Chat Archive 7/20/2020

The text of our Charlie Chan Family Chat for July 20, 2020

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service

Secret Agent X-9 (Chapter 3)

Mike (n Rachel) in DC

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Rush: Hello, Matt!

Matt1: Hello Rush!

Rush: How was your week?

Matt1: Our tests came cack NEG…, a great week….u?

Rush: That certainly made your week!

Matt1: And we got out to lunch on Sat/Sun

Rush: Ours was good, thank you! I am working seven days a week until summer school ends. Weekends devoted to Visiting Angels.

Matt1: 16 days being locked in

Rush: WOW!

Rush: You are FREE again!

Matt1: Amen!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Matt1: Any news on school there?

Rush: As far as I know, our school, which is private, starts on the 26th of August.

Rush: Fingers really crossed.

Matt1: No oline options?

Rush: The kids NEED to get back to school!

Rush: Online is always a possibility, but it is a very poor second to the real thing.

Rush: At school today, it was so good to see the kids playing together!

Matt1: I agree….State teachers union filed a lawsuit here in FL to going back this semester

Rush: They are HUNGRY to be with friends!

Rush: Yes.

Matt1: Not to go back until Jan

Rush: Well…

Matt1: State gave 3 options for parents

Rush: That’s six months…

Matt1: Back to school, online or hybid

Rush: I vote for “option one.”

Matt1: Yes…..I feel it’s important too

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Rush: I feel that things will magically go away on November 4.

Matt1: Hello, Bob!

Rush: Bob!

Rush: WELCOME to you!

Matt1: I’ve been saying that for months, Rush

Bob-Toronto: Hello Matt ! Thank You Rush !

Rush: Toronto! Very good!

Rush: Now, I KNOW that this is your first time with us.

Rush: Yes?

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Bob-Toronto: I’ve noticed your group for a while but first time dropping in. Yes.

Matt1: Hello M & R!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hello all!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Bob-Toronto: You are new to the Chan clan?

Rush: Good evening mike…and rachel!

Rush: Well,Bob, yours is the seat of honor tonight!

Bob-Toronto: Yes, first time. Hoped i could sit in tonight.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Rach will in in-and-out this evening–last week of grad school!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Great to have you!

Matt1: Best of luck to her, Mike!

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Dean: Hello! A little late.

Matt1: Hello, Dean!

Bob-Toronto: Thank You all ! It’s an honor.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Week of final projects, Matt…

Rush: Dean…WELCOME!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hi Dean, good to see you

Rush: Not late!

Rush: Dean, you have been with us, is that correct?

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Bob…are you a Blue Jays fan? Any idea where they’re going to play?

Rush: Bob, we’ll fill you in on how we share our films.

Dean: This is my first time, I believe. But I have been aware of this club ever since I saw an ad at last June’s Monster Bash.

Matt1: I heard about that Mike

Bob-Toronto: Mike – Yes I am. Looks like Buffalo or Dunedin,Fla

Rush: First, we will be having our ‘warm-up” in the form of a serial with keye Luke…”Secret Agent X-9.”

Matt1: Need to pull out a 2nd chair of honor, Rush!

Rush: AH! Wonderful, Dean!

Bob-Toronto: Sounds great Rush ! I can find that on Youtube.

angel AND FOX!! has joined this room

Rush: Our own “Godwinshelley” must have sent out the ad!

Matt1: Hello A & F!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: I hope they get it worked out. I’m a hockey guy…NHL made a genius move by shifting everything to Canada. Glad at least one North American country got this figured out. πŸ™‚

Rush: Angel…Fox!


angel AND FOX!!: Secret Agent X-8 told us to be here. Do you have the PASSWORD?

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Angel! Welcome! And FOX! He’s baaaack.

Rush: Well…dean…tonight is a VERY special occasion as we have TWO Seats of Honor!

angel AND FOX!!: I’m back and i’m BEAUTIFUL!!! With my Fox, of course!

Bob-Toronto: Mike and Rachel, I am envious you will have baseball. Big fan ! Do you have fave hockey and baseball teams ?

Rush: And for Bob, we’ll make his the Seat of HONOUR!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Angel, you’re beautiful with or without Fox. He’s just the cherry on the sundae.

angel AND FOX!!: The other chair can be spared in case we surpass quorum. I frequently drape Fox over whatever’s handy.

Matt1: Mmmmmm, ice cream

Dean: Is this is the 30s X-9 or the 40s X-9?

angel AND FOX!!: Ice cream and a Hawaiian shirt at a baseball game. Anything else, Mr.Truman?

Bob-Toronto: Haha- Very good Rush ! The spelling lol. But I must share the seat of honour tonight ! I insist. Welcome as well to other newcomers.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: I’m from Detroit (sorry!) and played and refereed hockey from about 1965. BIG Red Wings fan…also love Tigers (sigh). Rach is from Baltimore and roots for Orioles. She’s a Red Wings fan by marriage, so to speak.

Matt1: Scoot over Bob 

angel AND FOX!!: Bob-T! Happy t’meetcha! Slide in, see!

Rush: So, for our newest members, the link you see above for “Secret Agent X-9” will take you to an online copy!

Bob-Toronto: LOL- Ok Mike.

Rush: ease click on that and then pause at the very start!

Rush: We will have our countdown when we are all there so we begin at the same time.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: But I really liked Dave Keon back in the day…if you remember back that far.

Rush: Is everyone ready?

Bob-Toronto: Mike and Rachel- Seems I have lots of friends who are Wings fans. Just met two more now ! Grew up watching great pennant races with Orioles too.

Matt1: Ready here!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Ready in DC!

Rush: Bob?

Rush: Dean?

Rush: Angel?

Rush: All ready?

Dean: Yep.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: I was hoping Babs would win a Stanley Cup w/Leafs…sadly no.

Bob-Toronto: Mike- I was 8 years old when Davey Keon left but I remember ! Yes I am ready with secret Agent !

Rush: Very good…!

Rush: Regarding the Cup as well!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Okay…

Bob-Toronto: :))

Rush: 60 second….

Rush: 50 seconds…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: I actually held the Stanley Cup for a bit…great thrill.

Bob-Toronto: Babs got a raw deal imo here.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *sharpens skates*

Rush: 25…

Rush: 20…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *sharpens elbows*

Bob-Toronto: Mike we must discuss that !

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

angel AND FOX!!: DEAN, pardon ME, i did not greet you yet. Mine’s the pleasure! (Fox is an accoutrement.) I am sure you will become the Dean of tonight’s furrow of brows!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Rush?

Rush: Sorry…

Rush: My “go” didn’t go thru!

Matt1: Left us hanging

Rush: Every one started?

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Not yet

Matt1: Yes

Rush: Hold please…

angel AND FOX!!: Hey Rush—In course of independent study, i ran into the NPR smash-job on CC. Disgraceful.

Rush: Lets do it again…

Rush: sorry!

Bob-Toronto: I’ve started yes thanks !

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: This like an awkward first date

Bob-Toronto: OK lol

Rush: Let’s go back to zero…

Rush: Sorry!

Matt1: Ok

angel AND FOX!!: All my last dates were first dates. Cueing X-9 (3)!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *wonders if he should kiss her*

Rush: I’ll start at 60 again….

Rush: We will have time….

angel AND FOX!!: We’re all on Keye, i hope.

Rush: 60 seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Dean: Thanks, Angel.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Bob and I got all interested in hockey and life stopped!

Rush: 40 seconds…

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

angel AND FOX!!: U welcome, Dean. In our absence, Godzilla takes our chair.

Rush: 20…

Bob-Toronto: Mike and I will have to resume later. πŸ™‚

Rush: 15…

Rush: 10…

angel AND FOX!!: REZOOM?!!

Rush: 5…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: GO!!!

Dean: What a great title card.

Rush: Okay…I am at the start…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Launched…with *very serious* music

Rush: I hope I didn’t mess everyone up!

Rush: Sorry!

Bob-Toronto: Everything’s right on cue Rush. Great job.

Rush: I was distracted by kids’ noise in the hallway!

angel AND FOX!!: Anybody ever see The Lady In The Lake (1944)? Entire opening is a pun on title-cards, finishes with A GUN…

angel AND FOX!!: Rush: Kids In The Hall banned now on The Beeb. Un-PC.

Bob-Toronto: Yes I have Angel and Fox ! Very true.

Rush: On the map we just saw, “Shadow island” looks like a replacement for “Taiwan”!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Kids in the Hallway? New rap group?

Rush: reading her lines on the floor again!

Bob-Toronto: Old comedy group. Very funny.

Rush: It could be, Mike!

Rush: A girls group.

angel AND FOX!!: “Kids In The Hall” an OLD comedy troupe (1990s-200s), Brits.

angel AND FOX!!: Reminds me, i must put my Buddha out in the rain.

Rush: LLoyd Bridges.

Rush: Yes, Angel!


angel AND FOX!!: TOKIO! Not TOYKO?

Rush: Tommy Chan!

Rush: (Benson Fong)

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Good thing they don’t use Japanese characters in Japan…we couldn’t’ read the signs….

Rush: And, yes, the low volume is something we have to live with…sorry…

Rush: Mike..yes!

Rush: Meanwhile…aboard the sub…

Rush: Nickname: “Buttons”

Dean: Atomic Age Pictures has a fantastic version of this serial on YouTube but it is not divided into episodes (just 5 hours or so of X-9).

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: The Unmentioned Pun for three episodes: What is Agent X-9’s dog called?

Rush: AH!

angel AND FOX!!: I can’t picture the Japanese troops in anything but what they did in fact wear. Fashion was such an organic thing then. The Krauts? I would be thimply DEVATHTATED to thee THOSE boys in the Japsuits, or vice (vithe) versa (vertha)! What was war FOR, dahling, but movies?

Rush: Please tell us, mike!

Bob-Toronto: Thanks Dean !

Dean: Agent K-9, I presume?

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Woof.

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel AND FOX!!: Can i ask 2 questions?

Rush: 3 if you like!

angel AND FOX!!: K-9 was Lassie.

Rush: Makes “sense”!

Rush: Or…Rin Tin Tin?

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Did she just call him an idiot?

Rush: Too low in volume to know for sure.

Rush: I should use headphones.

angel AND FOX!!: WHAT (relatively) recent movie was it, where after HUGE mayhem the camera pulls back & reveals it’s ALL a movie?—-Love to have the camera pull back here, & we find the opponents are on opposite sides of a partition in the same big hangar.

angel AND FOX!!: JOE BIDEN in the boater?

Dean: Isn’t “House of Shadows” too overt a name for a shady bar?

angel AND FOX!!: That’s where i met my 2nd boyfriend!

Rush: Agreed, dean.

Bob-Toronto: Now that guy knows how to wear a fedora !

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Dean, it seems that the serials are not about subtlety… πŸ˜‰

Rush: “House of Shadows” on “Shadow Island.”

angel AND FOX!!: Dark Shadows.

Rush: The whole place is populated by shady characters.

Dean: Rush, makes sense. I wonder what the restrooms are called.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Please. Do Pray at the Dupray Hotel.

angel AND FOX!!: Looks like an involved version of the “For a good time call” that made Jenny so famous.

Rush: Dark pits?

angel AND FOX!!: MnR               

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Ah. Jenny…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *Rachel hits Mike with textbook*

Rush: Interesting background music.

angel AND FOX!!: Rush: Peroxide and a joint for timing can take care of that without nick danger.

Dean: Rush, “Repository of Shadows”…

Rush: Rachel: πŸ™‚

angel AND FOX!!: Reticule of Shadows?

Rush: Better than mine, Dean!

angel AND FOX!!: Shadow Island have a Shadow Government? A Shadow Book Depository?

angel AND FOX!!: That HAT look ODD to any of our fellow detectives?

Dean: Does Shadow Island have an intelligence agency? Are they called the Shadowy Shadows?

Rush: Hm….

Rush: Maybe the House of Dark Shadows?

angel AND FOX!!: Dean, you have opened a shadowy avenue of speculation. I’ll call DPW to set up smudgepots.

Rush: YES.

Dean: There are some paths too shadowy to walk.

angel AND FOX!!: Babe’s pretty free with the “kill ’em” ‘s.

Rush: A man in black and a man in white here…

angel AND FOX!!: And BOTH in Orlon (TM)!

Rush: Shot to hit his feet!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Man in Black cannot shoot straight

Rush: TYSM, Angel!

Rush: reading her lines on the floor again…

Louise has joined this room

Louise: Hello Chan CXlan!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Cy Kendall appears?

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hey Louise!

angel AND FOX!!: Rush: i’m just watching out for the corporate patentholders. They intend any poaching to be done among themselves.

Louise: Clan


Rush: We will see the seated gentleman in our Chan movie for next week.

angel AND FOX!!: Ah SO.

Louise: Such wonderful greetings!

Dean: Hello Louise!

Bob-Toronto: Yes he looks familiar !

Matt1: Hello Louise!

angel AND FOX!!: Japan protects the neutrality of EVERYPLACE they hold hostage.

Rush: Yes, Angel.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere!

angel AND FOX!!: She’s got Bette Davis’ blouse.

angel AND FOX!!: MnR: They WERE the Sphere-Mongers of their time!!

Bob-Toronto: Her hairdo in Petrified Forest as well.

Rush: I sense a “Death Curve” cominig!

angel AND FOX!!: Petrified Hairdo.

Bob-Toronto: lol- indeed.

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angel AND FOX!!: That rig got 8 gallons per mile, i betcha.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Perhaps failing brakes, Rush?

Rush: “De PLANE!”

Dean: Nothing better than a canvassed truck.

Matt1: Hello Dona!

Dona: Hello Everyone!

Rush: Possibly, Mike…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hello Dona!

angel AND FOX!!: Dona! Oh, Dona!

Louise: So weird to follow a discussion about something I am not seeing!

Rush: Welcome, Louise and Dona!

Bob-Toronto: Hello Dona

Louise: Hi Dona

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Louise: Hero is in distress…situation may be dire…tune in next week!

angel AND FOX!!: Nice they have trumpets out there, especially at that hour.

Rush: Sorry about missing your arrival!

Dean: Hello Dona!

Louise: Mike: that is like every show we ever see

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: This sounds like the orchestra from a gladiator movie wandered in by mistake

Matt1: Excitement is building!

angel AND FOX!!: Yeah: what they said, Louise. Heroic music starting now anyway, no doubt titles come up & someone asks Who Is That Masked & we all shout “ME!”

Rush: There was a line across tha road.

Bob-Toronto: Will Lloyd do an Indiana Jones on the driver ?

angel AND FOX!!: One could kiss the other & straighten this all out.

Matt1: Better call Maamco!

Rush: Whatta mess!

Dean: Let’s hope there were no important packages on that truck.


angel AND FOX!!: “straighten” in quotes, of course.

Louise: Cued here for the next media to view…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Let’s hope they are well-insured!

Rush: So the moral is: “Don’t fight over a package while driving.”

Rush: Next week…PART 4.

Dean: That must be why my FedEx package came so damaged.

angel AND FOX!!: Rush, it’ll be OK—FLOODLIGHTS next week, we can search for boxes easily. I bet Fox will help, even. Fox has GLASSY eyes.

Rush: “Floodlight Murder.”

Rush: There have been times when I have felt like murdering a floodlight.

Rush: Okay!

angel AND FOX!!: Dean, tell them it looks like maybe the driver shot it.

Rush: Next….

Rush: We enter the Monogram Pictures ers with “Charlie Chan in the Secret Service.”

angel AND FOX!!: See you at Secret Service shortly!!

Matt1: Cued to opening Title here!

Dean: And now for our feature presentation…

Rush: If you need the movie online, we have a link above!

Bob-Toronto: One of my favourite Chans !

Rush: If you have your own copy…GREAT!

Dona: Ready to go here Rush.

Rush: Please pause at the OPENING TITLE of our movie!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Gong-ready in DC

Rush: We have 5 minutes to go!

Bob-Toronto: All set here.

Louise: Time is passing fast tonight…

Rush: YES, Louise!

Rush: I am ready…

Rush: THREE minutes to go!

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Dean has joined this room

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: World War II has unhinged the career plans of both Charlie Chan and Sidney Toler!

Matt1: wb Dean

Dean: On a new device!

Rush: Dona, Louise, please meet our newest members, Dean and Bob!

Dean: Hello!

Rush: I think the rest of us have already!

Dona: Nice to met you Dean and Bob. Welcome!

Bob-Toronto: Hello !

Rush: 2 minutes to go!

Bob-Toronto: Thank you lots of fun.

Rush: TYSM, Bob!

Rush: 90 seconds!

Rush: That is our goal every Monday night!

Rush: FUN.

Rush: 6o seconds…

Rush: 50 seconds…

Bob-Toronto: It’s great to share these with others. Nice to be here Rush.

Rush: 40 seconds…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *re-tapes hockey stick*

Rush: HAPPY you are here!

Rush: 30 seconds…

Rush: 25…

Bob-Toronto: Lol – Mike


Rush: 20…

Rush: 15…

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: 10…

Rush: 5…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *fastens chin strap*

Rush: GO!!!

Dean: Popcorn is ready!


angel AND FOX!!: GONG!

Rush: Title…

Louise: Hi Dean and Bob!

Bob-Toronto: and we’re off ! chinstrap on !

Rush: TYSM for the GONG!

Rush: Credits…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Shadowy figure behind credits!

Louise: Mysterious music

Bob-Toronto: Hi Louise !

Rush: Blasting music…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Muni Seroff??

angel AND FOX!!: Nice to see MM getting BIG-TYPE billing!

Rush: Of course, the budgets dropped at Monogram…

Rush: BUT…

angel AND FOX!!: Where is James Burkett today, Rush?

Rush: That opened the door for interesting CREATIVITY.

angel AND FOX!!: I’d put THE END right there. At the flash.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: But…they spared no expense on trombone players. Tons of trombone in these pieces.

Rush: At peace, Angel…

angel AND FOX!!: She looks like Truman Capote, ya think?

Louise: And there she is: the lady out of time. I place her clothing in the 1850s

Rush: The one with the black “X” is LIVE!

Rush: Water splashed everywhere.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Wait. He lives in Wash DC and he has a bomb like that in his house?

Dean: The cinematographer of this film also worked on Chaplin’s “Modern Times”!

Rush: Wartime, mike!

angel AND FOX!!: I think The Doctor did some of his research in the upstairs bathtub in MY NEW HOUSE!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Speaking as a DC resident, I’ll say that sort of thing is frowned upon here.

Rush: And, he’s working on a secret government project!

Bob-Toronto: He’ll be sorry !

Rush: You are right, Mike!

Louise: Funny guys

Rush: Especuially if you live next door!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Yeah. Presidents and congress-creatures get a little wary about that sort of thing, though.

angel AND FOX!!: “You think i invite my country’s enemies for cocktails?” Well, that DOES seem to be ordinarily The Way Of The World.

Louise: Death by lightbulb

Rush: The gazing eye…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: You’d be surprised at what you can’t have in DC.

Rush: yes, louise!

angel AND FOX!!: Melton’ll be meltin’.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: *zzzzt*

Rush: Scream!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: He made an ash out of himself…

angel AND FOX!!: Perfect spot for a Sylvania ad.

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown….

angel AND FOX!!: MM looks like William Howard Taft, ya think?

Rush: TYSM, Matt…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Okay everybody. Look really guilty.

Louise: So Rush, what do you think distinguished these MGM Chans?

angel AND FOX!!: MnR:     

angel AND FOX!!: See here!

angel AND FOX!!: I carry a roll o’ Tums.

Rush: Bob and Dean…whenever we have a confirmed demise, Matt traditionally “kicks the can” for the victim.

Rush: We don’t have a bucket here as our budget is very low…

Bob-Toronto: Ahh ! TYSM. I will remember that.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Rush, have “we” ever figured out what a “presidential warrant” was? (Besides hokum?)

angel AND FOX!!: The guy who painted SECRET SERVICE on the door uh, disappeared. Mysteriously.

Rush: Picture of gen. Chiang kai-Shek on the wall…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Chiang Kai-shek and FDR in Charlie’s office?

Louise: Really REush?

Bob-Toronto: I always wondered about that pic.

Rush: Yes.

angel AND FOX!!: Boss had placed a Whoopee Cushion on chair, Chan sat slightly off-center on purpose.

Godwinshelley3 has joined this room


Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hello GS!

Dona: Hi GS!

Godwinshelley3: A Hoosier Hello!

angel AND FOX!!: GS! Have a pen! There’re two on the desk set!!

Louise: Kids

Dean: Hello!


Godwinshelley3: Still in Indiana

Louise: HI GS

Rush: Chan: “Goodbye…”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: How are the parents, GS?

Rush: AH! GS!

angel AND FOX!!: NICE!! Looks like—Pershing?

Bob-Toronto: Helloo..Goodbye.. lol.

Rush: WELCOME to you in Indiana!

Godwinshelley3: Here until after Aug 5

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Trombones working overtime

Rush: The California State Building (1931-1975) in Los Angeles is the government building that was used for Charlie Chan’s office at the Secret Service. Early in the film, Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan walks through the lobby of the State Building and out to the street to his awaiting taxicab.

angel AND FOX!!: I LOVE Sidney’s way of SHUFFLING ALONG!!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: This music seems somewhat overwrought for cab ride

Rush: “Blue Diamond Grill” accross the street.

Dona: So much history

Louise: Yes Mike

Dona: i like it

angel AND FOX!!: MnR: It DOES seem the cab company is showing off.

Rush: These scenes were certainly shot in the Hollywood Hills.

Bob-Toronto: Mike- first time I watched it I thought something big would happen because of the music.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Jesus…battles have been fought to less

Godwinshelley3: Want to see β€œCharlie Chan in HighSchool” where his daughter is student teaching and Pop is talking to the class when intrigue happens!

angel AND FOX!!: Just push the plunger & blow it all with Tetragene. Do it now.,

Louise: Orchestra got lost again

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Dean: I am a few minutes (3 or so) behind because the YouTube copy I was watching turned out to be mislabeled. It was Chan at Monte Carlo!

angel AND FOX!!: Luise: Luckier than we. And we’ll probably get orchestrated again before too long, too.

Rush: This scene: remember, it was WARTIME.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Had to go play a gladiator movie gig, Louise. They’ll be right back. πŸ™‚

Rush: Hopefully so, Angel!

angel AND FOX!!: Imagine if you’d had WARTS in WARTIME, it woulda been WARTIME WARTTIME or something.

Dona: LOL

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Mary Todd Lincoln?

Rush: And, they could be just at troublesome, Angel.

angel AND FOX!!: Winslow Homely?

Dona: I think she i taller but the same outfit

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: lol

Louise: 14!

Rush: And, they could be just at troublesome, Angel.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: YEP.

Rush: 14 at final count.

Rush: “She came for coctails and got hysterics.”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: We found nothing except that big wire in the floor…

Louise: Did someone say “cocktails”????

Rush: Yes.

Dona: I’ll take one Louise

Rush: The “torpedo plan.”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Gin and tonic, please?

angel AND FOX!!: Rush: Among my intimate secrets is the source of now-almost-gone scars on knees (right especially) & other literal spots all about: WARTS, which in My Time were treated by the Dr. dripping NITRIC ACID on ’em, while the nurse & my mom would blowblowblow to soothe, as i screamed. Every visit tho i got a model car, so the end of the warts—well, i missed my warttime experiences.

Godwinshelley3: I better leave before I have one too many and not make it home.

angel AND FOX!!: And a good cigar is a smoke.

Rush: Mine were frozen off with liquid nitrogen! “Sssssss….”

Rush: Pretty painful.

Godwinshelley3: Night everyone- just checking in

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Even e-drinking is best done in moderation…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Good to see you GS

Bob-Toronto: He’s no friend- πŸ™‚

Rush: Tommy and Iris Chan.

Godwinshelley3: Night

angel AND FOX!!: GS: GILDERSLEEVE’S pal Peavey would decline proffered Cokes by mentioning he had to drive.

Louise: Doesn’t look like Tommy to me

Godwinshelley3 has left this room

Rush: Good night, GS!

Rush: Dean, Godwinshelly was the one who’s responsible for your being with us tonight.

angel AND FOX!!: MM will attend to the dog, with CC’s .44

Louise: Why does he not know MM?

angel AND FOX!!: The Statue of Limitations!

Rush: You can tell in this first Chan film from monogram that they are getting a “feel” for Chan as well as for Birmingham.

Dean: Rush, very nice. I still have the little ad card from that event.

Rush: Chan fires back here!

Louise: rude

angel AND FOX!!: What a snot.

Bob-Toronto: Great one Charlie !

Rush: Nice, Dean!

Rush: Yes, bob!

angel AND FOX!!: She was in pantry when Martin Van Buren was in knickers.

Rush: She has glasses on a retratible cord.

Louise: I did!

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

Bob-Toronto: Rush you’re right about this one. Birmingham was a great addition and he just gets going here.

angel AND FOX!!: Let’s retract that cord. As Americans & others, WE CAN DO IT!

Rush: I could feel that gulp, too!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Where did Miss Eranto run to?

angel AND FOX!!: Prime Minister of Shadow Island.

Rush: HM!

Rush: “Putrified.”

angel AND FOX!!: Come 1960, she’ll be putrified.

angel AND FOX!!: CC is now Good Cop.

Rush: Yes.

Rush: “Detective without curiosity is like glass eye at keyhole – no good.”

Rush: I like that one.

Bob-Toronto: One of the better ones in the film-Rush.

Rush: Weird question.

Rush: More on the way, Bob!

Dean: Have any of you seen “Phantom of Chinatown”? Same director as this and stars Keye Luke.

Bob-Toronto: πŸ™‚

Rush: “Ninety-nine times out of hundred, right- or left-handed person turn instinctively toward controlling side.”

Rush: “Portside”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Southpaw

Bob-Toronto: Love the way he says Portside.

angel AND FOX!!: We’re veering into something.

Rush: Chan had two sons who at one time or another played baseball.

Dona: We have watched Phantom of Chinatown, haven’t we Rush?

Rush: Answer: “Dud”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Both were “starboard side” throwers though…

Rush: Yes.

Rush: For Keye Luke’s birthday.

Rush: Coal chute.

Bob-Toronto: I think that’s their first meeting ? With Birmingham ?

Rush: “All Chinese to me.”

Rush: yes, Bob.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Historic occasion, Bob!

Bob-Toronto: Indeed Mike n Rachel.

Rush: And for a couple more films, there will be other “chance” meetings until he becomes an official member of the team.

Bob-Toronto: Great line Rush- you were right- more to come.

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Part of our fun!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: The gazing eye…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Clue!

Rush: In the Monogram films, we see some very interesting murder gimicks!

Louise: I’m trying to think of a word to describe how this Chan is different. Maybe “formulaic” or less interested in being stylish?

Rush: This one kicks-off the tradition!

Louise: Yes, definitely gimicks

Bob-Toronto: They were certainly creative given their budget.

Rush: That’s a good way to describe it, Louise.

Rush: “A traveling salesman with nothing but an A-card.’

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: There are certain check-box scenes that have to be included.

Rush: An “A” card…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Pardon me…I need an “X” card. πŸ˜‰

HonoluLou has joined this room

Rush: “A” card – The lowest-level gasoline ration card issued by the United States government during World War II.

Rush: LOU!

Rush: WELCOME!!!

HonoluLou: Howdy, All!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hello Lou!

Dona: Hello Lou!

Rush: How have you been, sir?

Bob-Toronto: Hello Lou

HonoluLou: I don’t have my movie up, but wanted to stop in and say Aloha.

Rush: Lou, please meet Bob and Dean…our newest members!

Rush: Some jive slang here!

HonoluLou: Hello, Dean, Bob, glad to meet you.

Dean: Hello Lou!

Rush: “Confucious, Jr.”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Confucius Jr.

Bob-Toronto: Thanks Lou ! Nice to meet you.

Rush: Sort of like The Shadow.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Another shadowy moment…

Louise: Cheesy curtains

Rush: YES!

HonoluLou: The Shadow knows!

Rush: George Melton had poor taste, Louise!


Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Hey…he’s walking around

Rush: CLUE!

Rush: The “no’s have it.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: It’s a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa perhaps?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Bob-Toronto: πŸ™‚

Rush: Watch it!

Rush: Changed mind!

Louise: sleazy music

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Blues a la New Orleans?

Rush: This is an early version of the “BB Theme.”

Rush: Saved by Birmingham there!

Rush: His scream startled the shooter!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: BB provides clue

Rush: Yes.

Rush: Nice moment there.

Rush: Marianne Quon as Iris Chan.

HonoluLou: Wasn’t there an actual Iris Chan?

Bob-Toronto: I’m trying to remember if she appears again in any others.

Rush: They didn’t hear that shot!

Rush: Well, Lou…

Dona: A bunch of liars

Rush: We had Frances Chan as Frances Chan!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: And DEAF liars to boot, Dona

Louise: There is ethnic art in a lot of these movies

HonoluLou: That was it, Frances Chan…the memory is the first to go 

Rush: (Bong CUCKOO…)

Rush: Lou…you are a member of the club…with Yours Truly!

Rush: Music builds…

Rush: The eye…

Rush: Peeking this time.

Louise: Memory…what memory?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Yes, Louise!

Rush: Iris.

Rush: BB is already helping out.

HonoluLou: Right on Rush.

Rush: Watch that one with the “X.”

HonoluLou: Louise…I forget?

Louise: I miss our sound effects at moments like this

Rush: CC has a little fun…

Bob-Toronto: Charlie gets a kick out of that πŸ™‚

Rush: Me too, louise!

Rush: In the past, Dean and Bob, we had actual audible sound effects at our disposal.

Rush: Electric eye.

Bob-Toronto: Oh that sounds like it would have been fun, Rush.

Rush: it added to our interativity, Bob!

Rush: Someone’s been playing tic-tac-toe on Aronto’s seat!

HonoluLou: Rush, there’s a lot of 16mm films up for bid nearby, Broadview Hts Ohio auction house, without any label. Would any of the missing Chan films be on that media?

Rush: Got him in the head!

Louise: Throws the book at him

Rush: nice throw!

Bob-Toronto: lol Louise !

Louise: Let’s shoot at the bombs

Rush: Stink bomb!

Rush: Tommy!

Louise: fake smke

Rush: Watch that first step!

Louise: smoke. Special effect

Bob-Toronto: πŸ™‚

Dean: What happened to the sound effects?

Rush: Lou…how about Chinese some night in 2021?

Louise: Dean: sob sob they got lost

Rush: Yes.

HonoluLou: For sure, does that mean…?

Rush: Our old Chat Room was ended.

Louise: Sound effects were in old app, not this new one

Rush: We had to search out another, and found this to be the best alternative.

Louise: Ha Ha. Can’t wait till he stands up

Rush: It seems that Java is being phased out in December, so i hope that that does not cause this one to come to an end.

Louise: He always laughs at his kids

Louise: Oh no, Rush. Not again.

HonoluLou: Yikes, can’t do anything without Java!

Louise: Well there is always ZOOM

Rush: I get that message, Lou.

Rush: I don’t know if that only pertains to Internet Explorer.

HonoluLou: Rush, you pretty smart guy πŸ™‚

Rush: I use that to edit our site.

Dean: You could always try Zoom I guess.

Rush: it’s the only one that allows easy editing.

Rush: All others only allow editing through HTML.

Rush: Not my cup of tea!

HonoluLou: Google meet is pretty easy, too!

Rush: That could be a future alternative, lou.

Rush: Zoom, too, Dean.

Dean: You could always make this a Facebook group and then have meetings on Zoom or Google Meet. *shrugs*

Rush: Yes.

angel AND FOX!!: Got called away—jumpstart—

Louise: Lots of options.

angel AND FOX!!: They walk the perp yet?

Rush: I suppose that now is the time to search for an alternative…just in case!

Rush: Poor BB!

Louise: Yes Rush

Rush: (Zap…!)

Louise: Zap

Louise: BUZZ

Dona: Charlie looked so happy

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: zzzt

angel AND FOX!!: I have instructed Fox that when the time comes, my estate is to fund a Total Upgrade for this group.

Rush: TYSM, Fox…and Angel!

angel AND FOX!!: We at (58:ish)(?

Rush: πŸ™‚

Rush: Manlich.

Dona: 50

Rush: Philippe von Vegan.

Rush: STRICT vegetarian.

angel AND FOX!!: (50:43)?

Rush: 50:35

angel AND FOX!!: “Have discovered killer”?

Dona: 50:30

Rush: Matt?

Dona: 35

Louise: Yikes

Dona: oops

Matt1<tin can>

Rush: TYSM…Matt.

Dona: not yet AnF’

Rush: 51:00

angel AND FOX!!: Louie Vega sounds like squeeze for Joe Exotic.

Bob-Toronto: TY Matt πŸ™‚

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: How many times do we have to say it. Smoking is bad for your health.

Rush: 51:15

angel AND FOX!!: And your WEALTH!

Rush: Smyrna.

HonoluLou: Say everyone gotta run, but if you can stop by during August for a special musical tribute to Earl Derr Biggers’ 135th Birthday (August 26th.) I got the idea from a conversation on the Message board, Mike I believe you asked about the composers?

angel AND FOX!!: But if you MUST smoke—Always Buy Chesterfields!

angel AND FOX!!: They SATISFY!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Yes, Lou

Rush: That sounds like a TREAT, Lou!

angel AND FOX!!: Wow! We’ll be there, Lou!!

Bob-Toronto: Thanks Lou

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Looking forward to it!

Rush: Can you post the like now?

Dona: Looking forward to it Lou

HonoluLou: Mike, then I think you will like it. I’ll post it August 1st. Sorry Charlie haha

Louise: Thanks Lou

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Link:

angel AND FOX!!: She looks like a veteran of a VERY uncivil war.

Rush: TYSM.

Dean: Great site!

angel AND FOX!!: Ooops!!

Rush: I suggest paying it a visit, Dean and Bob!

Rush: GREAT blog!

Louise: SCREAM!

HonoluLou: Thanks Dean, all. Tootle Lou, gotta run. Ciao from CLE.

Rush: It’s a miracle! he can walk!

angel AND FOX!!: This guy is FULL of himself. Likely candidate for ’48, huh?

Bob-Toronto: I will right after the film. Thks Rush !

Dean: Have a good day or night, Lou!

Rush: take care, lou!

Rush: Good night!

HonoluLou has left this room

angel AND FOX!!: *Lou escapes*

angel AND FOX!!: *Hounds released*

Rush: πŸ™‚

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: What is his budget for hair oil?

Dona: Hounder is here?

Rush: Another “gimmick” here.

angel AND FOX!!: Barrel o’ info, that dame.

angel AND FOX!!: Hounder! You lurking?

Rush: No, Dona….not yeat at least.

Louise: The curtains remind me of community theatre!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: “on the p’yano”

Louise: Easy ins and outs without knocking down the scenery

angel AND FOX!!: Stuffing a turkey?

Dona: LOL@Louise

Bob-Toronto: I think I’ve seen the curtains in some Dead End Kids films.

Louise: POP{!

Louise: POP!

Rush: Killed the picture!

angel AND FOX!!: SIT!

Dona: Yes Rush

Louise: LINE UP

Rush: Smelled like a spring.

Rush: Poor Peter Laska…

Bob-Toronto: Chan is hard on him for now isn’t he ?

Louise: Talk fast

Rush: Chan has a plan…

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Poor guy

Rush: But, again….poor Peter!

angel AND FOX!!: She’s calling for reservation on the Super Chief fast as she can get outta the room.

Rush: Yes.

Louise: Hi tech stuff

Rush: Toilet float.


angel AND FOX!!: ELECTROMAGNET—and murder weapon—AND handy slicer-dicer!! But wait, there’s more! Order before midnight tonight and–!

Louise: Yes, toilet float so funny

angel AND FOX!!: I don’t like the look of that “VON”.

Louise: Multiple uses if you wash it first

Rush: πŸ™‚

angel AND FOX!!: UH—

angel AND FOX!!: —OH

Rush: Uh-oh!

angel AND FOX!!: FOX is VERY upset by her STOLE.

Rush: Uh-OH!

Rush: Trapped!

Louise: drop the fur!

Bob-Toronto: You’re not goin anywhere lady !

Rush: Angel: πŸ™‚

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Lady carrying fox fur…

angel AND FOX!!: CC desecrated a STATUE!!

Louise: But liberty!

Rush: It seems that they quickly filled-in Peter Laska when they took him out.

Rush: Fraulein Manlich!

angel AND FOX!!: Arrest him ANYWAY, Charlie.

Bob-Toronto: he seems much relieved Rush !

Louise: Yes angel he is annoying

Rush: Plaster of Paris.

Rush: Broke a little as chan reached for it.

angel AND FOX!!: She looked quite mannlich to me, though not as much as the landlady there. Quite butch, if i do say so.

angel AND FOX!!: YAY!!

Rush: “Mrs. Winters didn’t get it, either.”

Bob-Toronto: BB gets the last line.

Rush: Manpower Commission (War Manpower Commission) – In January of 1942, as the United States shifted to a wartime economy, all employment services were federalized by executive order and transferred to the United States War Manpower Commission. The goal of the War Manpower Commission was to “stabilize” employment and bring about a full utilization of the labor force by “placing a man on a job where he will use his highest skill in furtherance of the war effort, and keeping him there.” With the end of the war in 1945, the War Manpower Commission was dissolved.

angel AND FOX!!: I’ll be listing CC as my Last Employer from here on.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: <kids-yeah>

Rush: THE END….

Matt1: <yee-haw>

Louise: Welcome MM. We will enjoy you much in the weeks to come.

Rush: (Applause…)

Rush: Next week: “The Chinese Cat.”

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: meow

Dona: <YEAH>

angel AND FOX!!: YESSSSSSS!!! Will get a litter box!

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Monograms off to a great start, Rush

Rush: I think that one is available online, but, some Monograms are not.

Bob-Toronto: looking forward to it.

Rush: Hopefully most of us have our own copies.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Bob and Dean: Great to meet you!

Rush: I agree, Mike!

Dona: Another good one tonight Rush! Thank you!

Louise: I treasure my copies!

Rush: Thank you, first, to Bob and Dean!

angel AND FOX!! has left this room

Matt1: Good night folks and I hope you have a great week ahead….Stay healthy!

Louise: Yes Bob and Dean,

Rush: So HAPPY you could both join in on our Monday Madness!

Louise: Stay safe all

Bob-Toronto: Thank You Rush ! And thank you all for a pleasant first night here. A lot of fun.

Mike (n Rachel) in DC: Good night all!

Rush: Please come again next week!

Louise: bye

Rush: Thank you ALL!

Bob-Toronto: Good night Mike. More hockey talk next time !

Rush: have a GREAT week!

Rush: may everyone be happy and safe!

Dona: See you next Week. Stay Safe.

Matt1 has left this room

Bob-Toronto: Will be back again next week. Good night all !

Mike (n Rachel) in DC has left this room

Rush: You too, Dona!

Louise has left this room

Rush: I hope that you both had a good time with us, Bob and Dean!

Dona has left this room

Dean: A very good film!

Rush: I agree.

Dean: Have a good night all!

Rush: I have a special place in my heart for this one!

Bob-Toronto has left this room

Rush: “The Chinese Cat” is a good one, too!

Dean has left this room

Rush: There is an old saying that goes way back to our earliest Chat Room years….

Rush: “The only bad Chan movie is NO Chan movie!”

Rush: Good night….empty room…sigh….

Danventure has joined this room

Danventure: Yes, it sort of like Brigadoon–where did the village go??

Rush: Hi, DV!

Danventure: Indeed. Day late and dollar short…

Rush: I was just adding our chat to our archive!

Rush: Oh, well!

Rush: Nice to see you, though!

Danventure: Sorry to interrupt!

Rush: Not at all!

Rush: Again…great to see you!

Rush: I’ll add this to the record!

Rush: πŸ™‚

Danventure: Yes, glad to see you. See you next week… I hope!

Rush: Next week…

Rush: “The Chinese Cat.”

Rush: I hope that you can be here!

Danventure has left this room

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