Chat Archive 7/15/2019

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 15, 2019

Castle in the Desert

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (Chapter 15)

Mrs. Pendleton

(NOTE: All posting times indicated are Pacific Time Zone.)

Mariann has joined this room16:13

Mariann: Hey Rush how r u?16:13

Mariann has left this room16:14

Matt1 has joined this room16:25

Atomant has joined this room16:39

Matt1: Hello Atomant!16:39

Atomant: Hiya Matt16:39

Matt1: Not sure if I remember you here before….is this your first visit?16:40

Atomant: Actually no, I came here many years ago. Rush recently commented on one of my videos so I thought I’d better show up.lol16:41

Matt1: So far, not much of a turn out this evening for the Green Hornet, but we’ll see16:41

Matt1: Ah, very good…..Rush is probably working tonight until 8:15….ish16:41

Atomant: It’s ok I want to get back into the swing of the chat group. 16:42

Atomant: Is Virginia still around ?16:42

Matt1: I’ve been here 13=15 years, very good bunch of people16:42

Atomant: Wow it’s been a long time for me then. 16:43

Matt1: VA hasn’t been around in a long time…..Family issues and w/o internet, but Rush keeps in touch with her on occassion16:43

Atomant: Thanks for letting me know. I have thought of the group many times over the years.16:44

Matt1: We truly miss her16:44

Matt1: Unless more show up with in next five minutes, I would suggest we pass on the Green Hornet this evening, as it runs 20 minutes16:45

Atomant: Ok no problem from my end16:46

Matt1: It’s that time of year with vacations…..more will show for our feature though16:47

Atomant: How many are typically in the group nowadays ?16:47

Matt1: We’ve been running around 15….ish….Not like we once had. I remember a night with 2316:47

Godwinshelley2 has joined this room16:48

Godwinshelley2: Hello – sorry about being late16:48

Matt1: Hello GS!16:48

Atomant: Hello16:48

Godwinshelley2: Hello16:48

Godwinshelley2: Have we started the special feature16:48

Matt1: No worries GS, just debating on passing on the Green Hornet tonight16:48

Godwinshelley2: I’m not needing to see it if that is a worry16:49

Matt1: It runs 20 minutes…..thoughts?16:49

Matt1: Ok16:49

Godwinshelley2: I haven’t seen the first ones – though this is the final episode – maytbe we should start it16:49

Matt1: It runs 20 minutes, so thers should be arriving around 8pm16:50

Godwinshelley2: Up to you AND it could be done next week if there is a big wish for it16:50

Matt1: We’ll mention it to Rush when he arrives16:51

Godwinshelley2: So Atomant – are you new to this16:51

Atomant: I was here many years ago , so in a way I’m new again16:52

Godwinshelley2: This is a newish chatroom16:52

Godwinshelley2: and having things on youtube is new too16:52

Atomant: Lots of changes over the years.lol16:53

Godwinshelley2: Do you have a favorite Chan actor or film?16:53

Matt1: Atomant may have been here before I joined!16:53

Atomant: I’m glad to see the group still lives on16:54

Godwinshelley2: Nice to have “originals” dropping in16:54

Matt1: Were you around for the Yahoo Group days?16:54

Godwinshelley2: I think I was at the very tail end perhaps16:54

Godwinshelley2: But I was so new, I wasn’t sure what was going on16:55

Godwinshelley2: Was that around 2006?16:55

Matt1: This group is all thanks to Rush and keeping Chan out there for us to enjoy together16:55

Atomant: Rush will have to date me. I’m thinking about 19 years ago16:55

Godwinshelley2: Wow – was it starting when AMC was supposed to start airing Chan films?16:55

Atomant: Yes16:56

Atomant: And the conflicts too16:56

Mrs Pendleton has joined this room16:56

Matt1: Hello Mrs P!16:56

Godwinshelley2: Hard to imagine folks being upset with Chan – but then we are a bit prejudiced in his favor16:57

Mrs Pendleton: Hello16:57

Atomant: Hello16:57

Godwinshelley2: Hello Mrs Pendleton16:57

Atomant: Agreed !!16:57

Mrs Pendleton: My CC email went into my junk mail for the first time ever. 16:57

Matt1: Whaaaaaaaa?16:57

Godwinshelley2: Wow – is your email toughening up?16:57

Godwinshelley2: My Hotmail account seems to be doing all kinds of new things16:58

Nothere has joined this room16:58

Godwinshelley2: You might need to create a contact for that email to be sure it gets in your inbox16:58

Nothere: Boo16:58

Matt1: Hello NT!16:58

Godwinshelley2: Hello Nothere16:58

Mrs Pendleton: Mine is a Hotmail account too.16:59

Godwinshelley2: They have (once again) “improved” it – so who knows whats up with it16:59

Godwinshelley2: If you don’t have the email address that Rush uses in your contact list, you might want to create it16:59

Godwinshelley2: I’m getting tons of junk mail suddently – and most of them seem to have an email address that starts with “newsletter@…”17:00

Mrs Pendleton: I could see it on my phone but not on my computer to be able to click the link.17:00

Mrs Pendleton: It’s all good now,17:00

Atomant: Does he still use the Yahoo group ? I haven’t been on there in a long time17:01

Godwinshelley2: Are you on facebook? There is a Chan page that also shows the Rush weekly letters17:01

Matt1: No, that’s gone17:01

Atomant: ok17:01

Mrs Pendleton: Oh cool! I’ve never looked for it on Facebook!17:01

Nothere: Facebook deleted Rush? I vow eternal and bloody vengeance.17:01

Matt1: Yahoo group is gone17:01

Atomant: I’ll have to check out the FB page. TY17:02


Atomant: Thank you so very much :)17:02

Godwinshelley2: There is the link – request to be friends if you want to join it17:02

Matt1: Moderator there is tough, so be warned17:02

Matt1: 17:02

Atomant: :)17:03

Nothere: Oh I misread. I thought you said it was gone. UHm…I may have overreacted with the whole bloody vengeance thing.17:03

Godwinshelley2: I will need to cue my DVD for tonights feature17:04

Nothere: Don’t forget the soda and popcorn God.17:04

Matt1: Be sure to cue to the Opening Title for “CASTLE IN THE DESERT”17:04

Mrs Pendleton: LOL! I know, he gave me “the 3rd degree” right away!!!17:04

Matt1: Link above chatroom, if needed17:05

Nothere: So Matt is Rush for the evening?17:05

Godwinshelley2: Actually had a cinnamon roll – I made myself – new bread making system with a wet dough that you can leave in the fridge and then just pull off what you want to bake – use it all within two weeks17:05

Matt1: Just the countdown….Rush will be a little late17:06

LibraryJim has joined this room17:06

Nothere: Ah cinnamon roll. Not traditional, but I’ll allow it. And eat it:)17:06

Matt1: Hello Jim!17:06

LibraryJim: Hi all17:06

Nothere: Hey Jim.17:06

Atomant: Hi17:06

Mrs Pendleton: They take turns dressing up as a beggar while the other one makes a public appearance.17:06

Godwinshelley2: my dvd player is acting up17:06

LibraryJim: So is my tablet, GS, I’m using my phone for chat tonight.17:07

Phil has joined this room17:08

Matt1: Hello Phil!17:08

LibraryJim: Hi, Phil 17:08

Nothere: Hi Phikl17:08

Godwinshelley2: Ok I am cued to the title over the map17:08

Phil: Aloha to all my Chan partners in crime!17:08

Atomant: Hello17:08

Godwinshelley2: Aloha Phil17:08

LibraryJim: Cued up here, too.17:09

Phil: Phikl huh? lol17:09

Phil: Ready to roll here in too hot Pittsburgh.17:09

Nothere: My typos think they have a hidden meaning. 17:09

LibraryJim: That was a Dilly of a typo!17:09

Godwinshelley2: Are you sending yourself messages?17:09

Phil: Indeed.17:09

Nothere: So how hot is too hot?17:09

Matt1: FIVE minutes until showtime!17:10

Phil: For me anything over 80. But today it was around 86 or 8817:10

Matt1: Cue up to opening title, please!17:10

Nothere: Yes I am sending myself messages, but don’t tell me. I want to see if I figure it out.17:10

Phil: Tonight presents problems for proper can cuing since people who seem to be dead aren’t dead at all.17:11

Matt1: FOUR minutes!17:11

LibraryJim: Anyone find any bargains on Prime Day? I was less than impressed, myself.17:11

Atomant: not me17:11

Nothere: Does that mean we have imposter cans?17:11

Nothere: Jim Nope.17:11

Phil: Another good one NT.17:11

Phil: lol17:11

Godwinshelley2: No special deals here17:12

Matt1: THREE minutes to go!17:12


Matt1: Small group tonight!17:12

Phil: I was looking for Autel drones but I can’t tell if the prices are good or not.17:12

LibraryJim: Vroom vroom!17:12

Phil: I need to construct a spreadsheet to compare all the different offers.17:13

Matt1: TWO minutes!17:13

Phil: Small so far.17:13

LibraryJim: Most of what I saw was only a few dollars off. Percentage wasn’t that good.17:13

Godwinshelley2: Maybe everyone else is doing Prime stuff17:13

Mrs Pendleton: It’s in the desert so….17:13

Nothere: Buy the cheapest. Or from the guy in the alley who found the box that fell off the truck.17:13

LibraryJim: Finger on the play button!17:13

Matt1: ONE minute!17:14

Matt1: 45 seconds!17:14

Phil: So..hello Mrs. P, new person Atomant, Matt, GS, LJ and NT.17:14

Godwinshelley2: I do appreciate doing the Smile account – I send to the Uke Kids Club – ukuleles for children in hospitals17:14

Matt1: 30 seconds!17:14

Mrs Pendleton: Hi Phil!!17:14

Matt1: 15 seconds!17:14

Nothere: Oh by the way Atom are you up and at em?17:14

Matt1: 10…..17:14

PaulM has joined this room17:14

Matt1: 5…..17:14

Dona has joined this room17:15

Atomant: it’s my vid17:15

Matt1: GO!17:15

Phil: GONE BABY!17:15

LibraryJim: Cool charity gs17:15

Phil: GONG17:15

Nothere: Hey Paul and Donna17:15

Godwinshelley2: Yes – it makes a difference for kids that need a boost17:15

LibraryJim: Ooops, a few seconds late!17:15

Dona: Hi Everyone just got here17:15

Godwinshelley2: I’ve never been to LA or Death Valley – I didn’t realize they were so close17:15

Atomant: Hello17:15

Dona: can you give me time stamp17:16

PaulM: just in time17:16

Dona: ?17:16

Dona: please17:16

Godwinshelley2: This film has lots of animals and critters17:16

Phil: Typical librarian – living in the past.17:16

Godwinshelley2: 1:1517:16

Godwinshelley2: 1:2017:16

Matt1: Hello Dona…..just started17:16

Nothere: Oh considering the situation I think were all seconds off from each other. 17:16

Godwinshelley2: 1:3017:16

LibraryJim: Manderlay? Wasn’t that the house in Rebecca?17:16

Godwinshelley2: 1:4517:16

Dona: thenk you17:16

Nothere: Touch the catus dude I dare you.17:16

Godwinshelley2: 2:0017:16

Matt1: Hello Paul….Missed your arrival, sorry17:17

Godwinshelley2: Yes Mandelay – they are remakins Rebecca17:17

PaulM: i came in JUST as the movie was starting17:17

Godwinshelley2: Hi Paul17:17

Godwinshelley2: 3:0017:17

Godwinshelley2: 3:1517:18

LibraryJim: The Phantom of the Opera is here….17:18

Nothere: Sorry Maderly you are a very poor Phantom of the Desert.17:18

Godwinshelley2: 3:3017:18

Nothere: Ah Jim beat me too it.17:18

LibraryJim: 17:18

Phil: Yeah, let’s point out everything we DO NOT talk about.17:18

Mariann has joined this room17:19

Phil: And then keep bringing it up.17:19

Mariann: Good Evening all17:19

Nothere: You mean like that pomerainian. We never talk about that dog.17:19

Godwinshelley2: Lets all put on our heavy suits for the desert air!17:19

Mariann: How is everyone17:19

Nothere: Hi Mariann17:19

Godwinshelley2: Hi Mariann17:19

Phil: Pseudo CUE THE CAN!17:19

Matt1: Hello Mariann!17:19

Nothere: We’re fine thanks. How are you?17:19

Mariann: Hey Nothere, how are you?17:19

Dona: Hi Mariann17:19

LibraryJim: Lol17:19

Mariann: Hi Godwinshelley how are you17:20

LibraryJim: Hi Marianm17:20

Mariann: hi Dona, how are you?17:20

Godwinshelley2: Doing well – considering I had my first yoga class in YEARS17:20

Mariann: Hi LBJim, how are you17:20

Mariann: oh Shelley good for you, was it fun17:20

LibraryJim: (I’m typing on my phone, tend to hit the wrong key on tiny keyboard)17:20

Nothere: And you did downward dog didn’t you?17:20

Matt1: 17:21

Godwinshelley2: Yes – but if the instructor keeps saying “do what your body wants” – it makes me wonder why I am paying her17:21

Phil: TYSM17:21

Nothere: Their called typos Jim. Just point to me when it happens and no one will notice you.17:21

LibraryJim: Again, LOL17:21

Phil: Indeed. No one will notice. At all.17:21

Mariann: lol because she wants you to think that she is guiding you, when you know exactly how much your body can handle stretch reach lol17:22

Godwinshelley2: Why do they have to walk so much in the Army?17:22

Nothere: Because they’d rather go to the enemy than have the enemy come to them?17:22

Mariann: blah blah blah…this was one of my least fav CC Films zzz17:22

LibraryJim: Man who walk have both feet on ground.17:22

Godwinshelley2: Was this before or after Rebecca was written?17:23

Nothere: I rather like it. If not for Madame Saturna. How she keeps giving away the plot instead of Chan figuring it out.17:23

LibraryJim: Jimmy is excited by the prospect of murder.17:23

Mariann: lol17:23

Phil: Some good camera work in this movie. Clever lines too.17:23

Matt1: Ming Toy17:24

Dona: Ming Toy17:24

angel & fox has joined this room17:24

Godwinshelley2: temporary alias while on case17:24

Matt1: Hello A & F!17:24

Godwinshelley2: doghouse excellent for offspring17:24

Phil: Love this shot.17:24

angel & fox: HEY NOW!!17:24

Godwinshelley2: Hello A/F17:24

Nothere: O.k. you are all under arrest for stealing military equipment.17:24

Dona: Hi Angel & Fox17:24

Godwinshelley2: The plate says 194117:24

Nothere: Hey Angel and fox.17:25

Phil: Hi A&F17:25

LibraryJim: “Rebecca” was written in 1938.17:25

Nothere: Wait Angel and fox are two. That actually puts us at 12. One more and were I trouble.17:25

angel & fox: Must say What illustrious company (WHAT illustrious company?)—& that i/we are here only a moment.17:25

Dona: 50 Cents for a room17:26

angel & fox: Am traveling, & on temporary Device. BUT—17:26

Nothere: Just poping in eh Angel. What a foxy move.17:26

Godwinshelley2: 11:3017:26

Godwinshelley2: 11:4517:26

LibraryJim: Roooms for rent, fifty cents….17:26

Mrs Pendleton: Would be too hot for me! 17:26

Matt1: Pretty sky17:26

Godwinshelley2: 12:0017:26

LibraryJim: High noon?17:27

angel & fox: Mention of MING TOY reminds me—Fox sez TYSM!—an episode of The Saint radio, Vincent Price deals with a dowager who has a pet pooch—name: Ming Toy!17:27

Nothere: Only hotel in town but still cant be rated five stars.17:27

Godwinshelley2: A popular name for the time I guess17:27

angel & fox: Leaving you with all five stars, hoping to join you for Next Exciting Episode!!!17:27

Nothere: And you two missed the dog in the movie.17:27

Godwinshelley2: What – new cook or houseboy?17:27

Nothere: Adios Angel and Fox17:28

angel & fox: Notty, i NEVER miss a dog in a movie!!17:28

angel & fox: Or a houseboy.17:28

angel & fox: Adios!!!17:28

Godwinshelley2: Night17:28

Nothere: Wonder how much to rent the donkey?17:28

Matt1: Take car A & F17:28

Phil: Well, she got that one wrong.17:28

Nothere: Take train.17:28

Godwinshelley2: Why build out there?17:28

angel & fox has left this room17:29

Godwinshelley2: The cost of transportation of materials must have been great17:29

Nothere: Cheap real estate? Quiet neighbors? 17:29

Phil: What a rude butler.17:29

LibraryJim: Non Native stone, too, must have cost a fortune to transport it in.17:29

Godwinshelley2: I wouldn’t want to wear the suit of armour in the sun and heat17:30

Mariann has left this room17:30

LibraryJim: This time GS beat ME to it 17:30

Godwinshelley2: Mariann – gremlins got her?17:30

Nothere: The city must have tripled in population when workers showed up to delevier and set up an entire European castle.17:30

Godwinshelley2: It has electric lights and water17:31

LibraryJim: It’s going to be Murder by Death in that mansion.17:31

Atomant: Carl’s going to find Joan17:31

Godwinshelley2: Always a fun film17:31

Nothere: Which is odd as Manerly says he wants it to be completely authentic to Borgia’s time.17:31

Phil: See that square watch Richard derr is wearing? That type of watch is called a “tank” watch.17:31

Godwinshelley2: Why17:32

Dona: why is that phil17:32

Nothere: Did you ever see the tv version of Murder by Death?17:32

Dona: yes17:32

Rush has joined this room17:32

Phil: Don’t know. All I do know is that’s what it’s called. 17:32

Dona: HI Rush17:32

Rush: God evening!17:32

Matt1: Hello Rush!17:32

Godwinshelley2: they did a different version of MbyD?17:32

Godwinshelley2: Greetings Rush17:32

Rush: Just got home…17:32

LibraryJim: I didn’t know there was one.17:32

Godwinshelley2: 18:0017:32

Rush: Time chaeck, please?17:32

Phil: The Great G had arrived!17:33

Rush: 18:00?17:33

Atomant: Hiya Rush, I made it finally 17:33

Godwinshelley2: 18:1517:33

Nothere: Hey Rush. O.k. everyone we don’t know anything about anything till Rush got her.17:33

Godwinshelley2: 18:3017:33

Dona: 18:3017:33

LibraryJim: Hey, Rush!17:33

Phil: 18:4017:33

Godwinshelley2: 18:4517:33

Phil: 185517:33

Godwinshelley2: 19:0017:33

LibraryJim: Doc reminds me of Peter Lorrie17:34

Rush: Please let me know when we are at 19:45…17:34

Matt1: Yes Jim!17:34

Godwinshelley2: Could they keep a will with that type of long-term item – no discrediting acts17:34

LibraryJim: Or Truman Capote….. 17:34

Phil: now rush17:34

Godwinshelley2: 19:45 now17:34

Rush: TYSM!17:34

Rush: I am with you now.17:34

Nothere: So his 20 million estate is about 280 million today. No wonder he can buy castles.17:35

Rush: Nice hot weather movie for a pretty warm day in my area.17:35

Godwinshelley2: Nice to have you here and synced with us, Rush17:35

Rush: Nice to be synced!17:35

Rush: :)17:35

Godwinshelley2: any footprints by the car besides the chauffeur17:35

Godwinshelley2: Or fingerprints17:36

Rush: Check fingerprints on the hood.17:36

Rush: CC can probably perform a makeshift fingerpring search…17:36

Nothere: Use a sneak attack. Suddenly shout. Everyone who tampered with the cars raise your hand.17:37

Godwinshelley2: After the chauffeur opened it to check, and all the other folks look at it, probably smeared17:37

Rush: A zinger from Chan…17:37

Rush: Ah, ha!17:37

Phil: That scene makes totally NO sense.17:38

Rush: jimmy’s turn to be insulted.17:38

LibraryJim: CC teaches criminal forensics, do yes, he could easily be able to take fingerprints.17:38

Rush: $25…17:38

Rush: $375 today!17:39

Matt1: Yikes!17:39

Nothere: three people on main street. Towns getting overpopulated.17:39

Rush: :)17:39

LibraryJim: The stars at night are big and bright…17:39

Matt1: Texas!17:39

Rush: And the North star is just to the right…17:39

Rush: Our friend, Milton Parsons.17:40

LibraryJim: Good thing those weren’t Spanish Bayonet plants17:40

Nothere: Hunting. Right…the desert is so well known for having game.17:40

LibraryJim: Jackalopes…17:41

Rush: Snakes, desert rats, an occasional coyote…17:41

Rush: And, YES, JACKALOPES!17:41

Phil: Manson Family members17:41

LibraryJim: Chasing a road runner..17:41

Matt1: Rush, we decided to pass on Green Hornet tonight….not enough people/time17:42

Rush: Now THOSE would be some animals I would NOT want to meet, Phil!17:42

Nothere: Careful Fletcher. Only one person promised not to poision you.17:42

LibraryJim: Big candle!17:42

Dona: close that door no one will see you17:43

LibraryJim: Hollywood 1,000 lumen candle17:43

Nothere: The Green Hornet was delaed by J Edgar Hoover. And that’s not a joke. J Edgar complained about the Green Hornet radio show.17:43

Matt1: BB moment17:43

LibraryJim: Tom Baker17:43

Rush: (door squeak…)17:44

Rush: “No…nobody here…”17:44

Nothere: Dude it’s a dungeon. You don’t want an answer.17:44

Matt1: Kinky17:44

Rush: (dog drinking…)17:44

LibraryJim: LOL17:44

Phil: She’s simply GOT to finish that music.17:44

Nothere: Actually Rush it was the Marx Brother answer. Anybody there? I don’t see nobody.17:45

Nothere: Fake can go17:45


LibraryJim: I was told to give the glass with the sticky stem to the Chinese gentleman.17:45

Matt1: 17:45

LibraryJim: Not s single luxury.17:45

Nothere: O.k. Who has the vessel with the pessel?17:46

Rush: AH!17:46

Phil: He ain’t dead Matt.17:46

LibraryJim: It’s next to the chalice from the palace17:46

Godwinshelley2: I like the Chalice from the Palace17:46

Rush: just noticed your name, Atomant!!!!17:46

Rush: WELCOME!!!!17:46

Atomant: LOL17:46

Atomant: Thanks17:47

Godwinshelley2: What about the Flagon with the Dragon17:47

Nothere: You also missed Maryann and Angel and Fox.17:47

Matt1: Blast from the past, Rush!17:47

Rush: You saw my invitation!17:47

Atomant: Yes I did 17:47

Rush: YES! Welcome BACK!!!17:47

Nothere: And we’re so glad you did Atom17:47

Rush: And, thank you for posting the film!17:47

Atomant: Been a long time and Thank you !!17:47

Rush: TOO long!17:48

Rush: I hope that all is well in your life, AA.17:48

Rush: I am guessing it’s been perhaps 10 years.17:48

Nothere1 has joined this room17:48

Nothere has left this room17:49

Atomant: I was wondering about the time. I thought my son was 2 who is now 21.17:49

Rush: Hello, NT1.17:49

Matt1: NT x 217:49

Nothere1: Ha I entered before I left. I’m god.17:49

Nothere1: Good even.17:49

Matt1: lol17:49

Rush: 19 years?17:49

LibraryJim: Not a good Medium, is she?17:49

Atomant: Is that possible , 19 years17:50

Rush: That takes us back to the very beginning!17:50

Nothere1: Shes a rare medium.17:50

LibraryJim has left this room17:50

Phil: I wouldn’t say she’s a petite either.17:50

Rush: We are getting booted left and right!17:50

Rush: :(17:50

libraryjim has joined this room17:50

Nothere1: Hey Jim17:50

Matt1: We’re dropping like a Chan film17:50

Dona: wb jim17:50

Rush: Yes!17:50

Atomant: I asked about Virginia , Matt said you still speak to her.17:51

libraryjim: nah, my tablet finally had enough charge, so I left to switch over17:51

Nothere1: Oh Jim is getting all fancy. A tablet now.17:51

Rush: tagara weed (tagara) – (Sanskrit) A slightly hairy, tufted herb with thick horizontal rootstocks that contains a sweet smelling essential oil. Tagara (Indian valerian) is prescribed as a remedy for hysteria, hypochondria, nervous unrest, and emotional troubles. The drug contains a group of iridoid or monoterpenic derivatives, known as valepotriates which are useful as tranquilizers and sedatives. An iridoid ester glycoside designated as valerosidatum (isovaleryl glucoside) has also been isolated. 17:51

Rush: AA, the last time you were here, we didn’t actually watch the movies together!17:52

Nothere1: Who Rush tpyes fast.17:52

Rush: No…cut/paste!17:52

Phil: Does anyone know where I can get some tagara weed?17:52

libraryjim: yeah, sounds like a wonderful herb17:52

Nothere1: Nope I’m still looking for Tanna leaves.17:52

Rush: If you really want to, I am sure that it can be found somewhere over the internet….if legal!17:52

Rush: NT: :)17:53

Rush: here’s another…17:53

Rush: nightshade – (1) Any of several plants of the genus Solanum, such as the bittersweet nightshade, most of which have a poisonous juice. (2) Any of various similar or related plants, such as belladonna.17:53

libraryjim: One of Agatha Christie’s favorites, Rush17:54

Nothere1: monks hood17:54

Rush: Ah…17:54

Rush: “Oops…”17:54

Nothere1: hemlock17:54

Rush: R.I.P., Ming Toy…17:55

libraryjim: awwww17:55

Matt1: A lot of explaning to do Jimmy17:55

Phil: “Dead pigeon. Hope we are not same.”17:55

Rush: I was thinking the same, Matt!17:55

Nothere1: O.k. Fist stealing military property, now destroying it. You are so getting Ccourt martialed.17:55

libraryjim: Obvious not meant for pigeon17:56

Nothere1: 17:56

Phil: “Obvious not meant for pigeon.” Man I love that line.17:56

Rush: 17:56

libraryjim: Mantan Moreland would be good here17:56

Rush: I agree.17:57

Cdirus has joined this room17:57

Louise has joined this room17:57

Nothere1: Hey Cd17:57

Matt1: Hello CD!17:57

libraryjim: Hi, CD and Louise17:57

Nothere1: Hey Louise.17:57

Matt1: Hello Louise!17:57

Rush: Hello, CD and Louise!17:57

Dona: Hi Louise17:57

Louise: Hi all, sorry I missed the whole thing. I had a meeting that went on forever.17:57

Nothere1: Well were back up to 12. One more and theres trouble.17:58

Dona: Hi CD17:58

Cdirus: Hi guys! Just popping in to say hi. I was out picking beans.17:58

Rush: In the garden?17:58

Phil: Thats ok CD we were just talking weed.17:58

Nothere1: Picking beans, having a meeting. I’m ngonna go with Louise.17:58

Louise: CD and I joined lat together but that is not to imply we were together, you know…17:58

libraryjim: that candlestick shouldn’t have cast a shadow behind the light17:58

Nothere1: Right you totally don’t know each other. Watch as they ignore each other.17:59

Rush: A pleasant coincidence…!17:59

Louise: This is one of my favorite movies, too17:59

Cdirus: Yep, just got 2 1-gallon bags full, in additio to the 2 gallons already in the fridge, and the dozen pints already frozen. 17:59

libraryjim: popopopop17:59

Dona: POP17:59

Cdirus: Ignore who?17:59

Rush: accuses Pop of being drunk…18:00

Louise: Look, Nothere1, I deny it all…until Chan gets us all together in a room and forces a confession18:00

Nothere1: Oh Father I;m sorry to interrupt, but I feel it behooves me to inform you. I”M FREAKING OUT!18:00

libraryjim: very Egyptian print on that gown18:00

Dona: LOL NH118:00

Rush: Nice “mosaic” look.18:00

Cdirus: she looks like the lady from treasure island18:00

Louise: That’s lotsa beans CD. All I got from my meeting wasa headache!18:00

Rush: Sort of, CD…18:01

Rush: That “Egyptian” look.18:01

Cdirus: Just wait till the tomatoes start getting ripe. I also have a bed full of garlic that needs to get dug up.18:01

Rush: I love both of those, CD!18:01

libraryjim: sounds like you are planning to put up some tomato sause, CD18:02

libraryjim: sauce18:02

Rush: “Fraud is crime…”18:02

Cdirus: Not sure what mom will do with them, maybe make salsa18:02

Rush: THAT sounds GOOD, CD!18:03

Nothere1: Lets not forget conspiracy. Planning to commit a crime is a crime. Blackmail also counts.18:03

libraryjim: that’s a big ashtray!18:03

libraryjim: extortion, too18:04

Cdirus: We’re freezing the green beans. Garlic and onions will be hung to dry. Peppers we’re still waiting on.18:04

Rush: Jimmy in a tin can.18:04

Godwinshelley2: Louise – last Sunday the Schellack Stack podcast aired a talking comedy record about Lew Lehr visits the Worlds Fair18:04

Rush: ’64 or ’39?18:04

Godwinshelley2: Don’t know if you are familiar with that World’s fair reference or not18:04

Godwinshelley2: 193918:05

Louise: Which fair GS?18:05

Rush: Ah!18:05

libraryjim: again, the shadow is where it shouldn’t be. 18:05

Louise: I will have to check that out. “39 was a strange event.18:05

Godwinshelley2: He was playing records from 1939 and that was one of them18:05

Nothere1: Well folks I’m afraid this is where I leave you. May the cool trade winds blow you to safe ports until I am not here (or Not here1) again18:05

Rush: Who knows which shadow lurks in the wrong place?18:05

Louise: bye NT18:06

libraryjim: This is like a 3 stooges routine18:06

Matt1: Take care NT!18:06

Cdirus: Ouch18:06

Dona: Bye NH18:06

Godwinshelley2: Here is the link:

Rush: Have a good evening and week, NT!18:06

Dona: NT18:06

Atomant: See you NT18:06

libraryjim: night NT18:06

Nothere1 has left this room18:06

Godwinshelley2: Bryan Wright does the Shellac Stack podcast18:07

Rush: TYSM, GS!18:07

Rush: I took a peek…will try to watch later!18:07

libraryjim: client detective privelege18:07

Rush: Or, LISTEN, I mean!18:07

Louise: Thanks for the link GS. I will go listen later.18:07

Godwinshelley2: spooky cellar18:07

Rush: 18:08

Phil: CUE THE CAN18:08

Atomant: very cool pic 18:09

libraryjim: for real this time?18:09

Phil: yup18:09

Matt1: 18:09

Rush: The arrow shaft COULD have snapped as the victim fell…18:09

Phil: TYSM18:09

Rush: On the job, tonight, Matt!18:10

Rush: TYSM…18:10

Matt1: Jimmy w. bow & arrow? Yikes!18:10

Rush: :)18:10

Matt1: What could go wrong?18:11

Rush: THAT.18:11

Rush: Except…was it shot by Jimmy?18:11

libraryjim: nope18:11

Atomant: And what did you do with the rest of the flock of pigeons ?18:12

Rush: They are back with the U.S. Army Signal Corps!18:12

Atomant: Are they ??????

Atomant: 18:13

libraryjim: Man that would play havoc with the depth of vision.18:13

Rush: I suspect Jimmy will be on Kitchen Patroll for the forseeable future upon his return to base without Ming Toy.18:13

Mrs Pendleton: If you were covering a fake scar, would you cover your eye?18:13

Rush: Good question.18:14

Phil: Pigeons come…pigeons go.18:14

Rush: Yes…18:14

Rush: King admits guilt.18:14

Godwinshelley has joined this room18:14

Matt1: CC is goooooood!18:14

Rush: Yes, indeed!18:15

Rush: :)18:15

libraryjim: Please decorate gentleman with legal jewlery18:15

Mrs Pendleton: So why did she call him Jim?18:15

Dona: legal jewlery18:15

Rush: And..he found the missing distributor!18:15

Godwinshelley: How do I post a photo?18:15

Atomant: and Black hook18:15

Rush: jimmy walks like me before back surgery a few years ago!18:15

Matt1: Yes, AA!18:15

Matt1: lol18:15

Rush: Yes, AA!18:16

Rush: Next week: “Charlie Chan in the Secret Service”18:16

Rush: Also, “Secret Agent X-9″18:16

Louise: Okay, see you then18:16

Matt1: 18:16

Rush: “Number Two Son HOT again!”18:16

Mrs Pendleton: G’nite!18:16

Rush: (applause…)18:17

libraryjim: woo hoo!
I liked “man who sit on tack better off”18:17

Rush: Closing credits…18:17

Rush: THE END….18:17

Atomant: See you all again next week. Thank you again for the invite, Rush !!18:17

Dona: Another good one!18:17

Rush: TYSM, MATT!18:17

Dona: Thank you Rush!18:17

Matt1: Good night folks and hope you have a great week ahead!18:17

Rush: Greatly appreciated, tonight!18:17

Matt1: Of course, Rush!18:17

Rush: Thank Matt, please!18:17

Louise has left this room18:17

Phil: Aloha all.18:17

Dona: Thank you Matt!18:17

libraryjim: great fun, see you all next time!18:17

Phil has left this room18:17

Rush: He was the one tonight!18:17

libraryjim has left this room18:18

Cdirus: See you guys next week!18:18

Mrs Pendleton has left this room18:18

Rush: Next week, too!18:18

Dona: Matt you were a great host. Thank you!18:18

PaulM has left this room18:18

Rush: Again, AA…GREAT to see you after all these years!!!18:18

Matt1 has left this room18:18

Rush: Please consider returning again next week!18:18

Atomant has left this room18:18

Godwinshelley has left this room18:18

Cdirus has left this room18:19

Rush: Have a very happy and SAFE week, everyone!18:19

Rush: Take care…18:19

Godwinshelley2: Good night everyone18:19

Rush: Thank you ALL…so much!18:19

Godwinshelley2 has left this room18:19

Rush: Good night, Dona!18:19

Rush: take care…18:19

Rush has left this room18:22

Dona has left this room18:32

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