Chat Archive 7/17/2023

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 17, 2023

Feature: Charlie Chan in the Secret Service

Chat Number: 1,212

Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 01 – Torpedo Rendezvous – 1945

Angel Santiago Saltamontes
Mike n Rachel in DC
Paul M
Rich Maine
Rush (Rush2)

07-17 18:28Rush:

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07-17 18:31Matt:Hello Rush!

07-17 18:32Rush:Hello, Matt!How are you this evening?How was your week?

07-17 18:32Matt:Pretty quiet, which is Ok, thnx….yourself?

07-17 18:33Rush:Sort of on the busy side, but not in a bad way, here.

07-17 18:33Matt:Weather been Ok?

07-17 18:33Rush:Trying to finish up interior trim and door painting, etc…

07-17 18:34Matt:I love painting. Actually calming to me

07-17 18:34Rush:The weather has not been bad, really.  We did have a downpour on Friday night, and the game I was working at was rain delayed for 90 minutes.

07-17 18:34Rush:Agreed, about the painting!I’ve done a lot of it in my life!

07-17 18:35Matt:I hear yah!

07-17 18:35Rush:We do have a lot of that Canadian smoke in our region now.

07-17 18:35Matt:My back doesn’t appreciate it too much anymore though

07-17 18:35Rush:Understood!

07-17 18:35Matt:They were actually saying we may get some of it on Wed!

07-17 18:36Rush:I get stiff later from a day of painting!That far south…wow!

07-17 18:36Matt:lol, yes!It’s in Georgia & north FL now

07-17 18:37Rush:Maybe it wont be too bad in your area.A couple of weeks ago, it was REALLY bad here!

07-17 18:37Matt:My mother in Philly has been hit hard with it there this summer

07-17 18:37Rush:Yes!And now the heavy rains in the NE.

07-17 18:37Matt:Didn’t need a/c, but they said to stay inside and turn it on

07-17 18:38Rush:Yes…that’s what we are doing.I bought a new filter today.

07-17 18:38Mike n Rachel in DC:Good evening gentlemen!

07-17 18:38Matt:I was a cop in the town where the mass drowning occurred this past weekend in PAHello M & R!

07-17 18:38Rush:Mike/Rachel…GOOD EVENING!

07-17 18:39Mike n Rachel in DC:Oh gosh, Matt.O

07-17 18:39Matt:Wild watching it on TV here in FL news

07-17 18:39Mike n Rachel in DC:I (Mike) am solo this evening…Rachel is out of town with her family.

07-17 18:40Rush:

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“Good evenong…”

07-17 18:40Matt:Nice!

07-17 18:40Rush:-Ing…

07-17 18:40Matt:Loved watching re-reunds as a kid

07-17 18:40Mike n Rachel in DC:We can now have Rush doing cameo appearances a la Hitchcock

07-17 18:40Matt:Yes!

07-17 18:41Rush:I used to watch the original airings with my parents!

07-17 18:41Rush:mike: How are you Mike…and rachel?

07-17 18:42Mike n Rachel in DC:rachel is GREAT.  She’s at a spa with her mom today (and for several days).  I’m doing well, just less massaged.

07-17 18:42Rush:Ah!Tonight’s extra: Secret Agent X-9 – Chapter 01 – Torpedo Rendezvous – 1945

07-17 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC:This chat room automatically made me Mike n Rachel this evening.  AI at its finest?

07-17 18:43Rush:Interesting!Actually, it remembers me as well!

07-17 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC:Very excited about the serial!

07-17 18:43Matt:Shhhh, they are watching us

07-17 18:43Rush:

07-17 18:43Mike n Rachel in DC:dons tinfoil baseball cap

07-17 18:44Matt:Exactly!

07-17 18:44Rush:Yes, Mike, I think it will be fun to watch a serial for a change…

07-17 18:44Rush:

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07-17 18:45Matt:lol

07-17 18:45Mike n Rachel in DC:lookin’ good, Rush

07-17 18:45Rush:”Be prepared.”

07-17 18:45Matt:Rush is safe

07-17 18:45Rush:Note the lightning rod on top!

07-17 18:45Mike n Rachel in DC:durn furrinrers wont get Rush

07-17 18:46Rush:

07-17 18:46Mike n Rachel in DC:It’s quite fetching

07-17 18:46Matt:Hello Hounder!

07-17 18:47Mike n Rachel in DC:Hi hounder.  How are you?  And mom?

07-17 18:47Rush:I hope that Rich Maine and Louise and GS (and others) are doing okay with the extreme rains and flooding!hello, Hounder!

07-17 18:47Matt:Yes

07-17 18:47Rush:WELCOME!How are you and your mother?

07-17 18:48Rush:I think Hounder is having connection issues tonight.

07-17 18:48hounder:I’m doing ok. Mom is fading a bit.

07-17 18:49Matt:and we have one in the que

07-17 18:49Rush:Sorry to hear that, hounder.

07-17 18:50Rush:It does bring back memories of my mom.Are you holding up okay, Hounder?

07-17 18:50hounder:thanks rush. it is what it is. time is borrowed. I’m doing ok.

07-17 18:51Rush:If you need anything…we are here.

07-17 18:51Matt:Yes

07-17 18:51Rush:Maybe our serial will be of help…We should begin it…

07-17 18:51hounder:thanks. not looking too far ahead. living in the moment.

07-17 18:51Mike n Rachel in DC:Ditto from DC, hounder.  We’re all thinking of you.

07-17 18:51Rush:

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07-17 18:52Matt:Ready

07-17 18:52Rush:15 seconds…

07-17 18:52hounder:ready

07-17 18:52Mike n Rachel in DC:all set

07-17 18:52Matt:Understand Hounder

07-17 18:52Rush:10…5…GO!!!

07-17 18:52Mike n Rachel in DC:looks like he’s getting a back rub

07-17 18:52Rush:It runs nearly 20 minutes…Keye Luke and Benson Fong.

07-17 18:53Mike n Rachel in DC:Several Chan folks.  Cy, too”Determined” sounding music

07-17 18:53Matt:Yes….not family either

07-17 18:53Rush:Yes!  And we see HIM in next week’s movie!

07-17 18:54Rush:Stock footage of Emperor HirohitoEthanol!

07-17 18:56Mike n Rachel in DC:722?  Does it mix with vodka well?

07-17 18:56Matt:721, 722…..whatever it takes

07-17 18:56Rush:Major Sake?Maybe 723 is even better!

07-17 18:58Rush:Keye Luke!

07-17 18:58Mike n Rachel in DC:spies everywhere

07-17 18:58Rush:Cy Kendall.

07-17 18:58Matt:Need a spie swatter

07-17 18:58Rush:Walter Deacon.

07-17 18:59hounder:thanks everyone.

07-17 18:59Rush:Happy you are here, Hounder!

07-17 19:00Rush:You can keep on payin’If you are plannin’ on stayin’

07-17 19:00Mike n Rachel in DC:just like a mortgage!

07-17 19:00Rush:A poem!FIGHT!!!

07-17 19:01Rush:Ah Fong.Interestingly, that was the name of Benson Fong’s L.A. restaurants!

07-17 19:02Rush:It looks like she’s reading lines on a board on teh floor!

07-17 19:03Mike n Rachel in DC:she doesn’t sound like she’s from Australia

07-17 19:03Rush:Miss Australia…like Tokyo Rose!

07-17 19:03Mike n Rachel in DC:But she talks like Miss Kansas

07-17 19:04Rush:YES!!!

07-17 19:05Rush:LLoyd Bridges.

07-17 19:08Nothere:Remember the cow barks at midnight.

07-17 19:08Rush:Hello, NT!Welcome!

07-17 19:08Matt:Hello NT and A&F!

07-17 19:08Mike n Rachel in DC:woof/moo, NT

07-17 19:08Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Agents Foxx and Angel deporting for rooty!

07-17 19:09Rush:We are watching “Secret Agent X9″Angel…and Foxx!WELCOME!!!

07-17 19:09Louise:Hello Gang!

07-17 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC:Hey A&F…and Louise!

07-17 19:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Anybody remember the 1930s radio series “Adventures of K7”?

07-17 19:09Mike n Rachel in DC:X9 is saving the world!

07-17 19:09Rush:LOUISE!

07-17 19:09Dona:Hello Everyone!  I

07-17 19:09Rush:WELCOME!

07-17 19:09Matt:Hello Dona!

07-17 19:10Nothere:I recall Rush. And what I said was in no way spy talk meant for the ears of someone in this room. Pay no attention o Mike and Raheal responding. I am just a freiendly tourist.

07-17 19:10Rush:I hope that the rains are not terrible for you!

07-17 19:10Matt:Hello Louise!

07-17 19:10Rush:Dona!

07-17 19:10Nothere:Hey arrivals

07-17 19:10Louise:of course on phone with hubby

07-17 19:10Rush:Good evening!

07-17 19:10Nothere:Not offhand Angel

07-17 19:10Mike n Rachel in DC:Hey Dona & Rich

07-17 19:10Dona:No rain here Rush.  It’s 102

07-17 19:11Nothere:Valentino wears a riose.

07-17 19:11Rush:Rich!WELCOME!!!

07-17 19:11Godwinshelley:I’m packing for a trip tomorrow – so I’ll probably be leaving early

07-17 19:12Matt:Hello Rich!Hello GS!

07-17 19:12Mike n Rachel in DC:Hey GS

07-17 19:12Rich Maine:Hey guys, just queing up !

07-17 19:12Godwinshelley:I’m cued here

07-17 19:12Rush:That concludes the first chapter of our serial!

07-17 19:12Dona:Hi GS

07-17 19:12Nothere:Hopefully for somewhere fun God.

07-17 19:12Rush:Chapter 2 next week!

07-17 19:12hounder:ready

07-17 19:12Godwinshelley:It’s our 50th HS reunion next weekend in Indiana

07-17 19:12Nothere:Just remember nonoe of you saw me on Shadow Island

07-17 19:12Dona:You will have fun GS.

07-17 19:13hounder:hi dona, angel, and anyone else imissed

07-17 19:13Mike n Rachel in DC:Ready in DC

07-17 19:13Louise:And so, 12 years later, hubby still calls on Monday night at 8pm. No one respects me!

07-17 19:13Matt:Hello Phil!

07-17 19:13Louise:But cued here

07-17 19:13Phil:ALOHA to all my Chan friends!  As an added guest, Mrs. Phil is joining us

07-17 19:14Mike n Rachel in DC:Aloha Phil and Mrs.!

07-17 19:14Rush:60 seconds…

07-17 19:14Dona:Ready here Rush

07-17 19:14Rush:50….

07-17 19:14Godwinshelley:Louise – change your message to something like “… and if it’s Monday, don’t expect me to pick up…”

07-17 19:14Phil:Hey Matt good to see you.  You too MnR

07-17 19:14Rush:40 seconds…

07-17 19:14Louise:Good point GSA!!!

07-17 19:14Rush:30 seconds…25….

07-17 19:14Louise:GS!

07-17 19:14Rush:20…

07-17 19:14Nothere:He;’s just kjealous hes not here Louise.

07-17 19:14Rush:15…10…

07-17 19:14Louise:true Nothere

07-17 19:14Dona:I like that GS

07-17 19:15Rush:5….GO!!!

07-17 19:15Matt:

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07-17 19:15Mike n Rachel in DC:Gong girl!

07-17 19:15Phil:GONG ME BABY!

07-17 19:15Rush:Title…

07-17 19:15Nothere:Of course I never have that trouble because I’m never there when they call

07-17 19:15Rush:Credits….And the music….

07-17 19:15Rich Maine:so is this the first BB film?

07-17 19:15Mike n Rachel in DC:new faux-Chinese music

07-17 19:15Nothere:Gong Phil Baby one more time.

07-17 19:15Louise:Not here…not there: a good life strategy

07-17 19:16Rush:Yes! This is the first BB film in the series!

07-17 19:16Louise:mini boat

07-17 19:16Phil:lol nt

07-17 19:16Louise:and yet another Victorian-garbed old lady

07-17 19:16Rich Maine:love the housekeeper !

07-17 19:16Mike n Rachel in DC:interesting retro get-up for the lady

07-17 19:16Rush:To all who arrived d=uring my confusion as i readied my DVD…WELCOME!

07-17 19:17Nothere:You wrecked my toy boat. I will unleash my toy soldiers on you.

07-17 19:17Louise:That ones is loaded: wait, which one did he point to???

07-17 19:17Rush:I hope that the present NE deluge is not harming anyone.

07-17 19:17hounder:lol@nt

07-17 19:17Mike n Rachel in DC:Maybe we can drop in.  What’s his address?

07-17 19:17Nothere:Best to be the only one who knows which is loaded.

07-17 19:17Louise:Rush, my sister and niece in Vermont saw a lot of the flooding

07-17 19:18Rich Maine:DB!

07-17 19:18Phil:Cue the can

07-17 19:18Rush:I hope that they are doing alright.

07-17 19:18Louise:If looks could kill…

07-17 19:18Nothere:Stinkeye?

07-17 19:18Rush:

07-17 19:18Rich Maine:i’ve got my eye on you

07-17 19:18Mike n Rachel in DC:cue the scream

07-17 19:19Nothere:Thew key word saw.

07-17 19:19Matt:

Image thumbnail

07-17 19:19Rush:Reactions from some of the suspects.

07-17 19:19Matt:BB!

07-17 19:19Nothere:And yes this is BB’s intro. And no fog in sight.

07-17 19:19Mike n Rachel in DC:ominous music

07-17 19:19Phil:There goes our government careers.

07-17 19:19Rush:TYSM…Matt…Yes, Phil!

07-17 19:19Nothere:Wrong lady I’m not

07-17 19:20Louise:Oh, CC looking elegant in white suit

07-17 19:20Nothere:Yes? Yers? Don’t any of you know how to say no?

07-17 19:20Phil:Picture of Chaing Kai Shek on the wall?

07-17 19:20Mike n Rachel in DC:Chiang Kai-Shek?

07-17 19:20Rush:Yes!

07-17 19:20Rich Maine:yes phil!

07-17 19:21Angel Santiago Saltamontes:(5:15)???

07-17 19:21Rush:

Image thumbnail

07-17 19:21Nothere:615

07-17 19:21Rush:Also…

07-17 19:21Rich Maine:what a door knocker!

07-17 19:21Rush:

Image thumbnail

07-17 19:21Nothere:So did Charlie get drafted into the secret service, or quit being a cop for the war?

07-17 19:21Rush:Hello and goodbye…

07-17 19:22Angel Santiago Saltamontes:The ONLY copy of HIS torpedo plan.  I and Foxx have our own little secret.

07-17 19:22Rush:Ah-ha!

07-17 19:22Rich Maine:is this the first Benson Fong film as well?

07-17 19:22Louise:I love her voice

07-17 19:22Godwinshelley:Wasn’

07-17 19:22hounder:good question nt

07-17 19:22Phil:CC at warp speed

07-17 19:23Godwinshelley:Wasn’t Benson in “Opera” as a frat brother.

07-17 19:23Nothere:Yeop first Benson. And first dramtic Chan walks out of the building scene

07-17 19:23Mike n Rachel in DC:the suspenseful “walking through the lobby” scene

07-17 19:23Rush:Yes…not counting the glimpse we got in “Opera”

07-17 19:23Louise:definitely fast music

07-17 19:23Rush:yes, Louise!

07-17 19:23Godwinshelley:The exciting “walking to the car” scene.

07-17 19:23Mike n Rachel in DC:tension builds

07-17 19:23Dona:The music

07-17 19:23Nothere:Such drama and excitment. Will he walk the whole waty or get into a car? I have to know.

07-17 19:23Rush:GS:

07-17 19:23Mike n Rachel in DC:excitement at a fever pitch

07-17 19:23Phil:I’m feeling tense

07-17 19:23Mike n Rachel in DC:yankee doodle

07-17 19:23Godwinshelley:I need to continue packing. And I will be missing next week. You guys stay safe!!

07-17 19:23Dona:isn’t this used in another of the films

07-17 19:23Louise:me too, Phil

07-17 19:23hounder:i thought the first rule of detectives was to be wary of too convenient cabs

07-17 19:24Rich Maine:u too GS

07-17 19:24Mike n Rachel in DC:”Walking to the door!!!!!”

07-17 19:24Matt:Take care GS and enjoy

07-17 19:24Dona:Have fun GS

07-17 19:24Phil:cu gs

07-17 19:24Mike n Rachel in DC:Take care GS

07-17 19:24Godwinshelley:night all.

07-17 19:24Louise:Bye GS

07-17 19:24hounder:nite gs

07-17 19:24Rush:Yes…a drop of Yankee Doodle found its way into the score!

07-17 19:24Mike n Rachel in DC:Have fun!

07-17 19:24Nothere:Even a walking to the door scene? Check to see if I fainted from excitment later.

07-17 19:24Rush:Thank you, GS!

07-17 19:24Mike n Rachel in DC:Wow.  I’m exhausted after that action-packed sequence

07-17 19:24Nothere:Night gs

07-17 19:25Rush:VERY high ceilings!

07-17 19:25Rich Maine:yes Rush

07-17 19:25Nothere:With loaded bombs in the house a high celling prefered.

07-17 19:25Rush:TRUE!

07-17 19:26Rich Maine:The Duchess rules the house

07-17 19:26Phil:The higher the better

07-17 19:26Louise:14 kids?

07-17 19:26Rush:”Everything grow rapidly in Hawaii.”Yes!Thae final count.

07-17 19:26Rich Maine:so CC had 7 children in 10 years! his poor wife

07-17 19:26Phil:Indeed

07-17 19:27Nothere:Love how he just casually mentions they haven’t met in ten years. But poor Mrs. Chan 7 kids in ten years?

07-17 19:27Rush:Actually, that would be wrong…The Chans had 11 by 1934.

07-17 19:27Rich Maine:yes NT!

07-17 19:28Nothere:What no chess club>? Piker.

07-17 19:28Rush:

Image thumbnail

07-17 19:28Rich Maine:that plan doesnt have much info!could be plan for a sexual aid ….just saying

07-17 19:28Rush:Tommy and Iris.

07-17 19:29Phil:Well, in the non-existence of fax machines, copiers or cell phones, it looks like they got the plans secured

07-17 19:29Rush:Phil:

07-17 19:29Louise:Maybe now they can find all those erased emails…By the Secret Service

07-17 19:29Nothere:Never mind how she knew him. How did he know her?

07-17 19:29Dona:lol @ Louise

07-17 19:30Rush:”They even got a WALKIN’ ration around here!”

07-17 19:30Nothere:Depends Louise. If Charlie gets the case yes.

07-17 19:30Rush:

07-17 19:30Rich Maine:last week fake eye mask, this week fake wheelcahir

07-17 19:31Rush:Hmmm…

07-17 19:31Louise:Rude!!!

07-17 19:31Rush:CC puts him in his place.

07-17 19:31Nothere:Long as no fake dinner.

07-17 19:31Rush:

Yes, NT1

07-17 19:32Rich Maine:or a pin scratch under dinner table NT

07-17 19:32Louise:Me, I did!!!

07-17 19:32Nothere:So which of you is Spartacus?

07-17 19:32Mike n Rachel in DC:BB just tidying up the bar area

07-17 19:32Rush:Be careful what you find in a stray class, BB!

07-17 19:32Dona:good techni

07-17 19:33Phil:Guy needs slapped around a bit.

07-17 19:33Nothere:WEll BB isn’t chaffuering so he needs something to do.

07-17 19:33Rich Maine:I was putrified!

07-17 19:33Rush:Can we find a comparison with this lady in another Chan film?

07-17 19:33Louise:A popped pollywog

07-17 19:33Rich Maine:yes, the housekeeper in in Malibu

07-17 19:34Nothere:Another Three Stooges alum.

07-17 19:34Louise:glass eye at key hole: good one

07-17 19:34Rush:

Image thumbnail

07-17 19:34Dona:lol

07-17 19:35Rich Maine:take a book, any book

07-17 19:35Nothere:Pekenesse? So your a Chinesse spy.

07-17 19:35Rush:”Portside”

07-17 19:36Rush:The relief pitcher was called “Starboardside.”

07-17 19:36Nothere:Avast there. The pirate was in Dead Men Tell.

07-17 19:36Rich Maine:Blackbeard lives again!

07-17 19:36Rush:No Black Hook?

07-17 19:37Rich Maine:

07-17 19:37Rush:CC is not pleased.

07-17 19:37Nothere:Iris was the bully of the family children.

07-17 19:37Rush:The coal shoot.

07-17 19:38Rush:She would be a little older than Yommy.TOMMY…(Sorry!)

07-17 19:38Nothere:It’s all Chinesse to me.

07-17 19:38hounder:be back dog walk

07-17 19:38Rush:Yes!

07-17 19:38Phil:That’s got to be the longest lasting cigar ever.

07-17 19:38Rush:okay, Hounder!

07-17 19:38Nothere:SAee you soon Hounder and his hound

07-17 19:39Rush:The eye..

07-17 19:39Nothere:What sort of dog does Hounder have? A Pekenesse by any chance?

07-17 19:39Rush:WB, Angel…

07-17 19:40Nothere:Hey Angel

07-17 19:40Dona:Hi Angel

07-17 19:40Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Hey Notty!  And all other agents!!

07-17 19:40Rush:And…Paul….sorry i missed your arrival!  WELCOME!

07-17 19:40Nothere:No no. Not the lights sence. I can’t take the excitment./

07-17 19:40Rush:(Belatedly!)

07-17 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes:(26:00)?

07-17 19:41Mike n Rachel in DC:2630

07-17 19:41Nothere:2618

07-17 19:41Rush:I have 26:45I guess i am running ahead.

07-17 19:41Nothere:Apparently I; m a few seconds behind. Watching you all.

07-17 19:41Rush:I will pause for about 20 seconds…

07-17 19:41Angel Santiago Saltamontes:You’re on the loose, Rush!

07-17 19:42Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Her screen name was Bosalind Bussell.

07-17 19:42Rush:27:30?

07-17 19:42Nothere:2730 is offical time. So sayeth Rush. So sayeth we all.

07-17 19:43Dona:

07-17 19:43Louise:I sayeth the same, or did a while ago

07-17 19:43Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Better to cut up than cut down, Confusion say.

07-17 19:43Mike n Rachel in DC:2830

07-17 19:43Rush:Mrs. Hargue should not be surprised at the reaction to approaching CC with a knife!

07-17 19:43Nothere:And what the kids are saying is Greek

07-17 19:43Rush:Hep talk!

07-17 19:43Louise:Love that they speak hep language

07-17 19:43Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Like having bees live inside your head.

07-17 19:43Rush:Confuscius, Jr.

07-17 19:43Nothere:Von Veegan. Of course he’s the murderer.

07-17 19:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Out, damn bees!

07-17 19:44Rush:

07-17 19:44hounder:back

07-17 19:44Mike n Rachel in DC:wb

07-17 19:44Rush:The shadowy figure sets a trap!

07-17 19:44Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Oh stings, where is thy death?
   Not YOU, Sting.  The others.

07-17 19:44Nothere:Wb Hounder. So what sort of dog do you have.

07-17 19:44Rush:Angel:

07-17 19:45Mike n Rachel in DC:this is almost as suspenseful as walking to the car

07-17 19:45Nothere:As for you Atrois I’m going to have to ticket you for speeding. This is a six mile an hour hallway.

07-17 19:45Rush:A sort of a clue there.

07-17 19:46Mike n Rachel in DC:The Hand

07-17 19:46Angel Santiago Saltamontes:When we get our million$, we’ll commission a painting of a safe, and put it in front of a painting of said million$.

07-17 19:47Rush:BB saves the day…AND…CC!!!

07-17 19:47Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Imagine having to IRON CURTAINS all day.

07-17 19:48Rush:They rust!

07-17 19:48Nothere:Nopthing to fear. But the vicious murderer. Nothing at all.

07-17 19:48Rush:Yes, NT!

07-17 19:48Dona:lol

07-17 19:50Nothere:Want a nightcap with your nightgown?

07-17 19:50Rush:I’ll bet that was an adlib there by BB!(MM)

07-17 19:50Mike n Rachel in DC:”like talk to typhoon?”

07-17 19:50Rush:Yes!

07-17 19:51Nothere:Private eyes.

07-17 19:51Mike n Rachel in DC:more action music

07-17 19:51Rush:Yes….

07-17 19:51Nothere:What about the candle? Do I put the candle back?

07-17 19:51Mike n Rachel in DC:do…not…put….the…candle….back

07-17 19:52Louise:

Image thumbnail

07-17 19:52Rush:Mike:

07-17 19:52Louise:Popcorn to share

07-17 19:52Rush:Louise:

07-17 19:52Mike n Rachel in DC:looks yummy, Louise!

07-17 19:52Nothere:Thanks Louise gonna need it in the mad scientist lab.

07-17 19:53Rich Maine:CC playing with dials

07-17 19:53Louise:But now my house smells like popcorn

07-17 19:53Rush:Borrowed from Dr. Frankenstein.

07-17 19:53Louise:devil mask

07-17 19:53Rush:Yes.

07-17 19:54Louise:early Halloween technology

07-17 19:54Rush:This is the first introduction of odd technology in a Monogram Chan movie!

07-17 19:54Nothere:Iris stop picking on the suspicious guy who tells women to shut up.

07-17 19:54Rush:Right!

07-17 19:54Mike n Rachel in DC:sneaky girl

07-17 19:54Dona:dark

07-17 19:54Mike n Rachel in DC:cue the fog

07-17 19:55Nothere:He shot Satan. Now hes in trouble.

07-17 19:55Louise:Hit the one with the cross

07-17 19:55Rush:Watch the one with the “X”!

07-17 19:55Mike n Rachel in DC:vaporized?

07-17 19:56Rush:Tommy tumbled!

07-17 19:57Rush:Check his noggin!If there’s a bump…he’s not lying!

07-17 19:57Nothere:Vega. You’d think you could tell him y his cigar smoke ut it’s everywhere.

07-17 19:58Rush:Hmmm…the heavy smoker?

07-17 19:58Rush:He tricked her!

07-17 19:58Mike n Rachel in DC:Apprentice detective learn lesson

07-17 19:58Rush:yep!

07-17 19:59Nothere:Should have bought sturdier umbrella.

07-17 20:00Mike n Rachel in DC:Remember when Charile said, “suspicion only toy of fools?”

07-17 20:00Rush:”You protect yourself with umbrella of innocence, but, at moment, am afraid your umbrella have big leak.”Yes, Mike…

07-17 20:00Nothere:WE remember but does Charlie?

07-17 20:01Rush:Quick scan of suspects!

07-17 20:01Nothere:The killer is a real heel.

07-17 20:01Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Chan has SUCH a lovely smile.

07-17 20:02Rush:”Mr. Cooperative”

07-17 20:02Louise:watch it when Chan sm iles

07-17 20:02Rush:True!

07-17 20:03Louise:poof

07-17 20:03Mike n Rachel in DC:bzzzt

07-17 20:03Rush:And…poor BB!

07-17 20:03Nothere:So not just a murderer, but an unlicenced electrican.

07-17 20:03Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Should have waited for the electrician (or someone like him).

07-17 20:03Rush:YES, NT!!!Non-union, as well!

07-17 20:04Nothere:I’m manly ut not Malik.

07-17 20:04Angel Santiago Saltamontes:What a sour Kraut.

07-17 20:04Mike n Rachel in DC:Mannlich von Wegan

07-17 20:04Rush:Yes, Angel!

07-17 20:05Louise:she’s still holding that fur

07-17 20:05Angel Santiago Saltamontes:What are the celebrations for electrical engineers like?

07-17 20:05Rush:HM!

07-17 20:05Rich Maine:smoking kills again

07-17 20:05Phil:Cue the can

07-17 20:05Louise:smoking kills

07-17 20:05Rush:Ruined a good cigar!

07-17 20:05Matt:

Image thumbnail

07-17 20:05Rich Maine:DB2

07-17 20:05Rush:TYSM…Matt…

07-17 20:05Nothere:Chan was wrong? This is definitly a different studio.

07-17 20:05Louise:less stink in the room now

07-17 20:05Rush:

07-17 20:06Phil:Indeed Louise

07-17 20:06Mike n Rachel in DC:Symrna, OH?

07-17 20:06Nothere:So you all knew he was lying about his name but said nothing? Thanks for the help.

07-17 20:07Rich Maine:Symrma pigs are a delicacy

07-17 20:08Louise:I didn’t know, Nothere, I swear

07-17 20:08Rush2:Lost my connection! Using my phone…

07-17 20:08Dona:oh no

07-17 20:09Nothere:Aha the key to the solution.

07-17 20:09Rush2:Rebooting!

07-17 20:09Rich Maine:madam charm

07-17 20:09Mike n Rachel in DC:she reminds me of Lizzie

07-17 20:09Nothere:Sorry to here that Rush. All right Louise. You get a pass.

07-17 20:09Mike n Rachel in DC:(except no stargazing)

07-17 20:09Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Only HALF a key.  She had to split it with the sound-effects guy.

07-17 20:10Rush2:Sometimes fours…

07-17 20:10Nothere:Three strikes your out.

07-17 20:11Nothere:Noiseless gun? Wonder where I can get one? Asking for a friend:)

07-17 20:12Mike n Rachel in DC:just need a 3D printer…

07-17 20:13Rush:Made it back!

07-17 20:13Matt:wb!

07-17 20:13Rush:

07-17 20:13Nothere:Like I said at the start. Pay no attention to Mike and or Racheal. There is no spying.

07-17 20:13Mike n Rachel in DC:wb Rush

07-17 20:13Rush:Of course, I was delayed by the dreaded Windows Update!

07-17 20:13Nothere:I don’t believe it.Welcome back Rush

07-17 20:14Mike n Rachel in DC:I don’t believe it either.  This is  a Monogram film.

07-17 20:14Rush:The demo by CC…

07-17 20:15Rush:

Image thumbnail

07-17 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Hidden in plain sight!

07-17 20:15Rich Maine:WOW

07-17 20:15Rush:The weapon!

07-17 20:15Angel Santiago Saltamontes:A toilet bowl?

07-17 20:15Mike n Rachel in DC:It’s the F#!

07-17 20:15Phil:A float froma commode.  Ban commodes

07-17 20:16Matt:The old magnetized spring loaded gun trick

07-17 20:16Mike n Rachel in DC:not THAT again

07-17 20:16Rush:Yes, Matt!

07-17 20:16Phil:And to think..the lights haven’t gone off once.

07-17 20:16Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Uh-oh

07-17 20:16Rush:Interesting “cornering.”

07-17 20:17Nothere:Like I said at the begining. she has a pekenesse. She’s a chinese spy.

07-17 20:17Mike n Rachel in DC:Dead giveaway.  Her fur is not a white fox fur

07-17 20:17Rush:Note soon how statue breacks too soon.

07-17 20:17Angel Santiago Saltamontes:MnR, you know the criminal types!

07-17 20:17Rush:Fraulein Manlich!

07-17 20:18Phil:Dirty Kraut

07-17 20:18Mike n Rachel in DC:Good guys always wear white fur

07-17 20:18Rush:Recall the spy in “CC in Panama.”

07-17 20:18Dona:Yes

07-17 20:18Nothere:RElax B

07-17 20:18Angel Santiago Saltamontes:BB gets last word as often!!!

07-17 20:18Rush:The Manpower Commission.”

07-17 20:19Rich Maine:YAY!

07-17 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC:<kids-yeah>

07-17 20:19Rush:THE END

07-17 20:19Matt:<yee-haw>

07-17 20:19Louise:So glad BB is now with us

07-17 20:19Rush:(Applause)

07-17 20:19Nothere:B the secret service will reccommend you.

07-17 20:19Dona:<WAHOO!!!>

07-17 20:19Rush:Yes, louise!

07-17 20:19hounder:thanks everyone.hope to see you next week.

07-17 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes:MONOGRAM!!

07-17 20:19Rich Maine:have a great week

07-17 20:19Rush:BB …and CC…and Tommy will return next week!

07-17 20:19Nothere:<YEAH> <APPLAUSE>

07-17 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC:Not one of the greats, but the Monograms are launched!

07-17 20:19Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Yay!!!!!

07-17 20:19Rush:In…’The Chinese Cat.”

07-17 20:19Matt:Good night everyone and have a good week

07-17 20:19Rush:Yes, Angel!

07-17 20:19Mike n Rachel in DC:Have a wonderful week everyone.  Hounder…best to you and mom

07-17 20:19Nothere:I must remember my monocle for the Monograms

07-17 20:19Louise:See you in 2 weeks, off for a NYC visit next week

07-17 20:20Rush:TYSM…everyone!

07-17 20:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Me-OWWWW!

07-17 20:20Mike n Rachel in DC:Have a fun time Louise

07-17 20:20Rush:We are now in the Monogram era!

07-17 20:20Nothere:Ta tA Lousie. And good nitgh to all

07-17 20:20Mike n Rachel in DC:Can’t wait for some fog next week!

07-17 20:20Angel Santiago Saltamontes:Till we mousemeat again!

07-17 20:20Dona:Always a good one Rush.  Being here with everyone is good.  Thank you all.  See everyone next week.

07-17 20:20Rush:Thank you ALL for a great evening of Chan, mayhem, siblings, and BB!Tnak YOU, Dona!take care….

07-17 20:20Mike n Rachel in DC:As always….a pleasure.  See you in San Francisco!

07-17 20:21Rush:Take care ALL!Have a GREAT week!May all weather events be pleasant ones for you!

07-17 20:21Rush:See you next week!Great to have you back. Louise!

07-17 20:22Rush:Take care, Angel, Louise, and Rich!Good night….

07-17 20:26Rich Maine:same to you!

07-17 20:26Rush:TYSM, Rich!Have a good evening…Good night!

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