2: If I remember the year correctly

mda19083: juliet again

Rush2: Probably not, GS, as the war was going on in Europe

Nothere: The eternal problem. If we don’t can people will get suspicious. If we do are we dishonoring the sacered goat lunch?

Louise: FRAUD is crime…just saying

PaulM has left this room

Godwinshelley2: Oh no – Paul is gone too

Rush2: BUT the earlier influence may not have totally died out by 1942.

Mike in DC: Jimmy!

Godwinshelley2: 1942 – didn’t we start the African campaign then – maybe that

mda19083: jimmy chan in can

Nothere: By Anubis the power of ancient Egypt shall never die.

Rush2: The mania following the King Tut discovery in the ’20s might have still echoed 20 years later.

Nothere: Buried wth a donkey.

Godwinshelley2: As evidence by the mummy movies

mda19083: remain in can

Rush2: And, we had the Batman King Tut reference earlier!!!

Nothere: Well this is where I leave you. Untill the Nemisis of the Nile tries to conquer Gotham again be well.

Rush2: Jimmy in the armor…

Hounder: Nite nt

mda19083: always a pleasure nt

Rush2: Good night, NT!

Godwinshelley2: Milton is back

mda19083: ouch

Rush2: See you next week!

Godwinshelley2: Ok Rush

Nothere has left this room

Hounder: Cannedoutpost

Rush2: I am still here, hopefully till the end!

Godwinshelley2: That room looks like the setup for a 3 Stooges sketch

Rush2: I think it would not be easy managing stone stairs in that armor!

Rush2: Hard to watch ones footing!

Dona: Agreed

Phil & Mrs Phil: Cue the can

Rush2: I would suggest it broke as he slid to the floor!

mda19083: lets recreate the crime

Phil & Mrs Phil: He can’t be dead because we haven’t heard the can.

Matt1: Can’t

Rush2: I can’t add the visual on my phone!

Matt1: tin can

Matt1: Finally!

Mike in DC: Jimmy has the can in operation for all of us…

mda19083: good one matt

Hounder: Lots of airmoving on the set to send those candles flickering somuch

DanVenture: I note the other suit of armor was back in place. Very neat murderer.

Rush2: Jimmy is “hot with a bow and arrow.”

Mike in DC: A tidy crime scene is a happy crime scene, Dan

Rush2: That leads to the last line tonight!

Louise: NOT Jimmy

Rush2: The Spanish War.

Rush2: The Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

Rush2: Manderley’sruse revealed!

Mike in DC: Egad!

Rush2: First and only murder…

Rush2: Unless we include the late Ming Toy.

Rush2: Mr. King took Chan’s bait too quickly!

DanVenture: WOW! Was I off-base!

mda19083: death count only 1 – low for a chan adventure

DanVenture: Was waiting there the whole time to nab the culprit.

Mike in DC: Killing the man we could forgive. But mess with a US Army pigeon? You’re going to the chair, buddy!

Rush2: The missing distributor!

Rush2: Jimmy’s bent out of shape!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Actually, it’s called a distributor cap.

Louise: The stars are your friend???

Rush2: Man who sit on tack better OFF!

Mike in DC: Ouch

Godwinshelley2: Quick wrap up

Rush2: Number two son HOT again!!!

Rush2: Yes!

Mike in DC: <kids-yeah>

Godwinshelley2: Not the normal music

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Rich Maine: a wonderful film !

Hounder: Legal jewelry

Dona: YAY!!!!!

Rush2: That’s a rap , indeed!

Rich Maine: see you in 2 weeks

Louise: One of the best

Rush2: The end

Mike in DC: This was the end of the (white) Fox films, right?

mda19083: nice one folks

sarabell2: Good one, Rush.

Rush2: (Applause….)

Dona: This is one of my may favorites.

Hounder: This was, as always, fun. ? thanks

Rush2: I agree!

Dona: many

Mike in DC: Always enjoyable!

Rich Maine has left this room

Louise: Lots of good lines in this one

Godwinshelley2: Pack your bags folks – it’s down the street to Poverty Row!

Rush2: A sad but fitting end to the Fox era of the Chan series!

DanVenture: Good luck on the wifi fix Rush!

mda19083: better than monday night football

Matt1: Good night folks and have a great week ahead!

Phil & Mrs Phil: Good night all. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Rush2: Next week we begin the Monogram era!

DanVenture: A really good Chan tonight!

Dona: Fun evening thank you Rush! Good to see everyone

Hounder: Hope everyone has a great week!

mda19083: good night all – be well til we meet again

Phil & Mrs Phil has left this room

Mike in DC: See y’all next week…

DanVenture: Have a wonderful week!

sarabell2: Good night, all You are always so nice to meet with.

Rush2: “Charlie Chan in the Secret Service”

Godwinshelley2: Have a safe week everyone –

Dona: Another good one.

mda19083 has left this room

Dona: Looking forward to it.

Rush2: Tommy Chan…Frances Chan…and….

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Godwinshelley2 has left this room

Dona: Have a good week everyone.


sarabell2 has left this room

Rush2: Good night!

Dona: Yay Birmingham

Rush2: Sorry about the tech issues!

Dona: Good night All

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Rush2: Good night, Dona!

Dona: Good night Rush!

Rush2: Good night, Louise!

Rush2: See you both next week!

Rush2: Stay cool, Dona!

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Rush2: Good night….

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